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Canada's Elite #21


Canada's Elite #21

Postby Lt Storm » 28 Mar 2013 19:39


Chapter 21


Everything has gone to hell in a hand basket, and our enemies seem to have gained the upper hand. Nothing could have prepared us for the full assault of their combined effort. I severely underestimated their ability to work together, if we fall here the United States is next and God help them. Even with the assistance of our American counterpart we couldn’t stand against them, I only have one option left, and it’s one I rather not use. But if I don’t do something now my entire team and allies will be slaughtered. I can hear their aircraft coming in for one final assault, their engines roar in my ear drums like a horde of hungry lions about to feast. The earth tremors from their ground units closing in, if their air strike doesn’t take us out they’ll run us over.
As I look around the battlefield I see my teammates, the ones who look to me for leadership scattered about. I can’t tell if they are dead or alive, I can’t lose anymore of them. I can feel blood running down my face, but there’s no time to even think about my injuries or the pain that will surely follow, if we survive this. We planned for the worst case scenario, I like to plan for everything, every outcome, you can’t leave anything to chance, you have to predict what your enemy might do and then counter it.
I haven’t seen Fallout since everything went haywire. Afterburner...I don’t even know if she’s alive, her plane went down, Chamber is lying next to me and he’s not moving. Oh God I think he’s dead...please God...I can’t lose any more of them.
I don’t even know if the com link is still up, I can’t even speak right now, my throat feels like it’s on fire, there’s so much smoke. I can feel the heat from the burning wreckage around us, I know I have to get to my feet but my body won’t respond. I know I’m not dead, not yet anyway, but right now my body feels like it has nothing left. Maybe I’m paralyzed, maybe that’s why I can’t move...no...I have to...I have to save my team...they are depending on me as their leader...we can’t let the enemy win. My Armour Cycle is still in one piece, I can see it lying on its side, and if I can get to it I might be able to get to the command center.
Wait...why hasn’t the command center initiated the last defence protocol yet? They were supposed to if they lost contact with us, something is wrong. Maybe the enemy is inside the base, if they are we’re finished. God why am I not moving, why am I not on my bike heading for there right now? What is wrong with me? I joined the military because I wanted to protect my country; I wanted to save people, to be a real hero.
Okay, stop thinking and focus, move something, a hand, fingers, toes...yes...I can feel my fingers moving...my toes...I’m not paralyzed...I have to save them I have to save my team, my country, we cannot fall here, we won’t fall here. We are the last line of defence for our country against enemies like them. Those who want to eliminate us all and threaten our families, our friends, and our freedom. I am Lieutenant Storm, leader of G.I.Joe Canada’s Elite fighting force.

One Week Ago...

Manitoba, the Canadian top secret military base where the Liberators have set up in, along with their allies The Red Shadows, and The Serpent Squad. The base has slowly begun to reveal its secrets to those who seek them. Red Laser has found secret labs that do not appear on the standard base schematics, one lab in particular that has interested Crimson Rayne. The two stand in a room with four operating tables in the center, with large computer control devices hanging above each table. There are several vats along the far wall, along with computer equipment on the other side and work stations near the main doors.
“This is incredible.” Rayne slowly walks around the room taking everything in. “I dreamed of working in a lab like this, everything is state of the art.”
“And still in operating condition. I’ve checked it all out; there is a work station you can access over there.” Red Laser points towards the half circle bay of stations.
Rayne pauses before heading over, noticing a large gap between the vats. “This wall, it’s not a wall.” She says walking up to it and running her fingers along it. “There’s an edge, it’s a door.”
Red Laser walks over to take a closer look, running his hand along the seams of the doors. “Incredible, it has to be at least ten feet tall and just as wide. Why would there be a door this size here?”
“To bring in the equipment, it probably leads to a secret access outside.” Rayne suggests as she heads over to the work stations.
“Possibly, I’ll work on opening it up.”
“You do that.” She sits down at one of the computers booting it up. She watches it go through its start up sequence until she is prompted for a password, not realizing Red Laser is now watching her. Rayne types in a password that allows her access, and begins to explore the files. “It’s all here.”
“How’d you...what’s all here?”
“My research.” Rayne says smiling under her mask.

