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Canada's Elite #13


Canada's Elite #13

Postby Lt Storm » 13 May 2010 19:38


Chapter 13

CFB 3 Wing Bagoteville, Quebec. Fallout and his team stand on the runway of the destroyed base, too late to stop the attack. Most of the destruction focused on the hangers containing the CF-18 Hornets.
“Alright, we do the usual, search the base for anything useful. I’ll see if the base Commander is available.” The unit breaks off as Fallout speaks with a few of the paramedics. He’s instructed to an elderly man with his arm in a sling and several cuts on his face. “Bonjour Colonel, I’m Agent Fallout mind if I ask you some questions?”
“Not at all young man, please sit down.” The Commander says with a French accent tapping the bumper of the ambulance.
“What happened here Sir?”
“We were attacked, no warning, nothing, they flew in and unloaded their ordnance blowing the hanger bays. Then they made one final pass attacking the rest of the base and were gone.”
“No one landed?”
“Thank you for your time.” Fallout gets up heading over to Feedback who waves him over. “What is it?”
“I was able to get security footage of the attack, this wasn’t done like the last two.”
“I know, it was quick, in and out, they only hit the hanger bays.”
“Very aggressive.”
“Gather the others I don’t think there is much more we can do here.” Fallout looks around at the smoldering buildings, some of which the fire department are still dousing with water.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Lt. Storm sits in his office leaning back in his chair. He still wears his standard issue sweats, not wanting to get into uniform until Medic gives him a clean bill of health.
“Sir?” Archaic says peaking in the doorway.
“Come in.”
“Hi, I’m Matthew Sojorin.” He says saluting Storm.
“Please no need for that, sit. I hear you found a Cobra outpost.”
“Yes Sir.”
“I’ve also read your service record, quite impressive.”
“That’s top secret how’d you…oh right.” He says feeling a bit foolish.
“I’m actually glad you stopped by, I have something you might be interested in. A member of the Serpent Squad went missing, he hasn’t been seen or heard from. I’d appreciate it if you’d work on locating him. All the information you need is on here.” Storm hands Archaic a CD holding onto it. “Just one more thing, I’d like you to keep this meeting between us right now. Medic hasn’t given me a green light yet so I don’t want to ruffle any feathers.”
“No problem Sir.” Archaic takes the CD sliding it into his jacket pocket.

Nightingale giggles with glee in the back of the hummer. “What excitement.” Jumper looks back at her wanting to ask a question. “What is it, speak up?”
“Why are you so excited?”
She leans forward grinning. “Don’t you feel that way after an attack? The adrenaline, the explosions, the screams for help, the rush.” She gasps. “It’s euphoria.”
“Uh, no?”
Nightingale looks at him with a blank look. “What do you feel after a mission then?”
“I…don’t know.”
“Oh come on, you have to feel something?”
He thinks about it for a few moments. “I feel…nothing, no emotion.”
“Really?” She leans back in her seat looking out the window. “You’re messed up.”
“We’ll be at our destination in half an hour.” Brick informs.
“Excellent, I could use a good rest, I hope this hotel has soft beds.” She yawns. “Blowing things up really tires a woman out.”
Jumper mumbles something inappropriate in a joking manor.
“That’s disgusting.” She snorts, having heard him. “Radio the other truck, tell the Inserters to get out of uniform. They’ll attract too much attention, same with the two of you.”
“Oh don’t be so shy Jumper, like I’ve never seen a naked man before, now strip. I have clothes for us. You may have to hold the wheel for Brick while he takes off his clothes as well.”
Nightingale quickly wiggles out of her clothes pulling on some civilian ones. Jumper tosses his clothes back to her. “Now grab the wheel so Brick can get his clothes off.”
“What about mine?”
“You’ll get them once you are both naked, now hurry up.” Nightingale waits for Jumper to pass the rest of Brick’s clothes back then leans forward peeking at them both. “Oh my, I guess it is true.” She says smiling at Brick, then hands them both a pair of boxers. “Not bad yourself there Jumper.”
“It only looks that way because he’s so short.” Brick says.
Silence falls in the Hummer then Nightingale bursts out with laughter. “I didn’t think you had the ability to make a joke.”
“Who says it was a joke?” The man comments.
She continues to laugh handing them the rest of their clothes.

