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Canada's Elite #3


Canada's Elite #3

Postby Lt Storm » 01 Apr 2008 07:46


Chapter 3

Cambridge Ontario, Cambridge Memorial Hospital psychiatric ward. Dressed in civilian clothes, a black jacket with red and black shirt and black jeans follows a nurse down the hall to a private room. She smiles at him nodding in the room.
“Thank-you.” Storm takes a deep breath and enters the room. A typical sterile hospital room, with a single window that looks out into the yard. “Hi Christan.” The blonde known as Athena doesn’t look at him, she sits on her chair with her legs pulled up to her chest staring out the window. Lt. Storm walks over to her kneeling down brushing her hair back from her face. “It’s me Athena, Lt. Storm.”
She looks over at him and smiles. “The coming storm.”
He laughs. “Yeah, that’s me.”
“Hero.” She says still smiling.
He smiles back at her, not feeling much of a hero. “How are you?” Storm looks into her vacant blue eyes.
“I wouldn’t ask her too many questions, she tends to close up and start mumbling something about a terrible snake man.”
Storm stands up spinning around to see a dark skinned woman with black hair enter the room. “Sorry, she was a friend of mine.”
“No need to be coy around me Lieutenant. I know who and what you are, I too was once in the military also.”
“Why did you quit?”
“I didn’t I took a leave to study psychology. Your friend there has gone through something extremely traumatic.”
Lt. Storm looks down at Athena feeling his heart sink. “Will she ever come out of it?”
“Maybe, but it will take time. There are some other men here to see her, they say they know you.”
“Oh uh, sure send them in.”
The doctor exits the room telling the men in the hall they can go in.
Much to his surprise he sees Sparks and General Hawk come in.
“How are you doing Lieutenant?” Hawk asks.
“I’m, uh, okay. Sorry I didn’t expect you two to be here.”
“We wanted to see how she was doing.” Sparks says. “We can’t stay long.”
“Let’s go out in the hall Storm, I want to talk with you.”
“Yes, sir.” Storm takes the wheelchair from Sparks leaving him with Athena, and wheeling Hawk out into the hall.
“Hey girl.” Sparks places his hand on Christan’s shoulder as she looks up at him. Her eyes seem to sparkle, he hand slowly rising up her hand carefully placed on his then quickly taken away like an embarrassed child.
“What did you want to talk about sir?”
“Cut the macho with me soldier. I’ve been in this long enough to know guilt when I see it. Get one thing straight in your head, what happened to her is not your fault.”
Storm looks down at the floor. “But it is. I let her come on the mission, she wasn’t battle ready.”
“Fine, you made a mistake, you don’t think I made any? Listen, I know you also lost a good friend, but you have a team that looks to you for leadership, and they cannot see you being weak or feeling sorry for yourself. You have all the makings of being a great leader and when things like this happen it is the time to prove it.”
“Things went bad sir, really bad. Our first big mission and I lost two teammates, I am not a good leader, and I don’t have what it takes to lead this team.”
“So what, you are thinking of resigning? Stupid.”
“Only stupid arrogant men who can’t see their own faults quit. You see your faults and if you quit now what does that say to your team? We picked you for the G.I.Joe program because we saw something in you. You value each and every member of your team, and with them that is what makes you a great leader. Sparks should be ready to go, we have to get back to The Rock. Think about what I said, and if you need to talk you know how to reach me. Stay strong, this is what tests the true strength of a soldier, team and all.”
“Thank you, sir.”
Sparks stands in the doorway nodding at Hawk.
“Ready to go?”
“Yes sir.” He looks over at Storm. “She’ll get better, I know it.”
“I hope so.”
“Sometimes hope is all we have and there is nothing wrong with that. If there is any change you’ll let me know?”
“Come on Sparks, we really must be going.”
Lt. Storm watches as the two head down the hall. He looks back into Athena’s room and closes his eyes. “Hang in there soldier.”
Athena lifts her face into the suns rays closing her eyes and smiles.

