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Canada's Elite #4


Canada's Elite #4

Postby Lt Storm » 25 Apr 2008 18:49


Chapter 4

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Fort Hope, 13:37 Hours
“What the hell is this?”
“Nice to see you too Ms. Ramon.” Lt. Storm replies looking up from the paper work on his desk as a file is smacked down in front of him. “This looks like my report from Banff when we captured the Serpent Squad six weeks ago.” He says with a hint of sarcasm to his voice.
“I know that.”
Storm turns to his computer seemingly ignoring her obvious next question. “Little slow on the paper work aren’t you?”
“I didn’t get this till two weeks ago.” She flips open a note pad. “First question, what do you mean the D1AM bullets were not recovered?”
“Is that what you are calling them now? Clever.”
“Don’t play coy with me Lieutenant. You claimed Major Fear discarded the weapons due to an unknown source. What source, and why couldn’t you recover them?”
“It’s all in the report. It was approved by General Colton himself.”
“I don’t give a rat’s @$$ who else approved it, he doesn’t have the jurisdiction here to approve anything.”
“That’s not how the hire-ups feel. They accepted his backing to the report and agreed to keep all other information classified.”
“I am your liaison, you report to me and I report to our chain of command concerning all Cobra operations.”
“Give your bosses a call, they’ll confirm it. Now if you’ll excuse me I’d like it if you got the hell out of my office, I have work to do.”
Rebecca gives a huff snapping the file up off of Storm’s desk and stomping out.
“Wow, what a bi…” A voice says through the computer speakers.
“Easy Feedback, I take it you heard all that?”
“Yes, but I don’t know why you’d want to record it?”
“Anything dealing with our mysterious Rebecca Ramon I want recorded, she never leaves your sight while she is on this base.”
“Roger that sir, loud and clear.”
“Have you been able to crack open her files yet?”
“Not yet sir, they have been encoded well, several firewalls and passwords…”
“Keep at it, get some help from our American friend Sgt. Hacker if you have too.”
“Understood.” Feedback responds as his image blinks off the screen.
Storm leans back in his chair folding his hands together.

Toronto Downtown, 13:56 Hours, Hotwire, Chamber and Target load a squad of Cobra Troopers into a military truck. Another training camp busted the twelfth one in the past four weeks.
“I never realized Cobra had so many facilities around here, it’s unsettling.” Hotwire comments.
“Yeah, totally blows your mind, I bet half the employees at this law office had no idea who they were working for.” Target adds.
“I’ll radio headquarters and let them know we’ve busted another one.” Chamber says heading towards their Hummer.
One of the Canadian Military soldier’s runs up to Hotwire obviously excited about something. He stops to salute her and hands her a file. “We found this, I think it’s what we’ve been looking for.”
Hotwire takes it looking through it, her eyes widen.
“What is it?” Target asks.
“Oh my god…” She darts after her other team-mate. “Chamber, we have it!!”

Lt. Storm stands behind Feedback in the main command room back at base, with Fallout beside him. Chamber and Hotwire on the large view screen, and Target bobbing around in behind them.
“Are you sure about this?” Storm asks.
“Yes sir, one hundred percent.” Hotwire responds.
“Hold tight.” He looks at Feedback. “Get me a satellite image of the area.”
“Already on it sir.”
Storm smiles watching the other three on the screen as Hotwire turns to Target smacking him in the forehead and shaking her finger at him. The young man slumps down in the rear seat almost out of view.
“I have something, weather conditions aren’t the best but I have an image, feeding it to our team in Toronto and up on the main screen.” Feedback looks up at Lt. Storm. “Looks like a large round structure out in the middle of nowhere.”
“Only Cobra would do that.” Fallout comments.
“It’s a Terrordrome. Chamber, get you team back here on the double.”
“Yes sir.”
“Fallout, gather the others and prep us some transportation, cold weather.”
Fallout salutes and rushes out of the command room.
“Get all the information you can Feedback, I want to know layout, terrain, everything. I need to make a call.”
“To Ms. Ramon?”
“No, someone else I’ve wanted to bring onto the team.” Storm heads back to his office sitting down at his desk and dials the phone. “Yes, I need to speak with your base commander, priority code Alpha Zero Ten.” He turns to his computer taping his mouse as he waits bringing up a dossier.

