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Flint Declassified - Part One


Flint Declassified - Part One

Postby Lt Storm » 24 Mar 2008 19:10


Part One – Nightmares.

Observation Point, just outside of Washington D.C. The night sky is dark filled with clouds as thunder rumbles, and lightning strikes across the clouds illuminating the land below. Dela Eden, of the Red Shadows stands above Flint, dressed in her white fur coat and red and black body armor.
“Take one last look at your wife, Agent Faireborn…” Dela Eden laughs.
“You…you…you killed her! You k-killed my wife!” Flint says his voice filled with disbelief and despair.
“Take one last look at your wife, Agent Faireborn…” Dela Eden says again mocking the soldier.
“You…you…you killed her! You k-killed my wife!”
“Take one last look at your wife, Agent Faireborn…” Her voice rings again.
“Y…you…I killed her! I…I…k-killed my wife!” Flint shouts up into the dark sky, tears running down his face as he holds his wife in his arms.
A flash of lightning fills the sky.
“Flint…” A familiar voice calls out. “Wha…? Oh God Flint…is she…is she…?”
Flint looks up at Scarlett, blood on his hands, and holding jagged metal shard in his hands that was once in his wife gut.
“F-Flint, what have you done?”
“I…I…killed her…I killed my wife.”
Another flash of lightning strikes.

Fort Meade, Maryland.
Dashiell Faireborn, once a member of the Elite Anti-Terrorist Group Delta, code name G.I.Joe. He sits up in his bed drenched in a cold sweat as a storm begins to brew outside. Dash looks out the window as a tree branch beats against it, clawing like a predator. Another nightmare, actually the same one that has been plaguing his mind ever since his wife’s death. Each time it gets worse and each time his mind changes the past events. He looks over at his alarm clock that flashes twelve A.M., obviously the power flashed out during the night.
Dash climbs out of bed, dressed in his boxers stumbling into the bathroom hitting on the light. He leans on the bathroom counter turning on the water splashing it on his face. He looks up at himself in the mirror, dark circles under his eyes, and a weeks worth of stubble on his face. He blames himself for his wife’s death, reliving that night over and over in his mind ever changing, but always coming out the same, him with Alison’s blood on his hands.
Dash wonders, how did he get here and how did it all come to this. He faced Dela in the end and spared her life, though many times he wishes he hadn’t. A loud crack of thunder rolls shaking the house followed by a flash of lightning knocking out the power yet once again.

Several Years Ago, Special Forces School.
A young cocky man struts down the halls towards the showers where he is greeted by cheers and clapping from his comrades. He bows accepting all the applause he can get, walking over to his locker to remove his dirty sweaty combat togs.
“Way to go out there Dash, you really showed us all up.” Another soldier says coming in after him patting him on the back.
“Yeah man, you can really pilot a copter, never seen anyone pull off a move like that.” Another man says walking out of the showers.
“Dude, that was so cool what he did.” A younger fair haired soldier adds.
Dashiell removes his uniform as the young man continues using his hands as gestures to simulate what amazing stunt Dashiell had done that is giving him so much praise from his teammates.
“You were like whoosh then whoosh again missing the cliff sides by inches, then whoosh in down you come hitting your targets, blam, blam, boom…” The young man throws up his hands in a gesture of an explosion. “…and then you’re like whoosh through the smoke and debris like out of a movie.”
“Thanks guys.” Dash smiles at the young soldier placing his had on his shoulder. “You have a lot of energy kid, you may be one of the youngest of us but you have a lot of promise yourself.”
“Thank you sir.” The young soldier smiles at his idol giving him the respect his rank has over his own.
“You talk like you are an old man Dash.”
“Just experienced.” He pulls off the rest of his clothes grabbing a towel and soap shutting his locker. “Now if you men will excuse me, I need to take a shower.”
The three men stand aside letting Dashiell walk towards the shower chanting his name getting the others into it as well. They all know how big his ego is and that their cheering is only fueling it.

