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Canada's Elite #20


Canada's Elite #20

Postby Lt Storm » 08 Mar 2012 22:52


Chapter 3

General Singer enters the lower lab where Baron Ironblood watches Athena work, like he’s trying to read inside of her mind. “I just received word from Nightingale.” The Baron nods not taking his eyes off Athena, much to the General’s discomfort. “They said they had a run in with the G.I.Joe team but escaped. They also recruited one of the people they were supposed to execute.”
“Indeed, they are bringing Mr. Todd here; he’s an MP and specializes in Counter Intelligence and Infantry...”
“Not that, your daughter. The way she works, she’s completely focused on what she is doing; oblivious to what is around her but somehow aware at the same time.”
“Yes, she is very unique.”
“Very true.” The Baron finally turns to face the General. “Were they able to eliminate the other targets?”
“No, The Red Shadow agents reported Charles Ambers was not at the space center, and McNamara has dropped off the grid, he was no longer at the temporary NORAD base. They are unsure about the fate of Mr. Towers.”
“So they failed to eliminate all of Lieutenant Storm’s recruitments?” The Baron says, slightly disappointed. “I was hoping they’d kill them all.”
“One is dead, one is severely wounded, one is now on our side and the other two are MIA. Possibly already on Lt Storm’s team, we know Ambers was picked up by a grey camouflage helicopter. I’m sure this will shake Lt Storm up, it was his fault these people were targeted after all.”
“Excellent point, we can use that to exploit a weakness in him later. From what I gather Lt Storm is very protective of his people, this will no doubt cause him much inner turmoil.”
“My thoughts exactly.” The old General smiles. “There is someone I’ve neglected, a person that we can use to cause him even more pain, completely through him off guard. Zachary Reed, code name Target. He left the team after I shot him, Storm thinks of him as a little brother, we capture him and use him as bait to eliminate Lt Storm and launch an attack on his team.”
“I like the way you think General Singer, once Black Major and Nightingale arrive with your new recruit we’ll send a team out to retrieve this Mr. Reed.”
“And while they do that, there is someone else we should look into recruiting for our war.”

Several hours later Lt Storm walks through the halls of the Regina General Hospital, still dressed in his battle togs, but wearing a long grey trench coat to cover them. He stops at the nurses’ station to get the information he needs then continues on. A tall Caucasian doctor exits the room to which Storm is heading. “Excuse me, how is Mr. Towers?”
“Are you family?”
“No, I’m military.” Storm says with a sense of importance to his voice.
“He’s stable, lost a lot of blood but he’ll live. Whether he’ll walk again is a different question, the stab wound he suffered was severe. Whoever did it was brutal and meant to kill him. I suppose you wouldn’t be able to tell me what happened?” The doctor asks expecting the answer he gets.
“No, that’s classified information doctor, and thank you for all that you’ve done.” Storm taps on the door before he enters. On one of the chairs sits Timothy’s son, who is now fast asleep. “Hello Mr. Towers.”
“You...I remember you...you were there when they air lifted me here.”
“I’m surprised you remember that, you were pretty out of it then.”
“Yeah, doc says I’m lucky I lived. You wouldn’t have anything to do with that would you?”
“No, not directly, my team was.”
“What team is that?”
Storm smiles. “Well, if I told you I’d...sorry.” He stops before he finishes his sentence.
“Hey it’s okay, I’ll live I won’t take offence to the joke, but seeing as that someone was trying to kill me...”
“You were on a recruitment list, as well as several others. I lead a team of specialists from the Canadian Military an elite force; you may have heard of it, its code name is G.I.Joe.”
“No way?” Tim’s mouth drops. “And you were going to recruit me for the team?”
“Yes, I was.”
“How many others were...?”
“Just one, another is missing, we haven’t found the body. One we picked up from his assignment and the other happened to stumble into the team almost a week ago.”
“You were able to stop a slaughter then?”
“I wish we could have done more.” Storm looks over at Timothy’s son. “He’s a brave little boy.”
“Ha, I heard he balled his eyes out.”
“He didn’t want to let you go alone, the medics had to take him along for the ride.”
Tim watches his boy for a few moments. “He’s all I have now.”
“Yes I know, you’re wife died in child birth, you stayed in the military because it was what she wanted you to do.”
“Wow, how’d you know that?” Tim says shocked.
“I know a lot of things, part of my job.”
“So, what would have happened to him if I joined up with you?”
“Same thing as when you are on duty, he’d go to live with your sister.”
“Yeah but something tells me that joining your team means a lot more than that.”
“True, technically you would no longer exist.”
“He’s all I have...” Tim says closing his eyes. “I want the best for him.”
“Don’t all parents want that for their children?”
“I want to help.”
Storm looks at Tim puzzled. “What?”
“Just because I might not walk again doesn’t mean I can’t be useful. You know my specializations, and something tells me that you could use me.”
“We could but...”
“I’d be confined to the base, I don’t care I want to help track down the people who tried to take me from my son.”
The boy begins to stir opening his eyes. He looks up at Lt Storm and smiles. “Are you one of the army guys who saved my daddy?”
“Yes he is son.” Tim says before Storm can answer.
The boy jumps out of the chair and runs up to Lt. Strom hugging him. “Thank you.”
Storm looks down at the boy and smiles back. “You’re welcome.” He looks back at Tim hoping he doesn’t regret what he is about to do. “Alright, you’re in, welcome to G.I.Joe.”

