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Canada's Elite #22


Canada's Elite #22

Postby Lt Storm » 28 Mar 2013 19:42


Chapter 22

Afterburner watches helpless as her new teammate drifts off in space, while an army of black and red coloured robotic automatons attack. “Our weapons are doing nothing, what do we do, where did they come from?”
“I think I can answer that.” Feedback responds via the com system. “I’ve located a small orbital platform not far from your position. I’m sending the coordinates to you now.”
“Copy that Feedback, but we’re kind of in the middle of something right now.” Payload responds as he manoeuvres the Canadarm to retrieve Dust Off and Downlink. “Afterburner, keep firing on those things, keep them off the arm.”
“No wait, I have an idea. I bet those things have been programmed not only to attack but also to defend.”
“Meaning what exactly?”
"If I disengage the booster section and set its coordinates to the station...”
“They might go after it and give us time to escape.” Payload smirks. “Do it, and get your butt back here ASAP, I’ll try to man the weapons here as well.”
“I can do that from here.” Feedback relays. “Just transfer over the controls.”
“Afterburner.” Storm’s voice breaks over the com line. “Be careful and get back there on the double.”
“I will.” The brunette gives Payload a nod as she hurries for to the rear of the shuttle towards the access shaft to the booster section. She enters the access code and pulls up the release leaver cracking the door open, and slips down inside.
Outside the Muton’s continue to fire at the two Joe’s and on the shuttle, neither being able to take much more. The Defiant’s weapons only knocking the robots back.
Afterburner makes it to the booster sections cockpit; she looks over the panels finding the decoupling controls. “Alright, I found how to disconnect the two ships; I’m now accessing the autopilot controls.” She stagers back from a blast that rocks the two vessels. “What’s going on up there?”
“Nothing, just do what you need to do.” Payload responds, not telling her that the Canadarm has just been hit and is offline. “You need to step it up.”
“I’m trying...” She takes in a deep breath and finishes inputting the coordinates then moves over to the control panel to decouple the ships. “Setting decoupling sequence for twenty seconds.”
“What!? That’s not going to give you enough time.”
“Yes it will I timed myself coming down here, I can move faster going back up.”
In the main shuttle Payload buckles himself in, taking over the weapon controls firing away at the Muton’s. “Hurry up; we need to get our asses moving here.” He watches two blips on his screen of Dust Off and Downlink as they drift.

“Dude...leave me get back to the ship.”
“No way Dust Off, we all go home.” Downlink snaps as he reaches for his teammate’s hand. “Just grab on and don’t let go, we’ll make it.”
“I don’t think so.” Dust Off points back towards the ship where the Canadarm has just been jettisoned. “We’re expendable.”
“Dammit Dust snap out of it, what’s wrong with....you...oh god your oxygen...”
“Nearly gone man.”
“Hang on.” Downlink snatches Dust Off’s hand gripping it as tightly as he can. “Don’t let go of me no matter what. We’re both going to make it.”

Back aboard the Defiant Payload watches the clock counting down. “Afterburner, where are you?”
“I’m on my way back, just be ready to go.”
“Not without you here.”
“You won’t have a choice, the sequence is set and I’ve locked it out. You go no matter what.”
“Dammit.” Payload grunts under his breath, the Muton’s getting closer and the shuttles laser energy reserves running low. “Five seconds to decouple....three...two...one...” He feels a jerk from the booster section as it drops free from the main shuttle, it’s thrusters firing up and pulling out from underneath. Payload watches as it barrels through the Muton’s who seem to ignore it at first. “They’re not taking the bait...Afterburner? Afterburner where are you?”
“Right here.” She smiles taking a seat next to him and buckling in. “I’ll divert power from unnecessary systems to the lasers. Base, we’re going to have to take you off line for this.”
“Understood, good luck.” Storm says before they cut them off.
Payload fights to keep the shuttle steady as the Muton’s continue to fire. “I don’t think they went for our little decoy.”
“I think they just did.” She remarks as the Muton’s disengage redirecting their attack after the booster section. “It just needed to get into range before it became a threat.”
“You gave me a scare there for a second.”
“Sorry about that, now let’s go save our buds.”
“If we can, even then with the damages the Defiant has sustained this might be a rough landing.”
“My favourite kind.”