Windsor Ontario, the next day, the sun shines brightly in the sky, Lt. Storm and his team stand at a distance in a cemetery watching the service for their fallen teammate as the Minister speaks.
“Corporal Julie May Eldora Bailey was a well loved and as well very respected at Land Forces Central Area Training Center, in Petawawa. She was a pillar of support for the school and will surly be missed by all. The family has chosen the following quote by Mitch Album to best describe how Julie lived her life: “Devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.””
Target looks over at Storm. “I don’t get it, why can’t we be there, why can’t her family know?”
“Because Zachary, we are part of a top secret covert military operation, technically we don’t exist. Did you not read your hand book?” Fallout comments.
“We should go, our U.N. rep will be arriving at the base later today and we should be there to meet up with him.” Chamber suggests.
“You go, I’ll be along shortly.” Storm says with sternness to his voice which conveys to the others not to argue with him.
They three guys head off towards the parking lot whispering between them.
“What are we going to do now, we’re down two members?”
“I’m sure that’s why the U.N. rep is paying us a visit.” Chamber answers. “That or to disband us.”
“Storm said Sparks and General Hawk visited Athena at the hospital, if they were going to do that don’t you think they would have told him?”
“Maybe they don’t know.” Fallout grunts. “Or maybe you two are jumping to conclusions, we have to keep our wits about ourselves. If anyone sees us as shaken or broken as we are acting now they will disband this unit.”
Chamber and Target pause watching as Fallout continues towards the parking lot, looking at each other then follow him not saying another word.

A few moments later Lt. Storm makes his way to Pebbles grave kneeling down on the freshly relayed earth as clouds begin to cast out the sun over head. He places his right hand on her grave stone and closes his eyes. “I am so sorry Peb’s, I never meant for this to happen. I know what you’d say to me right now, you’d tell me to buck up and not let your death be in vain. You’d tell me I have a team to lead and a madman to stop, and you’d tell me you love me because I feel the same about you.” Storm pulls a medal of valour from his pocket and places it on her grave stone. “I’ll probably get court marshalled for taking this but it belongs to you, as well as a few other medals no one will ever get to see or know about.”
Storm rises to his feet as rain begins to fall. “Goodbye my friend, you truly were…are an inspiration to all the lives you have touched. I will miss you and remember you fondly.” He turns heading for the parking lot not looking back. “And when I get my hands on Major Fear I will make him pay.”

Two days ago, Serpent Squad Terrordrome after their first encounter with the Canadian G.I.Joe team.
Major Fear stands in the War Room looking at a large map of Canada, the rest of his team sitting around the table. No one has said a word since they escaped the Joe’s and returned to base at the Major’s request that they all stay silent until he addresses them. In his own mind, a test to see if there would be any whispers behind his back but everyone, whether out of fear or respect for their leader followed his orders. Not even when the Major was out of ear shot did they speak to one another.
Vee leans over to Lady D. “Is he gonna just stand there?”
“I am just going over our battle in my head.”
“Tryin’ to figure out what went wrong?”
“No, Vee, as far as I am concerned it was a victory?” Major Fear turns to address his unit. “We did not get what we were after but we met our foe face to face, and escaped unscathed. I may not have killed Lt. Storm but I killed someone he appeared to care a great deal about.”
“And that little blonde seemed to have lost her gourd.” Anaconda mentions.
The Major smiles. “They have lost two of their team and are not at full strength, the next few days they will be wallowing in their own sorrow. This will give us the opportunity to strike and take them down for good.”
“What do you have in mind?” Lady D. asks.
“Something that will leave a mark on this country forever.”

Now, G.I.Joe Canada Headquarters meeting room A, Target, Fallout, and Chamber sit waiting, not knowing why. The stand saluting as Lt. Storm enters the room. “At ease.” He says taking a deep breath. “Okay, I’m going to lay it out straight here, we lost big time. One of our own was killed in action and one, I don’t know if she’ll ever be back. We weren’t prepared for our enemy, we underestimated them and that will not happen again. We prevented them from getting their hands on the nuclear weapons, that was a victory and that is what we need to focus on, that’s what Julie and Christan would want us to do.”
“So what’s our next plan of action boss?” Target asks.
“To meet the first two of our new team mates.” Lt. Storm gestures towards the door, in walks a tall strong black man who smiles kindly at the others, followed by a short haired brunette. They stand on either side of Lt. Storm, the new and now only team mate standing on his right.
“On my left is Feedback, he’s our new communications expert and he’s also a specialist in Biological Chemical Defence, on my right is Hotwire our resident mechanic and armour specialist. I want you all to work together, share your strengths and weaknesses. Dismissed.” Lt. Storm watches as they file out then exits heading to his office slumping down in his seat. He turns to his computer screen reading over the data desk entry of his high school friend.
“Sir?” Target says standing in the doorway.
“The team would like you to join us.”
“Sure, there is something I have to do first.”
Storm looks back at his screen. “I’m going to miss you Pebbles.” He marks her file KIA then closes it down.

