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Canada's Elite #23


Canada's Elite #23

Postby Lt Storm » 28 Mar 2013 19:44


Chapter 23 All out War

Afterburners squad keeps the enemy fighter jets busy allowing the Globemasters passage. The Liberators attempting to land first, their cargo bay door open, already deploying troops. The Beta team, led by Fallout, emerge from hidden underground motor pools firing at the landing gear of the first Globemaster.
“Yeah, now this is what I call fun!” Maniac shouts over the sound of his machine guns sweeping across the belly of the Globemaster, riding in the back of a RHINO driven by Snow Squall.
“Take it easy man, and watch it with those guns.” G.I snaps hearing the shells bouncing off the copter he sits in.
“Will you two girls pipe down; I’m trying to drive here.” Snow Squall hits the gas taking the RHINO under the Globemaster allowing Maniac to take out the rear landing gear as well.
“Squall...door...” G.I. panics as they near the rear bay ramp that is still down.
“Keep your panties on.” The Joe grunts as he steers them out of the way.
“Remind me to never let you drive anywhere, Squall.” Fallout jokes over the comlink. He comes into view from the rear passing by the RHINO as he unloads an assault on the remaining Liberator troopers.
“Me? I didn’t think that ADAT’s could move that fast?” Snow Squall responds.
“Neither did I.”

Inside the large carrier plane the pilot fights to keep it steady as warning lights begin to flash. “They’ve taken out our landing gear Sir.” He shouts at Singer.
The General braces himself as the tarmac closes in. “Keep her nose up the best you can, take us in on her belly.”
“Yes Sir.” The pilot grunts pulling back on the wheel feeling the massive plane lifting, watching his gauges and keeping focused on the runway. They feel the impact of Fallout’s assault on their rear.
“Damn.” Singer grunts rushing for the cockpit door, slamming it shut.

“Here she comes.” Chamber says. The Alpha team watching while the Globemaster just touches the runway sparks flying from under it. “She’s going to bounce.” After a few hard hits the plane makes its final touchdown, the sound of screeching and tearing metal filling the air, along with the gun fire from the air units and Fallout’s ground units. The large plane begins to tilt to its right, the wing touching ground sending out more sparks then shreds to pieces launching debris into the air. The engine rips free spiralling into the deployed ground units. Fallout shouts for his team to take evasive manoeuvres to avoid collision.
“Now it’s our turn.” Storm shouts revving up his armoured cycle.
“It’s about time.” Chamber smiles, starting his LAV.
“Our primary targets are the Liberators and Red Shadows.”
“Yes Sir!” The team shouts back.
“Alright then, let’s show them what we can do, YO JOE!”

“Dear god.” Crimson Rayne gasps. “Pull up!” She screams at the pilot.
Red Scream sits back laughing at the panicking woman. “What’s the matter, don’t you like crashing?”
Rayne spins around glaring at Red Scream. “Shall I take off my mask and show you why?”
“Please do, we all know you rarely take that thing off, I’m curious as to just how ugly you are.”
“Ladies, this is not the time.” Ironblood snaps at them. “Rayne go to the back and have Vaughn launch the ground forces.”
“Yes Baron.” Rayne snarls at Red Scream as she passes by her.
“Red Scream, if I were you I would not provoke members of your own team, it is how you get a bullet in your back or locked up in an asylum to rot.” Ironblood says just before he ducks down from the windows, gunfire shattering through the windshield. Afterburner’s unit engaging the Red Shadow’s Globemaster. “Well, this isn’t good.” He comments as the pilot slumps over the steering wheel forcing the plane into a dive. “Scream, if you would assist me.” Ironblood and Red Scream pull the pilots lifeless body back in the seat, the leader of the Shadow’s grabbing the steering wheel and pulling back on it. “This may get rough.”
In the back of the cargo hold most of the Red Shadow’s ground units have been deployed, only a few remain. The unrestrained vehicles slide out of the rear of the plane, plummeting uncontrollably to the ground below. The shifting cargo pinning a few troopers against the walls, the others tumble out after the vehicles, their only words are the Red Shadows battle cry, Blood for the Baron. Major Fear holds onto Rayne tightly, his arm wrapped around the netting keeping them from falling out.

