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Canada's Elite #28


Canada's Elite #28

Postby Lt Storm » 13 Jun 2015 08:05


Chapter 28

High above the Baffin Bay near Greenland, Fallout, Medic, and Snow Squall head to the Coffin, a nearly impenetrable prison that houses the worst G.I.Joe’s enemies have to offer. The only way to break out of here is with a well executed plan or in a pine box. Fallout radio’s in for clearance to land receiving the ok.
“So, why am I along for this trip?” Snow Squall inquires.
“The General felt I needed a bodyguard, you were my choice.” Medic replies. “Fallout has to stay with the chopper.”
“Just don’t expect me to carry you and break out into song.”
“Oh very funny, if anyone is going to break out into song it would be me. Whitney was the singer in that movie.” Medic laughs gripping the side bar as Fallout sets the chopper down, just meters away from where their enemies busted through not long ago. The roof is already repaired and reinforced; you wouldn’t even notice that there was a break in.
Snow Squall exits the chopper first then helps Medic down.
“Why thank you kind sir.” She jokes as two armed guards approach.
“Agent Jones, Agent Rupert, you two are to follow us.” One guard greets.
“Wow...how formal. So how do you know our last names?” Medic inquires.
“We were informed that those were your names by General Phoenix, not that they are your names ma’am.” The second guard replies.
“Oh.” Medic looks over at Snow Squall and shrugs following the two guards inside.

Serpent Squad Headquarters, training area. Dune works his way through the urban survival course, unaware that Major Fear is watching him. The Major increases the combat setting on the course to maximum which increases the rate of fire. Dune quickly realizes something has changed as he goes to take a shot at a target, only to be pinned down by gunfire. He darts for another area of cover getting hit square in the bare chest by a rubber bullet and sent crashing into a wood wall.
Major Fear claps as he enters the course. “You learn quickly.” He extends out a hand to help Dune to his feet. “You realized something was wrong right away.”
“You increased the settings.”
“Yes I did. I wanted to see how you’d react to a sudden change in plans.”
Dune rubs his chest; there is a red mark where the rubber bullet hit. “Those things sting.”
“Yes, and if it were real you’d be bleeding out on the battle field.”
“I’m not dumb; I wear a bullet proof vest when needed.” Dune eyes up Fear’s flack vest. “I take it that is bullet proof?”
“Yes.” Fear removes his vest so Dune can take a good look at it.
“It’s heavy.”
“It is reinforced to minimize the impact of bullets as well. I believe as a leader I must show no weakness and at the same time show that I am more than just a mere man.”
“So you can shake off something that another person might not.”
“Why tell me this?”
“Because I see something in you Dune, something...familiar.” Major Fear rubs Dune’s shoulder before he takes back his vest and heads out of the training course.

The Coffin, the archives room, where Medic sifts through all the data that was complied during the time Major Fear and Lady D were incarcerated. Snow Squall paces the room bored out of his mind. “Would you stop that, if you want something to do help me look through these files. Either that or go take a tour of the prison.” Medic says in an annoyed tone.
“Sorry, this place makes me nervous.” Snow Squall checks to make sure the guards are still posted outside the room. “We have enemies here.”
“The Liberators? Some of them are in Club Ed, they were split up, and only a few of them are here, along with Alexandra Delonge.” Medic informs him.
“Crimson Rayne. After they were all captured and Storm realized they were using the base in Manitoba the place was searched. All of Rayne’s previous research was found as well and along with it, her true identity.”
“How do you know all of this?” Snow Squall inquires, no longer pacing.
“Because it is my job to know, and Storm told me, he tells me everything.”
“Everything?” He asks with one eyebrow raised.
“Yes, and no you won’t get any of it out of me.” Medic says scanning a few pages with a handheld portable scanner. “I’m done here, I just need to get a sample of the physical files they have and we’re out of here. This place gives me the creeps too.”