General Singer bursts into Nightingale’s torture room with an angry look on his face, where she has Zach strapped to a gurney. “What the hell do you think you are doing!?” He snarls at her.
“Extracting information from him.” She calmly responds.
“Not like this you don’t. I will not have you torturing him in this fashion; I won’t have a repeat of last time.”
“Then how would you like for me to get the information out of him?”
“The proper way, use what you learned in the military.” The General looks down at Zach who is glaring up at him. “Hello young man. Long time no see.” Singer flashes a look back at Nightingale. “And put some pants back on him.”

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Medic walks down the halls on the main level peeking in certain rooms. “There you are.” She says to Chamber who is in the armoury checking the equipment inventory and holding a portable computer touch pad. “You didn’t show up for your session.” She looks over the rows of weapons that look more like display cases with their bullet proof glass doors.
“Didn’t feel like I needed to.” He responds not making eye contact with her.
“Really, because when someone says that they really mean they need to.”
Chamber glances over at her with one raised eyebrow. “Well, I actually do mean that I don’t, but I get the feeling you aren’t going to give up.”
“You are correct.” Medic smiles and walks over to a chair sitting down at a small round table near the doors. She crosses her legs and folds her hands on her lap. “Everyone has to do it, even if we just talk about nothing, the weather, sports...explosives.”
Chamber takes in a deep breath and places his pad down on the table. “Who does the doctor talk to when she needs it?”
“Ah, trying to turn the tables on me now are you? Okay, I talk to Lt Storm when I need too, he’s a good listener and sometimes he has an insight I may not have thought of. Sometimes having another ear and point of view can be therapeutic.”
“Well doc, I don’t have anything I need to get off my chest, what I need to do is finish the inventory.”
Medic sighs, slaps her legs, then rises to her feet. “Alright then, I’ll let you get back to work.”
Chamber smiles and nods focusing back on his task. He walks over to the far wall where there are assortments of grenades. As he approaches a holographic like display appears on the glass that lists everyone who accessed that rack last. Chamber checks it against this list on his touch pad then moves on to the next one.

Below in the secure holding cells, Dela Eden of The Red Shadows has been living out her days without a visitor since Flint. Her food is delivered through a panel in the wall as well as any amenities she may need. Today though she gets her first visitor and first face to face with the leader of the Canadian Joe team since her capture. Lt Storm stands in full gear in front of the Plexiglas wall watching her. She sits facing the grey painted concrete wall with her legs crossed, almost like she is meditating.
“You are a very ungracious host you know, sticking me down here and not even as much as a hello.” Dela comments.
“Humour, that’s good, at least you are still of sound mind.”
“So why have you finally come down here?”
“To find out if you are willing to talk?”
“I will tell you nothing.”
“Or is that you know nothing?”
“Think what you want.”
Storm shakes his head deciding not to banter with her any longer and heads for the elevator.

Six Days Ago

06:00 Hours, the command center of Canada’s Elite, as usual Feedback is at the main terminal leaning back in his seat. His eyes closed and arms comfortably crossed over his chest. He is awoken by a gentle tap to his shoulder, looking up to see Navy standing next to him.
“I wasn’t sleeping, just resting my eyes.”
“Sure you were.” She laughs.
“No, seriously I was. I was listening.” Feedback hits a button on the console where a wireless device is plugged in. A series of beeps can be heard as he removes his ear piece. “Each of those beeps indicates where someone is, I can tell if someone is in a restricted area or if they are standing right behind me.”
“Thanks. Well, I guess I’ll go get some real sleep.” A priority alert flashes on one of the smaller screens, an incoming call. “Or not...uh oh. Better summon Lt Storm, this call is for him.” Feedback says as he puts the display up. “Good morning Governor General, Sir.” He greets as Navy takes a seat next to him putting on a head set and pages their team leader.
“Good morning Feedback, I’d like to speak with Lieutenant Storm.”
“He’s on his way Sir.” Navy responds.