Medic hums as she waters a rubber tree plant that sits on top of her filing cabinet with a mug, checking it over for any dying leaves.
“Do you have a moment?” Afterburner says sticking her head inside.
“Of course, that’s why my door is always open. Please Julie take a seat, what is on your mind?” Medic places her mug down on her desk.
“You weren’t putting coffee in your plant were you?”
“Oh goodness no, it was water.” She laughs. “So?”
“I wanted to talk about Storm.”
“You know I can’t do that.”
“Not about him, just about him.”
“Oh, you mean him and you? Honey you have nothing to worry about, he may have been through quite an experience but he loves you. I can tell. He’s had an attraction to you since the day you met, you can tell by his notes in your file.”
“I’ve heard I made quite the impression on him. Airtight told me.” (See the Eco Warriors story arc.)
“He needs you to be at his side, to be who you are. Don’t coddle him, don’t baby him, act as you always would. Lt. Storm admires your strength of will and honesty. If you show weakness it will only weaken him.”
Medic walks over to Afterburner sitting down next to her taking her hand. “Look, I know you were scared we wouldn’t get him back, I know what is going on in that head of yours. You are still scared, and you should be because that will keep you on your toes. You have spent the most personal time with him, not even Target knows him as well as you do now, because you connect emotionally with him. I’m relying on you to tell me anything that might be out of character for him, no matter what it is. You have to tell me.”
Afterburner smiles at her. “Thanks, I will.”
“Good. Now shoo, I was about to take a nap.” Medic says putting on some soft instrumental music.

Maniac grunts as he does some dumb bell curls watching himself in the mirror noticing Lt. Storm walking into the exercise room. He quickly puts them down and salutes.
“At ease, no need for that I’m not back in full command yet.”
“You still hold rank and its proper procedure Sir.”
“Not here, I’m not into all that I just came in to meet you.” He puts out his hand shaking Maniac’s dusty chalk covered hand. He smacks it against his pants taking a seat on one of the benches. “So, I hear you served with both Afterburner and under General Singer.”
“Yes Sir, it was an honor to serve with both Sir.”
“Tell me about General Singer.”
“What would you like to know Sir?”
“What’s he like?”
“Well, he’s direct, stern, and a great leader.”
“I hear he can be a bit unorthodox.”
“I don’t understand the comment Sir?”
“He doesn’t use standard methods.”
“Do you Sir? I think we’ve all done a few things that go outside of the book.”
Storm smirks. “True. Well, welcome to the team.”
“Thank you, Sir.” Maniac goes to salute as Storm rises then quickly puts his hand back down.
Lt. Storm heads out of the room a surveillance camera zooming out in the corner.

Hotwire quietly tip toes down the hall coming up behind Lt. Storm rising up her hand to tap him on the back.
“What can I do for you?”
“How’d you know?”
Storm points up to the security mirror in the corner. “You’ve been following me since I left the exercise room.”
“Sorry. So what did you think of Maniac, quite a hunk of muscle eh?”
He looks at her confused. “I thought you were…”
“Hey, I can still make and obvious observation, I am a woman. I know you men don’t like to say things like that.”
“I didn’t talk to him about him, I talked to him about General Singer.”
Hotwire shudders like a cold chill had just gone up her spine. “I don’t like him.”
“Okay, that was kind of blunt.”
“I’m sorry Sir, but something about him rubs me the wrong way. He’s harsh, grumpy, and just a real jackass. Pardon my French.”
“It’s okay, I appreciate your honesty but I’m willing to give the General the benefit of the doubt. He has his own ways.” Storm takes Hotwire by the hand holding it tightly. “Just give him time.” He smiles and continues on down the hall.
Hotwire slides her hands into her pocket dispensing of the small piece of paper Storm had slipped into her hand.

In the Command Center, Feedback and Athena go over a map on the main screen. Feedback touches and drags files around on a smaller portable pad that reflect up on the main larger screen. Lt. Storm enters being greeted by the two who restart their conversation to include him.
“Athena and I have been mapping out all of the military bases, including any decommissioned ones or closed bases. We’ve also mapped out the bases that have been attacked so far, and the possible locations where they could have obtained their weapons.”
“Impressive work you two. But how is this going to help us?”
“Well…” Athena takes over. “We can try to pin down where they will attack next. Everything is connected to you, even the Bagoteville base, they had CF-18’s there. We’ve marked the other bases you served at or have connections to. Thankfully there are only a few.”
“There’s one more.”
“What? We went through all your service records.” Feedback says.
“All you could access. There is one more base…” Storm walks up to the large computer screen. “A top secret one, here.” He points to northern Manitoba.
“You’re joking right, there’s nothing there expect lakes.”
“That would defeat the purpose of it being a top secret base. Let me make some calls, for now this stays between us.” Storm heads out of the room in a rush.
“My dad’s not going to like it.”
“I guess it all comes down to where you’re loyalty lies.”