Ottawa, Canadian Military Headquarters, 16:14 Hours.
Rebecca storms into the Commanders office slamming her hands down on his desk, glaring at him.
He looks up at her quickly and cryptically ending his phone call. “What is it Ms. Ramon?”
“I don’t like being kept in the dark, I was appointed liaison of the Canadian G.I.Joe team…”
“If this is about the Banff report it is strictly need to know, and you don’t need to know.”
“With all due respect Sir, how am I supposed to do my job if I don’t know.”
“You were appointed by the U.N. for this joint task force, not me. If you have a problem talk to them.”
“Sir, my job is to communicate the team’s progress to you and the U.N, as well as General Colton. I can’t do that if Lt. Storm keeps going over my head.”
“If Lt. Storm wants to get General Colton’s advice that is entirely up to him, he does not have to get permission from the den mother. Now if I were you I’d get my @$$ back to Fort Hope, the team has discovered a possible Cobra Terrordrome in the Boothia Peninsula.”
“What?” Rebecca starts for the door.
“Don’t forget your job Ms. Ramon, focus on that, not what else is going on around you. They won’t let you in if you keep at it like you are and next time I won’t let you into my office.”
Rebecca pauses for a moment glancing back at him then continues on out of the office.

Fort Hope, G.I.Joe Canada Headquarters War Room, 18:00 Hours.
Lt. Storm and Feedback prep the view monitor for the mission briefing as Rebecca taps on the door mustering up all the humility she can.
“Yes Ms. Ramon?”
“May I talk to you privately sir?”
“Whatever you have to say to me can be said in front of Feedback.”
“Very well.” She steps further into the room. “I wanted to apologize for my behaviour earlier this afternoon, it was uncalled for. I realize I may not be privy to all mission information, and I over stepped the boundaries of my position.”
Lt. Storm steps down from the stage and over to Rebecca. “I’m glad to hear that, you’ll need to constantly remind yourself of that if you want to be in on this team. We military folk are a tight knit group, especially one like this. I need to know I can trust you and depend on you. There may come a time when you won’t know if you should report something or not, that will be entirely up to you.”
“You aren’t up to something now are you?”
Storm smiles. “No, this is all on the up and up.”
“Well, I should let you get to your meeting then…”
“Stay, this is something you should be in on.”
“Thank you sir.”
“You’re welcome.” Storm turns to Feedback. “Are we ready?”
“Yes sir.”
“Then assemble the team.” Storm heads for a private passageway that will take him to his office. “Oh and Ms. Ramon, I prefer your tough exterior to the vulnerable side you just showed.”
“Please, call me Rebecca.”
“As you wish, Rebecca, take a seat, the meeting will start soon and you’ll want to meet our new team members.”

The team has all assembled in the War Room, Rebecca getting a few glances, not the most welcoming ones. Lt. Storm enters the room and steps in front of the large view screen, his hands behind his back holding the control device. “Thanks to the cleanup efforts of Chamber, Hotwire, and Target, we have finally obtained information on the whereabouts of the Serpent Squad Headquarters. But before we get into that I have a few announcements to make. First, as you have all noticed Rebecca Ramon our liaison is joining us. She’s agreed to be more of a team player now so I’d like you all to give her your support.” Storm carefully phrases his words emphasising just the right ones to let his team know that he means that metaphorically.
“Can I add something to that?” Rebecca says rising from her seat.
“Keep it brief.”
“Thank you Sir, I just wanted to add that I know I got off on the wrong foot with your Lieutenant and as such you all. I want to apologize, that’s all.” She smiles taking her seat again.
“Now, I would like to introduce you to a few new members of the team, first is a young woman I met while assembling this team, I was impressed with her flying abilities and bravado.” Julie Van Housen comes out onto the stage already in her official team uniform. “Her code name is Afterburner and she’ll be our pilot for this mission. Next out is a man that has been training our military in winter survival, John Rupert, code name Snow Squall.” The new male team member comes out giving a quick wave. “Please take your seats.” Storm says to the two new members.
They greet the small team shaking everyone’s hands as they take their seats.
Lt. Storm dims the lights and turns on the rough satellite image of the Cobra Terrordrome. “This is our target; it is believed to still be manned and heavily guarded. Our mission is simple, get in, capture the remaining Cobra Troops and destroy the base.”
“Sounds like fun.” Chamber comments.
“Glad to hear you say that cause you’ll be in charge of setting the explosives. We’ll be splitting into three teams once we get inside. Hotwire and Target will be with Chamber you’ll be team red, Fallout, Snow Squall and Medic will you will be team blue. Afterburner and Feedback will be with me, we’ll be team gold. I’ll brief you on the rest after we’ve boarded and give each team their specific instructions. Any questions?”
Rebecca raises her hand. “What about me?”
“You’ll be staying here and will be manning our com, if anything happens to us or you loose contact you will be in charge of alerting the higher ups, who will dispatch the closet American Joe team. Any more questions?” Storm looks around the room. “Good, Feedback show Ms Ramon the com center, dismissed.”

