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Canada's Elite #6


Canada's Elite #6

Postby Lt Storm » 23 Jul 2008 17:23


G.I.Joe: Canadas Elite Eco Warriors


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadian Environmental Awareness Fair, and a perfect day for such an event, the sun is shining with clear blue skies, not a cloud in sight. A light breeze from the west makes it comfortable to be out. The outdoor event is loaded with dealers peddling their “environmentally friendly” products, seminars on how to conserve energy and reduce waste. An event put on by local growers, farmers, nursery’s and recycling centers. Everyone is trying to get on the band wagon of the environmentally conscious consumer. On display is a Titan Arum, the largest flower in the world, also nicknamed the Corpse Flower due to the rotting flesh smell it produces when it blooms. This day though it is only on display and it is not expected for this rare flower to bloom. When the bell shaped flower opens it reveals its reddish inner pedals quite a sight to behold when it happens.
Many people have their picture taken next to the enormous 3 meter tall stem, the center piece of the event. Happy children and parent’s, loved ones enjoying the day in the sun and fresh air. The chair person of the event gathers everyone’s attention to circle around the Titan Arum, to thank everyone for coming and handing out tips on how they can save on hydro and gas emissions. The flower begins to hum, an unusual thing for a living plant. The woman turns to look at the large flower as it swells thinking they are in for a treat to see it bloom, warning everyone of the intense smell it does let off.
The flower erupts with a strange green gas quickly spreading from it, its stem withers breaking off and falling on the woman standing before it. She fights to get out from under it as the gas overcomes her. The pedals droop a darkened colour inside, not its usual reddish hue. People begin to gag on the gas clawing at their throats as their breathing becomes restricted. They being to panic running in all directions trying to escape the airborne threat as it spreads to others. Plants close by being to wilt, fruit shrivels and insects drop to the ground. Those closets try to scream to no avail as their eyes water then begin to hemorrhage, their skin breaks out into painful like blisters, some even begin to bleed from them.
People on the outer limits witness this horrific event and being to scream and run, the gas quickly taking them over restricting their breathing. They gag coughing up blood, others begin to hemorrhage from their eyes. Some reach their vehicles trying to get in, their families panicking. Small children try to scream not understanding what is happening looking to their parents for comfort. Loved ones cling to each other and pray as they collapse. Within minutes the hundreds of people attending the day lay motionless on the ground, the gas dissipates and the sun still shines in the clear blue sky. The Titan flower now a dead mess of what it once was.

Chapter 6

CFB Downsview, Toronto Ontario, a former Canadian Forces Base. Once The Downsview Airport developed in 1939 as an airfield for an aircraft manufacturing plant. In 1947 the DND (department of national defence) purchased the property surrounding the airfield and expanded it then closed it in 1994. Since 1998, the property has been used by civilian businesses focusing on aircraft, an Aerospace Museum and a few shops, along with a sports complex and wildlife centre.
In '98 the Canada Lands Company Incorporated a subsidiary name Parc Downsview Park Inc. to assume the responsibility of managing the development of the former military base. Despite the base having been closed for the past fourteen years, a small military presence remains. The DND still holds several buildings in the Parc Downsview for the units.
Among these units is one that is a new resident, albeit unwilling, the G.I.Joe Canada's Elite force. Following the capture of Major Fear and his Serpent Squad, and the fall of the Cobra Organization by the original American G.I.Joe team, the Canadian team was "mothballed" into a small corner of the base and given two homes which to live in. The future of the Canada's Elite program uncertain after Lt. Storm destroyed the base which the Serpent Squad had discovered and attacked in an attempt to take it over. A base that was a top secret American G.I.Joe installation, ready to be used at a moments notice and housed some new top secret weaponry.
The only thing that survived the destruction was a couple of Dragonhawk aircrafts they used to make their escape. The UN frowned on this and held Lt. Storm responsible, not wanting to let their team leader to face the repercussions alone the rest of the team stood behind him to share in whatever is coming to them. Former Chief-In-Command of the American G.I.Joe team and now advisor, General "Hawk" Abernathy has been working with Rebecca Ramon, the Canada’s Elite team liaison. Together they are trying to find a way out for them and clear the team of the charges they are up on.
Tensions have begun to run high among the team members, and Lt. Storm has isolated himself from the others, with secret phone conversations and a mysterious person delivering him packages late into the night. Reaching the breaking point the team is about to shake off the dust and get back into action.

48 Hours after the attack in Vancouver BC, the Canada's Elite temporary briefing room. Ms. Ramon stands before a screen that is hooked up to her laptop as the team all gathers in the room. A disconcerting look on her face, not making any direct eye contact with any of them. "Let's get this started." She clicks a few keys displaying images on the larger screen. "Two days ago there was an Eco Terrorist attack in Vancouver British Columbia during an environmental fair. The upcoming images are extremely graphic and disturbing."
"Wait a sec, just because there was an attack it's automatically considered done by terrorists?"
"I'm just stating what has been told to me." Rebecca continues on with the images of the victims.
Afterburner winches grabbing onto Fallout's arm. "Oh my god."
"What was it?" G.I. asks.
"We're not sure, tests are still being run to find out what the agent was, all I do know is that it was quick acting and dispersed quickly leaving no trace expect the victims. It killed every living thing, including the plants, even the insects.
"How many dead?" Storm asks.
"That's not…"
"How many dead?" He asks again, his voice stern.
"Two hundred and thirty six." We have no lead on who did this and we need to find out whom and you are to figure that out."
"No, we're not expendable."
"Sir, I understand your frustration, but please trust me, General Abernathy and I are working on it."
"Fine, we'll play along for now but first I want a meeting with your boss before we do anything."
"I'm afraid…"
"They do or you don't get our help. For now we'll take all the information you have." Storm rises from his seat and charges out of the room.
The team all look at each other as Ms. Ramon hurries after him. "Sir, wait."
"You have my terms."
Rebecca quickens her pace grabbing Storm by the arm. "Dammit would you just stop and listen to me. I know you are mad, I know you are frustrated, believe me so am I. What Hawk and I are doing could get me fired."
"I know, I'm sorry."
"I'll do what I can to get you a meeting with my boss, but I can't promise anything, not even I have met him face to face. But right now we need your teams help on this, a lot of people died for no reason. Please think of that instead of your emotions right now. I know how you are and I know your drive to protect your country."
Lt. Storm sighs looking over his shoulder at Rebecca. "We will but I don't want your bosses to know. I want to start pushing buttons here, and these walls have ears."
"What are you talking about?"
"We get mothballed to a closed military base that still has a military presence on it. I doubt that is coincidence."
Rebecca doesn't say a word, she knows he's right. "I have to get going I'll call you later."
"Thanks." Lt. Storm watches as Rebecca hurries off then leans against the wall taking in a deep breath. "The two of you can come out now."
Target and Hotwire step out from around the corner.
"How'd you know we were there?"
"I could hear your breathing Target and smell the hint of grease from Hotwire."
"What, I was working on some vehicles in the motor pool." She shrugs.
"So what's the four-one-one?" Target asks.
"Tell everyone I want to meet back in the briefing room in an hour, tell Feedback to initiate lone eagle."
"The what?"
"He knows, just deliver the message, and don’t question me right now."
"You have something in your back pocket don't you?" Hotwire says.
"Figuratively speaking." Target adds. "Come on Sir, we all know you well enough to know you don't push buttons unless you have something to back it up with."
"That's classified information. Hotwire, with me I have something important I need you to do."
Hotwire quickly follows behind Storm as Target heads off to deliver the message to Feedback.

