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Special Missions: Montana

Fanfiction, Continuing on from the events of Sci-Fi Declassified.

Special Missions: Montana

Postby Lt Storm » 24 Mar 2008 19:33



Arlington National Cemetery (during the events of G.I.Joe Devil’s Due vol 1 #26)

The ceremony is over, only a few remain to pay their respects to the teammates they lost during the war on Cobra Island as the rain patters down. One stands before a grave of a good friend, the first real friend he ever had after joining the G.I.Joe team. He doesn’t look up as someone joins him by his side carrying an umbrella.
“Hey Seymour.” Seymour Fine, code name; Sci-Fi. The man next to him is James Barney, code name; Grand Slam. “How are you holding up?”
“Okay I guess. He recruited me for the team you know. He was there that day…” He trails off not wanting to finish his sentence.
“What day?” James asks a bit confused.
Seymour sighs. “I can’t talk about it.” (See my Sci-Fi Declassified fan fiction to know why)
“Oh, one of those.” James knows what Seymour is talking about, he’s had a few of those himself. “Anthony was a good soldier.” Anthony Gambello, code name: Flash.
“I wish I could have done more, we weren’t that far from him and Mainframe…if we just…”
“I know, you go over it in your mind so many times, but in the end there was really nothing you or anyone could have done. You all had your orders.”
“I’ve never had a friend until I met Flash, I was always an outcast. When he and Hawk asked me to join the team he told me my life would have a purpose, a meaning.”
“And it has. Everything you’ve done, everything you accomplished, all the friends you have made.”
“Anthony was there when I took my leave to complete my Master’s Thesis, he was an inspiration for me.”
“A great guy he was, and his memory will live on in the hearts of his friends.”
Seymour looks up at James. “That’s right, you both were part of the original team, I almost forgot that.”
“Yes we were. I’m going to miss him.”
They both stand in silence for a bit longer with their memories.
“You want to go catch a movie, there’s a science fiction marathon going on?”
Seymour smiles. “Sure.” He places his hand on Flash’s tomb stone. “Be at piece now friend.”
“We’ll never forget you.” James adds.

More then one year later, The Pentagon, U.S Army Department of Defense, DARPA division. (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). A man dressed in military dress uniform walks through the halls, a visitor pass hanging from his jacket. His green beret tucked and folded neatly into his shoulder strap. He stops at one of the labs looking inside then enters greeting the woman sitting in the main room with a sly grin.
The blonde haired woman sitting at a control panel looks up at him with questioning eyes.
“I’m here to see Seymour Fine.” He grunts.
“And you are?”
“Sorry honey I don’t have time to exchange phone numbers, though I’d love too.”
The woman sits flustered as the man pushes past her hitting the intercom.
“Seymour Fine, you’re activated.”
The black haired man turns around lifting his safety glasses. He hurries out pulling the man aside out of ear shot. “Falcon, what are you doing here?” Vincent Falcone, code name; Lt. Falcon.
“I was re-activated and told to come get you.”
“What the hell is that thing?” Falcon points at the device in the lab.
“Sorry, top secret.”
“I had a feeling you’d say that. Come on we have others to meet up with.”
“What is going on?”
“It’s time for you to go home.”

Moments later several levels down in a Pentagon situation room.
A beautiful brunette sits at the table, Paige Adams, code name: Mayday and a black haired man Tormod Skoog, code name: Trip-Wire, along with James Barney, Grand Slam, who nods at Seymour as his friend sits down next to him.
“Alright let’s get this party started.” Vincent says winking at Paige. “If you’ll all open the folders that sit before you, inside you’ll find an aerial map of Montana. The Rock received an encrypted transmission about Cobra activity in the area from an unidentified location. Sparks was able to triangulate the signal…”
James looks at Seymour seeing a blank look on his face.
“Where?” Seymour asks.
Vincent looks down at the folder. “Geraldine.”
“What?” James blurts.
“Anyone going to let the rest of us in on what is so big about a little hick town?” Paige asks.
“It’s my home town, my wife and kids are there visiting my parents. My wife would have sent the signal, I gave her a device that would enable her to send a distress signal directly to G.I.Joe Headquarters. I like to keep my family protected and safe with what I do.”
They all look at Seymour thinking the same thing, he’s such a geek understanding why.
“So, Vincent what would Cobra be doing in a small town?”
“You are a bit too new to know about Springfield Paige, but Cobra has a habit of using small towns to recruit and to use as hideouts.”
“Like the Borg.” Tormod jokes. “They assimilate.”
“Star trek.” James informs Paige.
“Oh, you guys are such geeks.” She laughs.
“Let’s keep focused here. With a family of one of our team at stake the risks are greater. If Cobra finds out…”
“They might use them as hostages or leverage.” Seymour says finishing Vincent’s sentence. “When do we leave?”
“Right now. We are all back on active duty.”

Deep beneath the earth in a dimly lit bunker a small group of Cobra agents, who look a little worse for wear, carefully assemble a device that they are unpacking from a large crate. The structure looks as unsafe to be in as a boat during a hurricane, with minimum power and catwalks rigged up to traverse the bunker.
“Sir, we are nearly ready to bring in the first group.” An agent says to a man who stands in a dark corner supervising.
“Good, as soon as the techs are finished bring them in. The commander will be extremely pleased.” He says in a deep gravely voice, wheezing as he talks.
“As you command sir, the first batch will be ready in a few hours.”
“Keep me briefed.”
“Yes sir, hail Cobra!” He salutes then turns marching away down one of the reinforced halls.