Ottawa Ontario, Alexander Park, a woman stands dressed in a black over coat looking up at the trees as they sway in the breeze. A man comes up next to her passing an envelope to her.
“Is everything in here?”
“What you requested. This is just between us right, if anyone ever…”
“Do not worry, no one will ever find out, as long as you keep up your end of the deal.”
“I will.”
“Good, then our business is finished for today, we’ll contact you again when we need more information.” The woman walks away from the man heading for a black limousine, a well dressed driver opening the door for her. The driver walks around getting back into the car.
“Did you get it?” Vee removes his driver cap.
“Yes.” Lady D. says holding up the envelope.
“Awesome, lady, lets burn some rubber I can’t wait to get out of these clothes.”
“Why, because they are clean?”
“Funny lady.” Vee starts up the limo pulling out onto the street nearly hitting an oncoming car.
“I would like to get back to base in one piece if you don’t mind.”
“Why do we have to be so far out in no where land anyway?”
“Where do you expect a terrorist organization to set up its base, downtown Toronto?”
“Point taken.” Vee speeds through a red light careening around the corner causing Lady D to slide in her seat and flash him a dirty look.

G.I.Joe Canada Headquarters, the gymnasium, a state-of-the-art obstacle course with simulated laser fire, water course, hand-to-hand combat course and swing bars. Hotwire spins herself around on the swing bars pivoting at the top on one hand and firing her light laser gun nailing her target.
“Wow, I think I’m in love.” Target comments.
“Keep it in your pants Zach.” Storm says entering the room. “Nice work Hotwire.”
“Thank you sir.” She says landing on the floor before him. “I was top of my gymnastics class, nearly made the Olympics.”
“That wasn’t in your dossier, why didn’t you make the team?”
“I’m more of a grease monkey, and I decided to join the military instead.”
Storm looks into her eyes, hearing how her voice disconnected like a painful memory emerged. “Alright, show me what you can do, we have some vehicles in our motor pool I’d like you to take a look at.”
“The rest of you run Battle Simulation Alpha One, achieve mission objective working together using each others strengths, you have a half hour.” He exits the room followed by Hotwire. The two walk down to the motor pool and over to a Hummer.
“Nice, but why is the engine pulled apart?”
“Cause I want you to put it back together.” Storm hands her a wrench and smiles. “You have half an hour.”
“Plenty of time.” She smiles back taking the wrench from him and sets to work.

Lady D. and Vee now head back to base aboard a private jet. A flat screen monitor sits in front of Lady D. with the Cobra logo in 3-D spinning around on it.
Soon Major Fear appears on the screen. “Did your meeting go well?”
“Yes it did, I have the package.”
“Excellent, then the pilot can continue on to your destination.” The Major’s image vanishes returning to the spinning logo.
“What did he mean by that?”
Lady D. looks over at Vee. “If we failed the pilot would have been instructed to crash the plane into the bay.” She says in an uncommonly calm tone.
Vee sits back feeling his heart skip a bit then takes a deep breath.
“I take it this is a different side of the Major you have not seen?”
“Got that right Lady. Something tells me you have, you like it don’t you?”
“Yes, I am drawn to men of power and strength, and being a bit insane doesn’t hurt.”
“Lady, you are one wicked chick.”
She leans forward in her leather chair looking deep into his eyes. “You can’t even comprehend how wicked I can be.” With a seductive grin she leans back into her seat crossing her legs and closing her eyes for a nap.

A lovely blonde stands in Lt. Storm’s office looking out the window that faces towards the air strip. Her hair pulled up into a bun, her black dress suit well pressed with black rimmed glasses and black pumps. She holds a leather case tucked under her left arm and a matching purse over her right shoulder.
Storm enters his off stopping short obviously not expecting her. “May I help you?”
She turns smiling politely at him walking with confident stride extending her arm to shake his hand. “I am Rebecca Roman, I am you UN liaison.”
“Sorry, I was expecting someone else.”
“He was reassigned.”
Lt. Storm walks over to his desk sitting down in his chair. “So, why does the UN have an interest in us?”
“G.I.Joe has always interested the UN and now with the Canadian division it has interested us even more. Cobra is a global threat and G.I.Joe can do things a normal military organization can not.”
“You still haven’t answered my question.”
“To be honest, I asked for this position. I was born in this country as you where and I want to do my part.”
“You aren’t going to answer my question are you?”
“I’m sorry, that is classified information for now.”
“Then this won’t be an easy job for you then.”
“I wouldn’t expect it to be, but I will earn your trust. Our first order of business is this.” Rebecca removes a folder from her brief case laying it on his desk.
Lt. Storm picks it up looking through the contents. “These are all cabinet members.”
“Yes, and this man…” She pulls out another file handing it over. “Has had a crisis of conscience. He met with a woman he only describes as stunning but scary.”
Rebecca finally sits down in one of the chairs in front of Storm’s desk. “He said he was paid extremely well to hand over the information, money which has been seized by the government and funnelled into various charities.”
“You think they are going to try to kidnap one of these three people?”
“Not one, all of them.”