Ms. Ramon climbs into her car dropping her brief case on the passenger seat as her cell phone begins to ring. "Hello?"
"How did it go?" An elderly sounding man asks.
"Not good, Lieutenant Storm wants to meet with you."
"He was quite adamant about it."
"My answer is still no."
"Then he refuses to assist in the BC matter."
There is a moment of silence on the other end. "Fine, I will contact you later with when and where." The man grunts ending the call.
"Okay…this should be interesting, I hope you know what you are doing Storm."

Lt. Storm opens the door to his small office letting Hotwire in.
"So what's this all about?"
"Please sit down."
"Did I do something wrong? I swear I was only kidding about asking Afterburner where she keeps her blow dryer."
Storm looks at her a bit confused by her comment. "No, I need you to deliver a message for me off base."
"Too many eyes and ears." Storm passes Hotwire a file with the G.I.Joe logo stamped across it and a name.
"How do you pronounce that?"
"There are instructions in the folder, follow them and deliver the message at the exact time and place then return here."
"You can count on me Sir."
"I know, that's why I asked you." He smiles at Hotwire and dismisses her, then turns in his chair to look out the window. Across the lot he can see Afterburner and Fallout walking hand in hand.

"That was so sick." Afterburner comments.
"What, I didn't do anything?" Fallout responds.
"The images Rebecca showed us, it was disturbing. What kind of sick wacko does that?"
"The kind we fight."
Afterburner looks up into the sky, brilliant shades of read and orange colour the clouds. "The sky is beautiful."
"Not as beautiful as you Julie."
Afterburner blushes and hugs Fallout's arm. "You are so sweet."
"No I'm not."
"Yes you are my macho man."
Fallout laughs swinging Afterburner around in front of him and embraces her, kissing her on the lips.
The blinds in Storm's window shut and the light goes out.

National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa Ontario. An elderly man sits in his dark office with the phone to his ear. "Our impetuous young Lieutenant Storm wants to meet with me…yes that is just what I said but apparently he is insistent." He listens to the person on the other end. "Yes I am using the secure line I'm not an idiot. I've been doing this while you were still swimming around in your father's nuts." He holds the phone away from himself looking at it with disgust. "Don't get too big for your britches, I know the risks of meeting with Lt. Storm that is why you are going in my place. We need to send someone who knows enough that can't be traced back to me. That means you, time to get your feet wet and become a man."
The man leans back in his chair. "Don't be and idiot, no you won't need protection or a gun, Storm won't harm you. He's not that stupid. Just pack your things I'll have a private jet waiting for you." He hangs up the phone and groans. "Moron."

Toronto, Canada's Elite briefing room.
"I'm not going to waste anytime here, despite what I said to Ms Ramon we are going ahead with our own investigation. Target, Navy, Chamber and Feedback, you four are going to Victoria to do our own investigation, see if there is anything the experts missed. You will be rendezvousing with an Agent from our American counterparts. He will be assisting you. Feedback will be taking point on this mission since he specializes in bio chem. I have a chopper ready to take you to your drop point, there will be a Hummer waiting for you once you are there." Storm picks up a file and hands it to Feedback. "In there you'll find all the information we have and your meeting place. Memorize it and destroy it."
Feedback nods as he and his three teammates gather together.
"Afterburner go get the copter you rounded up ready, Fallout you'll be pilot on this. Just take them to the drop point and wait for them to return. Snow Squall, I want you to man the com, Feedback will brief you on everything you need to know. The rest of you combat training outside, we're going to be playing a little military tag. Get dressed in your exercise clothes. Dismissed."
"Sir, can I speak with you?" Snow Squall asks.
"Of course, walk with me." The two head out into the hall. "What's on your mind?"
"I was hoping I could go on the mission with the others. It's not in my file but I'm a bit of an environmental buff."
"I know but I rather have you here."
"Can I ask why?"
"I'm playing this one close to the chest, I send you, and you’ll want to be gathering all kinds of samples, even ones that may not pertain to the eco attack. I want them in and out as quickly as possible. Don't take it personally it's not."
Snow Squall nods.
"Now go suit up."

Moments later aboard a CH-149 Cormorant, a primarily SAR (search and rescue) helicopter, today it carries Feedback and his team cross country. Able to travel over 1000 km without refueling and with its strong lightweight body it can reach speeds of 300 km/h. Fallout pilots the helicopter to White Rock in BC near the Washington boarder where they will meet up with the American G.I.Joe Agent and wait for their return while he gets refueled. The Sponson Floater airbags on the copter, usually used for emergency water landings, have been replaced temporarily with extra fuel tanks to make the 1600 plus kilometer trip.
"Why we flying in a SAR chopper, are we going to have to repel out of it?" Target asks.
"Repel?" Chamber laughs. "We're not mountain climbing."
"You know what I mean."
"It was the fastest aircraft on base that Afterburner could get. It was there for a paintjob." Feedback answers. "Now sit back and enjoy the ride."

The remaining Joe’s stand out in the yard dressed in light grey shirts and dark grey shorts both with the Canada’s Elite logo on them. G.I. the only one not wearing his shirt address the four, Afterburner, Snow Squall, Medic, and Lt. Storm. “Alright, our commander has explained to me the rules of this little game. Military tag, just like regular tag one of us is it, which will be me since I’m skins to start, the rest of you are my targets but unlike regular tag you can tag me. In this tag game it will be capturing your pursuer. If I find you first and tag or capture you you’re dead and out of the game. Whoever catches me will be the next pursuer, so we can’t trust each other, it’s survival of the fittest. The only way you’ll know if the person you are after is the, it, person will be like me.” G.I. raises his arms pointing at his bare upper body.
“Oh wait a minute…” Medic says. “We ladies are not going topless.”
“You’re wearing your sports bras aren’t you?” Storm says.
Both ladies nod.
“Then problem solved, I wouldn’t expect you to actually go completely topless.” Storm moans.
Medic blushes. “Right, of course, sorry.”
“Then we all understand the rules?”
“Yes.” The four all respond.
“Good, then let’s get started, we have the cover of night but also the base security lights to worry about. Make your moves carefully.” G.I. pulls out a blind fold from his back pocket. “Let the game begin.” He says as he places it over his eyes.
Snow Squall secures a small mic device in his ear that is hooked directly into their com system. “What about me? I’m manning the com.”
“You have a handicap and will need to be more creative.” Storm says as he runs off.
“Less chatter more running.” G.I. grunts.