“We couldn’t have taken something a bit more…comfortable?” Mayday asks holding on tightly to the grips as the military carrier they are in bounces down the highways.
“Sorry honey, but this all that was available.” Lt. Falcon replies. “This is an off the books mission, we don’t have access to the luxury’s you may have come accustom to.”
“Okay, I get the point.” Mayday snaps at Flacon’s smart @$$ remark.
Falcon, smiles at her flashing his smooth grin.
“Is he always like this?” Mayday asks Grand Slam.
“Yes.” He laughs. “Falcon has quite the rep as a ladies man.”
“Wonderful.” She moans.
Falcon looks at Sci-Fi who is watching as the terrain leaves them behind. “Hey, so you must like that green jumpsuit of yours.”
“Your uniform.” Falcon points.
“What is wrong with my battle togs?”
“Nothing man, nothing if we don’t plan on sleeping.” He waits for a reaction out of Sci-Fi not getting one. “Okay…is there something you want to talk about?”
“Let me rephrase that, is there something I need to know?”
Sci-Fi looks at Falcon, wondering how much his team leader really knows.
The driver’s voice comes over the intercom. “We’ll be at your drop point in five minutes.”
“Copy that Clutch.” Trip-Wire responds. “Let’s get ready people.”

Geraldine Montana, General Store. One of those old small town stores that takes you back to the early nineteen hundreds. The smell of fresh baked goods and milk in glass bottles.
An elderly man stands behind the counter smiling at a beautiful short haired woman as she approaches with an arm full of groceries. “Hi George.”
“Tracey so nice to see you again, it’s been what, ten years?”
“About that.” She smiles. “How have things been?”
“Oh you know, small town, not like the big city you live in now, D.C. isn’t it?”
Tracey looks stunned at the old man, then quickly shakes it off. “Yes.”
“Married Seymour Fine didn’t you, good kid he was, quiet and kind of a loner. I use to get those electronic magazines for him. He’d come in every month for them, it’s the only time I saw him smile and his eyes light up.”
“Yes, he treats me good.”
“He should, he’s always had a crush on you. Is he still working for the military?” George asks as he rings her up.
“Yes he is.” Tracey passes him some money to pay for her purchases.
“He coming down?”
“I’m not sure, he is very busy.”
“Man of his talents, I bet he is quite an asset to them.”
“I guess.” She feels uneasy smiling friendly at George as she leaves.
“Nice to see you again Tracey, have a nice stay!” He shouts after her.

Outside Geraldine Montana, an old long abandoned farm house. The five man Joe team make their way up to the dilapidated house after having hiked from nearly ten miles from their drop off point.
“God, it’s so warm. I hope that place has a working shower.” Mayday comments adjusting her gear which includes a duffle bag along with her weapons.
“Sorry babe, you’ll have to wait until we get into town.” Falcon responds looking back at her over his shoulder. “But I’m sure there is one of those well pumps you could wash up in.”
“At least I still smell better then the four of you guys.”
“You love it.” Falcon boasts.
Mayday rolls her eyes.
Sci-Fi carefully walks up the steps opening up the door. “Ladies first.”
“Well, at least someone is a gentleman.” Mayday remarks giving Falcon a sly smile. “So, what’s our next move?”
“We switch into our civvies and split up. Sci-Fi and Grand Slam will head in together to hopefully meet up with Sci-Fi’s family. Trip-Wire will go in as a salesman passing through, you’ll stay at the local B&B location and ID’s are in here.” Falcon hands her a folder then looks at Mayday with a grin on his face.
“Oh god no…”
“Oh yeah, we will be posing as a newlywed couple spending a few days in the small town to do some hiking and sight seeing.”
“Can’t I partner with Trip-Wire, I could be his assistant.”
“Sorry honey. Don’t worry, I can play the romance real well. There are three vehicles in the barn they are equipped with hidden compartments for our weapons and gear. We’ll leave a few hours apart. Gather all the Intel you can, we’ll meet at the bar & grill to exchange info.” Falcon winks at Mayday who scoffs at him.

A black car with dark tinted windows pulls up to the old butcher shop that has sat for sale for several years with no buyers. The driver gets out of the car, dressed in a navy suit, walking around to the rear passenger side opening it up. Tomax, one half of the Crimson Twins gets out walking up to the main entrance unlocking the door. He looks at his driver telling him to keep watch as he slips inside.
He walks through the small lobby and into the main area looking over all the equipment covered in a thick layer of dust. Tomax curls his nose to the unpleasant aroma that still lingers in the building taking a mental note to have the place aired out. He makes his way to the far corner of the building to a basement access clicking on the lights as he slowly steps down the stairs.
The solo Crimson Twin pulls a cell phone out of his pocket flipping it open and speed dialing out a call. “Commander, it appears our Intel was correct, someone has been here. We suggest a cleaner crew and we unload ourselves of the property.” He listens to his direction. “As you wish Commander.” He flips his phone closed heading back out of the building. “Let’s get out of this backwater town, and order us up a new suit, this one has the stench of that butcher on it.”
A red jeep travels down the hard packed roads passing by the black car carrying James and Seymour.
“Is that legal?” James asks.
“What, a black car?”
“No, Seymour, the tint on the car, you can’t see who’s in it.”
“I doubt it but the local sheriff really won’t care with an oster.”
“Out of stater.”
“Ah, small town jargon, I love it.” James laughs. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your parents. That mother of yours still smoking?”
Seymour looks at James with a straight faced look.
“Buddy, I was only joking. She is hot for an old lady.”
“I’ll pretend you didn’t say that.” Seymour says as he pulls up to his family’s white picket fenced home. As soon as he climbs out of the jeep his wife comes running up to him throwing her arms around him.
“Thank god you made it.”
“Of course I would. Where are the kids?”
“Down at the community pool. Hi James.” Tracey smiles.
“Hey, the folks home?”
“Yes, and yes mother Fine has a home made apple pie waiting for you.”
“Great.” James hurries inside the house calling for Mrs. Fine.
“What’s wrong?” Seymour asks his wife.
“That easy to tell? It was George.”
“The old General Store clerk?”
“I know, it sounds crazy but he didn’t seem to be himself, he was, I don’t know, different. And he seemed to know about you and, you know what.”
“What did he say?”
“It’s not what he said but how he said it.”
“Tell me everything, what he said and why you sent the coded transmission.”
Tracey takes a deep breath taking her husbands hand as they head into the house.