Hotwire and Medic follow Afterburner to the hanger bay silently assessing the new girl. Inside the hanger bay sits a large Aircraft, a CC-177 Globemaster III that is being loaded with a slightly modified Night Attack Chopper.
“Wow, can you fly that plane?” Medic says in amazement.
“Yes, I can.” Afterburner smiles. “I can fly nearly everything in the Canadian Air Force, including that helicopter. But I won’t be flying it on this mission that is Fallout’s job.”
“How do you know that?” Hotwire inquires.
“Lt. Storm has already briefed me, as I am sure that is what he is doing with Fallout right now.” She points over to the two men who are looking over the red and two tone grey Night Attack Chopper. “And I bet you are also wondering what about the plane if I am part of the commander’s team? It will be set on autopilot and land safely at the nearest airstrip.”
“O-kay.” Medic comments.
“I have already preset the controls myself, I suggest you ladies do the same. It’ll be a shame if you are not prepared for what we may encounter.” Afterburner tosses her long brown hair to one side as she gives the two a polite but cocky smile and heads towards the carrier.
“Yeah, I know.” Hotwire answers knowing what Medic is commenting on. “Hello to you too Ms. Attitude.” She whispers under her breath watching the new pilot strutting up to the plane.
“God could she flaunt it anymore? You don’t see us doing that.”
“No you don’t do you.”
The two ladies turn about thrusting their noses in the air and strut away heading for the armoury and medical supply office.
Target and Snow Squall pass by them on their way into the hanger already geared up. They both look at the ladies who do not return their friendly glances.
“Yeah, I know.” Snow Squall comments rolling his eyes. “Women.”
“We heard that!” The two sing down the hall.
“Dude, you are in for some cold shoulders from those two.” Target laughs.
“I don’t mind I’m use to the cold.”

Afterburner sits in the cockpit of the CC-177 making one more quick check of all the planes controls. She adjusts her helmet and headset as Lt. Storm sits beside her in the co-pilot seat and Feedback takes the loadmaster’s seat behind her setting up his communications equipment.
“Feedback to main control do you copy?”
“I copy you loud and clear.” Rebecca responds.
“Good, we’ll be going on radio silence until we reach our destined altitude.”
Feedback looks over at Storm. “Do you think we can trust her all alone in the base with all that information?”
“No, and that is why I am doing it. I want to see if she can be trusted and it’s a good test of our security systems.” He smirks at Feedback.
“Okay boys, one last check of the instrument panel and we are good to go.”
“Excellent Afterburner, that’ll give me enough time to check on the others.” Storm gets up from his seat making his way into the forward compartment where the rest of the team sits talking amongst them. “Fallout, is the NAC secure?”
“Yes Sir, triple checked it myself. The remote release clamps are also secure and functioning accordingly. The chutes have also been tested and prepped.”
“Good work.” Lt. Storm addresses the rest of the team. “We don’t know what to expect once we get in range of the Serpent Squad base, once we are on the ground Snow Squall will take point. I expect everyone to follow his lead even though he is a newbie.”
The team nods letting their leader know they plan to comply.
“Good, now make sure you are buckled up we are about to take off. And enjoy the comforts that have been specially supplied to us.” Storm heads back into the cockpit retaking his seat and placing his headphones on. A thumbs up from Afterburner lets him know they are ready.
The jets 4 Pratt & Whitney 2040 engines roar to life, each able to produce 40,440 lbs of thrust, as the hanger bay door opens to the run way. Carefully, Afterburner taxies it out into position then begins takeoff. Rebecca watches on the main view screen as the jet reaches the end of the runway and lifts off into the air. For a moment she holds her breath as the plane ascends, then looks around the control room. She realizes just how quiet it is in the base.

