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Canada's Elite Special Missions #1


Canada's Elite Special Missions #1

Postby Lt Storm » 23 Jun 2010 19:56


Special Missions 1

Somewhere in Lambton County at a long abandoned farm house, Lt. Storm stands leaning against his car in civilian clothes, as a grey van pulls up with General Hawk in the driver’s seat. Storm salutes his American friend and picks up the end of a blanket that sits behind his car. He pulls the camouflage cover over hiding his car amongst the over grown weeds. Storm grabs his duffle bags and heads for the van, opening the side door to set his stuff inside. He’s amazed to find the computer equipment that sits inside, state-of-the-art tracking systems and communications equipment.
“I see you are impressed.” Hawk smiles.
“Yeah, I didn’t expect all this.” Storm says climbing into the passenger seat. “Nice set up you have there too.” He says referring to the controls set up on the steering wheel for Hawk to use since he no longer has the use of his legs.
“Amazing what they can do these days, and I picked it up for a discount as well. Being confined to that chair isn’t all bad.” Hawk jokes. “I had some of my guys outfit the van for our specific needs. All the data your team compiled on those weapons The Liberators were using has been uploaded.”
“So, where do you suggest we head to first?”
“I’ve arranged for a carrier plane to pick us up. We’re going to get to the root of this right away.”
“The DND lab in Ottawa?”
“Right you are.” Hawk presses a button on the dash that opens up the glove compartment revealing a small laptop computer. “Access the information we’ll need, schematics, and the Military personnel in charge they have stationed there.”
Storm nods turning the small laptop on using the latest in hacking tech designed by US G.I.Joe Agent Firewall, to access the DND location and files.
Hawk puts the van in gear backing out of the property and back onto the highway, heading to the nearest airport.

At a low rent motel a man sits in a darkened room lit only by a single low wattage bulb. He meticulously cleans a firearm as his room phone rings; he waits a few more rings to pick it up. “Yes.” He answers propping the receiver between his head and shoulder, continuing cleaning his weapon.
“It’s Knightly, I have some Intel for you.” A female voice says, the voice of Nightingale of The Liberators. All of whom escaped their last battle with the Canada’s Elite force, and are now lying low planning their next move. “We just received word that Lieutenant Storm and General Hawk Abernathy have taken leave from their respective G.I.Joe units.”
“How does that concern me?”
“They know we were using stolen tech and weapons from Canadian Military Bases, no doubt they are investigating this as we speak. It may just lead them right back to you.”
The man sits silent on the other end for a few moments. “I will take care of them both if such a thing happens. Maybe I will get to finish what I started.” The man hangs up the phone putting his weapon back together. “Lovely.”

Goderich Ontario, Sky Harbour, a small airport in a small town along Lake Huron. The entire airstrip has been cleared and shut down just for its special guests. An employee opens up a gate allowing Hawk to drive the van onto the airstrip where their carrier plane awaits. The loading bay opens as the pilot disembarks, standing aside as Lt. Storm gets out of the van letting Hawk load it in.
“Take good care of her Sir.” The pilot says to Storm.
“Don’t worry, we’ll bring her back to you in one piece.” He looks off at the runway. “Sure this is long enough for a take off?”
“I landed her here Sir. You’ll probably take off a little low but you should be able to pull up and clean the homes.” He laughs.
“Good to hear.” Storm smiles watching as the airport employees help strap down the van.
“Have a safe trip Sir.”
“Thanks.” Lt. Storm heads up the loading ramp as it begins to close and makes his way to the cockpit where Hawk is already sitting in the co-pilot seat. “Ready to go Sir?”
“All strapped in.” Hawk says thumbing his harness. “And please don’t call me Sir, call me Clayton or Hawk but not Sir.”
“Sorry S…Hawk.” Storm smirks as he fires up the planes engines and puts on the radio com. “Sky Harbour do you copy?”
“We read you loud and clear Sir, you are ready for take off.”
“Roger that.” Storm flips a few more switches double checking all the instruments. “Next stop, DND in Ottawa.” He says as he takes the plane down the runway and up into the air. Just as the pilot said he clears the homes down the road startling a few who work out in their gardens as they pass over, a little lower then normal.
“I wish I had a camera to take a picture of that gentleman’s face.” Hawk says. “Looked like he crapped himself.”
Storm laughs. “Well, they wouldn’t be used to a plane this size taking off from the airport.”
“Damn funny.” Hawk laughs resting back in his seat for the flight.