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, in what used to be Lt Col Storm’s office which is now General Phoenix’s, she sits looking through files. Hotwire taps on the open door. “Yes?” The General answers waving her in.
“Medic, Snow Squall and Fallout just reported in, they are on their way back.” Hotwire says stepping only a few feet into the office.
“Did Medic relay any of her findings?”
“Inconclusive, she’s bringing copies of the files and samples back with her to run her own tests. She requested any data that you may be able to acquire of Dr. Mindbender’s original Serpentor program.”
“I’ll contact our American counterparts.” Phoenix looks up at Hotwire as she picks up her phone. “Is that all?”
Hotwire hesitates, noticing the files on the General’s desk. “Why are you looking through Chamber and Insider’s files?”
“Just because they are dead does not mean I shouldn’t know about them.”
“With all due respect ma’am, what you see on paper isn’t who they really were. If you want to get to know them you should talk to the people who knew them the best.” Hotwire retorts as she leaves the office.
Phoenix places the phone down and heads into the command center, where Feedback and Downlink are busy monitoring all the data that comes into the base. “Feedback, I need you to patch me to our field team, I need to speak with our Lieutenant Colonel.”
“Yes ma’am.” Feedback replies opening up a channel to the mobile base. “Static channel to roving reporters, do you copy?”
“Copy static channel, Hightower here. You just love coming up with weird call signs don’t you Feedback?”
“Gotta keep myself entertained.” Feedback smirks.
Phoenix clears her throat, not amused by the men’s banter.
“What’s up Feedback? We’re not due in for a report for another four hours.”
“The General would like to speak with Storm.”
Hightower goes silent, not knowing how to respond.
“Is there a problem with that Hightower?” Phoenix inquires.
“Uh, no ma’am, I mean yes ma’am.”
“Which is it, yes or no?”
“Uh...he’s unavailable at the moment.”
“Then I’ll wait.”
“No, I mean...he’s not here.”
“Then where is he?” Phoenix asks not getting an answer. “Agent Towers, where is Lieutenant Colonel Storm?”
“He...he’s not here we don’t know where he went.”
“What!?! He’s gone AWOL?” Phoenix looks over at Feedback who is also very much surprised by the news. “Get me the Governor General, now!”

Deep beneath the earth’s ocean surface of an unknown and top secret location a sub docks itself to an underwater instillation. Moments later two men disembark, one is General Hawk who now walks with the aid of a cane; the other is his Canadian protégé Lieutenant Colonel Storm. The old General looks uneasy, thinking this is a place he though he would never return to. “Are you sure about this?” He inquires.
“This man, he’s twisted, ruthless, you’ll be lucky if he tells you what you really want to know.”
“I understand I’ve heard the stories. He’s also extremely egotistical and proud, two traits I intend to exploit.”
Hawk stops at the first check point. “This is as far as I go.”
Storm removes his grey trench coat and weapons from his person as he is being scanned over by some of the most sophisticated equipment he has ever seen. Once he is cleared he heads for the first doorway.
“Storm.” Hawk calls to him.
“Yes Sir?”
“I pulled a lot of strings to get you here.”
“I understand, and I appreciate everything you have done for me Sir.”
“Good because I won’t be here when you are done. No one must ever know I, or you were here. In fact this will be the last time you ever call on me for another favour.”
“Understood.” Storm nods knowing how much Hawk has risked in doing him this one last favour. “It was an honour knowing you.”
“Likewise, and good luck Storm.” Hawk smiles, pivoting on his heals and heads back for the sub.
Storm takes in a deep breath as he passes through the doorway and to another checkpoint being scanned over again. Moments later he is finally to his destination, a small dimly lit room where a figure sits in shadows.
“I normally don’t get many visitors down here. Hawk must have pulled a lot of strings.”
“That is none of your business. I’m here to ask you some questions, that is all, understood?”
“Very.” The man smiles, folding his chained hands together on the table.
“Alright then let’s talk, Cobra Commander.”

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, command center.
“General Colton, I don’t care if Hawk is in an advisory position or not I need to speak with him immediately.” Phoenix says glaring at the original Joe who is on their main monitor.
“Like I’ve told you General Phoenix, he isn’t here. He is not required to be here twenty-four seven, nor is he required to report his whereabouts when on leave.” Joe snaps back to the brash woman. “I’ll leave him a message that you called, if and when he checks in he’ll get it and call you back.”
“That isn’t good enough.” Phoenix grunts, crossing her arms.
“Explain to me why?” Colton retorts crossing his arms as well.
“One of my people has gone off the grid, last time he did this he was with General Hawk. If there is one man who knows Lieutenant Colonel Storm’s whereabouts it would be him.”
“Hawk hasn’t been off American soil since he returned from assisting your people. I suggest if you want to keep a better leash on the people under your command you buy a heavier chain. Colton out.” With that the General’s image disappears from the screen leaving Phoenix just as frustrated as before.
Feedback looks back at her waiting for his next orders.
“Get Downlink in here, search for Storm anyway you can. I want him found.”
“Yes ma’am.”

