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Canada's Elite #24


Canada's Elite #24

Postby Lt Storm » 28 Mar 2013 19:46


Chapter 24 – COBRA!!

Osoyoos, British Columbia, home of Canada’s lone desert. Two black Hummer’s barrel across the desert terrain under the cover of the night sky. Major Fear is in the driver seat of the lead vehicle followed by Vee in the second Hummer.
“Are you going to tell us what we are doing here?” Lady D inquires, sitting in the passenger seat next to Fear.
“It is our new home.”
“What?” Lady D looks out the window seeing nothing but desert under the light of the moon and the glow of distant towns. Suddenly the headlights reflect off a man standing ahead of them. “LOOK OUT!”
“Calm down.” Fear snarls as he comes to a slow stop, the man now standing at the driver side window.
“Welcome home Major.” The man greats, having to bend down to see into the vehicle, his voice cold and steely, and a black mask covering his face. He steps back from the vehicle and presses a button on a remote in his hand. There is a low hum followed by a crack of light from the desert hill ahead. “You may continue inside.”
Major Fear nods as he depresses the gas pedal and heads towards the light.
“Who was that man?”
“You’ll learn that soon enough.” The rest of the journey in the Major stays silent. Inside the bay is filled with civilian looking vehicles and dune buggies. Vee parks next to him as Anaconda opens up the door helping Red Vulture out. “Take him to the sub floor three, he can be treated there.” The Major orders. “Anyone else who needs medical attention goes to the medical wing. Just follow the signs.” Fear points towards a large metal door with a guard post. No one questions him as Anaconda and Vee take Red Vulture to the elevator at the end of the garage.
“I will take Graves and the troopers to the medical wing.” Lady D says, noticing the dark man from outside headed their way. She motions for a trooper who has his head bandaged to assist Graves in walking, as the others follow.
Fear smiles as the man steps next to him. “She is afraid of you.”
“I gathered as much, most here are.” The man watches Lady D until the doors they pass through shut. “The base is fully functional and staffed. If you would like I will take you to the command center.”
“Yes, I think I will start there.” The Major follows the large man through the same door that the others went through moments ago. The guard at the door saluting Fear as he passes by. “I trust these are blast proof doors?”
“Yes, but there is someone else here that can explain things better.”
“That would be me.” Rattlesnake smiles at Major Fear offering his hand, who just stares him down.
“No wonder Graves was unable to locate you, you’ve been hiding out here like a coward.” Fear grunts.
“Yes, well as you were asking these doors are blast-proof and reinforced. The only way to open them from the outside is via a palm scanner in the guard station. It is changed regularly and pre-programmed for the on duty guard, and all high ranking staff. There is also an emergency access key pad hidden under the palm scanner.”
“What about this room?” Major Fear inquires looking around the large dimly lit entry bay. Two elevator doors sit at the end with an illuminated floor guide.
“There are several hidden cameras as well as motion and heat sensors, so even if someone was able to get past the blast doors they would be scanned and identified. If they are not in our database the guards are alerted.” Rattlesnake leads Major Fear towards the right elevator followed by the large man. “This lift will allow you access to the sub levels, the command center, tech floor, motor pool, research and science floor, the weapons lab, and the holding cells. The other lift takes you to the upper levels, the medical wing, R&R level, barracks, mess hall, and training level.”
“Yes, I can read the table.”
“Or course.” Rattlesnake gulps knowing he has offended his leader as the right lift doors open. The three enter and Rattlesnake presses the corresponding button for the command center. It’s a smooth ride to their destination, the doors slide open to reveal a large oval shaped room. Large navy blue banisters hang from the ceiling with a large gold Cobra logo on each side. On each side of the room are sunken terminals where Tele-Vipers work. In the center of the room is a Cobra shaped table that currently displays a holographic 3D Cobra logo slowly rotating. At the end of the room is a large snake throne, which seems to disgust Major Fear. “Is there a problem?”
“Yes, I want that throne removed.”
“That is where you sit as our leader. It also accesses an escape tunnel.”
“I am not Cobra Commander. Have it removed and a command terminal set up in its place.”
“Yes Sir.” Rattlesnake nods. “I will have that taken care of immediately. I must also go check on our patient downstairs. His burns looked severe.”
“What of our other visitor?”
“He is...resting. Would you like to speak with him?”
Rattlesnake nods taking his leave, stopping to inform a Tele-Viper of the changes that need to be done.
“Would you like me to take you through the rest of the base?” The large man asks, who has been silent all this time.
“No not right now. I think I will take a walk around myself.”
“Very well, I will return to my post.” The man salutes the Major, turning on the balls of his feet then marches out.