Hours later at the Top Secret DND lab in Ottawa, both General Hawk and Lt. Storm dressed in their official military dress uniform. Hawk’s adorned with several well earned medals.
Another Canadian Military official greets them at the main entry, a man with jet black hair and ice blue eyes. “Good day Sir’s, I am Colonel Elliot Winters.” He salutes them both then shakes their hands. “It’s an honour to meet you both.”
“I guess our reputation precedes us?” Hawk says looking up at Storm.
“I guess?”
“I was briefed on your mission after an extensive interview, believe me, I want to get to the bottom of this as quickly as you do.” Colonel Winters says motioning for them to follow him down the hall. “We have gone over our security footage from the past year and found very little to go on.”
“That’s not something we wanted to hear.” Hawk says.
“I’m sorry Sir, whoever did this knew what they were doing.”
“An inside job.” Storm comments.
The Colonel stops looking back at him. “You say that as if you already know for sure?”
“We don’t, but it has all the ear marks of one.”
They continue on down the hall in silence entering a small lab. The Colonel sits down at one of the stations brining up files and security videos. “Here is everything we’ve complied, take your time. You can page me via the intercom when you are finished.” He points to the panel as he heads out.
“Colonel Winters seems distracted.” Hawk remarks.
“Wouldn’t you be if your base was infiltrated and top secret tech stolen right out from under your nose?”
“I thought you said you felt it was an inside job Lieutenant?”
“I did that to see what kind of reaction I’d get out of him. Now let’s see what they have and don’t have for us.” Storm says sitting down at the terminal the Colonel activated. He ignores the files and begins to examine what else is on the hard drive, then trails down the cables under the desk. “This computer isn’t connected to the network.” Storm says in a low voice.
“Interesting.” Hawk wheels himself around to another terminal. “This one is.”
“Don’t turn it on.”
“Why not?”
“We’re being watched.” Lt. Storm rolls his eyes towards the far corner where a surveillance camera sits. “And I bet once you activate it, it will send a signal to the server that it’s been activated.” He opens up the video files and begins to watch them.
“You think whomever did this is still here?”
“Possibly, too many people knew we were coming. They had lots of time to doctor up the records or get rid of them completely…Hawk come see this.” Storm replays the sequence he was just watching.
“What am I looking for?”
“This.” Storm rewinds the video then plays it forward again slower. “Right here, notice the jump in shadows from the sun. Something was removed.”
“Good eye.”
“Not really, I like to watch the time laps of the sun across things, use to do that at one of my old jobs where we had security cameras. Though my boss used to think of them more as spy cameras on his employees then anything.”
“No trust?”
“Is there ever? I’ll burn a copy of this.” Storm pulls a USB driver from his pocket and inserts it into one of the ports on the CPU. “I’ll download the dossiers as well, I don’t think we’ll get much more information from here.”
“Neither do I. I’ll page the Colonel and have a chat with him while you finish up here.” Hawk watches Storm go to work as he wheels over to the intercom paging the Colonel.
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Re: Canada's Elite Special Missions #1

Postby Lt Storm » 15 Jul 2010 18:26

Chapter 1.2 – The Clichéd Assassination.

Lt. Storm downloads a few more of the video files to the USB driver to view later. He pokes through other information on the terminal, searching for anything that might be useful later. He closes a few of the windows noticing a strange reflection in the monitor glass. Realizing what it was Storm quickly pulls the driver and dives for the floor as a gun shot rings out hitting the monitor. Sparks fly as the bullet passes through the computer and hits another station behind it. Storm spins himself over seeing the door shut, the shooter not wasting any time in fleeing from their failed assassination attempt.

