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Canada's Elite #9


Canada's Elite #9

Postby Lt Storm » 19 Aug 2009 18:48

This will be a single story arc featuring MAJOR FEAR!!
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Postby Lt Storm » 29 Mar 2010 21:43

Chapter 9 Chains of Fear.

Greenland, The Coffin, top secret military holding facility, solitary confinement maximum security wing. Down here the worst of the worst are kept, the ones who are not suited to mix amongst the other prisoners. One such prisoner is Major Fear, a man that little is known about, and former leader of the Cobra faction, Serpent Squad. After an ill-fated attack and attempt to take over the G.I.Joe Canada’s Elite base, he and his team were captured and locked away.
Visitors are normally not allowed in this wing, to even get past the first set of security stations you have to have top level clearance. Major Fear has had few visits and little human contact since being locked up. He gets little luxuries, no windows in his cell, the walls are padded, and the light dismal. He’s kept naked and restrained by chains bound to his wrists. With only enough room to move between his bed, table, and the toilet. It may seem barbaric, but this is a man whom after he was first captured brutally killed a man and wore his blood as war paint.
Rebecca Ramon, government liaison to the Canada’s Elite team makes her way through each security check point. She is casually dressed in a brown sweater with olive coloured top and black skirt that goes down to just above her knees. Around her neck is silver chain with a tear drop shaped diamond hanging from it. She is greeted by an MP and his dog at the final checkpoint, having to leave her briefcase behind, only allowed her tape recorder. She has forgone her usual glasses today and has opted for contacts instead.
“Good day Ma’am, I’m Law and this is my dog Order.” He says introducing himself.
Rebecca smiles as Order sniffs at her. She kneels down offering her hand out, the dog approves of her and jumps up to lick her face. She is nearly knocked to her @$$ from the large K-9. “Friendly guy.”
“That he is, if he likes you, otherwise he’d rip your arm off.”
Rebecca quickly stands up clasping both her hands together around her tape recorder as Law laughs at her. “Oh…glad he likes me then.”
“If you’d follow me ma’am.” Law leads her down to Major Fear’s cell allowing her into a small room with a table and chair. “If you need any assistance just holler.” He smiles closing the door, Order growling not liking the man who is on the other side of the Plexiglas wall.
“Major Fear?”
“Ah, a visitor, a female one.” The man rolls off his bed holding his privates. “You’ll have to excuse me if I’m not dressed for the occasion.” He smirks. “Probably because I nearly chocked a man to death with my shirt before they stuck me here.” He’s still in fairly good physical form, with nothing else to do during the days he spends most of his time exercising as much as he can.
“I am Rebecc…”
“I know who you are Ms Ramon.” Major Fear interrupts. “I remember you.” He sits down crossed legged on the floor looking at her. “You are much braver then I give you credit for, that or just stupid.” He smirks.
Rebecca straightens herself in her seat trying not to let her nerves show. “I came to ask you a few questions.”
“Oh? Did Lieutenant Storm send you?”
“I miss him, wouldn’t mind another shot at killing him, like I did his old commander, and friend. To think if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t be leading that elite unit of his.” The Major smiles taking pride in his work.
“And if it wasn’t for him and his team you wouldn’t be locked up here.” Rebecca says smugly taking pride in the fact she had a hand in bringing him down.
“Touché. Well, lets get this interview underway shall we? Ask whatever you’d like.”
“Very well then, who are you?”
Fear laughs. “You really don’t expect an answer to that do you?” He watches the blonde who doesn’t change her straight faced expression. “I see then…very well you want to know more about me I’ll tell you then. I’ll tell you how I came to be, it’s a story I haven’t told before. It started nearly twenty years ago, I was an up and comer in my unit, I was stationed at Borden, they called me Wild Dog back then…”