Up a level General Singer sits in Medic’s office discussing Lt. Storm’s current state of mind and health. The General leafs through a file reading over highlighted points. “Have you discussed this with him yet?”
“No, we haven’t talked since our last session. Since you are acting commander of the unit I felt you should see my findings first.”
He drops the file onto her desk rising to his feet. “Continue you sessions.” Singer heads for the door pausing for a moment. “At least he has a clean bill of physical health.”
Medic pulls the file to her watching him leave then picks up her phone attaching a small device to it to keep her phone call untraceable. She dials out and waits for someone to answer. “I need to speak with Brigadier General Clayton Abernathy please.”

Outside the base in the yard Target sits in the obstacle course atop one of the walls, which is fully equipped with everything you’d expect to find in a military course. Mud pit, barbed wire, rope walls, tires, ruined walls. It looks very low tech but underneath it has some of the most advanced tech ever seen. It can safely simulate enemy fire and explosions, and weather conditions. The young Joe member checks his weapon aiming for targets he won’t actually fire at.
“What are you doing way out here kiddo?” Snow Squall says.
“Oh, hey what’s up?”
“Just came out to see what’s going on with you.”
“Nothing, just taking some alone time, recalibrate my weapons. I like the quite to do that.”
“You sure that’s safe sitting up there?”
“Gives me balance man.” Target says sliding down off the wall. “If I can’t sit up there and work on my weapons how can I possible hold it still long enough to make a burn.”
“Good point. Well, dinner is in an hour at the Mess Hall, the good General is having a dinner in honor of Lt. Storm’s safe return.”
“That’s nice of him.” Target says slinging his laser weapon onto his backpack. “We better hoof it then, I bet he expects us to be in our dress clothes.”
Snow Squall nods following Target back to the base.

Afterburner lays out Storm’s dress uniform in his quarters, flattening out his slacks with the palm of her hand on his bed.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Hi honey.” She says tossing her arms over his shoulders and giving him a kiss.
“Why are my greens out?”
“Because, we’re dressing up for dinner, now strip.” She winks.
“Uh, I haven’t gotten my results from Medic yet…”
“Oh, I wasn’t inferring to that you horn dog. Can’t a girlfriend help her boyfriend get dressed?”
Storm blushes as he pulls off his shirt. “Oh, sorry of course. Do I get to dress you next?”
“Oh hell no, last time I let a man help me put on my makeup and do my hair I ended up looking like a hooker.” She laughs handing Storm his button up shirt.
“You are taking all the fun out of this you know.”
“I know.”

The team all begin to file into the Mess Hall, the tables all put together in one long table with white table cloths. There are a few small flower arrangements down table which is full set with plates and silverware. The kitchen staff dressed in their best as well filling the glasses with water. They all wait for Lt. Storm to enter, Afterburner being told to bring him in once they were all there.
General Singer notices Storm enter first and begins to clap signaling everyone else. “I’m sorry to embarrass you with such a ceremony Lieutenant.” He walks up to him patting Storm on the shoulder. “Everyone is glad to have you back and this seemed like a good way to help boost everyone up.”
“Thanks, you didn’t need to go this far.”
“Nonsense, how often do we get to do this in our line of work?” He smiles at Storm as Athena squeezes her way in to give him a hug. “I know my daughter is happy to be back as well.”
“I’m glad to see her back.”
“So, who’s hungry?” Singer announces motioning for everyone to take their seats.
Medic leans into Storm as he takes his seat. “Thought I’d tell you all your results have come back. and I am happy to give you a clean bill of health. Come to my office later and we’ll talk some more.”
“Thanks.” Storm looks over at Afterburner who sits down next to him and smiles at her, feeling truly happy and relieved since he’s escaped the Liberators.