Top Secret holding facility located somewhere in Northern Ontario. The Minister of Defence, followed by a couple of armed men, head towards a heavily guarded room. The first room is small, two chairs and a table with a microphone, speakers and small control box atop it. The Minister sits down taking a deep breath flicking one of the switches. Before him is a thick bullet proof window to a padded room, the lights flickering on. Shackled to the wall is Major Fear, stripped of any clothing with six weeks of beard growing on his face.
The Major looks up towards the window, the lights having woken him from his sleep. “Good day Mr. Minister, I see you are doing well for a man that should be dead.”
The Minister turns on the microphone leaning into it. “You’re taunting won’t work on me Major Fear, I want answers.”
“Several have tried before you.”
“Yes, I know and you have told every single one of them a different story, but I want the truth.”
Fear laughs. “Release me from these binds and I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”
“You are too dangerous of a man.”
“And your hospitality is terrible.”
“This isn’t the Holiday Inn, Fear.”
“Sadly no, but imagine how it feels to have armed guards surround you while you go to the bathroom, or shower, or eat with your fingers like a Neanderthal. Every one of those guards ready and itching, to put a bullet in you if you even look at them.”
“I can’t imagine…NO!” The Minister grabs the mic. “Listen to me Major Fear, you will tell me everything I need to know or it’s the Coffin for you.”
“Ah yes, I’ve heard of that place, a highly guarded G.I.Joe prison for terrorists and Cobra agents. Sounds like a place I’d like to be.”
“This is not a joke Fear, if you think you have it rough here just wait till you get there. I’ll see to it that you are placed in solitary confinement permanently.” The Minister growls.
“Please do.” Major Fear smirks.
The Minister shuts off the mic and lights to the room abruptly standing up from his chair. “He gets nothing but bread and water from now on. One way or another we’ll make him crack.” The Minister barks at one of the armed guards.

High above the Gulf of Boothia.
Afterburner looks over at Lt. Storm as she begins the autopilot preparations. “We are nearing drop off range Sir.”
“Good. I’ll let the others know, Feedback you relay our coordinates back to base.”
“Roger that.”
Storm climbs into the forward compartment his team already gearing up. He smiles at them appreciating the unspoken commands. “Fallout, get to the chopper, make sure its ready for drop, everyone else inside and buckled in..” Storm stumbles forward as the plane is hit by enemy fire. “What in the…?”
“We’re under attack!” Feedback shouts. “Unknown origins, two of our engines have been hit.”
“Everyone to the chopper, NOW!” Storm staggers back up to the cockpit as Afterburner fights to steady the plane. “Feedback, go now.”
“Yes sir.”
“I can keep her steady long enough to make the drop, I’ll be right behind you.”
“I’m not leaving you.”
The plane begins to climb upwards. “See no problem.” She smirks just as the low fuel alarm begins to blare. “Go Sir, I’ll lock the controls and be right behind you…GO!”
Storm hesitates for a moment then makes his way back to the cargo area. “Fallout!”
“Yes Sir?”
“Is she ready to go?”
“Alright then lets lower the hatch…”
“Where’s Afterburner?” Target asks.
“She’s locking the controls, she’ll be here.” Storm looks back, obviously worried about her. “Are the latches functional, we won’t get a second shot at this?”
“Double checked them already sir, they are good to go. The release detonators are set to go.” Chamber replies.
“We’re starting to dip!”
“Get your oxygen masks on, I’m going back…”
“No way Sir.” Fallout grabs his commander’s arm. “I’ll go get her.”
“I need you to pilot the chopper.”
“I’m the only one qualified enough in case this goes south. We need you to pilot the chopper, you’re the only other one trained enough to do so.”
“He’s right.” Hotwire adds as she secures her mask.
“Fine, tether yourself to the jump latch in the chopper. We’ll wait for you.” Storm says as the hatch begins to lower, the roaring of the wind blowing through.
“No you won’t, you’ll have to eject the chopper with or without us.” Fallout gives Storm a nod as he secures his line then fights his way up towards the cockpit.
“Who do you want to cut the line if they don’t?” Snow Squall asks feeling the decent of the plane.
“You’re new so I’ll let that slide, no one cuts the line, and they’ll make it back.”