Lt Storm halts his motorcycle watching the Red Shadows Globemaster struggling to keep control. “Oh god.” He taps his com device on the side of his helmet. “All units pull back, clear the runway. Afterburner I said your team was not to engage the Globemasters.” He grunts.
“Sorry Sir, got caught up in the moment, had a clear shot at Ironblood.” Dust Off responds.
“We’ll discuss that later.”
“Holy sh!t, are they freaking crazy!?” Chamber shouts noticing the Serpent Squads Globemaster barrelling down on the Red Shadows.
“They’ve already evac’d the plane.” Afterburner relays over the Joe’s com link. “His team is coming in from the outer base perimeter.”
“Afterburner blow it out of the sky, let’s set Blood’s tail on fire.” Storm responds.
“Copy that.” Afterburner breaks from combat targeting the last Globemaster. “Firing.” She launches her final two rockets then pulls up and back, her team breaking combat as well. “Big birds are down, time for the little birds to nest.” Afterburner signalling her team to go in for landing.

“What are they doing?” Blood looks around watching the jets breaking off as Scream keeps control of the plane.
“Vaughn to cockpit, I’d jump if I were you.” The Major says before him and the remainder of the Shadows jump from the back of the plane.
“What?” Blood rushes towards the cargo hold just as Afterburners rockets hit the Serpent Squads Globemaster. “My god...” His eyes ignite with flames, the fiery hunk of metal slamming into their tail. Scream struggles with the controls shouting at the Baron, getting no response. “He betrayed us.” Ironblood snarls.

Below the teams all scatter trying to get as much distance as possible between them and the crashing cargo planes. The leaders bark orders at their teams to take cover, Singer not carrying for anyone’s lives but his daughters as he runs with her in tow leaving his team behind. Storm watches for each of his teammates, making sure no one gets left behind.
“Sir, go, go, go!” Chamber shouts racing up behind him in his LAV.
“Come on, I’m not leaving you.”
“I’m expendable, you’re not.”
“Neither are you.”
The fuel tanks on the planes erupt in mid air blowing the two apart, chunks of wings and chassis rain down upon the battle field. A propeller wing whips through the air slamming down into Chambers LAV sending him flying from it.
“NO!” Storm revs up his armoured cycle racing towards Chamber as the wreckage descends. All that can be heard are subsequent explosions of abandoned vehicles, the airstrip now in flames. No gun fire is heard, no movement is discernible through the smoke and blaze.

General Singer slowly gets to his feet, helping his daughter up. “Athena, are you alright?”
“Yes father, I am.” She looks around them, trying to make sense of what she sees. Vehicles are mangled together, unable to tell whose is whose. “What do we do now?”
Singer looks towards the base noticing a propeller logged in the doorway. “We go in.”

Inside the command center all visuals have gone dark. The plane crashes and explosions outside temporarily knocking out their communications, the smoke blinding them from seeing what is going on, on the battlefield.
“Hightower, Feedback, we need to get visuals back up now!” Hawk snaps.
“Working on it Sir.” Feedback responds. “We’re rerouting through other satellite transceivers on the base.”
Rebecca hovers her hand near the button she was instructed to press. “Oh my god...oh my god...” She repeats to herself over and over.
“Keep calm Ms Roman, it’s going to be...”
“Someone is trying to access the command center.” Hightower interrupts.
“Who’d be stupid enough to try that?” Hawk spins around in his wheelchair pulling his gun from his chest holster. “Feedback grab a weapon, Hightower keep working on those visuals, Rebecca you get down.”
“Yes sir.” Her voice quivers as she sinks down to the floor.

Outside the command center Athena punches in several access codes trying to get the doors to open. Nightingale and Jumper have joined them, Brick and Harvey keeping watch down the hall.
“Damn, they must have deleted every backup access code I set up.” Athena sighs.
“Keep trying.” Her father says in a calm voice.
“Why don’t we just blast them open?” Nightingale asks, grinding her teeth.
“Because I want to take over the command center, once we have it the base is ours. If we blow the doors we risk damaging the computers.” Singer responds. “Patience, we’ll gain access while the Red Shadows and Serpent Squad keep the Joe’s busy.”

