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Canada's Elite #30


Canada's Elite #30

Postby Lt Storm » 13 Jun 2015 08:10


Chapter 30

One Wall Centre, downtown Vancouver, BC, at the corner of Burrard and Nelson Street. A 48 storey skyscraper with a total height of 491 feet, housing a 4 diamond hotel, club, and residential condominiums. The roof is shaped like and eye peering up into the sky. Four dark figures soar over the skyline towards the towering structure. Each of them lands safely, the two troopers stumble a bit. Black Vulture eyes the two sloppy footed troopers and shakes his head. “Careful, if you don’t want to plummet almost five hundred feet to your death.” He snaps.
“Glad you gave me pointers. So, where is the device?” Bomb Blast inquires.
“It should be installed already; Major Fear said it was sent ahead as part of the satellite upgrade.”
“I see four large dishes here, which one is it?”
Black Vulture looks around. “Which ever one has the device installed. Split up and check them.” The four split up checking the large grey dishes. Bomb Blast checks the one that is more towards the center of the roof.
“Here, this one.” He calls to Black Vulture, who quickly approaches motioning for the two troopers to keep watch.
“Nice.” Vulture unhooks the command module from his belt and inserts it into the device with nothing happening.
“Uh, that’s it?”
“Something isn’t right.”
“Maybe you put it in backwards.” Blast suggests.
“It has a notch on the side; it only fits in one way.”
“Try wiggling it.”
Vulture looks up at Bomb Blast. “I’m not taking a piss.”
“Just trying to help.”
“Maybe it needs to charge first, come on lets go, we’ve done what we’re supposed to do.” Vulture begins to walk away from the device forgetting about the remote detonation device.
“Dude...back, back!” Bomb Blast grabs Vulture pulling him backwards. “You nearly incinerated it.” He grabs the small device from Vultures belt. “Wait a second…” Blast kneels back down at the device pressing a small button on the top of the command module. A small hatch opens which he inserts the detonator into. The device begins to hum coming to life. “Son of a bitch, it’s a power source.”
“It would have been nice if he told us that little fact first.” Vulture snaps.
“Maybe he wanted to see who’d figure it out, go through with it. Weed out the un-loyalists.”
“Maybe. Let’s just get out of here and back to our rendezvous point before someone catches us up here.”
“Yeah.” Blast walks towards the edge of the roof and peers out at the other buildings around them, as Vulture signals the two troopers. “Man, look at all the rooftop lawns. I think that place has a pool.” Bomb Blast remarks.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, next to the gym is a large indoor Olympic sized swimming pool, equipped with a 50 foot deep end for dive training. Navy currently occupies the pool swimming laps, she is wearing a grey and red one piece swimsuit, unaware that she is being watched by Fallout. He sits quietly admiring how gracefully she moves through the water. On her return back she switches into a back stroke noticing him as she nears the edge.
“Oh my god.” She screams splashing about in the water as she treads it. “Fallout, you scared the crap out of me.”
“Sorry.” He laughs. “Why aren’t you sleeping like the others?”
“I like having the pool to myself, night time is the best.”
“Storm said you set quite the explosives off at the Manitoba base.”
“I was just following his instructions, but yeah the place literally caved in on itself.”
“Wish I could have seen it.”
Navy smiles at Fallout. “You want to join me?”
“Nah, I’m not much of a swimmer.”
Navy swims up to the edge of the pool and folds her arms up on it to keep herself afloat. “Are you scared of the water?”
“No.” Fallout scoffs. “I’m a trained Paratrooper and Marine, water doesn’t scare me. Like I said, I’m just not much of a swimmer, not like you.”
“I can teach you, come on.”
“I don’t have my swimsuit with me.”
“So, swim in your underwear, it’s really no different. Not like I haven’t seen it before.” She jokes, reminding Fallout of the time the girls stole their clothes and towels while the guys showered, only to get caught and have to return them.
“You ladies are lucky we were ordered not to retaliate.”
“I’m surprised none of you disobeyed that order.” She laughs. “Well come on now, strip and get in.”
“You won’t stop until I get in will you?”
“Nope.” Navy pushes back off the wall like she is about to splash him.
“Alright, I’ll get in.” Fallout grunts undoing his belt and shirt. He kicks off his boots then drops his combat cargos down.
Navy giggles. “Bikini briefs, I would have taken you for more of a boxer’s kind of guy.”
“I didn’t know I was going to be swimming.” His face blushes a bit. Fallout takes a few leaping steps forward then cannonballs into the pool next to Navy. The force pushes her aside drenching her in the spray.
“Oh very funny.” She laughs splashing Fallout back as he comes up. “Nerd.”
“So, think you can teach me to swim as fluidly as you do?”
“What?” Navy looks at him puzzled by what he means.
“The way you swim, it’s like you are one with the water. The way it forms around you, it’s beautiful.” Fallout smiles feeling a bit more embarrassed now.
“Wow, really? I don’t think anyone has ever described the way I swim so…elegantly before.” Navy feels herself blush now. “Okay tough guy, let’s start with the basics.”
“I am yours to mould.” Fallout smirks.