Storm stands before the most ruthless terrorist the Joe’s have ever faced, a man who has been stripped of everything he once had. His power, his army, but there are things he still has, something that can never been taken from him. Lt Col Storm is unaware of just how much of a warning Hawk’s words really were. “Do you know why I am here?”
Cobra Commander smirks. “You want answers do you not, isn’t that what you Joe’s always want?”
“Very funny.”
“You strike me as a man who doesn’t play games when he wants answers, Lieutenant Colonel. It’s nice to see that the G.I.Joe program has branched out and is no longer so…American.” He notes the maple leaf insignias on Storm’s uniform. “Either Cobra is flourishing in my absence or you need information on another enemy.”
“Cobra is the only interest I have to discuss with you, specifically the Serpent Squad.”
The Commander laughs brandishing a large smile. “You want to know about Major Fear?”
“Yes, everything.”
“I think you already know what you need to know.”
“Why would you say that?”
“Because.” He leans forward on the bolted down table. “I can see it in your eyes; you want to know is if it is true?”
Storm’s heart begins to race, the Commander knows more than he expected, yet not surprised he does.
“Explain to me why I should tell you?”
“I ask the questions here, remember.”
“Oh yes, how silly of me. Very well then, continue.” The Commander says leaning back in his seat.
“Who is he, really?”
“His real name is Major William ‘Wild Dog’ Chandler.”
“No.” Storm curses under his breath, everything Major Fear told Rebecca is true.
“Not what you wanted to here? Were you hoping I’d say another name?”
“Why him?”
“Because he was ruthless, un-intimidated, he commanded respect even from those who despised him. Everything I wanted in a leader.” Cobra Commander glares at Storm, his eyes piercing into his soul. “Major Fear was the perfect man to continue my work, to bring this world to its knees.”
“To replace you?”
“Yes, to become the next Cobra Commander. One of many candidates.”
“You knew you’d be captured?”
“Eventually, yes.” He grins.
Storm slams his hands down on the table not getting even the slightest reaction from Cobra Commander. “Where is he?”
“Depending on what phase of the plan he is at he could be in several places.”
“What do you mean?”
“Has he killed one of your people yet, someone close to you that sacrificed their own life? Did he force you to destroy your own base, an American one hidden on Canadian soil? Has he been captured and incarcerated at the Coffin yet?” The Commander leans forward trying to hide the joy in his voice. “Did he break free with aid from The Red Shadows? Was he at that top secret base in Manitoba yet? Did he betray them making a deal with you to walk away completely free? Has he destroyed everything you hold dear?” Cobra Commander leans on the table glaring up at Storm seeing the panic in the Joe’s eyes then slumps back in his seat.
“We all have a nemesis; mine was General Hawk and occasionally Duke. Do you know what men like me do to our nemesis?”
“No.” Storm says trying to process what the Commander has just said.
“We destroy them and everything they hold dear.”
Storm turns away heading for the door, knocking on it hard with his fist. “I’m done.”
“Are you? Don’t you want to know where Major Fear is hiding out?”
Storm looks back at the Commander.
“He’s in this room; he’s in your head.” The Commander laughs as the door opens. “Goodbye Lieutenant Colonel Ronald ‘Storm’ Storey.”
The Canadian Joe staggers hearing Cobra Commander say his real name, and then continues on as the door slams shut behind him. The Commander’s laughter echoing in his head.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, the next day, 09:00 hours.
General Phoenix storms down the halls of the base followed by Fallout, Snow Squall and Night Spotter. They head towards the motor pool as the mobile base shuts down and the door opens up, Storm being the first to disembark. “Take him into custody.” She snaps.
“What?” Storm says, knowing what she is about to say.
“Lieutenant Colonel Storm, you are hereby placed under arrest and are to be held to await court marshal.”
“On what charge?”
“Going AWOL.” The General looks back at Fallout. “Take him.”
“Now. I give the orders around here.”
Fallout stares her down, then steps forward up to Storm. “I’m sorry Sir.” He whispers as he cuffs a man he’s served with since the team’s inception.
“It’s okay Fallout.” Storm nods.
“What the hell?” Redeye snaps not liking to see his old friend in cuffs.
“James, it’s alright.” Storm assures him.
The General scoffs at their exchange. “Snow Squall, Night Spotter, escort Storm to the holding cells.” She turns to the rest of the field team that all watch in amazement. “As for the rest of you, you are all confined to your quarters. Dismissed.”
They all watch as Storm is taken away by his own team mates, General Phoenix close behind them. Fallout stands silent looking down at his hands that he used to cuff one of their own.
“It’s okay.” Afterburner says placing a hand on his shoulder. “You had no choice.”
“Still doesn’t make it right ‘Burner.”
“I’m going to get to the bottom of this.” Redeye grunts.
“No, no.” Afterburner steps in front of him. “I know how you feel right now but we have to let this play out. We don’t even know where Storm went; he was missing for a good portion of the day.”
“We can’t just…”
“We have to.” Target speaks up. “It’s what he’d want us to do. Storm wouldn’t want any of us risking ourselves a court marshal. He got himself into this mess; he’ll get himself out of it.”
Afterburner sighs. “I hope.”

