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Canada's Elite #5


Canada's Elite #5

Postby Lt Storm » 23 Jul 2008 17:36


Chapter 5

Lt. Storm leaps out of the way as Golobulus lunges trying to grab him, the half snake man swings his tail around tripping the Joe. Storm stumbles trying to scramble to his feet and keep an eye on the quick moving freak of nature. Golobulus smacks his tail down knocking the Joe leader down. Afterburner aims her gun as Rattlesnake steps between them, and Feedback tries to help Storm to his feet.
“I wouldn’t shoot him my dear, he’ll get awfully mad.”
“Get out of the way you quack.”
“Darling, is that anyway to speak to a man who wants to give you the world.”
“What? Please, I wouldn’t touch you to scratch you.”
“Bitch.” Rattlesnake backhands Afterburner.
Feedback jams his knife into Golobulus’s tail causing the creature to wail. He moves with incredible speed his hands already pressing against the Joe’s head. “I will crush your skull.” He hisses, his nails of his mutated right arm scratching along Feedback’s helmet.
Storm pulls a collapsible staff from the back of his belt snapping it straight as he swings it at Golobulus’s head. The contact sends shockwaves up Storm’s arms causing him to drop the staff. “Talk about a hard head.”
Afterburner returns Rattlesnakes smack with the blunt end of her gun across his face knocking out a few teeth in the process. The mad scientist drops to the floor, but does not scream out in pain as he picks up his bloody teeth, watching as more blood drips onto the floor from his mouth. He looks up at Afterburner with a smile. “I like pain you naughty little minks you.”
“You are a sick twisted little man.”
“Oh honey I am certainly not a little man.”
“Oh my god, have you ever picked up a girl with lines like that?”
Rattlesnake thinks about it for a moment. “No.”
Lt. Storm jabs the end of his staff into the exposed side of Golobulus finally getting the creature to release Feedback. “You okay?”
“Come on you ugly son-of-a…” Storm moves quickly as Golobulus lunges for him smacking into the wall, leaving a dent. “Oh, now that’s gotta hurt.” He laughs, then quickly steps back as the creature leers at him. “Oh damn.”
“You…you will die slowly. I will tear off each finger, then each limb until nothing but pieces of you remain.” Golobulus howls. “Then I will feast on your dismembered body and pick my teeth with your bones.”
“Okay…time for plan B.” Storm pulls out his guns firing wildly to distract Golobulus as he tries to run past him towards Feedback.
Afterburner cuffs Rattlesnake, after having knocked him out, sick of his inappropriate banter with her. “God I hate guys like you.” She looks over at Storm and Feedback fighting with the monster popping out her knife from her leg holster. “Hey ugly, leave them or I’ll cut your masters throat.” She shouts holding the knife firmly to Rattlesnake’s neck.
Golobulus pauses staring at her. “No one is my master, I am my own being.” He growls. “My hearts beat on their own.”
“STORM!” Fallout shouts as he and Snow Squall burst into the command center. “What in the f@#& is that?”
“Fallout, frag him n…” Storm is heaved into the air by Golobulus’s tail and slung at Afterburner.
The creature swings his tail back around knocking Feedback into the wall and darts for his two new guests. “Die!”
Snow Squall pushes Fallout down as he slams his snowboard into Golobulus’s face forcing him back in pain. “Eat that freak.” He grabs Fallout helping him up. “Sorry about that.”
“No problem, gave me time to load my flash bang. Cover your eyes.” He pops off the device that explodes mid air with a brilliant white light blinding the monster. “Come on we gotta book it now.”
Afterburner pushes the unconscious Rattlesnake off her. “Thank god he was out for that, but I still swear he groped me.” She comments as Storm helps her to her feet, noticing the gash on his arm. “Oh my god, sir you’re bleeding.”
“I’m fine, we have to go now before that thing regains his sight.” Storm grabs Feedback’s arm helping him up as the rest rush out the door. “You okay?”
“Just got the wind knocked out of me, and I think my pack is fried.”
“Leave it then.” He helps Feedback to disconnect it as the creature in the room wails about.
“You will die for this G.I.Joe’s, die!”
“Some other time freak.” Storm feels his heart skip as Golobulus spins around. “Go…go…” He says pushing Feedback for the door as the monster slams into Storm forcing them both out into the corridor.
“No!” Fallout opens fire on Golobulus trying to force him back, the bullets just bouncing off his hardened shell, and the ones that find flesh do not seem to phase him. The Joe pulls out a small explosive whipping it at the creature sticking it right above his mutated eye.
“What is that…?” Afterburner asks.
Snow Squall and Fallout grab Storm and Feedback as Golobulus tries to get the device off his face to no avail.
“It’s a small explosive, not much punch to it but it’ll bide us some time, now lets move.”
“What hit me?”
Fallout looks at Storm and smiles. “A creature of nightmares.”
“Oh.” Storm says looking back at him dazed.
Golobulus slithers after the Joe’s noticing they are getting away.
“Why hasn’t your thing done anything yet?”
“Just wait for it girl…two…one…” Fallout smirks.
Golobulus screams out in pain as the explosive detonates, a spray of blood splatters across the corridor wall from his face and his mutated eye drops to the floor rolling.
“Oh god…” Afterburner chokes as they continue on, not stopping.

