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Canada's Elite #32


Canada's Elite #32

Postby Lt Storm » 08 May 2016 13:45


Chapter 32

Anaconda feels a pull at her hair as she is dragged back from the edge, Afterburner tossing her to the surface of the roof planting her foot across the masked woman’s throat. “Please give me a reason to put a bullet in your head.”
Downlink covers Medic who is looking over G.I., baffled as to why he is unresponsive. Dust Off heave’s on Target’s cable pulling him back up. The young Joe gets caught on the Edge Walk rail and climbs up over it. Feedback continues trying to find where the Serpent Squad device is located, so far unsuccessful. Coyote joins Storm by his side to help cover the Serpent Squad, along with Night Spotter.
Fallout’s cable pulls signalling he’s come to a stop, the metal line rolls back and forth across its obstacles, the anchor threatening to break free.
“That’s not going to hold.” Coyote says just as the cable breaks free from the concrete wall snapping through the air.
“Grab it!” Storm shouts as the cable snaps around one of the antenna’s getting snagged before it begins to untwine. The three run for the cable grabbing a hold of it, Storm is in the front and braces himself against one of the wooden fence posts, followed by Coyote and Night Spotter.

Graves takes advantage of the situation to make it to Lady D. “I’ll take care of her.” He whispers to Fear.
Major Fear turns his attention to the three Joe’s as the end of the cable twists in the air, the broken anchor hitting Night Spotter in the head, dazing the Joe who releases the cable causing Coyote and Storm to lurch forward a bit. He drops to the roof moaning looking back at the Cobra’s, seeing several duplicates of them.
“Oh my god.” Coyote gasps using all her strength to keep from slamming into the back of her commander.
“Feedback…” Storm grunts. “We need your help.”
“I wouldn’t suggest that.” Fear announces; Strike, Bomb Blast, and Dune at his side, their guns aimed at the Joe’s.
“I have one of yours Fear; I’ll kill her unless you lower your weapons!” Afterburner shouts.
“Looks like we have ourselves an old fashion stand-off.” The Major smiles. “I could order my men to shoot you all, or I could just kill Storm, or I could have Strike here inject the same thing into you that she did your paralyzed teammate, or we could all just walk away. The choice is yours G.I.Joe’s.”
“Storm…” Fallout’s voice crackles over the team’s com. “Listen to me carefully; I want you to release the line when I give you the signal. I have another cable I can use to pull myself back up. I couldn’t save the General, she’s dead.”
The Canada’s Elite commander looks over at Major Fear. “I have a better idea. How about you tell us where the device is hidden on this tower and we take you into custody.”
Fear lets out a hearty laugh. “There is no device on this tower; do you really think I’d destroy this place? I’d rather use it as my base of operations as we take over this nation.”
“What?” Storm says completely confused by the Major’s words.
“We know you are using them to broadcast subliminal messages.” Feedback interjects.
“Really? Well now I guess you’ve been horribly mistaken. Yes they do, do that but their real purpose is much more devastating. They are actually homing beacons for missiles Cobra has hidden around the world.”
The Joe’s are all taken by surprise, as are the Serpent Squad members who were not let in on the actual plan.
“The kicker is that I don’t know which missiles are still active. I’m sure some have been discovered over the years and some are no longer functional. We won’t know that until the signal is sent and they are launched.” The Major laughs.
“Then I guess we better make sure that doesn’t happen.” Storm looks back at Coyote mouthing for her to let go. She does as he asks without question, Storm quickly pulls his pistols from his back and fires at Major Fear hitting the Serpent Squad leader.
“Oh my god…Fallout!” Medic gasps.
“Take cover!” Storm shouts as their enemies return fire.
“You risk one of your own? You fool!” Fear coughs as he applies pressure to the bullet hole in his stomach. “I don’t…have the…detonator.”
“No…” Storm looks around at the rest of the Major’s team.
“Rattlesnake does.” Fear laughs. “He’s just launched…the missiles…”
“NO!” Storm runs for his jet pack slipping it on. “Dust Off, Afterburner…” He glances over to the edge seeing Fallout climbing up. “Fallout, with me.”
Fallout grunts after having just pulled himself back up from near death.
Coyote pulls Night Spotter out of the line of fire as vision starts to come around. “You have any goodies in that pack of yours?”
“Sure do.” Spotter lets Coyote rummage through his back pack.
Feedback, Medic, Hotwire, Downlink, Target, and Redeye lay down cover fire pinning the Serpent Squad down.