Serpent Squad Headquarters.
Rattlesnake stands under his shower letting the hot water rush over his body. His eyes shut as he formulates plans in his head, envisioning them coming to life. He knows what he needs to do first or at least pretend to attempt to do. Fix the damage done to Anaconda.
Unknown to him a figure moves silently in his quarters looking over his hand written notes. It moves to his laptop unable to access it without the password. Carefully it steps into his steam filled bathroom which almost makes it feel uncomfortable. The person locates the shutoff valve under the sink turning off the water.
“What the hell?” Rattlesnake says as he fiddles with the taps. “Dammit.” He opens the door to the glass wall shower and is quickly grabbed one hand around his neck and the other around a more delicate place. “Ana-Anaconda...” He gasps.
“You...” She releases his manhood for a moment to pull down her mask, and then returns her hand to where it was. Her mouth looks as though it has a permanent smile to it, her nostrils having mutated into slits. “I am ssstill changing.” She hisses, her forked tongue lashing out at him, her canine teeth longer now and Rattlesnake would swear they are dripping with venom.
“I...I...am working on it.”
“No, you are not.”
“I...please...” Rattlesnake grimaces as her lower hand tightens its grip. “I’ll need a new blood sample.”
Anaconda pulls him in closer to her. “Take asss much asss you need.” She licks the water from his face then spits it out, the warmth of it seeming bitter and salty to her realizing it is mixed with sweat.
“M-meet me in my lab in fifteen minutes.”
“Very well.” Anaconda releases him and steps back. “And if you do not fixsss me....” She lunges at him again scaring Rattlesnake, opening her mouth wide as if she is attempting to swallow his head. Her fangs dripping. “We’ll see how lethal my venom can be.”
Rattlesnake pins himself to the wall of his shower, his eyes squeezed shut. He slowly opens them to find her gone and rubs his neck. He’s going to have to add a reinforced brace around his neck; it seems to be a favourite location for people to hold him.

