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Canada's Elite #31


Canada's Elite #31

Postby Lt Storm » 08 May 2016 13:44


Chapter 31

Major Fear paces up and down the walkway between the two pits where the Tele-Viper’s and Trooper’s work.
“Sir, there is something odd going on with our Northwest Territories recruitment camp. They seem to have gone silent.”
“The rest of you check in with the other camps.” Major Fear orders. He drops down in the pit next to the Tele-Viper that just spoke. “What are they doing?”
“It appears they are checking the data we sent earlier.”
“Terminate their database immediately.”
“Yes Sir.” The Viper goes to work sending a virus through to the camp computer system. “Someone is trying to stop the virus, whoever it is they are good.”
“The Joe’s. None of the agents at those camps are skilled enough to do something like that. Initiate the self destruct protocol.”

At the Northwest Territories camp Downlink tries frantically to stop the virus that is infecting the system. “Dammit, I need Fallout in here now!”
“On it.” Dust Off rushes out of the building.
Within moments the squad leader enters. “What’s wrong?”
“I think we’ve been discovered, someone is sending a virus…I can’t stop it. They’ve initiated a self destruct code.”
“We need to evac now!” Fallout taps his com device in his ear. “Everyone evacuate the camp immediately!” He turns back to Downlink who is still trying to stop the virus. “Come on, we gotta move.”
“Alright.” He sighs running out behind Fallout.
Without even having to give the order the rest of the team have let the troopers go so they can flee with the Joe’s. The moment they reach the entrance the com center erupts in a massive explosion, igniting the buildings around it.
“Dust Off, radio the fire department.” Fallout grunts watching the building as it burns. “Snow Squall, send our report into headquarters let them know what we found and what happened.”
“Roger that.” Snow Squall replies.
“Downlink, get a laptop, I want to pin point those locations that were on the map.”
“Roger.” Downlink snaps his fingers at Night Spotter. “You have yours right?”
“Yeah.” Night Spotter removes his backpack digging out his laptop. “Not sure if we can pick up an unsecured wireless signal here though.”
“I’ll hack one if I have to.”

Back at the Serpent Squad Headquarters the Viper reports the successful destruction of the camp com center. The rest report in their findings on the secret camps, a few of them already captured.
“Send a message to all camps, they are to clear out immediately and return home and await further orders. As well contact our field units, tell them to accelerate their mission, I want as many devices activate before the Joe’s start to find them.”
“Yes Sir.” The Viper’s all reply in unison.
Major Fear walks over to his terminal checking the progress of his team. “They won’t be able to stop us, not this time. No matter what they will never expect what is coming.” He passes his hand over a portion of his screen bringing up a popup menu. He taps a few of the options causing the screen to go from green to red, the active devices blinking on his screen, the inactive ones appear as black dots. Along the right side an image of missiles are displayed, each one corresponding with a device. Ones that match active devices are marked as such, the rest labelled to match the inactive ones. “Fire will rise.”

Unknown to Major Fear, Lady D searches his quarters looking for what he has been hiding from her. She discovers a hidden wall panel near his desk with a keypad lock. “Dammit.” She removes a compact from her belt and she blows the powder across the keypad. It sticks to the oils left behind by Fear’s finger prints. “Oh how sweet, my birthday.” Lady D smiles punching in the code and opening up the safe.
Inside she finds several sheets that she lays out on the desk looking them over and mixing them together. Laid out in proper order they read across linearly describing Cobra Commander’s orders for Major Fear.
“My god…” Lady D continues reading about a plan that has been in motion for a few years now. “Those devices are really homing beacons…” She gasps.
“Yes, for a salvo of missiles that will devastate this country.” Major Fear says startling Lady D. “Curious kitten aren’t you?” He walks over to her as she raises and backs against the wall next to the hidden panel.
“What can I say; a girl doesn’t like her man keeping secrets from her.”
Fear smiles looking deep into her eyes as he places his strong hands on either side of her against the wall. “That can be a negative thing…sometimes.”
“Sometimes?” Her voice cracks.
“Yes, sometimes.” He leans in closer to her almost able to hear her heart pounding in her chest. “But you are lucky that I adore you and could never bring you harm.” He kisses her hard feeling the relief go through her body.
Lady D kisses him back wrapping her arms around the Major.