Just outside of White Rock, British Columbia. “We’re coming up on your drop point.” Fallout shouts to the rest in the back.
Feedback grabs onto the strap supports pulling him up. “Alright, there’s a hummer waiting for us when we land, also as you know we’ll be meeting up with a US G.I.Joe Agent.”
“Initiating landing procedures.” Fallout relays.
Feedback climbs into the cockpit taking the copilot seat. “How do you know where to land?”
Fallout taps one of his screens that are blipping heat signatures. As the chopper gets closer to the ground they can see a set of headlights approaching. “That should be the Agent right on time.”
“I hope or someone is going to have questions.”
Suddenly the landing area lights up in a ring of battery powered spot lights, the hummer off to one side and a fueling tanking off to another.
“Yep, it’s him.” Fallout says. “He had the remote to activate the lights.”
“Wicked cool.” Target says peering out the window.
The team disembarks from the helicopter a VAMP jeep pulls up next to the black Hummer. Out gets a man dressed in a yellow and green suit, carrying his gear. "Hello, I'm Agent Kurt Schnurr code name Airtight."
"Nice to meet you Airtight, I'm Feedback, the young man with the laser weapons is Target, and the lovely lady is Navy and lastly Chamber."
Airtight salutes the others then turns back to Feedback. "I hear you dabble in Biological Chemical Defence. I specialize in Chemical Biological and Radiological Warfare, we should be a good team."
"Excuse me but what do radio's have to do with chemicals?" Target asks.
Airtight laughs at the question. "They don't, it’s a form of chemical warfare, radiological warfare is considered to be a weapon of mass destruction, and I specialize in it so I can recognize it when used."
"Do you think that's what was used at the Environmental Fair?"
"No, it is difficult to purge from the area so I highly doubt it from the information I received. Let us get under way, we can continue the Q&A from there."
"I agree, Chamber you'll be driving." Feedback says.
Airtight smiles at Target walking up to him. "Do you have anymore questions?"
"Uh, just one, if this is a night ops job why are you dressed like a giant banana?"
Feedback moans as the others laugh. "Target, that will be enough questions from you."
"It is quite alright, I enjoy humor, and it lightens the mood in our line of work. Now if this inquisitive young man would assist me, I have some suits for you all, don't worry, they aren't yellow." He smirks.

Meanwhile back at the base the military tag game continues, the prey having been able to avoid their pursuer for quite some time while unknown to them, he is herding them together to take his pick.
Afterburner takes deep shallow breaths slinking along one of the homes on the base. She looks into the windows of the home, dark inside, but that's not what she is interested in, she's interested in the reflections it may give.
"Nice tactic, but you lose." G.I. whispers into her ear, immediately being grabbed and flipped over onto his back. "You don't have to be a sore loser."
"You startled me, I didn't hear you come up. You know you should never sneak up on a woman."
"It's my job, if I didn't I wouldn't be doing it right, nice take down but that's not going to save you, I caught you first."
"And I took down my capturer so that puts an interesting twist on the game."
"Good point, I'll give it to you. Now take off the shirt, you're the new pursuer."
Afterburner grins as she pulls off her shirt. "Then you get to take my place." She says handing him her shirt. "Hope it fits."
G.I. takes the undersized shirt and pulls it on, it fits tight against his body and cuts just above his waist.
"Nice belly, you could be a dancer."
"I'll give you a little tip, find and capture our commander and the game is over. You take down the whole team."
"Then why didn't you go look for him?"
"He's actually quite good at hide and go seek, he's played games like this since he was a kid and he's remarkably sneaky, not as sneaky as me but he's good. It will be more fun to watch one of you try to find him."
"So you chose me?"
"Yes, because you showed resourcefulness, the others were just trying to hide in the darkest corners possible."
"You already found them?"
"Yes, I didn't take them out since that would make it easier for Storm to get the jump on me. Play it smart."
Afterburner peeks around the corner of the house.
"Oh and another thing, don't think I'll make it easy for you." G.I. says as he runs off.

Vancouver British Columbia, site of the mysterious gas attack. Airtight and Feedback walk the site while the others wait from behind the police line. Next to them lay two RCMP officers peacefully sleeping.
“You don’t think we’ll get in trouble for this do you?” Navy says nodding towards the officers.
“Nah, they didn’t even see us coming, Target’s one hell of a shot even with a tranquilizer gun.” Chamber answers.
“Thanks.” The young man grins.
“Okay, the place is clean unfortunately, if there is anything left it will be in the remains…” Airtight explains.
“Don’t worry Navy, I don’t mean bodies, I meant that as in the stands and permanent shrubbery.” Airtight laughs. “You’ll want to put your masks on though, it’s quite the smell.”
“Yeah we got that whiff.” Target groans holding his nose.
“And you’ll be keeping watch.” Feedback retorts. “Navy I want you to assist Airtight in gathering samples, Chamber you are with me.”
The four split up to cover the area as quickly as possible. Navy uses her shovel to move around the rotted stem from the Titan Arum digging deeper in for a better sample.
“I’m surprised that this is still here.” She comments.
“Ah, the Titan Arum a disgusting flower. I doubt they had the equipment to take it complete, which we do not as well or I would take it.”
“It’s heavy for a dead flower.” Navy lets out a scream that causes Feedback and Chamber to come running.
“What’s going on? Do you need me?” Target shouts over the com.
“Hold your position.” Airtight responds. “Dear god.”
Navy grabs hold of Chamber.
“Take her out of here.” Airtight orders.
“Go, don’t look.”
“Do as he says.” Feedback says. “Someone missed this.”
“Yes, and as to why I’d like to know.”
“Obviously they only dealt with the obvious, we really don’t have things like this happening here, it couldn’t have been easy to clean up the mess, and if this is any indication I’m not surprised.”
“Poor woman.” Airtight kneels down to get a closer look.
“Don’t tell me you want to take the body?”
“I would, but we didn’t come prepared for something like this either. Let’s get some tissue samples and be on our way, I think we have enough now. My dear I mean no disrespect.” Airtight says as he picks up one of her rotted off fingers.
“We’ll find who did this, rest in peace.” Feedback lowers his head for a moment of peace then follows Airtight back to the Hummer.