A few levels down, Rattlesnake enters the science and research level where Red Vulture lays on a gurney, Anaconda attending to him. “How is our patient?”
“In a lot of pain, but I’m getting used to it.” Vulture responds.
“He refuses to take any morphine.” Anaconda explains.
“A tough soldier, we need more like him.” Rattlesnake smiles as he walks around to Vulture. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you all fixed up. You’ll be faster and stronger.”
“What are you going to do to him?” Anaconda inquires.
“Nothing new, the same thing Cobra has done to their pilots for years.” Rattlesnake takes hold of the gurney wheeling Red Vulture towards another lab. “If you’d like we could talk later, I’m sure there is something I can do for you as well, something that will make you stronger.”
“I like the sound of that.” Anaconda smiles.
“Good.” A devilish smirk forms across Rattlesnake’s face as he disappears into the lab.

Lt Storm enters the command center, which has gone through an incredible make over already. Most of the computer equipment replaced with state of the art cutting edge technology. Normally he’d take the time to check out the new tech, but a few men wait to speak with him, General Hawk, Duke, Flint and the Canadian Governor General. Storm salutes the men unsure of what they want to speak to him about.
Hawk clears his throat. “I...we...want to commend you on the exceptional job you’ve done with this team, furthermore the way you and your team handled this incredible threat. Your tactical planning and contingency plans we inspired and executed precisely.”
Storm looks over at the Governor General; the older man’s face is expressionless as Hawk speaks.
“Before we get down to business I just wanted to say it was an honour to serve with your team Lieutenant.” Flint extends his hand.
“The honour was all ours, Flint.” Storm shakes Flint’s hand who grasps it firmly giving him a reassuring nod.
“We should just come out with it instead of keeping Storm on pins and needles.” Duke smiles.
“Alright then.” Hawk reaches behind him picking up a small box. “Because of the leadership skills you have displayed here today the decision was made to promote you to Lieutenant Colonel.” The General opens the box revealing two standard gold stripes. “These will be added to your dress uniform replacing the half stripe and adding to the standard stripe.”
“I...” Storm takes the box from Hawk looking over his two new ranking bands.
“No need for words son, you’ve earned them. As well you’ve earned the right to promote Fallout to Lieutenant and Afterburner to Second Lieutenant, as well Feedback has been promoted to Sergeant.” Hawk gives Storm a pat on the shoulder. “You have a good team here, keep up the good work.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
“We’re leaving a portion of our forces to continue assisting in clean up and reconstruction.” Duke explains. “Unfortunately there are matters that need our attention elsewhere.”
“Again, thank you for your help.” Storm says.
“We’re all part of the same team, an extended family, don’t forget that.” Hawk smiles. “And don’t you dare salute us as we leave.” He jokes grasping Storm firmly on the shoulder, then exits the room followed by Duke and Flint.
“Well, now that all the pleasantries are out of the way time for us to get down to business. I’m not going to stand here and butter you up like the other three, if I had my way I’d shut this program down. That said there are certain...advantages to having a team like this. There will be changes made; I’m in the process of replacing the late Ms Ramon with someone handpicked by myself. From this day forward I want full reports made, no secrets.” The Governor General goes to head out stopping for a moment. “Oh, and that prisoner you have downstairs, I want her transported to Club Ed in Edmonton where she’ll await extradition.” (Canadian Forces Service Prison and Detention Barracks (CFSPDB)).
“Yes Sir.”
“Oh and Storm, congratulations on your promotion. I wanted to make a bigger deal out of it but General Hawk said that isn’t your style.”
“No Sir and thank you.”
“Don’t let me down Storm, sorry Lt Col Storm.” The Governor General nods exiting the command center.
Moments later Feedback and Hightower appear in the doorway looking at their commander.
“It’s safe to come in.” Storm laughs. “I’m sure you overheard everything?”
“Yes Sir.” Feedback responds.
“I will be making a big deal out of your promotions, which will wait until after the service.”
“So the others aren’t staying for it?” Hightower inquires as Storm heads for the door.
“No, they need to return home. It should be just us anyway.” Storm pauses at the door for a moment. “Any word from Archaic yet?”
“No sir, he still hasn’t checked in.”
“We need to find him, pull all the data he sent us.”
“Will do.”

