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Canada's Elite #7


Canada's Elite #7

Postby Lt Storm » 19 Aug 2009 18:44


Chapter 7

Lt. Storm reports to the command room with Afterburner in tow, followed by G.I. and Medic who also heard the page.
“Wow, I didn’t expect everyone to come.” Snow Squall comments.
“Hey when you call the main man we know it must be something big.” G.I. comments.
“What’s up?” Storm asks.
“A DVR was sent here addressed to you, I already ran the appropriate scans on it, no virus just one single video.”
“Put it in then, let’s see what’s on it.”
G.I. looks Afterburner over nudging her.
“Wanna trade?” He says pulling at her too tight shirt that he is wearing.
“No way, Storm’s T is comfy and you look cute in my T.”
“What did you do to it, shrink it?”
G.I. flexes ripping the shirt. “Oops.”
“You tard…”
“Enough you two.” Storm barks. “Brady you owe Julie a new shirt.”
Afterburner sticks her tongue out at G.I.
“And Julie, we’ll talk about you altering standard issued military clothes later.”
G.I. snickers at her getting punched in the arm.
“And Brady, we’ll talk about you cutting off the sleeves.”
“Yes Sir.” The two frown.
The video begins to play on screen, a lovely woman with jet black hair and blue eyes appears, dressed in a red battle suit and black trench coat. “Good Evening Lt. Storm, I’ll make this quick and to the point. I lead a small environmental organization called Earth Dawn, I’ve heard about your team’s tribulations and wanted to extend an offer to you. Join me in cleansing this earth and returning it to its pristine glory and in the process prove a point to the puppet masters how powerful your team is, and that you are not disposable. With your help I believe we can bring in a new order and soon spread our message across the world. If you’d like to hear more meet me tomorrow night at the Allen Gardens Conservatory the Palm House, twenty two hundred.” The woman salutes as the video ends.
Everyone looks at Lt. Storm waiting for his response, not getting one.
“What a whack job.” G.I. comments.
“Do you think she might be the one behind the attack in Victoria?” Medic asks.
“We should hear what she has to say.” Snow Squall adds.
Storm turns heading out of the room.
“Uh…okay…” G.I. remarks looking at the others puzzled.
“Hey guys what did I miss?” Hotwire asks as she enters the room getting funny looks from the rest. “What?”

White Rock BC, the rest of the Canada’s Elite team returns to their drop point. Airtight asks Target to assist him in loading the samples into the SAR chopper. Feedback looks around for their pilot not able to find him.
“You looking for something?” Navy asks.
“Yeah, our pilot.”
Navy looks around realizing she hadn’t seen him yet either.
“Lock and load, take a look around, let the others know…” Feedback looks off towards a shadowy figure coming towards them.
“Hey guys you finally got back.”
“Fallout, where were you?”
“In the bush.”
“Why were you in the bush?” Navy asks.
“If you must know, I was taking a piss. Why did you want to help?” Navy blushes as Fallout winks at her. “You guys all loaded?”
“Yes we are, and I’ll be accompanying you. I’m curious as to what this agent is.”
“Great, I could use the help.” Feedback shakes Airtight’s hand. “I’m sure Lt. Storm wouldn’t mind making you an honorary member of Canada’s Elite.”
“Thank you.”
“Can we get going now, you guys might have had some fun gathering samples but I’ve been bored out of my mind.”
Navy has a sad look the goes across her face.
“What, I was?”
“No dude, we found more then a sample, well Navy did. She found a body that hadn’t been removed.”
“Oh…you guys didn’t?”
“Unfortunately no, we didn’t have the resources to transport it.” Airtight answers.
“Good.” Fallout sighs. “Everyone aboard then.”

Hotwire knocks on Storm’s office door waiting for him to allow her to enter. “Sir? It’s Hotwire, I’m back now.”
She opens the door to the dark office seeing her commanding officer sitting in his chair still in his shorts. “You’re looking buff.” She comments trying to lighten the heavy mood she feels.
“I trust you had no problems?”
“None, I did get hung up on the highway, that’s why it took me so long to get back. A transport jack knifed. Snow Squall heard from Feedback, they are on route with Agent Airtight?”
“Good. Did the others brief you on the video we received?”
“We are going to meet her.”
“Yes. I want to meet her face to face.”
Hotwire scratches her head. “Can I ask why?”
Lt. Storm rises from his seat. “She’s a lunatic.”
“She’s the one behind the attack in Victoria, I’m sure of it.”
“Have you shared this with the others?”
“No, just you and I want to keep it that way for now.”
“Some share your same opinion, as do I.”
“Not all.”
“Let me have my suspicions right now, I just might be jumping to conclusions.”
“As you wish.”
“If you’ll excuse me I think I’ll take a shower and get changed.”
“Yes Sir.” Hotwire exits the office and heads down to the small lunch room.
“So?” Afterburner asks.
“We’re going to meet up with this Earth Dawn chick.”