Canada’s Elite Headquarters mess hall, 04:00 hours.
Afterburner sits at an empty table nursing a glass of warm milk, dressed in a cut off t-shirt and shorts. She runs her finger around the rim of the glass wiping up a bit the dribbles down the side as familiar footsteps approach. “How is he?”
“He’s doing well.” Lt Storm says dropping his trench coat down on the table and sitting next to her. “Once he’s released from the hospital he’ll be joining the team.”
“What? Oh my god, what about his son?”
“He’ll be well taken care of.”
“Are you sure...I thought he...”
“Is confined to a wheelchair for now, maybe forever, but we could use his talents on base. With Nightingale involved in these attacks that means General Singer is making his move, and with the Red Shadows. Feedback is working with Downlink right...”
“Wait, who?”
“Charles Ambers, his code name is Downlink. The two of them are working on our base defences in case they attack.”
“You think they will?”
“Think? No. They will attack, but when and how I don’t know.”
“Will you get mad at me if I tell you how scared I am right now?”
“No, cause so am I. Come on, let’s get to bed and get some rest, we’ll deal with this in the morning.”

The Liberator Base, Nightingale and The Black Major arrive with their new recruit in tow. They are immediately instructed to report to General Singer and Baron Ironblood in the lower lab. The three enter the elevator to take them down, Nightingale getting a smile out of Harvey’s reaction to the jerky elevator.
As they step off the elevator Harvey is amazed by the lab, even with its state of disarray. “Wow, someone really made a mess of this place.”
General Singer scowls at him. “Is this the man?”
“Yes it is.” Nightingale smiles.
“So how did you persuade him to join our cause?” The General inquires looking Harvey up and down.
“I used my feminine wiles.” She laughs. “He wants to join us.”
“I’m sick of having to follow the rules Sir; people need to start respecting the military more.” Harvey states.
“He stripped an Anti-War protestor naked, beat the tar out of him and cuffed him to the main gates for everyone to see.” Nightingale informs her commander.
“Well, he’ll need a code name and uniform. Take him up and get him settled in, we’ll talk more in the morning.”
“Yes Sir.” Nightingale takes Harvey by the arm heading back up with him.
“Are you really going to just allow him to join your team?” Vaughn questions.
“Yes, I trust Nightingale; she is a good judge of character.” Singer scowls turning away from Vaughn to put his attention back on to his daughters work. Up on the main screen are several blueprints that seem to have the attention of both leaders.
“What is that place?”
“It’s a place that is supposedly impenetrable, and we’re going to break into it.” The Baron explains.
“Why, what’s so important in there?”
“Not what but whom.” Ironblood smiles.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters 09:00 Hours.
Medic taps on Lt Storms open office door watching as he pulls some files from the filing cabinet. “Still doing it the old fashion way eh?” She jokes.
“Sometimes it’s still the best. What can I do for you?” He inquires as he puts a file back and removes another.
“You know, you two shouldn’t be spending time in each others rooms so much. Julie told me you didn’t get much sleep last night, care to talk?”
“No, not really.” He grunts pushing the drawer shut with his elbow.
Medic sits down on one of the chairs crossing her legs. “Let's see...you blame yourself for what happened to the people on your recruitment list, am I right?”
Storm just rolls his eyes up at he as he sits down at his desk. “There’s more to it than that.”
“Like what?”
“Like one of the other names on the list, Raven Nightly.”
“The missing one you omitted, you told Feedback you knew where she was?”
“I do, it took me awhile to realize it, and she goes by Nightingale now.”
“Oh my god...”
“I misjudged her; I almost brought her onto this team.”
“You never know when someone will snap.”
“I had them heavily monitored, constant psychiatric updates...”
“Uh hello, look at the Colonel who killed those women, he was a high ranking officer and no one even knew he was capable of doing such a horrendous act.” Medic says referring to a past news report of a military man who murdered some civilian women. “And sometimes even clearance like yours can unseal what secrets are meant to be kept hidden.”
Storm meets Medic’s gaze. “Thanks, you’re right.”
“Of course I am. Now, I believe Mr. Ambers is waiting outside to see you.”
“Send him in.”
Medic heads out into the hall letting Charles know he can now go in. The jet black haired man enters dressed in the teams grey long sleeved shirt and grey and red camouflage pants.
“Take a seat.” Storm instructs. “So, tell me what you know?”
“About what, why I was extracted by your team, about your satellite I was secretly working on, or about your G.I.Joe faction?”
Storm leans back in his seat crossing his arms. “You’re as smart as your reports say.”
“Smarter, those are just numbers and statistics.”
“Then you understand what being on this team means?”
“Yes I do, and I accept. I also have already picked out my code name and had Feedback add it to your roster.”
“I know, I was informed of that already.”
“Oh.” Charles looks a bit insulted that Storm was already aware of this. “Then I guess I should get to work.”
“Good idea, Downlink, the satellite is already on its way here; I want it ready to launch.”
“Yes Sir.” Downlink rises saluting his commander.
“Dismissed.” Storm watches him leave and smiles to himself.