Down in the holding cells of the Canada’s Elite Headquarters Storm sits waiting for General Phoenix to pay him a visit. He’s dressed only in his long sleeved grey shirt, camo pants and light grey socks. Everything else has been taken from him, not like he’d try to escape anyway but he wishes they at least left his wrist device. He hears the doors to the holding cells open and quickly stands up from the bed.
“Sir.” Fallout says holding his hands behind his back. “How are you holding up?”
“Fine, but I wasn’t expecting you.”
“No one knows I’m down here except Feedback.”
Storm glances at the security cameras.
“Feedback is rerouting them for me. I came down here to apologize, I should have said something.”
“No.” Storm says sternly. “I won’t have you involving yourself in this.”
“I already am though.”
“No one needs to know that. You did me a favour by running that little errand from me; you were only following my orders.”
“But Sir...”
“Fallout no, this is my mess I will fix it.”
“I knew you’d say that.” Fallout moves his hands from behind his back displaying Storm’s mini laptop and wrist device. “Smuggled these down here for you. Hightower set up phoney ones that the General has in her...your, office under lock and key.”
“You guys are going to get yourself into trouble.” Storm smirks as Fallout passes them through the access panel.
“Just whatever you are up to, make it quick. None of us like the idea of you being locked up down here.” Fallout places his hand on the glass over one of the circular air holes. “We need you.” A small ear bud drops from his glove that Storm quickly catches.
“Thanks, but you better get your @$$ out of here before you get caught.”
Fallout checks his watch. “Yeah, my time is almost up.” He takes a step then looks back at his commander. “Good luck Sir.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t need it.” Storm says with a cocky grin.
Fallout salutes him then heads out of the holding area and to the elevator. It takes him up to the main level where he cautiously disembarks.
“Don’t worry; I’m still rerouting the cameras, just get back to the mess hall pronto.” Feedbacks voice says in Fallout’s com device in his ear.
“Roger that.”
“Phoenix is still trying to gain access to Storm’s phoney wrist unit; I’m going to distract her before she realizes it’s not the real deal.”
“Be careful, she’s smart and knows where our loyalty lies.”
“I know, and I hope whatever Storm was up to was worth it.”
“It was...I’m sure of it.” Fallout says knowing all too well where Storm was when he went AWOL. The entire team is back at the base now and with him being Storm’s second in command he intends to rally them.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Medic’s office, Redeye taps on the open door and is greeted with a warm friendly smile from the base shrink. “You asked to see me?”
“Yes, I wanted to meet our newest member.”
“Is that all?” He looks at her with one cocked up eyebrow.
“No, but why do you think I summoned you here?”
“To talk about Storm?”
Medic smiles gesturing for him to take a seat and leans back in her own chair. “That I did. You’ve known him the longest out of everyone on this team now, even longer than Target.”
“Met him in high school, knew Pebbles too.”
“Yes, such a sad loss. I figured you might be concerned about your friend.”
“Well, yeah. I don’t even know what is going on.”
“You don’t know where he disappeared to?”
“No, none of us do. We were just hanging out after capturing the Cobra recruitment camp.”
“Well, that’s all I wanted to know.”
“That’s it?”
“For now.”
“Alright then.” Redeye gets up from the chair heading out of the office. He stops finding General Phoenix standing outside the door. “Eavesdropping General?” He remarks not stopping to talk to her.
Phoenix looks in at Medic with an annoyed look on her face. “My office, fifteen minutes. I want to talk to Storm.”

Rattlesnake bursts into the command center briskly walking towards Major Fear, who stands at his control console. The scientist notices that no one pays him any attention, not that he’d expect it but being part of the Serpent Squad High Command they should. Fear glances over at Rattlesnake with a displeased look on his face. “Sir, I have something you need to see.”
“If this is another of your insane experiments then I do not wish to.”
“No, it’s concerning Anaconda. Sh-she came to me.” Rattlesnake stutters. “I have tried to fix what I’ve done to her, though some may be irreversible.”
“Get to the point.” Fear snarls.
“She’s developed venom, I ran tests on it and it has a paralysis compound.”
Fear eyes Rattlesnake up making the scientist even more uneasy. “Interesting, have you tested it yet?”
“No.” He grasps the vile in his hand, a feeling of excitement building up inside of him.
The Major turns to the closest trooper who is manning one of the stations. “You, come here.” The trooper does as he is told. “Pull up your sleeve.” Fear looks at Rattlesnake. “Here is your first trial.”
With glee like a child at a birthday party, the scientist pulls out a hypo gun from his pocket and inserts the vile with Anaconda’s venom. He holds it against the troopers arm and injects a small amount into him. Both he and Major Fear watch with anticipation, seeing nothing happening. “I…I don’t understand…”
“For a scientist you are quiet inept.” Fear grunts as he gently pushes the trooper who falls over with a thud to the floor. “Drain her of the venom then remove her fangs and seal the ducts. Then continue in restoring her.”
“Yes, of course Sir.” Rattlesnake nods and hurries back out of the command center.
“Is that wise?” Lady D comments having been watching from the adjacent station.
“It is a new weapon we can exploit. Have this man taken to his room then fetch me Lieutenant Graves.”
“As you wish.” The red caped woman replies signalling a few troopers to pick the paralyzed one up.
Fear walks back over to his console looking the screens over. “You will find him in the motor pool.” He relays. His display tracks every member of his squad, with a tap of his screen he can bring up a full view of anyone on the base. He does so with a female trooper, someone he has been keeping an eye on since they arrived at their new base. “You are very intriguing my dear.” He whispers to himself watching her as she readies herself for a shower.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, the holding cells. Storm hears the doors open as he does some push ups, his devices hidden under his shirt on the cot in the cell.
“Storm.” Phoenix says with a stern tone. “Time for answers.”
“I’ll say, but not from me.” He says getting up from the floor, grabbing a towel from the edge of his cot and wiping the sweat from his brow.
“Excuse me?”
“You’re detaining me for going AWOL, when my team was on temporary R&R.”
“You left your squad without telling them where you were going or how long you’d be gone.”
“Didn’t know I had a time frame, wasn’t given one. My squad, my decision, plus Afterburner and Redeye were there to fill in for me.” He tries not to smile as he slings the towel over his shoulders.
“Where did you go?”
“Can’t tell you.”
“You are looking for a court marshal aren’t you?”
“Not at all. You don’t need to know where I went because I can’t tell you. What I can tell you is that if we don’t work together something big is going to happen, and we’re going to get caught with our pants down.”
“What are you hiding from me?”
“Excuse me, may I interject?” Medic finally says. “Storm is trying to cooperate but you won’t let him. He can’t tell you where he was, obviously to protect you in case anyone finds out, the same reason why he didn’t tell his squad. My opinion, which is why I assumed you asked for me to join you, is to hear what Storm has to say.”
Phoenix glares at Medic, and then remembers her first conversation with Storm and what he said to her. ‘If you want the cooperation of people on this team then you’ll listen to me. This is my team so you will want me on your side. We’ve been through hell and back together, we lost family, they trust me and I trust them.’ “This is what you meant.”
“Yes.” Storm smiles. “We operate under a different set of rules, we do what the regular military can’t do, and we get it done by any means necessary.”
“I…didn’t quite understand that before.”
“That’s okay; being part of a covert military organization can take some getting use to.”
“Well, now that we have that out of the way, shall we do what we came down here to do?” Medic steps up to the digital lock next to Storm’s cell and swipes her ID card, then places her palm on the scanner. The Plexiglas wall rises into the ceiling.
“I hope your little trip was well worth it.” Phoenix says.
“Yes it was.” Storm carefully bundles his shirt and towel around his wrist device and mini laptop.
“Aren’t you going to put your shirt back on?” Phoenix asks.
“I’d rather take a shower first, and then address the entire team. Everyone needs to hear what I have to say.”
“Very well then.” Phoenix turns to Medic. “Have Feedback assemble the team in briefing room A in half an hour.” She looks back at Storm. “Will that be good with you?”
“Perfect.” Storm gives her a half cocked grin. Finally he’s gotten through to the General and maybe now they can work as a team, instead of being at odds.