Nightingale relaxes in the motel Jacuzzi humming away as Jumper enters in his shorts.
“Mind if I join you?”
“Not at all, hop on in.”
He slides into the bubbling water and sighs enjoying its relaxing effects. “Have you heard from our leader yet?” Taking a chance on asking her questions fearing he might have her foot in an uncomfortable spot.
“No, right now we lay low and wait. The G.I.Joe’s will be onto us, waiting for us to attack again.” She looks him straight in the eyes. “What’s hiding behind those baby blues?”
“It’s written all over your face, the pain, the anguish, the torment. But yet your eyes are hiding something.”
She moves over next to him getting extremely close. “Come on, you can tell me, open up let someone in. I know what’s in your file, I know you had a rough life growing up. I can see you’ve also grown up into a man. But there is something more, the mission where only you returned from? What happened?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“You can with me, I’m here for you. Trust me.” She whispers into his ear.
Jumper closes his eyes picturing that day. “They wouldn’t leave me alone, so I did what I needed to do to make it stop. No one would know, we were out there alone, I needed…wanted the taunting to stop…I...I…killed them all.”

The dinner begins to break up, the top secret Canadian military G.I.Joe unit much more at ease now. Storm talks with Maniac and Archaic getting to know the two new team members better along with Afterburner who laughs and reminisces with Maniac. Medic slips in taking Storm by the arm and leading him out.
“So, I’m clean?” He asks her.
“Yes, it seems the drugs she used had a mix of a hallucinogen and truth serum.”
“Basically, designed to make me see things that weren’t there, all the while getting information out of me?”
“Yes, but it may have back fired on her in a way.”
“How so?”
“Well…” She takes him down the hall away from any ease dropping ears heading for her office. “…after our sessions I believe you may have given her exactly what she wanted but not the way she wanted.”
“Doc, you are loosing me here.”
“You have this insane need to keep secrets you don’t want anyone to know about. So in order to keep those even under the influence of sodium pentothal your mind may have created a code. All she’d need to do is figure the decoder.”
“You don’t think she has?”
“Not yet, if she had we’d know it. What we need to do is figure out what it is you said and to do that…”
“You want to put me under hypnosis?”
“I know you are against it but yes.”
“Alright,” Storm sights, “I’ll do it.”

Nightingale places her hands on the sides of Jumper’s face causing him to open his eyes. “You killed them all?”
Tears begin to run down his face. “They wouldn’t stop they kept teasing me, calling me names. I had to make it end. Even when I was asleep I could still hear them.”
“So you slaughtered them all in cold blood?”
He nods.
“My god.” She looks deep into his tearful eyes. “You are so hot.” She says shocking him as she kisses him passionately.
“Oh come on, like a girl has never found you attractive?”
“No, not really.”
“Weren’t you a jock in school?”
“Yeah, sort of, but I was small no one paid any attention to me.”
“So you’re a…”
“Yes.” He says quickly cutting her off.
Nightingale grins wickedly at him. “I am so turned on right now.” She sinks down to her shoulders in the rapid water. His eyes pop as she smiles, like a crocodile eyeing its prey, pulling herself up on top of him. “I knew there was more to you, something dark behind you.” She kisses him again. “I knew I was attracted to you for a reason.”
“You are?”
“Yes, now shut up and kiss me, or do I have to smack you around a bit?”

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Lt. Storm’s room, Afterburner sits on his bed dressed in a red lace teddy waiting for him. She keeps quite as he enters pulling off his tie. “Hey, about time.”
Storm spins around startled. “Jeeze Julie, I didn’t know you were here…holy…wow.”
“You like?” She asks modeling herself on his bed.
“Yeah. My favorite colour too.”
She giggles motioning for him to come to her. “I’m so glad Medic gave you a clean bill of health.” She begins to unbutton his shirt slowly. “I’ve missed you so much. I was scared they might have done something to you. Thankfully that crazy witch didn’t and you are healthy, healthy, healthy.” She repeats undoing the last three buttons.
“Well, physically, she still feels I might have some underlining mental issues.” He jokes. “I’m going to let her put me under hypnosis to find out what I might have told Nightingale. I’d like you to be there with me when she does.”
“Of course.” She pulls off his shirt then goes for his belt whipping it off.
“The way you did that, you know, Catwoman.”
Afterburner laughs. “Oh my god, you are such a geek.” She laughs pulling him down to her to kiss him.