Serpent Squad Terrordrome, War Room. Major Fear stands before his team with images of the three Cabinet members on the large screen behind him. “These are our targets, we will split into three teams, Lady D, Lt. Graves and I will be the team leaders. Vee you are with me, Typhoon with Lady D, and Anaconda with Graves, there will be three troopers to each team.”
“What importance do these people have?” Anaconda asks.
“My dear, never interrupt me when I am speaking. I will answer your question, they have no importance.”
“Then why are we targeting them?” Vee questions.
“Each of these members will be in transit to the Banff Springs Hotel at the same time. This will make them prime targets for us, and I already have Cobra Trooper Agents following them.” He tosses them files. “Inside you will find everything you need to know about them and the ways I want you to deal with them.”
“Why are we kidnapping them, what use do they have to us?” Lady D inquires.
“Who said anything about kidnapping?” Major Fear grins.

Canada’s Elite war room, the team assembles for their briefing. “I’d like you all to meet Ms. Roman our UN liaison. She’s come with some information that requires our attention. Major Fear and his Serpent Squad are planning on abducting three cabinet members at tomorrows meeting. It is being held at the Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta…”
“Whoa dude, isn’t that place haunted?” Target interrupts.
“Yes, actually it is but that isn’t important right now. What is important are these three people.” Rebecca points to the large screen behind them. “The first is the Minister of Agriculture, the next one is the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and the last one is the Minister of Health.”
“As far as we know they are planning on abducting them, but as some of us have learned first hand Major Fear is unpredictable.” Lt. Storm says. “I believe he is planning on killing them before they reach the meeting shuttled by limo. No one is to engage Major Fear on their own.”
Rebecca looks at Storm not expecting that comment.
“We can’t let them accomplish their mission. That is why we will split into three teams, Fallout and Hotwire, Target will be with me and Chamber will be with Medic. Feedback will be stationed at the hotel and be our radio contact and surveillance.”
“Who’s Medic?” Chamber asks.
“That would be me.” The doctor Lt. Storm met at the hospital while visiting Athena enters the room. “I am your new medic search and rescue as well a self defence instructor. I was also the attending physician to Agent Athena.”
“We needed a medical officer and she made a good first impression. I want you all to get to know her in transit.”
“Transit?” Hotwire asks.
“Yes, we leave now. Civilian clothes, this is an undercover operation. We don’t want the enemy to know we are there, pack up and meet in the hanger bay ASAP, dismissed.”
“I am so glad another girl is finally on the team.” Hotwire says.
“Yeah, being among all this testosterone can be tough but from your file I’m sure you can hold your own.” Medic smiles. “Girl power all the way.”
Hotwire laughs as they head down the hall to their quarters.
Chamber, Fallout and Target hang behind watching them.
“Man, you guys are lucky, you get paired with the chicks.” Target sighs.
“Sorry little man, guess Storm wants your head on the mission not in your pants.” Chamber jokes.
“Hey, come on guys.” Target wines
Fallout joins in the laughter ribbing the youngest member of the team.
Lt. Storm looks back at the screen and the profiles.
“I should be going, I have to report to in.”
“To whom?”
“Haven’t we already been through this?”
“Let me put it simply for you, I have more bosses then you can imagine. I have to report to the Defence Minister, our PM, my UN boss and to General Colton.”
“And you think I trust you with all that.”
“No, I’ve read your dossier sir, your trust is very hard to gain. I’m sure I will though, you’ll need someone to trust.”
“I trust my team.”
“I will be contacting you again.”
“I’ll look forward to it.”
“No, you won’t.” Rebecca says as she heads out.
“I want to know everything about her, everything.” Storm says without looking back at Feedback who steps out from the corner.
“Guess she didn’t see me slip out the other way.”
“Or she did, like I said, everything Feedback.”
“You’ll have it yesterday sir.”

* Things That Go Bump – Halloween Special *

A black Dodge Charger with tinted out widows sits in a parking lot adjacent a small helicopter landing port. Moments later a grey Mercedes pulls out which the Charger follows out onto the highway. The Mercedes carries the Minister of Health, and in the Charger, Lady D. and Typhoon.
“The doctor is in.” Lady D. says into her com device.
“Excellent, keep me posted, when I give the word do it.”
“Acknowledged.” She responds setting the com device down on the dashboard.
“Why do we not target the Prime Minister?”
“Why target the lion king when first you can take out his cubs. This will set them off balance and place the Canadian G.I.Joe team in a very difficult position.” Lady D. explains with a hint of joy to her voice.
Above them a civilian helicopter keeps watch, Hotwire and Fallout act as a newly wed couple taking pictures as they are given a tour of the country side.

