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Canada's Elite #33 **NEW Chapter April 16th 2020**


Canada's Elite #33 **NEW Chapter April 16th 2020**

Postby Lt Storm » 08 May 2016 13:51


Chapter 33

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, the entire team have reassembled and been debriefed. Fallout rests in the infirmary with Archaic keeping him company. G.I. has made a full recovery; it is still unknown to Medic what kind of toxin was used on him. She is still testing blood samples she has taken from him before and after his recovery. Storm sits in his office looking over General Phoenix’s file.
Medic stands in the open doorway to Storm’s office quietly clearing her throat.
“Yes?” Storm says without looking up at her, his eye fixed on his computer screen.
“I’ve talked with everyone; Afterburner is still a bit shaken up over Paradise Valley. Fallout should make a full recovery; everyone else seems to be keeping it together for the most part.”
“We’re trained for this kind of thing.”
Medic sighs walking up to Storm’s desk. “So, have you heard if we are getting another liaison?”
“Guess you are back in full command now.”
“I always was.”
“General Phoenix was supposed to be strictly a liaison. She decided on her own that she would take over command and push her rank.”
“And you let her, why?”
“I didn’t let her, the Governor General asked me to allow her to think that.”
Medic takes a seat in one of the chairs at Storm’s desk. “Why would he ask you to do that?”
“Maybe he figured she’d be more cooperative that way.”
“Guess you proved him wrong.”
“What I did was manipulate the situation to keep as much control as I possibly could. Not something I enjoyed doing.”
“So, any idea why Anaconda went postal on Phoenix?”
“Yes.” Storm turns his monitor to show Medic the top secret files on his screen. “She was the agent responsible for exposing Anaconda as a double agent, forcing her underground.” Her paraphrases as Medic scans the file. “So it was pure dumb luck Phoenix ended up on this team so Anaconda could get her revenge.”
“Wow…seems like a small world sometimes. So what’s next?”
“We find Major Fear and his Serpent Squad and finish what we started on the CN Tower.”
“About that…” Medic’s expression turns to one of concern.

Serpent Squad Headquarters, British Columbia, an angry Major Fear bursts into the infirmary, his bandages from his gunshot wound already darkening from blood. Rattlesnake jumps at the sight of his leader, knowing all too well his temperament.
“Where is she? I want to see her!” Fear growls.
“She’s still hasn’t come out of her medically induced coma.” Rattlesnake informs Major Fear. “You have torn your stitches.” The scientist notices, trying to change the subject.
“I do not care about my wounds.”
“You should, you could bleed out and how would that look?”
Fear glares at Rattlesnake. “Fine, tend to them.”
“Good.” He snaps his fingers at a few of the Medi Vipers. “Get him stitched back up.”
“Don’t you have something that can speed the healing process?” Fear inquires as the Medi Vipers remove his old bandages.
“Yes, it is called a full battle suit instead of the tactical vest you wear.”
“Not what I meant.”
“No, I do not have anything here to speed your healing process. Now about Lady D, she is doing just fine now. We are letting her wake on her own; the rest will do her good.”
“There is something you are hiding from me, what is it?”
Rattlesnake looks away, walking towards Lady D. “Nothing.”
“Tell me now or I will hook you up to one of those infernal machines you have hidden in your not so secret lab below.”
The scientist spins around surprised by Fear’s claim. “T-that is just storage…old inventions of Doctor..Doctor. Mindbender’s.”
Fear grunts as a Medi Viper tugs on the stitch. “Tell me.”
“L-Lady D, she was…the doctors tired, but…”
“Spit it out.” The Major growls.
“She was pregnant; there was nothing the doctors could do because of her wounds.”
Fear swings his arms out knocking back the Medi Vipers. “NO!” He grabs one of the Vipers by the neck tossing him across the room.
“Sir, calm down. Beating on your own troops will do nothing to change what happened.”
“No…it won’t.” Fear huffs. “Killing the man who shot her will.”
“That was Lieutenant Colonel Storm.”
“I know damn well who it was! Now I have a reason to see his heart ripped from his chest and watch it beat to a still in my hands.” Fear rises up his arm as if he is already holding Storm’s heart in it. “Extinguishing life from him forever.”