CFB Borden, out side of Angus Ontario in Simcoe County, a group of young new recruits disembark from the bus that brought them there. A Drill Sergeant waits for them as they file in line at attention.
“Good to see you boys know the drill. I am Drill Sergeant Rhodes. First lesson you must learn, I do not accept failure, I do not accept excuses, I do not accept laziness.” He says as he walks along the line of soldiers. “I expect you to give me one hundred percent, and then push to give me another one hundred percent. I expect you all to give me your best, and at anytime, that I feel you are not you will get one-on-one training. If you fail that you will be discharged and booted from my camp. Is that understood?”
“Yes Sir, understood Sir.” The men all shout together.
“Good, now let’s get started.” The Drill Sergeant steps up on the side of a military jeep. “Let’s see if you can keep up, pick up your gear and follow me.” He nods to the driver who shifts the jeep into gear and begins to drive off. The soldiers grab their gear and begin to hike after the jeep. “You’re lucky it hasn’t rained in days here men, good hard solid ground to run on.” He slips into the back of the jeep and taps the driver signaling for him to pick up speed.
The soldiers pick up the pace trying to keep up with each other, all except one who breaks to the lead of the group, jet black hair, big build, tall, and determination in his eyes. He barely breaks a sweat, keeping up with the jeep, only a few feet away from it. The Drill Sergeant looks over at him and smirks tapping the drivers shoulder three times. The jeep picks up more speed, the man leading the pack picking up the pace with ease like a trained Olympic runner. Sgt Rhodes ignores the rest of the men behind him, focusing only on the one man next to him.
The driver picks up more speed down the base roads forcing the man to push himself harder. Sgt Rhodes leans forward to check the speedometer, amazed at the speed the man is running. “Brakes.” He whispers in the drives ear who instinct fully slams on the brake peddle.
The men behind are caught off guard stopping suddenly, slamming into each other and falling to the ground. The dark haired man brings himself to a halt skidding along the gravel road, stopping just before he passes the jeep.
Sgt Rhodes climbs out of the jeep and walks up to the man looking him over. “I’m impressed, that is not easy to do on your first day.” He looks back at the rest of the soldiers that quickly pick themselves up off the ground. “Sorry about that, but I had to push your squad leader here.”
“Squad leader?” The man says.
“That’s right, I usually don’t pick on until the third day of training but you seem to fit the bill well. I’ll expect you to help whip these ladies into shape; any that fall behind or don’t perform up to expectations will fall back on you.” The Sergeant smiles.

“I didn’t realize it then, but he didn’t do it out of respect but spite.” Major Fear explains to Rebecca. “He wasn’t impressed by me, he saw a soldier who could push the others, and he wanted to push me. I later found out that Sergeant Rhodes did not like men who excelled on their fist day. Unfortunately for me I did not realize that, my ego got in the way. I was determined to show him how good of a leader I could be, I pushed my unit hard, and I made them work. They hated me for it but I didn’t care, I was only interested in being the best of the best.”
“What happened next?”
“Nothing.” Major Fear leans back on his hands folding his legs out straight.
Rebecca taps the door as Law opens it.
“Yes ma’am?”
“Can we get him some underwear or something?”
“Sorry ma’am, no clothes. He stopped up his toilet and nearly beat a guard to death. Took six men to restrain him.”
Rebecca turns back to Major Fear who is grinning at her. “What’s the matter, don’t like what you see? You’re not one of those…”
“No…no I am not. It’s…just continue please. What happened next?”
“You don’t care about that, you want to know what made me snap, what turned me into the man I am today.”
“Alright, yes you have me there.”
“Well, I’m not going to tell you yet. You can’t get the meat without the potatoes.” He laughs at his euphemism. “Patience Ms Ramon all good things come to those who wait.”

Rebecca leans back in her chair crossing her arms. “Tell me then how did you get the name Wild Dog?
Major Fear smiles. “Oh that…not the way you think. My men had another name for me, not a very nice one. Wild Dog was given to me by the women I’d frequently…”
“That is not the information I require.” Rebecca says cutting him off.
“I thought you wanted to know more about me?” He laughs. “Come now, you must have heard about us Army men, quite wild we are? Haven’t you and Lieutenant Storm marched that hill?” Fear winks.
“Continue on from the base, your training?” She says sternly not appreciating his comment.
“Yes, it was graduation day…”