Toronto Ontario, the apartment of Zach Reed, your typical young bachelor place, empty pizza boxes, pop cans lined up on the counter and free weights scattered about. The renter sitting on his couch in his grey Canada’s Elite sweats watching some ladies mud wrestle. He moans as a knock raps on his door, contemplating ignoring it until the rap hits louder. “Alright, keep your pants on!”
Zach heaves himself up from his comfortable position and kicks some dirty clothes aside as he heads for the door. “If you’re trying to sell something I’m not...”
KABLAM!! The door is blown off its hinges knocking Zach to the floor hard as three people rush into the room. Brick, Nightingale and Red Scream lunge on him, Nightingale with a knife to his chest and a knee in his groin, Brick pinning Zach’s arms down and Red Scream holding his legs.
“Hello darling.” Nightingale smiles.
“What the hell...who are you?”
“Oh that’s right, we’ve never formerly met. I am Nightingale, the big burly black man is Brick, and the lovely white haired lady behind me is Red Scream of the Red Shadows. Our leader was the one who shot you.”
“General Singer’s people...the Liberators...” Zach gasps.
“That’s right darling, and it’s time for a reunion with the good General.”
“Let me go, please, I have nothing to do with the G.I.Joe program. I quit.”
“Oh we know, but we also know you will be excellent bait for Lt Storm.” Nightingale slides her knife under his sweat shirt slicing it up and nicking him in the chin. “Oops, sorry about that...but we’re going to need more blood then that.”
Zach struggles unable to break Brick’s hold on him.
“Hold still or this will get messier.” Nightingale draws her knife along Zack’s arm cutting him enough to make him bleed. “There...that should do.” She runs her hand along his side where his scar is from the gunshot wound. “Scream honey, you have that medical kit with you?”
“Yes.” Red Scream answers, unhooking it from her belt.
“Good.” Nightingale smiles as she jabs her knife into Zach’s side making the young man scream out in pain. “Sorry honey, I felt the scene needed more blood.” She smiles slowly sliding the knife out, watching as Zach squirms. “Sedate him, and patch him up quickly the police will be here soon.” Nightingale takes a pair of rubber gloves from the medical kit as Red Scream injects Zach with a sedative. She runs her fingers through his blood and begins to leave a message on the wall.
“I hear sirens, we don’t have much time.” Brick grunts.
“Then just stop the bleeding enough so we can get him out of here. We’ll worry about stitching him up later.” Nightingale steps back admiring her handy work. “Let’s go.”