Canada Elite Headquarters, control room. Rebecca listens intently to the commotion going on. “Will someone please respond…PLEASE?” She screams having asked several times with no response. “Feedback do you read me, I need to know what’s going on?” She listens for a response terrified.
“I copy you base, just a bit busy here.”
“What’s the sit-rep?”
“We’ve been hit, we’re bailing in the chopper.”
“You’ve been hit? Abort mission, do you hear me?”
“Sorry ma’am, but with all due respect that’s not your call.”
She slams her fists down on the console. “You’ve been made, the enemy knows you are there.”
“All the more reason to continue the mission, they won’t be expecting us to still come.”
“I want to talk to Storm right now.”
“No can do, he’s too busy, I’m cutting communication for now, I’ll radio when we’re safe, over and out.”
Rebecca goes to say something but instead slumps back in her seat. “Oh dear god please let them make it.”

Fallout grabs hold of the cockpit doors pulling himself inside. “Come on.”
“I…I…can’t.” Afterburner says, gripping the wheel with fear. “I’ve never crashed before…never….”
“It happens to the best of us but if you don’t let go and grab my hand this will be one you won’t walk away from.”
Afterburner looks back at Fallout. “I can’t move my arms.”
“Yes you can, just close your eyes and take a deep breath.” He glances down at the altitude controls. “Come on girl I believe in you, I know you can.”
She does as she is told, her hands releasing from the wheel. Fallout grabs onto her pulling her body up against his latching a lanyard to her belt.
“Hold on to me as tight as you can, this might get rough.”
Lt. Storm taps his foot, his hand rubbing the detonator switch for the latches, he can tell by the roar of the wind that they are running out of time.
“I SEE THEM!” Medic shouts.
“Hang on!” Storm hits the detonator switch blowing the latches that secure the chopper, and whispers under his breath. “God speed.” Separate thrusters engage ensuring the chopper makes it out of the cargo bay doors. Fallout and Afterburner are lurched forwards holding onto each other tightly like one body as they spiral through the plane. They nearly miss being tangled on the netting fixed to the wall and the bolted down benches. The wind rushes by them with incredible force as they are pulled out after the chopper. The thrusters blow from the chopper once it’s out just missing the two being towed behind.
“PULL ‘EM IN!” Storm shouts holding tightly onto the stick and thrust leaver, unable to fire the chopper until, his two remaining team-mates are inside clear of the propellers. “NOW!”
Target and Chamber grab hold of the line yanking on it, joined by Hotwire the three pulling as hard as they can.
“Come on…man someone needs to go on a diet.” Target comments grunting as he pulls.
“I know you don’t mean Afterburner.” Hotwire jokes.
“CUT THE JOKES!” Storm yells letting them know they need to speed it up.
Medic grips the sides of her seat with all her strength staring down at the icy water that is quickly coming into view. She begins to pray closing her eyes.
With one last heave the three pull Afterburner and Fallout inside. Chamber pulls the door shut as Target and Hotwire tend to their team-mates
“LET HER RIP!” Chamber shouts.
Storm slams up the switches that engage the propeller blades pulling back hard on the stick with all his strength. “Come on baby…come on…” He hears the blades above pop and wheeze then a low growl as they start to spin.
“Everyone shift to the back now.” Fallout gasps still trying to catch his breath. “We need more weight to the back.”
“Just don’t fall on me.” Target jokes as they scramble to the far rear of the chopper. “I don’t think we’ll be enough weight.”
“Every little bit helps, now shut up and pray.” Hotwire snaps.
Storm glances down at the controls noticing the chopper beginning to pull up. “HANG ON!!” He reaches for the throttle lever engaging the rear thrusters lurching the chopper forwards and up. Spray from the bay swirl around them as it levels out.
Medic opens her eyes and looks out the window. “Cutting that one a bit close weren’t yeah?”
“What’s life without a little thrill….HOLY!!” Storm banks the chopper to the left as the CC-177 crashes into the ocean. He hits the burners to gain them speed just making it past the splash and waves.
“How the hell…shouldn’t that have crashed before us?”
Storm just glances back at Medic with a puzzled but relieved look on his face. “8 Wing is not going to be happy with us, we just cost them one of the three planes they were getting.” (Trenton, Ontario, where the CC-177’s will be delivered in summer 08.)