Ottawa Ontario, Canadian National Defence Headquarters. Rebecca Ramon works late in her office, the computer screen the only light in the room. She scrolls through a large report not caring to read it all through, only looking for key words. Her fingers drum on her desk indicating she’s not finding what she is looking for. The file closes and she opens another one doing the same thing.
On her desk sits the dossiers of the newest three additions to the Canadian Joe team, Archaic, Maniac, and General Singer. The Generals folder stamped with top secret on it. A file she should not have but with her new connections was able to obtain.
“You know that’s not good for your eyes.”
Rebecca jumps up almost screaming, squinting at the dark figure of a man in her doorway. “Who…who are you, how’d you get in here?”
“Easy, I’m here to help. A friend sent me.”
“What kind of friend?”
“The good kind.” He leans over her desk turning on the lamp. The light illuminates the rigid features of a weathered soldier, his jaw square, hair black with subtle hints of grey indicating his age. He smiles at her with a lop sided grin.
“Who are you?”
“I’m Warrant Officer Dashille R. Fairborn, but you can call me Flint.”

Tech Lab, Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Chamber and Archaic, the two go over the last of the shell casing that have yet to be identified. Archaic studies them extensively using some of his archeological tools.
“What, what did you do?” Chamber questions.
“Figured out where these came from.”
“No where, they were man made, custom bombs. They used tech they already had but someone made these specifically for them. Pretty good materials too, high quality.”
“Who could have done that?”
“I don’t know there are not to many weapons contractors out there that could pull this kind of quality off.”
“MARS.” General Singer grunts.
“The planet?”
“No Matthew, the weapons dealer.”
“I thought they went belly up?” Chamber says. “Cobra took control and G.I.Joe usurped them right?”
“Technically, but McCullen had an associate that had her own company.”
“You think she’s selling this stuff to these Liberators?” Archaic asks.
“Wouldn’t put it past her, and that might mean Major Fear is behind all of this after all.”
“Sir, isn’t he still locked up?” Chamber questions, already knowing the answer.
“Yes, in solitary confinement and just as crazy as ever, he really ruffled Afterburner.”
“Rattlesnake…isn’t he still missing? Maybe he’s doing this…” Archaic stops before mentioning his meeting with Lt. Storm.
“How do you know about Rattlesnake?” The General questions.
“I was talking to Target, he told me about the teams other missions.” He saves himself knowing Target will cover him on it. “He said that Rattlesnake’s body was never found. He could be completing Major Fear’s agenda.”
“It’s a good cover, new team, new members, new name.” Chamber adds.
“We’ll investigate it. I’ll contact some friends of mine…”
“With all due respect sir, we have our own contact, Rebecca Ramon. She can get us whatever we need.”

“Flint? As in G.I.Joe team member Flint?” Rebecca says hitting her office lights.
“So you’ve heard of me?”
“Yes, I know all the American Joe team leaders, I just didn’t recognize you at first, I’ve read your book. Lack of lighting and all. May I ask what you are doing here?”
“Yes ma’am, I was sent here by General Hawk, he wanted to come himself but had other things to attend to. He also doesn’t want anyone else to know I’m here for now.” He winks at her. “Nice to know I have a fan.”
Rebecca looks over at her phone as it begins to ring.
“You might want to get that.” Flint says taking a seat in one of the chairs in front of her desk, pulling his beret off and nodding at the ringing phone.