Afterburner skulks along the by the museum, taking a moment to peek in the windows, even though she's taken the tour several times. It's different in the dark when all is quite and not a soul around. She spots a quick movement from behind her not acknowledging it in any way as she slips around the corner. Taking deep shallow breaths she listens, hearing footstep getting closer, then with one quick movement she takes down her pursuer pinning him to the ground.
"I give."
"You're dead Snow Squall."
"Good, I've been waiting for someone to take me out of the game, I tried to make it real easy for G.I. but he didn't even notice me."
"He did, he just decided not to."
"Well, if anyone needs me I'll be manning the com waiting for our team to report in."
Afterburner helps him up and smiles at him knowing how badly he wanted to go on the mission. She examines the area seeing if anyone was spying on them, either no one was or they weren't making it obvious, and if she knows her commander he was. The brunette hurries off into the shadows to plan her next move.
Not far away Medic sits perched up in a tree watching as G.I. passes under her, wanting to make a comment about his tight t-shirt. She sees Afterburner following him then she vanishes around the building. Medic carefully moves from her perch gripping the branch and slowly lowers herself down to the ground. From behind an arm reaches around her neck putting her into a chock hold.
"Clever hiding in a tree, but you should have waited a bit longer to make sure I didn't double back." Afterburner whispers.
"Dammit, I thought you were following Brady."
"I was, I'm hoping he leads me to Lt. Storm."
"I haven't seen him since we started this game."
"Son of a…" Afterburner releases Medic.
"You're dead, go back to base." She whispers sneaking off once again. Carefully she makes her way back to the spot where they first started the game, near their end of the base.
"About time." A voice whispers.
"Come on out, I've figured out where you are hiding."
"No you haven't."
Afterburner spins around keeping aware of her surroundings. "You've been hiding here from the start."
"I still don't think you've quite grasped where I am."
"Keep talking and I will…" She looks up at the corner of the base where a security camera sits. "Clever." The pilot grabs the camera pointing it upwards and slips into the base. She makes her way to the command room only finding Snow Squall.
"You already found me."
"Where did he go, he was in here wasn't he?"
She grunts knowing he won't tell her and thing and heads back outside.
Afterburner jumps and screams as she is taken down to the ground by Lt. Storm. "Damn."
"You're good."
"But you're better." She smiles looking into his eyes.
Storm smiles back helping her back up.
"So I guess this means you are it."
"Yep, and only one left to find." He pulls off his shirt and hands it to Afterburner who pulls it on over her head and tosses her long brown hair into the air shaking her head about. "I better go find G.I…"
"Lt. Storm, report back to the command room."
He sighs. "Another time I guess."
"So you were in there, oh my god you were using the base cameras to watch us all. That's cheating."
Storm laughs heading back inside. "No one said we couldn't." He says with a smirk. "I used everything we had to my advantage."
"I want a rematch." Afterburner says chasing after him.
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Lt. Storm addresses his team as the near their base. "Okay, we're going into a hot zone here, the Serpent Squad wants our base and we can't allow that. Cobra can not get their coil around us. This is going to take our all, we have to work as one, no hesitation, no second guessing. Everyone follows their orders."
"That won't be a problem sir, we know you have our back and we'll have yours." Chamber says.
"Good, now Medic, Feedback, Hotwire and Afterburner will remain in the chopper, Feedback will keep communication open and Hotwire will man the weapons. Snow Squall, Chamber, Fallout, Target, you're coming with me." Lt. Storm heads to the rear of the chopper opening up a cargo hold and removing JUMP jet packs from them.
"Oh no way." Target blurts out.
"Yes, we'll need some speed and manoeuvrability out there, parachuting down will only make us targets."
"Uh, Lt. Storm..." Afterburner says from the cockpit.
"What is it?" He heads up leaning over her shoulder. "Gear up men."

"Press on!!" Fear yells manning the turret of one of the remaining HISS tanks. "Their defences are nearly eradicated we have the advantage now! For the glory of COBRA!"
"For the Glory of COBRA!!" The troops shout.
"This is so exhilarating." Lady D coos. "Victory is in our grasp." She says as a Trooper pulls the Tryke she rides on next to him.
"Yes my dear it is. Lt. Storm and his team have met their demise and their base will be ours."
"We haven't heard from our operatives there?"
"Then that means the mission was a success. There were to be no survivors."
Lady D. gazes up at Fear in amazement, how cold hearted he can be, yet she has also seen his softer more human side.

"Navy to G.I, sit-rep?" Her voice booms over his com link in the MOBAT.
"Doing just fine here, I've taken out several enemy threats and holding the line, not sure for how much longer though. They've already figured out our defence system." G.I. relays to her as he moves in a few more remote operated tanks.
"I'm sure they've figured out that we're not as many as we seem."
"Yeah, we could definitely use some reinforcements here."
"They are on their way, ETA isn't far off, we should be able to see them any moment now."
"It's getting darker out, if we can hold them off a bit longer we might have more of an advantage, that is if Ms Ramon can operate the base security system well enough."
"What do you have in mind?"
"Some blind bat tactics, by the way, what are you up to?

"Applying my some tactics of my own." Navy responds as she scurries around the outside of the base placing explosives at the entry points along with motion detectors. "May not be underwater but it'll do."
"Nothing, don't worry about me, worry about yourself out their big guy."
"It's my job to worry about you Navy, we're a team even if there just are two of us."
"Three." She corrects him sensing someone coming up on her. Navy spins around elbowing a Cobra Trooper in the face pulling his gun from his hands and cracking him over the head with it.
"You want to include blondie in this?"
"She's here and on our side pal."
"And she can hear you." Rebecca chimes in. "Navy, I've spotted a three man squad coming up on your six to the setting sun."
"Thanks." She darts across the yard dropping a few mini mines behind her and hides behind the tower station.
"I like your lingo blondie."
"Call me Ms. Ramon G.I."
"You've been told." Navy whispers. She watches as the Troopers come around the corner not noticing her mines, the first one steps on one as it explodes blowing his leg off. The other two stagger back in horror as their team-mate drops to the ground screaming.
"Navy, what's going on I heard an explosion…"
"It's nothing G.I., just took out some enemy troops, I'm fine."
"Good, you finished up doing whatever it is you are doing?"
"Pretty much." She fires at the remaining two troopers taking them both out with one shot each to the head, right between the eyes.
"Good, head to the hangers and activate a couple of jets, Ms. Ramon should be able to pilot them from the command center."