“We need to get out of here; we have two with gun shot wounds.” Bomb Blast says to the rest of his team.
“We can’t let them get away.” Mad Dog grumbles, still hurt over Night Spotter taking him out so amateurishly. “They shot our leaders, they must die.”
“No, he’s right.” Graves says. “I’m in command now; Lady D needs serious medical attention and so does Major Fear. We must retreat.”
“How? The Joe’s are keeping us down; we can’t go back through the tower.” Vee informs Graves.
“Rattlesnake…he’s waiting for us below…in a helicopter.” Major Fear grunts trying to pull himself to safety.
“Oh damn…” Vee says wide eyed as a couple of canisters roll out in front of them. They erupt creating an orange cloud of smoke.

“Go, go, go.” Storm orders at the three that are to go with him, all now wearing the jet packs his team came in on. They rush for the edge of the tower roof leaping off the edge ejecting the glider wings and igniting the jet thrusters.
“Feedback to Hightower, we have birdies coming in to rendezvous with you. We have a situation.”
“I heard.” Hightower responds.
“Contact Archaic at headquarters, we need our eyes in the sky to locate those missiles.” Feedback instructs him.
“On it.”

Up on the tower roof the wind begins to shift direction back towards the Joe’s.
“Dammit, what the hell?” Redeye grunts. “Where’s that breeze coming from?”
“It’s a helicopter.” Night Spotter replies. “The Serpent Squad is escaping.”
“Let them, we have a bigger problem right now.”
“No way.” The Joe takes a small device from his back pack aiming at the helicopter using his imaging goggles to target it. Most of the Squad have boarded the helicopter ready to evac.
“Night Spotter that is an order.” Redeye grunts and doesn’t appreciate having his order ignored as Night Spotter fires. The Serpent Squad helicopter lifts away from the tower leaving the Joe’s behind.
“Well that was pointless.” Coyote comments as she waves the smoke away from her face. “You didn’t even hit them.”
“Yes I did. I tagged them with a tracer. Our satellite should be able to track them.”
“Nice.” Redeye pats the Joe on the back feeling a bit guilty for not trusting his teammate’s actions. “Alright everyone let’s get going. Target, help Medic with G.I. Our fly boys are going to need backup.”
“What about General Phoenix’s body?” Medic inquires.
“I’ll have a medical unit dispatched to retrieve her.” Redeye motions for them all to head down through the tower. He doesn’t even want to look over the edge, he knows what he’ll see, a red smear down the base of the tower.

The Canada’s Elite Mobile Base thunders down the highway carrying, Lt Col Storm, Afterburner, Fallout, Dust Off, High Tower, Navy, and Red Dragon who is driving the transport.
Storm, Fallout and Hightower, work at the command station linked with Archaic back at the base.
“I want tracking on every missile launched; I don’t care if you have to hack Russian and American satellites to do it.”
“Already on it, Sir.” Archaic responds. “I’ve also alerted NATO, they are tracking any UFO’s and will intercept. I also have one of the devices here delivered by Snow Squall, I’m using it right now to see if I can jam or redirect the homing signal.”
“Good, then we just need to worry about the ones that break Canadian Airspace. Hightower get on the horn with the authorities, I want a clear run from here to headquarters. Archaic, I’ll need you to send a RHINO copter, Dragonfly, and two Hornets to rendezvous with us.”
“Do you really think we can stop them all, Sir?” Dust Off asks.
“I don’t know, but we’ll die trying if we need to, it’s what we do.”