“What?” General Phoenix responds, standing in the Canada’s Elite command center with Feedback at his post as usual.
“You heard me ma’am, they were monitoring cell and radio towers.” Downlink repeats.
“Are you sure?”
“I have a photographic memory; I know what I saw and those locations match cell and radio towers.”
“What could they be planning?”
“That is what we are trying to figure out.” Fallout’s voice says over the com.
“Actually…follow me with this for a second.” Downlink says. “Maybe they are broadcasting a hypnotic or subliminal message over the airwaves. With how much people use cell phones these days that isn’t implausible.”
“Mind control?” The General says in disbelief.
“Possibly. Or maybe just hacking people’s devices to get their nude photos.” Downlink jokes.
“That’s disturbing your mind goes there.” Fallout quips.
“Considering this is Cobra I’m sticking with the hypnosis theory.”
“You do that and we’ll forget the second one.”
“Can we confirm this?” General Phoenix interrupts.
“Not without checking these towers out, unless Feedback can do something from there.” Fallout says.
“Wait…” Feedback leans back in his chair looking up towards the General. “Storm always has me checking for oddities.”
“Oddities? In what?” The General questions
“Everything.” He turns back to the computer checking his data. “A few days ago there was a charity that had a massive spike in donations. I didn’t think too much of it at the time but now…”
“It could have been the Serpent Squad testing out their mind control.” Downlink interrupts.
“Yes. I’m running a check on the donations now…oh…” Feedback looks at the General.
“Oh?” The General leans in to look at the computer screen. “The donations came from people living in the same building.”
“I’d consider that an oddity.” Feedback comments.
“If this is true then your team could be at risk, so could Storm’s. I want you all back here on the double.” Phoenix orders.
“With all due respect that is a bad idea.” Feedback says. “It might be better to have them go check out those towers and see what they can find, and let Storm’s team continue hitting the camps. That way we can monitor them and see if they are under any subliminal influence.”
“He’s right.” Fallout says backing Feedback up.
“Alright, check out those towers. In the meantime stay off any cell phones and radios; I’ll have Feedback double check our com system to make sure it is secure.”
“Will do, Fallout, out.”
“Already on it.” Feedback sets to work checking their communications system for any anomalies.

Storm stands behind Hightower at the computer console in the mobile command center, General Phoenix’s image is displayed on the screen.
“If what Fallout’s team found out is true then Major Fear has discovered what we are doing.” Storm says. “The last camp we hit had been cleared out, recently.”
“He’d accelerate his plan now, whatever that is.” Hightower adds.
“Wish we knew. Why would he be having people donate money to a charity?”
“Well General, it could be a Cobra charity. They’d have to get their money somehow. Plus if he could bring nearly an entire nation under his command he’d have one hell of an army.”
“Of untrained men and women, Storm.”
“Cannon fodder, or use to invade other countries. Imagine the horror of opposing military having to fire on women and children.” Hightower suggests.
“My god, I never though that children could be affected by this as well.” Phoenix gasps. “We have to stop this.”
“We need to figure out where Major Fear might try to set his plan off at.” Storm ponders. “He wouldn’t do it from his base; he wouldn’t want us to discover it. He’d want to do it from someplace populated, important.”
“Ottawa?” Phoenix suggests.
“No, that would be too risky for him. There’s too big of a military presence, especially after what happened with the Liberators.” Storm is referring to the assassination of the Prime Minister by their former team-mate Athena.
“Maybe somewhere in BC, that’s where the big donation came from.” Feedback says.
“Wait…of course that is where his base is located.” Storm hits the back of Hightower’s wheelchair in a eureka moment. “Sorry.” He says in a low voice. “Feedback you need to search BC, use the satellite imaging to see if you can find where his base might be.”
“Excuse me…” Phoenix says, feeling as she is being ignored.
“It would have to be somewhere secluded but hidden.” Feedback responds.
“Excuse me!” The General shouts.
“Yes?” Storm says calmly.
“I am still in command here, Storm.”
“Then I guess I’m just giving the orders you would have given. Sorry I’m in a bit of a rush here. We still need to discover where Major Fear might strike. You haven’t dealt with this mad man before, I have.” Storm replies.
“So? Don’t make this personal.” The General sighs realizing she may have gone too far with her last comment. The Major did kill Storm’s last C.O. “Alright then, if you were Major Fear and you wanted to make a stand where would you do it?”
Storm stands quiet for a moment trying to alter his mindset. “If he’s using cell and radio towers...that location in BC what was it Feedback?”
“One Wall Center, it’s listed as one of the tallest buildings, not thee tallest but one of.”
“Tall structures…someplace populated, and he’s obsessed with killing me…the only place that connects all three is Toronto.”
“You didn’t grow up there.” Feedback says.
“No, but it isn’t that far from where I grew up. It’s the only area that is largely populated with a tall structure, the CN Tower.”
“I’ll take a team there right now.” Phoenix says. “You get your team there as quickly as possible. Feedback, contact Fallout’s team and have them meet us there ASAP.”
“That’s not a good idea.”
“I don’t care Lieutenant Colonel Storm, I’m in command and I give the orders around here. Major Fear is not getting away this time. General Phoenix, out.” She motions for Feedback to cut the open com. “If you dare say I should have listened to Storm I’ll knock you down to Private.” She scolds. “Do as I ask then meet me in the hanger bay along with Medic, G.I. and Hotwire. Archaic can take over your post.” Phoenix orders as she storms out of the command center.
“You heard all that?” Feedback says.
“Yes.” Storm replies. “Take care of yourselves; you’ve all been in combat before. Watch each others back until we get there. Do your best not to engage Fear if he’s there.”