Lt. Storm and Hotwire stand out on the tarmac dressed in full battle gear, as the SAR helicopter lands in the early morning hours. Feedback and Airtight disembark first and head straight for him. “Glad you made it back.”
“Sir, this is US G.I.Joe Special Agent Airtight.”
“Nice to meet you.” Airtight says saluting Storm, who extends his hand instead.
“I don’t go for all the formalities Agent Schnurr.”
“Please call me Kurt.”
“I have a lab set up for you.”
“Excellent, and who is this beauty?”
“This is Agent Sheila Duffy, code name Hotwire.”
“Ah, the young lady who put the call into my bosses. Luckily I was in the general vicinity.”
Hotwire smiles as Airtight takes her hand and kisses it. “A gentleman, what a switch.”
“Hey.” Target grunts carrying the sample containers.
“Are those dangerous?”
“No my dear, they are clean but we are hoping to derive some kind of residue from them.” Airtight answers.
“Hotwire, brief Feedback and the others on the Earth Dawn situation, I’ll take Airtight to the lab we have set up.
“Yes Sir.”
Airtight watches as she and Feedback head towards the others. “What a woman.”
“Trust me, you’re not her type.” Storm says with a smirk.
“We barely know each other what makes you say….oh…OH.” Airtight’s eyes widen. “Oh.”

Snow Squall leans back in the chair stretching his head back and rolling his eyes towards the door hearing someone enter. “Feedback, YES!” He leaps out of the chair turning it around for Feedback to sit down. “So glad you are back, no offense but this is one boring job.”
Feedback laughs. “That’s because all you did was man the com, which you did a good job of. But I do more then that, now let’s see this video.”
“Sure thing.” He hands his teammate the DVR. “Everyone already thinks she’s a whack job.”
“Oh, is this Lt. Storm’s feeling as well?”
“Uh, no actually he didn’t say much.”
Feedback inserts the DVR into one of the drive slots running other programs as well.
“What are you doing?”
“Running voice recognition and face recognition software as well as noise analyses to see if I can get any clues to as were this video was made.”
“Cool.” Snow Squall takes a seat next to Feedback to watch him work. “I guess your job isn’t so boring after all.”

Over in a secure facility on the base monitored by armed guards who are military stationed at the base, Airtight tours his makeshift lab.
“Will this suit your needs?”
“Yes it will. How did you manage to put this together?”
“Let’s say I played hardball and right now I get what I want concerning this matter.”
“Ah, I see why General Hawk likes you.”
“He’s mentioned me?”
“Yes, he sees a lot of potential in you. Hawk has been a part of this organization since the beginning. I’m sure he had quite a bit to say about me.”
“Uh…no not really. I just put a call into him and he sent me your file. We really didn’t get a chance to talk much. I’m sure he would have given the chance, I know he thinks highly of each and every one of you who’ve served with him.”
“Yes, that he does, one of the greatest leaders we’ve ever had.” Airtight hangs his head down concerning Hawk’s current condition from which it seems he’ll never recover. “I’ll get started right away, and if you could spare Feedback I would appreciate his insight.”
“Will do.” Lt. Storm nods as he heads out, his pager buzzing signaling for him to return to the command room.

Feedback displays several images on screen of the raven haired woman and of the Conservatory.
“What do you have?” Storm asks as she enters.
“Not much on her, face or voice doesn’t match any on file, anything I can access anyway. But I do know where she was broadcasting from.”
“The exact place where she wants to meet.”
“Page Chamber, Navy, G.I and Afterburner, they go scout the area out.”
“Sir, I have a priority call coming in for you from Ms. Ramon.”
“I’ll take it in my office, when you get a chance go assist Airtight.” Storm rushes out and down the hall picking up the phone on his desk. “I hope you have some good news for me Rebecca.”
“I do, you need to leave now and meet me at the G Ross Lord Park, and it’s just up the road from you take Dufferin, then right onto Steeles Ave and another right onto Hidden Trail. Look for the pedestrian entrance, I’ll be there.” Rebecca ends the call abruptly not allowing Storm to get in anymore questions.
He grabs his motorcycle helmet and heads back to the command room. “I have to go, Afterburner is in charge of the scouting mission. I want them to search the Palm House and the grounds, they have four hours.” Storm quickly heads out to their parking area to his red and white sports bike, tearing off out of the base.