At the CN Tower the rest of the team take care of the situation there as local military arrive with medical units. Medic and Target, make it to one of the ambulances getting G.I inside before Medic collapses to the ground.
“Whoa, you okay?” Target says kneeling down next to her.
“Yeah, it’s just…too much sometimes. I’ve seen bad, like really bad, but what was up there…” Medic says referring to what they saw as they came down from the tower roof. The dead hostages.
“I know what you mean.” Target looks up as Redeye approaches to address the support units.
“Who’s in command here?”
“I am Sir.” One of the men responds.
“Good. I need you to get a few of your strongest men; we have dead hostages up there all with head wounds. It’s not pretty.”
“Understood Sir.” The man hurries off to carry out his orders.
“Are you alright.” Redeye asks Medic, offering a hand to help her to her feet.
“I will be. What about you and the rest of the team?”
“Dealing. The rest are on their way down, Downlink and Coyote seem to be the most shaken. We weren’t expecting that.”
“What about Hotwire?”
“She seems surprisingly okay. Why?”
“Nothing, just…she recently relived a traumatic experience I’m a bit concerned.”
“What kind of traumatic experience?”
“I’m not at liberty to divulge that information right now.”
“Medic, I’m in charge here and if this is something I should be concerned about you have to tell me.”
Medic sighs and begins to explain to him what Hotwire told Lt Col Storm about her connection with Archaic and Dune.

Aboard the Cobra helicopter Rattlesnake, and Lt Graves, tend to Lady D and Major Fear the best they can. The Major more concerned for Lady D than himself much to his subordinate’s frustration.
“We need to get to a medical facility immediately.” Rattlesnake demands. “Neither of your wounds can wait until we get back to the base.”
“No we can’t risk the Joe’s…” Fear grunts clutching his wound in pain.
“Are currently occupied, if you don’t recall they are of no concern right now and we have nearly the entire Squad here as well as a few troopers.” Graves reminds his leader. “We just need to find a hospital and force them to aid us.”
“Very well.”
Graves heads up to the cockpit to inform Black Vulture of their new destination.
“So what are we going to do, just walk into the nearest hospital and demand help?” Strike questions.
“Yes, we are.” Rattlesnake responds.
“If they refuse?”
“They can’t, doctors have an oath they must follow.”
“Yeah but they could also report us to the authorities.” Vee snorts.
“Then you will kill any who try.” Major Fear orders.

Out on the 401 Highway, which has been closed off for the Canada’s Elite team, Storm, Afterburner, Fallout, and Dust Off, all board the aircraft Archaic sent remotely to them. Each of them head to their preferred aircraft, Storm and Afterburner in the Hornets, Dust Off taking the RHINO copter, and Fallout taking the Dragonfly.
Storm checks his instruments as he puts on his helmet and activates the comm. “Nice work on getting these all here.”
“Take off was a little shaky, I nearly collided the copters. The Gov Gen wouldn’t have been very happy with me.” Archaic responds. “At least once they were airborne Hightower was able to assist from the mobile base.”
“I’ll be sure to give you both a commendation once this is over.” Storm jokes as he seals the cockpit. “Do we have any missiles that have broken airspace yet?”
“No, but we do have a few that are only a few kilometres out. ETA is fifteen minutes on the nearest. I see no pursuits on radar.”
“Projected targets?” Storm asks.
“Hard to tell until they make their decent, right now we have two headed for Ontario, another for Quebec and the last for the Western region. I’ve uploaded all the information you’ll need to your navigation systems. Your radar will track any that break airspace, Hightower and I will monitor the rest from our posts.”
“How many were launched?”
“About two dozen.” Archaic responds.
“Oh my god.” Afterburner gasps.
“How many destroyed?”
“Sixteen…no sorry Seventeen.” Archaic corrects himself as an ally has taken out another missile
“Damn. We better get in the air.” Dust Off comments.
“Right, you two take off now, give Burner and I some room.”
“Roger that.” Fallout responds as he and Dust Off start their rotors.
“Hightower, the rest of you continue to base, Afterburner you take the Quebec bound missile, I’ll take the Western one, Fallout and Dust Off you have the locals.”
“Roger.” All three respond.
Once the copters are in the air Storm, and Afterburner, ignite the CF 18’s engines rocketing down the highway.
Back in the mobile base the rest watch in awe. “Now that is something you don’t see everyday.” Red Dragon comments.
“No you don’t.” Navy agrees. “Alright Dragon, lets get going so they can reopen the highway.”
“Right.” Dragon shifts the base into gear and punches the gas. He gets a dirty look from Navy as the tires squeal and smoke, leaving the smell of burnt rubber behind.