The Liberators base, Command Center. They all watch as the Muton’s chase after the shuttle with alarming speed as it closes in on the Red Shadow’s Space Station.
“What’s going on, why have they disengaged the Joe team?” Singer snaps.
“They are programmed above all else to defend the station.” Ironblood responds turning away from the screen. “This is not going to end well.” Everyone watches as the Muton’s attack the shuttle as it collides with the station erupting in an explosion that knocks out their video feed. “Chalk one up for the Joe’s. Black Major make a note, we’ll need to get a new space station sent up, or commandeer one.”

2 Days Ago.

Lt Storm stands in the doorway of the sick bay, watching as Medic and a few of her staff attend to their Astronaut’s. She notices him and smile. “How are they?”
“They are in excellent condition baring a few bumps and bruises from their landing. Dust Off has a few broken ribs but he’ll be fine thanks to Downlink. Payload has a broken foot and that’s about it.” Medic checks on Payload who is slowly waking up. “Easy now, don’t get up too quickly you have a broken foot.”
“How are the others?”
Medic laughs seeing as how Storm already asked that question. “They’ll be fine; Dust Off is the only one I want to keep here an extra day to monitor. I don’t need him getting into any strenuous activities.”
Storm walks over to help Payload up, the veteran Joe’s foot in a cast. “You can stay in bed if you want, you’re mission is over. It was a success.” He looks over at Afterburner who lets out a yawn and stretches out her arms. “That little rouse of yours worked, those robotic things went to defend the space station they came from. As far as we know they were all destroyed.”
“Awesome.” Afterburner grins. “Well, I’m starved how about we get something to eat?”

Manitoba, within the war room the leaders of the three factions; General Singer, Baron Ironblood, Major Fear, along with The Black Major, and Lt. Graves plan their attack on Canadian G.I.Joe team. Singer has given them a descriptive layout of the base, with blueprints that his daughter Athena had stolen.
“Knowing Lieutenant Storm he’s already upgraded the security to the base.” Major Fear remarks.
“Of course he has.” Singer snarls back at him. “I’m sure there are also area’s not on these blueprints, Storm is one for planning for the, what if, scenarios. We will need an element of surprise as well.”
“What do you propose?” Ironblood questions, knowing the General already has something planned.
“We strengthen our forces, Ironblood you call in more of your Red Shadow troopers, and Major Fear you contact as many Cobra cells that are still active. We’ll throw as much at them as possible.”
“Overwhelm them and overcome them.” Ironblood says looking over at The Black Major and nodding his head, relaying silently to him to do as the General wishes. Vaughn nods back and slips out of the room to contact more Red Shadow troops.
“I’ll have Lady D and Lt. Graves start searching for any active Cobra cells.” Major Fear says as he too exits the room, followed by Graves. “I want you to see if you can locate Rattle Snake, he’s been missing since our base was destroyed. He’s out there somewhere, if not dead. Have Lady D and Typhoon head out to Lake Erie.”
“What’s out there, and I thought you were sending Lady D to help me?”
“Not out, but deep under.” Fear grins. “If it’s still intact it could help press our advantage. As for Lady D, she will be with you, just not with you.”

Canada’s Elite Mess Hall, Lt Storm and Afterburner sit at a table enjoying their meal as Medic and Steven enter sitting down on either side of their leader, both looking at Afterburner.
“What?” The female pilot asks, knowing what they want to know.
“You have to tell us what happened up there.” Medic says.
Afterburner smiles, enjoying the chance to tell the story. “Payload was able to catch Dust Off and Downlink by keeping the bay doors open having ejected the arm before. Then we all braced ourselves for a crash landing, the damage we took locked up the landing gear. Payload and I were able to guide the shuttle down into a field on its belly and we only suffered minor injuries.”
“That’s it?” Steven remarks. “No big climatic rescue or anything?”
Afterburner looks at the young Joe trainee with one eyebrow cocked up. “We were in space; the guys were just floating out there. It’s not like they were in the gravitational pull of the Earth or anything. It was pretty easy for Payload to catch them.” She laughs rising from her seat. “This isn’t some big Hollywood blockbuster that has to have a big climatic scene.” Afterburner laughs as Storm picks up his plate and follows her.
Medic looks over at Steven trying not to burst out laughing. “You watch way too much television.” She smiles getting up and heading out.
“What? No I don’t. Hey wait up.” Steven says chasing after Medic.