Fallout stands outside the base on the main entry way where a bronze statue of a gun and helmet sits on a concrete pillar. A black marble plaque on the face of the pillar already has the names of the three fallen soldiers as well as Pebbles name.
“That was put up quickly.” Storm says giving Fallout a bit of a start.
“Yeah, it’s nice. General Rowlings name should be added to it.”
Storm nods. “Good idea. I wanted to let you know that you’ve been given my old rank.”
“I’ve been promoted as well, so has Afterburner and Feedback.”
“Oh, for a second there I thought they fired you.” Fallout laughs.
“Not yet.”
“Hopefully never, because if they do I know this entire team will be following you.”
“That’s good to hear.”
“I mean it Sir; we’re all with you think and thin. After this we’ll be stronger than ever no matter what comes our way.”
Storm doesn’t say a word; he just stands next to Fallout looking over the statue, the sun glistening off the helmet which looks a lot like Maniac’s.

Over in the medical bay Medic attends to her patients assisted by Target.
Afterburner stands in the doorway watching. “Need a hand?”
Medic looks over at her and smiles. “No Target is doing just fine as nurse maid.”
“Hey!” The young man chirps.
“I’m just kidding...not.” She whispers as she walks up to Afterburner. “We still on for later?”
“For sure.”
“Good.” Medic smiles.
“So when does the base staff return?”
“What’s the matter, don’t like eating the packets?”
“God no, they taste terrible.” Afterburner gags.
“In a few days, once everything is cleaned up and Storm gives the all clear.”
“Maybe he’ll let us get take out.”
“I could go for some pizza.” Target suggests, getting laughs from the two women.
“I’ll go find our leader and get on that pizza.” Afterburner winks at Target.
Medic returns to her patients as Target hands her a tray with medication for Hotwire. “Now don’t you dare hide these under your tongue and spit them out later, or I’ll find another way of getting them into you, and it won’t be pleasant.”
“Can’t you find better tasting meds?”
“Sorry, kiddie vitamins aren’t regulation medicine.” Medic hands Hotwire her pills with a glass of water. “We need you healthy again, there’s a lot of equipment that needs repairs. Be like the boys and take you medicine.”
Hotwire looks over at Red Dragon, Snow Squall and G.I. who all grin at her. “You guys are such...”
“Hey, none of that language in my medical bay.” Medic snaps as they all burst out into laughter.

Serpent Squad Headquarters, British Columbia, in the research lab Rattlesnake sits at his desk going over his lab notes. Out of the corner of his eye he notices motion on his monitor, his patient has woken up. He smiles rising from his seat and heads into the adjoining room. “How do you feel?”
“Like I’ve gone to hell and back.” Vulture sneers. “I don’t feel any different.”
“You shouldn’t.” Rattlesnake walks over to the monitors checking Red Vultures vitals. “You won’t notice anything until you are in the air. The operation went without a hitch.”
“How soon can I be back in the sky?”
“Within a week, only because I want your other wounds to heal first. I took the liberty of doing some skin grafting while you were under.”
“Good, his new uniform will be ready by then. It has been outfitted to help your healing process.” Major Fear says startling the two men as he enters the room. “As well as you’re new gear. You’ll need a new name, Red Vulture was your old life, and you are no longer a Red Shadow, you are Cobra now.”
“I like Vulture.”
“How about, Black Vulture?” Rattlesnake suggest.
“Yes, that will do.” Vulture agrees.
“Very well then.” The Major turns to Rattlesnake. “As soon as he is able I want him up and about. No active duty, just so he can become acquainted with his new surroundings.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Excellent.” Fear places his hand on the bed next to Black Vulture. “Get some rest, we will need you strong in body and mind.” The leader nods at Rattlesnake then exits the room heading for the elevator. Once inside he presses the button for the holding cells, the very bottom floor of the headquarters.