At an undisclosed walk-in clinic, the Serpent Squad’s navy helicopter sits on the parking lot guarded by Bomb Blast, Strike, Mad Dog, Vee and Dune. Inside the clinic the staff rushes to tend to Major Fear and Lady D’s injuries. Lt Graves, Anaconda, Black Vulture and Rattlesnake ensure that no one notifies the authorities, though the helicopter isn’t a dead giveaway in itself. Rattlesnake checks on Lady D who he seems to be more concerned with.
“How much longer?” Anaconda growls at Rattlesnake as he comes out of the room Lady D is in. “Every minute we fool around here we risk the Joe’s finding us.”
“We need to stabilize them first or they will not survive the trip back to base.” Rattlesnake snaps. He grabs one of the doctors pulling the scared man aside. “What is wrong with Lady D, she does not seem well?”
“Don’t you know?” The doctor inquires.
“She…she’s pregnant. We may have to abort the foetus to save her life.”
“Do what you must, but keep this between us.”
“I…yes.” The doctor panics, hurrying off back into the room.

Dust Off tracks the incoming missile heading directly for it as it begins to come into view. “Dust to base, I have bogie incoming, intercepting.”
“Roger that Dust Off.” Archaic replies.
The helicopter pilot buzzes close to the missile, marking it with his laser tracking guidance system and inputs the data into two of his rockets. Alarms begin to blare warning him of incoming missiles. He pulls up on the controls taking the helicopter higher as the missiles pass beneath him. “Whoa.” Dust Off hits his thrusters gaining some distance before the two missiles hit the one he was tracking. “Damn…”
“Dust Off, what’s going on? I’m tracking multiple…”
”Can’t talk right now.” Dust Off grips the controls of the RHINO copter as the shockwave from the explosion knocks him around taking out his guidance systems. “Come on baby ride it.” He grunts dipping the copters nose down letting the blast bring him upwards as two American fighter jets rocket overhead, breaking off pursuit and coming back around.
“Dust Off?”
“I’m fine Archaic; our NATO friends were still tracking the missile. Seems like I wasn’t needed after all.”
“Good, that’s one more down then. Return to base.”
“Roger that, returning to base.” Dust Off gives the two jet pilots the thumbs up as they pass by him then heads for home.

Archaic leans back in his seat at the main console in the command center. “One down.” He sighs rubbing his bare chest where one of the nodes is still attached. It is hooked to a wireless device that monitors his condition back in the medical bay. A condition which Medic insisted on before she left, still concerned about internal trauma. He picks at it wanting to take it off.
“Don’t you dare.” Medic’s voice says over the com link.
“What the…where are you?” Archaic says startled and looking around the room.
“Still in Toronto, but my portable equipment receives information from the base. Especially if someone starts to tamper with things they shouldn’t be.”
“It’s itchy.”
“I don’t care; you keep that on until I get back.”
“Medic, I’m okay.”
“Doctor’s orders.”
“Yes ma’am.” Archaic grunts.
“If you two are done, I’m coming up on my target.” Fallout interrupts. It’s already descending, also has Cobra insignia markings. I’m sending imaging back to you Archaic.”
“Roger that.” Archaic replies and pulls himself back up to the console. “I see it, computer is plotting trajectory. Looks like it is heading for a tower in an open field, limited casualties if impact. Computer is running an analysis on the missile…crap. That model is equipped with a scrambler. You won’t be able to lock on target.”
“Old fashion way then…sounds like fun.” Fallout moans. “Engaging target.”
“I have you on satellite…wait…did it just pick up speed?” Archaic says leaning towards the large screen, feeling a slight pain from his ribs.
“Affirmative, launching first missile.”
Archaic watches as a red blip appears flashing across the screen indicating Fallout’s fired missile. “That’s a miss.”
“I see that. Firing another.”
“Wait…I’m getting some kind of signal from it now…son of a…Fallout disengage!!”
“DISENGAGE!!” Archaic shouts hearing Fallout curse followed by an explosion. “Fallout!”
“I’m fine…just shut up.” The Joe grunts