Down the hall Hawk hears the gunshot as the Colonel joins him. “Dammit.” He cranks himself around wheeling himself as hard as he can back down the hall slamming into the wall as he tries to get around the corner. Alarms begin to blare echoing down the halls, red lights flashing. He feels his momentum increase looking back to see the Colonel pushing him.
“I heard the shot, what’s going on?”
“I don’t know.”
The two quickly reach the lab where Lt. Storm bursts out the door. “Did you see where they went?”
“No, we were down another hall.” Hawk says. “Who’s they?”
“They as in man or woman.”
“What happened?” The Colonel asks.
“It was like out of a bad TV show, I saw a crack of light from the door behind me in the reflection of the computer monitor, and the hint of a hand gun. I ducked just as I was shot at.”
“Good thing I wasn’t far, as soon as I heard the gun shot I ordered a lock down. This lab is far enough from any exit the shooter won’t be able to escape.”
“Are you sure about that?” Hawk inquires.
“Yes, the only way to open the doors is from the main security room and you need the pass code, only the commanding officers know it. When each takes over we change the pass code.”
“Take us to the security room, now!” Storm snaps taking over wheeling Hawk as the Colonel runs down the hall leading them to the room.
They reach it within moments, the Colonel using his ID badge to open the door. “What do you have?” He asks the men inside.
“Nothing, we tracked back the security footage and its blank. The cameras were on but no recorded feed.” One of the security officers informs them.
“The lab I was in, bring that footage up.” Storm says.
“Yes Sir.” The man plays it back. They all see what Storm described.
“I want a copy of that.” Storm hands over his USB driver as the man copies the file over. “Thanks.” He says taking the small device back buttoning it in his jacket pocket.
“What now?” The Colonel asks.
“Unlock the doors, we won’t be able to discover who the shooter was.” Hawk says. “We’ll take the information we have, thank you for your time.”
The Colonel nods entering in the pass code to unlock the doors.
Storm and Hawk exit the building in silence, Storm helping Hawk into the van. The General starts it up as Storm climbs into the passenger seat. “There is something fishy going on in there.”
“Whoever that was who shot at me worked in that base and planned their assassination attempt. What I don’t understand is, why do it in such an obvious way? I mean, seriously, a gun through a cracked door that the target would be able to see?”
“That does beg questioning, let’s see what you can get off the footage and information you copied. Our answer might be in there.”
“I think they need to step up there security in that place.”
“I have a feeling there might be more then one person involved with the selling of top secret information.” Hawk pulls the van out onto the street from the parking lot. “General Singers reach might go further then we think. Some of his former soldiers might feel the same as he does and would follow him into hell itself.”
“Where to now?”
“Lunch, I don’t know about you but I’m starving.” Hawk smiles.

Lt. Storm shuts his portable laptop as the waitress brings their lunch. Hawk smiles at her asking to have his coffee refreshed and looks around the diner. He watches the blonde twenty something waitress slip back into the kitchen. Storm picks up the ketchup smacking the bottom to get it to pour.
“This is a nice little place.”
“You seem to like independent restaurants.”
“It’s cosier, more of a home feel.”
“We need more to go on here…” Storm pauses as Hawks cell phone beeps waiting for the General to check his text message. “Good news?”
“Yes, we have a lead, Feedback found us something to investigate. He’s sent you more information on this via email. I hope this place has wireless internet.”
“We sure do.” The waitress says returning to freshen Hawk’s coffee. “I’ll get you the password to access it.” She leans in lowering her voice. “Free of charge for you guys.”
“Thank-you.” Hawk smiles.
“No problem, anything for men who help keep our nation safe.” The waitress winks scurrying off.
“I think she likes you.” Storm jokes.
“I’m old enough to be her father.”
“That doesn’t mean anything these days.” The Lieutenant says taking a sip of his coke. “Are we that obvious?”
“She picked up we were military.”
“Maybe we need to take lessons on being more covert.” Hawk laughs.
The waitress soon returns with the password for them to access the diners’ wireless internet. Storm enters in the address he was sent in his text message. “That’s only about an hours drive from here. According to Feedback’s coded email he was able to trace suspicious phone calls going into this motel. There were several that went into one room from an unknown caller, room four-five-six.”
“Does the motel have a website?”
“I’ll check but I doubt it, it’s a larger one but looks cheep.”
“Ah, one of those places.”
Storm scans the yellow pages listings. “No mention of a website, no search results either, except for poorly rated motels. Maybe we should stop and pick up some hazmat suits before we go there.” He jokes.
“Can’t be all that bad.”
“Well, according to this report they’ve had the most drug related busts then any other motel in the area. Good thing is we should be less suspicious.
“Well then, let’s finish our lunch and be on our way.”
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Re: Canada's Elite Special Missions #1