High above civilization aboard a airplane Lady D and Major Fear enjoy the perks of flying First Class. Lady D wearing a platinum blond wig, and draped in expensive jewellery, wearing a tight red dress showing off ample cleavage, a distraction from away from her face, she sips a glass of wine. Next to her is Major Fear wearing a very expensive navy blue pin striped suit with a black shirt and red tie. He rests back in the comfortable seat with his eyes closed but awake.
“This is the life.” Lady D exhales. “I almost feel bad for the others who had to ride in coach.” She says referring to the troopers who are flying with them, also disguised in civilian clothes.
“I’m sure you do.” Fear smiles.
A flight attendant bows down next the Lady D. “Would you like me to top up your drink?”
“Oh, why yes.” She fake smiles handing the woman her glass.
“He’s very handsome.” The attendant whispers. “Are you two on your honeymoon?”
Lady D looks at the woman inquisitively realizing she put one of her expensive rings on her left ring finger. “Yes, we are madly in love. We’re taking a weekend trip across the country.”
“Oh how romantic.”
Major Fear cracks open his eyes looking over towards Lady D who is busy with her false story to the flight attendant. He rolls his eyes and closes them again.

Lt Col Storm’s team races down the Trans Canada Highway in the mobile base, getting amazed looks from passer-by’s. It’s sleek metallic red paint job capturing the morning sun. The team sit in bucket seats that can be stored inside the walls of the base, each buckled in for safe travel, Navy is at the wheel traversing through traffic. Hightower is at the computer array with his wheelchair locked down to the floor.
“Alright, I’ve contacted CFB Winnipeg; they will have a CH-139 Jet Ranger chopper waiting. They are removing the parachutes so you can use the compact wing jump jets.” Hightower says to Storm
“That means only some of us can go.” Afterburner comments.
“You, Redeye, Target and I will take the Ranger.”
“What do the rest of us do?” Red Dragon inquires.
“They have a Globemaster that can take the mobile base; we’ll follow shortly for ground support.” Hightower informs the young Joe. “Fallout’s team is on their way as well.”
Storm nods. “This is our chance to capture Major Fear, and his Squad. But, we also have to think of the civilians first. No casualties, if we have to offer ourselves up we do. No innocents pay the price for our war.”

Toronto Ontario, the CN Tower, a popular destination and tourist attraction, and a communications tower for radio, television, and cell providers.
General Phoenix and her team enter onto the roof, dressed in navy blue overalls that hide their uniforms. Feedback pushes a large green job box that carries their weapons and gear.
“A little breezy up here.” Medic comments.
“We’re over three hundred and sixty meters from ground level, of course it is.” G.I remarks.
“I know that, I was just saying.” Medic snaps back, she’s feeling a bit uneasy being so high up on top of a structure.
“Spread out, look for anything that seems out of place.” General Phoenix orders.
The team all look around at the different antennas and communication devices that surround the roof. As well as the other climate control units and electrical units.
“Uh…how are we supposed to do that?” Hotwire inquires. “Everything looks out of place here. I’ve never seen so many weird looking thing-a-ma-jigs.”
“How do we even know it’s here?” Medic adds.
“We don’t…not yet.” The General answers.
“Just keep your ear filters in, those should block out any signals.” Feedback says while he pulls out some of his equipment from the job box. “Give me a few minutes to set up and I’ll see if I can locate it.”
“Shouldn’t we have evacuated the tower?”
“We don’t need mass panic at the moment Medic; the higher ups want to keep this under wraps until we know for sure.”
“That could be too late.”
Phoenix glares at Medic. “In the meantime, do as I say, look around for this device. Keep your eyes open for the Serpent Squad; they could be here already or on their way.”
They all split up taking a look around the Main Pod roof.