Afterburner hums as she strolls along the halls of the barracks nearly running into Storm as she fires out of his quarters, pulling a grey t-shirt over his head. “Woah, where’s the fire honey?”
“No time, the Gov Gen is on the horn.” He quickly blurts out charging down the hall. He slides around the corners on his white soul runners, making it to the command center in record time. He pauses for a second taking in a deep breath and exhaling slowly before entering. “Good morning Sir, what can I do for you?”
The Governor General looks over Storm’s attire. “Did I wake you?”
“It’s quite alright Sir.”
“I’m calling because I have received some rather distressing news. Word has it that you are detaining a member of The Red Shadows?”
Storm’s glances at Feedback who looks just as shocked, and shrugs his shoulders. “Yes Sir we are.”
“Is there any reason as to why I was not informed of this?”
“We wanted to keep it top secret Sir, for everyone’s safety. She’s better off here then where The Red Shadows can get to her.”
“That I am not concerned with, what concerns me is that I was not informed of this. It seems Ms Ramon has a loyalty towards you, she is my liaison as well, unless you want this team shut down I suggest you stop hiding information from me. Are we clear?”
“Yes, Governor General, Sir.”
“Very well, I expect a full report in O-two hundred hours.” The Governor General glares at Lt Storm before disconnecting his end.
“How’d he find out?”
“I don’t know Feedback. Navy have Rebecca meet me in my office, Feedback get Flint in here and put a report together. I’ll be right back.”
“Where are you going?”
“To shower and get properly dressed.”

06:30 Hours, Lt Storm enters his office fully dressed in his uniform; Rebecca quickly gets up from her seat. “Sit back down Ms Ramon.”
“Oh god, I’m in trouble for something aren’t I?”
“I received a call from the Governor General a half hour ago. He is aware that we are holding Dela Eden.”
“It wasn’t me, I swear to god.”
“Good.” Storm sits down at his desk leaning back in his leather chair. “Then we need to figure out who did...wait of course.” He slams his right fist down on his desk startling Rebecca. “Damn it, I bet it was General Singer, he still has connections and would have been able to leak the Intel to him.”
“So what now?”
“We get to keep her here, but we need to send in a full report, Feedback is working with Flint on that now, I want you to go assist them. As well he reminded me that you are his liaison, so we’ll need to be more forth coming with your reports.”
“After I pass them through you first, right? I like the old Governor General, she was nicer.” Rebecca smiles.
“Right, so do I. But if he contacts you I trust you enough to know what to say and what not to say. I don’t want him to know we are trying to locate our enemies and Agent Reed, or about Harvey Todd missing. His death was staged and we need to assume he’s either a captive or has joined them.”
“Hopefully not the latter.”
“So do I but since he was taken alive he probably has. There was a classified entry on his file I could not access. I need you to do something else for me as well.”
“I want every piece of Intel the Government and Military has on General Singer, including the sealed files. There might be something in there we can use. He’s out there somewhere, hiding and planning. I want to get to him before he gets to us.”

5 Days Ago.

Manitoba, the Enemy’s headquarters. Ever since Red Laser discovered the Bio Lab Crimson Rayne has kept herself hold up in it going over all the data and files. The only thing she mentioned to Red Laser was about her research data being there, she hasn’t spoken to anyone about it since. When questioned she only glares at them and remains mum on the subject.
Unknown to her, General Singer has been monitoring her, and today stands in the doorway of the lab. “I wondered who you were when I first heard about you, but now I know. Alexandra Delonge.”
Rayne slowly turns in her chair to face the old General. “She is dead.”
“Figuratively speaking, but her body and mind still lives within you.”
“How did you figure out who I was?”
“Because I know who designed this lab, and whose research was to be carried out here. I’ve already found this lab and have read everything you are reading now.”
“Then you know the truth.”
“Yes I do, and I plan on using it to humiliate the Canadian Military.”
“Do the others know?”
“No, I have kept it to myself, as I hope you will do as well.”
“My loyalty is to The Red Shadows.”
“As it should be, but sharing is something entirely different.”
“Why should I let you be the one to expose the truth, why shouldn’t I?”
“Do you think they would take you seriously? I am a well respected and well decorated General, and you are a stark raving mad scientist with grandeurs of genocide.”
Rayne stays silent as she goes back to the computer in front of her, reading over the data for the sixth time, committing every bit of it to memory.