The entire Canada’s Elite team assembles in the main briefing room. They talk amongst themselves unsure of what is going on. None of them know that Storm has been released. The General stands at the podium watching everyone file in motioning for them to be seated. Suddenly the room is quiet, Phoenix doesn’t have to look to her right to know why, Storm has entered the room in his uniform with his wrist device and laptop. The team all look happy to see him, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by the General. She takes a seat behind the podium watching each and every one of the Canada’s Elite team.
“I’m going to get straight to the point here.” Storm begins. “I know you are all wonder why I was detained and where I went.” He smirks. “But I can’t tell you. What I can tell you is that we’ve been played from the very beginning.” Storm hooks his laptop up to the network cable under the podium which connects in a matter of seconds. He brings up images of Major Fear that display on the 3 large flat screen TV’s on the wall. “His real name is William ‘Wild Dog’ Chandler.”
“What?” Feedback blurts. “So everything he told Rebecca was true?”
“Yes, as far as we know.” Storm raises his hand as others whisper among themselves. “Insider met with Major Fear after he was first captured and he spun her a tale, one she thought was untrue. After some digging I was able to validate most of his claims.”
“How?” General Phoenix interjects.
“How else?” Storm says with a smile. “There’s more. Everything that he and his team have done up until now has all been part of some master plan. From the death of General Rowling, Pebbles, to his capture and escape. The only exception being the Liberators involvement, which did not affect his original plans and gave him easier access to the Manitoba base.
“You were stationed there Sir, what could he have been after?” Snow Squall inquires.
“We may have to go back to find out.”
Phoenix rises from her seat. “Then that is your next assignment Lieutenant Colonel. Take your field team and comb that place over from head to toe.”
“If you don’t mind I’d like to take Downlink along with me?”
“Of course, take whomever you need.” She turns her attention to the rest of the team. “I want everyone working on this, take all the information Storm has gathered and start tracking down every lead.” Phoenix looks back over at Storm. “I’d like to see you in my…our, office before you leave.”
“Certainly.” Storm nods. The two of them showing the team that they are now fully cooperating with each other. “I want my field team prepping our gear; the rest of you will receive your orders from the General.”
“Dismissed.” Phoenix adds.