“I have visuals back up.” Hightower announces as the screens flicker displaying several images on screen.
“Oh my god.” Rebecca gasps, her eyes widen at the destruction on the battlefield. “There!” She points at Lt Storm who is standing over Chamber, then heads to his armoured motorcycle. “Oh god...Fear...” She trembles seeing the Serpent Squad leader approaching their leader with a pistol gripped in his hand.
“They’ve gained access!” Hightower shouts as the doors slide open and bullets fly in shattering a few of the screens.
“No one move...” General Singer grunts as Nightingale and Jumper enter the room first, with their guns lock and loaded. “...or we shoot.” He smiles. “I’ve always wanted to say that.” Athena follows in behind him getting scowled looks from Feedback and Rebecca.
“Put your guns down.” Nightingale orders. “Or die.” She looks back at Singer. “We can shoot them can’t we?”
“By all means, if they even flinch, shoot them. Just don’t kill them yet.” Singer looks up at the main screen and smiles. “Just look at all of that destruction.”
Rebecca glances back up at the screen noticing that Lt Storm is no longer in visual. They’ve lost all communication, they don’t know who’s alive or dead, she has one job to do and she can’t do it, or she dies.
“Athena, watch this cripple.” Nightingale says referring to Hawk. “There is someone here I want to talk to.” She walks over to Hightower smiling at him. “I guess Harvey didn’t quite finish you off, that’s good because now I get to.”
“No. We kill no one yet Nightingale, we might need them. Except for Hawk and Ms. Roman here, they are useless to us, kill them.”
“NO!” Rebecca jumps up to do the one thing she was instructed with doing, press the blue button which turns red.
“What have you done?” General Singer snarls at her as Nightingale follows through with Singer’s order, opening fire on Rebecca.

Out in space the satellite they launched receives the signal from the base, its thrusters firing up to move it into position. Meanwhile down on the battlefield the armies regroup themselves.
“Kill all Joe’s!” Ironblood screams out to his Red Shadows who respond back with their battle cry, Blood for the Baron. “None of them shall live except Lt Storm, find him and bring him to me! He will face his end at the hands of a worthy opponent.”
“No one kills a Joe!” Major Fear orders surprising Ironblood who he is standing next to.
“You dare...what is the meaning of this?”
“It’s called a turn of events, a double cross; I’m working with the Joe’s.”
“I knew you betrayed us, all you Cobra’s are backstabbing scum.”
“No one kills Lt Storm and his team except me. Sorry about this old chap.” Fear mocks planting his pistol against Ironblood’s iron helmet. “Armour piercing bullets, think they’ll get through this thick helmet of yours? Probably not, but here...” He moves his gun to Blood’s face shield and pulls the trigger.

“NO!!!” Hawk shouts, watching as Rebecca’s body falls over the control panel, slowly sliding down leaving a smear of blood. He leaps up from his wheelchair pushing Athena against the wall, knocking the gun from her hand. He quickly picks it up firing at General Singer.
“DADDY!” Athena screams as the bullets hit him, dropping him to the floor. She rushes over to him, blood pouring from his wounds.
“Go...” He says coughing up more blood looking into his daughter’s eyes. “Get out...Fear has betrayed us.” Singer points towards the screen where Cobra troops have engaged the Red Shadows and their remaining troops along with the Joe’s.
Feedback grabs Jumper’s rifle while he’s distracted pulling him forward as his fist connects with his face, disarming him. Nightingale drops down to the floor next to Singer as well, and for the first time tears run down her face.
“Daddy...” Athena sobs.
“Get her...out of here...” Singer orders Nightingale.
From the hall a canister bounces into the room catching everyone’s attention.
“Smoke grenade!” Hawk shouts as it erupts quickly filling the room.
“Come on!” Nightingale grabs Athena’s arm dragging her to towards the door.
“No...one...shoot...” Hawk coughs staggering back to his wheelchair falling over it.
Down the hall they can hear the rev of a motorcycle engine, Brick and Harvey helping their other three teammates.
“We have to get out of here, now.” Nightingale orders.

The satellite moves into position to complete its pre-programmed task, a weapon extends out from the base of the satellite launching a missile towards the Earth, its payload destination, the Canada’s Elite Headquarters.

Nightingale drags Athena down the hall while Brick and Jumper cover them, explosions shaking the base from outside. The engine noise gets closer to them, a motorcycle barrels down the hall. The sides pop open on it reveal double barreled machine guns that open fire on them. The bullets ricochet off the walls, blasting the flickering lights from the ceiling.
“Kill whoever that is.” Nightingale grunts.
Brick takes aim for the motorcyclist, unknown to them that it is Lt Storm whose primary objective is reaching the command center. “Time to man up little man.” He grunts at Jumper who is still nursing his broken nose.

