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Canada's Elite #11


Canada's Elite #11

Postby Lt Storm » 13 May 2010 19:31


Chapter 11

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, 06:30 Hours.
Feedback takes a break from his post heading down the halls, the security cameras ignoring his presence. He meets with Afterburner handing her a USB driver as they pass by each other. She slips it into her pocket continuing on to her room. Once inside she locks her door and pulls out a laptop from under her bed. As soon as it boots up she insert the USB drive that pops up the windows command and opens it in a file folder with several files on it. Afterburner clicks on a file named ‘read me first’. Her eyes widen as she reads, interrupted by the buzzer at her door. She slams the laptop shut quickly sliding it under her bed and jumps up to the intercom.
“It’s General Singer, I’d like to speak with you.”
Afterburner enters her security code on the touch pad to unlock the door. “I was about to lay down for a nap, what is it?”
“I know we haven’t gotten off on the right foot, but I want to rectify that. How do you feel about taking a trip with me?” He smiles.
She feels her stomach churn and a lump in her throat. “Where to?”
“You’ll see, meet me in an hour in hanger bay 3.”
“Alright.” Afterburner secures her door as she picks up her shower bag. “Well, no rest for me, hopefully a nice cold shower will perk me up.”

CFSTO Borden, the Attack Chopper lands stirring up the smoke and burning embers. The team disembarks looking over the destruction.
“My god, even some of the homes have been burned to the ground.” Target comments as an RCMP officer approaches them.
“You must be the specialist team we’ve been waiting for.” The man says with a French accent.
“I’m Sergeant Fallout, this young man is Agent Target and this lovely lady is Agent Navy.”
The officer salutes the Joe’s. “I’m Officer Renoirs, please if you’d follow me I’ll take you to the communications center, or what’s left of it.”
“Why there first?” Navy inquires.
“Because it was the only place we found remnants of explosives, the rest of the base was bombed from either land or air.” The officer leads them through the rubble to the communications room where only part of the structure still stands.
“Target, salvage what you can, we’ll need anything we might be able to extract information from. Navy and I will check the grounds, see what we can find that might help us ID who did this. Officer Renoirs, if you’d supply us with a few men?”
“Of course.”
Fallout looks up at the destroyed landing strip tower and shakes his head. This was a well planned attack, they took out all the important buildings first to create panic. The tower, the hanger bays, you can tell they were hit first along with some smaller buildings. Whoever did this knew exactly what they were doing.

In her torture room, Nightingale slowly runs an electrode up Lt. Storms body, his feet submerged in water. It gives off mild shocks, enough to make it sting but not electrocute him. “You can be so stubborn when you want, can’t you my darling.”
“Bite me bitch.”
“Now, now, you know I might take you up on that offer.” She smiles looking up at him as she places the electrode in his groin. “I want to know all your secrets, every last one, even the deep dark ones you’ve never told anyone.”
Storm laughs. “Lady, I don’t have any that I haven’t confided in someone else.”
“Really? Hmm, maybe if you tell me who they are I can bring them here for you to reminisce with?”
“Funny. Why don’t you untie me and we can do this another way?”
“I’m flattered, but if I wanted that I’d just force you to.”
Storm laughs. “I was talking out combat, I wouldn’t touch you to scratch you.” He laughs again.
“Bastard.” Nightingale presses the button on her electrode sending shocks through Lt. Storm. “My boss is becoming very impatient, if you won’t talk we’ll bring someone here who will make you talk. Maybe that beautiful new girlfriend of yours, or even better, how about Athena? Did you know she’s back to active duty? Wonder how she’d fair being tortured?”
Storm grunts, anger filling him. “Do and I’ll see to it that the last thing you’ll see is me pulling the trigger of the gun that splatters your brains out the back of your head.”
“Oh, I hit a nerve, excellent.”

Borden; the Canada’s Elite team loads their chopper prepping to leave. Target hands Navy the items he gathered as she places them securely in the cargo area of the chopper. Officer Renoirs rushes up to them nearly out of breath. “I found something…you should see.”
Fallout looks at Navy and Target. “Finish loading, I’ll go take a look.” He follows the RCMP Officer who is walking very quickly. The Joe follows him into one of the still standing homes that had only been slightly burned.
“We’re not sure why this stuff is here but it still works.”
Fallout looks around at the monitors. “It must be a security hub or something, the attackers must not have known about it.”
“The image isn’t the best.” The Officer says as he plays the video footage. On it is Nightingale as she walks out of the communications center before it explodes knocking out the security cameras.
“I’ll need to take all this equipment.” Fallout backtracks the video and leans in to get a look at the woman. “Target do you read me?”
“Loud and clear Sir.”
“I want you and Navy to go back to the communications center, search it over again, Fallout out.”