The next morning the sky is a brilliant blue with not a cloud in site, the sun shining brightly almost smiling if it could. The Liberators all gather in one of the two meeting rooms at the motel. A flat screen TV is set up on the wall with Nightingale’s laptop hooked up to it. She watches as her teammates and the dozen Inserters take their seats. Each of them still in their civilian clothes. She designates one of the Inserters to guard the door and watch for any eavesdroppers.
“We have our next target.” Nightingale announces. “It will be our biggest attack to date.” With a few key strokes, images of the Canadian National Defence Headquarters begin to appear. “Our mission is simple, to level the base, no information retrieval this time.”
“Isn’t that kind of stupid, I mean we could learn a lot from their database.” Jumper says.
“What we could use from them would be encrypted and would take too long to hack. Our orders are clear, destroy the base and leave no survivors. We will have four planes fully loaded with ordinance, and one bomber. As well as one transport to carry the rest to cover the ground and make sure no one gets out alive.”
“When do we leave?” Brick asks.”
“Immediately.” Nightingale smiles feeling excitement coursing through her veins.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Medic’s office. General Singer sifts through her files peaking into a few of them using the sun through the windows as his source of light.
“Naughty, naughty.” Medic says flicking on the lights. “Those are confidential and you don’t have the proper clearance. Besides what you are looking for won’t be in there. I wouldn’t be so foolish to do that.” She says shutting the cabinet drawer and taking her seat behind her desk. “What can I help you with?”
“I wanted to see Storm’s medical examination report and his late night session you had last night.”
“How’d you know about that?”
“I’m an insomniac. What did you find out?”
“Nothing yet, I just asked a series of questions, I haven’t gone over the information yet, it was late and I like to get my sleep.”
“How’s his health, really?” He asks like he is suspicious of her giving a false report.
“He’s clean, actually I believe the ones who held him captive also gave him antibiotics to keep him healthy. Oddly nice of them wouldn’t you think?”
“Yes it is. That’s why I believe Major Fear is behind this all. He’d want to kill Lt. Storm with his bare hands.”
“True. But that’s not what you are wanting to know, you want to know his mental state.”
“I’m impressed, your ability to read people is as good as Storm says. It’s all in your file.” He adds to let her know he’s read it.
“I’m well aware what is in my file, all of us are, he doesn’t keep those secret from us.” Medic leans back in her seat placing her elbows on the arms and touching the tip of her fingers together. “Will that be all General?”
“Yes.” He grunts leaving her office.
Medic slides over to her filing cabinet opening up the middle drawer pulling the files forward. She presses her thumb against the back opening up a secret panel, checking inside then shuts it letting out a sigh of relief.

Athena and Feedback chat in the command center as General Singer enters, quickly ending their private conversation.
“Athena, I want Afterburner, Maniac, Snow Squall, Target, Chamber, Fallout, and Navy to report to briefing room A now, you too Feedback.”
“What’s going on?”
“We’re going to the base in Manitoba, I’m sure the Liberators are attacking there next. I won’t let them destroy another one of our bases.”
Athena nods putting the call out to each of the team members.
“How’d you know about Manitoba?”
“I know more then you think I do Feedback, now follow me, we don’t have any time to waste. We start taking the offensive now.” He grunts.

A few hours later, Athena and Lt. Storm station themselves in the command center to monitor the team’s mission, still on radio silence.
“I know what you are thinking.”
“You do?” Storm says.
“Yes, you wish you could have gone with them.”
“I do.”
“I’m sure you’ll be back in full command soon.” She says smiling at him. “You have that concentrated look on your face, either you have a bad case of gas or you’re figuring something out.”
“Something doesn’t sit right I might have cryptically mentioned the Manitoba base to Nightingale…”
“You didn’t.” Medic says entering the room. “I’ve gone over our last session and you didn’t. They never even asked about any top secret hidden base. They asked about…”
“The Canadian Military Headquarters.” Storm says.
“Damn, General Singer took most of the team to Manitoba.”
“What, why?”
“He went based on information I supplied. We fell right into the Liberators trap.”
“Oh my god.” Athena gasps.
“Who’s here?” He asks Athena.
“Besides you and myself, Hotwire, G.I., Archaic, and Medic here.”
“Have them meet in the hanger bay now.” Storm says as he rushes over to a private elevator that takes him directly to his office. He swings open a cabinet revealing his uniform. “Ready or not.”