Up on another level in a room that is being used as a holding cell, Zach, code name Target, pulls at his restraints that keep him tied to a chair. Nightingale wheels a cart up to the door smiling at the Inserters that guard it. “It's time for our prisoner’s sponge bath.”
“You will do nothing of the sort.” Singer snaps examining what she has on the cart. “Razor blades?”
“To shave him.”
“He’s a child, he doesn’t need a shave. I’ve already warned you Nightingale, I won’t tolerate your techniques. You do it my way or I will have someone else interrogate him.”
“May I suggest someone?” Major Fear says startling the members of the Liberators.
“Who?” Singer inquires.
“Lady D, she is quite good at getting information from people, without resorting to perverse techniques.”
Nightingale gives Fear a disgusted look, not appreciating his comment.
“Very well, have her begin immediately.” The General orders watching as Fear heads off. He leans into Nightingale with a stern look on his face. “If you interfere I will have you put before the garrison and shot. We will not repeat what you did to Lt Storm again. Am I understood?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Good, now go.” He watches as Nightingale calmly takes her cart back down the hall, and looks back at the guards. “She so much as peeks around the corner, shoot her.” Singer enters the room where Zach is being held, who is wearing only a pair of boxers. “I apologize for Nightingales treatment of you.”
“Go to hell you sycophantic psychopath.”
“Still bent out of shape over me shooting you? You do understand it was nothing personal, business is what it was. I used you to send Lt Storm a message and it worked.”
General Singer knees down to stare Zach straight in the face. “I wanted him to know I could reach him in the worst way possible. Here.” Singer points at Zach’s chest by his heart. “You quit the team, you’ve become angered at your best friend, and now I have you. Nightingale tortured Lt Storm, as you’ve briefly experienced. Just imagine what is running through his head right now knowing we have you.”
Zach tries to hold back his emotions; he’s hated feeling so angry and hasn’t taken the time to think how his anger would affect his long time friend. “You need help.” The young man squeaks out as tears run down his face.
“Ah, now you realize the gravity of your situation and what your actions have led to. What happened to you was Lt Storm’s fault, just like what happened to my daughter.”
“No...I willingly joined the Joe team...so did she...it’s not his fault...it’s not...”
Singer rises to his feet and smiles. “And now you’ve realized it too late.”
“Is he ready for me?” Lady D asks as she enters the room.
“I believe he is.” Singer places a hand on Zach’s shoulder feeling him tremble. “I believe you know her, I’m sure the two of you will have much to discuss.” The General smiles at Lady D. “I think he’s about ready to crack.”
“Excellent.” She walks around Zach looking him over. “You like to keep in shape don’t you, and I bet you are dying for a shower right now? Clean cut guy like you, I bet you hate being dirty.” She grabs him by the back of the hair pulling his head back to look up her. “Am I not right?” Lady D waits for an answer not getting one. His eyes are blood shot and welled up with tears. “Poor boy, old General Singer really upset you now didn’t he? Well, I’ll make you a deal then, you tell me what we want to know and I’ll see to it that you get out of here alive.”
Zach feels his heart sink looking up at her. “Deal.”

4 Days ago.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters in the Command Center. Downlink, Feedback, Lt Storm and Dust Off are all busy working on launching their first tactical satellite. Out on the base tarmac Afterburner, and Hotwire prep the rocket that houses the satellite for launch.
“I can’t believe you got all this set up here.” Downlink remarks.
“It wasn’t easy and we have our enemies to thank for that, it made the Governor General more willing to give us the resources to launch it here.” Lt Storm explains.
General Hawk enters the Command Center with another member of his team. “Gentlemen, I’d like you to meet Payload, he’ll be piloting the Defiant shuttle.”
Lt Storm shakes Payload’s hand. “Thank you for helping us with this.”
“No problem, any reason for me to get into space the better.”
“I’d like to introduce you to Downlink, our newest recruit and space operations specialist. He’ll be joining you along with Afterburner and Dust Off. Both have been qualified for space travel.”
“Excellent.” Payload greets the two men then turns his attention to the monitors. “So, why aren’t we taking the satellite up in the Defiant?”
“Extra precautions, giving our enemies two targets is better than one.” Lt Storm answers. “If they interfere they are more likely to go after the satellite giving the rest of you time to escape. Speaking of which, those of you going up should get ready.”
“Right, come on guys.” Payload says ushering Downlink and Dust Off to follow him. “Time to go into outer space.”