Back at the farm house Vincent, sits on the black leather couch already dressed in brown khakis and a white button up shirt, hanging out in the living room waiting for Paige to come out of the bedroom. He raps his fingers on the oak wood side table wishing there was a television to watch.
“I don’t bore you do I?” Paige says coming out of the bedroom dressed in a charcoal grey one piece dress just above the knee with spiked black heals.
Vincent whistles taking a good look at her in the form fitting dress. “Wow.”
Paige smiles. “This must be a first for you?”
“To be this speechless.”
Vincent grins, getting up off the couch. “Shall we?” He rolls out his hand to Paige in a very gentlemanly gesture. “Oh wait, we need one more thing.” Vincent reaches into his pocket pulling out a diamond ring.
Paige feels her face go flush as she puts out her left hand. “It’s a beautiful ring.”
“Just don’t loose it, we have to give it back to the guy that loaned it to us.”
“And who is that?”
“Wasn’t told, just that if we lost it this will be our last mission.”
“No pressure then.” Paige smiles as Vincent slides the ring on her finger.
“Perfect fit. Shall we darling?”
“Don’t get too comfortable cause there is no way you are sleeping in the same bed with me.”
“We’ll see.” He winks at Paige. “Trip should be getting into town right about now, and remember we’re just passing through this small hick town.”
“I get it, big city couple in a little backwater town. I think I can pull that off.”
“Then let’s go.”

Tormod takes a deep breath as he walks up to a two story home carrying a brief case and dressed in an olive green suit with a dark grey dress shirt. He raps on the door clearing his throat as an elderly lady answers the door. She looks up at him and smiles, the scent of pie’s backing in her oven whiffs out the door.
He looks around the porch, one rocker, no car in the driveway, lots of plants that are well cared for. She lives alone, perfect she’ll let him in no matter what he’s selling just to have someone to talk to.
“Good day ma’am, I’m in town today offering you folks a one time deal on extra insurance coverage. No strings attached to listen to my offer, if you are not interested just tell me when I am done and I’ll be on my way. All I ask is for fifteen minutes of your time?”
The old lady smiles brightly at him. “It’s been a long time since I had such a young handsome man knock on my door. Please come in, I have some ice tea chilling in the fridge, would you like some?”
Tormond smiles back at her. “I certainly will ma’am.” He steps inside the home noticing all the pictures of her children and grandchildren, possibly even great grandchildren. “Is this your family?”
“Yes, all wonderful people, though I don’t get to see much of them anymore. Young people are always in such a hurry to get out of the small towns and move to the big cities. Me, I like the peace and quite of the small towns, I know practically everyone who lives here.”
“It does have a nice view of the mountains.”
“Yes, yes it does. There have been quite a few visitors passing through lately. But I mind my own as long as they don’t cause a ruckus.”
“Are those oatmeal cookies I smell?”
“Yes, would you like some?”
“I would, I’ve been on the road for hours now.”
“Let me get you a plate and some ice tea and then I can listen to what you have to offer.”
“Thank you ma’am.” Tormond makes his way into the living room which is littered with nick knacks. Surprisingly, the furniture though old is not covered in plastic. So much for his jaded view on the elderly. The home is well kept, very neat not a spot of dust. He sits down on her flower printed sofa looking out the bay window noticing the view of the town she has. He’s hit the right place to get any information he needs.

Vincent and Paige enter a small bed and breakfast, Paige playing her part so well hanging on Vincent’s arm like a head over heals in love new bride. They are greeted by a
wet young dark haired teenage boy who stops dead, his eyes locked on Paige.
“Mom, we have guests.” He shouts his voice cracks.
His mother quickly comes out from the kitchen dressed in a green country dress and apron with bless this cook written on it. Her brown hair pulled up into a bun. “Davis, what have I told…”
“I know, dry off when you get out of the pool before you come in the house.”
“Good, now shoo.” She says snapping her dishtowel at him. “I am so sorry about that, he loves to swim.”
The teenager trips as he goes up the stairs still unable to take his eyes off Paige.
“Davis.” His mother scolds. “Again, I am so sorry.”
“No problem, I can barely take my eyes off her either, and I remember being that age.” Vincent says kissing Paige’s cheek.
“Honey, in many ways you still are.” She giggles.
The woman smiles admiring their new love. “I’m Victoria, and welcome to my home, we just started this bed and breakfast so I hope we can please you. Your room is ready for you, the last one upstairs on your right. It has a wonderful view of the mountains.”
“Thanks, I’ll just go get our luggage…”
“No need, you are our guests, Davis will be happy to get it for you won’t he?” She says looking up the stairs. Her son peeks around the corner his face red with embarrassment. “Honey, can you please come down and get the nice folks luggage?”
“In a second mom, let me get a shirt…”
“No, now honey don’t make our guests wait.”
Vincent looks up at the boy and smiles. “It’s not a problem ma’am, we can wait.”
“Please call me Victoria, we’re a small town and treat our visitor’s like family, now come I have tea and biscuits waiting for you.”
Vincent and Paige follow their host through the house which is trimmed in barn wood giving it that true country feeling.