Postby Lt Storm » 16 Aug 2010 21:53

Chapter 1.3 – The Bates Motel.

Hawk and Storm pull up to the motel looking the place over. The sign flickers off and on with beaten down junkers sitting in the parking lot. Probably permanent residence of the motel, some don’t look like they have moved in weeks. The odd four storey motel has about twenty rooms per floor, all with gaudy brightly painted doors in yellows, reds and oranges.
“I’ll monitor you from here.” Hawk says sliding into the back of the van to the custom surveillance equipment inside. “Here, take this ear bud and sunglasses, they have a built in camera so I can see what you see.”
“Thanks.” Storm steps out of the van putting the sunglasses on and heads to the main office, careful to watch where he steps. Someone’s been by with a dog, a large dog. He steps inside the office, a small bell that is tied above the door rings. A man, who is barely dressed hurries out of the back room, leaving the door open a bit revealing a naked woman perched up on the desk.
“Welcome to the Otter Motel.” The man greats trying to do up his zipper without catching himself in it.
“Yeah, I’d like a room, a specific room.”
“Sure, which one?”
“Four fifty-six.”
The man looks at him with a wide eyed expression. “Sorry, that room is unavailable.”
“Why, is someone staying there?”
“No, I mean, not at the moment but its permanently reserved.”
“Really.” Storm listens to Hawk’s instructions. “I think you’ll let me see the room.” He reaches into his back pocket pushing his jacket aside enough to reveal his gun. Storm pulls out his military ID flashing it at the man who looks like he’s about to drop a load in his pants.
“Uh…sure…” The man grabs the room key handing it over. “H-here you go.”
“Thanks.” Storm steps out of the office heading for the motel rooms.
“I’ve tapped his phone lines, he won’t be making any out going calls.” Hawk relays.
“Good.” Lt. Storm hikes up the steps and down to the room opening up the door. A waft of rotting food hits him making him want to gag. “This place hasn’t seen room service yet.”
“This place doesn’t have internet access, they’re logs will all be on hard copy.”
“I’ll check them when I return the key.” Storm hits the lights looking around the messy room. “Lots of garbage.” He says pulling a pair of rubber gloves from his jacket pocket and begins to sift through the wrappers and checks the drawers. “There’s a note pad, its blank but pages are missing, I’ll take it with me.”
“Good idea.”
Storm checks the washroom finding it remarkably clean. “Whoever stayed here scrubbed the facilities down well, same with the door knobs.” He heads over to the room phone carefully picking it up. “Phone too.”
“Unlikely, there wouldn’t be this much garbage, more like cleaning any finger prints. There’s something stuck under the phone.” Storm tries to pick up the phone finding it stuck to the table. “Weird.” He gives it an extra pull freeing it from the stand along with a wire attached to the underside. “Damn.”
“What’s wrong?”
“I think I just tripped a trap.” Storm heads over to the door finding it locked, the key no longer working. “I’m locked in.”
“I’m on my way, get to the window.”
Storm searches the room hearing a beeping sound. He locates the source from under the bed finding explosives strapped under it. “There’s a bomb and not a lot of time.”
“Break the window open.”
Lt. Storm grabs the only chair in the room smashing it through the window, then grabs the lamp to clear the rest of the jagged pieces away. He sees Hawk pull up in the van and opens the side door. The old General pulls himself up above the roof with one hand holding a launcher in the other. “What are you doing?” Storm asks looking back at the bed trying to keep track of the countdown.
“Stay clear.” Hawk fires the launcher which shoots out a grapple line from both ends. One flies through the window, the other plants itself into a large telephone pole. “Move.”
Storm rushes to the bathroom to grab a towel and swings it over the line and slides down it. He drops before slamming into the van climbing inside, Hawk already in the drivers seat. “Go, I’m in.” Hawk hits the gas as the timer on the bomb reaches zero.
They watch from a safe distance as the room explodes, blowing off the doors and roof, and windows of adjacent rooms. The man in the office comes running out moments later holding his pants at his waist, the girl holding his shirt over herself.
“Here’s the key back.” Storm says handing it over. “You might want to call the fire department.” He says walking back to the van. “I don’t think getting their guest log book will be of any assistance.”
“I think you’re right on that one. Whoever was in that room wanted to send a message and the guest book wouldn’t give us any leads.”
“What now?”
“We know who we’re looking for knows how to set a trap, cover their tracks and knows we’d catch up with them eventually. But they may have left us a clue.”
“You still have that pad?”
Storm pulls it out of his pocket. “You think there might be a hidden message?”
Hawk taps his nose with his index finger. “We better get moving.” He says hearing sirens approaching putting the van in gear.
“So, you carry a zip line around with you everywhere?”
Hawk laughs as they pass by local fire trucks. “You were a boy scout weren’t you?”
“Always be prepared.” Storm looks back at the blaze realizing how close he was to having his body parts splattered all over the ground. “I hope no one else were in any of those rooms.”
“Most of the cars were parked on the other side and for the first two floors. Our bomber probably had the entire floor and rooms below bought out. By the looks of things I’d bet this place hasn’t seen so many visitors in years.”
Storm makes his way to the back of the van to start the scanning process on the note pad, pulling the first sheet off. He places it face down waiting for the scan to finish then adjusts the resolution. “You’re right, and something tells me this is an invitation.” He says scratching the message down and passing it up to Hawk.
“Input this into the GPS and get me the directions. Then make sure you’re suited up, my old Generals intuition is telling me we’re walking straight into a trap.”
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Postby Lt Storm » 21 Sep 2010 21:38