Outside the battle continues on, the Serpent Squad aiding the Joe’s against the Red Shadows. Both sides’ numbers dwindle down as they all scramble for any operating vehicles. Red Scream fights her way through the Cobra Troopers trying to get to Ironblood, her screams for The Black Major going unanswered. She spots Crimson Rayne engaged in hand to hand combat with Afterburner, she wonders if Rayne had witnessed the same thing she just did moments ago. Major Fear assassinating their leader.
Suddenly Scream is grabbed by the arm and pulled in towards Vaughn. “Where the hell have you been, Major Fear just killed The Baron.”
“I could care less, my concern is getting out of here, Cobra is obviously working with the Joe’s and the Liberators have abandoned us here on the battlefield. Only their half whit troopers remain.”
“We must get to Ironblood.”
Vaughn shakes Red Scream. “Listen to me, there is nothing we can do for him. I am in charge of this organization now, go get Rayne and...” The Black Major looks up in the sky seeing something coming towards them.
Red Scream follows his gaze with a look of horror in her eyes. “Dear God...what is that?”
“I don’t know but it won’t be good.”

Inside the base Lt Storm leaps backwards from his cycle sending it wildly down the hall at Jumper and Brick, having left a grenade behind logged in the fuel access panel. “Duck that.” He grunts as he hits the floor covering his head as the cycle explodes.
In the nearby command center the explosion startles those inside, Hawk stumbles in his gear towards the doorway finding Lt Storm motionless. “STORM!” The old General carefully kneels down rolling the Canadian soldier over.
“I’m fine, except for the ringing in my ears.”
“We lost communication with you?”
“Did Rebecca?”
“Yes, she followed your orders, her final orders.”
“Final?” Storm gets up with the assistance of Hawk noticing her lying in a pool of her own blood. “No...oh god...I killed her.”

The unknown missile barrels down on the base, ejecting its secondary protective casing, having already released the primary casing after it safely entered the atmosphere. Fallout blasts through rubble of the burning plane that brought their enemy’s noticing the projectile. “Oh sh...” He leaps from his tank as it hits the ground, sending him flying. A pulse wave of electromagnetic energy erupts over the battle field knocking out all electronics. Those closest to the impact zone are sent through the air, others scramble to remove their gear that has been affected by the blast. Lt Storm’s last resort, the one that took Rebecca Ramon’s life was to launch the hidden EMP missile that was housed in the satellite.
The Joe’s who are able to, scramble to their feet, this is their only opportunity to get the jump on their enemy and take control of the battle. Snow Squall hears the screams of someone in pain, rushing to find who it is. To his horror he sees a man in flames trying to rid himself of his gear. He pulls open one of the overturned LAV’s looking for a fire extinguisher, freeing it from its straps and unloads it, praying he’s not too late. The figure falls to the ground as his jet pack breaks loose, pushing it away as he moans in pain.
“It’s okay just hang in there...Vulture...” A sigh of relief escapes his lips that it isn’t one of his own teammates, but a feeling of remorse for the pain Red Vulture must be in.

Hotwire gives one more kick to the hatch of the RJAT she was driving, finally breaking herself free. She draws in a deep breath of the battle stained air, a smell that to her is like perfume.
“Need a hand?”
“Oh thanks, I think my ankle is...oh god.” Hotwire looks up at Red Laser who uncaringly pulls her from the tank. Hotwire grimaces in pain limping on her broken ankle. “Looks like I get to kill me a G.I.Joe.”
“Not today.” The butt end of a machine gun smashes against Laser’s head knocking the Red Shadow down. “You okay?” Maniac asks.
“Yes, thank you.” Hotwire smiles at him as a spray of blood splashes across her. “Oh my god.”
Maniac looks down at a piece of sharp metal sticking out of his chest. “Oh f#$%.” He staggers back and falls to the ground coughing up blood.
“Damn, still fuzzy, I was aiming for his head. Now where was I?” Laser snarls as he pulls off his helmet. His face is bloody from the blow to the head.
“Die you scum.” A voice growls as two hands are placed on his head snapping it. Navy stands behind Laser as his body falls to the ground. “You son of a bitch.”
“Oh my god.” Hotwire gives Navy a quick hug then stumbles over to Maniac. “Hang in there.”
“Sorry babe, don’t think I’m going to make it.” He smirks grabbing her hand as Navy kneels down next to him. “Just win this thing.”
“We will.” Hotwire struggles to smile.
“Good, go then...find...the others...yo...joe.” Maniac coughs, drawing in his last breath. His hand goes limp in Hotwire’s as she grips it hard.
“He’s gone.” Navy frowns. “Come on Hotwire, let’s do as he asked.”
“No I want to stay here with him.”
“Not a good idea you’re hurt as well. Now come on.” Navy places her arm around Hotwire helping her up.

