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Canada's Elite #2


Canada's Elite #2

Postby Lt Storm » 01 Apr 2008 07:40


Chapter 2

Gulf of Boothia, near the coast of the Boothia Peninsula in the Nunavut Territories. Major Fear stands on the bow of the yahtt, the cool early morning air nipping at his bare muscular arms.
“Where are we? Did we sail all night?” Lady D asks as she tugs her red cape around her. “Aren’t you cold?”
“We are in the Gulf of Boothia, we sailed here through the Prince Regent Inlet during the night, and no I am not.” The Major answers all her questions, expecting more he continues. “Once the others are up we will head inland to our new home.”
“Why here, what makes this place so special.”
Major Fear turns to face the chilly Lady D. “The Boothia Peninsula was founded by a wealthy London distiller, who 1829 sponsored the Sir John Ross expedition, which was the first to explore the gulf. They tried to find the Northwest Passage, but failed. The peninsula actually bars any passage farther west from the gulf. It is a desolate, treeless peninsula formed on a central spine of Precambrian rock, flanked by flat bedded limestone lowlands. The peninsula is named for Felix Booth, the wealthy man who financed the expedition, which unfortunately had Ross’s crew imprisoned for 3 to 4 winters in the ice water. He and his crew had to abandon ship and return on foot. There is only one community on the peninsula, the hamlet of Taloyoak, which lies on the isthmus.”
Lady D. yawns. “Okay, thanks for the boring geography lesson. So what you are saying is that we are totally isolated out here?”
“So, risking being put to sleep what happened to the ship?”
Major Fear smiles. “It was released by the ice in 1833 and returned to England, Ross was knighted and they also located the magnetic pole on the peninsula’s west coast.”
“Huh, I thought that was further north?”
“It is now.” Major Fear revels in his knowledge.
“You are like a walking encyclopedia aren’t you?”
“My dear, to conquer the world you must understand it, even the most boring and mundane of facts and history.”
Lt. Graves steps onto the bow clearing his throat. “Sir, the crafts are ready.”
“Crafts?” Lady D. asks starting to feel stupid.
“How do you think we are going to reach our destination? This ship is now stuck in the ice itself; there are hovercrafts in the lower compartments that will get us to where we need to go. Once we have cleared the ship it will be sunk.”
Lady D’s eyes widen a bit weary of what she may have gotten herself into.

Outside of Fort Hope in the western part of Ontario a CH-146 Griffon, Canada’s UTTH (utility transport tactical helicopter), comes in for a landing. The trees surrounding a clearing below twist and sway. The new Joe team inside look out the windows in awe, noticing a large base built in the clearing. General Hawk sits in the copilot seat looking back at the Joe’s and smiles. He remembers the first time he saw the PIT and how much pride he had. The air craft touches down on one of the three helipads, the doors sliding open, Storm and Target helping Hawk out of the helicopter.
“Welcome to your new base.” Hawk says.
“No way.” Athena beams. “This is all ours?”
“Yes it is. Built a few years ago as a contingency plan that was never executed. It has been re-outfitted to serve your units needs and has an uplink to our data desk. Why don’t we go inside and start the tour?”

Two white and grey hovercrafts glide across the snow and ice covered peninsula, emblazed with Cobra insignia. They carry the Serpent Squad towards a large round metal structure.
“What is that?” Graves inquires piloting the hovercraft.
“A Terrordrome.” Major Fear replies proudly. “Appropriate don’t you think? It is already staffed with Troopers waiting for us.”
Over in the other hovercraft Anaconda drums her fingers. “I can’t believe he sunk that beautiful ship.”
“Oh get over it will ya.” Vee grumbles. “It made me sea sick, all the rocking and swaying and bobbing and the constant splash of the water against the haul made me have to piss every hour.”
Anaconda looks at Vee, snarling at him. “Thanks, now I feel sick and I have ta pee.”
Vee grins at her.
Typhoon hits a bump purposely as he pilots the hovercraft just to irritate the red head more.
“Why couldn’t I have been on the other vessel with the others?” She moans.
“You got the short straw.” Vee laughs following it up with a pungent belch that curls the woman’s nose.
“Cobra craft two come in.” Lady D’s voice says over the two-way.
Anaconda picks up the receiver. “Go ahead craft one.”
“The Major wants you to follow us; the surrounding area is littered with landmines and traps.”
“Copy that.” Anaconda looks at Typhoon who nods his head and changes his current course.
“Man, if I was driving we’d be there already.” Vee complains.
“And we’d be splattered all over the snow.”
Back over in the lead craft Lady D leans forward in the craft over the men’s shoulder as they approach the Terrordrome. Graves slows the craft as a large bay door opens to allow them entry. The vehicles are equipped with digital recognizers that allow them entry and disable the security system.