"What, I don't know how to fly a plane?" Rebecca says viewing over all the monitors, watching as Navy heads for the hangers and the battle outside.
"It's easy, just like playing a flight simulator video game."
"I've never played one of those before G.I."
"Oh, well then just do your best and use them as fodder if you have too."
Rebecca rolls her eyes.
"I know what you are doing ma'am."
"Alright, so what do I do once she activates them?"
"Got me, I'm not really much of a pilot either. It should be pretty simple once Navy activates the drone command, you should be prompted and told what to do."
"That sounds almost too simple."
"Let's hope it is."
A side monitor catches her attention as the Attack Chopper comes into view. "Yes, the reinforcements are almost here, looks like we won't need to blow up more of our equipment after all."
"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Navy comments.
"What is that suppose to mean?" Rebecca retorts not getting an answer.

"We're nearly in range, it's now or never Sir." Afterburner shouts to Storm and his JUMP Jet team. Storm gives her a thumbs up as she brings the copter in. "Alright Hotwire, open fire."
"With pleasure." She launches the missiles in a pre-programmed setting.
"Let's do it!" Storm shouts leaping from the copter followed one by one by the rest of the team. They ignite their packs swirling through the missile barrage.

"LOOK!" Lady D. shouts pointing up at the jet packed Joe's and the incoming missiles. "Impossible…it can't be…"
Major Fear pulls out a pair of binoculars from the HISS turret. "It is they survived its Lt. Storm and his G.I.Joe team."

"YO JOE!" Storm shouts opening fire as the missiles hit their targets blowing the rest of the air assault out of the sky and decimating some of their ground units. He flies right for Major Fear pulling the leader from the HISS and tossing him to the ground. The Joe leader unclips from the jet pack rolling across the ground as he hits it, quickly jumping to his feet. "It ends here Fear." Strom says charging for his adversary.
"I'm almost glad you survived my little trap Lieutenant, cause now I have the pleasure of killing you with my bare hands!"
The two exchange blows in a struggle for dominance.

"I usually don't hit women, but in your case lady…" Fallout says as he sucker punches Lady D while she tries to flee from the Tryke. "It's a pleasure."
"You swine!" She screams at him tumbling across the asphalt.
Fallout unstraps from the jet pack swinging it around and propelling it towards the Tryke blowing it up. "Nice." He glances over at Snow Squall who barely makes his landing and Target who piles into a group of Cobra Enemy Troopers.
Chamber flies by the last few HISS tanks sticking bombs to them and arcs up wards clearing them as they explode. "My kind of fun."

Inside the base, Rebecca watches with joy as the Joe team battles the Serpent Squad and Cobra Troopers. "Yeah, smack that bitch one for me!" She cheers as Fallout trips Lady D to the ground. On another screen she watches as Afterburner makes a final sweep and they unload the remaining missiles to prevent their enemies from escaping. "Thank god they made it."
"So you're a religious woman are you? I didn't think you political types were." Navy jokes. "I Double back to make sure you are alright."
"I am now."
"Good, because now its time for the main event."
"Main event?" Rebecca repeats.

Fear grips Storms throat squeezing hard. "So you survived my scientist and his sick experiment?"
"Yes…" The Lieutenant coughs slamming the palm of his hand into Fear's chin forcing him to release his grasp. "The two of them burned down with your Terrordrome."
"It's no matter, I will take your base as my new home."
"Never." Storm roundhouses the Major knocking him to the ground. "You may as well surrender now, make it easy on yourself."
"And miss…this opportunity to finally duke it out with you…one on one."
"How ever you want to play it scum bag."
"Ah, and now come the insults." Fear spins around on the ground tripping Lt. Storm.

"Okay I'm taking this bird down…holy jeeze…where'd he come from." Afterburner gasps taking invasive manoeuvres. Outside the copter Lt. Graves attacks them in a trouble bubble. "Someone take him out before he actually hits us."
"I'm on him." Hotwire says heading to the bay doors picking up a mini rocket launcher. "Say cheese." She fires off a rocket missing him but close enough to spook him and send him off course as Afterburner takes the chopper down behind the base. The three pile out and split up, the two ladies heading for the battle and Feedback heading inside the base.

Typhoon climbs up onto the rubble of on of the HISS tanks holding a rocket launcher in his hands. "You die." He grunts aiming for Fallout who has Lady D. on the ground in cuffs.
"Oh no you don't!" G.I jumps up grabbing to rocket launcher as it fires. The missile spins in the air then drops down hitting the base. "You moron." He taunts freeing the missile launcher from Typhoon and hitting him across the face with it knocking the brut from the HISS. "Ha, looks like I'm king of the hill…whoops…" He ducks as trooper's fire at him. "Can't a guy get a break." He rocks the destroyed HISS tank riding it as it topples over breaking apart. G.I. leaps from the wreckage taking down a few troopers as the HISS falls on the others.
"Leave him!" Typhoon shouts. "He's mine, you get the base." He orders the troopers.
"Oh come on this is going to be too easy." G.I. remarks watching Typhoon swagger, blood running down his face from the smack by the rocket launcher. "How many fingers am I holding up?" He wiggles his right hand in the air then punches the tall man in the face knocking him back. Typhoon staggers back then drops to the ground unconscious. "Like I said, too easy." He pulls a pair of cuffs from his back pocket. "You sir are under arrest under the authority of the Canadian Military."
"A little cocky aren't you?" Target remarks as he joins him.
"Dude, sometimes you need to be. You must be the team's sniper."
"That's me, and you're G.I."
"Nice to meet you pal." He shakes Targets hand.
"Come on, we have to get into the base and wrangle up those Cobra Troopers."
"Let's do it then, yo joe!"
Target laughs, enjoying his new team-mates enthusiasm and follows him into the base.

Rebecca and Navy activate the remote controls for the jets pulling them out onto the runway.
"Uh oh, we have troopers coming."
"I got them Becca you just try to get your jets into the air." Navy says as she launches a missile from the jet she controls. It missed the Cobra units lead by Lt. Graves but hits an unoccupied part of the base blowing it up sending debris flying and the enemy forces running for cover. Navy laughs, "Woo hoo, this is light a flight simulator game, look at them run."
Rebecca looks over at Navy and smiles feeling safer now then she has all day.
"I hope that wasn't an important part of the base?"
"No, just the kitchen area." Rebecca laughs. "Not like anything good came out of there anyway."
"Alright I have you covered, lets go for it girl."

Major Fear slams Lt. Storm to the ground, both men a bit worse for wear. "You see Storm, I out muscles you and can out fight you."
"You might have more muscle then me Major, but I doubt you can out fight me, I know when I'm at disadvantage in the strength department." Storm thrusts his right leg up jamming his foot into Fear's groin.
The man staggers back reeling in pain.
"And I'm not afraid to fight a little dirty." Lt. Storm smirks quickly jumping up to his feet and roundhouses Fear. He lunges on him pulling the grenade pins from the ones on his chest. "I have an alive or dead order on you, and death is preferred." He leaps off Fear running for cover.
"NO!" Fear quickly unbuckles his jacket and tosses it, the blast is still too close for Fear and sends him sprawling across the ground.