In the Command Center Feedback monitors all communications listening for anything irregular. He looks up at Hawk as he wheels in greeting the Joe. “General.” Feedback says standing and saluting.
“Don’t do that with me, I’m just a guest here save that for your Commander.”
“He doesn’t like us doing that to him either.”
Hawk smiles. “We’re a family; you are no longer in the traditional military. Some formalities we can forego. So, sitrep?”
“Nothing yet, the com have been quiet. Too quiet, not even an encrypted message.”
“They would be stupid to do such a thing; they are probably making their plans before they leave and keeping on radio silence. What about satellite surveillance?”
“Nothing, if we knew where they were at, that would make it easier...hang on...uh...Sir could you page Lt Storm he might want to hear this.”

Moments later Storm stands in the Command Center listening to an incoherent recording of gibberish. “Run a voice analysis, something sounds familiar about that voice.”
Feedback pulls himself up to the console doing as requested.
“What do you think it is?” Hawk asks.
“Sounds like coordinates.” Storm sits down at another console bringing up a map and punching them in. “It’s out in the middle of Lake Erie?”
“Sir, that voice belongs to Lt. Graves of the Serpent Squad.” Feedback relays.
“Right, have Navy, Chamber, and Maniac meet me at the underground docks.” Storm orders.
“You’re going out there? It could be a trap.” Hawk says.
“More like an invitation.”

Beneath the Canada’s Elite base sits a waterway system that leads out several kilometers to open bodies of water. The lights begin to come on it rows illuminating the underground docks with several water craft, a few Killer WHALE’s painted gray and Devil Fish’s, along with a few near futuristic looking craft painted gray and red. The hum of an elevator fills the air as it descends and opens revealing Lt Storm and his three other team members, the guys dressed in two tone grey wet suits with accents of red.
“Wow.” Chamber comments, having not seen this section of the base before. “This is amazing.”
“Where do all the tunnels lead?” Maniac inquires.
“They lead to several rivers or other underground tunnels that lead to the three great lakes surrounding us.” Storm responds.
“And this was all built when the base was put up?”
“No, but that information is classified.” Storm heads over to the new craft. “We’ll be taking these. Navy, your show.” He says allowing her to take over.
“Storm has already been trained on piloting these, so Chamber you’ll be with him and Maniac you’ll be with me. Gentlemen, you will be the first to ride in the Sturgeon.”
“It’s named after a fish?”
Navy glares at Maniac. “Well duh.” She says sarcastically.
He leans towards Lt Storm lowering his voice. “Let me guess, you let her name the boats?”
Storm smiles. “Yes, and these are not just boats, there’s more than meets the eye to them. They are dual submersible attack subs.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Chamber inquires.
“Oh you two will find out, Chamber you’ll be in the rear cockpit and Maniac in the front cockpit, let’s move.” Navy smiles, she is happy to finally get back into the water. The four Joe’s climb into their respective cockpits in the Sturgeon’s examining over the controls. “They are pretty simple, the rear cockpit or main cockpit has one stick for steering, pull back to slow, push forward to increase speed and side to side to steer. The secondary cockpit has two hydro-static handle controls; same basic principle for forward and reverse, to turn you just ease up on one more than the other. Weapons system are on the sticks, HUD is displayed on the glass and is voice activated with sonar and infrared capabilities. Now that I’ve prattled on long enough let’s start these puppies up.”