Greenland, The Coffin. A military prison which houses some of the most dangerous known terrorists in the world. An aircraft soars high above beyond ground radar range, in the back of the plane stands Dela, Rayne and Jumper along with a half dozen Red Shadow Troopers and Inserters.
“You ladies ready?” Jumper asks as he checks his chute one last time.
“I...” Rayne gasps as the lowering plank cracks open and the wind rushes in.
“Are you scared?” Dela mocks. “I thought you’d be used to falling out of a plane.”
“Bitch!” Rayne snarls lunging at Dela.
“WHOA!” Jumper grabs Rayne holding her back. “We’re on the same side here, and our window is closing, we need to jump as soon as the plank is down, just focus on my voice over our com and I’ll help you through this. We’re here for one thing only; we take no prisoners or other inmates. General Singer’s provided us with the Intel on this place; we follow our orders to the letter. Anyone gets in our way, they die.”
“We’re approaching drop zone.” A voice cracks over the intercom.
“Okay, let’s do this.” Jumper motions for three of each team’s troopers to jump first, cannon fodder in case their presence is anticipated. He and the two women follow next, then the remaining troopers.
Rayne feels her stomach lurch, the wind rushing against her body; fear grips her mind with flashbacks of when the Canada’s Elite team shot her down. Until the adrenaline kicks in and she hears Jumper’s voice calming her down. Excitement begins to build energizing her body.
“Pull your ripcord.” Jumper orders, his chute deploying along with the ladies and the men below them, followed by the ones above them. They all land unnoticed on a section of the roof, near their target area. “Release them.” Another cord releases the chute strings whipping the large cloths off in the wind.
“This is too easy.” Dela whispers.
“Don’t worry, we won’t go undetected for long then you’ll get your excitement.” Jumper smiles. “Alright, if memory serves we need to plant the explosives near that pipe ahead of us, and over behind us at that air unit.”
“If memory serves?” Rayne questions.
“I have a photographic memory, so don’t worry about it. Let’s just get these charges planted and get what we came for.”
“And how the hell are we going to get out of here?” Dela asks.
“We have transportation already arranged, once we have what we came for we release the other inmates and cause a riot. That will cover our escape.” Jumper leaves the two women to assist the troopers in setting the explosives.
“I’m not sure about this, it’s dangerous.” Rayne comments to Dela.
“Are you talking to me, I don’t recall giving you permission.” She snaps back.
“Enough of your jealousy, I’m a part of your team whether you like it or not, we have to put aside our differences and work together.”
Dela huffs at her, looking up at the half moon. “For once I agree.”

Inside The Coffin security wing, one of the guards gets the attention of his co-worker. “Hey man, remember those tiny blips I swore I saw?”
“Yeah, what about it, they show up again?” The other man jokes.
“No, now we have movement on the roof.”
“Alert security in that area, I’ll send a team up top to investigate.”
The guard picks up a phone dialling up the security post. “Yeah, be on alert back there, we have movement on the roof, we’re sending a...”
A large explosion rocks the facility flickering the lights and shorting out the security feeds from several cell blocks. “Son-of-a...are you there? Respond?”

“We’re being hacked!” A Coffin security tech officer yells out.
“What!?! That’s impossible...” The guard in the main security room looks over the prison tech’s shoulder. “Who’s doing it?”
“I don’t know...all our firewalls are being taken down...”
“What are they after? Can you stop them?”
“I...I...” The tech works frantically. “They’re trying to access the prisoner controls...they’re attempting to unlock the cells.”
“We can’t let that happen.” The guard unlocks a weapons locker pulling out a shot gun and loading it. “I’m heading for the Warden, do what you can to slow them down or stop them.”
“The only thing we can do is shut down the main power, but that...”
“Will leave us completely blind.” The guard says with concern to his voice.