Athena sits at the main console watching as a 3D star circles on the screen up-linking to the main G.I.Joe database at the rock. The screen flickers with a greeting from Sparks, Athena smiles logging into the system. Hawk wheels up next to her, Lt. Storm coming up on her other side.
“This database is amazing and I’ve only logged in.”
Hawk laughs at her little joke. “If you ever need any assistance Sparks will be there to help you out, he knows this database better then the back of his hand.”
“I hate to interrupt…” Sparks voice says over the com link. “General Hawk sir, we need you to return to the rock, the situation we are looking into has just escalated.”
“I’m on my way back.” Hawk says with a grimace. “Sorry to cut this so short Lt. Storm.”
“That’s alright sir, you’ve helped us get set up, and your team needs you.”
“Our teams, no matter what country we are in G.I.Joe is one big family, don’t forget that.”
“I won’t, and thank you sir. I’ll radio ahead to the copter and have Target escort you.”
“Thank you.” Hawk nods to Athena. “Till we meet again.”
“I look forward to it.” Athena stands to salute Hawk before he heads out.

Boothia Peninsula, Cobra Terrordrome command center, Major Fear stands at a large round table with the Cobra insignia in the center that illuminates with a red light. The rest of his Serpent Squad all sit around it as a red holographic map appears.
“Wha’s this place?” Vee asks before the Major can answer, who gets scowled at. “Sorry.”
“This place is a warehouse, a top secret military warehouse.”
“Looks kinda small for a military warehouse.” Anaconda adds.
“Yes, it is. That is because it is a very special warehouse, it is were the government stores the illegal arms it seizes which is then relinquished into the hands of the military.”
“What kind of illegal arms?” Typhoon asks, intrigued.
“These kind.” Major Fear slaps down a bullet, a specially designed bullet, the tip of it that seems to gleam within the red light.
“Are those diamonds imbedded into the tip?” Lady D asks leaning into it.
“You have a keen eye my dear, and yes they are the same left over crap that is used in diamond cutting blades for construction work.”
“Them are real diamonds in those?”
“Yes Vee, they are.”
“Damn, I thought it was just a gimmick.”
“Those of low IQ’s usually do.” Lt. Graves remarks who is shot a disapproving look from his leader. “Why diamonds on the tip of a bullet.”
“It was a crazed man’s take on the cop killer bullets, he believed that the spinning bullet tipped with them would cut through any bullet proof vest. Sadly, before these hit the market his own son tipped the authorities off and they were seized.”
“How many of them did he make?”
“That I do not know, Graves, but if we were to acquire these we could mass produce them and cut down anyone who opposes us.” Fear grins, a smile that is filled with evil, that would send chills up your spine.
“When do we leave?” Typhoon asks.
“Immediately, Vee, Graves, yourself and Lady D will go on this mission. Anaconda and I will be your contact back here while we also set up our next mission.”
“Sounds like fun, do I get to drive?” Vee fidgets in his seat.
“Yes, ironically the getaway vehicle.”