A motorcycle carefully follows the next black Charger carrying Chamber and Medic who rides in the side car.
“This is so cool I never imagined I’d ever ride in a side car.” Medic says.
“What, you’ve never been on a motorcycle?”
“Oh yes of course, but always behind my leather clad boyfriend.”
“You have a thing for bad boys?” Chamber smirks.
“Use to, I’ve grown out of that adolescent behaviour. Who do you think we are following?”
“Your guess is as good as mine.”

Lt. Storm and Target pull up to the magnificent and impressive Banff Springs Hotel, both in awe of the building.
“Nothing like seeing it in person.” Storm says.
“It’s amazing. Wonder if the Serpent Squad is already here?”
“The Minister of Immigration arriving early must have thrown their plans off but we won’t know until we get inside.”
“Wait isn’t this place suppose to be haunted?”
“Let me guess, you know all about it?”
“Yes, I’ll fill you in on its history lets go.” Storm says heading towards the hotel explaining to Target that it was originally opened in 1880 having only 250 rooms the railway hotel suffered from a fire in 1926 burning to the ground and revealing a little known hidden room, a goof from the original contractors. It was rebuilt in and reopened in 1928 in a Scottish Baronial castle style sitting within a spectacular setting in the Rocky Mountains. Among the many of celebrities that have stayed here the hotel has some celebrity guests of its own, a former Bellhop Sam who helps out guests, the ghost of a woman who drowned herself.
The mysterious missing room 873 which has been walled over where a family is believed to have been killed, and despite every effort staff were unable to clean finger prints of a little girl from one of the mirrors. Most famous has to be the sealed staircase that leads up to the ceiling. There are two legends to as why this is, it was sealed up after a young bride, while descending this staircase, fell to her death. Some lore says it was the wind that swept her train in front of her tripping her, her husband unable to save her. Others say her train caught fire on the candles that were lit along the staircase. Some have heard her in the bridal suit when it is not occupied, dancing in the ballroom, or bursting into flames as she descends the staircase.
“So you think we’ll see any of the ghosts?”
“Not likely, too many people around unless you want to go to the ninth floor to see if Sam is around, but not being guests I doubt he’d show up.” Storm teases as they are lead down to the room where the meeting and press conference is being held. “Keep your eyes open for any of the Serpent Squad.”
Both fall silent as they enter the room seeing the closed off staircase and Major Fear sitting front row. Lt. Storm motions for them to take seats in the back row before he notices them.
“What do we do?” Target whispers.
“Nothing right now, just keep an eye on him. He makes a move we take him out.”
Major Fear tilts his head down a bit listening to the message he is receiving through the small receiver in his ear.
“I saw them go in like five minutes ago, I just figured out why they looked so familiar.” Vee says knowing the Major will not be pleased.
“We’ve been made.” Storm whispers.
“How do you know?”
“He tilted his head, he’s listening to something.”
“Oh man.” Target nods his head in the direction of a woman in her fifties who has just entered the room. “Isn’t that..?”
Major Fear also notices her rising from his seat and pulling out the same gun he used that fired the bullet that killed Pebbles. He fires it off as he scans the room scaring everyone inside.
Storm pulls Target down ducking behind the others who are now in a state of panic.
“What do we do?” Target panics.
“Keep your cool.”
Major Fear fires off a couple shots hitting the Ministers security guards before they can react. “Anyone move and more will die.” He barks still scanning the room.
“He hasn’t noticed us yet, I’ll draw his attention you do what you can to get her and everyone else out.” Storm whispers.
“What are you going to do?”
“Draw his attention.” Storm grabs the white wooden folding chair closing it and sliding it behind him. “FEAR!”
The Major looks over at Storm. “Ah there you are, and my second chance…”
Storm swings his chair around hurling it at Fear as the guests continue to scream.
“Everyone move now!” Target says pulling out his hidden pistol noticing some of the other guests are not whom they seem firing at the Cobra Troopers.
Storm feels a cool breeze as the chair slams into the Major knocking the gun from his hands and him to the floor. The Major grunts trying to scramble to his feet to retrieve his gun, the Lieutenant already on top of him. “I’ve been waiting for this moment.” He says as he punches the Major in the face.
“Storm lookout!” Target shouts as a vase of flowers is hurled at him knocking him off the Major. The young Joe continues to keep the other safe taking out the last Cobra Trooper.
Major Fear scurries across the floor feeling the same cool breeze Storm felt moments ago as his gun seemingly slides further away. “What in the..?” The Major is grabbed from behind and tossed into the toppled over chairs his jacket ripping open to reveal the diamond tipped bullets strapped to his chest.
“Are you insane?”
“Actually yes I have been told I am.” He retorts back tossing a few chairs at Storm trying to make his way for the door.
“Freeze scumbag!” Target shouts pointing his gun at Fear.
“Ah the youngest member of the team, do you even shave yet.”
“Shut the hell up.”
“Target, he’s mine.” Storm says charging at Fear and punching him across the face again. “I’m taking you in.”
The Major scurries back feeling bruised ribs from his tumbles over the chairs. He pulls himself up the sealed staircase fishing around his back for his spare gun. “You will die here today Storm.” The Major pulls out his gun feeling a cool breeze again, this one they all feel.
“What was that?” Target says as he is suddenly knocked against the wall, his gun flung from his hands.
The Major shouts tossing his gun looking down at his burnt hands. “What in the world?” He feels his chest begin to burn ripping off his jacket and tossing the bullet strips over the banister. He pulls open his smoking shirt to see burn marks on his chest. “How are you doing this?”
“I…I…” Storm is speechless watching in just as much awe as the Major is flung forwards tumbling down the stairs. He rushes over to grab the Majors spare gun but stops feeling that cool breeze again. “I won’t.” He looks over at Target who tries to retrieve his gun. “Target NO! Don’t go for your gun.”
The Major staggers to his feet. “Do it now!” He shouts as he runs for the door. “Kill them!”
Storm starts after him noticing a terrified look on Targets face looking back. On the stairs he notices the figure of a woman in a bridal gown who bursts into flames and vanishes. “Come on lets go, we’ll come back to get the guns.”
“Come back?”
“Storm to all Joe agents, Major Fear has given the order to assassinate the Ministers.” He pulls Target to his feet as they head out of the room.
Target looks back swearing he hears music and seeing the chairs being set back up.