Serpent Squad Headquarters, the command center.
Major Fear stands in the center of the room on the walkway with his arms crossed. Lt Graves mans the command console waiting for word back from their away team when it finally comes in.
“Sir, they were successful in installing the device, it is online and ready.”
“Excellent.” The Major smiles. “Begin broadcasting the signal, set the subliminal message to have the residents donate money to the Robert G. Wesker Research for a Cure fund.” A phoney Cobra charity that was set into place for the Serpent Squad to use.
“As you command.” Lt Graves responds
Lady D comes up from the pit to Major Fear’s side. “I guess they figured out the power core.”
“Yes, it would appear they have. My next test will be Strike and Mad Dog.”
“What about Dune?”
“He has already proven his loyalty to me.” Major Fear turns heading towards the exit. “He did kill his own parents and beat his brother into a coma after all.”
Lady D feels a chill go up her spine. She knows all to well what Dune had done, something that even disgusts her own cold heart. Not like she hasn’t done her own fair share of killing in her past, but they were all nameless faceless victims.

In Rattlesnakes lab Anaconda sits in the scientists chair as he inspects her mouth.
“Everything looks good, healing up nicely.” He places his small flashlight on the counter next to him along with the small dental mirror. “The swelling has gone down considerably; you should be able to talk in a day or two.” Rattlesnake snaps off his rubber gloves dropping them into a waste basket. “I’ll run the tests on your most recent blood sample to make sure there have been no more alterations.”
“You. Fear. Him.” Anaconda says slowly and carefully.
Rattlesnake looks back at her, knowing who she is talking about. “Don’t you?”
She shakes her head no.
“You should.”

Vee works away in the Serpent Squad motor pool doing some fine tuning on a Stinger jeep. His shirt is now a greasy rag on the floor, though you wouldn’t know he’s removed it with the amount of grease on his chest, face, and arms.
“Wow, you need a shower badly, in a vat of grease remover.” Dune laughs, watching Vee work. “What are you doing anyway?”
“Removing and reinstalling the engine.” Vee grunts as he tightens bolts on the engine.
Vee looks over at Dune ready to throw his socket wrench at him. “It’s what I do. I’m putting a better, faster engine in this jeep. She’s going to be my baby.”
“You do realize it will probably get blown up?”
Vee laughs. “Not with the way I drive, and the armour plating I’m putting on her.” The greased up Cobra watches as Dune heads towards the doors. “You killed your parent’s right, and beat the snot out of your Joe brother?”
“How did that feel?”
“Liberating.” Dune grins.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters.
Storm enters the gym showers finding Fallout getting dressed after his shower from his swimming lessons. “You’re up late.”
“Looks like I’m not the only one, and in your official Canada’s Elite pj’s too.” He laughs.
Storm looks down at his grey pyjama pants that have the team logo on them. “Yeah, figured everyone would be asleep and I’d risk it.” He leans against the lockers crossing his arms over his chest. “So, why you still up?”
“I had a break earlier and got some rest. Didn’t feel tired.”
“Hey.” Navy shouts into the locker room. “Tomorrow?”
“Yeah sure.” Fallout shouts back.
Storm looks at Fallout with a sly grin on his face.
“I know you are my CO but shut up.”
“I wasn’t going to say anything.”
“Yeah, right.” Fallout laughs pulling on his t-shirt. “She’s just giving me swimming lessons.”
“Huh? You were a marine why do you need swimming lessons?”
“I got by but I never really learned how to swim all that well.”
“Didn’t know that. Glad she’s teaching you then. You sure that’s all it is?”
“Sir, if you are trying to insinuate that I might have other feelings for her I’d have to respectfully say that it is none of your business.”
Storm puts his arms up in surrender. “Okay I won’t pry, but I can’t say the same for anyone else.”
“Sir…Storm.” Fallout says lowering his voice. “Actually I would appreciate it if this stayed between us for now.”
“Alright, I understand. I like my privacy too.”
“Thanks.” Fallout places a firm hand on Storm’s shoulder then heads out of the locker room.