Up in the attic of the Fine family home sits Seymour, looking through a telescope surrounded by several boxes filled with old family belongings.
“Hey, I’ve been looking for you.” James says as he comes up the steps. “Aren’t you supposed to use those at night?”
“Not if you want to see something during the day.”
“What are you looking at?”
“Nothing…the mountains that’s all.”
“You’ve been acting weird since we got this assignment, you want to tell me what’s up?”
“I wish I could.”
“We’ve been friends for a long time, you know you can tell me anything.”
“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just if I do then I have to deal with something from my past that I thought I buried a long time ago.”
“Okay, I won’t push it, but when you do…”
“You’ll be the first to know. So what’s up?”
“I just got the signal from Falcon, he and Mayday are in position.”
“Alright, then we meet at the bar and grill in two hours.” Seymour looks back at his telescope closing the lense cap and shuts the window.

Vincent notices the young teenage boy heading out to their rental car still in his swimsuit obviously out swimming again. He picks up the keys and heads out to meet him.
“Davis right, how’s it hanging there pal?”
He smiles looking away. “I’m sorry about looking at your wife.”
“That’s okay she is a looker, I’d think there was something wrong with you if you didn’t.”
Vincent unlocks the trunk as the boy grabs one of the suitcases heaving it out. “How old are you buddy?”
“Fourteen sir.”
“He…he died when I was a kid, he was in the military. He was going to become a Navy Seal.” The boy says with much pride in his voice.
“I’m sorry, I’m sure he was a good man and would be proud to see the man you are becoming.” He places a hand on the teens shoulder realizing that it is the reason why the kid likes to swim.
“Hey, while I’m here if you ever want to talk about anything, you know, that you might not want to talk to your mom about my door is always open. Unless the do not disturb sign is on it, cause then well I think you know.” Vincent winks.
Davis laughs taking out another suit case.

In the underground bunker flood lights illuminate the now assembled machine, a brainwave scanner.
“Looks kind of ancient.” One of the battered trooper’s comments.
“That’s because it’s pretty old. Wonder why it was in the storage room?” The other responds.
“How am I to know, we don’t know what a lot of stuff is doing here, it might not even work, it was labeled protoype and had some venom doctor guys name with the set up blueprints. Looks like no one must have known it was here, which is strange in itself.”
“Maybe because the guy who made it is missing, captured or dead, that do it for you?” The leader growls at them. “Enough of your chattering, lets get this thing powered up, and bring in the first set of test subjects.” He wheezes.
“Yes sir.” The two men hurry off seemingly almost scared of their leader.

Rusty’s Bar & Grill, Vincent and Paige make their way in spotting James and Seymour sitting at a table joined by Tracey, Tormod sits up at the bar. Vincent and Paige take a seat right behind Tormod as a waitress hurries over with a couple glasses of water and handing them menu’s. They keep their newlywed act going holding hands and looking into each others eyes. Tracey picks up her purse slipping over to the couple greeting them inquiring about them being recently married. She ushers her husband over who acts reluctant to come over. Seymour excuses himself from the table and heads over joining the conversation as Tracey, passes information to Paige, who slips theirs out of her purse.
Tormod listens to the conversation as it nears its end sliding his info into Tracey’s purse who before they leave slips it to Paige. Seymour leans over the bar slipping Tormod a slip of paper and asks the man behind the bar for his check.
Seymour pays his bill taking his wife by the hand leading her out followed by James. They wait to talk until they get further down the road walking back to Seymour’s family home.
“Tracey, you are a pro.” James comments. “You did great.”
“Yes, you did a good job honey that made it much easier to pass information.”
“So, when do we end all this cloak and dagger and get down to business?”
“I slipped Tormod my parent’s address, It’s easiest if he slips by to give us his Intel and we can share ours and Vincent’s. They have ours and Tormod’s, as soon as we can act Paige will call us on the disposable cells.”
“So in the mean time we sit and wait, I hate this part.” James moans. “So Tracey, ever think of joining the military? You’re pretty good at covert ops.”
Seymour glares at James.

One hour later.
Tormod stands on the porch of the Fine home ringing the door bell. Mrs. Fine answers the door as he begins his spiel and she lets him into the house. She leads him to the living room where Seymour and James wait.
“About time.”
“Sorry Gran…er uh James, I didn’t want it to look too obvious. There is definitely something weird going on here. Is it safe to talk here?”
“I asked my wife to take my parent’s and kids outside when you got here, its not like they are totally clueless to what I do but I rather not involve them.”
“So, what’s the 411?”
“No Cobra Troops positively identified but some strange sightings. Falcon and Mayday found out that there has been some activity at the old butcher shop, which wouldn’t be unusual since its up for sale. According to their information about a couple of years ago they saw two men tour the building, they came back a few more times then never saw anyone again. Just recently they noticed only one of the men come back, but not with the realtor.” Seymour explains.
“Did they give any kind of description?” Tormond asks.
“Yes, identical dark haired twins.”
“Tomax and Xamot.”
“Could be.” James says. “What did you find out?”
“Well, I met a nice old lady who seems to know everyone in the town…”
“Ms. Greenberg.” Seymour says.
“Yeah, how’d you…oh right. So, check it, she said that she has seen some odd looking men wandering around town lately and visiting group functions. She said they looked like recruiting officers but they’re uniforms were worn and tattered.”
“That’s weird.”
“Oh and Sci-Fi if she mentions anything about a Troy McClure the traveling salesman, that’s me.”
James starts to laugh. “Oh man, why didn’t you just use your real name?”
“Uh, seriously do you think she would have believed me?”
“You got a point.” James jokes.
“You are one weird man Tormod.” Seymour says rolling his eyes.
“He’s a character from the…”
“I know what show he is from.” Seymour groans.
“No way, you mean Mr. Nosenseofhumor watches the show?” James jokes.
“No, my kids do.”
“Well, so much for that ray of hope.”
Seymour looks at James, then back at Tormod. “We also found out that some of the people have seen lights in the mountains, miles away but still noticeable in the right conditions.”
“So when do we check things out for ourselves.”
“Tonight, the three of us will check out the butcher shop.”
Seymour picks up his ringing disposable cell phone answering it. “Go ahead. Alright we’ll meet you in thirty.” He hands the phone to Tormod. “Destroy it.”
“That was Falcon, the situation has changed, and a group of town’s people have just gone into the butcher shop.”