Hours later, Greenland, General Singer and Afterburner land at a large prison installation known as the Coffin. They are greeted by a US MP and his German Shepard.
“I am General Singer, commander of the Canadian G.I.Joe team, this is Afterburner.”
“Sergeant Afterburner.” She says saluting the MP.
“My name is Law, this is my dog Order, follow me.”
Afterburner kneels down to pet Order who happily accepts her. The dog looks up at General Singer who ignores him, which the German Shepard doesn’t seem to care. They follow Law to the solitary confinement area. He makes them unload all weapons and belts from their uniform before he allows them access to the cell.
“We’ll be right out here, any trouble just buzz.”
“I doubt we’ll have any trouble.” General Singer says as a buzzer sounds unlocking the door an allowing them entry.
“Ah, lucky me more visitors, the man says as the lights come on blinding him momentarily. Ankle brackets confine him to the center of the room.
“Major Fear, I am General Singer and…”
“Oh the woman I recognize. How’s Lt. Storm?” He grins.
“What do you know about his whereabouts?” Singer asks holding onto Afterburners arm.
“What would I know, I’ve been here….you know I’ve lost count? The days seem to run together now. Why did you lose him?”
Singer steps forward placing a hand against the safety glass that separates them. “I’m not here to play games Fear, tell us what you know. Did you have him captured?”
“Oh so he has gone missing.” The Major laughs noticing the anger in Afterburner. “I hope he’s being tortured relentlessly.”
“Bastard!” Afterburner lunges at the glass slamming her hands against it. “Where is he?!”
Fear laughs, enjoying the show. “You know, this is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”
“STOP IT! Tell us what you know!” She screams at him.
“I…know…NOTHING!” He says spitting at the glass.
Afterburner slams her hands only to be stopped and pulled back by General Singer. “No. I believe he’s telling the truth.” Singer holds tightly onto her arm. “Let’s go.” He stares into her eyes and points to the door. Afterburner huffs and buzzes to be let out. Singer looks back at Fear. “If I find out you are involved I will personally come back to beat you to death.”
“Tough talk old man, do you really think you could hold you own against me?”
“A bullet between the eyes then, does that sound better to you?”
“Good luck finding Lt. Storm, and I mean that General. Because when I get out of here I want to be the one to make him suffer.”
Singer heads out of the cell slamming the door shut.
“Afterburner settle down.”
“Why did you bring me here!”
“I wanted to find out if Major Fear knew anything, you were the perfect candidate to accompany me.”
Afterburner gives Singer a cold look and picks up her belongings storming out.
“She’s got some fire in her.” Law comments.
“That fire is love. He said something about more visitors?”

Nightingale quietly enters Lt. Storms holding cell noticing his head down. He’s still asleep after passing out from his last round of torture, burn marks on his body from the electrode. She walks around him smiling, marveling at all the wounds she’s made that will surely scar. Nightingale spanks his @$$ waking him up. “Don’t want you to get too much rest.”
Storm stirs, blinking his eyes under the blindfold feeling his feet still in the water.
“Remember how I told you I had some more nerves to hit?” She waits for his answer. “Well?”
“Yes.” He grunts.
“Well, do I have a treat for you.” She pulls off his blind fold and runs her hand down his chest. “A real treat.” Nightingale pulls off his blindfold.
Storm squeezes his eyes shut, then opens them again. He’s seen only darkness for so long. He’s in a cell, obviously long abandoned. It’s dilapidated, the paint from the walls peeling off, the ceiling falling apart. Next to him are the instruments Nightingale has used throughout her torture. He looks down at this body looking worse then he thought.
Two Inserters, the men dressed in the green, brown and black togs, set up a portable screen while Nightingale plugs a slide projector into an extension cord. One of many on the floor, which obviously run to a generator somewhere on the grounds. He can faintly hear it running now, a noise he should have easily recognized.
“Now, for the show, you might recognize this place.” Nightingale says as the first slides show the Borden military base. “Do you recognize it?” She says inquisitively.
“Tell me, what is this place?”
“CFSTO Borden, a military base.”
“Yes, one of the very bases you served at. That little bit of information I got from you. But I doubt you remember, you were pretty out of it at the time.” She laughs clicking to the next slides of missiles soaring through the night sky. “Guess what’s next?” She says with too much pleasure.
“NO!” Storm fights his restraints as image after image show the destruction of the base, and the same soldiers in the room killing those who try to fight or flee.
“Don’t worry, we killed all the families as well, every last one. Even the children.” Nightingale watches with joy as Storm becomes enraged. “That’s it, wonderful, let your rage fill you.” She walks up to Storm. “And that is just the beginning.” Nightingale picks up a syringe from the table next to Lt. Storm. “It’s amazing how talkative you are in your sleep.” She stabs the needle into his arm and injects the serum into him. “Sweet dreams.”