Moments later at the Allen Gardens Conservatory, featuring six greenhouses of seasonal plants and of botanical importance since 1858, Afterburner and her team arrive at their destination. The Palm House was created in 1910 and is comparable to similar gardens in England and USA. Allan Gardens were named after George William Allan who was a politician and cultural leader.
“Funny, where are all the guards?” Navy questions. “A place like this would have to have a few.”
“Good question, you and G.I. take a look around. Chamber you are with me, lets check this glass house over.”
Navy and G.I. search the surrounding area finding one guard getting up off one of the park benches, startled by their presence quickly going for his taser.
“Easy, we’re here to help. What happened?” Navy says.
The guard looks them over noting their military themed uniforms and gear. “You guys some covert ops or something?”
“Something like that, now can you tell us what happened?” G.I. questions. “Why were you dozing off here?”
“I…I wasn’t, last thing I remember I was walking by here, then I woke up on the bench and you two are standing there.”
G.I. steps aside to radio into Afterburner and give her a sit-rep.
Navy sits down next to the young guard. “Do you remember feeling dizzy or light headed?”
“No…tired, but working nights will kinda do that to me. I normally work days, I was filling in for a guy who called in sick, and actually another guy did too.”
“Dunno the guy, they only work nights, go to school during the day.”
Navy looks over at G.I. who heard everything and puts a call into Feedback to get a work schedule and list of all employees. She helps the guard to his feet looking him over. “You sure you’re okay?”
“Yeah, that nap helped to wake me up. So, who you guys with?”
“Sorry, if I told you that I’d have to kill you.”
The guard looks at Navy trying to figure out if she is joking or serious.
“I’m kidding, but I still can’t tell you.” She winks.

G. Ross Lord Park, this extensive park, located in the West Don River valley, was assembled in 1972 primarily for flood control purposes. The park was named after Dr. G. Ross Lord, P. Eng., in recognition of his service as the chairman of the former Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority from 1958 to 1972. He advanced the cause of conservation for a further six years as a provincial appointee at the Authority. Dr. Lord was also one of Canada's foremost hydraulic and flood control engineers.
A naturalization plan has been established for G.Ross Lord Park. From this, areas were identified where preservation, enhancement and revegetation could improve the natural environment. Not only a picnic park but also has a regional sports facility including cross country skiing in the winter months.
Lt. Storm approaches Rebecca who beings to walk not saying a word or even making eye contact. Storm doesn’t try to initiate any conversation as they head to a group of trees where a man stands waiting.
“G.I.Joe Canada’s Elite Agent Lieutenant Storm, we finally meet.”
“Let’s not do the formalities. I want to know what’s going on with my team.”
“Ah, direct and to the point, I like that. Unfortunately that is none of your business.”
“Not a good answer.”
“It’s the only answer you are going to get.”
Storm approaches the man who steps further back into the shadows of the trees. “Listen to me you bureaucratic piece of sludge, if you want me and my team to play along with your game you’ll answer my questions.”
Rebecca grabs Storm’s arm pulling him back and shaking her head.
“Don’t get forceful with me Lieutenant, you don’t know who you are messing with.”
“Yes I do, a group of people who thing they are bigger then they are. I want to know what’s going on now, and you aren’t leaving here until I get those answers.”
“Ms. Ramon, you better rein your man in and explain to him how this works.”
“Please, just give him some kind of answers, his team deserves that.”
“I see.” The man eyes Rebecca up who steps away from Storm releasing his arm. “Very well then this is what I will tell you and you’ll take it. We are investigating you and your team, there seems to be some gaps in your field reports and some information that doesn’t quite add up. Particularly Banff and the Serpent Squad base on the Boothia Peninsula.”
“What’s there is there.”
“And you see our reluctance to answer your questions. If and when we make a decision on you and your team you will be notified, until then do not call upon us again.” The man steps back into the trees disappearing.
Storm looks at Rebecca who keeps and eye on the trees before they head back to where they entered the park. “You have been awfully quite.”
“These trees have ears, I was risking being here with you but I felt I needed to keep an eye on you.”
“You were ready to jump that man and beat the crap out of him.”
“Just trying to scare him a bit.”
“Why do that?”
“Because it wasn’t your quote unquote boss. He was a monkey so I figured I’d push.”
“How’d you know?”
“Because he said we and us not I.”
“I didn’t notice.”
“How would you, we and us is probably part of your everyday talk. I’ll let this go for now.” Storm gets onto his motorcycle pulling his helmet on. “Watch your back and take care of yourself, if you ever need me you know how to contact me.”
Rebecca nods watching him speed off. She looks down at her hands that are still shaking. “What have I gotten myself into?”