Over the skies of Western Ontario, Fallout fights to regain control of his Dragonfly copter following the defensive counter measures from the missile he was tracking. Just moments ago a barrage of smaller missiles were launched from the Cobra missile that intercepted his second rocket, blowing it up a little too close for comfort. The blast knocked out his navigation computers causing him to spiral out of control. Fallout grips the controls and tries to bring the rocket launchers in.
“What’s happening…Fallout?” Archaic inquires.
“I have to bail, controls are shot.” The paratrooper grabs the ejection leaver pulling on it. The canopy blows from its hinges rocketing Fallout into the air. His eyes aren’t on his crashing helicopter but the missile he failed to stop. He pulls the cord on his harness releasing his parachute as it yanks him upwards. He can hear the crash and explosion of the Dragonfly copter followed by the massive explosion of the Cobra missile as it hits.
The resulting shockwave pushes Fallout off course as it rips across the land kicking up a cloud of dust that approaches. His earpiece crackles forcing him to rip it from his ear.

Back at the base Archaic watches the side monitors seeing Fallout’s com go dead. “No…”
“What is it?” Storm’s voice softly inquires, almost as if he knows.
“I’ve lost Fallout…his com is dead.”
“As soon as my field team and Dust Off arrive dispatch them to his last coordinates.”
“Yes Sir.”
“I should be ale to pin point where he might land from here with my equipment.” Feedback interrupts. “Just send me the info Archaic.”
“I’m on it. Storm, Afterburner, you two stay safe.” Archaic says
“Roger that.” Afterburner replies.
“Frosty as can be.” Storm says.

Major Fear bursts into the room where Lady D is being operated on, his eyes full of rage. “What are you doing to her?”
“We…we have to induce a coma.” One of the doctor’s says with a sense of panic to his voice.
Rattlesnake steps in front of the Major trying block his view. “If they do not she will not survive the trip back to headquarters, and we need to get moving.”
“I do not need to be, so why does she?”
“Because she suffered much more severe injuries.”
“How much?”
Rattlesnake looks back at the doctors and nurses, who all look away. “We don’t have time for that right now, just trust them. They will not let her die.”
“They have better not or they will know my anger.”
“Let them finish and ready her for transport.” Rattlesnake insists, ushering Major Fear out of the room and keeping an important piece of information from his leader.

“Afterburner to base, approaching target now.” The pilot relays soaring over the skies of Quebec, the only first language French speaking province in the country. A popular misconception with other countries that think all Canadians can speak fluent French.
“Keep at a safe distance.”
“Roger that. Launching laser guided missiles.” She watches intently as her missiles closes in on the rocket. “Breaking pursuit, impact in five, four, three, two, one…” With that a large explosion can be heard along with a small cheer from Afterburner. Below people watch the mid air explosion which is sure to create much speculation and buzz in the media and online.
“Permission to locate our lost team-mate?”
“Negative, Afterburner.” Storm replies. “Head back to base and wait for the rest to return.”
“Yes Sir.” She reluctantly replies.