In the morning the entire team are summoned to the motor pool by Lt Col Storm, not even General Phoenix knows as to why. They all gather between the Mobile Base and one of the QA-ATV’s. “I can tell you are all wondering why I woke everyone up so early and asked you down here. It’s to talk about these two vehicles on each side of me. They are unique in design, unlike anything in current military use. I want you to meet the person behind the QA-ATV and who helped in the development of the Mobile Base.”
A blonde haired, blue eyed woman steps out from behind the big red transport looking Mobile Base. Her long hair is pulled back into a pony tail; she is wearing the team colours with a grey shirt, red vest, grey flack vest, and the standard boots and camo pants with a double white belt and red gloves. “Hi.” She smiles. “You can call me Coyote.”
“After using the QA-ATV out in the field I put in a call to the Governor General requesting to have her added to our team. Coyote jumped at the chance.” Storm explains. “She is an expert in Armoured Vehicles, and an Electronic-Optronic Technician.”
“A what?” Snow Squall asks.
“Google it.” Storm replies with a smirk. “I want you all to make her feel welcome.” Storm steps aside noticing Phoenix approaching him.
“Why was I not advised of this?”
“I don’t know you’ll have to ask the Governor General that, he was well aware that I hadn’t discussed it with you.”
“I thought we were going to work together more?”
“We are, but this happened prior. I guess the Gov Gen doesn’t feel the same about sharing information as he requests from us.” Storm says turning back to the rest of the team that are chattering away with their new teammate. “Okay, okay, there will be lots of time to grill her later. Hotwire, Afterburner, Navy, Feedback if your four would give her the full tour.”
“Yes Sir.” The four say in unison.
“The rest of you can head for your daily training exercises, dismissed.” The General adds. She and Storm watch as everyone splits off.
“I think I’ll hit the shooting range.” Storm begins to head back towards the main base then spins on his heels to Phoenix. “Maybe you should think about joining the team in training. It would go a long way to show solidarity.”
“I may, there is something else I need to take care of first.” She watches Storm head off removing a disposable cell phone from her glove. She checks her messages and frowns. “Dammit.”