“Feedback to base…”
“Oh thank god.” Rebecca jumps up from her seat holding onto her mic, her hands trembling. “Is everyone…?”
“All safe and accounted for, see nothing to worry about.”
“Maybe not for you but for someone on this end it was.”
“We are now enroute to the Terrordrome, recommencing radio silence until we get inside.”
“Copy that.” Rebecca lets out a sigh looking upwards. “I know I don’t talk to you much anymore but, thank you.”

Fallout takes the seat next to Medic behind the pilot leaning towards Lt. Storm. “That was some fancy flying you did there Sir.”
“And nice work to you, that was one hell of a stunt.”
“Piece of cake, I’ve jumped into worse situations.”
“How’s Afterburner?”
“Still a bit shaken but she’s okay.”
“Good. This may not be an appropriate time for this but…considering you are the next highest ranking officer on this team. I am making you second in command of the unit.”
Fallout sits in silence not sure what to say.
“After your display of bravery and willingness to risk your own life, not to mention you weren’t afraid to tell me to basically sit down and shut up.”
“Thank you Sir…I’m honoured.”
“Good, now go back and tell Snow Squall to get everyone geared up.”
“Yes Sir.”
Medic leans forward and looks at Lt. Storm smiling.
“Nothing.” She says still smiling at him. “Has anyone ever told you what a nice guy you are?”
“Constantly actually, and that’s probably why I can’t find a date.” Storm jokes.
“Bad boys come and go but the nice ones are the ones who are always there for you when you need them. I’ve seen that when I first met you at the hospital.”
“Thanks Medic. You’re not hitting on me are you?”
Medic blushes. “Oh heavens no, I’m married.”
“I know, I was only kidding.” Storm clicks on the loud speaker. “Get ready, we’re coming up on land and enemy forces know we are here, this may get hairy.” He glances back at Medic. “Go get suited up, it’s going to be cold out there.”

Cobra Terrordrome, headquarters of the Serpent Squad. Enemy Troopers bustle about the base organizing themselves for battle and readying the defence system.
“Command come in?” A voice shouts over the com network.
“Yes Sir?” One of the Troopers answers hurrying over to the closets intercom.
“What’s going on?”
“We’ve detected a Canadian Aircraft approaching, we shot the plane down but we are suspect it is the G.I.Joe team.”
“WHAT!?! Are you securing the base?”
“Yes Sir, we could use you’re assistance being the only officer left.”
“Your squad has a unit leader does it not?”
“Well, uh, yes it does.”
“Then have him take command, I am not a leader I am a scientist. Major Fear did not bring me in to order you goons around.”
“But if it is the G.I.Joe team we could use your help.”
“Fine, there is something I have been working on that I’d like to test. Alert me when you fail and they have entered the base.”
The Trooper looks stunned from the comment. “Uh, as you wish.” He releases the answer button crossing his arms. “What a jerk…”
“Hey you, come on we need to fortify the main entry.” Another Trooper shouts beckoning his team-mate.

The Joe team makes their way across the frozen land, Snow Squall taking the lead. Storm looks back at Afterburner and Fallout as the two stick together.
“He saved her life you know, that brings people closer.” Medic comments walking along side of Lt. Storm. “You can’t always be the hero.”
“I know, I was just checking on her.”
“Were you?”
“Don’t go there Medic, I care about every single person on this team.”
“Yes, I know that, but sometimes a person can care more about another without even telling them.” She hints glancing back at Afterburner and Fallout.
“I know what you are getting at Medic, don’t try to analyze me that is not a place you want to go.” Storm grunts quickening his pace to catch up to Snow Squall. “How are we doing?”
Snow Squall stops to look through his high powered infrared binoculars. “I can see something ahead.”
Storm raises his hand halting the squad. He pulls out his binoculars as well. “It’s the Terrordrome.”
“Oh thank god, these suits may be warm but I can still feel a chill.” Hot Wire comments.
“That’s because it’s negative…”
“No thank you on the weather report Snow Squall, all you had to do was say negative.” Hot Wire interrupts.
“Split up into your groups, let’s take this base down.” Lt. Storm orders, feeling his adrenaline beginning to pump.