Upstairs in the off of the Special Forces Director stands a tall blonde haired man at attention. The salt and pepper haired man behind the desk rises from his brown leather chair to shake the man's hand.
“Thank you for coming Sergeant Hauser, I’ve heard good things about you.”
“I’m honored to have the opportunity to teach at your school, sir, it has produced some fine agents.”
“There is one man I’d like you to meet, his name is Dashiell R. Faireborn.” The Director hands Hauser, Faireborn’s file. “He has a big ego but has the skill to back it up.”
“We have some good men and women at this school Conrad, he’s one of the best. A lot of the younger men look up to Agent Faireborn he’s led a few missions never letting his ego get in the way. Dashiell is a true professional when it comes to field combat”
“Sounds like you are a fan yourself sir.” Sergeant Hauser says placing the file back down on the Director’s desk. “I look forward to putting him and the others to the test.”
“That’s why you’re here Conrad, just take good care of them.”
“Don’t worry sir, I’m a soldier who believes we all go home or no one goes home. I don’t stand for hot dogs or heroes, we all have a job to do and our specialties that get us home.”
“Spoken like a man who’s been in the thick of it.”
Conrad smirks looking down at Dashiell’s file.

“Sir!” The young fair haired soldier from the locker room shouts after Dashiell. “Sorry to bother you.”
“Not a problem as long as you make it quick, I’m on my way to see the Director.”
“I just wanted to ask if you could train me to be a pilot like you.”
Dash smiles. “Sure kid, as long as you don’t puke on me.”
“That was a one time thing, and the first time I went up in a helicopter.”
Dash laughs at the young soldier’s embarrassment. “Meet up with me later and we’ll set an attack plan for some off time training.”
“Thank you sir, thank you this really means a lot to me.” The young soldier salutes Dash as he continues on his way down the hall to the Director's office.

The Director still sits in his comfortable chair, Conrad now sitting in one of the less uncomfortable chairs at the head of the large oak desk.
The Director ushers Dashiell in noticing him peeking in the door.
“Sir.” Dash greets saluting him, then looks over at the other guest saluting him.
“This is Sergeant Hauser, he’s come to the school to help teach.”
Both men shake hands greeting each other for the first time.
“I’ve heard a lot about you Agent Faireborn, you are quite the legend here, not to mention your impressive transcripts from Airborne School and Ranger School.”
“Thank you Sergeant.” Dashiell says in his typical cocky tone.
“Sergeant Hauser has a mission for his first teaching assignment that you and some others will be going. I want you to help him pick the team, you know these men and women the best, and some even look to you for guidance.”
“As they should sir. I’m one of the best here.”
Hauser looks at Dashiell and smiles seeing more to this man then just his arrogance.

A match flares in the darkness lighting a candle, then is snuffed out. The candle gives light to Dashiell’s darkened house. He sits down on the couch in the living room recounting his first meeting with Duke. That mission put him and the rest of the team to the test against an unknown force. It was the first time he thought they wouldn’t make it out alive. Everything went wrong, it was suppose to be a simple mission, get in, get out, and get home.