Command Center, Canada’s Elite Headquarters.
Feedback leaps out of his seat sending the wheel chair backwards and crashing into the center holographic table.
Hightower looks back at the chair then over at Feedback. “What got the ants biting your pants?”
“I found it.”
“The Serpent Squad Headquarters, I’ve located it. One of the locations on that flash drive we obtained gave the location of the base. I’ve been running a program that has been tracking all air traffic across the country; it also uses data from our encounters with the Serpent Squad to narrow down possibilities. Our last battle confirmed the location thanks to Night Spotter’s tracking beacon.”
“You’d think they would have something to scramble tracking beacons.”
“They do, but not before giving us the general location.” Feedback brings up a satellite map on the main screen enhancing the image. “There.”
“That’s a desert.”
“Yes, Osoyoos, the only desert in Canada, the base is hidden underground.”
“Good, then we can bring it down on them.” Both men turn to see Lt Col Storm standing in the doorway. “Alert the team, I want everyone who is able to be ready to go in one hour. This time we take the fight to them, and finish it.”

Outside the Serpent Squad Headquarters, Lt Col Storm leads a small unit towards the entrance. Each of them wearing Night Spotter’s enhanced night vision goggles. Above them flies a CP-140 Aurora piloted by Afterburner and manned by Hightower, Downlink, and several Canadian Forces troops. The state-of-the-art aircraft keeping the ground team below masked from any perimeter locators.

“Clever.” Night Spotter whispers to Storm. “They are using holographic tech to hide the entrance.”
“I see.” Storm switches the vision tech in his goggles, still amazed at their capabilities. “Alright, everyone keep low and move fast.” Storm instructs his team. “They will be able to detect us once we reach the entrance. Navy, Target you two get the explosives placed around the door. Coyote and Hotwire stand by in the LAV (light armoured vehicle) and be ready to knock when I give the word. Red Dragon, Night Spotter, you two stick close to me.” Storm taps his com. “Redeye, stand by with your team.”
“Roger.” Redeye replies, his team circling above in an Attack Chopper, sticking close to the Aurora.
“Too bad Fallout, Archaic and G.I. had to sit this one out.” Target comments.
“They are still recovering and we don’t know what was used on G.I. yet, so watch yourself in there and keep an eye out for that female operative.” Storm says referring to Strike, the one who injected G.I with the paralyzing compound via her cross bow arrow. “Target, Navy, go.”
The two Joe’s rush towards the sand dune, and vanish inside of the hologram.

Inside the headquarters command center a Viper detects the motion outside the main doors. He switches to exterior camera’s noticing the two Joe’s. “Intruders!” He shouts and activates the base alarm.
Lt Graves, who is manning Major Fear’s command console, brings up the Viper’s display on his screen as Target and Navy run from the doors. “What do they think they are doing?”

“Coyote lets knock.” Storm orders. The tank roars to life, its lights illuminating the area as it fires off the first round of 25 mm calibres from its M242 Bushmaster chain gun and coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. “Redeye, it’s your turn.”
From above Dust Off brings the Attack Chopper into range launching off its missiles.

The underground base tremors from the blasts, Major Fear charges into the Command Center. “What is going on?”
“It’s the G.I.Joe’s, they’ve found us.” Graves relays.
“Impossible.” Fear glares at Mad Dog, who is standing back in the shadows as usual. “What are you doing here? You are security, get the hell up there now and stop them!”
Mad Dog nods and vanishes through a secret passage that will take him to the main garage above. The rest of the Serpent Squad all arrive in the Command Center awaiting their orders.
“Bomb Blast, Dune, get up to the top and aid Mad Dog. Take as many Troopers as you need.” The Major orders.
Rattlesnake approaches Fear with a heavy tactical vest.
“I do not want that.”
“You need it; I’ve modified it to give you extra protection around your wound. It will also administer pain killers to numb the pain via an intravenous system sown into the lining.”
“Very well.” Fear removes his vest and snatches the one from Rattlesnake. “Strike, Vulture, Vee, I want you three to take a squad and guard the elevators. Anaconda, Rattlesnake, go back to the infirmary, protect Lady D.”

Outside Storm signals to Navy to blow the explosives her and Target placed around the large doors. Navy hits the detonator in his hands causing a massive explosion. “One more round Dust Off.” He orders as another barrage of missiles are launched from the attack chopper. “Coyote, smoke it.”
“Roger.” Coyote fires off the 76-mm grenade launchers fitted with smoke grenades giving the Joe’s further cover.
“Go!” Storm orders. The LAV takes off into the smoke followed by Storm, Dragon and Night Spotter close behind on foot.