Fallout climbs up into the cockpit of the helicopter placing the extra set of head phones on his head. “I need to take over.”
“What? You can’t just…” The pilot snaps.
“Sorry, it’s a matter of national security. See that grey car down there, its carrying a very important person, and that black one, bad guys who want to kill the person in the grey car.”
“What, is this some kind of joke?”
“No joke, so I need you to let me take over.”
“I’d listen to him.” Hotwire says as she opens her purse and pieces together an interesting looking weapon.
“A gun!? Who the hell are you people?” The pilot gasps.
“That’s top secret sir, and if we told you we’d have to kill you.”
“Fallout.” Hotwire says in disgust. “We wouldn’t kill him, just lock him away on the third floor.”
The pilot climbs into the back with Hotwire, his eyes fixed on the weapon, fear in his eyes.
“Its okay sir, we’re just joking with you. No one is going to hurt you, I’d be more concerned about your helicopter.” Just as she says that Fallout pushes the stick forward diving for the black Charger.

“Hang on girl.” Chamber says as he accelerates after the black car. “We might have to do something stupid.”
“What?” Medic says with a bit of panic in her voice. “Chamber what are you thinking of doing?”
“Don’t worry Doc.” He says flashing a quick grin.

“Someone is following us.” Anaconda says adjusting her mirror.
Lt. Graves looks back as he assembles a sniper rifle. “It’s the Joe’s, they are onto us. Contact Lady D. then Major Fear and alert them.”
“Why don’t you do it, I’m driving?”
“Because, I am doing the shooting.” He snaps the last piece of his rifle into place rolling down the window. “Just try to hold the car steady.” Graves leans out the window taking aim.
“Shooter!” Medic shouts.
“I see him, hang on.” Chamber swerves to the opposite side of the car. “He can’t hit us if we are on the other side.”
“Please don’t tell me that is your plan?”
“Nope, I have one that will be much more fun.”
“Oh dear god what have I signed on to?” Medic holds onto the side of the car as Chamber swerves around.