Chapter 1.4 – Cat and Mouse.

The Sun begins to make its decent in the western sky permeating a brilliant orangish glow over the sky, its hue’s blending into the blue sky that darkens towards the east. Long shadows begin to cast across the land, one of these shadows from an abandoned steel mill. Once a productive business now a dilapidated rusting old building that has seen years of vandals and neglect. The owners unable to sell off the building or the land, it was foreclosed on by the banks.
General Hawk pulls their van up into the lot, the old link fence around the property broken down, no longer keeping trespassers out. As they approached the mill Hawk shut off the headlights of the van, shifting it into neutral and shutting off the engine letting it coast in.
“You don’t think we’re expected?” Storm says to Hawk as he climbs into the back from the passenger seat.
“Probably.” Hawk pulls the parking brake as the van comes to a crawl lurching it forward a bit. Storm nearly stumbles over in the back giving the old General a dirty look. “Sorry about that.”
“So, any idea who might be waiting for me inside?”
“A few guess. Let’s gear you up. You’ll find a pair of clear safety goggles with a mini cam attached. They will allow me to see what you see and also send you any information you might need that will display directly on the lenses via HUD. There is also an ear bud so we can communicate, its set on an encrypted band.”
Storm picks up the items placing the goggles on and the bud into his left ear. He checks his weapons then slides them into their holsters on the back of his belt.
“Be careful.” Hawk says as Storm pulls open the van door.
The Lieutenant gives him a quick glance back with a smirk. “Just watch my six sir.”
“Will do.” Hawk pulls himself into the back of the van sliding the door shut, then positions himself at the computer array activating Storm’s remote cam, and an ear bud into his ear. “Everything’s clear on this end.” Hawk see’s Storm flash an okay hand sign letting him know he reads him loud and clear.