The blast doors give as they are blown from their hinges, smoke and a cloud of dirt quickly fills the motor pool.
“Fire!” Mad Dog shouts as he and rest of his small security team unload blindly into the cover. Their bullets bouncing off the LAV, as it screeches through the blown doors. Coyote and Hotwire return fire forcing their enemies to take cover. Using their inferred and heat vision modes the three Joe’s behind the LAV take out specific targets; mainly aiming for the troopers keeping the three Serpent Squad members for last, Mad Dog, Dune and Bomb Blast.
Target and Navy give cover support from outside as Storm, Spotter and Dragon enter. The three go for the Serpent Squad members, Dragon pounces on Dune with incredible speed wanting payback for what Dune did to his brother, Archaic.
The Cobra agent braces himself for the attack, hitting the floor from a well placed kick to the chest by Dragon. “How’s my baby brother doing?” Dune smugly inquires.
“You scum bag.” Dragon growls. “Better than you will be.” The young Joe wastes no time in knocking Dune out with the butt of his swords. Blood trickles out from beneath Dune’s bandana. “I should do more to you.”
Storm fires at Mad Dog shooting the tall man in the legs. “Open the doors or lose more than your legs.”
“Never.” Mad Dog grunts, struggling to stay up on his legs like the bullets mean nothing to him. He whistles signalling his attack dog to come out from the hut, which charges at Storm. A shot rings out taking the dog out instantly much to Mad Dog’s distress.
From outside Target smirks from behind his sniper scope. “Bad dog.”
Storm stares into the tall mans black lenses. “Spotter, take him out.” He orders and looks around for the last Serpent Squad operative who is hiding by the guard room. Storm walks over to him as Spotter uses the butt of his rifle to knock Mad Dog out busting the end of it. “You, open them.” The Lt Col orders.
Bomb Blast stares up at Storm then removes his glove placing his palm on the scanner. An alarm blares as the doors slide open. “Glad you finally made it.”
“Good to see you are still in one piece. You certainly made your way up the ladder.”
“I can lead you to the command center past the next ambush.”
“What? Lead us?” Navy inquires as she and Target join them inside.
“I’ll explain later, but no one shoots this man.” Storm taps his com device. “Redeye, bring your team in.”
“On our way.” The Joe replies.
Storm turns to the rest of his team. “Let’s go, Yo Joe!” He shouts as they rush the opening doors, firing at the troopers that wait them on the other side.

Outside Dust Off brings the attack chopper in for a landing, Redeye, Feedback, Snow Squall, and Medic all disembarking, fallowed by Dust Off.
“You all have your rolls, let’s get inside and help our guys out.” Redeye orders.
They all rush for the main entry as missiles rocket overhead hitting the Attack Chopper and blowing it to pieces. The Joe’s hit the ground feeling the heat from the explosion.
“Holy, I was wondering about defences. Downlink?”
“I’m on it Redeye, we have outer defences targeting you, rectifying.” Downlink relays as missiles drop from above taking out the outer base defences. “All clear.”
“Alright, let’s go.” Redeye says dusting himself off as he gets up off the ground.

In the Command Center, Major Fear lets out a roar of disapproval. “How did the Joe’s access the entryways so quickly?”
Graves scans the system data. “It was opened for them…by Bomb Blast.”
“WHAT!?” Fear slams his fists down on the console. “He was a plant all along.”
“Should I activate the Command Center defences?”
“No, let them come. That is if they can make it past the others, then I will kill Storm personally.”