Lake Erie, just inside the Canadian border sits a Cobra Hydrofoil with Lady D visible at the bow of the vessel. She looks up at the overcast sky not realizing her company are quickly approaching. About 45 feet below the surface the Joe’s race towards their rendezvous point, their sonar picking up activity below.
“This is where we split up.” Lt Storm says over their ship to ship com-link.
“Roger that, initiating decoupling.” Navy responds.
“What?” Maniac says as his HUD lights up.
“Just follow me once we’re separated, Chamber you follow Navy.” Storm relays as the front half of the Sturgeon’s begin to pull away from the rear section. Stabilizing wings eject from the sides of the front section, which give it limited flight capability as well. “Your HUD should be showing you have control now Maniac, follow me up to the surface.”
“Come on Chamber; let’s see what Cobra is up to down here.” Navy says as she steers the rear diving pod deeper into the lake waters.

Lady D notices the waters beginning to stir as the front assault section of the Sturgeons begin to surface slicing through the water, the HUD screen slowly sliding back allowing the drivers inside to emerge. “Ahoy there Lt Storm, fancy water craft you have there.”
“Where’s Major Fear?” Storm says as his craft approaches the Hydrofoil.
“Like he’d risk coming out here.”
“The message said this was a truce meeting.”
“That it is, I’m only here to deliver you a message. The Liberators have Target.”
“We know that already, where are you hiding?”
“Sorry, that is not the information I was to give you. General Singer and Baron Ironblood are planning a full out assault on your base in two days.”
“Why are you telling me this, what do you want in return?”
“We are currently working with them; Major Fear is keeping his alliance out of convenience. You are being told this so you have a fighting chance.”
“I’m already aware General Singer would plan an assault, what else do you want?”
Lady D smiles pleased that Lt Storm sees more to this meeting. “If you agree to let us walk we will aid you in the battle.”
Storm holds back his laughter. “No deal.”
“Don’t be a fool, you could use us, we’re on the inside, we know their plans, we know their weapons, and we know their weaknesses. Agree to the terms and all that information is yours.”
“She does have a good offer.” Maniac whispers over their com.
“I know.” Storm huffs back at him turning his attention back to Lady D. “How do I know this isn’t a trick?”
“Think about it, do you really think Major Fear would allow anyone else but him to bring you and your team down?”
Lt Storm flashes Maniac a look knowing he is going to repeat what he just said earlier. “Alright, you have a deal on one condition. If any of you fire on or injure any of my people our deal is forfeit.”
“I think Major Fear would agree to those terms.”
Storm listens as Navy relays her findings to him. “Oh and tell Typhoon and your Eels below to leave whatever your after in that vessel below right where it is.”
Lady D scowls at him as she heads into the cockpit and picks up her radio to relay the message, then returns. “I guess we’re not the only sneaky ones here.”
“We’ll wait until you’re gone.” Storm says crossing his arms. He and Maniac wait for Typhoon and the Eels to surface, boarding the Hydrofoil and roaring off across the Great Lake. “That went well.”
“You think? We have to let them walk now?”
“Yes, but do you really think Major Fear will be able to resist taking a shot at us?”
“Exactly, but if he really wants to keep his freedom he’ll have to, and at least we’ll get the Liberators and the Red Shadows in the trade. We’ve taken him down before, we can do it again. Come on, let’s meet up with Navy and Chamber and find out what lies beneath.”

One Day Ago

Back at the Liberator’s base of operations, Lady D stands in front of Zach’s cell as he sleeps admiring him through the Plexiglas wall. He slowly opens his eyes turning his head to look over at her. “I didn’t want to disturb you, you looked so peaceful.”
Zach stretches out his arms and legs then sits up on the cot rubbing his eyes. “How’d it go?”
“As you said, Lt Storm was suspicious but agreeable.”
“Good.” Major Fear says startling the two. “As long as we play along then we will be free, and of course so will you.” His eyes pierce Zach’s.
“How can I trust you?”
“We got you out of Nightingale’s hands, and who knows what she would have done to you.” Lady D reminds him.
“Yeah but you’re Cobra, they’re G.I.Joe, we’re mortal enemies.”
Major Fear laughs and smiles at Zach. “Haven’t you heard the saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Come Lady D, we should take our leave before anyone gets suspicious.”
Lady D follows, waiting until they are further from Zach’s cell before she speaks. “We were unable to retrieve whatever it was inside that vessel, Storm had others with him.”
“Oh that it was nothing just an empty ship. I just wanted our presence there to seem like we were after more than just a friendly meeting.” Fear says as he heads out of the holding area.