Lt. Storm approaches a rear door to the building, which he finds slightly ajar. He pulls out one of his two SIG Sauer P225 9mm, pushing the door open slightly and slipping inside. The stairwell is still surprisingly sturdy, covered with dust and some fallen debris for the rotting ceiling above. Carefully, Storm places his feet around the debris making sure his footing is secure as he makes his way up the stairs. He reaches the second level with a sign that someone has brushed off that reads; ‘2nd Floor, Management’. Storm continues up the stairs to the third floor, the door here open and handing slightly off its hinges. The sign here reading; ‘To Catwalks’.
“Watch yourself out there.” Hawk says into the Lieutenants ear piece.
Storm keeps himself pressed up against the wall as he takes a quick look around, seeing nothing suspicious he passes through the doorway. Here there is a large balcony with two catwalks on either side that go out over the main plant. A busted wall phone lays on the floor, its bracket still on the wall and wires pulled out. Either someone was fishing for copper wire of some kids were having a bit of destructive fun.
The orangish glow of the setting sun casts its hue through the broken windows giving an eerie yet calming feel to the place.
“There’s a button on the right side of your frame, press it and you HUD will switch to a heat vision mode.” Hawk relays.
Storm nods and finds the small button holding it down as the lenses change their shade allowing him to see heat signatures. Like a ghost jumping out at him Storm quickly notices a form on the other side of the level. “Looks like you were right.” He whispers, referring to Hawk’s earlier comment about this being a trap.
“Keep your wits about you.”
Storm moves to the catwalk on his right slowly making his way onto it. The metal structure still secured to the wall, no doubt through metal I beams that support the building.
“No need to be sneaky Lieutenant Storm I am fully aware you are here.” A voice booms as the figure moves into the open.
“Dammit...” Hawk grunts. “Zartan.”
“Zartan?” Storm repeats, familiar with the Master of Disguises file. It’s one of the many he read up on. He’s been missing for quite some time now with no leads as to where he’d gone. Not even his sister Zarana or daughter Zanya knew where he ran off to.
“I’m sure you can put two and two together by now. Yes I am the one selling off your countries precious little arms secrets. Frankly I was surprised to find what the Canadian Military has been secretly producing. You guys are always so under rated when it comes to Military.” There’s a hint of sarcasm to Zartan’s voice.
“Come here and I’ll show you exactly what we’re capable of.”
“Oh I am sure you are quite capable Lt. Storm, or else General Hawk wouldn’t have taken quite so much of an interest in you. But I didn’t lead you here to chat I led you here to do what I did to General Hawk.”
Storm hears a beep from behind him looking back and darts across the catwalk as an explosion blows apart the walkway where he had come from. The entire metal structure shakes and creeks as the Lieutenant reaches a larger platform near the center. He dives to the metal grating covering his head.
“You see, there is a popular misconception going around.” Zartan’s voice is close, too close, he looms over Storm moving with incredible speed, pressing a gun to the Joe’s back.
“Yeah, what’s that?” Storm asks hoping to bide himself some time to figure a way out of his situation.
“I know you have your monkey here wired Hawk, so listen closely. I was the one who shot you in the back, not Cobra Commander.”
There is nothing but silence on the other end.
“What did he say?”
“Nothing...no response.”
“At a loss for words are we Hawk?” Zartan laughs. “Pity you’re little protégé here will suffer the same fate.” He leans over grabbing Storm’s two self loading pistols tossing them off the Catwalk.
Storm makes his move rolling himself over and thrusting his right foot into Zartan’s stomach kicking him back, hearing his guns hit the concrete floor below. The Master of Disguise stumbles hitting the railing and nearly falling over it. He saves himself feeling the walkway give a little. The flames from his explosives spread quicker than he anticipated. He looks over at Lt. Storm who has gotten to his feet, then looks across the still stable part of the catwalk.