The elevator doors slide open to reveal a well lit room where four Cobra Crimson Guards sit. They quickly raise hailing Major Fear as he enters. “The prisoner is ready to see you.”
“Good.” Fear continues on through the gates that one of the Crimson Guards quickly opens for him. He walks down a dimly lit hallway, much gloomier than the guard station. He stops a few cells down facing the prison. “How are you doing?”
“So...you’re alive.” A voice responds.
“You don’t sound surprised.”
“Of course not, scum like you don’t die that easy.”
“Especially one that makes a deal with your commander that allows him to walk away freely. If only he knew we had you, maybe he wouldn’t have been so accepting of my allegiance.” Fear waits for a response, not getting one. “I wish you would be more cooperative Mr. Sojorin.”
“Just kill me; you’ll never get anything out of me.”
“Ah, just like an altruistic martyr, brave until the end.” Fear looks off nodding to someone. “I’m sure you’ll have a change of heart.”
“Hello Matthew.” A man dressed in a, Cobra Serpent Squad Trooper uniform, steps out from the shadows holding a file behind his back. “Been a long time little brother.”
“Michael...” Archaic moves into the light, his face dirty, eyes dark from lack of sleep, his hair a mangled sweaty mess. “What are you doing in that uniform?”
“What do you think? I’m Cobra.”
“WHY!?” Michael slams his fists on the bars in anger. “Because I HATE you, because this is what I was forced to become.”
“I...don’t...you hate me?”
“Of course I do.” Michael snarls. “You were the pride and joy of the family, always excelled at everything he did. School, sports, competitions, EVERYTHING! Mom and Dad adored you; they forgot about me, forgot about our other brother.”
Archaic’s eyes widen. “Other brother?”
“Oh yeah, mom and dad never told you about him, about my twin brother. He died when we were five years old, an accident...he was always the good one, the one they loved more, then you came along and I was shipped off to a private school. Only got to come home for the holidays, and when I did all of your accomplishments were shoved in my face. You’re awards displayed on the mantel while no memory of me or my brother existed. When he died I was nothing but a constant reminder, a pain to our parents.”
Archaic stumbles back into the darkness of his cell. “No...you’re lying.”
“I figured you wouldn’t believe me.” Michael tosses a file into Matthew’s cell. “There’s all the proof you need.” He waits for his brother to pick it up. “LOOK AT IT!” He screams.
Matthew slowly reaches for the file flipping it open. “Oh god...”
“They even gave you his name...HIS NAME!”
Matthew moves the papers revealing a set of photos. “No...what...what have you done?” He gags scurrying off to the corner to vomit.
“I hate our parents more than I hate you.” Michael looks over at Major Fear who smiles back at him. “I’m done here.”
Fear extends his arm to guide Michael out, stopping at the guard station. “Send someone in there to clean up our guest’s cell.”
“Yes sir.”
Back in Archaic’s cell he reaches for the files and photos tossing them at the bars. He begins to sob as the pictures of his murdered parents float to the floor.

Lady D waits in Major Fear’s room on the upper level barracks. The largest of the rooms, adorned with a snake theme and the richest of amenities Cobra could acquire. The Serpent Squad leader enters, looking around the room. “Definitely not your taste.” She says.
“No, more of Cobra Commander’s theatrics. Looks like I will be doing some rearranging.” Fear begins to unbuckle his tunic glancing over at Lady D. “What do you want?”
“I just wanted to inform you that the new uniforms have arrived.”
“Excellent. We will distribute them tomorrow.” He lets out a moan as he tosses aside his shirt.
“You are in pain?”
“No, just weary tired muscles. Nothing a good night’s rest won’t cure.”
“Would you like some company?”
“No, I have no need of your services.” Fear grunts waving her off.
“Very well then.” Lady D heads for the door, feeling like she is just another piece of trash being tossed away.
“Come back later, when I have rested.”
She pauses, not turning to face him. “As you wish.” A smile graces her face that she hides from her leader.

“Rise and shine.” Fallout shouts as the lights come on in the holding cell area. Dela flinches from the light shielding her eyes as she glares at the Joe. “On your feet woman, you’re leaving here.”
“Leave me be, let me rot and die here. No one wants me.”
“Doesn’t matter, you are leaving here and being taken to Club Ed. From there you will be extradited home to await trial.”
“No...I’d rather stay here.” Dela panics.
“Look lady you don’t have a choice, you either come quietly or you come by force. Which will it be?”
Dela rises to her feet. “Very well.”
“Good, and no funny business, you wouldn’t make it to the elevators.”
“I have no desire to escape, I have nowhere to go. It is obvious I am no longer needed by the Black Major.”
“Got that right, he was captured along with the rest and Baron Ironblood is dead.”
“Up.” Fallout opens her cell as Dela steps forward placing handcuffs on her. “Just procedure.” He nudges her forward as they head for the elevators.
“I want to talk to your leader before I go, there is information he needs to share with the others, information that will further incriminate the Black Major and his Red Shadows. Information that you can use to put him away for a very long time.” Dela smirks at Fallout.

Up in the medical bay Medic straightens up after letting her patients all go. Unknown to her Navy has entered the room and startles the doctor by yelling, boo. Medic places a hand on her chest gasping. “Oh my god girl, you scared the bejeebers out of me.”
“Sorry I couldn’t resist.” Navy laughs. “Anyway, the memorial service is going to start in a half hour.”
“Oh, okay thanks Navy.”
“Well I better get dressed too.” Navy waves as she hurries out and down the hall.