Pebbles stands in the doorway of Lt. Storms office watching him with a smile on her face. “I never though in a thousand years we’d be standing here like this.”
Storm spins around startled at her presence. “You know Julie, you were one of the few that could sneak up on me.”
“Yeah I know.” She enters the office looking around at the pictures of his old unit and his commander. “Is this General Rowling?”
“Yes.” Lt. Storm says lowering his head as he places his name plate on his desk. “He was a great man, and a great leader.”
“He must have seen the same in you.”
“Thanks, that means a lot coming from you?”
Pebbles laughs. “Why, cause I use to pick on you in grade nine?”
“No, because I have always respected the fact that you joined the militia.”
The red head smiles.
“So, you going to tell them where the nickname came from?”
“No, and neither are you.”
“Okay, just say hi to Fred and Wilma for me.”
“Oh you are so going to find your combat boots in the toilet.” She grins. “So fearless leader, what is our first course of action?”
“I don’t know yet, Athena is checking news reports for anything suspicious. Best thing we can do right now is get settled in and check out our new home.”
Pebbles holds out her hand. “Come with me, we have a lot to catch up on.”
“Sure.” Lt. Storm smiles at his high school friend.
“Lt. Storm, sir, please report to the command room.”
He looks up at the intercom and frowns. “That catch up will have to wait.”

Athena spins around in the center chair that sits at the main computer console to face Lt. Storm and Pebbles. “I just picked up a news feed from the states, some people were killed at a facility, pretty brutal. I talked with Sparks about it and he told me that it was a top secret military psych ward.”
“A nut house?”
Lt. Storm rolls his eyes at Pebbles. “What more info do you have?”
“A man was taken out of the facility by the name of Steve Dougherty, ex Navy. Obviously he went off the deep end, completely unstable.”
“Who would want such a man?”
“Easy answer Peb’s, Major Fear.”
“What do you want to do?” Athena asks.
“Lets send Target and Chamber to go poke their noses around, contact our American friends see if one of their medical officers can meet up with them.”
Athena spins around in her seat as Lt. Storm heads out followed by Pebbles.
“So, why do you think he kidnapped the nutcase?”
“He didn’t kidnap him he’s building his team or already has. We’re still one step behind him, we need to get ahead of him. I want you to help Athena figure out what they could possibly be after. Use ever military contact you have, call in all favors.”
Pebbles nods pivoting on her left heal and heads back into the command room.

A navy blue helicopter emerges from the Terrordrome carrying Vee, Typhoon, Lady D and Lt. Graves, who pilots the craft.
“Didn’t know the boy could fly.” Vee comments.
“Yes I can Pig Pen, and unless you want me to crash us into a mountain I suggest you keep your comments to yourself.”
“Ooo, look who grew a pair.”
“Enough.” Lady D. snaps. “You may not like him but we are still a team.”
“Didn’t say I didn’t like him.” Vee says under his breath. “Just like giving the kid a hard time is all.”
“There is a time and place for a good joke, now is not one of those.”
“Lady, incase you haven’t noticed I donah work that way.” He winks.

“This is insane.” Pebbles, moans leaning back in a chair next to Athena. “I’ve pulled nearly every contact I have and I feel no further ahead.”
“Why, are they not giving you any possible targets?”
“Oh yeah, way too many.”
“Then we need to narrow it down.” Athena smiles at her as she clicks away on the keyboard IM-ing with Sparks.
“Maybe you and your new boyfriend could cool it a bit to lend me a hand.”
“He’s not my…oh you are so…he’s not my boyfriend.” Athena blushes. “If you give me what you have I can run it through a probability program. Sparks just expanded the program for us to use accessing all known and unknown Canadian Military data.”
“Everyone has their secrets Pebbles.” Athena winks taking a pad of paper from Pebbles that has a list of possible targets. The red head leans over watching the blonde go to work quickly feeding the information in. “Yes I know I type very fast and yes I can read minds.” Athena smirks looking out of the corner of her eye at Pebbles.