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Situation Room A, Target works with Feedback to organize the equipment that was brought back from Borden. Fallout enters the room carrying in a personal computer that Feedback requested. “Where do you want this?”
“Just set it down somewhere, I’ll set it where I want later.”
“I don’t know why you just don’t use the computer lab for this?”
“I want to check the hardware over first, if there were any viruses planted I rather not infect our entire system. I find it odd that you were able to find this mainly intact when everything else was destroyed.”
“Yeah.” Target adds. “I’d like to know how they got onto the base so quickly and without notice. I mean come on, a military base?”
“Maybe they were ghosts.” Fallout jokes.
“Or highly skilled ninja’s.” Feedback adds.
Target looks at the two men not amused at all. “Come on, seriously aren’t you two wondering that?”
“Yes, of course. But right now wild guesses aren’t going to get us anywhere.” Fallout says. “We also have a commander out there somewhere and god knows what has happened to him.”

General Singer and Afterburner return to the base after their visit to Major Fear which rendered no results. Singer immediately heads for the Situation Room where Feedback works pulling up images.
“Sit-rep now.”
“Most of the equipment from the communications center was destroyed, mainly as an attempt to radio for help, data from the main base computers were wiped clean. We were left this image though.” Feedback plays the same footage Fallout had seen of the woman blowing the com center.
“They wanted us to see this.” He says slamming his fists onto the table. “Have you I.D’d her yet?”
“No, still working on cleaning the image up more.”
“Keep at it.”
“How did your investigation go?”
The old General just looks at Feedback which instantly tells the Joe to drop the subject. “As soon as you have her let me know.”
“Will do Sir.”
“General Singer, Sir.” Medic rushes down the hall nearly running into the old man as he exits the room.
“What is it?”
“We just received a communication for a man saying he found a Cobra outpost.”
“Where is it?”
“Northern Saskatchewan.”
“Does anyone know yet?”
“No, I came to find you first.”
“Who else knows?”
“Only Snow Squall, he was helping in the com center.”
“Keep it that way. I want Snow Squall, G.I. and Hotwire to go meet him and investigate the outpost. I don’t want anyone else knowing.”
“Why not?”
General Singer fights the urge to snap at her not to question his orders. “Just in case it’s a hoax right now we have enough to worry about.”

Nightingale walks around Lt. Storm running her finger tips up and down his body. “So tell me, where else did you train? Where did you learn how to fly?” Her voice very calm. “Remember, this is just between you and I.”
Storm moans, in his mind he is in a psychiatric office talking with lovely doctor, a visual plant Nightingale has put into his mind using her mind altering drugs and a little sodium pentothal. “I learned…to fly…at 22 Wing…it’s in North Bay a NORAD base…”
“Did you enjoy your time there?”
“Good, when I count to three you will fall into a deep sleep and not remember any of our conversation, one, two, three.” Nightingale whispers into his ear. “Excellent work.” She looks over at one of the Inserters. “We have our next target alert the others we leave immediately.”

Snow Squall, Hotwire and G.I. meet with General Singer in Lt. Storm’s office. He hands them a satellite image of the area with the Cobra Outpost. “We were contacted by an Archeologist who was hiking in the area. It’s located outside Uranium City, a town that was established in 1952 to mine uranium. In 1983 it fell into economic collapse with most of the residents leaving town after the closure of the mines. About five years ago the hospital was closed forcing most of the remaining population to leave. There are less then a hundred people living in the area, mainly Natives and Métis. Cobra more then likely figured they could mine more uranium from the mines.”
“So we have to go see if it’s still active?”
“Yes, and obtain any information from the outpost, then destroy it.”
“Shouldn’t we take Chamber for this mission then?”
“Good idea Snow Squall, have him join you three he’ll take command on this mission, dismissed.”
The three Joe’s head down the hall, Hotwire, with an obvious displeased look on her face.
“What’s with you?” G.I. asks.
“He shouldn’t be using that office.”
“G.I. go find Chamber and meet us in the hanger bay.” Snow Squall watches as G.I. hurries down the hall then stops Hotwire. “Look, we all want Lt. Storm back, General Singer’s doing what he can to locate him.”
“I know, but he still shouldn’t be using that office.” Hotwire huffs. “So, who’s going to be our pilot?” She asks changing the subject.
“Me, I’ve been taking piloting lessons, as long as we don’t have to engage in battle we should be good.” He answers continuing on down the hall.
“Oh wonderful.” Hotwire moans.