Up on the main level General Singer, Baron Ironblood, the Black Major, Red Scream, Athena and Red Laser stand at the large bay doors in the hidden lab. The one’s Rayne found earlier when the room was first discovered.
“Well? Open it up.” Singer grunts at Red Laser.
“Yes Sir.” The Red Shadow glances back at his leader who nods at him. “I found the access codes in one of the terminals, there were a series of four digit codes to enter. This is the last one.” Laser says as he punches one last code in. They all step back as the doors jerk slightly then slowly begin to open. A rush of greasy air escapes as the lights flicker on, slowly warming up.
“Oh, that smell.” Red Scream comments.
“Yes, smells like a...motor pool.” General Singer says as they enter through the doors where several Canadian Military vehicles sit as well as aircraft. “Incredible.” The motor pool filled with ADATS (Air Defence Anti-Tank System), APV’s, Coyote’s, LAV III’s, Leopard C2’s, CC-177 Globemaster III, CH-146 Griffon’s, and F-35 Lightning II of which is yet to be in full service of the Canadian Air force.
“Yes, our advantage just went up.” Ironblood remarks.
Singer turns to his daughter. “I want every available person in here prepping these vehicles. We leave tonight, and attack our enemy at dawn.”

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Lt Storm and Navy sit in Briefing Room A going over the underwater images she took of the sunken Cobra sub.
“I don’t get it; the thing was empty, looted years ago. What else would Major Fear want with it unless he didn’t know?”
“He did know; it was a rouse.” Storm gets up from his seat unzipping his wetsuit to his stomach. “Man these things can get hot.”
“I told you, you should have taken it off when we got back but you were in such a hurry to see the images.” Navy smiles.
“Alright, sorry mother you were right.” Storm jokes back with her. “Fear is playing this one close to the chest; it could all blow up in his face if something goes wrong.”
“You still think we can trust him?”
“No, but what choice do we have? I need to go talk to Hawk then I’m going to hit the showers. If you see Fallout, tell him I want to see him in my office in an hour.”
“Will do.” Navy nods as she gathers up the photos.

Out around the perimeter of the base Chamber, Maniac, G.I. and Snow Squall check over the bases C3 105-MM Howitzers, a mobile general purpose artillery weapon. They can be used for direct or indirect fire, the latter most effective against most types of ground targets. It can fire all natures of NATO 105mm Howitzer ammunitions, these ones have been modified to be operated from the base command center or manually. As well there are several LG 1 Mark II 105-mm Howitzer’s for artillery fire support. It is capable of engaging targets of up to 19km away, and fire up to 8 rounds per minute and is synchronized with the C3 Howitzers to act as intermediate fire support.
“All done here, how about you Snow Squall?” Chamber radios across to his team mate who is with Maniac.
“All done here too.”
“Roger that, you can bring them in Feedback.”
“Good work guys now come in and check the base defences.” Feedback responds.
“On our way.” Chamber and G.I. walk away from the Howitzers as they lower down into the ground. They are also accessible via underground tunnels for maintenance, or for manual ejection if the lifts or blast doors do not respond to the command center.
“That’s just cool.” G.I. comments, looking back to watch the guns lower.

Fallout enters the men’s shower room clearing his throat as he finds Lt Storm still in the showers standing under the hot water. “Sir?”
Storm snaps his head around and glances over at the wall clock. “Sorry Feedback, I didn’t realize I have been in here that long.”
“It’s alright Sir.” Fallout picks up a towel as Storm shuts off the water and tosses it to his commander. “I take it you didn’t want to use your private one in case Afterburner decided to sneak in?” Fallout smirks.
“I’m glad you can joke about that.” Storm remarks seeing as Fallout and Afterburner had a relationship prior to his.
“What did you want to see me about, Navy said you seem tense?”
“I am.” Storm pats himself down walking over to a locker where a pair of his camouflage pants and grey shirt hangs. “Our enemies are coming here and I’m letting them. If this goes wrong we lose and they gain a huge advantage.”
“Not to mention instigating another world war. Cobra was able to start one, the three of them alone...”
“Yeah, it’s a scary thought.”
“You have something up your sleeve don’t you?”
“Yes, of course.” Storm smiles as he pulls on his socks. “We’ll need to let them in, close, too close; some of us might not make it.”
“Sir, if you’re asking me if there is anyone on this team who won’t take that risk, there isn’t.”
“Thanks, it’s good to hear that.” He pulls on his grey shirt and tosses the wet towel into a bin. “Let’s get the team together then, and prepare for war.”