“You have our last one Sir.” Archaic relays as Storm rockets towards his target. “Good luck.”
“Thanks. I’ll be in visual range soon.” Storm grips the Hornets controls, his thumbs on the firing buttons. “Sending visual image.”
“That’s the same missile that Fallout failed to take out.”
“Great.” The Joe leader hits his afterburners gaining on the rocket.
“What are you doing?”
“Getting it to deploy defences.”
Storm does not reply, he continues his course buzzing the rocket. Just as suspected it deploys several smaller missiles that track Storm’s jet. He releases his flares to throw the missiles off suspecting they have heat seeking capabilities. The missiles collide with the flares; one veers off course and gets redirected back at the Cobra rocket. “Crap.” Storm braces for an explosion that does not come.
“Sir…what did you do?” Archaic inquires.
“What do you mean?”
“The rocket is changing course.”
“What? Interesting…” Storm brings the CF-18 around heading back towards the rocket unloading the jets Vulcan guns.
“Are you shooting at the rocket? Sir…no offence but are you nuts?”
“The redirected missile didn’t explode, it’s coming back around.”
“Just don’t hit the warhead.”
Silence from Storm as he makes another pass.
“Sir, you better do something fast that rocket is on target with a densely populated area.
“It’s launched something…another missile”
“Wow, those things are like Trojan horse of missiles.”
Storm launches his flares again, the missile avoiding them. “Damn, its smart and not heat seeking…but I’m not reading any homing signal.”
“What’s it locked onto then?” Archaic ponders.
“Good question, can’t answer right now need to evade and destroy the missile.” Storm takes his jet upwards as the missile follows him. “Damn…”
“Sir, I have local air force on route.”
“No…tell them to disengage, I won’t endanger their lives. I don’t think this thing is unmanned.” Storm kills his afterburners using his air brakes to pull back, the small tailing missile passes under him. He watches in awe as it begins to come back around. “Someone is guiding this missile.” He rolls the jet avoiding another impact. “I’m being played with here.” Storm breaks off from the smaller missile refocusing on the larger rocket. “I see air force, I told you to…”
“They refuse to, Sir.”
Storm manually targets the main rocket, trying to predict its continued trajectory, the smaller missile no longer following him.
“Sir the missile…it’s heading for the larger rocket.”
“Damn.” The Joe leader watches in awe as the reinforcement air force open fire. “What the hell.”
“Sir…get out of there! They have orders to take out that rocket.”
Storm watches as the rocket separates, the head of it still on course as the rear section bursts open. The smaller missile hits the rear section of the rocket erupting in a massive EMP explosion. “Dammit…” Storm’s controls flutter on and off before they go out, he watches the jets around him in the same distress. The large fighter jets plummet out of control towards the earth below.

“STORM!!” Archaic shouts slamming his fists down on the console. “STORM!!”
“Base, what happened?” Afterburner asks.
“I lost communication with Storm; I think an EMP was set off.”
“What about the rocket?”
“It’s gone, everything has gone dark. Satellite imaging is trying to compensate. There was something else that was released into the atmosphere, its distorting visuals.”
“What about the reinforcements, do you have contact with them?”
“Relay me Storm’s last coordinates.”
“You were told to come back to base.”
“That was before Storm went offline. Relay me his last coordinates, that’s an order.”
“Give them to her Archaic.” Redeye breaks in backing Afterburner up. “She is next in command of this unit even if I outrank her and I’m telling you to do it.”
“Yes Sir’s.” Archaic, huffs sending the coordinators to Afterburner. “Do you have enough fuel to make it?”
“I’ll stretch it.”
Archaic slumps back in his seat and pats the node on his chest. “How am I doing doc?”
“Heart rate is up but you are doing fine, why?”
“No reason, just asking.” Archaic manages a smile even though there is no one there to see it.

Dust Off circles the Attack Chopper over Fallout’s last known location, Hightower sits behind him with Navy and Red Dragon in the back searching the land below. The earth has been scorched from the impact of the missile; there is a large crater at the impact site with baron earth around it and scorched crops.
“I see his helicopter, not much left of it.” Navy relays.
“Roger that, adjusting course to match crash site and trajectory.” Dust Off responds.
“I can’t believe one missile could do so much damage. Do you think it was nuclear?” Target inquires.
“No, Archaic said there is no indication of it being nuclear, just one massive payload of explosives. We’ll know more once the debris is retrieved.”
“I think I see something…Dust Off bring us around twenty five degrees.”
Navy moves close to Red Dragon scanning the general area with high powered binoculars. “Oh god.” She sees Fallout’s torn chute caught on damaged power lines, his body laying just a few meters away. “I have positive ID on Fallout, he’s not moving.”
“I’m taking us down.” Dust Off sets the Attack Chopper down on a gravel road not far from Fallout, kicking up the dust and destroyed crops. Navy and Red Dragon waste no time in leaping out of the chopper and rushing towards Fallout, Dragon carrying a first aid kit with him. “Hightower, radio headquarters I’m going to help them.” Dust Off says as he climbs into the back of the chopper.
Hightower nods moving into the pilot seat once Dust Off vacates it and picks up the radio.
Dust Off grabs the forgotten stretcher carrying it out of the helicopter with him.
“Fallout!” Navy shouts as she drops to her knees next to him followed by Dragon. “Fallout?” She shakes him gently not getting any response. “Oh no…” She brushes the earth from his body, his uniform torn with several lacerations on his exposed skin.
Red Dragon pulls a stethoscope out from the first aid kit and rips open Fallout’s vest checking for a heartbeat. Navy watches holding her breath not wanting to make any sounds. Dragon looks over at her and smiles. “I have a heartbeat.”
“Oh thank god.”
Fallout lets out a moan as his eyes blink open. “Man, I feel like I was hit by a truck.” He groans.
“You’ve looked better.” Navy jokes.
“Glad you are in one piece.” Dragon adds. “Can you move your arms and legs?”
Fallout lies still for a moment them slightly moves his limbs. “Yeah, hurts like hell though.”
Dragon pulls out a portable x-ray scanner connected to a digital pad. He runs it over Fallout as the scanner transfers the data to the pad. “You have several broken bones, and some debris lodged into your right leg.” Dragon sets the portable x-ray scanner down and examines Fallout’s leg, afraid to try and remove the debris there. He looks back at Dust off who stands there with the board. “We need to move him very carefully. Navy, you help keep his center supported, Dust Off you take his shoulders and I’ll take his legs.”
“Right.” Dust Off nods as they all clear away more dirt around Fallout to be able to get their arms under him easier.
“Okay, on three.” Red Dragon instructs. “Three!”
Fallout lets out a loud yell that even Hightower can hear back at the helicopter.