22 Wing, North Bay Ontario, Canadian Air force base, providing surveillance, identification, control and warning for the defence of North America. It surveillances all air traffic approaching North America using radar information received via satellite from the North Warning System across the Canadian Artic, costal radars on the east and west coasts of Canada. All aircraft coming into range of this radar coverage are detected and identified by the personnel of 21 AC&W Sqn, who are on guard 24/7. Also a NORAD base that works in conjunction with the NORAD base in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.
Even with all of the sophisticated tech unknown to 22 Wing are several heavily armed radar shielded bombers flying out of sight above the clouds. Behind the bombers are smaller one manned fighter jets, all painted with green and brown camouflage. The bombers drop down below the cloud line piloted by the same guards who work with Nightingale. They begin to drop their payloads on the base blowing the hangers first. The smaller fighter jets attack the aircraft on the runways.
Inside the base alerts begin to blare, the attackers having dropped their masking devices. The staff on hand taken by surprise as they scramble to gather the base forces to engage the attacking enemy. They can feel the earth shake from the explosions, and the call goes out.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, communications center, on duty is Target who leans back in his seat relaxing. He is startled when a call for help comes over the com, via a program Feedback had set up to alert them to any unusual military action.
“Holy sh!t…” He pulls the mic on his headset down hitting the intercom. “General Singer to the command center high priority!” Target tries to access the satellite imaging with a bit of frustration not having been trained on it.
“What is it Target?” The General says bursting into the room followed by Feedback who quickly takes over from Target.
“22 Wing is under attack.”
“What, impossible!?!”
“He’s not joking Sir.” Feedback says brining up the night images.
“Target with me, Feedback get everyone to the hanger bay NOW! We have to get there too stop this madness.”
“That’s over 600 kilometers from here.”
“Driving, we’re not driving, the CF-18’s have a maximum speed of eighteen hundred kilometers per hour.” He informs Feedback. “Let’s go Target.”
The Joe’s all rush towards the hanger bay, Feedback remotely opening the doors from the command center and taxiing the CF-18’s out via remote control.
“Pilot. copilot in order, Afterburner you’ll fly solo; Fallout, Navy; Target your with me. Let’s get these birds in the air, we’re ticking time here.” General Singer shouts as they board the fighter jets. “Maximum burn all the way, Afterburner you take lead.”
Within minutes the CF-18b’s are heading down the runway and off into the night sky. Medic joins Feedback in the command center picking up a head set. “Too bad we get left behind eh?”
“Not really, flying isn’t my thing, I like the ground.”
“Really, I didn’t know that.”
“Hey women aren’t the only ones good at faking.” Feedback grins as he established communication with 22 Wing. “This is Special Ops Agent Feedback, we have reinforcements on the way.”
“ETA?” A voice responds.
“Unknown, traveling in CF-18 Hornets, maximum speed.” He looks over at Medic praying the team can get there in time.

22 Wing, the bomber planes are now on the ground as the fighter jets continue their assault. A large African American man in green, black and brown leads a group of Inserters laying down suppressive fire with the machine gun strapped to him. The military units, both Canadian and American try to press them back. The bomber planes erupt creating a line of fire across the runway making it impossible for any planes to take off now, if there were any left. The enemy planes set to self destruct, the explosions not phasing the soldiers that are attack the base, like cold iron warriors.
One of the fighter jets comes down towards a group of base soldier, the pilot ejecting from it before it hits in a fire ball killing some of the soldiers who could not escape in time, wounding many others. Nightingale guides her descent to the ground releasing herself from the chute. She tucks and rolls, then springs to her feet moving into a stide. “I’m on the ground, proceed to the command center.”
Inside the base goes on lock down securing the entry points which means nothing to the military group. They do not care about the damage they cause or people they kill, the Inserters even sacrificing themselves like mindless automatons. The large black man comes up behind Nightingale who tries to hack their access codes.
“Move.” He grunts placing an explosive to the doors. He turns and walks away, Nightingale knowing to follow him, taking shelter. The explosive goes off blowing the first set of doors.
“I knew I liked you for a reason Brick. One down, many more to go.”
“Good.” The man identified as Brick says pulling out more explosives from his pack.
Nightingale looks over the amount of C4 for each. “Isn’t that a bit much, a little goes a long way you know.”
“I know.”
“Of course.” She eyes him up wondering how crazy this man is. “What are you six foot seven?”
“Damn, is it true what they say about big black men?”
Brick looks at her, no emotion on his face. “Yes.” He places his large hand on her ushering her down a corridor as his next explosive goes off.
“I love it!” She coos enjoying the destruction.