Below, Strike, Vee, and Black Vulture wait with an army of troopers as the elevators come down. Strike raises her arm into the air, then lowers it as the elevators come to stop signalling for them to open fire.
A spray of armour piercing rounds slam into the elevator doors, puncturing them full of small holes. Strike raises her hand back up into the air holding it up for them to stop. The doors creek as they noisily slide open revealing an empty car.
“Dammit…” Vee grunts as several canisters fall into the elevator and bounce out. “Grenades!”
Smoke grenades and flash bangs fill the hall, Redeye’s team dropping down from the service hatch. They rush into the hall engaging the Cobra Agents in hand to hand combat. The flash bangs leaving most of the Cobra’s temporarily blind with ringing ears.
Vee gags and drops to his knees. “There’s something in that smoke...” He dry heaves as Strike drops down next to him. “Knock out...gas...”
Vulture staggers back against the wall blinded by the flash grenades. Redeye slams the ex Red Shadow’s head against the reinforced concrete wall, cracking the wall and Vulture’s helmet. He drops to the floor feeling dizzy from the impact; his head feeling like an egg had that had been shaken in its shell.
Environmental alarms blare detecting the foreign contaminants, ventilation vents open sucking the smoke out of the hall.
Strike looks up as Medic searches her. “Who? No…please…” She gasps then passes out.
“Ah, here we go.” Medic smiles examining a vial of the venom from one of Strike’s loaded crossbow bolts. “A pure sample.”
“Redeye to Storm, we’re secure here.”
“Good, continue on once backup arrives.”
Redeye’s team ready their weapons as they hear approaching footsteps, relieved to see fellow Canadian Forces soldiers. “Backup is here, continuing sweep.”

Above on the ground, Feedback works at the access terminal hacking the bases security system. He’s protected by CF’s as he transmits information to the Aurora. “Eye in the sky, are you receiving?”
“Roger that Feedback, receiving and executing rat trap.” Hightower relays.
“Copy that. Feedback to Storm, we are all set here.”
“Good, maintain position.”

Navy and Target set explosives at the Command Center doors, ready to blast it open.
“There are two pits, one on the left, and another on the right.” Bomb Blast explains to Storm’s team. “The Viper’s monitor everything from there, straight ahead is where Major Fear’s command console sits. He and Lt Graves are inside.”
“Good. Everyone keep clear, as soon as the doors are open we cross fire, left side sweep the right, right side sweep the left. Let’s get this done.”

Redeye’s team carefully make their way down the base halls, their goggles displaying a HUD with directions to the infirmary. Redeye halts his team as a few canisters roll towards them, he motions for them all to put their masks on as the canisters erupt. Thanks to their new enhanced goggles which automatically switch to inferred, The HUD displays friendly markers for each team member. They keep themselves pinned to the walls as the Cobra trooper’s storm down the hall.
Without firing a shot the Joe’s take out the small troop with CQC (close quarters combat). The ventilation system activates to clear the smoke with Feedback’s help.
“Come on Joe’s.” Redeye says continuing down the hall to the infirmary.
“Stop right there G.I.Joe’s. You will not blast through those doors.” Rattlesnake informs them through the intercom system. “That glass is five inches thick and designed to withstand a small earthquake.”
Anaconda paces back and forth eyeing up the Joe’s.
“That’s alright; we’re just supposed to make sure you stay where you are.” Redeye smirks.
Anaconda looks over at Rattlesnake who seems a bit panicked by their opponent’s remark.

Major Fear and Lt Graves wait inside the Command Center, knowing full well what is on the other side. Graves slowly sinks behind the command console waiting for the blast. The entire room shakes as the large doors are blown open, a few grenades are lobbed into the room landing in the pits blowing apart the computer consoles and Viper’s who man them. As the smoke begins to clear the Joe team rushes into the room finding Major Fear still standing exactly where he was before the attack.
“Welcome to my home G.I.Joe’s. This will be where you die.”
“I doubt it Fear, you’re out numbered, out gunned, and out manned.” Storm replies.
“You were clever Lieutenant Colonel Storm, planting a mole in my organization from the very beginning. A mole who worked his way into my inner circle.” Fear pulls a gun from his command console and points it at the team. “Besides, I wasn’t referring to you this time, Storm.”
“Drop it Major Fear or we drop you.” Storm grunts.
“By all means.” Fear releases the pistol letting it swing on his index finger then drops it to the floor. He quickly ducks to the right as Lt. Graves pops up from behind the command console and fires.
“DOWN!” Storm shouts as his team scatter for cover and return fire. He looks around checking on his team. “God no.” He scurries over to Bomb Blast, an armored piercing bullet to his chest, right through the heart.
“Sorry Sir...guess I won’t be joining the team after all.”
“You were always part of this team.”
“Thanks...” Bomb Blast takes his last breath as all life escapes his body.
Storm motions to Navy and Target to pick up Bomb Blast. “Fear!” Storm growls. “You were right about one thing; this is one of us will die.”
“Come now Storm, if you had the balls for that you would have done it long ago.” Fear taunts standing back up in front of the command console.
Storm lets out a laugh.
“What do you find so funny?”
“You’ll find out...right...about...now.” An earth shattering blast hits outside the underground base shaking dust and dirt from the rafters.
“What was that?”
“That was your escape tunnels being targeted.”
Fear glances back at Lt Graves who double checks the Joe team leaders claims. Red warnings flash on a map of the base validating what Storm had just said. The rest of Storm’s team is already heading out of the Command Center, their leader slowly backing out with them.
“Fear!” Storm shouts at the Major who glances back as the CE leader fires off his dual pistols, one bullet hitting Major Fear in the arm, the other hitting Lt Graves in the shoulder. “Second time I’ve been able to shoot you in twenty-four hours, this is your hell, enjoy it.” Storm drops a couple incendiary grenades behind them creating a wall of fire blocking off Major Fear and Lt Grave’s primary escape route.
“It’s all over for you; Cobra and your Serpent Squad are done, forever!”
Storm turns back and watches through the flames. “Yes I can, we don’t exist, and we do what needs to be done and no one ever knows. It’s our duty, our mission, our job; eliminate the enemy with extreme prejudice.”
“Yes, even before they are born.” Fear snaps back.