Typhoon looks back at Lady D. in his rear view mirror. “Anaconda and Graves are under attack by two of the Joe’s.” They both listen as the sound of a helicopter approaches. “Where is that coming from?”
Lady D. looks out the window and upwards. “MOVE!” She screams as the helicopter comes down on the car.
Typhoon fights to keep control as the car they are pursing speeds off, obviously notified of the assassination attempt.
“This mission is scrubbed get us out of here.”
“I’m tryin’ lady, driving with a helicopter on your roof isn’t as easy as it sounds.” Typhoon grunts.
“Fine, I’ll take care of it.” Lady D. pulls out a pistol from her bag on the seat next to her.
“Are you insane, you can fire that off in here.”
“Why not?”
“I rather like to keep my hearing.”
“Then you better think of something.”
“I have, I hope you have your seatbelt fastened.” Typhoon jerks the car to the left, then the right.
“They are trying to shake us off.” Fallout shouts back to Hotwire.”
“Keep on them.”
“I won’t be able to for much longer, we have hydro wires up ahead.”
“I have an idea.” Hotwire pulls a smoke grenade from one of her belt pouches and looks at the pilot. “I need you to hold my legs.” The man nods at her. “Good.”
“Whatever you are going to do, do it fast babe.”
Hotwire climbs over the co-pilot seat the man grabbing onto her ankles. She opens the door sliding herself down, slipping her arm through the seat belt. The grenade grasped tightly in her hand, she glances back at the man holding her ankles and smiles.
“Come on babe we’re cutting it close.” Fallout grunts.
Hotwire slides down to the open window.” Hey there.” She blows Lady D. a kiss pitching the smoke grenade inside.
“PULL HER IN NOW!” Fallout shouts pulling up on the stick jerking the helicopter up.
The man pulls with all his strength yanking Hotwire back inside.
“Thanks honey.” She looks out watching as the car swerves smoke billowing out of the windows as it crashes into a tree. “One down, circle around Fallout we need to bring them into custody.”

“The front entrance now!” Major Fear shouts into his com device.
“Roger that boss man.” Vee replies.
Fear glances back seeing Lt. Storm and Target coming out of the hotel not far behind.
“Go get the jeep.” Storm orders Target.
Squealing tires rip through the parking lot as a black bronco barrels through a few parked cars pulling up to Major Fear.
“FREEZE!” Storm shouts after his adversary pullout out one of his self loading pistols.
Major Fear smiles and waves as he climbs inside the bronco, Storm’s bullets bouncing off the bullet proof exterior.
“Damn it.” He grunts looking over at a young man with a red sports bike. “I need to barrow that, national security.”
“Dude, you’re the one with the gun, take it.” The man says tossing Storm the keys and helmet. “Just bring her back in one piece.”
“If I don’t we’ll replace it.” He says placing an earpiece in his ear and sliding on the helmet, fires up the bike and tears off after Major Fear. “Target I am in pursuit.”
“What? How?”
“Just lock onto my com and follow.”
“Got it bos….sir.”
“Nice save.” Lt. Storm comments. He speeds the bike through traffic, watching ahead for potential dangers, unlike Vee who barrels through any oncoming traffic sending a car onto its roof sliding down the road. “Damn it…” Storm revs up the bike pulling the front end up leaning back.
“No way, Storm you’re not…” Target watches from several car lengths behind.
“Secure the scene, get emergency crews.” Strom relays as he rides up the sliding car.
“Impressive manoeuvre.” Fear says pulling a small rocket launcher out from a case on the floor and leans out the window. “Now lets see if you can dodge this.” The Major grins.
Target slams on his breaks coming to a stop as the over turned car rocks on its roof teetering. He watches as Storm veers through panicked traffic as a large explosion engulfs him. “NO!!!” Target cries leaping out of the jeep. “Storm come in…sir do you copy? STORM!! Oh god no…”

“HA got him.” Major Fear rejoices. “What?” He looks on in awe as Lt. Storm comes leaping through the fire landing on the road continuing his pursuit. “That man has more lives then a cat.”
“STORM!” Targets voice screams once again into his com link.
“Take it easy kid, I’m fine. Feedback, do you read me?”
“Loud and clear.”
“Good, I’ll need some local support on this. Lock onto my GPS and send units immediately, let them know suspect is armed and extremely dangerous.”
“Roger that sir.”
“And if the others are available, get them on their way as well.”