Below them in the Observation Deck Major Fear and Lady D, still in their “honeymoon” couple disguises along with a few troopers, take the CN tour.
“It’s been a long time since I’ve been here.” Lady D comments.
“This is my first. I must say it is impressive to look down on the city.” Fear says. “Shall we have dinner first before we get to work?”
“I’d rather we take over the tower first. I enjoy a little chaos with my dinner.”
“No wonder we are such an excellent match.” Major Fear smiles, nodding to the troopers. Concealed on their person the troopers remove plastic composite pistols. “May I have your attention please?” Fear announces. “I assure you this in not part of the entertainment, this is real. We are members of the global terrorist organization known as Cobra, this tower is ours and you are our prisoners. Any attempt at heroics will end in your death, which I can promise you will be painful.”

Above Feedback uses his equipment to scan each of the communication devices on the roof. He pauses for a moment looking towards the General. “Uh ma’am we have a slight problem. Apparently the elevators have stopped at the Main Pod.”
“They’re here.” Phoenix says stating the obvious.
“Not only that.” G.I. points off in the distance from the south at several dots in the sky. He looks again with his binoculars. “Yep, we have Serpent Squad agents approaching on jet packs and gliders. Looks like nearly the whole team.”
“Dammit.” Phoenix curses. “Where’s Storm’s team, what is their ETA?”
Feedback switches to the teams com link. “Rising bird unit to inbound, ETA?”
“Fifteen minutes.” Storm replies.
“I’d say these guys are about ten minutes out.” G.I. informs the rest.
“And we have a possible hostage situation below…” Phoenix looks over at Medic. “Don’t say it.” She walks over to G.I. taking his binoculars. “I don’t think they know we’re up here yet. Everyone take cover, we may still have the element of surprise.”

Major Fear directs his small team, having a few troopers head outside on the Edge Walk, which takes people outside and around the Main Pod tethered to an overhead rail system. He directs his attention to one trooper. “If you see anyone approaching from the air besides our own alert me immediately.”
“Yes Sir.” The trooper responds.
Lady D sips a glass of white wine watching the few huddled tourists. “What about the Joe’s on the roof?”
“I’m sure they are well aware what is going on, as well as our approaching reinforcements. They’ll try to take them out first then worry about us. The Joe’s will wait until the others land first, they won’t risk dropping bodies from this height on the people below. I’m sure they’ve alerted the authorities who are evacuating the area. Don’t worry my dear; everything is going according to plan.”
“Because the plan really isn’t the plan at all, is it?”
“No, no it is not.” Major Fear grins brushing his hand through Lady D’s long black and red highlighted hair. “By the time anyone realizes it will be too late.”

On the roof the Main Pod, Phoenix’s team prepares for the landing party. G.I. has identified Anaconda, Lt Graves, Vee, and Dune, along with three others he does not recognize, Bomb Blast, Strike and Black Vulture. Four troopers carrying heavy weapons break off soaring by the Edge Walk to pass off anti-aircraft weapons to the troopers on the ledge, then continue their decent. The rest land on the roof shedding their jet packs.
“Hands in the air!” Phoenix shouts revealing herself from behind one of the larger units on the roof.
The Serpent Squad members all look at each other.
“Yeah, right you and what army.” Vee says back.
The other three Joe’s make their presence known surrounding them.
“Like I said, hands in the air.”
“And like Vee said, you and what army.” Vulture says as he activates a sonic device that causes slight discomfort for the Joe’s, much to his surprise.
“We know what your devices do, we came prepared.” Feedback reveals, the Joe’s all wearing filters in their ears.
“Looks like you have us then.” Lt Graves says, slowly raising his hands in the air. Suddenly the sound of gunfire fills the air causing confusion; the Joe’s duck for cover not realizing it is coming from the troopers on the Edge Walk below. The Serpent Squad takes the opportunity to find cover opening fire on Phoenix’s team.