The Canada’s Elite Hornets come up on the base, flames reaching high into the air. They make a pass by grabbing the attention of the fighter jets.
“Afterburner, Fallout, engage the enemy while your fuel lasts.” General Singer orders.
“What are we going to do?” Target asks.
“Oh no way, that place is lit up.”
“Then clear the runway.” The General says as he brings their jet in for a landing.
Target takes control of the armaments launching a few missiles off along with a few bursts of the canon. The jets blocking the runway are blown clear as they touch down.
“It’s going to get hot in here kid.”
“Oh man…” Target says noticing the enemy troopers. “Who are these guys?”
“I don’t know, give me control of the canon.” The General blows the canopy for Target to work his magic. The young man props himself up taking aim and firing his laser rifle to blind a few enemy troopers. “Pull back in!” Singer shouts as they pass through the fire, the front landing gear is blown out by their attackers causing the jet’s nose to hit the ground veering it off course. “Hang on!”
Target grabs the handles of the seat as they skid feeling them pick up speed. “What are you doing!?!”
The General doesn’t respond as they begin to slide sideways, sparks flying. “Hit them with everything you’ve got!”
Target opens fire as does the General taking out several of the guards. The Hornet comes to a stop, the General disengages his safety harness and jumps out followed by Target, the two taking cover.
“Singer to Afterburner, we’re on the ground, we have an unknown enemy faction suppressing us. They are protecting the main entry.”
“Take cover, I’m coming in.” She responds. Afterburner breaks off attacks with the enemy jets heading for the main installation. “Ready to, drop that bomb.” Afterburner says with a tune to her voice. She watches her radar screen noticing she has pursuers. She hits her thrusters as the enemy jets open fire on the Hornet as it begins to bank upwards. “NOW!” Afterburner shouts to herself giving the jet a burst from her burners. She releases her bomb that hits near the main entry, killing several of the enemy troopers. “Yes, direct hit…oh crap.” Her low fuel alarm begins to sound.
Fallout swoops in covering Afterburner taking out her two pursuers, as she comes around in behind him taking out the last of the enemy fighter jets. “Thanks girl, now let’s get on the ground.”

General Singer and Target rush the blown out entry each taking an opposite side. The General goes in first making sure the way is clear. He motions to Target to follow behind him. Lights swing from the ceiling flickering on and off, sparks from live wires shower the pathway. The reinforced walls damaged, the fire sprinkler system leaving puddles of water on the floor.
“Holy crap, this place has been wrecked.”
“They are leaving us a path of destruction to follow. Be on your toes kid, don’t go splashing around in the puddles.”
Target feels a bit insulted by the General’s comment but just nods following his orders. The two carefully make their way down the hall as sounds of explosions echo shaking the structure.

Afterburner, Fallout and Navy, head into the base after General Singer and Target who already have a good head start.
“I wish they would have waited for us.” Navy says.
“There’s no time, the enemy was already inside, no telling if they’ve obtained their objective yet. At least this time we can put a face them though.” Fallout picks up one of the dead Inserters then drops him. “Funny.”
“How is a dead man funny?”
“Not him, his uniform, green, brown and black, has a military look.”
“Instead of examining the dead body, how about we catch up to the rest of the team?” Afterburner says looking disgusted at Navy and Fallout.
“Lead the way.” Fallout bows.
“Knock it off.” Afterburner pulls her GPS out from her pocket accessing it. “Feedback, do you copy?”
“Loud and clear.”
“I need a schematic of the base, if this is like the attack on Borden I bet they will be heading for the command center.”
“Uploading now, I’ve taken the liberty of locating the hidden passageways. Be careful though, not telling what structural damage there may be.”
“Copy that.” Afterburner follows her map heading down further. “Here.” She points at the wall running her hand over it. “Feedback, how do we access the passage ways?”
“Sorry, that information is not available.”
Navy ushers Afterburner aside and places a plastic explosive along the wall. “I’d take cover.” She says hurrying back down the hall. The explosive detonates opening the passage.
“How’d you know?”
“It was already ajar, you could see the shadow from the lighting, and it was too straight. So I took a guess.”
“Well, ladies first I guess.” Fallout comments getting evil looks from the two women. “Alright, fine.” He says entering the tunnel and removing a flashlight from his backpack turning it on. Navy activates the one on her wrist while Afterburner slips a slim one out from her full length glove. “Keep close to me.” Fallout says patting his rear.
“You wish.” Navy says with a laugh.