Red Dragon staggers, trying to catch his balance after the blast, pulling off his mask and ripping his com device from his ear. “Damn that tickled.”
“You may need to find Afterburner, she was engaged in battle with Crimson Rayne, and Red Scream wasn’t far from her.” A voice says from behind him.
The Joe snaps his head around to see Lady D helping Lt Graves walk. “Is he alright?”
“He’s injured but will survive. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the acknowledgement of concern, G.I.Joe.”
Dragon huffs at Lady D’s remark then rushes off to find Afterburner, who is herself just regaining her senses. She finds Crimson Rayne laying unconscious on the ground, her mask cracked. She carefully picks it up looking it over. The mask is wired with mirco circuitry, an incredible looking piece of technology. She looks down at Rayne finally seeing her face. “Oh my god...you’re beautiful...” She says completely confused.
“Yes isn’t she? The poor girl could only see the scars so she insisted on wearing that mask.” Red Scream says from behind Afterburner. “I think we have some unfinished business, you and I.”
“Yes we do.” Afterburner spins around extending out her arm that she holds Rayne’s mask with shattering it across Scream’s face, knocking the woman to the ground. “But now isn’t the time.”
“You alright?” Dragon asks nearly getting attacked by his teammate.
“God, don’t sneak up on someone who has two opponents lying on the ground.”
“Wow, good work. Let’s get them tied up and go find the others.”

Not far from the two women, Fallout slowly comes to, having been knocked unconscious when his head hit the overturned ADATS (air defence anti tank system). “Dammit.” He grunts feeling a searing pain in his right arm, a piece of metal logged in it.
“Fallout!” Zach shouts rushing over to him. “Oh god, I can fix this.”
“Target, it’s you right, I’m not hallucinating?”
“Yeah it’s me.” He smiles. “I need to patch you up. Where’s a medical kit?”
“No, just help me up and find Medic. Others might need your expertise.”
“You two are going nowhere.” Typhoon smirks holding a Browning 9m. “Funny thing about EMP’s, they only take out electronic equipment, this has no electronics.”
“You’re supposed to be on our side.” Maniac reminds the Cobra Agent.
“Yeah well, not all of us agree with that, besides who’s going to know?” He laughs aiming at Target. “You can watch your teammate die, then I’ll see how much more damage we can do to that arm, Fallout. I guess you’ll never get to make peace with your commander kid, too bad.” Typhoon aims for Target slowly pulling back on the trigger.

Explosions continue to pop and echo across the battlefield, fires overtaking burning vehicles ordinance. All three teams trying to assess their situation, regroup, and tend to their wounded. The Black Major searches for more of his Red Shadows, they need to retreat but first he wants to see to the traitorous Major Fear. The man who betrayed their alliance and killed Baron Ironblood in cold blood.
A roar of jet engines and vehicles can be heard in the distance, up in the sky American G.I.Joe Conquests and Action Force jets fly over head. They were waiting just outside of ground zero, safe from the EMP blast.
Typhoon is momentarily distracted by the arrival of the other Joe teams giving Target his only chance to take the Cobra out. He rushes him grabbing his right arm that holds the pistol. “You weak fool.” The Cobra grunts struggling with Target. He uses all his strength against the Joe trying to bring the gun down on Target.
“You might be bigger and stronger, but I’ll fight dirty.” Target pulls himself in closer to Typhoon and knees him in the groin weakening the Cobra and forcing his arm back.
“No...” Typhoon growls in pain his hand still tight around the pistol. “You die.”
Fallout watches as the gun goes off, both men standing eerily still. “Target!” Both fall back, both with blood across their face. “No...kid...” He looks over at Typhoon, part of the man’s face blown off. Neither of them realizes the bullet entered through the side of his head and out his left eye. An impossible trajectory from the struggle.
“FALLOUT! Oh my god Target!” Medic tosses out a flare rushing over to the two men. “Target?”
“M-medic...I think...I think I killed him?”
“Just lay still.” She looks over Typhoon, turning away in disgust for a moment.
“It was self defence, Typhoon was going to kill us, and he broke our agreement.” Fallout informs Medic.
“No it wasn’t.” Major Fear says prying the Browning 9m from Typhoon’s hand. “This gun was never fired.” He hands it to Medic who nervously takes the gun from him. “We have an agreement.”
“Y-you shot him?” Medic says rising to her feet as a Tomahawk helicopter approaches.
“Yes. He acted alone and received the same fate any others will that breaks our deal. I am a man of my word, we struck a deal and I intend to see it through.” He glances up at the landing helicopter, Lifeline hanging out of the side. “I should go find the rest of my team.” He nods at Medic and turns walking into the smoke, vanishing from sight. The American G.I.Joe team and Action Force round up the rest of the Red Shadows and Liberators.