“What the hell was that?” Hotwire remarks hearing the explosion as she, Target and Chamber head for the entry point. “Was that one of yours?” She asks Chamber.
“Nope, not mine but hopefully one of ours.”
“Dude, that made no sense.” Target comments.
“Think about, it does.” Hotwire retorts. “Where’s Fallout and his team?”
“Look.” Target points to Medic who waves them from outside the Terrordrome. “Hey, where is everyone else, what’s going on?”
“Lt. Storm radioed Fallout, he and Snow Squall went to assist them, it didn’t sound good.”
“We heard an explosion, it wasn’t one of the charges I set.” Chamber informs her. “But I think it may have been one of ours.”
“Why do you say that?”
“I have an ear for these things. Plus that scream that echoed it wasn’t human.”
“Scream, I didn’t hear a scream?” Hotwire looks at Target who is also confused.
“Like I said I have an ear for these things.”
“I’m going to try to contact them.” Medic pulls the small CB from her shoulder strap. “Lt. Storm, Fallout, anyone, do you read me?” There is silence for a moment making Medic’s heart skip a beat. “Chamer…Afterbur….”
“Fallout here, we copy, kind of busy running from a monster.”
“A what?”
“We’ll explain later…Chamber, the boss man wants to know the detonation time?”
Chamber looks down at his watch. “You only have T minus 5 minutes and 26 seconds.”
“Storm says to get as far away as…aaacckkkkk!!!”
“FALLOUT RESPOND!!” Medic screams.
No response.
“Fallout…oh god…Lieutenant….someone…”
Sskkkkttttt “Go now that’s an order.” Storms voice crackles over the radio amoungst gun fire and horrible growling sounds.
“You heard him.” Chamber says.
“Sorry Target, we follow orders, if we go back and don’t make it who is going to rescue us. We fall back and hope they make it out, if not, we go digging for them and hope they are alive. Now let’s move.”

Inside the Terrordrome, the Joe’s fight against a half blind Golobulus who is determined not to let them leave alive. He moves quickly even for his size, lashing out at the Joe’s weapons in an effort to disarm them. Ignoring Storm and Feedback who are still a bit disoriented for him previous attack.
“My head is still ringing.”
“Keep going Feedback, get out.”
“What? Sir I’m not leaving you guys here with that.”
“I’m giving you an order, you have information downloaded from the Terrordrome, we need that. Go and don’t look back no matter what.”
Feedback grabs Storms arm and nods. “God speed.” He looks up as Fallout once again save Afterburner, pulling her away in time before Golobulus’s tail crushes her. He pulls himself to his feet and runs for it.
“You won’t leave alive!” The creature snarls noticing the escaping Joe.
“Eat lead Golobulus!” Storm shouts as he fires with his dual self loading pistols at the monster to distract him long enough. “Yo Joe!” He counts each shot in his head as Golobulus slithers back mainly protecting his bloody face. “Fallout, you got any more of those mini explosives?”
“Getting them ready now.”
Afterburner makes her move while their foe is distracted, she slams her knife into his tail causing him to wail in pain. Golobulus whips it around hitting her in the head and slamming her into the wall.
“Afterburner!” Fallout runs to her brushing her hair from her face.
“How is she?” Storm shouts knowing he’s getting to the end of his clips.
“Out cold.”
“Snow Squall take her and get out, Fallout, I need you assistance here.”
“Ready sir.”
“Just in time.” Storm says as he clicks his empty guns.
Golobulus wails at them, his face red with anger.