Down in Solitary Confinement Dela and Jumper make their way through the hall, with one each of their respective team’s trooper. They locate the cell they are looking for; Jumper uses a remote electronic device that bypasses the security key code unlocking the cell. The two troopers enter the cell and emerge with its prisoner.
“Hello Major Fear, we’re here to bust you out.” Jumper extends his hand.
“This is Major Fear...my...oh my?” Dela gasps noticing he is in the buff, with his busted chains hanging from his wrists and legs.
“We’ll have to exchange pleasantries later...” Fear grunts.
“FREEZE!” A Texas accent shouts, joined by a few prison guards.
“Pin them down.” Jumper orders the troopers.
“Don’t hit the MP, he’s all mine.” Fear snarls.
“Order, attack.” The MP releases his K9 who charges straight for Major Fear. Dela watches as Fear stands focused on the dog, then moves even quicker than the dog can anticipate. He thrusts his leg up kicking the dog in the head, sending it in a back flip and sprawling across the floor, blood trickling from its nose.
“ORDER!!” The MP comes charging down the hall. “Fear I’ve had about enough of you!”
“Likewise Law.” Major Fear pulls Dela’s handgun from her belt holster and with one swift movement fires. Law stumbles forward and drops to the floor next to his K9, blood pouring from the bullet hole between his eyes.
“Impressive shot.” Dela flirts.
“Thank you, now if you are here to free me may I suggest we get our asses in gear?”
“Yes. Jumper, where’s our extraction point?”
“The main gates.”
“What? How the hell are we supposed to make it to the front gate?”
“Back out the way we came and across the roof.”
“There are guard stations outside, they will pick us off.” Fear remarks.
“Not likely, right about now every single prison cell should be opening up; they’ll need every available hand inside. Any automated defences should be offline immediately after.”
“And if they are not?” Dela questions.
“Then I hope you can run fast.” Jump smiles.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Feedback charges down the halls sliding across the floor and slamming into the walls. He bursts into the mess hall where he finds Storm and Hawk, dropping to his knees and breathing in deeply. Storm leaps up from his seat and rushes over to Feedback, helping him up.
“Sir...base com is offline…Downlink needed…situation…”
“What’s wrong?”
“The Coffin...breakout...Major Fear...” The communications specialist pants.
“WHAT!?” Storm lets go of Feedback who wobbles a bit then follows his commander out. Storm hurries to the command center where Medic and Rebecca Ramon man the communication feeds. “Sitrep now!”
“There are several wounded, extensive damage to the outer structure, multiple casualties, and the entire Serpent Squad has been taken by people dressed in red and green. One of them was identified as Dela Eden.” Rebecca reports.
“There’s several dead as well...” Navy notices Hawk wheel himself in. “I’m so sorry...”
“Why, what’s going on?”
“We were just told that a former member of your team is dead sir, Law.”
Hawk sits in silence in his chair.
“God...Hawk I’m sorry.” Storm looks into the old General’s eyes.
“Thank you, but I’ve lost men before I know how to deal with it. Feedback, get whatever information you can, we need to know where...”
“Lt Storm... my god...” Rebecca interrupts. “There’s a call coming in for you, it’s about Zach…Target.”

Toronto, Ontario, Zach Reed’s apartment, just hours after the call came in, Lt Storm stands in his friend’s apartment fixated on the bloody message on the wall. Fallout talks with the police officers as Medic examines the scene. She looks up at Storm as she takes a scraping of blood sample from the carpet.
“Are you okay?”
“Huh? Yeah....”
“See ya soon.” Medic reads the message on the wall. “Oh and how nice she drew a heart. You really made an impression on her.”
“She’s a sicko.” Storm turns away from the wall as Fallout approaches. “What do they know?”
“Well, one of the officers was able to take a snap shot with his cell of the suspects as they fled. Nightingale, Brick and Red Scream.”
“How did they get past the military guard that were posted here?”
“They killed them.”
Storm slams his fist against the wall catching every ones attention. “More blood. This has got to stop; we need to find them now. They have Target, they just broke out Major Fear and his team, both the Red Shadows and Liberators have joined forces...”
“It’s like villains untied or something.” Medic comments.
“It’s something that’s for sure.” Fallout remarks.
“Fallout contact base, have Feedback check over all the property that The Red Shadows were purchasing, they could be hiding out there, and have him gather all the Intel he can on General Singer. We’re going to find these son-of-a-bitches, get Target back and make them pay for everyone they’ve killed.” Lt Storm growls. “It’s time to bring the war to them.”

The Coffin, 05:00 Hours after the break out, Afterburner lands the helicopter in a designated area lit by flares. She disembarks along with Chamber, Navy, Flint and General Hawk. The team is greeted by the prison Warden who fills them in on the details as they head towards the prison.
“Where is Law’s body?” Hawk interrupts.
“It’s in the morgue, I’ll have some of the guards escort you there if you like?” The Warden answers.
“That’s quite alright, I have one of my own with me we’ll find our own way.”
“With all due respect General Hawk, we’re still missing a few prisoners, it’ll be safer if some of my guard accompany you.”
“Very well then.”
The Warden snaps his fingers signalling two guards over. “Take the General and the Warrant Officer to the morgue.”
“Warden, can you take us to the extraction teams entry point?” Chamber inquires.
“Yes, just follow me and we’ll head up to the roof.”
Afterburner looks around at all the destruction and bodies that still lay about. “How many people were killed?”
“We’re still counting ma’am.” The Warden grunts.