Major Fear and Lady D hear the gunfire knowing the battle has started. He pulls a radio from his inside pocket of his sports jacket. “Have the rest of the Joe’s shown yet?” He inquires.
“Nothing in visual range yet Sir.” A trooper replies.
“Inform me the moment you see them.” Fear tosses the radio to Lady D. “Looks like it is time for me to get ready.” He pulls off his sports jacket and tie and begins to unbutton his shirt. Lady D walks over to one of the shopping bags a trooper was carrying posing as a tourist and removes Fear’s uniform.
She smiles at their hostages. “Prepare for the dawn of a new age. The red maple leaf is about to be replaced with the red Cobra emblem.”

On the roof of the CN Tower the firefight continues, the small team of Joe’s trying to hold their ground against the formidable Serpent Squad. Black Vulture takes to the air trying to force the Joe’s out into the open.
“We’ve got a flyer.” Feedback relays.
“An idiot is what he is.” Hotwire says as she opens fire on him. “Come on you flying snake.”
“You! You are mine.” Black Vulture snarls boosting his jet pack and barrelling down towards Hotwire. “MINE!”
“Oh my god…it can’t be…” Hotwire lets out a scream as Black Vulture scoops her up taking her into the air.
“NO!” G.I. turns to fire at him being stopped by Feedback.
“You hit him she is dead, she won’t survive a drop from this height.”
“Where is Storm’s team?” The General panics. “We’re no match for them like this.” She realizes now they should have waited for the whole team to launch a strike.

Off in the distance the Raptor comes into range, the four Joe’s on board ready for action. “Take us up another fifty feet. Once we are out get clear.” Storm says to the pilot. He squeezes into the back with the rest pulling on his glider jet pack. “You all follow me, stay close. They might be waiting for us but Major Fear won’t want them to shoot me down. He’ll want that privilege. We jump and once…”
“IN COMING MISSILE!! HANG ON!!” The pilot shouts as he banks the helicopter to the west. The Joe’s brace themselves and hang on tight as the helicopter levels back off.
“What was that you were saying about Major Fear wanting that privilege?” Target remarks.
“If he wanted us dead we would be that was a warning shot. Jump, get clear, eject the glider wings, then fire the jets.” He instructs them indicating with a remote device he hold in his hand. Each button remotely activates a feature of the glider jet packs. “Let’s go.” Storm says opening up the side door and securing his helmet. He lunges himself forward leaping from the helicopter. Each following him out in five second intervals, following Storm’s instructions. They all keep inline behind him as they head towards the tower. Another rocket buzzes over head just missing them.
The helicopter that delivered them erupts in a fire ball as the missile hits.
“No.” Storm grits his teeth increasing the thrust on his jet pack. An innocent soldier just paid the price of aiding them. He hopes the rest of his team were at least clear before the helicopter was blown up.

Hotwire struggles in Black Vulture’s arms. “It’s you…Red Vulture…you…”
“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”
“You work for Cobra now?”
“They rescued me and gave me a new life. And you have some payback coming.” Vulture referring to the time she sabotaged his jet pack and nearly killed him.
“Don’t do this…”
“Lady, you won’t talk me out of dropping you.” Vulture arcs up into the air taking her higher. Hotwire looks over Vulture trying to find something she can exploit, something she can reach even in his tight grip.
“I go, but not without your ring honey.”
Vulture looks to his side noticing a ring and pin on Hotwire’s finger. He releases her fighting with the canister on his belt. It begins to hiss and erupts sending tear gas all around him.
“Damn, thought that was a grenade.” Hotwire gasps as she plummets.

“We have a dropper!” Storm says into his com. “One of ours.”
“I got her.” Redeye breaks off from the line and increases the thrust on his jet pack. “Hotwire, if you can hear me spread yourself out like a star fish.” He waits not seeing her move. “Awe no, come on…” He smiles seeing her body move into formation to slow her descent.
Storm reaches back pulling his pistols out from the back of his vest as they get closer to the tower and fires at the troopers on the Edge Walk.
“What are you doing…you might hit the glass…” Afterburner gasps.
“That stuffs pretty thick, I doubt it.” Target relays. “And besides, that’s not what he’s shooting at.” He comments as one troopers cable lock breaks free.
“Enjoy the drop scumbag.” Storm snarls as the trooper falls uncontrollably from the tower, the other troopers scurrying to make it back inside.