“Congratulations men, those of you still here have made it through training. You took everything I threw at you and excelled at it.” Sgt Rhodes stands before his men with his hands behind his back. “I usually pick one of you that have shown dedication, strength, and leadership. But not this year. Only one of you has shown each of these skills from day one.” Rhodes walks along the line of men. “Wild Dog, this goes to you without a doubt, congratulations son.” He places the metal around Dogs neck saluting him.
“Thank you Sir.” He says saluting back.
“You are all dismissed, there will be a dinner in the Officer’s Mess tonight at eighteen hundred hours, and the rest of the day is yours.”
The soldiers break up congratulating Wild Dog, some half heartedly, he did not make very many friends in his unit. He was hard on them, waking them up hours before training for exercises. A few of them aligned themselves with him only to make them look better to their Drill Sergeant, in order to win his favor.
Later that night, just before the dinner many of the men talk and tell stories reminiscing on their time at the base, which some will soon be leaving to be stationed at other bases, or continue their training.
“So, Sir I guess Wild Dog really impressed you?” One of the men says to the Sergeant.
The man laughs. “Are you kidding me Soldier, I hated him, he was arrogant right from the start. He took every chance he had to out do and show up you all. My major disappointment is none of you could out shine him. Too bad, he’s the last man I would have liked to have given that medal too.”
“But you always commended him?” Another questions.
“Of course I did, I had to, he showed nothing but excellence and I respect a man who pushes himself. Even if I don’t like him.”
The men fall silent as Wild Dog enters the Mess Hall.
“Ah, there’s the man of the hour, now this party can get started.” The Sergeant boasts putting on his false face. “Come my boy, as the honored guest you’ll sit at my table.” He says putting an arm around him.
“Thank you Sir.” Wild Dog smiles, his eyes seem black with hatred.

“The dinner was excellent, the best roast I’ve ever tasted.” Major Fear continues. “And the desert was to die for. So much to choose from, I chose the chocolate moose. I can still taste it.” He smacks his tongue around in his mouth.
“So, you over heard everything the Sergeant said?”
“Yes, he wasn’t very good at keeping his voice down.”
“But you didn’t say anything, your ego must have taken a blow?”
“That it did, and it filled me with anger. I wanted them all to die that night, but I could not punish the others for what he had said. Even if my men didn’t like me they still showed me respect and did not speak of me behind my back.”
“That you know of.”
“Ah, clever little girl you are, I’ve always had a weakness for the smart ones.”
“So, what did you do?”
“What do you think I did?”
“I’m the one asking the questions.”
“Very well then, after the party had concluded and we were all back in our barracks I decided to sneak out…”

A shadowy figure moves across the base grounds towards the Officers Barracks. He pauses outside watching two armed guards walk by then slips into the building. He continues down the halls checking each name on each door he passes. He finally stops at Sergeant Jerry Rhodes door taking out a lock pick set from his pocket. Within moments he’s inside the room, much larger with a small living room and bedroom off to the one side. He silently slips through the room to the bedroom door carefully opening it. Inside Sgt Rhodes rests, dressed in army green pj’s and soft ocean noises playing from his tape player.
The man creeps towards Rhodes removing a knife from his boot and looms over the man carefully shaking him. “Wake up Sergeant….wake up…” He whispers.
The older man stirs opening his eyes. “What the…” He struggles under the mans strong grip. “Wild Dog, what are you doing in here.”
“Shhh, we need to talk.”
“Let go of me.”
“Shh shhh ssshhh.”
“Let go of me know, that is an or…” Rhodes words cease as the knife slides across his throat, a warm trickle of blood running down.
“I told you to shush, we need to talk. I’ve cut deep enough to sever your vocal cords, you won’t even be able to scream.” Wild Dog jams the knife through one of the Sergeants hands and into the mattress. “I heard what you said about me before the dinner.” He yanks the knife out pulling up the Sergeants hand admiring the bleeding wound. “It wasn’t very nice.” He plunges it into his other hand then yanks it out. “I don’t like it when people talk behind my back.”
The Sergeant tires to struggle, already losing too much blood, his strength weakening.
Wild Dog stares into the Sergeant’s eyes then plunges the knife into his chest. “You might think I’m crazy and you might be right. But one day I will lead an army that will rule this nation.” He begins to strip down naked, removing all his blood splattered clothes. “Rest in peace Sir.” He steps over to the window opening it up. “For tonight you have learned the fear of death, and soon the flames of hell will lick at you.”
Wild Dog darts across the yard returning to his barracks where no one has noticed him missing and slips back into bed. Moments later a loud explosion can be heard. The men jump from their beds rushing outside. The base is in a panic as the Officers barracks sit in flames. Wild Dog stands in the door way admiring his handy work.