Scotland, Classified Installation, the past.
Hauser and Dashiell’s team take cover under heavy fire from armed security guards. The team is dressed in grey camouflage with night vision lenses on their heads, gas masks strapped to their belts, and black standard military issued boots. The Special Forces team also consists of three other men, and the young fair haired man, small for the usual SF team of twelve. They keep their heads down behind large computer equipment reloading their weapons, pinned down in the basement of the building.
“Something’s gone wrong here Sergeant.” Dashiell yells over the hail of gun fire.
“I know that Dash, what’s our position?”
“A good 10 floor runs up the stairwell.” One of the men responds checking his GPS.
“Alright, if we play this right we can all make it out. Keep your heads down and attached, no heroics, we all go in a straight line to our next cover, then switch it up. Agent Rainer you take point.”
“We don’t have a lot of room to move here.” Dashiell points out. The massive room they are in, is a maze of super computers with only two ways out. One is blocked by their pursuers, the other is a sure death trap.
“Alright, Singer keep our package secure.” Hauser says to one of his men who tightens the strap on his shoulder case. He gives his team a nod pulling a smoke grenade from his belt removing the pin and giving it an over head toss towards the security guards.
The black clad men watch as the grenade hits the ground erupting with a smoke screen giving the Special Forces team the cover they need.
“Let’s go.” Hauser grabs Dash’s arm. “No heroics Dash, lets keep the showboating in check.”
“Don’t worry sir, this is life or death, I choose life.”
The team makes a run for it, laying down cover fire when needed heading through the super computers. Obviously this room is of no concern considering the heavy fire that riddles the computers from the security guards, their orders being to eliminate the intruders. The SF team switches up as Sergeant Hauser rolls a few more smoke grenades across the floor in different directions to confuse the guards. He motions to his team to put on their masks and goggles as they head into the smoke.
This mission was simple, get in, get out without being seen but something went wrong. The team takes out the guards clearing their path. They head out into the stair well, Hauser leading the team, Singer and Rainer close behind with the rest of the team and Dashiell bringing up the rear to cover them.
“Rainer, status?”
“More guards are on their way, if we hoof it we could get ahead of them, I don’t think they expected us to go back into the fray, Sergeant.”
“Okay you heard him, this is where you prove you’re meat.”
Each of the Special Forces team keeps even in pace covering each doorway as they pass by it. The young soldier stops at one door to rig up a low impact grenade smiling at Dashiell. They hike it up two more levels before the rigged grenade is tripped, the team braces themselves as the shock shakes the stairwell.
“Let’s go.” Hauser grunts.

In a secured control room stands a large man watching the military team on closed circuit security cameras.
“Sir, they are heading for the roof.” One of the black clad security men informs.
“I realize that.” The large man growls. “Get a small team together and follow me, they will not make it out of here alive.”
“Sir, what about the chip they stole?”
“It will burn with them.”

The SF team bursts out onto the roof, a black copter sits waiting with the word MARS on the side of it.
“Get that copter ready!” Dash shouts.
Agent Rainer looks at the young man. “He’s talking to you Ford.”
“Get this bird going, Dash has given you all the training you need now show him what you learned.”
The four pile into the copter, Rainer and the other two men take keep watch as the young man takes the pilot seat looking over the controls trying to keep his nerves in check.
A shot rings out high above Dash and Conrad’s head, a warning shot. They look to their east seeing one man in the distance standing with his oozi and left arm raised at them. He doesn’t move, nor does he fire another shot as his guards flood out from behind him.
“Where did they come from?”
“My guess, they followed us up, Dash.”
“Let’s send them back down then.” Dashiell and Conrad opens fire on the security team laying down heavy fire to give the rest of their team enough time to secure the helicopter.
Hauser screams out dropping to the roof grasping his leg.
The rest of the team watches in horror as Dashiell empties out his semi automatic gun clip pulling Hauser up. “Can you still walk?”
“I only got hit in one leg Dash, the other still functions, question is can you make it?”
Dashiell smiles, giving his Sergeant that lop sided cocky grin of his as a hail of cover fire comes from the helicopter.
“Let’s go.” Conrad says limping on one leg hanging on Dash’s shoulder.
“Sir, with all due respect, you need to loose some weight.”
“Keep it up Dash, keep it up.” Hauser grunts. They make their way towards the chopper bullets flying buy their heads.
One of the men jumps from the copter to lend Dash a hand.
“You should have stayed in the copter, Brian.”
“Sorry sir, but like you say we all go home.”
The three pile into the lifting copter securing their Sergeant as Rainer tends to his wound with the copter first aid kit. Singer, and Brian keep the cover fire going nearly out of ammo. A mini like rocket whirls past the rear spinning blade just missing it.
“What the hell was that?” Singer says watching as the mini rocket explodes past them.
“It came from his wrist.” Brian says, “And I don’t think that was the last one.”
“Time to earn your wings kid.” Dash says taking the co pilot seat.
“Yes sir.”
The copter moves off the pad over the edge of the building. The young man hears Brian yell, ‘he’s launched another’, and takes a deep breath as he plummets the copter down the side of the building. Dashiell yells for everyone to hang on as the copter dives, the mini rocket hitting the ledge sending concrete debris flying.
The large man watches as the copter comes back up turning to face him then lifts off into the night sky.
“Sir, aren’t you going to shoot them down?”
“No.” The large man growls looking down at his empty launcher. “Contact the cleaners.” He watches as the copter heads out of sight.