General Singer and Target reach the blown command center doors.
“How is this place still standing?” Target whispers.
“Like all bases, it was designed to withstand a nuclear blast. They’ve obviously found the faults and weak points.” Singer peaks his head inside looking around, the place is nearly destroyed, only a few monitors still working, dead bodies strewn about. He ducks down, Target following his lead. They make their way through, seeing Nightingale standing at one of the consoles.
“Now what do we have here?” A voice grunts from behind the two Joe’s.

Fallout stops abruptly placing his finger to his lips at the girls. He puts up one finger, followed by another, then one more. Giving them a count of three seconds as he slips out of the passage way.
“So what do we have here, two G.I.Joe agent’s?” Nightingale comments, Brick holding them both by the necks and on their knees. “How many more are there of you here?”
“Go to hell witch.” The General snaps.
“Now is that anyway to talk to the woman who says whether you live or die? I think not.”
“You won’t kill us, we’re too valuable to you.”
Nightingale smiles running her hand under the General’s chin. “You are right, I already have one of you.”
“Lt. Storm, give him back!” Target says wishing he kept his mouth shut.
“Ah, a nerve.” She walks over to Target pulling off his helmet. “You’re just a baby, I bet you barely shave.”
“Why does everyone keep saying that?” He curses.
“You must look up to Lt. Storm, I could here it in your voice. You might be useful to me, but the old man, not.” She pulls out her pistol pointing it at the man’s head. “Do you have that same admiration for this man?”
“DROP THE GUN!!” Fallout shouts, he, Navy and Afterburner taking three points around them in a triangle formation. “It’s over, you are under arrest.”
“I don’t think so.” Nightingale laughs as the structure is rocked by explosions. “I still have men on the outside, they will bring this place down on us.”
“You’d sacrifice yourself?” General Singer asks.
“Yes, I would. I live for my commander, I believe in his cause and I will follow him to the end. I’m the only one who can stop the bombings so either your team puts down their weapons or we keep bombing until this place is our tomb. Either way none of us will leave here alive.” Another series of explosions rocks the base bringing lights and parts of the ceiling down.
“Lay down your arms.” General Singer orders. “Now! We have no other choice.”
The three Joe’s look at each other, reluctantly following his orders.
“Good.” Nightingale pulls a communication device from her shoulder. “Jumper, cease fire.”
“Roger that, Nightingale.”
“Brick, grab the kid.”
The large man pulls Target to his feet.
“Let him go!”
“You’ll get him back General, once we have reached a safe distance.” Nightingale laughs removing a USB driver from the computer system and following Brick out.
Fallout picks up his weapon to chase after them.
“No, we can’t risk it. You go after them now they might kill him. Besides it might lead us to Lt. Storm.” General Singer orders.
“What?” Afterburner gasps.
“She has him.”
The brunette runs out of the command center not listening to the General shouting after her. The rest follow suit to back her up.