Feedback staggers out the hole in the Terrordrome they made earlier falling to his knees.
“Oh my god.” Hotwire gasps, noticing him first. “Medic.” She grabs the woman’s arm as she runs for their team mate. “Feedback!” Target and Chamber run after the girls hoping to see the rest of their team.
Medic drops down next to Feedback pulling out her mini light and checking his pupils. “What happened, are you okay?”
“Where’s the others?” Hotwire asks.
“Monster…Storm ordered me out…” He feels his head swimming and passes out.
“He’s suffered a concussion Chamber.”
“Target, help me carry him. We have to get away from this place, those bombs we set are about to go off.”
“The others?” Hotwire looks in through the opening. “Where are they?”
“All we can do right now is pray.” Medic says grabbing Hotwire’s arm and pulling her back.

Back inside, Fallout throws the last of his mini explosives at Golobulus as Storm checks his watch. “How much time?” Storm just looks at him. “Then we better run as fast as we can.” He looks back at Snow Squall who’s made it several feet down the corridor and is still moving fairly fast with Afterburner slung over his shoulder.
The mini explosives detonate on Golobulus, part of his chest armour rips off, and a chunk of his tail nearly hits Storm as he dodges it. The last one sends a few fingers flying off his mutated arm.
“That’s gross.” Fallout comments.
“Which, the monster or the flying bits?” Storm jokes glancing at his watch.
“Both. It was great serving with you.”
“Don’t count us out yet.”
Fallout takes one look back as Snow Squall rounds the corner almost to the exit.

“LOOK!” Target shouts running towards the Terrordrome.
“NO!” Chamber grabs the young mans arm slinging him to the ground. “GET DOWN! GET DOWN!!!” He shouts at Snow Squall. His watch beeps signalling the last few seconds. “GET DOWN!!!”
They hear popping sounds followed by explosions as the Terrordrome begins to erupt. Snow Squall pumps his legs trying to get more distance before he is forced to hit the ground covering Afterburner with his body.
“Oh my god…” Hotwire panics watching as a fireball erupts out the hole fighting the urge to run for her team mates. She is forced to the ground by Chamber who holds her from looking back.
“Don’t…keep down.” He grunts as smaller debris flies around them.
A few more explosions erupt as the base is engulfed in flames, the fire rushes through the corridors burning everything left inside.. Chamber slowly gets up watching the blaze.
“Holy crap dude…” Target comments. “What did you put in those things.”
“I attached a few to a propane main I found. That stuff fires up good.”
More explosions are set off blowing out one side of the Terrordrome.
“That must have been the armoury.” Chamber comments, listening to the sounds. “I think we’re safe, the armoury was on the other side, minimal explosions to this side.” He lets Hotwire up as she hurries to her feat.
“Snow Squall…SNOW SQUALL!?!” Hotwire shouts carefully making her way towards the burning wreckage. “Oh god, answer me please…SNOW SQUALL!?!” She spots some moving rubble and signals Target over. The young Joe hurries over to assist her. They pull off a few sheets of scorched metal.
“Holy hot man, I can feel the heat through my gloves.” Target comments.
“Think of how I feel.” Snow Squall comments as they pull the last sheet off them. “Like a marshmallow in a camp fire.”
Target pats down his smouldering jacket.
“Afterburner…is she okay?”
Snow Squall checks for a pulse and nods. “She got knocked out, you wouldn’t believe what we faced in there.”
“Feedback said something about a monster before he passed out.” Hotwire informs him.
“How is he?”
“Medic says he has a concussion.”
Afterburner moans as she comes to. “Did we make it?”
“Yes we did girl.” Snow Squall helps her to her feet as Target and Hotwire help them to Medic for a once over.
Chamber stands staring at the burning mass of metal. “Come on…come on.”
Hotwire places a hand on his shoulder. “It’s not your fault, you followed orders. We all know the risks.”
“They had to have made it, Storm’s has a freaking horse shoe up his @$$ and after what Fallout did back in the plane to save Afterburner….the two of them had to have made it out.”
“We’ll search as soon as it’s safe enough.”
“Come on, we need to brief Snow Squall and Afterburner, find out what they faced in there.” Hotwire takes Chamber’s hand and leads him to the others.