Manitoba, the Liberators base, on the main level there is a primary command center, mainly set up for base communications and security. Other systems have been rerouted to it since The Red Shadows and Serpent Squad have joined forces. There are satellite communications and surveillance, which have been used to monitor and map the Canada’s Elite Headquarters. About half dozen Inserters monitor what goes on outside of the base, today they have finally hit pay dirt.
“General Singer to Command Center A, immediately.” One the Inserters pages over the intercom. He brings up the sector he was monitoring, where the Defiant shuttle and rocket for the satellite sit.
Soon the General arrives excited to see what is going on. “Are they launching?”
“Yes, it appears so Sir.”
Baron Ironblood enters the room having heard the page, looking up at the main screen. “What is going on?”
“The Joe’s are launching a rocket and a space shuttle on the base grounds.”
“What?” Singer looks at Ironblood confused as to why he’s so pleased.
“We have a station of our own in space; it currently houses about six Muton units.”
“What is a Muton?”
“Think of them as the Cobra BAT.” Major Fear says, having followed Ironblood in.
“He is correct, though I’d call it the other way around. They are robotic units that we can use to take out this rocket and whatever portion of the Joe team that goes up with it.”
“Those left on Earth will be helpless to do anything, only watch in horror as their teammates are lost in space forever.” Fear smiles.
“Do what you need to do Ironblood, you have full command of this station. When the battle starts, let me know I’ll enjoy watching.” The General says as he takes leave of the room heading back down to the lower lab.

Payload is the last to take his seat aboard the main shuttle craft, having checked everyone else out. “Alright, let’s launch this baby.”
“You sound excited.” Afterburner comments.
“That I am, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a good space mission.” He hits the intercom button to contact Downlink and Dust Off, who are in the Booster Support section. “You guys all set?”
“All systems ago here, Payload.”
“Payload to base, we are ready for launch.”
“Roger that Payload, we’re ready here as well. Satellite rocket will launch five seconds after you have. Starting countdown in ten...” Feedback responds.
Afterburner closes her eyes listening as the countdown continues, she feels the engines firing up, the roar like nothing she has ever experienced before. Then the thrust of the shuttle as it heads upwards, everything seems so still for a moment until she opens her eyes seeing the clear blue sky above. “Incredible.”
“I know, isn’t it?” Payload smiles at her.
“Satellite rocket launching.” Feedback’s voice crackles over the comlink.
“That’s your cue.” Payload reminds Afterburner.
“I’m on it, tracking satellite rocket.”
Back in the base the entire team stands in the Command Center along with Hawk and Flint, watching the Defiant and the rocket heading up into the atmosphere.
“This is amazing.” Navy remarks, watching in awe.
“Man I wish I could have gone up with them.” G.I. comments.
“Are you kidding, dude you barfed during the first simulation.” Steven laughs.
“Hey, I can still kick your @$$ boy.”
Storm flashes the two of them a look to cut it out, laughing to himself on the inside. “Payload, how is everything going up there?”
“So far so good, we’ll be heading through the atmosphere shortly.”
Feedback bounces the signal off other orbiting satellites switching the imaging up as the two rockets ascend. No one can take their eyes off the screens marveling at what they are witnessing.

The same scene continues at the Liberators base as Baron Ironblood along with Major Fear, Anaconda, Red Laser, Red Vulture, Lt. Graves, Typhoon, Nightingale and Jumper all watch the Joe’s launch.
“It’s a pity more weren’t going up with them.” Nightingale comments.
“That I agree with you on.” Ironblood says as Red Scream and Red Wolf enter the room to watch as well. The Muton’s on the Red Shadow’s secret space station sit waiting their commands, the Joe’s unknowingly heading for certain doom.