G. Ross Lord Park, the Joe team canvases the Palm House with the aid of the security guards on duty. One rushes up to Chamber in a panic unsure of how to address the soldier. “Uh…Sir?” The guard salutes.
“Call me Chamber.”
“Yes Sir, Chamber Sir…I found something you should see.”
“Show me.” The Joe quickly follows the excited guard.
Navy takes in a deep breath enjoying the aroma of the flowers. “This place is beautiful.”
“Yes it is.” Afterburner smiles as she stops to read a plaque about one of the exotic plants.
She jumps startled by Chamber shouting her name. “What?”
“The guard found something here, you better come take a look.”
Afterburner runs towards him to see what all the fuss is about. “Oh damn.” She gasps. “NAVY!”
The other female Joe soon arrives followed by G.I. “What is going on?” Afterburner steps aside to let them see. “Oh damn.”
“That’s what I said. Can you defuse it?”
“I think so.”
“Good, get to work, there might be more. G.I. contact base let them know what we have here, Chamber start sweeping the perimeter for the others. Looks like this bitch was going to blow us all up if we didn’t take her offer.”
“We would have walked into a death trap, good thing our leader doesn’t trust people and is slightly paranoid.” Chamber comments.
“Yeah, I guess it is.” Afterburner sighs.

CFB Downsview, Canada’s Elite command room, Snow Squall manning the com while Feedback assists Airtight. He drums his fingers on the edge of the desk much to Lt. Storm’s annoyance, who just glares at him until he gets the hint. “Sorry Sir.”
“I know you are bored Squall but it’s an important…” He stops as Snow Squall straightens himself up listening as a call comes in.
“Sir, G.I.’s reporting in.”
“Put him on speaker.” Storm stands behind Snow Squall. “Report G.I.?”
“We found some explosive devices sir, Navy is trying to disarm them right now. We’re searching for more.”
“Good work. Leave the explosives where they are, just disarm them all and leave them as you found them.”
“I don’t want this Earth Dawn woman realizing we were there, if she tries to use them then she’ll be in for a surprise and we’ll have the upper hand.”
“Understood, G.I. out.”
Snow Squall looks up at Lt. Storm. “You think she’d actually try to blow us up?”
“If we don’t take her offer then yes I think she would.” Lt. Storm turns heading out of the room to go check on Airtight’s progress.

The next day, 08 hundred hours in the Canada’s Elite briefing room. Lt. Storm stands before his team, including Rebecca Ramon who sits next to him. “We have fourteen hours before we meet with this Earth Dawn organization. I want everyone training together. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen any action and if things go south we have to be ready. Target has set up a firing range, I expect everyone to spend some time there. I also want to meet with each and every one of you in my office, we’ll do it alphabetically. Any questions?”
“Yeah.” Snow Squall stands up. “We’re all going on this meeting, everyone?”
“No.” Storm smirks seeing the disappointment in Squall’s eyes. “Airtight will be remaining here to continue his research.”
“Thank you sir.” Snow Squall smiles sitting back down.
Rebecca coughs reminding Storm to her presence.
“No, you’re not going either, but I do want to speak with you before you leave.”
She nods letting out a sigh of relief.
“Anyone else? None? Good…”
“Uh actually I do.” Afterburner says, slowly getting up. “Do you trust us?”
Lt. Storm stands quiet for a moment, a bit surprised by the question. He goes to cross his arms, then puts them behind him locking his fingers together. “I should have seen this coming. I guess it’s no secret I have trust issues, especially with the situation we’ve been put into, but a good friend and colleague told me I need to trust in my team. So far none of you have shown me any reason as why not to trust any of you. I’m giving you all the benefit of the doubt, I do trust you. That is until you do otherwise and then you better run and run fast.” Storm grins. “We’re a team, a family, and we have to know we have each others backs, my door is always open.”
“Thank you Sir.” Afterburner smiles back taking her seat.
“If that’s all?” He looks around at each of his team members. “Alright then, let’s get to work, Afterburner you’re up first, in my office. Ms Ramon, I’d like you to hang around and observe the others.” She nods with a bit of excitement. “Dismissed.”