Meanwhile, back at the Serpent Squads holding cells, Major Fear, now ritually dressed in the Minister of Defence’s blood, searches the man’s body.
“What are you doing?” Lady D. asks.
“Ah, here it is.” He pulls a cell phone from one of the dead mans pockets. “Let’s see who he’s called shall we.” Fear flips open the slim phone and accesses the call menu searching through it. “Wife…wife…wife…the man was whipped. Tisk, tisk, making so many personal calls on the countries dime. Ah, what do we have here?”
Lady D. leans over looking at the display trying not to come in contact with Fear’s blood adorned body. “R.R?”
Fear hits the call button and listens. “It’s ringing. Still ringing…ah voice mail…”
“You’ve reached the mailbox of Rebecca Ramon, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you.”
“Rebecca Ramon.” Fear repeats.
Lt. Graves returns with a laptop placing it down on the table taking a quick glance down at the dead man. “Vee and Typhoon are securing the place and rounding up the rest of our plants. No S.O.S’s have gone out that we know of.”
“Good, let’s look up a Rebecca Ramon, and do you think you can use this cell to trace a call?”
“Then do it, we have very little time. She is the only one so far that knows of what has happened here.”
“What about the Joe team, she may have alerted them.” Lady D. says.
“They are too far to be of any use to her. They have invaded our home, its time for us to invade theirs. Lady D. have Vee round us up some transportation.”
“As you command.”
“And find our uniforms and gear, I’m sure they are stored here somewhere.” Fear leans over to watch Lt. Graves with an evil grin across his face.

Boothia Peninsula, the Joe team tends to their wounded, Target assisting Medic. Hotwire sits with a still unconscious Feedback. Chamber, Snow Squall and Afterburner talk amoungst themselves watching the Terrordrome burn.
“If they made it out we should have seen some kind of sign by now.”
“I know Afterburner, but they could also be trapped and with Feedback K.O’d we’re kind of lacking in the communications department.” Chamber explains.
“I guess you are in command then.” Snow Squall says to Chamber.
“No, Storm and Fallout are in there alive, I know it.”
“Yeah but we need someone to organize us and make some decisions.”
Chamber looks at Afterburner. “Be my guess, we’re the same rank and I’m really not the lead a squad type, and you’re more a take charge kind of gal.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment, since I’m sure it was meant to be one.” The brunette smiles. “Alright, fine. You and Snow Squall start a search for our two missing team mates, I’ll have Target head back to the chopper and try to radio for help.”
“Sounds good toots.” Chamber remarks as he and Snow Squall head for the Terrordrome.
Afterburner sends Target off then kneels down next to Feedback. “How is he Medic?”
“Still no response. The rest of you check out okay, just some minor cuts and a few broken bones.”
Afterburner places her hand on the side of Feedback’s face. “Hey you, if you can here me we could really use your help right now. We need to get an SOS out.” She sighs, then quickly pulls her hand away as his eyes flutter open.
Medic grabs her gear checking him over.
“What’s with the bright lights?” He moans.
“Just sit still, I’m checking your pupils.” Medic explains. “How do you feel?”
“Like I was run over by a train.”
“Here.” She pulls out some medication and a water bottle from her medical supplies. “Take these.”
Hotwire helps Feedback with the medication then slowly assists him in sitting up.
“So, where’s everyone else?”
The girls look at each other and lower their heads.