“This is Lieutenant Colonel Storm to all Canadian Forces and Elite Squad, mission accomplished.”
Redeye looks at his team. “That’s our queue.” He taps the glass with his rifle smiling at Anaconda and Rattlesnake. “See ya...oh wait, no we won’t. Enjoy your last few moments on this planet.”
Anaconda pulls off her mask exposing her mutated snake like mouth snarling at the Joe’s.
“Whoa...what the hell?” Redeye gawks in horror.
“I will eat your hearts.” Anaconda snarls.
“Yeah well...good luck with that when you are buried beneath the earth.” Redeye motions for his team to head out.

Navy and Target carry Bomb Blast’s lifeless body up the corridor, Navy looking back for their leader. “Target, Storm isn’t with us.”
“What? Oh man he stayed behind. We have to go back for him.”
“No, you keep going and make sure everyone gets out. I’ll go back to get him. I can’t carry Blast on my own.”
“Be careful, and knock him upside the head and carry him out if you have to.”
Navy smiles. “Will do.”

Back at the Command Center Storm stares down Major Fear through the flames, the Serpent Squad leader letting his bullet wound bleed out. The specialized vest he is wearing injecting more pain killers into his body.
“I think you heard what I said Storm.”
“That...no...you’re lying.”
“No. Up on the CN Tower when you shot Lady D, you may have not taken her life but you did of our unborn child.”
The base quakes as more missiles hit from the Aurora.
“Storm? Sir?” Navy grabs her leaders arm. “We have to get out of here. Sir?”
The Canada’s Elite leader does not move, paralyzed by the thought of having caused the death of an unborn child.
“Storm.” Afterburner’s voice says softly over their comlink. “Storm, you have to get out of there, please. I know how you feel right now but I don’t want our child to not know his father.”
“What?” Navy blurts out, just as surprised as the rest of the team, besides Medic.
“Repeat that Afterburner?” Storm says stunned.
“You heard me.”
The Joe leader looks at Navy. “What are you doing here?”
“Making sure you don’t make a martyr of yourself.”

Above ground most of the Canadian Forces, and Canada’s Elite team, have made their way out. The CF’s clearing out from the Serpent Squad base and securing all the evac points.
“Okay, where are they?” Coyote asks.
“They’ll be here soon, everyone to the extraction point.” Redeye orders. “Medic, you stay back with me.”
Medic nods knowing that he wants her there just in case their two straggling teammates need immediate medical assistance.

Major Fear walks over to the command console as the flames spread across the room. He picks up a com device from the console pressing the small button on it. “Attention all Cobra Agents, Lieutenant Colonel Storm and one of his female agents are still in the base. All capable agents are to detain them, I want Storm alive, you can do what you want with the other.” He tosses the device to the floor after giving out his orders and glares at Lt Graves, who clutches his bullet wound. “Stop being such a child.” Fear walks around the console hitting a series of commands. The floor around them hisses with air as the platform lowers.
“What did you do?”
“You don’t think there is more than one escape route? This base was built by Cobra Commander and this was where the throne sat.” Fear grimaces a bit beginning to feel the actual pain he is in as the two men drop down a cylinder shaft.
“Where does this lead?” Graves inquires.
“To a rail car that will take us out of the base.” The Major grunts as the slide down agitates his wounds.
“What about the rest of the Squad, and Lady D?”
“All expendable, now.”