Lt. Storm races down the hall sliding clips into his self loading pistols snapping them into the holsters on the back of his belt. He bursts into the hanger bay finding everyone there even Athena. “No.”
“I can’t let you come.” He says to the blonde.
“You’ll need me, I can do this.”
Storm stares her down.
“Sir, we don’t have time for this.” G.I. notes.
“Fine, Athena you’re with me in the Hornet.”
“How are we going to get there in time, only you can pilot a Hornet out of all of us and that’s the fastest thing we have.”
“No, it isn’t.” Storm enters an access code into a panel on the side of the wall. An alarm begins to blare as red lights flash, the center of the hanger bay floor begins to split and slide. From below a lift raises up two Dragon Hawk aircraft painted light grey with dark grey accents.
“Awesome.” Archaic remarks.
“Medic, G.I. together, Archaic and Hotwire in the other.”
“I don’t know how to fly a chopper?” Hotwire comments.
“I do.” Archaic grins. “Sweet.”
“We burn at full speed, as soon as you have visual on the enemy open fire. I’ll probably get their first, these things are fast but not as fast as my jet. Athena will relay a sitrep. Let’s go Joe’s!” Storm says hurrying over to his Hornet followed by Athena. Within moments the Dragon Hawks are in the air and Lt. Storm is out on the run way rocketing down it. The adrenaline of take off rushes through him as the jet lifts into the air. He hits the thrusters banking around and blowing by the Hawks.
Athena taps Storm on the shoulder making sure he has his radio on. “Should I not contact my father, he can turn the team around.”
“No, they are already too far to be of any help.”
“We might need the backup.”
Storm sighs. “If I’m wrong…”
“And the Manitoba base does get attacked, it’ll be bad for all of us?”
“But what about what Medic said?”
“We didn’t cover everything last night, I know there is still more.” Storm hits the thruster to full speed bursting his afterburners, his heart already pounding. “Athena, I’m sorry.”
“We’ve already been through that Sir, I know you are, it wasn’t your fault what happened to me.” She takes in a deep breath and slowly exhales. “I’m just glad you brought Major Fear and his Serpent Squad down.”
People below look up as the Hornet blasts by followed by a sonic boom and shortly after by the Dragon Hawk’s.

Flint hangs up Rebecca’s phone, sitting on the corner of her desk, having just talked to the Warden at the Coffin. He looks over at Rebecca who sits at her desk waiting for him to speak. “He says there is no way Major Fear has gotten out any communications. He’s been in solitary since he was brought in. No one speaks to him not even when he’s served his food, it’s slid in under the door and he drops his tray in a slit that goes straight to an incinerator.”
“That sounds terrible.”
“Could be worse, he could be sitting in his own fecal matter.”
Rebecca curls her nose. “So then Rattlesnake might be alive and carrying out Fear’s plans as General Singer suspects?”
“You bet those beautiful blue eyes of yours. But, is he correct?”
She ponders the question for a moment. “I don’t get it?”
Flint slips off the desk and walks over to the window. “What if they don’t have anything to do with the Serpent Squad, what if these Liberators are a whole new threat?” He looks over at her and smiles his lop sided grin. “What other information do we have?”
Rebecca opens up the center drawer of her desk tapping open a secret panel and removes a USB driver, and inserts it into her computer opening up some files.
Flint looks over her shoulder scanning them over. “Who gave you these?”
“A friend.”
“We need to…” Flint stops as the building is rocked on its foundation and the lights begin to flicker followed by loud booms.
“What’s going on?”
“We’re under attack, move!” He grabs Rebecca by the arm hoisting her out and over her desk as her window shatters. “Any weapons in here?”
“Uh, no.” She says insulted. “Not allowed.”
“Okay, how about an escape route?”
She nods scurrying across the floor and presses against the wall opening a hidden panel.
“Just what I like to see.” He smirks. “We need to get to a com center.”
“Follow me.” She leads him down to a cubby that houses a radio.
“Can we contact your team?”
“Do it.”

Storm’s Hornet comes up on Ottawa where the Canadian Military Headquarters is located in Ontario.
“Sir, I have a communication coming in from Rebecca Ramon.” Athena says.
“Put her through…Rebecca, what’s going on?”
“We’re under attack…” –sskkkktttt- “Don’t know how many…”
“We’re on our way, sit tight.” Storm says as the com goes dead. “Can you get her back?”
“No.” Athena responds.
“Radio the others, tell them to be ready to engage the enemy. Then find me the frequency the Liberators are using and hack it.”

Flint covers Rebecca as ceiling tiles begin to fall on top of them. “We need weapons.”
“I can get us some, come on.” She leads Flint out of the room dodging falling light fixtures and panicked people who run for any available exit. “This isn’t good.”
“Too many non combatants in the building, once I get geared up I want you out.”
“No way, I’m staying with you.”
“Don’t argue with me…” Flint pulls Rebecca back noticing some tiles ready to fall. “I can handle myself.”
“So can I, Storm had Target and G.I. train me on how to use a gun and in hand to hand combat. I’m not just a pencil pusher.” She snaps grabbing him by the hand and leading him down through a few rooms to cut across the halls. They make it to a secure reinforced room that doesn’t look any different then the others. She swipes her passcard in the key pad and holds her palm against a scanner. The walls begin to move aside revealing an arsenal.
“I’m impressed.”
Rebecca tosses Flint a shotgun as he gathers some bullets. She takes a knife slitting her skirt up the side and attaches a holster to her leg checking the pistol for ammo before she slides it in. She picks up a pair of Oozie machine guns locking and loading them.
“Damn.” He grunts watching her.
“Nothing.” Flint says with a grin.