Snow Squall and Chamber circle the smouldering Terrordrome, still too hot to get close too. They search through some of the scattered debris hoping to find their two MIA team mates alive.
“I don’t know about you Chamber, but the more we look the more my stomach knots.”
“Yeah, I know what you mean.”
Suddenly a chunk of metal goes flying through the air caused by a small explosion.
“Damn, this place is still hot.” Chamber comments, referring that it’s still dangerous with latent explosions.
“No, wait…look.” Snow Squall hurries to the area of the explosion as Lt. Storm and Fallout emerge, covered in soot and slightly singed.
“Son of a bitch…” Chamber looks back towards the others. “HEY! WE FOUND THEM, THEIR ALIVE!!” He follows Snow Squall feeling excitement and joy.
“How the hell did you guys survive that?” The Joe offers Storm a hand in climbing out from the wreckage.
“I’ll tell you later.” Storm comments. “How’s everyone else?”
“We all made it sir.” Chamber responds.
Afterburner and Hotwire come running up with tears running down their face. Afterburner throws her arms around Fallout, as Hotwire hugs Lt. Storm.
“Oh thank god, we thought…”
“We’re Joe’s Afterburner, its going to take a lot more then some bioengineered monster and a Terrordrome coming down on us to stop us.” Storm remarks.
“What happened to Golobulus?” Snow Squall asks.
“Golobulus?” Chamber questions.
“You didn’t tell them?”
“We were kind of more concerned about you two and tending to Feedback, he’s out cold.”
“No he’s not Squall, he came too finally, Medic says he’s going to be okay but still would like to evac ASAP and get him back to base. Target’s gone to radio for help, Snow Squall and Chamber were in charge of finding you two.” Afterburner explains.
“Who thought of all that?” Storm asks.
“I did sir.”
“Good job. Now, let's get the hell out of here.”
“Wait a second. You have to tell us how you two survived and what happened Golobulus?” Snow Squall reminds.
“And Rattlesnake.” Afterburner adds.
“Simple, our battle revealed a hidden corridor. We ducked in and it took us to a sealed room. We got the door shut just in time, as for Golobulus and Rattlesnake, we have not idea what happened to them.” Fallout explains.
“Hopefully they were destroyed along with the base. Now come on Joe’s lets go home, our mission was a success.” Lt. Storm looks up towards the rising sun in a clear morning sky.
“Look.” Hotwire points towards the south as a couple choppers come into view.

The Serpent Squad, the Cobra agents have made their escape from their holding cells. They have confirmed their location in Hudson Bay and are now travelling in a stolen military Hummer. Lt. Graves was successful in locating the Canadian Joe base, or what they think is the Joe base and are headed on route.
Major Fear, now dressed in his battle gear still wears the blood of the man he murdered. He looks out the window at the rising sun and smiles. “Today the sky will bleed and the Joe’s will fall, all hell is breaking loose around the world and we will rule this land. The dawn of the Cobra Reign is coming to fruition.”
“What?” Lt. Graves comments.
“Shh.” Lady D. hushes him. “Should we not get in contact with the Commander?”
“The Commander is busy, we have our orders and have followed them out to the letter. Once we take the Canadian Joe base we hit the capital.”
“So us being captured and held for months in that military hole was all part of your master plan?” Anaconda comments.
“Yes my dear it was. Everything that has happened has been carefully choreographed to ensure our success.”
Anaconda folds her arms staring at Major Fear, who she truly now believes to be utterly insane, and is strangely aroused by it.

The Canada’s Elite team are once again airborne, their chopper fuel tanks and reserves filled to make the trip home. Hotwire and Medic wave to the Canadian Soldiers on the ground that search the wreckage, as they head back, after receiving some distressing Intel on the current state of the war with Cobra.
Storm looks over at Feedback. “How are you feeling?”
“I’m doing pretty well now.”
“Good to hear, radio the base and get Ms Ramon on the horn.”
“Yes sir.”
Storm leans towards Afterburner who is flying the chopper. “You did a really good job taking charge back there, you stepped up when needed.”
“Thanks sir, but it was Chamber who urged me to take command until we found you.”
“Still, I’m noting that, once this is over you’ll get the proper congratulations, along with Fallout and the rest of the team.”