Storm grabs Navy tossing the female Joe to the floor as bullets fly overhead. “Looks like we’ve run into some resistance.”
“This is the only way out, we’re pinned down. We’ve got a growing inferno behind us and a crazed man with an assault rifle in front of us.”
Storm fires back trying to think of a way out.
“You will die here G.I.Joe’s!” Black Vulture shouts.
“Wrong pal.” Redeye says placing a pistol firm against the back of Vulture’s helmet. “My buds are getting out of here alive.”
Vulture spins around as Redeye fires, the bullet hitting square in the front of the Cobra’s already damaged helmet, dropping him to the floor.
“Come on guys, let’s go.”
Storm runs up to Redeye giving him a quick smirk. “You shouldn’t have come back, but thanks.”
“Shut up and move.” Redeye smiles back.

Far below the base Major Fear and Lt Graves exit the escape elevator shaft into a small room. A bullet shaped car sits on a set of rails leading up to the surface, several kilometers away. Fear walks over to a console activating the rail car. “No...”
“What is it?”
“The escape tunnel, it’s collapsed.”
“You mean...we’re trapped?”
“Yes.” The Major looks back at the elevator shaft.
“What do we do now?”
“Nothing.” He says solemnly knowing their end is here.

Storm, Redeye, and Navy make their way through the main level motor pool. Mad Dog and Dune both missing, the Serpent Squad troopers bodies still scattered about.
“Looks like we have some escapees.” Navy comments.
“They won’t be a problem anymore.” Storm says coldly.
Redeye glances at his watch. “We’re not going to make it to the extraction point.”
Storm taps the side of his goggles bringing up his HUD.
“What are you talking about?” Navy inquires.
“This base is being nuked; we don’t have enough time to clear the blast radius.” Storm informs her.
“Are you kidding me?” Navy says frustrated seeing as they made it this far.
“I’m sorry.” The Joe leader says, placing his arm on her shoulder.
“We run then, we run as fast and as far as we can.” Redeye grunts. “We run and find the biggest dune or whatever we can to hide behind and hope it’s enough.”
“Like you say Storm, never give up and never surrender.” Navy adds. “Besides, you have a child to worry about.”
“You’re right, let’s move.” Storm says leading them as the three of the run.
In the distance several Hornets approach the Serpent Squad Headquarters loaded with enough armaments to burry the base forever.

“We have to go.” Dust Off shouts to Target.
“No, not yet...we have to wait for the others.” The young Joe says back, sitting in the open cargo doors of an Attack Chopper at their extraction point.
“If they are not here by now they aren’t going to make it.”
“Sorry Target, I don’t see them.” The Night Operations Joe folds up his high powered binoculars putting them into a pouch on his belt. “We have to go, Storm would want us to.”
“And he wouldn’t leave us behind.” Target reminds his teammates.
“I’m sorry kid; I know he means a lot to you.” Night Spotter rests his hand on Targets shoulder knowing it won’t bring much comfort.
Dust Off starts up the engines of the copter as the Hornet squad leader comes over the radio with their ETA and countdown. “Everyone in, we need to be out of here, now.”

Storm drops to the ground, sweat running down his face. He struggles to unlatch his tactical vest and reaches inside.
“No time to rest bud.” Redeye says stopping to help Storm up. “What’s wrong?” He pulls Storm’s hand out noticing blood on his glove. “You’ve been shot.”
“What? When? How?” Navy inquires.
“Vulture got a lucky shot in, didn’t think it actually punctured my vest.”
“Why didn’t you say anything?” Navy drops down pulling open Storm’s vest. “Oh my god, you’re soaked in blood.”
“I’m fine, let’s keep going.”
“No.” Redeye drops down to the ground next to Storm . “We’re not going to make it to cover in time now. We’re staying here.”
“He’s right Sir.” Navy adds.
Storm sighs looking down at ground. “I’m sorry, I let my own sense of revenge get in the way. I didn’t plan out every eventuality.”
“You can’t plan for everything.” Navy says.
Redeye laughs. “You do know who you are talking to right?”
Navy smiles hearing a familiar sound. “Do you guys hear a chopper?”
The three cover their heads as the Attack Chopper hovers overhead kicking up dust around them.
“Are you guys going to just sit there or are you going to move your asses and get aboard?” Night Spotter shouts as he and Target lean out the side to help them aboard.
“We need Medic, Storm’s been shot.” Navy informs them.
“Right here.” Medic pops her head out from the side.
“Hurry it up back there!” Dust Off shouts, monitoring his radar. “We need to book it.”
Medic drags Storm inside as Target and Spotter grab onto Redeye and Navy pulling them up.
“Go, go, go.” Redeye orders. “Punch it!”
“Hang on to your socks.” Dust Off whips the chopper around hitting the thrusters and burning off as much speed as he can get.
“How much time?”
“You’d rather not know, Spotter.” Dust Off grunts pushing the chopper to its limits.