Back in the underground bunker, a low hum of an electric vehicle makes it way down a dark tunnel, carrying a group of passengers. All of whom seem to be mystified.
“The gas worked?” One of the trooper’s asks the driver.
“Good, line them up I’ll let the Leader know.”
The troops gather all the town's people up lining them before the brainwave scanner.
“I hope this thing works.”
“If it does no big loss it’ll only fry a few brains. It might take a few sacrifices to calibrate it properly.” The Trooper laughs looking at the towns people.
“Women and children first then.”

Outside the butcher shop the small five man Joe team assembles as night begins to fall. Seymour uses an electronic lock picking device to get them access.
“Okay, well ladies first.” Falcon says bowing and outstretching his arm.
“Oh what a gentleman, I am so glad I don’t have to pretend to be your wife anymore.”
“Ah come on babe you loved it, I could see it in your eyes.”
“Well then if I fooled you that good then I guess I should quit the military and become an actress.”
“If you two are done…” Grand Slam says walking past them into the building.
“You’d think the two of you were really married.” Trip-Wire ads following Grand Slam in.
Sci-Fi just walks past them not saying a word followed by Mayday then Falcon.
“I didn’t expect this.” Mayday comments looking around the shop.
“All the equipment Sci-Fi.”
“The business is for sale, including the equipment. The owners got too old.”
“Hey guys down here.” Trip-Wire calls out bringing the team to the basement. “I don’t think this tunnel is part of the original plans.”
“Where do you think it goes?”
“Only one way to find out Mayday, we follow it.”
“We have no idea where this leads Falcon or how long it is.”
“Then let’s use these golf cars.” Grand Slam says pulling a sheet off of the hidden electric vehicles.
“How we going to drive them down a dark tunnel?”
“Easy Mayday, we’ll just sit Sci-Fi on the hood.”
“Look, this is the only uniform I had available, the others were in storage.”
“I’ll drive.” Trip-Wire says. “I have night vision goggles.”
Sci-Fi, Falcon, and Grand Slam all look at each other.
“Oh come on.” Trip complains.
“We didn’t say a word.” Grand Slam says with a grin.
“I don’t get the joke?”
“Trip-Wire is known to be a bit of a klutz.” Sci-Fi explains to Mayday.
“Oh wonderful.”
“Alright guys, lets just get going, we have a mission to complete.” Falcon says.
“I should be able to use my GPS to get a lock on our position and how far this tunnel goes.”
“Good idea Mayday, you work on that, Sci-Fi, Grand Slam, you guys lock and load we don’t know what we’ll run into down here.” Falcon says kneeling down on the back seat as Mayday and Trip-Wire climb into the front seat.
Both laser troopers check their weapons and climb onto the side of the car.
“Please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times and do not get out of your seat until we come to a complete and full stop.” Trip-Wire jokes as he starts up the electric golf car flooring the pedal.
“Wow, feel that wind in my hair.” Mayday flips her head around in the 32 km hour speed (20 mph).

Down the tunnel the Troopers strap another town’s person into their makeshift brainwave scanner prototype. In the line up stands Seymour’s father, Ms. Greenberg and Victoria still zoned out along with the others. Two of the Troopers carry off bodies of people who succumbed to brain seizures to calibrate the machine.
“I hope this doesn’t keep up, or we won’t have many left to create our army in the name of Cobra.” The one says to the other.
“Let’s just get it down to the chasm fast, I need a break.”
The leader stands up on the catwalk watching the re-education.
“Sir, we nearly have the Brainwave Scanner properly calibrated.”
“Good, too many missing town’s people will raise suspicions. How is our power supply?”
“Getting low sir.”
“As soon as it gets dark take a few men with you into town and pick up our next supply. The shop keeper has been very useful, make sure he is rewarded well.”
“That is another thing sir, the cash supplies are getting low as well.”
“Then I guess it is a good thing we got the scanner running. Take what we have.”
“Yes sir.” The Trooper salutes turning on his left heal and heading down the catwalk.

“I can’t believe you didn’t check the battery charge.” Grand Slam moans looking at Trip-Wire.
“How many times do I have to say I’m sorry.”
“One more should do it.”
“Guys, cut it out.” Falcon snaps. “Mayday, what’s our position?”
“We’re getting closer to a large structure…not sure what or how far we’ve gone it keeps glitching out. “
“Hold up.” Sci-Fi says motioning them all to be silent. “We got light.” He says in a low whisper.”
Falcon leans close to Trip-Wire. “Go back about fifty feet plant some explosives.” He points at Mayday and Sci-Fi motioning them to go across along the opposite wall then motions Grand Slam to follow him. They lock and load their weapons slowly moving along the wall.

Trip-Wire comes to a stop looking back then swings his pack off his back and pulls out some C-4 sticking it with remote detonators up around the corridor. “Hope I don’t miss out on all the action.”

The four Joe’s stop once they are in view of their target spotting all the town’s people and the Brain Wave scanner. Mayday looks at Sci-Fi and shrugs. Grand Slam grunts holding his arms out like a zombie. Sci-Fi nods putting an infrared scope on his laser and sights in on the target. Mayday grabs his arm pointing at two of the people in the line. Sci-Fi scowls seeing his own father next in line, he gets into position and fires his laser rifle, willing the beam of light to its target.