“My god…” Rebecca gasps.
“It was sweet justice, no one ever found out it was me, none that lived anyway.” He leans forward smacking his hands down on the floor startling Rebecca.
Order barks outside the doors having heard the slam. Law opens the door to check on Rebecca. “You alright ma’am?”
“Yes…I’m find thank you.”
Fear looks up at her grinning. “It was my first kill, and I loved it. You should have seen how scared he was. He even pissed himself.” He laughs.
“You, sick…”
“Oh my dear, that’s not even the worst of it. I soon became the new Drill Sergeant for a time. After leaving Borden I went on to, 22 Wing North Bay, that is where it gets really interesting.”

Rebecca gets up from her seat looking at the blank wall behind her. “You stayed in the military after you killed a man?”
“Yes, at the time I believed I did nothing wrong. I excelled at every challenge, nothing thrilled me as much as when I killed Rhodes, and so I decided to become a pilot.”
“Did that give you the rush you needed?”
“At first, it was exhilarating, to be up in the sky high above the earth, to be able to look down on Gods creation…”
“You believe in God?” Rebecca says turning to face him, a bit surprised.
“Yes I do.”
“Even after what you have done, the evil you’ve unleashed on this country. The people you have killed?”
Major Fear thinks for a moment. “Yes, even after you paint me in such a terrible light I do.”
“I paint you…oh my god you are diluted.”
“No I’m not, I’m realistic.”
“Oh I have got to hear this.” She says sitting back down.
“No, first you will hear of my story at 22 Wing, it’s an interesting one….”

Several years ago, high up in the skies over North Bay Ontario two CF-18 military jets Dog Fight. Wild Dog piloting one, he easily out maneuvers his teammate, dropping back behind him and lighting him up in his sites. “You’re dead.”
“Dammit Dog, can’t you even let me win one?”
“I never let anyone win one, the day you win is the day you earn it, Mahoney.”
“You are no fun man.”
“This isn’t a game, its war.”
Mahoney notices his targeting alert flashing. “Whoa dude…what the hell are you doing…this is a friendly fight, no live fire.”
“Like I said, this isn’t a game.”
“F&*# dude…come on…back it off.” His heart seems to stop, his gaze fixed on his screen.
“You’re not the enemy.” Dog breaks off disengaging his target.
Mahoney breaths a sigh of relief. “Man that was not funny.”
“Oh, was someone laughing?”
“Okay boys, enough. Bring it in.” An older mans voice interrupts over the com.
“Yes sir, Colonel Lindos.” Both pilots respond. Wild Dog takes the lead landing on the airstrip first followed by the other pilot. They both head towards the base in silence as the Colonel meets up with them.
“That was some pretty good flying up there men, and I have some good news bad news for you both. Good news is there’s a bunch of new recruits coming in that will need an instructor. Bad news is only one of you will get the job.” He looks at both men, Wild Dog with his cocky smile. “I’ve decided on Mahoney.”
“Sorry Dog, you’re good, too good. After that stunt, you pulled up there having you teach a squad of new recruits is too risky. You are both dismissed.” The two men salute the Colonel who salutes back then turns and heads back.
“Man, Dog, I’m sorry dude he should have picked you.”
“It’s not your fault you didn’t know and you didn’t make the decision.” He growls storming off towards the barracks.

“So, you were hurt he didn’t pick you?” Rebecca asks.
“Of course I was, why wouldn’t I be? I was the best pilot on that base.”
“But you displayed improper actions, you targeted your teammate.”
“I was only horsing around, there was no reason for him not to have chosen me. The military was quickly becoming a dumping ground on me.”
Rebecca crosses her legs leaning back in her seat to straighten her jacket. “Did it ever occur to you that maybe it was you and not your skills?”
Fear looks up at her, now sitting a crossed legged hunched over position, his elbow on his knees and hands folded together with his chin resting on them. “No.”
“What did you do? Your ego had been bruised, yet again?”
“Can’t you figure out what I did next? It was three weeks later, I was still holding a grudge against Colonel Lindos and he needed to pay for passing me over…”