Outskirts of Calgary Alberta, at a cell phone tower, Strike, Mad Dog and a trooper climb the tower, their jetpacks sitting on the ground in a row with one trooper left to guard them.
“This isn’t what I signed on for.” Mad Dog grunts.
“You are part of the team are you not? Stop your belly aching and just do what you are told.” Strike snaps.
“What’s the matter, mad because you didn’t get teamed with your boyfriend?” Dog jokes. He feels a rush of air go by his head, a little too close for comfort as a knife bounces off the structure just above him. He looks down at Strike. “Do that again and it will be the last time.”
“Shut up.” Strike leans back to catch her knife as it falls and tucks it back into the rear of her belt. “My relationship with Graves is none of your business.”
“I wish.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“You display your affections for him for everyone to see.”
“So, like I care.”
Dog helps Strike up as they reach the top of the tower where the device is located. He attaches the command module as Strike takes a moment to admire the scenery. “Huh…nothing happened.”
Strike looks over the device and presses the button that opens up for the power core. “Try putting the remote device in there.”
“Yes.” She says annoyed.
Dog does as she suggests and the device comes to life. “How’d you know?”
“Uh hello, weren’t you paying attention. The remote is designed to destroy the command module if they are separated. This was a test.”
“Graves told you didn’t he?”
Strike hesitates to answer his question. “No.” She motions for the trooper beneath her to start heading back down the tower. “Let’s go, we have one more to do.”
“Lucky us.” Mad Dog moans.

Serpent Squad Headquarters, Lt Graves informs Major Fear that the next device has been activated.
“And what of the results of our first device?” Fear inquires.
Graves checks their phoney fund raising account. “Eighty percent of all occupants have donated money.”
“Excellent. Keep it up; I want one hundred percent by tomorrow.”
“Yes Sir.” Graves nods.
Both notice Anaconda as she enters the command center in full battle gear.
“You look well. How are you feeling?” Fear inquires.
“Bet..ter.” She replies, still getting used to her reformed tongue.
“Continue your speech therapy. Try singing, I heard you once had a beautiful voice.”
“I haven’t. Sung. In years. How’d…”
“I know everything Anaconda, nothing escapes my notice.” Fear smirks.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters the Infirmary. Archaic lies on the bed staring up at the ceiling counting the dots in the tiles. He looks over at the machines that monitor his vitals, getting tired of the constant beeping. Medic has been giving him a good go over and running tests on him like he’s a corpse she’s reanimating. Archaic pulls at the nodes stuck to his chest ripping them off. He doesn’t have chest hair but the stickiness of them still stung his skin. The machines begin to make new noises with the nodes having been removed. He sits up on the bed pushing the machines aside and slides down to unplug them, his ribs screaming out in pain.
“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” He grunts.
“No, it wasn’t.” Medic says standing in the doorway with her arms crossed. “What do you think you are doing?”
“I can’t just lie here anymore.”
“Oh yes you can, and you will until I say otherwise. You sustained some serious injuries and you were in a coma.”
Archaic sighs wanting to argue back but knows she is just looking out for him. “I need something to do.”
“You can do it from your bed. I’ll talk to Phoenix and Storm and see if there is anything they can have you do.” Medic walks over to him trying to give him the hint to get back into bed. “You can’t go walking around in those paper pants anyway.”
“That’s another thing; can I get some real clothes now? It’s not like I’m going to crap or piss myself now. I can go to the bathroom on my own.”
“Sorry but I don’t need you passing out or smacking your head off the toilet.” Medic jokes.
“I’ve been standing here talking to you and I’m just fine.”
She stops trying to push him and just looks her team mate over. “I really like the colour of your skin. Kind of has this brownish oranges hue to it.
“Don’t change the subject.”
“Alright, alright, I’ll see about getting you back on duty. Light duty, base work.”
“Anything would be fine with me.” He reaches out and gives Medic a hug. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome.” She pats him on the back glad to see his spirit back but worries how much he’s repressing.

Rattlesnake sits quietly in his lab looking over the last tests he ran on Anaconda. Much to his relief she seems to be stabilized with no more mutations.
“What’s up doc?” Dune says startling the scientist making him nearly fall out of his chair and yelp. “Wow, you just didn’t squeal like a girl?” He laughs.
“I didn’t hear you come in.” Rattlesnake gasps.
“It’s what I do. Say doc, do you believe in spiritual things?”
“I’m a scientist, so no. That said, sometimes there are things even science can’t explain so in those cases, I do.”
“Okay…well I mean like sixth sense kind of stuff.” Dune furthers his question.
“Why, do you see dead people?” Rattlesnake jokes.
“No, but I’ve had this feeling for awhile now that my brother has woken up.”
“Interesting, that could be bad for you.”
“How so?”
“What you did, killing your parents and beating your brother half to death.”
“I’d worry if I considered them family, but to me mine died the day they shunned me.”
Rattlesnake eyes up Dune, wondering what else is going on in that head of his. “I’ve read you file, you want to talk about it?”
“No. I gotta go…do something.” Dune turns to leave.
“You killed him didn’t you?”
“Your twin brother, it’s because of you he died isn’t it? You did it on purpose.”
Dune stands silent for awhile before answering. “Yes.”