The Liberators Headquarters, Manitoba.
Zach slowly opens his eyes, his side on fire; they’ve stitched him up but have given him nothing for the pain. He realizes he is strapped down to a hospital bed, the room dark with not a single light emanating from anywhere. “Where in the #@$& am I?”
“Ah, you’re awake.” A voice says from the darkness.
“W-who’s there...”
“Oh come now boy, you should remember me, I killed the man you loved like a father after all.” The lights come on blinding Zach for a moment, but he doesn’t need them to see Major Fear standing over him. “Long time no see.”
Zach spits at Major Fear, making the man laugh. “You dirty son-of...”
Fear grabs Zach’s face keeping his mouth shut. “Now, there is a lady present, keep your language clean.”
“Hi there handsome.” Nightingale smiles. “I’m the one who will be looking after you, just like I looked after Lt Storm.”
“You’re the one who tortured him?”
“Oh yes, and hopefully you’re as half as much fun as he was.” She looks back at two Inserters nodding them over. “Remove his pants and underwear.” Nightingale runs her finger along his stitches where she stabbed him. “They did a nice job fixing you up; we’ll see how well the stitching holds.” She runs her hand over his chest and smacks it hard. “Buck up kiddo, you’re about to experience exactly what your big brother went through.”
Major Fear winks at Zach then exits the room meeting up with Lt Graves.
“What is she doing in there?”
“You wouldn’t want to know.” Fear grins. “How are the rest of the team?”
“Good, resting and eating, it’s been awhile since we had decent food.”
“That is true. What about Lady D?”
“She’s holding up extremely well.”
“Excellent. If you’ll excuse me I have some men to meet with.” He makes his way down into the lab where General Singer, Baron Ironblood and the Black Major wait for him. “Gentlemen.”
“It’s good to finally meet face to face Major Fear.”
“As it is you General Singer, you have quite the reputation, and to see you’ve come over to our side...”
“I’m not on your side; we all have our own agendas that share a common goal. The destruction of the Canadian G.I.Joe team.” Singer boasts.
“I take it you already have a plan?”
“Yes, I know the location and schematics of their new base, which I want when this is over.”
“Really? What makes you think it will still be there when this is all over? Last time I tried to take over their base Lt Storm blew it up.”
“We won’t give him the chance.” General Singer nods to his daughter as images come up on the working screens.
“Don’t I know her?”
“Yes, she was on Lt Storm’s team, she was traumatized during a battle with your squad.”
“Ah yes, Athena.” Fear smiles at her noticing an uneasiness to her which makes him smile even more.
“If you don’t mind, I’d like to excuse myself.” Vaughn says getting the okay from Ironblood. He heads up to the main levels finding Nightingale who is attaching small clamps to a rather private region of Zach’s body. “You enjoy torture don’t you?”
“I like to think of it as extreme interrogation.” She smiles. “Lt Storm was my first of these G.I.Joe’s, this one should be just as much fun.”
“When you say his name it’s almost as if there is an attraction there.”
“I did become quite enamoured with him while he was in my custody.”
Vaughn looks at her trying to comprehend why.
“I find men like him intriguing, they have this drive to save people, and I find it interesting.”
“Because, it’s so much easier to kill people and just end them then it is to save them.”
Vaughn watches her work feeling even more uncomfortable around her; he just might sleep with one eye open from now on.

Red Laser taps on Rayne’s door as she quickly puts on her mask. “What!?” She snaps at him.
“I’m in.” He says referring to the base database he’s been working on.
“You are?”
“Yes, it wasn’t easy but I cracked the code and just blew this place wide open.”
“What did you find?” She inquires as she puts on her battle uniform.
“More secret labs and a very interesting one.”
“How interesting?”
“Genetics research and bio chemical kind of interesting.”
Rayne gets up with a gleam in her eye swinging open her door. “Take me there, immediately.” She follows him out and down the halls, watching to make sure no one notices where they are heading.

Below the three leaders plot their attack on the Canada’s Elite base. Major Fear still has a few active Cobra cells to get troops from, each of the leader’s pair up their team members with unique specialties that they can exploit as a unit. As well as using any information they can get from their prisoner about the base that General Singer may not be aware of.
“Well gentlemen, this is shaping up to be one combined attack the world will never forget.” General Singer smiles. “This country will be ours, and will usher in a new World War.”
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