Present Day.
Dashiell watches as the candle light dances off the pictures on the wall. He smiles remember the young man who idolized him and what a terrific job he did looking at his teammates from his Special Forces days. It was a quiet ride back to the school, no one said anything about the mission that nearly cost them their lives. Even to this day none of them found out what the chip was all about that they stole, or even if that was really Destro they nearly encountered. Duke taught him a lot, though at the time he’d never admit to it. Soon after that they would part ways.

The past.
Conrad knocks on Dash’s open barrack’s door clearing his throat. Dash puts down the novel he is reading saluting the Sergeant and smiling.
“Someday someone is going to smack that grin off your face.”
“As long as it’s some hot dame who just can’t keep her hands off of me, I do have a thing for brunettes.”
“Been awhile since you’ve had some away time hasn’t it?”
Dashiell smiles wanting to respond with a smart @$$ comment but, keeps it to himself. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit, Sir?”
“I’ll just get right to it Dash, I’m leaving.”
“What?” Dashiell steps aside letting Conrad into his room.
“I wanted to tell you myself, I feel we’ve become good friends over these past few years. Before you ask, I can’t tell you were I’m going or how long I’ll be gone.”
“Top secret, eh?”
“Yes, higher then our SF rankings.”
“It’s been an honor to learn from you Sir.”
“Like wise Dashiell, but I’m sure we’ll meet again.” Conrad shakes Dashiell’s hand patting him on the back. “Keep your wits about you and never let them see you coming.”
“That’s what I do best.”
Conrad smiles shaking his head. “Don’t ever change Faireborn.”
“I don’t plan on it Sir.” Dashiell gives his Sergeant, his friend, a final salute goodbye.

Present Day.
Dashielle, stands at the window watching it rain still reminiscing about old times. After Special Forces School he went on to Flight Warrant Officers School. It wasn’t too longer after that he got the call himself from his old friend and his life would change forever. He was no longer just Warrant Officer Faireborn, he was given a new name and a new life, from that day on he’d be known as Flint, Warrant Officer of the new Special Task Force Delta, Code Name; G.I.Joe. And once again he’d be part of an elite team with Conrad Hauser, now known as Duke.
It was during a routine exercise to test the new Mini Tank and the first time he met the woman he would win over and eventually marry.

The Past, a remote testing area.
“I could do better!” A voice says
Duke looks down at his watch ignoring the comment having been watching from a rock ledge.
“…After all, I wasn’t trying to hit the turrets. Limited my target selection.” Flint says pulling up in a small four barrel armored mini tank. “So what do you say, Duke? Do I pass the test? Did I make the team?”
“We were only testing the new G.I.Joe Mini Tank…you were officially a “Joe” as soon as I asked to transfer your obstreperous self back to my bailiwick.” Duke retorts.
“Like to keep your ol’ buddies around ‘cause you know their strengths—right, Duke?” Flint says stroking his own ego as he climbs out of the tank.
“No.” Duke says turning away from Flint to check on the others. “It’s because I know their weaknesses. I don’t like being surprised in a firefight. You already know Road-Block, introduce yourself to Lady Jaye…”
Flint looks down from the rock ledge at his two teammates he just bested showing off his skill. “A pleasure to make your acquaintance, I’m sure.” He says with that trade mark grin of his. “My name’s Flint, and I guess I’m here to class up your act.”
Lady Jaye looks up at the cocky man, not impressed with what she’s just heard. “Why don’t you save the self praise until we see what you can do in a real fight?!”
Flint still grins, turning away still able to hear what she is still spouting.
“I sure put him in his place.” Lady Jaye says to Road-Block who sits up on the over turned training Cobra H.I.S.S tank. “He’s walking away without saying a word…”
“Lady, that man Flint is lots different in a real fight, that’s when he gets mean!”
Later that day would be the first time he also met the newest recruits to the Cobra organization, Tamox and Xamot. Two twin brothers with the unusual ability to feel exactly what the other one was feeling and finish each other sentences. Flint got to put his combat skills to good use even if the twins did escape.