"Holy sh…" Chamber says witnessing what Storm had just done. He grabs Vee who tries to run away from him. "Oh no you don't." The Joe throws his enemy to the ground smashing his face off the pavement then cuffs him. Vee moans as blood gushes from his nose. "Unless you want it worse, I suggest you stay down.
"Mmy nose, you groke mmy nose." Vee tries to say coughing up blood. "You gastard."
"Kinda wimpy aren't you." Chamber comments realizing Vee's not much of a fighter. In fact he'd be lucky to fight his way out of a bar fight he started. Chamber leaves Vee to cry in his own pool of blood to go and assist his Commander.

"Alright Fear, surrender now." Storm says walking up to the bleeding and injured man. "You've lost, we have already apprehended much of your team."
"So you may think Lieutenant Storm, but do a head count."
"Sir!" Chamber comes running up. "Need a hand with this scum bag?"
"Who do we have, I need a sit rep now."
"Uh, I just took down Vee, G.I. took down Typhoon, and Fallout has Lady D."
"Where's Lt. Graves and Anaconda?"
"Just a sec." Chamber listens as Navy lets him know they have Graves pinned down with a few Cobra Troopers and no sign of Anaconda. "They have Graves…"
"Put an all out on Anaconda, find her now!"
"Yes sir." Chamber takes off heading for the base as he radio's the rest of the team.
Major Fear rolls over on the ground, his fresh blood running with the dried blood that is still on his body.
Lt. Storm looks down at him. "What are those markings, is that dried blood?"
"Ah, how clever you are, yes it is. It belongs to the minister of defence. You thwarted me in killing him once before but not this time. It was much more satisfying then when I killed your red haired friend, she took the bullet that was meant for you."
"You son-of-bitch." Storm grabs Fear by the neck squeezing.
"Yes…that's it…" The Major chokes. "Feel your rage…feel your anger…"

G.I. and Target scout the base as they make their way through looking for Anaconda. Target taps the side of his helmet to activate his com link.
"Ms Ramon, do you read me?"
"Yes I do Target, and please call me Rebecca, I'm not that much older then you."
"Sorry ma'am."
"What can I do for you?"
"Have you spotted Anaconda anywhere on the premises?"
"No sorry, nothing yet but many of the camera's are down thanks to that attack. I know she isn't near the mess hall since that's a real mess right now."
"Damn it."
"Looks like we do this the fun way." G.I. comments.

Rebecca cheers as she gets a jet into the air. "I did it!"
"Alright girl." Navy hi-fives her. "Now to take out the rest of our hanger bays."
"I have direct orders to cut off any possible escape. G.I. has taken care of the Serpent Squads aerial units now we take out ours. We can't let these snakes steal any of our aircraft." Navy steps over to take control of the jet and brings it around for an attack.

Snow Squall and Fallout look up in awe as they witness one of their own jets open fire on their own installation as they fight the remaining Cobra Troopers.
"What the hell?"
"Has to be an enemy trooper that's taken one of our…"
"No it isn't boys, its one of our own." Chamber says meeting up with them. "I heard it over the com but right now we have bigger problems. Anaconda hasn't been accounted for."
"Let's go find her then." Snow Squall grunts as he knocks two Troopers heads together. "These guys ain't going no where."
"Oh nice English man." Fallout comments.
"Come on." Chamber leads them into the base to search for the last snake in the grass.

"Okay so now what?" Rebecca asks Navy as she crashes the jet into the landing strip tower.
"We send the guys out to get Graves and his Troops and you stay here while I go help…" Navy's words are cut off as the blast doors open from the outside.
"Hello ladies, you've been quite the bother now haven't you?" Anaconda remarks.
"How'd you get those doors open?" Rebecca asks.
"It's what I do." She says as she opens fire.
"Down!" Rebecca leaps knocking Navy to the hard floor screaming as a few bullets hit her.
Anaconda ceases fire as she drops to the floor.
"That's enough of that as well you troublesome little whore." Afterburner says standing over the unconscious woman holding a crowbar in her hands. Medic comes out from behind her to cuff Afterburner.
"Oh god Medic!" Navy shouts. "Rebecca's been hit. Stupid girl tired to save me." She half laughs.
Medic hurries over to Rebecca to look over her wounds. "Hang in there girl."
"I…I didn't know…getting shot hurt so bad…" She tries to joke.
"You found her." G.I. comments as he and Target enter the room. "Oh damn, is she going to be alright?" He asks referring to Rebecca.
"Go round up the rest." Afterburner orders.
"Graves is still outside near what was the hanger bays." Navy informs. "We'll deal with this and watch Anaconda."
"Gotchya, come on buddy." G.I. grabs Target by the arm as the kid watches Medic go to work on Rebecca.
"She's going to be alright isn't she?'
"I don't know kid, right now we have orders to follow."

Lt. Storm pulls back off of Major Fear, his red gloves covered with the man's blood. "No…no I won't."
"Still that little boy trying to play superhero…time to wake up…that blood on your hands isn't mine, it’s the blood of your fallen girlfriend."
"SHUT UP! You killed her not me!" Storm shouts.
"Did I or did you…sentence her to death…by joining your team? And…and I had so much…promise in you…" Fear laughs. "I guess…you're a golden boy…after all…can't even kill me…" The Major coughs.
"You are the villain here…not me. I'm not a cold blooded killer Fear, I'm not you."
"You do realize…I will only get away…and come back to kill you and your team?"
Storm laughs. "Not where you are going. You'll be lucky to ever see daylight again."
"How can you be so sure? An evil like mine and the Commander's can never be caged for long."
"Oh trust me, it can be. Cobra's reign is over Fear, you should know by now the good guys always win in the end."
"Yes but at what cost?"
"Lt. Storm…skkkttt…come in?"
"I read you G.I., what's up?"
"We got Anaconda and are moving to apprehend Graves."
"One other thing Sir, Ms Ramon's been hit I don't know how bad it is…"
"Thank you G.I." Storm looks down at Fear and clocks him hard across the face knocking him out. He cuffs the Serpent Squad leader then picks him up fireman style and carries him towards the base.

"Drop your weapons." G.I. orders as he and Target come up on Graves and his Troopers. "Its all over, you've lost."
"The two of you can't stop me."
"Think again."
Graves looks around as Snow Squall, Fallout, Hotwire, Chamber and Feedback all appear with their weapons drawn. "It seems like I was wrong." He drops his weapon and raises his hands, his Troopers following suit. "We surrender."
"YES! Alright we won!" Target gloats getting looks from his team-mates. "Oh, sorry." He smiles.