3 Days Ago

Space, an endless expanse of which little has been explored, and with countless solar systems and possibly even life on other planets. The launch of the Canadian Joe team satellite has gone off without a hitch, and the space team have nearly completed the final preparations to bring it online. Afterburner and Dust Off have been slowing the process down a bit, which Downlink and Payload have been patient with them. This is their first time in space after all and it is a wondrous sight to behold.
Dust Off and Downlink make the final adjustments to the satellite while Afterburner watches them from the shuttle, Payload watching the scanners for any threats.
“Hey, what’s that in the distance?” Afterburner inquires nudging the American Joe.
“Huh, what?” He looks off in the distance to which she is pointing then looks back at his scanners. “I...don’t know?”
“Did I just discover a new consolation?” She jokes.
“I don’t think so, whatever it is seems to be moving but it’s not showing up on radar.” Payload moves to the com to speak to Downlink and Dust Off. “Hey guys, we have something approaching, can you rotate the satellite about twenty-five degrees to your right.”
“Roger that.” Downlink responds using the satellites onboard computer to make the adjustments. “Moving into position now.”
“Good.” Payload switches over to contact the base, of which most of the team are still watching. “Star Brigade to base do you read me?”
“We read you loud and clear Payload, satellite link is working perfectly, control upload is nearly complete.” Feedback responds.
“Afterburner has noticed something out here; we’re using the satellite to get a better look. You should have control over the cameras.”
“Roger that, I’m zooming in now, you should be seeing it on your screens as well...what in the...” Feedback says in disbelief at what he is seeing.
Afterburner and Payload watch the shuttles monitor screens as an army of red and black clad troopers approach. Their appearance is disturbing looking with bizarre helmets.
“My god, they look horrifying.” Afterburner gasps.
“Bring everyone in.” Lt Storm’s voice booms over the com. “Those look like Red Shadow troops, prepare for combat.”
“Roger that, you heard him guys get your butts back in here.”
“Give me a few more seconds I just have a couple more access codes to enter.” Downlink responds.
“Negative, you have your orders, enemies are approaching.” Payload grunts. “Downlink, get moving now.” Payload glances over at Afterburner. “Is he always like this?”
She shrugs her shoulders. “He’s new to the team I really haven’t gotten a chance to know him yet.”
“Bring the weapon systems online.”
Afterburner nods taking a seat at the weapons array and doing what she is told, unlike her teammate.
Dust Off watches as the troopers come more into visual range. “Dude, we gotta book it, those guys look like they mean business.”
“Then go, I’m almost done here.”
“I’m not leaving you.”
“You won’t have to, I’m done lets go.” Downlink disconnects his anchor and hits his thrusters propelling himself towards the shuttle. “We’re on our way back Payload, the satellite is online and the base should have full control and access.”
“Good, now move it.” Payload watches as the Red Shadow troopers get closer, opening the bay doors. “Why didn’t we pick them up on scanners?” He questions out loud.
“Maybe they have radar shielding like robots or something.” Afterburner responds as she waits for the troopers to come into range.
“Damn...” Payload hits the com button for the base. “Did you hear what she said?”
“What, the robot comment?” Feedback responds.
“Yeah, my gut is telling me she’s right.”
“You should be able to use the satellites control system to get a life reading scan on them, if they are in range.” Downlink says over the com.
“Roger that, initiating scan...no life form readings.”
Payload looks over at Afterburner. “Let me guess, woman’s intuition?” He jokes. “If those are robots we’re in for a world of trouble. Fire when ready and shoot to kill...or destroy.”
“Ready.” Afterburner uses the weapons systems with precision hitting a couple of the troopers. “Oh my god...that did...nothing.”
“Guys, move it.” Payload begins to panic as the Red Shadow’s Muton’s get closer. “Keep firing, we need to keep them off the satellite.”
Downlink keeps Dust Off ahead of him as the two make their way back to the shuttle. “Feedback, if you can hear me, do a long range scan see if you can find where those things came from.”
“Copy that, initiating long range scan.”
“Man, can’t we move any faster.” Dust Off comments.
“We’re in space our thrusters can only do so much, don’t over burn them. Short bursts to keep you moving.”
Payload watches from inside the shuttle as the Muton’s get closer. “Well, you better give them a little extra burn Downlink, those things are getting closer. I’ll deploy the Canadarm, you can use your magna locks on it and I’ll bring you in.”
“Roger that Payload, Dust Off you can give your thrusters and extra burst.”
Laser blasts zing past the two Joes startling them.
“Dammit...” Dust Off panics as a blast hits his jet pack and knocks him off course. “Downlink...my thrusters are off line...I can’t...”
“No!” Downlink watches as his teammate spirals further away from him. “Payload, we have a drifter.”
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