The Minister of Defence stands in the small room adjoining Major Fear’s cell. He sits at the microphone clearing his throat. “I was told you wanted to talk to me?”
“Yes, I was wondering how your Elite’s team mission is going?”
“You know what I am talking about, I’m sure they have reached my headquarters by now.”
“How did you know…that’s impossible unless…”
“I have a mole on the inside?”
The Minister looks over at the guard next to him. “Who’s been in here? I want to see the login roster immediately and get me Elite Headquarters.”
“Yes sir.” The soldier salutes hurrying off.

Fort Hope, Canada’s Elite Headquarters, control room. Rebecca sits on her hands rocking in her seat waiting to hear from the team. It’s been over an hour since they touched down. An incoming call blinks on the lower left of the main screen.
“Lt. Storm?”
“No, why have you not heard from him?”
“Mr Minister…no I haven’t they’ve been on radio silence since they landed at the drop point. What’s wrong?”
“It’s a trap, the whole thing was a set up, you have to radio them immediately.”
“I can’t break communication that could…”
“Cobra already knows they are there, Fear knows everything we have a mole inside.”
“That is true, and now that you’ve done your part, I have no further use for you.” A voice says.
“What…oh god no…”
“Minister? What’s going on?” Rebecca screams as a gun shot rings out of the com. “Oh my god…Minister…please respond.”
“Sorry my dear, but your precious Minister of Defence is dead, as will be your Joe team.”
“M…Major Fear?”
“Yes my dear, and must I say you have a very pretty voice, I hope you are just as pretty in person.”
Rebecca jumps up from her seat as the line goes dead. She snatches up the mic, her hands shaking as she breaks radio silence hoping she just hasn’t fallen into Major Fear’s hands.

The Joe team takes their positions around the base ready to bust in. Storm looks over at Chamber about to give the signal.
“Lt. Storm…please come in, this is a code red…”
“Damn it.” Storm grunts snatching the radio from Feedback as he passes it over. “What about radio silence do you not understand?” He grunts.
“I’m sorry, but Major Fear has escaped…he killed the Minister of Defence.”
Afterburner and Feedback look at their commander.
“I think he’s coming after me.”
“Impossible Rebecca, where he was they would have no way of tracing the signal, and he killed the only man who could have told them where the base is. Lock down and activate the defences, Feedback will walk you through, just sit tight.”
Feedback takes back his radio and steps aside.
“What now?” Afterburner asks.
“We continue the mission…LET’S GO JOE’S!!”
Chamber sets off his pre-placed explosives blowing open a set of doors on the Terrordrome. The team floods in behind the blast using it as cover, Storm checks his six noticing Feedback at his side.
“That was quick.”
“I set up an emergency protocol for a situation like that, one switch does it all.”
“Good planning, now let’s hope our blueprints are correct and let’s get to the command center.” Storm says as Feedback and Afterburner follow.
The red team breaks off as the blue team maintains the entrance spreading out.
“Where are all the Cobra’s, they know we are here?” Fallout mentions.
“Maybe they slithered under a rock.” Snow Squall jokes.
“Keep your wits boys, they are around her somewhere.” Medic adds.

Chamber leads Target and Hotwire through the base using his wrist GPS navigator. “This way.” He points turning a corner sharply.
Target sides across the floor unprepared. “Hey give a guy a little more…warning…uh oh.” Before them stands a squad of Cobra Troopers, ready to attack.
“Hold your breath.” Hotwire says as she slips out a grenade lobbing it at the Cobra’s who scatter as it hits the floor and erupts in a green gas. Target and Chamber quickly put on their gas masks. “I really hope they didn’t have a big lunch.”
“What was that?” Target asks.
“Basically regurgitive.” She laughs as she knees a Trooper in the gut causing him to throw up in his face mask. “A barf catcher, cool, always wondered why you guys wore those clothes over your mouth.”
“Let’s make quick work of these losers, we’re on a time table.”
“You go Chamber, we can handle them.”
“No way Hotwire, we stay together.”