Afterburner stands at one of the rear entries to the base, dressed in her Air Force uniform. She watches Storm who is standing in front of the three flag draped caskets, dressed in his Army uniform.
“What is he doing?” Fallout asks coming up behind Afterburner. Both of them have their new rank stripes sewn onto their uniforms.
“He wanted a few moments to himself before the service started.”
“Takes these things pretty hard don’t he.”
“Yes, we’re more than just an extended family to him. We’re his friends as well.”
“Everyone is in the mess hall, we should start soon.”
“I’ll go get them; you go talk to our leader.”
“Yes, Sir.” Afterburner grabs his arm raising it up to show him his higher ranking. She flashes a smile at him and heads for the mess hall.”
Fallout takes a deep breath and heads out towards Storm. The battlefield has been completely cleared of all wreckage, only the scars on the ground and the blackened scorch marks remain. “Sir?” Storm turns his head to look over at Fallout, an obvious expression of sadness on his face. “Everyone is ready; Afterburner is bringing them out now.” Fallout walks up to his leader placing a hand on his shoulder. “They gave their lives so we could continue on fighting. Remember that.”
“Thanks. Would you mind standing up here with me?”
Storm walks over to the podium that has been set up next to the flag in the back, which is flying at half mass. The exact number of chairs for each team member has been set up. The two leaders watch as everyone files out behind Afterburner and takes their seats. Fallout gives Storm another pat on the shoulder and nods.
Lt Col Storm clears his throat to start his speech. “We all knew the risks when we signed up for the military, and when we signed on to this team. We knew not all of us would make it out of battle but that doesn’t make it any easier. Death is knocking at our door every time we put on our battle uniforms and head out, just waiting for us.” Storm glances back at the caskets for a moment. “Maniac, once told me the reason he doesn’t wear protective armour was, because he believe that when it was his time, it was his time. He didn’t think any amount of armour would change that.”

As the Canada’s Elite team sits and listen to Storm’s speech a Military Jeep pulls up to the locked main gate. A female hand reaches out swiping an access card, and then lays her palm on the scanner. Within a few seconds the gate buzzes and slowly begins to open to allow her access.

Storm continues on with his speech. “Chamber was one of the original members of the team; he was a quiet man, strong, and a little rough around the edges. But if you had the chance to sit down and get to know him, he was still rough around the edges.” Storm cracks a grin getting a few chuckles from others. “Nothing bothered him; he dealt with the problem at hand and moved on, a quality I often envied myself. Chamber would lay his life on the line for anyone, which he eventually did.” Storm lowers his head thinking how he could be where Chamber is now. “He was a true hero and devoted to his country.”

The arriving new comer slows by the monument outside the main base, as if observing a moment for the fallen soldiers listed on it. It then continues on up to the main base parking near the entry. The female gets out tossing around her long red hair, dressed in a long grey trench coat. As she walks her knee high grey boots are visible as well as moments of red from her legs.

Out back Lt Col Storm comes to the final person in his elegy. “Rebecca Ramon.” He speaks her name, pausing for a moment. “When I first met her she was job oriented, strong willed and bull headed. She was thrust into a situation where she was not wanted, and knew it. I didn’t make it any easier on her either. She soon learned how and why we do what we do and the importance of team unity. Rebecca proved herself as a worthy member of the team, and earned my respect and admiration. She often put herself and her job on the line to prove her loyalties. She even refused to leave with the other base personnel, she wanted to stay and help in our battle against our enemies. That decision ultimately cost her, her life as she carried out the one task she was given. Rebecca accepted that risk and because of that she will be forever remembered as part of the Canada’s Elite team. She has been memorialized as a full member of the G.I.Joe Force, and all reference to her will be referred to as Insider, a code name I’m sure she’d embrace. She will not be forgotten.”

The Red haired woman accesses the outside entry, punching in an access code, passing the retinal scan, and bio scan. The doors slide open as she walks inside down the hall towards the command center. Her access card gains her entry to that room as well. She brings up the exterior camera’s watching the team continue with their memorial service.

“Our futures are uncertain, we know that, and accept that in service to our country. “ Storm continues bringing his speech to a close. “For us the risks are even greater, technically we don’t exist, we die in battle this is the best we get. So it is even more important for us that we don’t forget our fallen teammates, that we always remember them. And in their memory we will continue to fight, we will never give up, we will stay until the fight is won, we are Canada’s Elite, we are G.I.Joe!”
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