Afterburner sits nervously in Storm’s office feeling like she’s been called to the principal’s office.
“What are your thoughts on this Earth Dawn woman?”
“Uh, well, I think she’s the one behind the BC incident, and that she’s probably off her rocker.”
“What makes you say that?”
“I don’t know, woman’s intuition?”
Storm smiles. “I’d say that’s pretty reliable.”
“I need to know that whatever decision I make you’ll stand behind me one hundred percent.”
“Of course, I trust you.” Afterburner emphasizes the word, trust, looking into Storm’s eyes.
“Good. I want you to get us a couple of jets, armed. You’re dismissed.”
“Yes Sir.”

Across town in an old abandoned factory a group of men in white hazmat suits work in a sealed lab. Above in the control room stands the Earth Dawn woman who watches them work.
“Mistress, we have new recruits.” A young well toned shirtless man addresses her.
“Bring them in.” She smiles as two university men enter, one with blonde hair and one dark haired both with blue eyes. “So you want to be part of my movement?” She walks around them checking them out. “You believe in my cause to cleanse the earth and restore it to its natural beauty?”
They both nod.
“Will you pledge your loyalty to this organization and its purpose?”
Again they both nod.
“Good, then remove your shirts, I only accept physically fit men into my organization.” She watches the two guys pull off their shirts, smiling with approval, placing a hand on both their chests over their heart. “Very nice, take them to the education room.”
The man that brought them in leads them back out as the other man in the room approaches her. “Do you know who one of them is?”
“Yes I do, he’s the son of one of the wealthiest men in the city, whom also owns one of the worst polluting plants that has been dodging environmental codes for years. He either shares my vision or wants to stick it to daddy, either way he will be a great asset. I also know the other’s father is one of the most prominent lawyers in the city, who is greatly unliked. He is also responsible for defending most of these factories that get charged for violating environmental laws.”
“What are they doing down there?”
“Assembling the means to an end, those will eradicate all life in the city and beyond, returning it to the land from whence it came.”
“You’re going to kill everyone in the city? I thought this was just…wait…the thing in Vancouver…”
“You thought this was a quiet environmentalist group, and something that will look good on your resume? On the outside it is. Do you not share my vision of a clean earth?” The woman growls.
“Yeah well, kinda.” The young man takes a step back. “I mean…you know…mass murder?”
“My dear, the only way to get peoples attention is too shock them into action, first this over populated metropolitan then the province, the country, then the world.”
“I…I…don’t think I really want….I…want out?”
The woman stares him down stepping towards him as he steps back. “Have I not been kind to you? Have I not shown you pleasure?”
“Y-yes but…murder…”
“Very well then if you want out.”
“Thank you…”
The woman springs on him like a panther placing her hands on the side of his head and quickly twisting it. He falls to the floor in a slump, lifeless. “You’re out, and yes Vancouver was my doing.” She looks to the other young man who is trying not to freak out. “Do you want out as well?” The man shakes his head no. “Dispose of his body then.” She turns back to the factory placing her hands on the protective glass. “Soon all will perish.” Looking at the wall clock the woman realizes the time and heads out passing by two more young men. “Come, we have a meeting to keep.”