Moments later Storm joins Phoenix in the base commander’s office, one that the General is willing to share with its previous occupant now.
“There is something I need to know.” Phoenix says.
“Let me guess, you are wondering how I was able to validate most of the information I have?”
Storm looks over at the desk where his phoney devices still sit.
“Son of a bitch.” She smiles. “You are clever.”
“I had nothing to do with that actually. It was our team that knew I would need those.”
“I should court marshal the whole lot of you.” She jokes.
“Then you wouldn’t have anyone left to command.” Storm laughs. “It is going to get more intense from here on out. Once we figure out what Major Fear is up to he’s going to act.”
“I’m counting on that. He’s been hiding out and keeping too quiet.”
Phoenix walks over to the desk and sits down on the edge of it. “Storm, I’m sorry for how I acted when I first showed up here.”
“No need to apologize, coming into a team like this one must have been intimidating.”
“You have no idea.” Phoenix laughs. “There’s one more thing I need to tell you. Once we find Major Fear and bring him down, or cripple his Cobra faction, I will be out of your hair.”
“What?” Storm says a bit surprised.
“I know I’m far from being an old war horse but once this is over I’m planning on retiring from the military. My biological clock is ticking Storm, I want to settle down and start a family. I think that’s something we all want at one point, isn’t it?” She eye’s up Storm and slightly tips her head.
“Um, well yeah I guess it is.” Storm hands Phoenix a USB drive. “Everything I have gathered on Major Fear is on here, including Insider’s interview. Some of this information is highly classified; I had to pull every string I had to get it.”
“Let’s do this then. Let’s find out what Major Fear is up to and put a stop to it.”
“Yo Joe.” Storm says in agreement.
Phoenix smiles and chuckles a bit. “Yes, Yo Joe.”

Serpent Squad Headquarters.
Lt Graves enters the command center having taken a moment to clean himself up before appearing in front of his leader. “You asked to see me Sir?”
“Yes, how is our new recruit doing?”
“Bomb Blast? He is settling in just fine.”
“Bomb Blast? Interesting name.”
“He came up with it himself, said he wanted it to be simple.”
“There is someone else I want you to bring into our circle.” He gestures for Graves to come around to his console. On it he sees the woman Fear was watching earlier. “She has aroused my interest.”
“Who is she?”
“That doesn’t matter, she will have a new identity soon enough. Do as I ask, we will need her soon.”
“I’m initiating Operation Serpent Strike. It is the beginning of the end for the Canada’s Elite team. Finally Cobra Commander’s vision will be realized and my mission will come to fruition.” The Major grins as he looks up at the Cobra banners that hang from the ceiling.

The infirmary of the Canada’s Elite headquarters; where Archaic has been laid up in a coma ever since he was found. Lt Col Storm enters the room watching the man sleep. “Dammit Archaic what happened to you?” He asks out loud as he walks up the Joe’s bed. Storm places his hand on Archaic’s shoulder. “I wish you’d wake up.”
Suddenly the archaeologist’s eyes flutter and slowly open looking up at a startled Storm. He tries to speak finding his throat dry.
“I-I’ll get you some water.” Storm rushes to the nearby sink and picks up a clear plastic cup. He fills it and brings it to Archaic hitting the call button above the bed, which will alert Medic via pager. “Take it easy, nice and slow.” Storm says as he assists Archaic.
Within seconds Medic is in the room nearly out of breath. She picks up Archaic’s hand checking his wrist for his pulse and timing her watch. She then checks over the equipment hooked up to him reading everything over.
“Well?” Storm asks.
“Pulse is strong, brain activity normal, respiration is still a little laboured it seems but that could be him gulping down the water.” She laughs. “What did you do?”
“Nothing, I just told him I wished he’d wake up and…well he woke up.” Storm looks down at Archaic who has laid his head back down. “How are you?”
“I…don’t…” His voice is raspy from not having spoken since he was taken from the Serpent Squad base. “God…Storm…” Archaic’s eyes well up.
“It’s okay, take your time.”
Medic pulls a chair up next to the bed and holds onto the Joe’s hand. “It’s okay Matt, you are safe now. Whatever they did to you we’ll help you through it.”
“M-my parents…my brother…he killed them.”
Storm and Medic look at each other wide eyed and in disbelief.
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