Fort Hope. Rebecca sits cuddled up in the corner staring at her cell phone with seventeen missed calls from the dead Minister of Defence. The base is silent, the system still shut down. A crackling gets her attention as she searches for the source.
“Ms Ramon, this is Feedback, can you hear me? Come in Ms Ramon, if you can hear me follow my voice. There is a hidden radio under the command console, when you shut down the system a backup generator would have…”
Rebecca rips open the compartment and pulls out the radio. “Oh thank god, where are you? Are you all okay?”
“We’re on our way back, the mission was a success the base is destroyed and we’re all alright.”
“You have to hurry back, I think they are coming.”
“Major Fear and his Serpent Squad, they are coming…they are coming…please you have to get here before them…oh god…I don’t want to die…” She panics.
“Rebecca, this is Lt. Storm I want you to listen to me very carefully. You have to reactivate the bases main system, the one you shut down. Once it is booted up you can activate the defence systems. Feedback will walk you through that but you have to reactivate the system now.”
She does as she is told and pulls the main leaver that restores power to the main console and begins to reboot the system. Her hands trembling as she tries to pull herself together focusing on just what Feedback is relaying to her, and praying it won’t be too late.

"Clever." Major Fear smirks looking out the window of the navy Cobra copter. The Canada Elite base still a ways off but close enough to view by the naked eye.
"What's so clever?" Lt. Graves asks.
"The Canadian Joe base is hidden on an Indian Reservation. This area is only accessible by air." Behind Major Fears lead copter are several other Cobra copters carrying HISS tanks, Stinker Jeeps, and a few cargo planes with smaller ground quick strike and air assault vehicles. "This day will go down in history, the day we took control of this country and soon Cobra will rule the world."
"Shall I send in the Rattler's now?"
"Yes, Lieutenant Graves, initiate attack sequence Pawns."
Graves nods radioing the lead Rattler. From above the copters descends a platoon of 6 Rattler's that break away from the squad to initiate the attack. More so to be used as Pawns to test the base defence system.

Cambridge Memorial Hospital psychiatric ward, Christan sits on her bed drawing pictures as a visitor knocks on her door. She quickly looks up, excited at who her visitor might be, he excitement quickly changing to a pleasant surprise. "Hi daddy."
An older man smiles at her as he steps further into the room. "How's my little girl doing?" He asks, carrying himself with assertiveness.
"Good, I'm doing much better."
"Are you still having those nightmares?"
"No daddy, those are gone now." She smiles at him as he sits down on the corner of the bed. "I have new dreams now." She shows him the pictures that look the quality of a five year old.
Her father looks at them with surprise. "This…this looks like the Joe base."
"It is."
"And it's under attack?"
"It is." She says with a serious tone.
Her father springs up hurrying out the door and down to the nurse's station. "I need to use a phone, now." He barks out at the stunned attending nurse.

Fort Hope, the Canadian Joe Base. Rebecca impatiently watches as the computer array continues to boot. "Why is this taking so long?" She asks with a panic.
"There are several firewalls and boot sectors for it to go through, it's not your simple home computer ma'am." Feedback answers over their com link.
"How far are you?"
"We're…" A voice is heard in the background. "We're not far."
"Storm told you to say that didn't he?"
"We're not far, now let me know when it asks for a password."
"You didn't answer my question."
"Just tell me when the password request…"
"It just popped up." Rebecca snaps.
"Good, now as soon as you enter that we'll be able to activate the base defenses."

Outside the Rattler's approach going into attack formation.
"ATTACK!!" Major Fear shouts over the com.
The Rattler's release their first barrage of missiles targeting the perimeter of the base to gauge reaction.