Colonel Lindos sits in his office reviewing documents, his desk lamp the only source of light in the room.
“You know that isn’t good for your eyes.” A voice says in the darkness.
“Who?” The Colonel grabs his desk lamp redirecting the light. “Dog, what are you doing here, you should be in your barracks sleeping?”
“I came to talk to you.”
“Can’t it wait until morning?”
“No, I’m afraid not.” Dog walks around Lindos desk running his fingers along it. “I’ve been having a hard time with the fact that you chose Mahoney over me. He’s good but I’m better, the best actually.”
“You are also cocky, arrogant, and reckless.”
“No ones ever been hurt.”
“So far.”
“Yes, so far.” Dog swiftly picks up the letter opener off Lindos desk and with one fluid motion jabs it into his jugular. “I’m afraid I don’t take rejection so well, just ask my last CO, when you see him in the afterlife.” Dog places his hands on the side of the Colonel’s head giving it a swift twist. He walks around to the front of the desk and kneels down activating a timer. Dog looks down at the blood splatters on his shirt and shakes his head. “I need to be more careful.” He says pulling it off and tossing on top of the bomb.
Moments later the timer reaches zero and the explosion is heard throughout the base. As before, Dog is woken from his bed as everyone races to put out the fire, and as before, he stands watching the flames dance, reaching up into the night sky.

Rebecca sits with her arms crossed staring directly into Major Fear’s eyes. “You killed him just like you did to Sergeant Rhodes.”
“Yes, like I’ve said, I don’t handle rejection very well.” He smiles.
“What did you do next?”
“Well, it was a few weeks later…”

“Hey Wild Dog, there’s a bunch of new recruits coming in, I sure could use a hand.” Mahoney says bursting into the barracks. “What’s going on?”
“I’m leaving.” Dog responds as he packs the last of his things.
“There is nothing more here for me.”
“Is this about the Colonel, they’ll find out who did it?”
“No, this is not about him.” Dog clenches his fists. “This is about me moving on with my training.”
“You sure, I could really use your help?”
“I’m sure.” Dog looks up at Mahoney. “Besides, you can handle it.” He says patting him on the shoulder. Dog picks up his duffle bag slinging it over his shoulder and heads for the door.
“Hey, you know all this time I’ve been calling you by your nick name. I’ve never asked what your real name is?”
Dog looks back and smiles as he heads out. He passes by the recruits coming in, he glances over his attention drawn to a fair-haired man in the line up.

“Lt. Storm?” Rebecca leans forward in her seat placing her elbows on the table.
“The one and only.” Major Fear grins.

Major Fear rises to his feet turning his back to Rebecca. “Excuse me.”
“We’re not done here yet.” She snaps.
“I have to take a leak, if you’d like to watch…”
“No…go right ahead.” Rebecca says a bit embarrassed, and turns away tapping on the door. Law opens it up giving her a smile. “Can I get a glass of water?”
“Sure ma’am, I’ll have one of the guys get you one.”
“Thanks.” She waits for a few moments noticing Major Fear sitting back on the floor waiting for her.
“Here you are ma’am.” Law says passing her a bottle of water.
“Thanks.” She sits back down at the table opening the water bottle and takes a drink. “So once again you got away with murder.”
“That I did, technology wasn’t as advanced as it was back then. I made sure any evidence of my being at each scene was disposed of.”
“Hence you were leaving behind your clothes that had any evidence on them to be burned up in the fire.”
Major Fear winks pointing at her clicking tongue. “So what would you like to know next?”
“Where did you go after you left 22 Wing?”
“Ah yes, I went on to 1 Area Support Group in Edmonton, there I served in the G1 branch. Our role was to assist the Commander in the personnel administration. That included activities related to the efficient employment, discipline and well being of the soldier as an individual. Only the latter two interested me. There were two parts to G1, I was part of the Personnel Management function. My duties included enrolments and releases, promotions, transfers, equivalency and qualifications requests…”
“You’re duties aren’t of interest unless you are going somewhere with it?”
Major Fear smiles. “No, not really just figured you’d be interested in my training. I had access to everything I needed. I was finally able to put my plans in motion…”