Anaconda, finds the badly wounded Red Vulture intent on killing him as per her secret orders, to kill as many of the Red Shadows and Liberators without being seen. She’s only been able to eliminate the troopers on both sides so far. “Well look at what I have here, a bird that’s had its wings clipped.”
“P-please...help me...take me...with you...” He gasps.
“You would defect from your team to join Cobra?”
“They have...left me here...to die.”
“No, they’ve all been captured.”
Red Vulture shakes his head. “They found me...chose to leave me...I was dead weight...”
Anaconda smiles as she reloads her revolver. “Sorry but my orders were clear, I am immune to your pleas of mercy.” She spins the chamber slapping it back into place with a flick of her wrist. “I hope you’ve made peace with your god, or whomever you worship.”
“STOP!” Fear snarls at Anaconda. “I accept his offer.” He kneels down next to Red Vulture looking him over. “We will take you from here and treat your burns, but know this; if you ever think of betraying me I will execute you myself.”
“I will not...I only want...revenge...”
“Very well.” Fear rises to his feet looking back at Anaconda. “Strip him, we won’t be able to get him out with that uniform on him, burnt or not.” Lady D arrives with Lt Graves and Vee. “Perfect timing, Vee find another Red Shadow body and put Red Vultures uniform on him, then toss him into the fire.” Vee nods at Fear obeying his leader’s orders. “Welcome to Cobra Vulture, and to my Serpent Squad.”

Across the Battlefield the Black Major lurks, trying to find a way out.
“Going somewhere?” Flint smirks with that lopsided grin of his.
“There you are, hiding all this time?”
“No, just keeping tabs on all of you.”
“You don’t really think you will stop me do you?”
“Actually, yes I was thinking exactly that.” Flint draws his shotgun on the Black Major cocking the weapon.
“You would kill an unarmed man in cold blood?”
“You ordered the hit on my wife; you ceased being anything that day. No one will know I did it.”
“No one except you, Flint.”
The Joe looks at his shotgun, then back at the Black Major. “You’re right, and I couldn’t live with myself if I did, because I’m not like you, I’m a G.I.Joe and we live to protect the world against people like you.” He leaps at Vaughn slamming the butt of his gun across the Black Major’s head knocking him out. “And you are going to prison for your crimes.”