Special Missions Montana – Part Seven

The Troopers pull out their first successful subject.
“Hail Cobra.” The town’s person, a middle aged man says saluting them.
“Machine’s ready, bring in the next one.” The Trooper’s duck as the scanner explodes in a shower of debris.
“What the hell was that? Did we overload it?”
“No…we have intruders!” The leader growls.

“We’re exposed now get between the innocents fast, let’s go…YO JOE!” Falcon shouts running into the room followed by the others.
“Who the hell are they?” A Trooper shouts running for cover as the Joe’s fire upon them.
“How am I supposed to know, we’ve been locked up here for years.”
“We’re G.I.Joe scum bag.” Mayday says as she slams one Trooper with the butt of her rifle. “And don’t forget it.”
The leader slams his fists on the catwalk rails looking over the commotion with two Troopers at his side. “Get the weapons make every shot count.”
“Yes sir, for the glory of Cobra!”
“Glory this.” Falcon shouts shooting up towards the catwalk. “Wake those people up, get them out of here, NOW!”
“On it.” Mayday responds running over to Victoria grabbing and shaking her. “Come on snap out of it.” Mayday takes a deep breath then slaps the woman across the face.
The Cobra Troopers begin to return fire, their shots well placed but still off target.
“They’re going to hit us sooner or later.” Sci-Fi says.
“I know that.” Falcon looks up above them spotting sprinkler lines. “Let’s hope there is still some water in those lines.” He says shooting up at the pipes bursting them causing water to spray down on them and the town’s people.
“Paige…?” Victoria says a bit confused, shaking her head like she has just woken from a bad dream. “Oh my god what is going on?” She asks as panic begins to set in.
“Later. Can you help Ms Greenberg?”
“Yes of course.”
“Good.” Mayday notices a couple of golf cars sitting in a alcove. “Everyone pile into a car and head down the corridor, and whatever you do don’t stop until you get outside and don’t look back!”
The town’s people do as they are told helping the more dazed one’s. Sci-Fi’s father places a hand on his son’s shoulder nodding at him then runs jumping into one of the cars.
“The prisoner’s are escaping!” A Trooper yells.
“Don’t waist your ammo on them Trooper’s, kill these G.I.Joe’s!” The leader shouts.
Grand Slam lays down some heavier gun fire keeping the Troopers back as Mayday and Falcon take out some of the Cobra’s. Sci-Fi focuses his laser fire on the support rails joined by Trip-Wire.
“God I didn’t miss the party.”
“Glad you could make it. You have any charges left?” Sci-Fi asks
“I have some contact explosives and low impact grenades.”
“Good, use your infrared and focus on my laser dots.”
“Gotchya, blow the branches and the babies come tumbling down.”
Falcon lets out a painful yell as a bullet makes contact with his right arm and left leg.
“Vincent!” Mayday screams running over to him. “Grand Slam cover me.”
“You got it.”
Mayday kneels down with Falcon who is leaning against the wall still firing his shot gun with his one good arm. “Oh god, we have to get you out of here.”
“I knew you cared.”
“You’re hurt.”
“I know, but you came running.”
“Don’t read more into it then what there is.” She moans. “Grand Slam, Falcon is injured.”
“I’ll keep the cover fire on you while you bandage him up to stop the bleeding.”
“It’s just a flesh wound.” Falcon says as his face begins to turn white.
“You are loosing a lot of blood, sit still. The bullets went clean through.”
“Trip-Wire, Sci-Fi!” Grand Slam shouts. “Falcon’s wounded, we’re leaving.”
“Sci-Fi?” The leader whispers. “SCI-FI!” He shouts jumping from the catwalk sliding down a beam and onto the floor. “SCI-FI!”
“Who the…oh my…” Mayday gasps.
“Dude.” Trip-Wire chokes at the mans gruesome appearance.
“Cease fire.” The man says raising his hand. “Don’t you recognize me Sci-Fi, or has time not been good to me?”
Sci-Fi, flips up his visor his eyes enlarging. “Simon.”
“Yes, or what is left of me. You can call me, Demise.”
“Who is this guy, how does he know you?” Trip-Wire asks.
“Oh, he didn’t tell you? What’s the matter Sci-Fi, can’t face your demons?”
Sci-Fi doesn’t respond.
“Let me tell you, Sci-Fi and I were in the Military together then our unit was jumped by a Cobra scouting group. They taught us in the ways of Cobra, soon we came to see the light, well all except Sci-Fi here. He was the only one who refused the education, in fact he betrayed us all and left us here to die. Didn’t you Sci-Fi, you let me fall into the fire you created?”
“I tried to save you.” Sci-Fi says in a low tone.
“But you didn’t did you?” He snaps. “You didn’t even come back to find me.”
“Is that true?” Grand Slam asks
Sci-Fi lowers his head. “Yes.”
“This is the top secret mission you couldn’t tell me about?”
“So much for your Real American Hero.” Demise laughs. “Let me guess, it was your government that told you to keep it top secret didn’t they?”
“Have you come to see the light now? Cobra is the way of the future.”
“Yes, I have. I finally see that you are truly sick, my government may be flawed but I made a pledge to protect my country against people like you.”
Demise scowls. “You are still just as jaded as ever, you will never belong.”
“Wrong about that buddy, he does, he’s a G.I.Joe, part of a family.” Grand Slam says in Sci-Fi’s defense. “He’s made lots of friends while you have sat here in the dark in your hole hating yourself.”
Demise raises his arm, then lowers it signaling for his Troops to open fire.
Sci-Fi charges at Demise. “Go get out of here.” He shouts back to his teammates.
“What, are you insane?” Grand Slam shouts.
“Go.” Sci-Fi grasps his laser rifle jabbing it into Demise’s gut. “Trip, do it!”
“Right.” He pulls the pins from his grenades tossing them into the gun fire.
“Grand Slam, give me a hand.” Mayday shouts trying to get Falcon to his feet. “We have to get him out of here now.”
“I forgot how painful a gunshot wounds can be.” Falcon moans.
Grand Slam hesitates wanting to help Sci-Fi then grabs Falcon helping him into the car. “You still with us?”
Falcon laughs then coughs. “Yeah, let’s go.”
Sci-Fi fights with Demise as Trip-Wire’s explosives erupt around them.
“Just like old time eh Seymour?”
“Shut up.” Sci-Fi jams his gun under Demise’s chin.
“Do it, kill me if it’ll make you feel better, finish what you started.”
“I tried to save you.”
“But you didn’t, and now you and your family will all pay for it. First I’ll kill your father, then your mother, you know I haven’t been with a woman in a long time.”
Sci-Fi pulls his gun back.
“I knew you didn’t have the balls for it.”
Trip-Wire tosses his contact explosives bringing the catwalk down.
“I won’t, because it’s what you want me to do.” Sci-Fi slams his gun down into Demise’s leg hearing bone snapping.
He howls out grasping his leg as the fragile structure begins to come down.
“You’ve made your own tomb and now you’re going to be buried in it.”
“Let’s go.” Trip-Wire says grabbing Sci-Fi’s arm. “This place is about to come down…all the way down.”
“I’m done.” Sci-Fi follows Trip-Wire out as they run as fast as they can.
“Get them…Kill them…” Demise wails. “You can’t escape Sci-Fi I will always haunt you!”
Trip-Wire looks over at Sci-Fi who pulls a cartridge from his rifle and removes his back pack pressing a series of buttons then drops it. “What are you doing?”
“Self destruct, drop your gear loose the excess weight.”
“You are a man after my own heart...I didn’t mean that to sound the way it did.” Trip-Wire drops his gear giving it a good toss as it slides next to Sci-Fi’s pack.
“I hope you can run fast.”
“Why, what did you set your timer f….”
The pack explodes making contact with Trip-Wire’s pack which still holds a few more explosives creating a larger explosion stopping the pursuing Troopers for the moment and blowing some apart.
Sci-Fi and Trip-Wire are knocked to the ground from the resulting blast sliding along the concrete. They quickly get back up to their feet looking back at the explosion.
“That was awesome.” Trip says looking back at the fire ball as it approaches. “Little more bang then I thought.”