“Leave him.” Nightingale orders Brick. “We won’t be taking him with us, he’s a liability.” She places her hand on Targets face. “We are the Liberators.” She says to him giving Target a kiss, still holding onto his helmet. “I’ve had a lot of fun with your leader, he’s quickly running out of time, soon I’ll be finished with him and you’ll get him back, in pieces.” Nightingale cracks him across the head with the helmet.
Target holds in his instinct to express his pain. “We’ll hunt you and kill you.”
Brick growls at Target before he hurls him down the hall. The two walk up to two packs dropped out on the runway putting them on and launching a large balloon from them. Above the plane that was bombing the base makes a pass hooking the balloons and hoisting the two into the air.
“TARGET!” Afterburner runs up to the young man making sure he is alright. “Your cut.”
Fallout opens fire on the two fleeing enemies knowing he won’t hit them, just wanting to give them a message. He sighs looking back at Navy and General Singer, who looks very displeased.
“You could have gotten yourselves killed.” The General barks. “I ordered you to stay.”
Afterburner spins around giving the General a cold stare then charges off.
“Get back here!”
“Sir, with all due respect, let her go.” Navy says as she follows after her.
“I’d listen to her Sir.” Fallout reaches down to Target helping him to his feet. “You alright?”
“Yeah.” Target spits out the bad taste of her kiss. “Witch. She has Storm and rubbed it in our face.” He touches the side of his head where his helmet hit, bleeding a bit.
“Even worse, they got what they were after. We screwed up here, and I doubt even Lt. Storm would stand for this. He’d rather us stop them instead of looking for him.” The General snorts.
“What?” Target blurts.
“He’s right kid, and you know he is. We know what they look like now, we know their names.” Fallout reminds them.
“The Liberators.” Target says.
“What?” General Singer asks.
“That’s who she said they were, the Liberators.”
“Sounds like a rogue military outfit, explains the colours and methods. They’ve attacked two military bases, both of which are connected to Lt. Storm whom they have in their custody.” Singer activates his com link to the base. “Feedback, do you read me?”
“Yes Sir.”
“I need you to pull up everything we have on Lt. Storm, all the military installations he’s served at. Also, contact my daughter.”
Fallout and Target look at each other a bit surprised, both want to ask the General why but keep their inquiries to themselves. Both of them feeling it best not to push their luck, after losing this battle.

Northern Saskatchewan, Chamber and his team make a shaky landing in a clearing, a man with amber coloured hair waiting for them below. He eagerly waves at them running up to the chopper. “Hi, I’m Matthew Sojorin, you must be the special agents.” He shouts over the rotor as it slowly winds down.
“Yes. I’m Chamber the team leader, this lady is Hotwire, this is G.I and our pilot is Snow Squall.” He and the rest dressed in light grey parkas. There’s more snow out here then back home.
“Nice to meet you. Your landing looked a little…”
“Yeah, I’m still new to piloting.” Snow Squall grunts.
“Why don’t you lead us to the outpost you found?” Chamber asks.
“Oh yes of course Sir, follow me. I haven’t been inside yet, didn’t think it would be a good idea. I have my gear with me but I figured it best to wait for back up.”
“Gear?” Hotwire says.
“Yeah, didn’t anyone tell you?”
“Tell us what?” Chamber inquires, not very pleased.
“I use to be in the military, mine detector.”
The Joe’s all look at each other wondering why that wasn’t mentioned to them.
“Which unit did you serve with?” Chamber asks.
“Sorry Sir, I get you guys are from a top secret military unit but that info is still classified.” He says with a smirk. “I’m also an expert mountain climber, and I specialize in the Archaic period of Greek and Egyptian mythology. A little side love of mine.” He boasts.
“Then why were you exploring here?” G.I. asks.
“I like to get up close and personal with my country as well.”
“How far is the outpost from here?” Hotwire asks.
“Not far, a bit of a hike but I’m sure it’ll be nothing for troopers like you.” Matthew says taking the lead.

General Singer’s team solemnly returns to the Canada’s Elite base, each of them silent, the General heading to the command center, Navy to the training room, Afterburner heads for her quarters, Target to the firing range, and Fallout to the mess hall.
“What do you have for me?” Feedback asks as the General enters the room.
“Nothing much, unfortunately they took Target’s helmet and video camera along with it. We’re still not sure what information they took from twenty two’s database, it seems they unleashed a virus on the system that covered their tracks.”
“Well, I was able to pull a few images from Target’s feed until she took his helmet, then I cut the link.”
“Excellent work.” General Singer nods to Feedback in approval.
“What, no hello for me or welcome back?”
General Singer and Feedback turn to see Athena standing in the doorway dressed in her Canada’s Elite uniform. The General opens his arms giving his daughter a hug. Feedback stands and salutes her as she does in return.
“You must be my replacement.” She smiles.
“No ma’am, similar specialties but only holding down the fort. Welcome back to the team, it’s nice to finally meet you.”
“Thank you. Now, how about we get to work, I heard we have a missing commander to find.”