On the roof General Phoenix is relieved to see Storm and his team arrive. They supply his team with cover fire as the three of them land. “About time.” Phoenix says.
“Sorry, we got caught up with exploding helicopters, an ambush, and falling teammates.”
“Hotwire.” The General gasps ducking down from return fire.
“Redeye has her.” Target says.

“He’s here.” Lt Grave relays to Major Fear.
“Kill the rest, leave Storm for me.” Fear responds.
Graves nods to the rest of his team lobbing a grenade into the air at the Canadian Joe’s. “Fire in the hole!” They all duck down for cover as the grenade bounces across the concrete roof.

“Batters up!” Target shouts taking the barrel of his rifle in his hands and swings for the grenade hitting it into the air seconds before it explodes. The blast knocking him down on the roof. “Ow.” He grunts as he hits.
“That was stupid.” The General snaps. “But nice hit, good job.”

“FOR COBRA!” Lt Graves shouts laying down a line of fire to keep the Joe’s down.

Storm motions for G.I, Afterburner, and Medic to circle around. “Eat this.” Storm pops up firing both his guns off at anyone he can see.
“Get down, what are you doing?” Phoenix grunts at Storm who ignores her.
“He has a God complex ma’am.” Target jokes. “Major Fear wants Storm for himself, he’s obsessed with him.”
“Well, then I guess we’ll let him do all the shooting.” She quips back.

Strike and Anaconda stay pinned against the central tower, the latter seemingly lost in thought. Strike, senses movement and pulls out one of her wide blade knives from her belt using it like a mirror.
“Good thing I keep these babies polished.” She notices G.I.’s reflection. “Joe’s.” Strike loads her crossbow and jumps out from hiding. “Feel my sting.” A dart is ejected from her crossbow hitting G.I. on his exposed chest.
“What the…” The Joe looks down at the dart. “A…”
Afterburner pushes Medic against the tower as another just misses them. “G.I….” She gasps.
He stands there motionless for a moment, then the wind pushes him over knocking him down to the roof.
“Oh my god…” Medic is kept restrained by Afterburner. “I have to help him.”
“And wind up like him.” The brunette fires off her gun forcing Strike back into hiding.
“Wow that stuff is awesome.” Strike says rejoining Anaconda. “What’s with you?”
“That red head, I know her from somewhere…” She says referring to General Phoenix.

The roar of a plane catches everyone’s attention as a CP-140 Aurora, a long-range aircraft, primarily used to safeguard Canada’s coastlines from foreign threats flies over head. As it makes its pass five figures descend from the plane parachuting down towards the tower.
Lt Graves looks around him at his Squad members. “What are you waiting for, that’s one of theirs, shoot them out of the sky!” He snaps.
“Like hell.” Afterburner darts for the paralyzed G.I. grabbing two smoke grenades from his vest, she pulls the pins and tossing them at the enemy agents.
“Burner…” Medic runs to her side shooting towards Strike and Anaconda forcing them into the growing smoke.
From above, the Joe paratrooper’s rain down gunfire covering the two women and themselves.
“Let’s get him to safety.” Medic says grabbing one of G.I.’s stiff arms. “Oh my god, what did she do to him?”
“Just tuck your hands under his arms and pull, you can examine him later.” Afterburner grunts as the drag the heavy muscled man.

“It’s her…” Anaconda coughs, even with the mask the smoke still affects her.
“What are you talking about.” Vee asks.
Anaconda doesn’t waste anytime to explain, she grabs one of Strike’s daggers and darts out of the smoke towards the General. With her enhanced eyesight she can see even through the vale of smoke. “YOU!!”
“What the hell?” Storm grunts ready to shoot the enraged woman.
“She’s mine.” Phoenix puts herself in Storm’s way drawing one of her swords deflecting Anaconda’s strike.
“It’s you, the woman who ruined me.” The Cobra snarls as she attempts a side kick that the General dodges.
“Your own fault, you were a double agent. I only exposed you.”
“And for that you’ll pay.”