A cleverly disguised military vehicle rolls up to a warehouse hidden down a long dirt road in the forests of Alberta outside of Wood Buffalo. Lt Graves dressed as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Vee dressed in standard military uniform and Lady D in a high end black skirt ensemble with her hair pulled back in a bun and round wire rimmed glasses on her head. Lady D scowls as they bounce over the rough terrain.
“Could you slow down a bit, we want them to believe we a legit and not a gang who stole a truck.”
Vee rolls his eyes. “Yeah whatever lady.” He grunts easing off the accelerator.
“And remember, no casualties, we get in, get our cargo and get out without anyone knowing what we have taken.”
“Fine with me, I’m a driver not a killer, unless that is they happen to be in my path.” He laughs.
“Easy, we are coming up on the check point.”
Vee eases off the gas slowly pulling up to an armed guard who bends down looking over Lady D.
“Papers.” He says with a smile, winking at her. She hands over a clip board with legitimate looking papers, all in order, perfect to the T.
“Another crate eh, where you guys finding all these?” He asks directing his question to Lt. Graves, not taking his eyes off Lady D.
“That’s none of your business soldier.”
“Yes, right, sorry.” The soldier steps back a bit taken from Graves’s abrupt tone. “Third warehouse on your left unit C.”
“Thank you.” Lady D. responds flashing the young soldier a quick smile. She looks over at Vee giving a nod as her slowly pulls into the barbed wired fenced facility. Electrified warning signs and no trespassing signs plastered across the steel fencing. Lady D. points down to a set of buildings guiding Vee in the correct direction. Another guard approaches them as they pull up to the large roll up door.
“Drive straight in to the end, unload your cargo.”
“Do you mind if I stay here with you?” Lady D. asks with a smile, leaning over Vee to give the soldier a good view down her top. “I’m just along for the ride, I doubt they need my government butt to help them, unload.”
“Uh…no ma’am I don’t mind at all.” The soldier grins, quickly moving around to the other side to open the door for her and help her, watching her long legs slide out.
Lady D. follows the soldier into his station as he opens the door for the guys. She sits down on the corner of his desk unbuttoning her blouse a bit more. “So, this is your little office?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“You are so tense, you need to relax a bit.” She says looking up at him. “My you are so tall.”
“Six foot four.”
“My, and what big feet you have. How old are you?” She says he eyes gazing up and down his uniformed body.
“Twenty-One, and my shoes are size eighteen.”
“Wow, well you know what they say about a man with big feet, he carries a big gun. May I touch?” She smiles at him, the soldier a bit taken back, nervous, clearing his throat a bit, noticing she is pointing at his holstered pistol. Lady D. carefully runs her finger tips over the handle not removing it. “Very nice.”
Inside Vee and Lt. Graves hurry over to a group of crates cracking them open with crowbars. A smaller set of boxes are inside that Graves opens revealing the bullets that Major Fear had shown them.
“Beautiful.” Vee comments.
“Yes, they are, wonder if they work as well as they are rumored?”
“Would be fun to fire a few off.”
“No, we can’t, lets get them loaded.”
“Don’t get your panties in a bunch little man, I was only saying…”
“I know, I just don’t like this place.”
“I agree with you on that.” Vee pulls out their empty crate and opens a secret compartment that is padded and shielded. The two quickly pile in the small boxes moving as fast as they can.
Lady D. leans back on the desk closing her eyes and letting out a low moan. “So what do you do to pass the time here?”
“Mostly just read, we don’t get many visitors here.”
“How long have you been stationed here?”
“About two years now.”
“Oh, have you ever seen any, action?” She asks with a coy smile.
“Um, no not yet…never been to actual war that is.” His voice cracks.
Lady D. slides herself off his desk and brings her body close to his placing a hand on his chest feeling his heart beating. “Wow, you feel so ripped, and your heart is beating so hard and fast.”
“Not often we get a beautiful woman visiting us.”
“Why thank you sir.”
“Kurt ma’am my name is Kurt.”
“Well Kurt, you are defiantly quite the man…” She looks over at the monitor screens that have been neglected as a horn honks. “Oh, looks like my ride is back, that didn’t take them very long. It was nice to meet you Kurt.” Lady D. bounds down the steps waiting as her two teammates pull up. “Did you get them all.”
“As many as we could hold.”
“Excellent, lets go.” She looks back to blow the young soldier a kiss as they drive off for the exit.