“Oh no...” Storm quickly figures out why there is a look of panic on Zartan’s face as the former Dreadnok leader runs for it. “You planted more explosives.” He grunts chasing after Zartan. Another explosion rips apart the other catwalk from where Storm entered from. Both men lose their footing, but Storm keeps him momentum going slamming himself into Zartan, knocking him into the metal grating.
“You fool, you’ll kill us both.”
“Then you know you’ll only have yourself to blame.”
“You came after me, if you left well enough alone then we wouldn’t be here right now.” Zartan sneers as Storm hits him across the face and knocks the gun from his hand. “Fine, I’ve lived adventurous lives, enough to last several lifetimes, have you?”
“Neither of us are going to die.” Storm grabs Zartan by the shirt and hoists him up. “Move.”
“What?” Storm takes a quick glance down at the raging flames that engulf his two pistols. “You are mad.”
“Is that what my file says about me? I’m insane?”
“It says you suffer from an emotional breakdown, probably because of all the identities you’ve assumed over the years. Now MOVE IT!”
“I said NO!” Zartan pulls out a pistol he had concealed on his person. “I may not get to shoot you in the back like I did to Hawk, but between the eyes and dead will make my employers just as happy.”
“Employers? Who?”
“You’ll die never knowing, but I’m sure if you lived you could figure it out. You met them briefly.”
Storm flashes back to when he and Afterburner fought Crimson Rayne, taking down her plane and the jets they say. The insignia he recognized on the plane’s tail wings. “Oh god...”
“He can’t help you now.” Zartan laughs as he cocks his gun. “But you can say hello to him from me.”
“ZARTAN!!” A voice shouts out.
The master of disguise turns his head to see General Hawk standing at the other end of the catwalk with his pistol aimed at him. “Hawk?”
“I just wanted you to see the bullet coming.” The General grins pulling the trigger.
Storm closes his eyes when he hears the gunshot ring out, expecting Zartan to do the same, but all he feels is the gun slip from his forehead and the sound of Zartan hitting the catwalk. He slowly opens his eyes to see the former Cobra agent crying out in pain. Storm leans down taking his gun and slings the bleeding man over his shoulder.
“Move your @$$ Lieutenant!” Hawk shouts leaning against the wall in incredible pain. He waits for Storm to reach him before he tries to move.
“Yeah, and my whole body is on fire right now, no pun intended, let’s move.”
“I can help....”
‘No, you have too much already, let’s go, I’ll be right behind you.” Hawk orders, not wanting Storm to see him struggle down the stairs. They go as quickly as they can down the stairs hearing more explosions that shake the building.
Hawk nearly falls down the stairs but catches himself. “Better pick up the pace.”
“Yes sir.”

Sirens blare down the street as fire trucks, ambulances, and police come racing towards the burning building. Hawk and Storm safely outside with Zartan, Storm applying pressure to his wound to help stop the bleeding.
“I have to go, my team is walking into a trap.” Storm says to Hawk.
“How do you know?” The General inquires, leaning against telephone pole.
Storm looks down at a semi conscious Zartan. “I just know, call it a gut feeling.”
“Good enough for me, let’s go.”
“But you’re...”
“Stop making me cut you off. Say it and it becomes reality. I’m fine, just give me your shoulder and let’s get back to the van.”
“Yes sir.”
“Wait.” Hawk pulls a pair of cuffs from his pocket and with Storm’s help he cuffs Zartan to the telephone pole he was leaning against. The man cries out in pain as they force his arms back. “Oh suck it up Zartan, now you will know what you put me through.”
“Come on sir, we gotta go before the authorities arrive, or we’ll never get out of here.”
“Agreed.” Hawk leans on Storm’s shoulder moving as quickly as he can. They reach the van and climb inside. Hawk buckles himself into the driver’s seat as Storm fastens himself into the passenger seat. Hawk peels out of the lot heading the opposite direction down the road from the authorities. “Let’s go save your team.”
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