Aboard one of the Liberator fighter jets Nightingale laughs with glee as she launches a few missiles into the parking lot of fleeing people. Vehicles and chunks of asphalt go flying along with a few people. “This is exhilarating.” She coos over the com. “So much destruction. Ground troops, advance on the perimeter, and shoot to kill.”
Jumper flies overhead in a larger bomber jet ready to drop his payload.
“Dead center.” Nightingale relays to him.
“Roger that.”
“All air units break off, little man is going in for the drop.” She can see Jumper frown at her. “Hit it hard babe, I want to see bodies go flying.” Nightingale breaks away from the bomber.
Approaching quickly from the distance is Lt. Storm and Athena still at full throttle. Storm blasts over the bomber jet having Athena drop one of their two empty fuel tankers on him. It bounces off the main body and is hurled back into the rear stabilizer wings ripping them apart.
“Son of …something hit me, fast.” Jumper panics trying to regain control. “I can’t make the drop…”
“DO IT!!” Nightingale screams. “DROP IT NOW!”
“Cease and desist, land now or be shot down.” A voice growls over her com.
“Oh my…Lieutenant Storm, is that you darling?” She looks around waiting for the jet to return. A hail of gunfire rips through the bomber jet forcing Jumper to abort and retreat. “Where are you?”
Storm drops his Hornet down from the clouds buzzing her. “I won’t ask again.”
“You know I like it hard, I won’t go down without a fight.”
“I was hoping you’d say that.” Storm hits his air brakes pulling an invasive maneuver. Nightingale slices through the first set of missiles Storm fires getting caught in his gun fire punching holes into her jet. “Land now.”
“I need backup here.” Nightingale orders to her troops.
“We have our own problems at the moment.” A trooper responds.
She tries to shake Storm’s Hornet noticing the two Dragon Hawk’s attacking the rest of her air fleet.
“G.I, we have Liberator troopers on the ground.”
“Roger that Lt. Storm.”
Storm switches his frequency back to Nightingale’s. “I warned you.” He glances as his lock and shoot lights and squeezes the trigger on the control stick. The Vulcan 20mm cannon unloads a burst of gun fire across the rear of Nightingale’s jet, blowing out one of her thrusters.
“Wow she really got under you skin Sir.” Athena comments.
Storm just rolls his eyes to the side like he is looking back at her. The enemy jet spirals out of control, the canopy blows and ejects Nightingale. Her chute quickly deploys as the larger bomber jet rockets overhead, a drop line snagging her. “Hang on…” Storm hits his thrusters chasing after the jet as gunfire hits the Hornet causing Athena to scream. He rolls the jet away from the line of fire. Archaic comes in opening fire on the enemy jet, having been chasing a few around, forcing them to retreat.
“Arevaderchi Lt. Storm.” Nightingale laughs having made it inside the jet.
The Hornet continues to plummet towards the ground, Athena’s heart begins to pound noticing Storm not responding. “SIR!” She reaches over shaking his shoulder waking him from the trance he was in. “PULL UP!!”
“Son of a…RRRRRRAAAAAAAHHH!!!!” He screams pulling back on the control stick, holding onto it tight as the fighter jet just scrapes the road as it ascends, frightening the people below. “Athena, can you get in contact with Fallout?”
“Why Fallout, why not my father?”
“Don’t ask questions, just can you?” He grunts.
“No, I’ll need a stronger signal.”
“Lt. Storm, this is Medic, come in.”
“I read you, go ahead.”
“We have several dead and wounded, base paramedics are on the scene, Liberator troopers have been captured by MP.”
“Good, find me Ms Ramon immediately, I need to contact the rest of the team A.S.A.P. we’re coming in for a landing.”
“What? Where, the street isn’t long enough.” Athena panics
“Let me worry about that, just get me that damn com link now.”
“Yes Sir, understood, right away.”
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