The morning sun begins to break over the Canada’s Elite Headquarters casting a warm glow over the grounds. Snow Squall is already on the roof helipad watching the sun rise.
“Hey.” Navy says as she approaches him.
“So, is this going to be our thing now?” Squall asks.
“Excuse me?” She’s a little surprised by his question, almost taking it as a romantic one rather than just a platonic one.
“Meeting up here to watch the sun rise, seems like we’re the only two who like to do this with any regularity.”
“Oh, yeah.” She smiles.
“What did you think I meant?” He says coyly.
“Don’t get me wrong you are a lovely woman but I’d never step on Fallout’s toes.”
Navy rolls her eyes towards him. “Uh huh, there is nothing going on between us and if there is I am keeping silent on the subject, it’s none of anyone’s business.”
“Okay, not like I was trying to pry.” Squall puts his hands up and laughs.
“Sure you weren’t.” She laughs.

A few levels down Storm and Phoenix meet in their office to discuss their next move. Storm picks up a small remote device from the desk hitting one of the buttons. From a projector in the ceiling a holographic map of Canada appears suspended in mid air.
“They are out there somewhere, and with the Intel we obtained from the Trans Canada hit we might have a way of drawing Major Fear out.” Storm says.
“With these.” He raises the remote to speak into it. “Display camps.” With that command several red Cobra emblems appear on the map. “These are locations of other possible operating Cobra camps.”
“My god…I thought you guys shut down a lot of their operations here after World War Three?”
“We did, but those were operation centers. The recruitment camps we didn’t know about. Not like these. They are disguised as regular camps, summer camps, scout camps, family camping grounds…”
“Children? They are recruiting children?”
“No, and yes. We believe some of the camps are covers, secretly training and brainwashing kids without notice. Then they activate them when the children become of age.”
“I never realized how far Cobra would go.”
“We need to hit these places, shut them down.”
“That might be tricky considering some of these places are private camps, and with children.”
“This is why we’ll need help from the Governor General, to get permission to go in and check them out.”
“I’ll see what I can do.”
“I have Feedback monitoring the camps via satellite imaging; he’s looking for anything that will show Cobra activity. Those ones we should be able to hit now. Downlink is currently going over the shipping manifests for the camps, see if he can figure out how they are brainwashing the children. I want to break into two teams.”
“What? No, your team is the field team.”
“One team is too easy a target; two teams can cover more ground and draw out the Serpent Squad. They’ll want to come after the more important camps.”
Phoenix crosses her arms looking the map over. “Alright, assemble another team.”
“Already done.” Storm smirks. “Fallout will be in command and I’ve assigned Night Spotter, Snow Squall, Dust Off, Downlink and Coyote. That leaves you Hotwire, Medic, Feedback, G.I. and Archaic on base.
“Alright, arrange your targets and meet me in the command center with Fallout in one hour.”
Storm nods leaving the map up and the remote on the desk before heading out. Phoenix looks over the map then walks over to pick up the remote shutting the holographic projector off.

Medic waves Storm down as the Lt Col is heading for the mess hall. “I need to talk to you.”
“Can you make it quick?”
“Men.” Medic shakes her head. “Always in a hurry. Archaic wants something to do, he’s getting restless.”
“Give him something to do then.”
“Like what?”
“Whatever you feel he can handle, I already told Phoenix he’d be available to her. Maybe you should go talk to her, see what she may have for him to do.”
“You did what? Why?”
“He’s a soldier who’s been stuck in bed for weeks now; I’m surprised it took him this long to start getting restless.”
“What’s going on?” Medic inquires. “You seem like you are up to something.”
“Nothing out of the ordinary, we’re just taking the fight to our enemies. We’re going to try and draw them out.”
“Well, if I don’t see you before you leave, be careful.”
“Yeah, right.” Medic laughs and lets Storm continue on his way.