Twelve Hours Ago

Lt Storm, accompanied by Fallout, walk towards the main entry of the base. Rebecca Ramon waits for them with Timothy Towers next to her in a tricked out wheel chair. There’s a small keyboard and monitor on the left arm and controls on the right arm, as well as a few other surprises.
“Welcome to our base Tim.” Storm greets.
“I still can’t believe I’m here, doing this, now of all times.”
“We’re glad to have you; we’ll need your expertise if we’re going to pull this off.”
“And you’re working with Cobra?” Rebecca comments.
“Yes, hopefully they keep their side of the bargain.”
“The Governor General isn’t going to be happy you let them walk away.”
“What other choice do I have, we need someone on the inside and they have one of ours.” Storm motions for them to follow him making their way to the command center, where Feedback, Chamber, Medic, and General Hawk are busy monitoring the video feeds from the CU-170 Herons. These are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) the Heron’s primary functions are to gather imagery and data for use in surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence analysis and target acquisition. Chamber gets up quickly to shake Tim’s hand and welcome him to the team.
“Your Code Name is, Hightower, use it to access the system and set up your password.” Feedback says to Tim.
“Wow, this is some setup you guys have here.” Tim says admiring the computer system.
“That it is.” Storm smiles. “This is where both you and Rebecca will be stationed along with Feedback and General Hawk. You’re going to be our eyes and ears, and Rebecca you will have one very important job. If the sh!t hits the fan out there I want you to press this button here.” Storm points to a large blue button that is covered by a glass lid. “Feedback can brief you both on anything else you need; I have to go check on a few other things.” Fallout follows Storm out of the command center, the automatic doors shutting behind them.

Several kilometres away, still out of surveillance range the three enemy factions begin to emerge. The three CC-177 loaded with their ground troops and vehicles, the rest of their air support on either side. Each of the leaders sits in the cockpit of each Globemaster with their respective teams. Nightingale sits next to General Singer, her adrenaline already pumping.
“They are going to see us coming you do realize?”
Singer glares at Nightingale. “Of course I do.” He snaps. “That is what our air support is for; they will keep the G.I.Joe’s defences busy while we land with our ground forces.”
“I can’t wait to get my hands on Lt Storm again.”
“You will do nothing of the sort, he is mine. I owe him for what he did to my daughter.” Singer looks back into the cargo area where his daughter quietly sits.
“Was it wise to bring her along, she has a history with the Joes, she was one of them.”
“She has proven her loyalty to me, I need not question her nor should you.”

The sun breaks through the clouds casting its rays over the enemy, making them appear like dark shadows. The Canada’s Elite base begins to come into view, the entire surroundings bathed in the morning sunlight. One of the Joe’s light gray painted UAV’s comes around to take a sweep by the enemy. An F-35 Lightning breaks formation to engage the UAV blowing it out of the sky.

“Code red, enemy approaching!” Feedback shouts over the intercom, sirens blares throughout the base as red lights begin to flash. The base staff all rushes to the mess hall where Medic waits for them at a secret passage.
“Hurry, there is a transport waiting it will take you to safety. Whatever you do don’t stop moving, keep going and don’t look back. The tunnel is reinforced so you should make it out safely.”
One of the janitors grabs Medic’s hand. “We can help you; we might not have the training you do...”
“No, Lt Storm was very strict on this; he will not put any of you in harms way. I’m sure he would appreciate the gesture though. We can’t debate this we have very little time.”
The man nods, with a noticeable hesitant to his steps but gives in and heads into the tunnel.
A kitchen staff women stops to give Medic a hug. “It was an honour to serve you all, let Lt Storm know that and we hope to see you all again and you are in our prayers.”
“I will and thank you, now hurry.” Medic waits until the last one enters the passage way and seals it behind them, resting her hand on the wall. “Okay girl, don’t you dare cry now.” She says to herself as she hurries to meet up with the others.