Back at her secret location where Nightingale holds Lt. Storm, who is still asleep. She circles him admiring him, running her fingers around him, looking over at her torture tools. She wonders if she should have some fun but decides on other activities instead. Nightingale heads out of the room and down a dark creepy hall to another room. Inside Brick and Jumper work with some of the Inserters examining Target’s helmet.
“Have you not figured that thing out yet?”
“There are safe guards installed, its tamer proof. If we do one thing wrong it will destroy the information.” Brick informs her. “I am trying to carefully disarm the incendiary device.”
“Why don’t you go play with Lt. Storm.” Jumper says sarcastically.
Nightingale lunges on him with her hand around his throat squeezing pressure points. “I could easily kill you. You will show me some respect here, I am in charge of this operation.”
“Sorry.” Jumper wheezes.
“Better.” She releases him and smiles. “For now Lt. Storm is my priority, you two will get to have your fun when the commander says so.”
“Who is this commander of ours? You speak of him but yet we have never met him.”
“He is unable to meet with us at the moment, but soon. We have our orders and we must follow them, anyone who disobeys an order will be eliminated. Our enemies have now seen our faces, the war is about to escalate. They have surely figured out our plan of attack, they will be more on their guard now.”
“So what next?” Jumper asks.
“We plan our next attack and for that I’ll have to go have another talk with my toy.” She smiles. “I wonder what form of torture I should do next, maybe I’ll cut off a few fingers and send them to his team.”
“Why don’t you show him the destruction we’ve done to Twenty-Two, since Borden went over so well last time?” Jumper suggests.
“Oh, I like that. Get me the slide projector and screen. Tonight will be movie night, I’ll get the popcorn.” She says with glee.

Saskatchewan, the Cobra Outpost. The Joe unit examines the structure, the windows too dirty to look into. Chamber examines the main doors looking for any booby traps assisted by Matthew.
“This place has been sealed up for quite some time, you can tell by the weathered look and vegetation growth. I saw no fresh tracks, the propane tanks have been empty for a long time, the locks are rusted and lines broken.”
Chamber looks up at him seeing the curiosity I the man’s eyes. “You go in last.” He places a small amount of explosive on the main doors blowing the hinges. With a few pulls he and G.I. pull the doors down, a rotten stink of air hits them.
“Good god, what died in there?” Hotwire comments as they enter turning on their flashlights.
“Apparently, they did.” G.I. answers shining his light on the long deceased Cobra enemy agents, their bodies slumped over the consoles and chairs.

In the hanger bays of the G.I.Joe team base, Athena digs through the wreckage of the enemy fighter jets the others brought back with them. Afterburner comes up behind her tapping her on the shoulder. Athena spins around nearly clubbing the brunette with a wrench.
“Whoa, easy there, I just wanted to introduce myself and see if you needed any help. I’m Afterburner, Julie VanHousen.”
“Hi, nice to meet you, and I am so sorry, you just startled me that’s all.”
“So, how does it feel to be back?”
“Strange, I don’t know many of you, except for Fallout and Target. The rest of you came on after. I know Medic since she use to be my doctor. I haven’t seen Chamber yet where is he?”
“On a mission, with Snow Squall, G.I. and Hotwire.”
“Wow, this team has gotten so big.”
“Sure has, and it’ll probably get bigger.” She smiles. “So, what can I help you with?”
“Well, my dad…General Singer…told me that the enemy militia group was able to mask themselves from the bases radar. I’m trying to salvage what I can to figure out what they used.”
“Hmm…this is a modified CT-155 Hawk, new paint job, I know this thing inside and out and all standard equipment.” Afterburner begins digging through the wreck pulling out a few parts. “This is not standard equipment.”
“You just made my job so much easier, thank you.”
“My pleasure.”
“Could you help me carry the pieces to the tech lab?”
“Sure.” She smiles at Athena as the two pick up the pieces and head back into the main base.

General Singer paces back and forth in the command center as Feedback works to bring up the images he received from Targets helmet camera. A communication comes in from Chamber that Feedback puts on speaker for General Singer.
“What have you found?”
“It is definitely an old Cobra Outpost, it was sealed up tight with staff left inside. They’ve been here for years, this place hasn’t been used in a very long time. By the equipment and what we’ve found they were definitely trying to mine Uranium. They weren’t successful, probably why it was shut down.”
“Alright Chamber, gather any Intel you can, and bring Mr. Sojorin back with you.”
“Did you not hear me?”
“Yes Sir, sorry Sir. Chamber out.”
Feedback looks back at the General. “Cobra sealed their own agents in the outpost?”
“You should know Cobra is a ruthless organization, its leader did not accept failure and would punish those who did fail him. I’m going to see how my daughter is making out, once you have all the images contact me.” Singer says as he marches out of the command room.
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