As requested, an hour later Storm and Fallout meet with General Phoenix in the command center. The three review the camp locations via the round center 3D holographic imaging table.
“We should target the newer camp grounds; some of them are only a few years old and are close to well established grounds.” Phoenix says.
“Agreed, we can leave the scout camps until Feedback has figured out how they are utilizing them.” Storm adds. “My team will take the location here, in the northern part of South-western Ontario.” He points towards the location causing the image to separate from the map and enlarge.
“I’d like to take the camp in the Northwest Territories if that’s okay with you two?” Fallout inquires.
“No, I’d rather keep the teams closer together.” Phoenix says.
“I disagree, these are our first attacks. It’s better to spread ourselves out until we draw the attention of the Serpent Squad, then pull our teams closer together. It will make us appear as though we are spreading ourselves thin.”
Phoenix gives Storm a disapproving look with him challenging her command. “Alright, you make a good point.” She concedes. “Hit them hard and fast then move on to the next target. I’ll have Feedback do what he can from here with the scout camps.”
“Hitting them on two fronts, physical and technological.” Storm smiles. “Feedback, alert the teams, time to roll.”
Feedback nods lowering the mic on his helmet into position. “Attention, all field members report to the motor pool ASAP for dispatch.”
“Be careful out there you two.” Phoenix says just before Storm and Fallout exit the command center. She turns back to their communications specialist. “Alright, tell me what you have and lets put a stop to it.”

As usual Major Fear stands at his command console monitoring his squad’s activity as more devices are activated. He looks up as Lady D approaches giving her a smile. “Everything is going according to plan, all of our BC, Alberta, the Northwest Territories, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland devices are activated. Time to move in closer.”
“And closer to the Joe team discovering our actions.” Lady D scowls.
“That is why I am leaving Quebec and Ontario until last. I am moving the teams into Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba next.”
“Should we not activate more agents, spread our forces out more?”
“No, the Joe team have already discovered one of our facilities I do not want to risk them finding others.”
Lady D walks over to Major Fear standing behind him. She places a hand on his shoulder and watches his monitors. “I hope you aren’t watching me when you shouldn’t be?”
Fear looks over his shoulder at her and smiles. “Yes you do.”

Storm’s field team flies over their target, Afterburner piloting an Attack Chopper, Storm and Redeye in Dragon Fly copters. Below them are several huts surrounding a larger one. Afterburner activates the spot light on her attack chopper lighting the camp ground up.
“Attention campers, you have ten seconds to vacate the main building before we open fire.” Storm’s voice booms through the loud speakers. “Ten…nine…”
Suddenly three of the smaller huts burst open with Cobra A.S.P’s firing at the Joe’s who all take evasive action.
“Whoa, this place just got hot fast.” Redeye remarks.
“Lay down suppressive fire, I’ll target those A.S.P’s.” Storm orders as he ejects the side compartments on the sides of the Dragon Fly revealing the double missile cannons. He programs 3 of them targeting the enemy guns. “Afterburner, target the main building.”
“Roger that.” Afterburner moves into position letting off a salvo of missiles as Storm targets the A.S.P’s blowing them apart, Redeye fires down at the scattering troopers, some of which are already armed.
“Lay down your weapons and surrender.” Storm’s voice booms again, this time yielding the expected results as the troopers drop their weapons. “Storm to base, radio Fallout’s team, advise them that the campers may be armed and to expect heavy artillery.”
“Copy that Storm.” Feedback responds.
The three copters come in for a landing, the rest of Storm’s field team disembarking from the Attack Chopper and arresting the Cobra troopers. Storm climbs out of his Dragon Fly and walks towards the group of troopers. “Consider your career in terrorism over.” He stops, recognizing one of the men, someone who used to bully him in high school and who seems to recognize Storm as well. “Use any force necessary to keep them in line.” He stares down the trooper then continues towards the Attack Chopper.
“What was that all about, use any force necessary?” Afterburner asks.
“Nothing, I was just trying to put the fear of God into them that’s all. Alert the local RCMP, I want this cleaned up quickly so we can get underway. We have more camps to detain.”