Two years ago, West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping mall in North America with over 800 stores and services and the indoor amusement park. Wild Dog stands near the Mindbender, the world’s largest indoor triple loop roller coaster.
“I knew a man named Mindbender, a horrible dentist but brilliant.”
Dog turns to face the man behind him who is dressed in a trench coat with a large Fedora and sunglasses to hide his face. “Well, aren’t you inconspicuous.”
“Yes, shall we walk and talk.” The two head along the amusement park.
“You said you could make me an offer I couldn’t refuse?”
“That I can, I head a certain organization that is interested in your talents. I’ve been following you for quite some time, your military record is impressive. Especially the activities that are not in your file.”
“I do not know what you are talking about.”
The man tips his hat. “Of course.” He stops to listen to the people scream on the rollercoaster. “Do you hear that?”
“The screaming?”
“Yes, beautiful isn’t it. What do you hear in their screams?”
“I don’t quite understand what you mean?”
“Listen closely.”
Dog closes his eyes and focuses on the screams. “Excitement and fear.”
“Which do you enjoy the most?”
“The fear.”
The man smiles. “What I am doing will change the world, and you can be part of it. You can lead a team to take over this nation under my banner and bring about a new world order.”
“And what banner is that?”
The man hands over a card. “There is a number on the back, use a secure phone line when you call it. I’ll be waiting.” He nods heading for the exit.
Dog looks down at the card with a red Cobra logo printed on it.

“Cobra Commander?”
“The one and only Ms. Ramon. He came to me to give me a new life, to help me release the wild dog inside. I was to build and army, at first I thought of recruiting men from my own unit, I even had some prospects transferred in.”
Rebecca abruptly rises to her feet snatching up her tape recorder. “We’re finished here.”
“What? But you haven’t heard the best part yet.” Major Fear leaps up pulling his shackles as far as they will allow him to go.
Rebecca spins around, anger in her eyes. “Borden, 22 Wing, 1 Area Support, those are all military bases Lieutenant Storm has served at. You’ve been lying to me this whole time haven’t you?”
“Have I?” He says with a grin.
“I think you have.” Rebecca taps on the door to be let out. As she storms down the hall, she can hear Major Fear’s laughter.

Hours later the light flicks on in Rebecca Ramon’s office as she enters, exhausted from her flight and the ordeal she’s been through. Listening to some mad mans stories that are possible all false. She sits down at her computer turning it on. As she waits for it to boot up she places her tape recorder on the desk ejecting the mini cassette. “Jerk.” She mumbles. Rebecca enters a pass code that allows her access to Canadian Military files. She enters in search parameters for Wild Dog, and the two names he gave, Rhodes and Lindos.
“Of course, like he’d tell me the truth. Wait…Rhodes…Lindos…those are Greek references.” She slams her hands down on her desk and opens her voice recording files. “After meeting with Major Fear it is my belief that he is insane. He concocted a story of his origin using Lt. Storm’s training history. It is obvious he knows more about Lt. Storm then he lets on, and should be considered a security risk. I am downloading all the information I have on Major Fear to a USB driver and locking it away. My computer will be wiped clean and destroyed to prevent any retrieval of this info.”
She rises from her seat looking out the window. “I can’t believe anything that man told me. Some of it, if not all of it was probably an outright lie. For now, this is something Lt. Storm does not need to know, until I feel otherwise. Case closed.” Rebecca slides a USB driver into her computer downloading all the information. She pulls out a brown pocket envelope from her desk dropping the driver and tape cassette into it as she begins to reformat her hard drive. She walks over to the wall opening up a hidden panel. Rebecca opens a safe and places the envelope inside closing it.
From her desk, she takes out a screwdriver set, and shuts down her CPU. She opens it up and pulls out the reformatted hard drive dropping it into the metal wastebasket sitting next to her desk. She crumples up several pieces of paper dropping them in as well, taking out a pack of matches from her desk igniting one. As the papers begin to burn, Rebecca pulls a chair over to the smoke detector popping off the cover and pulls the wires out. She sits down in her desk chair listening to the crackling and snapping of the hard drive watching the flames dancing over it.
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