Fort Wadsworth.
Along the tree line Flint and Lady Jaye stroll along.
“No, lie Lady Jaye…you could do a lot worse then taking up with me!” Flint boasts.
“Is that so? I don’t believe in hidden assets Flint…”
“Nothing hidden about my assets! I’m good looking, dashing, intelligent and…”
“Modest?” Lady Jaye interjects. “No? Well, at least your insurance is paid up.”
Flint moves in towards Lady Jaye. “I’ve got the standard policy from Uncle Sugar. Interested in being my beneficiary?”
“Not on you…” Lady Jaye quickly pulls Flint down unfortunately on top of her.
“This is more like it! What’s with the sudden change in attitude? Was it my…”
“Put a lid on it, dummy. We’ve got company.” Lady Jaye points out the Cobra Eels coming in from the bay. Flint took on the Eels on his own giving Lady Jaye the chance to get away to warn the rest of the Joe’s of the invasion.
Later, in the pouring rain on the site of the destroyed Pit, Flint, Lady Jaye, Hawk, and Scarlett stand next to the caved in hole. Snake Eyes had just gone under cover into Cobra territory disguised as Flint who is currently injured after his battle with the Eels. Not knowing if their teammate had landed safely.
“You do know what it’s like to be afraid, don’t you?” Lady Jaye asks of Flint.
“Uh, sure. I’ve been afraid a lot”
“I was beginning to think you were really stupid…” She quips.
These were just some of the puns they shared with each other as their relationship grew.
There was even a time when his past came back to haunt him again, with secrets he could never reveal.
In the hanger deck of the aircraft carrier USS Flagg, Hawk, Lady Jaye and Flint stand watching as Main Frame, Dial Tone and Grand Slam examine Terror-drome segments hauled back from Sierra Gordo.
“…Ever heard of them Flint?”
“M.A.R.S.: originally established in 1752 as a naval gun foundry by James McCullen Destro…” Flint thinks back to his earlier mission during his enrolment at Special Forces School and when they infiltrated a M.A.R.S operation where he and Duke got their first glimpse of a future foe, and ally at times. He later realized he had true feelings for Lady Jaye then just a general attraction when Destro kissed Lady Jaye’s hand laying on his charm. After the two of them had rescued him and fought along side their foe. He and Lady Jaye made a good team, being paired on several missions together.

Grenada. It started out simple, ordered leave time for Flint, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, and Snake-Eyes. Flint had brought them to the shores of Grenada to relax and have some fun. That is when it all went wrong, Snake-Eyes and Scarlett led a blind man they met on a road into an unsuspected mine field. Flint was too late to warn them when the three of them tripped one, so they thought.
When Snake-Eyes and Scarlett returned from their mission no words were exchanged, just stares. The four walked in silence back to the new Pit hidden in the deserts of Utah, until Flint cracked.
“You could have let us in on it! You didn’t have to make fools of us by pretending to get blown up by a land mine!” He growls at his two teammates.
Lady Jaye glares at Flint, and then does something she never regretted, knocked some sense into him.
“Snakes and Scarlett did what they did so that you and I wouldn’t be implicated! Are you too boneheaded to comprehend that? You talked about caring about people before…don’t you understand that they went to a lot of trouble because they cared? Don’t you understand that they care about you as much as…as…”
“You do?”

The Present.
Dashiell looks at a picture of Lady Jaye on the fire place mantle, remembering how they use to sneak off to make out like a couple of teenagers, even being caught by a Star Viper who had infiltrated the Joe’s base. After a quick confrontation the Cobra agent fled escaping
At that moment it all changed, Lady Jaye finally revealed her true feelings for Flint, after all his bravado and arrogance. They would sneak away like a couple of teenagers to be with each other, and at one time even being caught by a Cobra Star Viper that had infiltrated the Joe’s base stealing a black box. After a quick confrontation with Flint and Lady Jaye the Star Viper the Joe’s chased the Star Viper who later escaped.
Dashiell places Lady Jaye's picture back on the mantle closing his eyes, trying to hold back his tears.
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