General Hawk enters the command center where Lt Storm stands over Rebecca’s blood stain. “Are you alright son?”
“Yeah...no, no I’m not.” Storm says in a low voice. “This is my fault I let her stay when I should have made her leave.”
“No.” Hawk places his hand on Storm’s shoulder. “She wanted to stay, she wanted to help, to be a part of your team. Do not blame yourself, she knew the risk and bravely sacrificed herself to complete her mission. She was a true soldier.”
Storm takes in a deep breath and slowly exhales. “And she will be remembered that way.”
Hawk grips Storm’s shoulder. “Come on, Duke has a situation report for you, everyone has been accounted for and we are about to hand over a Tomahawk to Major Fear.” Storm doesn’t say a word, he just follows Hawk out onto the battlefield, the medical teams removing the dead bodies of their enemies and tending to the wounded. “Lt Storm, this is my First Sergeant Duke.”
Storm salutes Duke, who does the same in turn. “You have a report for me?”
“Later, Major Fear wants to speak to you.”
“Great.” Storm rolls his eyes as he heads towards the Tomahawk. He notices a burned man sitting inside that Lady D is attending to. “Who is that?”
“One of my men, my troop squad leader.” Major Fear answers. “You’ll find Typhoon is dead.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Do not be, he disobeyed his orders. You know Lt Storm we are very much alike, death and destruction follows us both.”
Storm looks up at Fear, staring into the man’s cold empty eyes. “We are nothing alike.”
Fear smirks offering Lt Storm his hand. “Your team fought bravely today, you are worthy adversaries. Maybe one day you will see the light and join us.”
Storm steps back from the helicopter. “Leave here now, tomorrow we are enemies again and we will hunt you.”
“I anticipate the chase.”
Wild Bill approaches the Tomahawk, having just refuelled it. “Alright snake scum you have a full tank of fuel. Don’t try crossing any boarders, we have units in place and will shoot you down.”
“That almost sounds tempting.” Fear looks back at Anaconda motioning for her to take off. “Until we meet again Lt Storm.”
The Joe’s all step back from the helicopter as its propellers start to spin lifting the Tomahawk into the air.
“A necessary evil.” Hawk remarks.
“Yeah, one that I hope to never have to do again.” Storm curses under his breath, turning his attention back to Duke who signals for Medic to join them. “I want to know about my team first.”
Medic hands Duke her report, there are obvious tears in her eyes and stained on her face from the dust of smoke. “You only suffered two unit casualties, Chamber and Maniac.”
“We suffered three unit casualties, Rebecca Ramon was KIA, add her name to that list. Who are injured?”
“Dust Off and Afterburner have minor burns nothing too serious, Red Dragon, Snow Squall and G.I. have gunshot wounds, and Hotwire has a broken ankle. Fallout has an wound to his arm but nothing too serious. All are expected to make a full recovery and return to active duty. The rest of your team are fine. Action Force also caught the Liberators who were trying to make their escape just outside the base.”
“Good. What about Target, he was with Major Fear?”
“He’s...not on this list.” Duke says looking at Medic.
“He’s...” Medic points towards the young man who is standing over Typhoon’s body.
Storm excuses himself walking up to his young friend. “Zach.” He lift’s Target’s head noticing the blood drying on it. “Are you alright?”
“It’s not mine.”
“You were the one who killed Typhoon?”
“No Major Fear did, Typhoon was going to kill Fallout.”
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, just never had someone’s face smeared across me before.”
“If you need to talk Medic is an excellent listener, so am I.”
“Thanks, and I’m sorry for how I treated you before. I think I understand now, what you went through, the burden you carry for this team. I want to come back if you’ll still let me?”
Storm smiles. “Of course, welcome back to the team.” Target throws his arms around Lt Storm, surprising his team leader. “Come on, let’s get you into medical and get you cleaned up.”
Hawk, Duke and Medic watch the two friend’s reunion as the sun beings to set.
“It’s been a long day, time for rest.” Hawk comments.
“And tomorrow we pick up the pieces and put them back together.” Duke adds.
“You guys have done this before haven’t you?” Medic inquires.
“Several times.” Hawk responds.
“Does it ever get any easier?”
The old General ponders her question for a moment. “No, it never does.” He places his arm around Medic squeezing her shoulder. The two of them head towards the base where Feedback and Hightower have restored power.
The sun’s setting rays break through the smoke casting its reddish glow across the sky as Navy raises the Canadian Flag assisted by Roadblock and Mayday. The Joe’s have once again thwarted their enemies preventing another world war, this time combining their forces as one.

Fallout stands on the base roof helicopter landing pad, looking over the wreckage on the base grounds. He’s dressed in full battle gear minus his weapons, no need for those now that their enemies have been captured. The Serpent Squad needing to regroup as well after their losses. Neither team are in any shape to launch an attack on the other.
“What a mess eh?” Snow Squall says from behind him, carrying an extra cup of coffee. “You take it with just milk right?”
“Yeah, thanks.” Fallout takes a sip. “Yep, that is quite a mess down there. The crews have been working most of the day to clean it up, with help from our counterparts.”
“I’m surprised we weren’t ordered to assist.”
“Storm wants everyone to get some rest and those who need it to heal from their wounds.” He looks over at his teammate who’s sporting a leg brace. “How are you doing?”
“Good, Medic just wants me to wear this as a precaution. She said the bullet didn’t do any serious damage but she wants me to take it easy anyway.”
“She is quite the motherly doctor.”
Snow Squall laughs taking a drink from his coffee. “Yep, she is.” The two stand quiet for a moment, neither really wanting to talk about what is on both their minds. “So...Chamber, Maniac and Rebecca, I hear we’re having a service for them once the grounds are cleared.”
“Maybe sooner, you know how Storm likes to get these kinds of things done and over with. How are the others doing?”
“Afterburner is running around like a chicken with her head cut off, she’s trying to put on a brave face but I could hear her in Storm’s quarters last night crying.”
Fallout takes another sip of his coffee. “I’m going to miss them too.”
“Yeah same here.” Snow Squall glances over at Fallout who is watching the cleanup below, the two men standing in silence under the suns rays.