22 hundred hours, G. Ross Lord Park, the Palm House. The Canada's Elite team all dressed in grey trench coats, enter the greenhouse, several of the half naked university men stand at attention. Directly ahead from the main entry, stands the raven haired woman who smiles at Lt. Storm and his team.
"Hot damn." Afterburner whispers to Navy as they pass by some of the young guys. "If this is what she's offering I'll join." She jokes.
"Why can't we go up against villains who have bikini clad women?" Target moans, being shushed by Fallout.
"WELCOME!" The woman greets raising her arms up in a friendly gesture.
Storm stops halting his team as well. "Let's just get straight to the point, who are you and what do you want?"
"The name I go by now is Crimson Rayne, and as I stated in my message to you, I want you and your team to join me. Together we can take down the people who have swept you into a corner and cleanse the earth."
"How do you plan on cleansing the earth?"
Crimson Rayne grins. "Ah, that only those who pledge their undying loyalty to me learn. What I will tell you is that it will return everything to the earth from whence it came, feeding it, renewing it."
"You're responsible for the attack in Vancouver." Storm grunts, making it more of a statement then a question.
"Yes, that was my little demonstration of how serious I am."
"You killed hundreds of innocent people."
"Innocent? Not really. Most of those people there were all guilty of some crime. Littering, smoking, and even driving their polluting vehicles to an environmental fair. That is why I want you to join me."
"Sorry, we don't side with idealistic lunatics, besides we all came in Hummers." Storm grins seeing the rage in Rayne's eyes. "I care about the environment but I won't result to genocide."
"Fine, if that is your decision, kill them." Rayne turns heading for the rear exit as her men pull out weapons hidden in the plants.
Storm, Navy and Snow Squall charge after Rayne getting as far as they can before taking cover. The rest of the team splits off pulling out their weapons from under their coats, quickly assembling some. Fallout, Hotwire, and G.I. dart for the main entry taking out the men in hand to hand combat.
"Pick your targets carefully, these boys are not suited for heavy fire, I don't want any of them killed or shot." Lt. Storm relays into his com.
"What? But their armed with real bullets." Afterburner responds.
"No one dies."
Target snaps his laser rifle together noticing a security mirror and something he can use to level the field. He takes aim using it to deflect his laser hitting the main circuit box. Within moments the laser burns through the box shorting out the electrical and blackening the lights.
The Joe team acts, quickly taking out as many of Rayne's men as possible before the emergency lights come on.

Outside Rayne is escorted by two of her men as two more cover them.
"The lights just went out in the Palm House." One says.
"RAYNE! Don't move any further!" Storm shouts.
"Please, you won't shoot my innocent misguided men. I'm as good as gone."
"You're wrong there." Storm flips back his trench coat pulling out his two pistols and pulls the trigger. Taser lines hit two of the men sending high volts of electricity through their body.
"Don't you know how dangerous those are?" Rayne remarks. "Kill him." She says to her remaining bodyguards.
"Not so fast." Snow Squall pops up grabbing the gun from one man and hitting him across the face. Navy comes up behind the other clocking him on the back of the head knocking him out. Rayne runs down the path towards nothing. "Where does she think she is…do you guys hear that?"
"Sounds like…" Navy looks around.
"A helicopter." Storm says as a bright light is shone down on them. "Move!" He shouts as gunfire rains down on them.

Inside the Palm House the rest of the team take care of the remaining young men, using their training to their full advantage, and the limited light. They move quickly disarming the men and restraining them. Target keeps their opponents busy with wild laser fire.
"I think that's all of them." Medic says.
"Girl, you got some fight in you." Feedback comments.
"Thank you, self defense comes in handy." She smiles.
Chamber drags a few of the men to the center as the team rounds them all up. "Good thing these guys are terrible shots and not well trained."
"Lucky for them we had a do not kill order." Afterburner adds kneeling down to one of the guys who eyes her up. "Hey twit, eyes up here." She snarls smacking him across the face. "I'm going to ask some questions and you are going to answer them okay?"
"Sure, only if you smack me again." The guy grins.
"Men." Afterburner huffs. "Alright Target, bring your laser over here, I think we'll do some hair removal with it. And it won't be pleasant." She smiles.

"You should have taken my offer Lt. Storm, it could have been a beautiful partnership with many fringe benefits." Rayne shouts as she climbs into the helicopter, helped in by a dark haired man. "Blow it." She takes her seat waiting to see the Palm House explode. "I said to blow it!"
"I hit the switch, the remote isn't working we must be out of range."
Rayne smacks the dark haired young man taking the remote from him. "We are not out of range." She press the button, nothing, she clicks it several more times. "Why isn't anything happening!?!" She screams.
"What's wrong Rayne, bombs not going off!?" Storm shouts back.
"We got here earlier and dismantled them all, you’re nothing but a rank amature."
"This is not over Lieutenant, you and your team will perish along with the rest of the city!" Rayne signals for the pilot to take them up, then looks over at the dark haired man. "I don't accept failure." She shoves the young man against the door.
"It won't happen again Mistress."
"No it won't." She unlatches the door pushing him out. "Not from you anyway."
The young man plummets towards the ground below screaming until he hits the brick walk way. Lt. Storm walks up to the motionless man, Snow Squall and Navy at his side.
Snow Squall looks over at his leader. "You're right, she is a lunatic."
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