Above in the Aurora, Hightower monitors the ground team.
“Are they going to make it?”
“They might Afterburner, but it will be close. You may want to get a crash team in place.”
“I wish we didn’t have to nuke the desert.” Downlink comments.
“Orders came from on top, it’s localized, the most any nearby civilization will feel is a little ill. It will only eradiate a few kilometres around the base.” Afterburner feels the plane come about bringing them into view. “Here we go.” She places her hand on the port hole watching as the Hornets streak over the base dropping their payloads. Moments later there is a bright flash below and a fireball reaching up into the sky.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, two days later.
Medic walks into the sick bay as Lt Col Storm wakes. “Hey there sleepy head, glad to see you’re up.”
“How long have I been out?”
“Two days, you lost a lot of blood.” Medic checks his vitals. “And I’ve kept you sedated for some much needed rest.”
“Isn’t that a little unethical doc?”
Medic smiles.
“Is he allowed visitors?” Afterburner asks, standing in the doorway.
“Yes, but only because the two of you have a lot to talk about.” Medic heads out closing the door behind her.
“So...?” Storm says, unsure of what to say.
“Yeah...so...” Afterburner sits down on the edge of Storm’s bed. “I’m pregnant, surprise!” She half laughs.
“Yeah, kind of figured that one out.” Storm laughs. “No wonder you didn’t put up a fight when you were assigned to the Aurora.”
“I wanted to tell you sooner, I just didn’t know how. This changes things.”
“Does it?”
Afterburner tries to straighten up Storm’s bed hair. “Yeah it does. I can’t stay on the team.”
“Who says you can’t?”
“Uh...I don’t think the military allows pregnant women on the frontlines.”
“Maybe not the frontlines but you can stay on as part of the base staff.”
Afterburner smiles taking Storm’s hand in hers. “You love me, I understand that but we have enemies out there that know where this base is located. I wouldn’t be safe here if they attack again.”
“We fended off our enemies and all staff was evacuated.” Storm grunts feeling a sharp pain in his side from his wound as he tries to sit up. “I want you to stay; we could use your talents on base. I love you.”
“I love you too.” Afterburner leans in kissing Storm on the forehead. “Let me think about it.”
“Not too long, we have a future to plan together.”
“Yeah I guess we do.”
“No, I mean we have an entire future to plan together. I know this isn’t the most romantic or best time, and I’ll do this proper but I want us to spend the rest of our life together.”
“Oh my god.” Afterburner smiles at him and blushes. “Are you asking me to marry you?”
Storm smiles back, his face turning red as well. “Yes.”
“Of course...but you still gotta put a ring on it.” Afterburner laughs. “So what’s next for the team?”
“I don’t know, right now I have some paper work to get done and a memorial service to arrange for Bomb Blast. His name needs to be added to the monument outside. It’s over for now; we’ve buried our enemies and locked the others up. We move on cleaning up after ourselves and tie up any loose ends.”
“I’ll let Fallout know and we’ll start the wheels moving.”
“Get some rest; we’ll need you up and around ASAP.” Afterburner kisses Storm on the lips. “Looks like I’ll have a wedding to plan too, along with a baby on the way.” She smiles and shyly heads towards the door. “It’s a new beginning, the past is buried.”
“Yeah, I guess it is.” Storm slides himself back down on the bed smiling back at Afterburner as she shuts off the lights. The darkness concealing an entirely different expression on the Canada’s Elite team leader’s face.
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Re: Canada's Elite #33 **NEW Chapter April 16th 2020**

Postby Lt Storm » 16 Apr 2020 15:19

New Chapter Added
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