While there the cleanup is going on outside the base there is also cleanup going on inside the base as well. Lt Storm occupies most of his time in aiding the repair of the command center, along with Feedback and Hightower. Unknown to them Medic has entered the room to talk with their leader; she leans on the center table getting a bit of a shock from it letting out a bit of a yelp.
“Are you alright?” Feedback asks, not leaving his station as he types in new security command codes. He noticed her enter in the reflection of his screen.
“Um, yeah just a little shock.” She says looking over the table.
“I wouldn’t touch anything in here for a bit, we still need to re-ground some of the stations.” Hightower remarks
“So I’ve noticed.” She scowls at Hightower. “Uh, Sir could I see you for a moment?”
“It’s not for more psychiatric evaluations is it?”
“No.” She laughs, having spent the most time with Storm out of everyone on the team so far. Storm smiles back and follows her out into the hall where there are still scorch marks from his armoured cycle. The walls and ceiling with extra bracing until they can be properly inspected. “I was hoping to ask you for a favour?”
“Really? Okay.”
“Just like that, no debating on what it might be.”
Storm places a hand on her right shoulder and looks deep into her eyes. “You know me pretty well, and I know you would never ask me something you knew I would be uncomfortable in doing.”
“Good, because I’d like you to go talk to Target for me. He hasn’t opened up much about what happened with Typhoon, which can be very traumatizing. I know he’ll open up to you.” Medic knows this first had having been Athena’s original doctor after she experienced a similar trama.
“Alright, I’ll go see what I can squeeze out of him. Where is he?”
“In the gym working out.”
Storm nods and heads on his way taking the stairs down to the next level. He can hear the young man grunting from down the hall as he approaches. “Hey, don’t strain yourself and pull something, then you’ll really be at Medic’s mercy.” Storm jokes as he enters.
Target eases back the butterfly press machine and leans forward taking in a few deep breaths. “She sent you to talk to me didn’t she?”
“See, I tell everyone just because you are blonde doesn’t mean you are dumb.”
“You know that only applies to women don’t you?”
“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that last comment.” Storm says sternly, Target forgetting that Rebecca was a blonde. “Spill it.”
“What happened with Typhoon hasn’t traumatized me, I’ve been to Afghanistan, I saw teammates blown up by landmines. Seeing a Cobra’s head get blown partially off isn’t going to do something to me, you don’t have to worry about me.” Target gets up from the bench grabbing a towel to pat himself down with. “I won’t turn into Athena, I can handle it. Just because I’m one of the youngest on this team doesn’t mean I don’t have steel balls too.”
Storm cracks a smile at his friends comment. “Never said you didn’t, it’s just in our line of work we have to make sure.”
“I know.” Target gives Storm a reassuring smile. “I’m going to go hit the shower then get to know the new guys, especially Red Dragon. Finally someone younger than me.”
“Just go easy on him.” Storm says heading back out into the hall, not surprised to find Medic standing there. “He’s fine.”
“I heard.”
“Are you satisfied?”
“Yes, and thank you.” Medic grabs Storm giving him a tight hug. “Do you mind if I borrow Julie tonight, I need to have a good cry with someone too?”
“Of course.”
“Thanks. Oh by the way, Hawk wanted me to tell you that we’ll be having the memorial service for our teammates tomorrow. He figures most of the debris should be cleaned up by then.”
“Wow, they get things cleaned up fast.”
“We have nearly the entire American G.I.Joe team and Action Force out here helping us. That reminds me, the commanders want to have a talk with you later.”
“All of them?”
“Yes all of them, including the Governor General.”
“He’s here?”
Storm watches as Medic hurries off. He forgets that sometimes Medic is human too and the things that she treats everyone for she feels herself. This latest battle is going to have tested everyone on his team, and soon the time will come to see what effect it has had on them, including him.
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