"How is she?" Lt. Storm asks as he enters the command room dragging Fear behind him. He drops him next to Anaconda who is slowly regaining consciousness.
"She'll be fine, nothing major thank god." Medic replies.
"Good." Storm kneels down next to Rebecca taking her hand.
"She tried to protect me, jumped right in front of me when Anaconda open fired on us." Navy explains.
"That was pretty brave of you Ms Ramon, and stupid, but brave." Storm smiles. "We'll get you to a medical facility as soon as possible."
"Thanks, and I was only doing what any of you would do for me."
Storm nods. "Without any doubt, you are part of this team, part of Canada's Elite."
Rebecca smiles at him finally feeling like she has gotten Storm's full approval. "Thank you sir."
"You rest now, its been a big day for you and you did an excellent job."
She nods as Storm rises looking back at Fear.
"Are you okay?" Afterburner asks.
"I'm fine."
"You defeated him…you…" Anaconda says in awe unable to believe that Storm was able to beat Major Fear.
"Yes I did, we did. I hope you are looking forward to your incarceration Anaconda, I know I am." Storm turns to the ladies of his team. "Call the guys, have them round up the Serpent Squad and meet out on the air strip, its time to go."
"What?" Afterburner says a bit confused since all their aircraft has been destroyed.
Lt. Storm walks over to the command console and activates a sub program. On screen they can see the ground open up and aircraft rise up form beneath the earth.
"What are those?"
"Those Afterburner, are new aircraft's called Dragon Hawks. They can carry transport carriers. They were stored here pending military approval. Well, they are now our ticket out of here."
"Awesome, do I get to fly one?"
Storm laughs. "Come on." He picks up Rebecca to carry her out. She wraps her arms around him as Navy and Afterburner grab Fear by his feat and drag him out. Medic forces Anaconda to her feet keeping a gun on her as they head out.

The rest of the team meet up at the Dragon Hawks loading the Serpent Squad and Cobra Troopers into one of the less comfortable transport carriers. The other Dragon Hawk's are equipped with vehicle transport carries containing VAMP jeeps.
"Afterburner, you take Rebecca, Medic, Feedback and Target with you." Storm says as Fallout places Rebecca into the co-pilot seat. "Get her to the closets hospital."
"Yes sir."
"Fallout, you take Snow Squall, Navy, G.I and Hotwire. Chamber you're with me, we have a drop off to make. But first, lets get into the air."

Moments later the three Dragon Hawks are all into the air leaving the base in the distance. Lt. Storm radio's over to Navy who is sitting in the co-pilot seat behind Fallout.
"Are we clear?"
"Yes sir."
"Then do it."
"Do what?" Chamber asks leaning forward as his question is answered. The explosives Navy set begin to go off one after the other. "Holy…why didn't I get to do that?"
"Navy was setting those up the moment she arrived there, and the base has been compromised, the location discovered. It has to be levelled so no enemy forces can salvage anything from it."
The Joe's all watch as their base goes up in flames, their home mostly destroyed from the battle and now will just be a pile of ruin.

Several hours later Lt. Storms Dragon Hawk touches down on Greenland. They are met by several armed guards who surround the aircraft.
"What is this place?" Chamber asks as he and Storm climb out.
"It's where Major Fear and his Serpent Squad will be spending the rest of their time." He opens up the carrier below the Dragon Hawk as the Squad all marches out. They're eyes widen at the installation before them.
"No…" Fear gasps.
"So you've heard of it." Storm says smugly.
"What is this place, it looks so cold and horrible." Lady D. comments.
"Welcome to The Coffin your new home. Enjoy your stay Major Fear."
The military guards lead the Serpent Squad inside the large gates. Major Fear takes on last glance back at Lt. Storm as the gates slam shut.
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Postby Lt Storm » 27 Aug 2008 21:02