“What the hell was that?” Grand Slam hits the breaks feeling the tunnel shake from the explosion.
“Oh god, Sci-Fi…Trip-Wire…” Mayday gasps.
“We wait for them.” Falcon orders.
“But…this tunnel isn’t safe.”
“We wait for them Mayday.” He groans.
They sit and wait for what seems like forever.
“There they are.” Grand Slam jumps from the car as the two Joe’s meet up with them.
“Thank god.” Mayday smiles.
“Did you guys miss us?” Trip says.
“Let’s keep moving. Climb on guys I doubt that little diversion would hold them off for long.” Grand Slam jumps back into the driver seat.
“No, but the charges I set will.” Trip-Wire thumbs a remote detonator.
“Then let’s keep moving before they catch up to us.” Sci-Fi looks at Falcon who is nearly passing out from the pain. “How you doing Sir?”
“Mommy?” Falcon says. “I only got shot in the arm and leg, probably lost a few pints of blood its no big deal.” He smiles at Sci-Fi trying to fight the pain. “Mayday did a good job with the bandages, with my help of course. Now let’s go.”
Grand Slam hits the gas propelling the car forward.

The town’s people all hurry out of the butcher shop as others come out to see what the commotion is all about. Some tend to the ones that are a bit frantic as Sci-Fi’s father and Victoria try to calm them.
“Mom!” Davis shouts running up to her and hugging her. “What’s going on?”
“I’m not sure.”
“I can’t find Vincent and Paige.”
“They…they’re okay…”
An explosion shakes the ground putting the town into a panic.
“What was that?” Davis asks. “It sounded like an explosion.”
“It was, oh dear god.” Victoria tries not to cry in front of her son.
Everyone grows silent watching, hoping.

Soon the Joe team emerges a little dusty but in one piece to the cheers of the town’s people.
“It’s them, the ones that saved us from those mad men.” A woman shouts.
“We need a doctor.” Grand Slam calls out.
A medic immediately rushes over to tend to Falcon’s gun shot. “How you doing there son?”
“I’m…good…you look like someone I know…” Falcon says trying to focus on the man.
The medic winks at him opening up his bag.
Davis fights to get threw the crowd of people that are thanking the Joe’s for saving them and their town. He finally breaks through to Falcon looking at the doctor. “Is he alright?”
“Yes, he’ll be fine. He’s a bit groggy and I just gave him some drugs for the pain.”
“He looks pretty white.”
“He lost some blood, don’t worry son he’ll be okay.”
“Davis, you shouldn’t be here.”
The young teen kneels down next to Falcon trying not to cry. “I…I couldn’t find you and all the people…the explosions…”
“Hey buddy, I’m fine.”
“You, you’re in the military?”
“Yeah, sorry I couldn’t tell you, its one of those covert top secret missions.”
“Really? Cool.”
Falcon takes off his beret and puts it on Davis’s head. “Keep it, maybe some day you can put it to good use.”
“Yeah, I can be a hero like you.”
“Like your dad.”
“Hey kiddo, let Vincent rest.” Victoria says smiling at him. “Thank you, you and your team.”
“Just doing our job ma’am.”
Victoria places her hand on the back of her son’s neck squeezing gently. “Let’s get you home and in bed.”
“Bye Vincent.”
“It’s Falcon, Lt Falcon, we’ll see you around kid.”
Davis stops to salute Falcon then heads off with his mother.
“Hey you.” Mayday says sitting down next to the Green Beret. “I see you’re colour is coming back.”
“Yeah, I got a good look down Vicki’s top,”
Mayday looks at Falcon disgusted by his comment.
“I’m kidding, there’s only one woman for me.”
“Yeah, how is that wife of yours?” Lifeline asks.
“WHAT!?! I’d so hit you if you weren’t already wounded.” Mayday snaps.
“He’s kidding…he is, tell her Lifeline.”
Mayday gets up in a huff walking off.
“Paige!” He glares at the Joe teams medical officer. “Thanks Lifeline.”
“Just doing my job Falcon.” He laughs.
“You know I’m not married.”
“Yes I do.”
“You have a sick sense of bedside manor.”
“Really, I thought I had a good bedside manor?”
Falcon glares at Lifeline. “Just give me some more morphine.”