Several miles away, Chamber and Medic continue to peruse Anaconda and Lt. Grave who are beginning to get desperate nearly causing accidents as they swerve through the highway traffic.
“We have to stop them babe, you ready?”
“I have the EMP loaded.”
“Good, that one will launch a disc that will attach and as soon as it makes contact it’ll do its job.”
“Just keep her steady.”
“Actually, we’ll get to see how good of a shot you are.” Chamber swerves nearly missing a mini van full of kids who all watch in awe.
“What do you mean by that?”
“I’ll continue to draw their fire.” Chamber reaches down heaving up on a leaver that disengages the side car. At the same time a small booster is activated propelling Medic faster down the street.
“Oh…my…god….” Medic gasps quickly learning that she will need to lean to steer the sidecar.
Anaconda looks in her rear view mirror as Lt. Graves reloads his weapon. “Hey, wasn’t there a sidecar on that motorcycle?”
“Yes…where did she…”
Medic aims her launcher as she speeds along side of the car, the force of the blast sends her off on an angle, she quickly drops the launcher between her legs not knowing if she made the shot leaning hard to her left as a car blows by her honking his horn.
“Hello, no brakes on this thing jerkass.” She shouts.
The EMP discharges giving a mild shock to the two Cobra agents inside as the electronics fail and the car veers off the road. Chamber hits his breaks, more concerned for his team-mate noticing her off the side of the road. Her arms crossed standing next to the over turned sidecar. The sound of crunching metal catches his attention back to the enemy, the car down in the ditch almost sitting straight up on its front end and the windshield shattered.
The traffic has halted as Medic runs across the road following after Chamber, both with their weapons pulled. Lt. Graves stumbles out of the car meeting Chamber’s gun barrel.
“Come on mother, make a move, and give me a reason to shoot you.”
Medic runs around to the driver’s side to check on Anaconda, carefully opening the door. The red head is slumped over the steering wheel, he head gashed and bleeding. Medic checks her vitals and sighs. “This one is out cold but still alive.”
“Too bad, so is this one.” Chamber slams his fist down on Graves knocking him out cold.

“Storm, this is Feedback, I have Fallout and Hotwire on the way. They have apprehended their targets and are secure in local law enforcement custody.”
“Good.” He responds accelerating after the black bronco, swerving around to make him a harder target to hit.
Major Fear growls tossing his pistol to the floor, empty.
“What happened to your special bullets?”
“Don’t ask Vee just drive.”
Lt. Storm looks ahead seeing flashing sirens and a helicopter approaching. “Alright time to kick this into high gear.” He revs the bike slipping down the center yellow line feeling the rush of the traffic by him. “Man I hope I don’t kill myself.” Storm grunts as he reaches the black bronco pulling his feet up on the seat. “Sorry I couldn’t bring her back in one piece man.” He whisper leaping from the bike and landing on the top of the bronco pulling out his knife and stabbing it into the roof to stop himself from sliding off.
“What the hell?” Vee comments.
“It’s our G.I.Joe friend, shake him off.”
“No, ahead.”
The Major leans forward noticing the police ahead blocking the road. “Ram them.”
Vee smiles. “I’m so glad you said that.” He floors the accelerator speeding faster.
Storm feels his knife slipping screeching across the roof. He pulls a round disc from his belt pressing a small button on it and smacking it hard to the roof, the magnet holding as Storm slides down the windshield. He jabs his knife into the windshield startling Vee.
“Guys freaking insane.”
“He’ll soon become a bug on the glass.”
Lt. Storm pulls out his gun pointing it against the glass. “Stop the vehicle, now.”
The helicopter over head soars past them descending to the street to block the traffic.
“You heard the man.” Fear smiles.
Vee slams on the breaks sliding the bronco across the asphalt, his tires smoking and filling the air with the smell of burnt rubber. Lt. Storm hangs on tight to the magnet feeling its grip starting to weaken, the battery charge giving out. He leans his weight against the bronco grabbing his knife praying the vehicle slows enough.
The police roadblock ahead all run from the cars as the bronco slides crashing into them and coming to a stop.
Fallout and Hotwire rush up to the bronco pulling open the doors and pointing their weapons at Vee and Major Fear.
“You alright sir?” Hotwire asks.
“Yeah, just wish I had a change of pants.” He jokes as he slides off the hood of the bronco. “Major Fear, by jurisdiction of the Canadian Military I hereby place you under arrest.” Storm says proudly.
Major Fear scowls knowing this time he can not escape, his ammo is gone, and he has no weapons left. “You are a worthy adversary Lt. Storm.”
“Shut up and get out.” Fallout holds his gun on the Major as he steps out letting Storm cuff him.
“Hotwire, Fallout I want the two of you to escort them with the police. They try anything or even breathe the wrong way, shot them.”
“Yes sir.” Fallout responds.
“Officers, take them away.”
“Sir, its Feedback, I just got word from Medic, they have apprehended Anaconda and Lt. Graves and local authorities have captured most of the Cobra Troopers.”
“Roger that, keep me updated.” Storm feels a relief fall over him watching as Vee and Major Fear are shackled but also can’t help to feel a bit uneasy. They have finally captured the man that has already killed so many, but if he escaped before will he do it again?
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