The door from the tower opens into the chaos, Major Fear admiring the scene. “Hmm, this roof is much larger than I though, quite the high altitude battlefield.” He glances up as a man-less parachute soars by followed by another. “Reinforcements already? Pity.”
“FEAR!” Storm shouts unloading the spent clips from his pistols and quickly reloading them from the spares on his tactical vest. “About time you showed yourself.”
The Major holds his hand up to his troop. “Put the guns away, hand to hand combat now.”
“But the Joe’s…” Graves begins to argue.
“Will not shoot us if we lay down our firearms, they are too honourable for that. Attack them!”
“My sentiments exactly.” Fallout says coming up behind the Serpent Squad along with Dust Off, Downlink, Night Spotter and Coyote.
“You’re surrounded Major, surrender, make this easier on yourself.” Storm boasts.
“You know me better than that Lieutenant Colonel.” Fear charges towards Storm.

General Phoenix backs away from Anaconda’s fury, even with just a dagger the woman is a flurry of attacks. “Stop now or I will run you through.”
“Do it witch, end me as you should have all those years ago.” Anaconda snarls.
“No, I will take you in alive, I’ll just make you bleed.” Phoenix slices at Anaconda who dodges the attack.
“Wish I could say the same for you.” With incredible speed Anaconda lunges at the General bringing the dagger she took from Strike down into Phoenix’s chest. “Consider this payback.” The Cobra stands tall smiling under her mask as she kicks the General back.
Phoenix feels blood bubbling up in her throat, coughing it up as she staggers back hitting the metal cables that run around the inner perimeter of the Main Pod’s roof. She falls backwards over them to the outer roof hitting her head on the concrete, trying to pull the knife from her chest. Her arms feel weak, her head swimming from the impact of her fall. Anaconda leaps over the cables launching herself from the wood posts the wires run through.
“I never imagined I would meet you here, what luck you were assigned to the G.I.Joe team. I hope you enjoyed your time with them. I was promised vengeance and now I have it. I never imagined it would feel so…fulfilling.” Anaconda pulls the knife from the General’s chest. “I need to give this back.” She kicks the General in the stomach sending her flying back off the roof of the Main Pod. “Goodbye.”

“NO!” Target shouts breaking off from the battle and running towards Anaconda and the General.
“What the hell…dammit kid.” Fallout grunts slamming Vee’s head into one of the metal units and using him as a ladder to climb up on it. He pulls a grapple gun from his backpack which he extends and locks into place, then he hooks a spiral disc into the side of it and attaches a cable to his harness. Night Spotter slams the butt of his rifle as hard as he can over Mad Dog’s head as he watches Fallout. Mad Dog staggers around and then drops unconscious to the roof.

Major Fear lands a punch across Storm’s face as the Joe is distracted by Fallout, his teammate firing his grapple gun into the central tower. Storm thrusts his leg up kicking Fear in the groin as hard as he can with his steel toed boot. The Major howls stumbling backwards in pain.
“Dirty Joe.”
“Fallout!” Storm shouts after him noticing Target leaping from the edge of the tower. “TARGET! What are you…?”
“I got him!” Fallout yells back.

Fallout leaps from the edge of the tower propelling him as hard as he can and plunges after Target, just missing the Edge Walk. The wind rushes around them as his weight brings him closer to the young Joe. He latches the grapple gun to his belt and removes the spiral disc from it holding it firm in his hand as he gains on Target, noticing General Phoenix plummeting below them.
Target feels a tug on his leg looking back at Fallout, his teammate pulling him closer. “No…the General…”
“Sorry kid.” Fallout attaches a clip to Targets belt along with the spiral disc causing the line to pull taunt. He continues his decent after the tumbling General, the widening base of the tower getting closer.
Target bounces on the line feeling it pull his belt into his stomach making him want to hurl.

Up on the tower Storm looks back as one of the lines Fallout anchored pulls tight but stays secure. He notices the tower door opening revealing Lady D dressed in her battle togs. Storm quickly pulls one of his pistols from their holsters on his back and fires at the caped woman. One shot hitting her in the shoulder, the second in the side. She lets out a scream staggering back against the door frame as the door shuts, pinning her. She struggles with her other arm to push it back open off of her and drops to the roof.
“No!” Major Fear runs to Lady D pulling her into his arms. “Graves!” He shouts at his Lieutenant. “I need medical over here, now.”
Storm aims for Graves firing off another few shots forcing the grey clad Cobra back. “Any of your dare move and I swear I will drop each and every one of you right here.”
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