"Oh my god!!" Rebecca screams. "Their here….their here!!"
"Calm down and listen to me, we're almost done."
"It's too late…their here."
"Rebecca!" Storm shouts at her. "Shut the hell up and listen to Feedback, that's an order!"
The angry tone shocks her, allowing her a few moments where the explosions outside are just light drum rolls. "Yes sir…"

"There seems to be no resistance." Lt. Graves reports to Major Fear.
"Good, then their base defenses are still off line. Bring in the HISS tanks and have the Rattler's do a second sweep targeting the visible weapon defenses.
"Yes Sir."
Major Fear smiles watching out the window as the helicopters carrying the HISS tanks fly by, and the sound of explosions outside.
The Rattler's make their second pass hitting the outer weapons and fuel tanks outside adding to firry explosions and destruction. The copters carrying the HISS tanks drop them just outside the perimeter of the base, clear of the Rattler's. As soon as the navy coloured tanks hit ground their engines roar to life and they begin to advance on the base.

"How's your status." Feedback asks over the com link.
"HOW'S MY STATUS!!" Rebecca screams back at him. "Are you serious? I wasn't trained for this!" She instinctively ducks at the sound of the explosions outside.
"I mean the rebooting."
"Oh, that…it's nearly complete, but I think they've taken out the defences already."
"No, they only took out the outer ones, those are more of a decoy anyway." Lt. Storm responds. "Don't worry, their in for a big surprise."
"How soon until you get here."
"Don't worry about our ETA, just focus on what Feedback tells you."
Rebecca looks up at the screens as outside visuals come up. "Oh my god…they've hit the fuel reserves…what if they hit the generators and power units…"
"They can't." Feedback replies. "They are safely hidden under ground."
"Base defences are online." Rebecca says with a bit of excitement to her voice.
"Alright, now all you have to do is enter in, target hostiles, in the command line, once you do that the defences will activate and target anything that fires on the base. Then you need to find the large leaver marked lock down. That will seal up the command room and keep you safe."
"For how long?" Rebecca asks as she types in the command.
"We'll be there before they can even find you." Lt. Storm reassures. "Just sit tight and keep us briefed on the situation."

Outside the base hidden weapons reveal themselves and being to fire upon the Cobra units. A barrage of missiles and gunfire flood the skies. The Rattler's are blown from the sky one by one but not before a few of the defences are hit themselves.
"The base had hidden defences, it was all a rouse to get us closer."
"We are turning back now Graves, have the troops push on, target those defences, and launch the trouble bubbles. Have the remaining Rattler's regroup on the carrier planes and have them protect them so they can drop the Squad Trykes."
Lt. Graves nods and follows his orders.
Back in one of the carrier planes Typhoon and Vee climb into a Squad Tryke securing the parachute for their drop.
"About time we got some action eh big guy?" Vee comments.
"Yes." Typhoon responds with a grin.
Vee shudders, knowing the man's mental state, his grin gives him the creeps. Making him glad he is on their side.
"Let's burn this land."

Canada Elite Base, Command Room, where Rebecca Ramon is held up and finding herself praying, she's never been much of a religious woman until today. An alert on screen catches her attention. There is movement inside the base heading for the vehicle bays.
"Base to Feedback, come in."
"Feedback here, go ahead."
"The internal system is telling me there is movement in the vehicle bay, I'm not alone in here." A hint of panic to her voice.
"It's okay, mark them as friendly's." Lt. Storm says.
"What?" Rebecca here's an echo feedback as the Joe's on the other end repeat the same thing.
"Access recruitment files for Navy and G.I and mark the intruders as friendly's now!"
"Alright." Rebecca sets to work accessing the recruitment files.