Afterburner flies over Paradise Valley, Alberta, a small village that is now decimated. Police and emergency crews are already on scene trying to clear debris from the streets. People wander around trying to figure out what hit their hometown and created such destruction. If not for the clear skies you’d think that a violent storm had just ripped through the village. Car alarms blare, sirens echoing their cries, homes levelled, others partially ripped open like a wound, some still standing with their windows blown out.
“Bruner to headquarters…we need military in Paradise Valley ASAP.”
“Already on their way.” Archaic responds. “The others found Fallout; he’s alive but busted up pretty badly.”
“At least he’s alive.” Afterburner sighs. “I can see the crash site, my god…” She gasps at the wrecks of twisted metal that were once military jets, one of which belongs to her commander. “There is movement, unable to tell who.” Afterburner scans the area for a place to land as her fuel alarm blares. She decides on a narrow vacant side road that leads between fields. “This is going to be rough.”
“Just bring this one home in one piece.” Archaic says attempting a joke.
Afterburner grips her controls as she brings her Hornet about. If anyone is watching they’d see a storm of dust filling the air and hear the roar of her engines, with the sound of tires sliding on gravel as she fights to keep control. Inside she prays and begs for her jet to come to a stop before she reaches the field ahead. Someone is listening as her jet comes to a safe and complete landing.
The Joe pilot opens her canopy looking about, amazed at her perfect landing and wondering how she’s going to get it back into the air again. Afterburner climbs down from the jet tossing off her helmet and runs towards the crash site. The two figures she spotted ignore her coming presence as they dig through the rubble of the other jets.
“STORM!” She shouts hoping one of them acknowledges her. “Oh please…” She stumbles over the disturbed earth and debris. “Storm…” Afterburner’s heart pounds as she notices one of the uniforms of the two men. “STORM!” She screams out with tears running down her face.
“Afterburner?” Storm says, surprised to see her. “Should have known that was you.” ‘Burner throws her arms around him holding on tightly. “I’m glad to see you too but we’re searching for the other pilots. Two of them didn’t eject.”
“I have to get back to my jet, I have to let base know you are alright.”
“Bring your med kit too.”
“Right.” Afterburner turns to head back to her Hornet still unable to control her tears.

The sun begins to set in Toronto as Redeye’s team finish up assisting the local authorities and military. They’ve received the news that Fallout and Storm have been located alive, giving them all a sense of relief after what happened today. They all gather together before they set off back to headquarters.
“Everyone has been accounted for.” Medic informs them, referring to the murdered hostages. “Their families are being notified.”
“This…this can’t happen again.” Redeye says, and gestures to the tower. “We have to stop them.”
“That’s the problem with a terrorist organization like Cobra; they are hard to get rid of.” Target comments.
They all watch as a gurney is wheeled passed them, the body covered with a sheet. The team all know whose body lay under it, one of their own.
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