Hours later Fallout’s team make their way through the forest under the cover of night. Each of them wearing Night Spotter’s enhanced vision goggles, and who is also taking point. He motions back to the others to stop; Fallout joins him at his side to see what is going on.
“What do we have?” The team leader asks.
“Row of five huts, the two larger ones is probably the mess and command center. Something is interfering with my imagining so I’d wager whatever is going on in there is important.” Night Spotter replies.
Fallout motions for everyone to huddle up. “Alright, with the info from Storm we have to assume they are armed, we need to take out the bunk huts first. I want this done silently though, knockout gas and silencers if needed. Cut the power first, just in case they have comms, then we take the two buildings. Night Spotter, Downlink, and Snow Squall you three will take the farthest building. Coyote and Dust Off you are with me, we’ll take the closer building.”
“What about tripwires and traps?” Coyote inquires.
“I doubt they have any with the wildlife around here, too many false alarms. Keep an eye out though for any security.”
The six man team split up and skulks in the shadows as they surround the bunk huts. Lucky for them the nights are warm and the windows open, they slit the screens and carefully lower the knockout gas canisters in by a rope, giving them a tug to pull the pins. The Joe’s quickly group into their two teams and head for their designated building. Night Spotter and Fallout set small charges at the doors blowing them open surprising the on duty troopers inside. Cobra banners hang from the ceiling; there is also a large computer array with a larger screen surrounded by smaller ones.
“FREEZE!” Fallout shouts as they enter the com center, guns ready. “No one move you are all under arrest.”
The troopers inside instinctually raise their arms in surrender.
The other three Joe’s join the rest finding the mess hall empty and assist in restraining the on duty staff.
“Fallout, come check this out.” Coyote calls as she looks over the computer screens.
“What do you have?”
“Whatever they are monitoring is active, but I’m not sure what to make of it.” She says indicating the marked map on the larger center screen.
Downlink joins them checking the activity over. “They seem to be monitoring cell phone and radio transmissions.”
“Could those blips be locations of cell and radio towers?” Fallout inquires.
“I’d say yes.” Downlink responds. “Let me see what I can dig up.” He says cracking his fingers and taking a seat at the computer array.
“Just don’t trigger any booby traps.” Fallout jokes. “I don’t want you initiating a self destruct or something.”
“I’ll be as cautious as a mouse stealing cheese from a mouse trap.”
“You do realize they usually get caught in those things?” Coyote comments.
“Yep, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cautious approaching them.”
“That’s reassuring.” She remarks before following Fallout. “Should we call this in?”
“Let’s see what Downlink can find out first, and then we’ll call it in. In the meantime grab Spotter and the two of you check the rest of this camp out.”
“Yes Sir.” She nods and goes off to find Night Spotter.
Fallout walks up to Snow Squall who along with Dust Off have the troopers all gathered together. “How much longer do you think we have until the knock out gas wears off?”
“Couple of hours at least with the dose we dropped in those bunks.” Snow Squall responds.
“Alright, who is in charge here?” Fallout scans the trooper’s faces, no one responds. “Okay, let me put it a different way.” He grabs the closest trooper shoving his pistol into the man’s mouth. “I splatter each and every one of your brains across the wall until I find out.” He watches their expressions, some still straight faced, a few with the look of panic. “Well?” He cocks his gun with his finger applying pressure on the trigger.”
“He is.” One finally speaks up pointing to a red haired man.
“Thank you.” Fallout is happy his intimidation worked and grabs the red haired man by the back of the neck leading him towards the door. “You and I need to have a talk.”
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