Inside the command center Feedback initiates the lockdown procedure, heavier doors sliding into place over the entry. “That should keep the bad guys out.”
“If they make it inside.” Hightower adds.
“Let’s hope not.” Rebecca says, her voice having a bit of a quiver to it.
Hawk looks up at her taking her hand. “You can still leave if you want.”
“No, my place is here.” She nods smiling back at him feeling much safer now.
“When do we activate the outer defences?” Hightower inquires.
“Not until they are within range, no use in giving them targets before we can get a few hits on them.” Feedback answers, watching the monitors intently as the three enemy factions get closer.
Rebecca gasps noticing the aircraft they are flying are Canadian Military. “How’d they get those...oh my god...how do we know who’s in what? Major Fear tricked us; if we fire on him then the deal is off...this was a trap.”
“No, I don’t think it is. They aren’t in range yet Fear still has time to identify himself to us.” Hawk grips Rebecca’s hand trying to calm her down. He glances over to another monitor seeing the rest of the team heading out onto the battlefield, and Hornets taxing out onto the runway. “Here we go.”

In the Red Shadow’s craft Ironblood watches as Cobra’s Globemaster dips a bit pulling back. He quickly snatches up the radio to communicate with them. “Fear, what’s going on with your plane?”
“We’re having some technical difficulties, I guess these things were mothballed too long, don’t worry we’re regaining control of her.”
“You had better.” Ironblood grunts. He looks back at the Black Major, “Get our troops ready to deploy.” Vaughn nods heading into the cargo hold.
Outside the rest of the fighter jets break from the Globemasters to engage the G.I.Joe team and provide cover for the three planes to land. The Canada’s Elite base defence systems activate, the perimeter guns rising up from the ground firing at the ranged targets. Aircraft's taxi down the runway ready for takeoff.
“Do not let those planes get off the ground.” General Singer’s voice booms over the enemy com-link. A few of the fighter jets break their attack formation coming in lower to engage the G.I.Joe team aircraft. Their strikes are precise hitting every one of their targets, the jets erupt scattering debris across the runway.
“Something is wrong.” Ironblood growls, as he watches from the cockpit of his Globemaster. “General Singer, those aircraft were drones rigged with explosives. They wanted us to shoot them; the runway is too dangerous for us to land.”
“We land anyway.” The General snaps back.
The Black Major stands behind Ironblood. “This fool is going to be the death of us.”
“That’s why we let him land first; we’ll ride in behind him.”

Down on the field hidden near the motor pool Lt Storm is sitting on an armoured motorcycle, he and his team wait for their moment to attack. He looks over at Chamber and smiles, their first decoy working perfectly. “Radio Ground Unit Beta; tell them to be ready as soon as those Globemasters are in range, but not to fire directly on the tailing unit. Fear gave us his signal.” Storm says referring to the dip they made moments ago.
“Yes Sir.”
“Uh sir...” Steven Soto leans out from the side of his OMAT. “I know this may not be the right time but...don’t I get a Code Name?”
Storm looks over the young man’s uniform and the red dragon across his shirt. “I think you already picked one out for yourself haven’t you? May as well keep it.” He picks up his radio patching it into the air support com. “Afterburner, engage the enemy, target only the F-35’s, do you copy?”
“Roger that.”
From above the clouds Afterburner leads her small squad consisting of Dust Off, and Navy head into battle surprising their enemies. The CF-18’s and F-35 fighter jets engage in aerial combat. Afterburner streaks by the Globemasters noticing a passenger in Major Fear’s cockpit. “Burner to Storm, do you read me?”
“I read you.”
“Target is in Fear’s plane.” There is silence from the other end; no doubt Storm is questioning Fear’s motives. He should have anticipated that they would use Zach somehow, doubting if Fear is going to release their teammate, or use him as a backup bargaining chip.
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