The gold team makes their way to the command center, having met no resistance yet.
“I don’t like this.”
“Neither do I Afterburner, they’re hiding somewhere.” Storm says looking around.
“Let’s just get in and get what we came for.” Feedback says anxiously.
Storm and Afterburner keep guard as Feedback sets to work linking up to the main console.
“Sir, I just wanted to let you know, you did some fancy flying back there, I was impressed.”
“Thanks, you were pretty brave yourself.”
“Thanks.” Afterburner smiles.
“Dammit.” Feedback thumps his fists on the console. “They wiped it clean.”
“Figures, set the charges and let’s go.”
“Oh you won’t be going anywhere.” A man in a black lab coat says, his face not quite as aged as his strangely grey hair with a pair of red rimmed old doctor spectacles upon them.
“Who are you?”
“You first.”
“I am Lt. Storm, commander of the Canadian G.I.Joe team.”
“Ooo, colour me impressed. Not. You may call me Rattlesnake, but that is not the last name you will learn.”
Afterburner leans over to Storm. “He’s a weird one.”
“Thank you, and you are quite lovely, what I couldn’t do with a body like yours.”
“Excuse me?”
“Medically speaking of course.”
Storm grunts annoyed by the mans comment. “You might as well come with us, this place is about to be reduced to rubble.”
“Oh officer, are you arresting me? I think not. You see, I am a doctor that specializes in bio technology, chemistry, and blah blah bigger words you won’t quite understand. To simplify for you, I take research to the next level, where others don’t want to go, or at least wouldn’t admit it, fearing they would be deemed insane. Me, I don’t care so much.”
“Alright, that’s about enough you can either come quietly or you can come unconscious.”
“Hmm, I think I’ll pick option C my dear Lieutenant. You see, working for an outfit like Cobra allows me to be…creative…and with the late Dr. Mindbender’s work I can create things like him.” Rattlesnake snaps his fingers as a large half human half snake creature approaches with red hard shelled body like armour across his chest. “You like? I call him Golobulus. Kinda has a nice ring to it don’t you think?”
“That’s hideous.”
“Oh now, my dear darling brunette, you’ll hurt his feelings.” Rattlesnake steps back. “Kill them.”
Golobulus roars rising up flaunting his size, his one larger yellow eye expands and contracts.
“Holy jeeze…” Feedback grips his gun.

Fallout looks down at the communicator on his wrist as it begins to blink.
“What’s that?”
“Nothing good Snow Squall. Medic, contact the red team, then get out. Squall you are coming with me, Storm needs our help.”
Medic presses the call button on her radio. “Red team come in.”
“Go ahead.”
“Hotwire, Storm’s called in we evac now.”
“Roger that, we’ll meet up with you.”

Hotwire smashes her radio into a Troopers face knocking him out. “We gotta move.”
“I’m almost done.” Chamber says activating the last explosive. “Not where we wanted to set them but it’ll have to do.” He looks down at the half dozen knocked out Troopers as the rest flee. “Nice work you two, now let’s book it.”
“Wait, we just can’t leave them all here.”
“Sorry Hotwire, we can’t carry them all ands it’s them or us. We have our orders.”

Light from the hall fills a dark room waking the sleeping person inside. Lt. Graves blinks his eye in amazement staring at a still naked Major Fear. “I must be dreaming?” He says not having seen anyone familiar in over a month.
“No, the time has finally come for us to leave this hole.”
Graves notices the splatter of blood on Fears body. “What happened?”
“I filled out our objective, the Minister of Defence is dead. Though I should have waited until I found out what rooms you are all in. It seems the guards here were not kept apprised of who was where.”
The young man sits up on the cot he was sleeping looking up at the Major. “You had Cobra agents here? How?”
“I didn’t, Cobra did, they are everywhere. Now come, we don’t have much time. We must find the others and take leave of this place.”
“We should find you some clothes.”
“I will wear the blood of the man I killed for now.” Fear hands Graves a key card. “Let’s find the others I’m sure the authorities have been alerted.”
“Or the Joe team.”
Fear laughs. “No, they will not be a problem. At this moment they are attacking our base, that is why I have waited so long to make our escape. Rattlesnake will see to it they are taken care of.”
“Where will we go?”
“I have another place all picked out for us, with a much better view.” Fear grins. “Our time has come to rule this land, Lt. Storm and his Joe team have sealed their fate and will forever rot in their frozen tomb.”
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