G.I.Joe: Canada’s Elite – After The Fall

Fort Hope, former base of Canada’s Elite now a pile of rubble. Once a top secret U.S. military base, built on Canadian soil to house some experimental weapons. All of which is now useless, destroyed by the destruction of the base. Lt. Storm, in his civilian clothes, wades through the ruin of his former base, memories of their short stay here flooding back to him. He makes his way into the cleared out entry of the base and up the stairs to his former office. He can feel his unsure footing but keeps on daring it to give way under him.
Even as a kid Storm was always one to press his luck, he’d be the one to step out onto the ice to see if it could hold him, even testing the limits of area’s he knew would be unsafe. Once he even fell through the ice surprised how deep the creek actually was, he couldn’t even touch bottom. The friend he was with was freaking out, he remembers his frantic voice but not what was coming out of it. Storm kept himself calm as he tried to pull himself back up onto the breaking ice, he finally made it to the edge of the creek and pulled himself out.
His “friend” still amazed how unshaken he was and who panicked he was since he didn’t know how to swim. A comment that made him want to punch his friend, it was a freaking creek, all he had to do was try and reach out a hand to help him up.
Storm shakes off his childhood memories and picks through the remains finding a burned picture of his friend Julie. He brushes it off looking at her smiling face and tucks it into his jacket pocket. He looks towards the destroyed stairway that leads down to the command room, tempted to try to make it down them, but heads back the way he came.
Back on solid ground Storm heads out to the front of the base where he took down Major Fear. He remembers the words the maniac said to him, mocking him at playing hero.
“Sucks to loose a base doesn’t it?”
Storm spins around startled by a familiar voice. “General Hawk?” He quickly salutes the old former chief in command of the G.I.Joe team, who is now confined to a wheelchair. “Where did you come from, how long you been here?”
Hawk smiles. “I was waiting for you son, I knew you’d come back here after the clean up.” He refers to his government coming in to clear out any evidence of their existence there and to salvage anything still useful. “I use to visit my old bases as well after they were destroyed. Kind of gives you closure.”
“That’s what I was hoping.”
“You don’t sound so convinced.”
Hawk looks up at Lt. Storm like he is trying to see into the soldier’s soul. “The Serpent Squad invaded your home and you had to destroy it, I understand how you are feeling, trust me. Don’t fight what you are feeling take it from this old war horse.” Hawk jokes. “You’ll get a new base, a new home, and god forbid one day you might have to do the same thing instead of letting it fall into the enemies hands.”
Lt. Storm takes in a deep breath of the still smoldering rubble. “I hope I never have to make that decision again.”
“You will, we always do. It’s not easy having to make the hard decisions but as long as you remember them and learn from them you’ll grow as a leader. Being part of G.I.Joe is never easy, having to keep secrets from your family and friends, and the families of friends you lost.”
Lt. Storm looks down at Hawk knowing whom he is speaking of. Pebbles, his former team mate and best friend since high school. Someone he lost when Major Fear tried to kill him, she took the bullet and gave Storm her life.
“There’s more on your mind. You can talk to me Ron.”
Storm looks at Hawk a bit surprised. “I forgot you’re one of the few who know my civilian name.”
“It’s good to be reminded of it every so often, keeps you grounded. Now, what’s on your mind son?”
Lt. Storm takes in another deep breath. “The future.”
“Ah yes, the inevitable question. G.I.Joe is going no where I can guarantee you that, but as for your team, I wish I could tell you but even I don’t know.”
“How do you deal with it, how do you deal with not knowing who is pulling your strings?”
“I won’t lie to you Lieutenant, your situation is a unique one with the UN being involved, but you persevere and push through. Don’t let them run you, you run them. Don’t be afraid to make demands and stand your ground. I had to do that with the Jugglers, a group of Generals that wanted to run G.I.Joe their way. I did things I’m not proud of but in the end we broke free of their meddling. Just stand your ground, watch out for your team and their best interests.” Hawk wheels himself along past the remains of a HISS tank. “It’s all over now.”
“Is it?”
“Cobra is done the Commander is someplace not even he can escape from. No one will ever find him there. He wants to believe that when a war breaks out we will have him to thank for it?”
“Do you believe that?”
“No. I believe he may have been the catalyst possibly, but I think you know as well as I do if it wasn’t him it would have been someone else. The gimmick may have been different but there are madmen and terrorists out there in all forms.”
“So it’s never actually over then.”
Hawk stops to pick up a piece of shrapnel from a rattler, a burned Cobra emblem on it. “No, but it is for Cobra Commander. But I’m here to talk about you not me or him.”
“Sorry Sir, but knowing how you deal helps me to learn how to deal.”
Hawk smiles almost wanting to laugh. “You should have seen me when I first learned I was paralyzed and going to be confined to this chair for the rest of my life. I thought my life as it was would be over.”
“But it wasn’t.”
“Sure, it’s easy to see that now but not then.”
“If you like, I should be able to get you into The Coffin and meet with Major Fear, if you want that?”
“No, I said all I wanted to that man before we left them there.”
“Then what is really on your mind?”
“I just wish I had something to go back to my team with. Their stationing us at an old base in Toronto that is a museum now.”
“Ah yes, mothballing. Honestly Lieutenant I wish I could help you on this but my hands are tied where the UN is concerned. I didn’t like the idea of them being involved from the start.”
Storm stops looking out over the horizon at the setting sun.
“Another day is coming to a close and a new one will start. It’s all what you make of it Lieutenant. You defeated your enemy, put them behind bars and saved your country, not to mention you all survived.”
“You know something General, that goes over in my head all the time, I keep reminding myself of that but its good to hear someone like you say it out loud.”
“That’s what I’m here for son.” Hawk smiles at Storm. “You are a good leader, you might have your faults, we all do, but in the end ask yourself one question, and would your team follow you into the thick of battle?”
Storm ponders Hawk’s words.
“It’s how I lead my team, how I’ve always led my team and will continue to even in my advisory capacity.”
“Thank you General Hawk, thanks for coming here and talking to me, it’s good to have someone outside my inner circle to talk to.”
“Anytime Lieutenant, call me day or night whenever you need someone to talk to.” Hawk looks around seeing the helicopter Storm came in. “Could I make one request of you?”
Strom looks at Hawk a bit surprised. “Sure.”
“I wasn’t sure how long I’d be here so I’d really appreciate a lift.”
“I’d be honored sir.” Storm wheels Hawk towards the helicopter as the sun dips below the horizon.

The next day, medical hospital. Storm heads down the hall to visit Athena not realizing she already has a visitor, an older grey haired man. He sits on the bed next to Athena, both looking up as Lt. Storm enters.
Athena’s face lights up, she jumps up from her bed running up to him throwing her arms around him. “Thank god you are alright.”
“Uh, thanks.”
“Athena honey, I need to talk to the Lieutenant for a moment.” The man says beckoning her back to her bed. She complies as the man approaches Storm taking him by the arm out into the hall. “You have a lot of gall showing your face here.”
“Excuse me? I’ve been visiting Athena every chance I get, I don’t remember ever seeing you here.”
“I am her father, General Singer.”
Lt. Storm nearly chokes having heard of him, a retired General who was known for expecting the best out of his troops and ensuring they knew that. He was nicked named The Brute. “I didn’t realize you were her father…wait her father was listed as deceased.”
“At my request, I didn’t want her getting special treatment for being my daughter, nor did I want this life for her. She was going to quite until you came along and recruited her for your little team.”
“She’s extremely skilled…”
“Don’t tell me what she can do I know what she is capable of. It’s your fault she’s in here.”
“I know.” Storm growls.
“I will see you are reprimanded for what you did to her.” Singer bids goodbye to his daughter then pushes past Storm.
“Sir, are you going to come in to visit or just stand out in the hall?”
Lt. Storm watches as the old General heads down the hall then enters the room. “Sorry, I guess I’m taken back by meeting your father.”
“Yeah, I know, whole top secret thing.”
“You seem to be doing better.”
“Yes, and you took down Major Fear.”
“We did, the team that you are part of. How did you know?”
Athena leans into Storm’s ear. “Don’t tell anyone but I had a dream you beat him.”
“You did?”
Athena nods her head.
“I have dreams like that sometimes too.” He smiles at her. “I’m sorry I can’t stay long, I have to get back.”
“It’s going to be alright now, I promise that. I asked my daddy to help.”
“I don’t think he likes me very much.”
“He’s like that with everyone, you’ll like him, just wait. He’s not that bad just comes off that way.”
Lt. Storm gives Athena a hug before heading out.
“Lieutenant.” A man’s voice calls out.
A dark haired blue eyed doctor that looks like he jumped out of a TV approaches him. “Were you just visiting Athena?”
“Yes, who are you?”
“I’m Doctor Wells, I’m her physician now. She’s made a remarkable recovery.”
“Yes, it’s amazing.”
“With any luck she might even be able to return to active duty.”
“Let’s not rush things doc, she still has a way to go.”
Doctor Wells smiles. “Yes I know, sorry I tend to get excited when I have a patient who responds so well to treatment like Athena has.”
“What kind of treatment?”
“Sorry I can’t divulge that, confidentiality and all I’m sure you understand, a man in your position.”
“Yeah I do, sorry I need to get going before I’m missed.”
“Yes, sorry to keep you.”
Lt. Storm continues on down the hall and heads out to the parking lot to his red coupe. He looks back at the hospital before he gets in and drives off.

G.I.Joe: Canada's Elite
Book One - World War III - The Rise and Fall of the Serpent Squad.
Canada's Elite characters are copyright of RS Hero Creations 2008-05-18
G.I.Joe is a trademark of Hasbro Inc.

Up next, an all new story arc with an all new threat.

Thank you to all who read my first story arc.
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