A few days later, The Rock, G.I.Joe Headquarters briefing room.
Falcon, Mayday, Sci-Fi, Grand Slam and Trip-Wire all sit around the table in silence as General Colton enters the room. They all rise saluting him.
“At ease.” Colton drops a file folder on the table. “We sent a sweeper team in, the Cobra Troops were all accounted for, except for one. The one your report said called himself Demise. The tunnel has been sealed off as well as the bunker. You five did a good job, you averted another Springfield incident.”
“Thank you sir, but we didn’t make it there in time to save them all.” Falcon says.
“The cleanup crew found about half a dozen bodies in the pit.”
Mayday rests her hands in her face.
“You saved an entire town from being brainwashed, the families of those who were lost are being looked after. Falcon, how are your wounds?”
“Good, took it like a soldier.” He jokes looking over at Mayday.
“Yeah a five year old soldier.” Grand Slam adds.
“You’re a good team, and there are sure to be more of these camps out there. If we get anymore leads on them we’ll give you a call.”
“Thank you sir.” Falcon responds.
“You’re all dismissed, and Sci-Fi I’d like to talk to you for a second.”
“Yes sir.”
Grand Slam places a hand on his friends shoulder as he heads out following the others.
Colton takes a seat next to Sci-Fi looking him straight in the eye. “I know what happened out there before you were drafted for the team. I read the file. The doctor’s gave you a clean bill of mental health, said they were amazed how well you came out of such a traumatic event.”
“Have you?”
“I know what it’s like, having to keep secrets. I’m here if you need to talk to someone.”
“Thank you sir. May I be dismissed?”
Colton nods. “Oh, the rest of the team would like to be there for the funeral of the people that were lost. I’m sure you knew some of them.”
Sci-Fi gets up from his seat. “Thanks again sir.” He heads for the door.
“He’s still out there you know, Demise, he’ll probably come after you.”
“Let him, maybe next time I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger when I have a gun to his head.” Sci-Fi pushes open the doors meeting up with Grand Slam.

“Vince?” Mayday calls to Falcon as he hobbles down the hall on his crutches.
“Hey Paige.”
“So.” She says coyly.
“Look, I know I gave you a hard time but I just wanted to let you know, you’re an okay guy. I saw how you were with Davis, it was really nice of you.”
“What can I say, I’m a softy. And I am a decent guy despite my reputation, if given half a chance, by the right girl.” He hints.
“We’ll see.”
“That’s all I ask.”
“But you piss me off and…”
“I’ll duck and run for cover.”
Mayday gives Falcon a hug.
“You want to come somewhere with me tomorrow?”
“Oh I am so not ready to go on a date with you.”
“No, not a date, I wanted to go visit someone, let him know how his son is.”
Mayday smiles. “I’d love to.”
“Sweet…I mean, thank you.”

The Mountains, outside Geraldine Montana.
Out from the mountain cracks climbs Demise, nearly exhausted. He looks up at the bright sun, something he hasn’t seen in years. His uniform barely hangs on his body, crusted with dried blood and dirt.
“Well, well, look at what we have here, a cockroach.”
Demise looks over at Tomax, squinting his eyes. “Who?”
“The Commander thought no one survived all those years ago when this place as destroyed. Are there any others?”
“No, how do you think I survived to make it out?”
Tomax wrinkles his face at the thought. “You are a brutal one aren’t you? The Commander sent us here to make sure no one lived.”
“Do not worry, we think you will be an asset to the organization.”
“My brother and I. Come, lets get you cleaned up, can’t have you meeting the Commander looking like this.”
“The Commander?”
“Yes, and he will surely welcome you into the fold.” Tomax extends a gloved hand helping him up. “What is your name?”
“I only go by one name now, Demise.”

The next day, Arlington Cemetery an unmarked soldier’s grave.
Seymour stands looking down at it.
“Why is it that I can always find you here?” James says joined by Tormod. “Is this his grave?”
“Yes. They never found his body but he was assumed dead all those years ago. I wish he stayed that way.”
“You can’t let past demons haunt you, you know.”
“I know Trip, I know. Hey I have friends like you to help me through it, now that you finally know.”
“Sometimes I hate this job, keeping secrets from those you care about, not being able to tell your family.” James tightens his fists. “It’s hard, yeah but like you said Seymour, we have each other.”
“Hey guys, I think I saw Vincent and Paige here, visiting some guys marker, let’s go see if they want to grab a cup of joe?” Tormod says looking around.
“Sure, why not.” Seymour says with a smile.
James and Tormod put an arm each around Seymour’s shoulder.
They head off across the cemetery to meet up with their other teammates after a mission that has brought them closer together, forced some to realize their fears, their feelings, maybe even their patriotism. They never know what tomorrow will bring them or where they will be, or even who they will face. If they will make it home to see their families or if it’ll be their last fight. The war may never end for these men and women but when you have friends you trust by your side it makes it that much easier to get through each day.

Not The End.
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