In the Attack Chopper, the Joe team questions Lt. Storm about the new Joe's.
"Who are they?" Hotwire asks.
"Terri M. Calli, code name Navy underwater specialist and Connar M. Brady, code name G.I. survival instructor."
"Okay, so when did you call them in?" Feedback inquires.
"I didn't, they weren't supposed to arrive until tomorrow, and someone has sent them in early."
"And how did they get in?" Target asks.
"Underground emergency escape tunnels, they connect to the outer roads about 50 kilometres outside of the base perimeter."
"How come we never knew about them?" Chamber questions next.
"Cause we hadn't needed to use them so you didn't need to know. Some of you did know though."
Feedback grins as the Joe's all look at him. "Oh come on, of course I knew, it's my job to know every inch of that base."
"Let's not worry about that right now. Afterburner what's our ETA at our present course and speed?"
"About a half hour."
"Can you push us any harder?"
"Without blowing the engines, no."
"Then push them, I don't know how long the others can hold back the Serpent Squad."
"But…you know how I am about crashing."
"Get over it if Major Fear takes over the base he'll have an edge against us. Now push them." Storm realizes his tone may have been harsh but this isn't the time to be subtle.
Afterburner does as she is told and accelerates the thrusters watching the gauges.

"Attack!!" Major Fear screams over the com link like an excited little boy. He leans forward to look out the front window of the copter and marvel at the destruction below. "Hmm, interesting…are we in range?" Fear asks Lt. Graves.
"What do you mean?"
"Are we in firing range?"
"Yes, I guess we could…"
"Not us, the base defences…" Just outside their copter a Rattler is hit with multiple missiles blowing it apart. "Never mind, that answers my question."
"What are you talking about?" Graves asks frustrated and confused.
"Isn't it strange how we have not been targeted yet?"
"Maybe we're not a concern since we haven't fired a shot yet?"
"Or, it is because we haven't fired a shot yet."
"I just said that…"
"Radio the Troopers in the trouble bubbles and Trykes, tell them not to fire a shot until ordered to."
"What about the HISS tanks."
"They have armour, and we need guinea pigs."
Graves follows out Fear's orders and watches as they Elite base defence system targets just the attacking HISS tanks. "You're right, they are only targeting what they consider to be hostile."
Fear laughs. "This is going to be easier then I thought. How many Rattler's do we have left?"
"Send them in have them empty out their weapons caches."

Rebecca jumps as the Command room doors begin to open. She looks around for a weapon and grabs a box end 2" wrench gripping it tight in her hands.
"Hi, I'm Navy." An African American woman greats with shoulder length black hair and dressed in a tight Canada's Elite uniform which doubles as a wetsuit.
"Oh thank god…"
"Here." She tosses Rebecca a rifle. "The clip holds ten rounds, don't waste them."
"I've never fired a weapon like this before."
"Well then you'll be in for a real kick, literally. Reseal these doors behind me, G.I and I will take care of the Serpent Squad."
"Just the two of you?"
"Of course, it's more fun that way." Navy says as she exits the room and Rebecca reseals the doors behind her.

In the vehicle bay G.I., dressed in the Canada's Elite camo pants and unbuttoned vest climbs into one of the MOBAT tanks. He activates the remote drone unit inside which activates three other tanks he already pre-programmed. "Alright, time to blow up some snakes." He says blasting open the bay doors and rolling out to a surprised squad of tanks as he and the drone tanks unload a salvo of gun fire on them.

"Major!" Graves points down to the squad of Joe tanks that are firing on the HISS tanks. "The base isn't as unmanned as we thought."
"They are probably just drones programmed to attack hostiles." Just then the lead tank swings its turret around and targets the copters in the sky.
"Or not. Looks like they may have been a bit more prepared then I thought." Fear grunts. "Doesn't matter, we are still many and they are still few. We have the advantage." He leans over to the pilot. "Time to earn your metal, take us down, it’s time we joined the battle. I want to meet these Joe's who are foolishly defending their base.
The pilot nods taking the copter down skilfully manoeuvring to avoid being targeted and hit.
"Can you feel it Graves, today we will taste victory and this land will be ours."

Rebecca watches on the monitors as G.I and Navy tackle the Serpent Squad studying the battle. "Wait a minute…" She watches the Cobra vehicles that swarm around. "They are picking their targets…they know…oh my god…G.I do you read me?"
"That I do Ms Ramon loud and clear, but I hope this is important…I'm kinda busy out here."
"They've figured out our defence system…what do I do?"
"Nothing, we'll take care of them. You just keep your post secure."
"Trust us, we're professionals and we know what we are doing, G.I over and out."
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