Major Fear stands before a large monitor in the main control room of the Terrordrome, Lady D.’s image on screen. “Good work my dear, we’ll be expecting you in a few hours.” He clicks a switch ending the conversation, turning to Typhoon who stands next to him on his left. “Everything is falling into place.”
“Why did you not go on this mission, or send me?”
“I was not looking for a body count, this had to be stealthy, and no one needs to know we were there. Go down to the armory, there are some specially designed weapons in storage.”
Typhoon nods, saluting the Major, pivoting on his right heal marching out.
“So he used to be in the American Navy?” Anaconda asks looking over her shoulder at the Major from one of the command stations.
“Yes.” Fear responds, his arms behind his back as he walks over to her. “Sadly, he is mentally unstable due to his tour of duty, saw things that warped his mind. Naturally his government’s idea of help is to stick him in a mental institution away from the public, none the wiser.”
“And that’s what creates us, men and women who want to see a change, a new world order.” The Major closes his eyes to envision it, then opens them again. “What do you have for me?”
“Some nuclear weapons are being transported tomorrow to a facility in British Columbia to meet up with a disposal transport.”

The sun begins to set over the horizon eliminating the sky in a brilliant orange. Fallout runs across the tarmac towards Lt. Storm who is watching the sun go down. “Hey, there you are. Athena’s been looking for you, said you com was down.”
“I turned it off, wanted some piece and quiet for a few moments.”
Fallout looks up at the sky. “Beautiful isn’t it?”
Lt. Storm turns walking past him. “What does Athena want?”
“She has some info for you, she and Pebbles found a possible target for Cobra.” Fallout realizes that Storm has begun to head back chasing after him to walk side by side.
Storm looks over at Fallout from the corner of his eyes.
Athena lays out a map tracing out a highway in red marker, she and Pebbles looking up as Lt. Storm and Fallout enter the room. “Please keep your com on, you never know when we may need to reach you.” Athena grunts.
“What have you found?” Storm asks ignoring her comment.
“Our American friends let us know about a nuclear arms shipment that is coming through for disposal, they will be taking this route to transport that will take them the rest of the way. After it crosses the boarder will be the prime time for Cobra to hijack the shipment.” Pebbles explains.
“Then we need to make sure that doesn’t happen.” Lt. Storm says. “Athena, contact the Rock, I need to speak with General Colton. Pebbles contact Chamber and Target, find out their ETA they may need to make a detour. Fallout, come with me, we’ll need to prep the vehicles for immediate departure.”

Los Angeles, California, Psychiatric Hospital.
Chamber and Target examine the room that Dougherty once lived, looking over his personal belongings. Target flips through a diary looking over at Chamber. “Wow, this guy was nuts.”
“That’s why he was here.” Med Alert says entering the room. “I examined the medical officer’s notes, there was no known mention of Cobra or any strange visitors.”
“So either he is hiding something or knows more then he is letting on.” Chamber comments.
One of the security guards pokes his head into the room clearing his throat. “Agent Rainer, there is a call for you.”
“Excuse me.” Chamber says following the man out.
“So, Med Alert, how long have you been with G.I.Joe?”
“Not long, but I already feel like part of a family. I’m glad they are expanding our ranks, Cobra is too large of a threat now. They are growing faster then a virus.”
Target laughs. “I’d like to meet more of you guys, Joe is a legend I’m stoked to be part of it now.”
“We have to go, now.” Chamber says coming back to the room.

The Serpent Squad all stand around the round table looking over a holographic map of British Columbia. Major Fear shows the route of the transport with a silver wand tracing over the map. “The transport will come up from the US via Highway 5 into Victoria, once it crosses the boarder the transport will get onto Highway 1. It will continue along the Trans Canada Highway passing trough several Indian Reservations, once it passes through Spuzzum Indian Reserve that is when we will attack and seize the cargo.”
“And what if we meet up with resistance?” Vee asks.
“We eliminate them. Under so circumstances do we relinquish the cargo, as of right now I want you all to think of it as ours.”
“I was hoping you’d say that.”
“All of you go to your quarters and get some rest, I want everyone sharp and attentive. I will not accept failure on this mission, obtaining these weapons is vital to Cobra’s mission. Dismissed.”
The team files out, all except for Lady D. who remains behind to talk with the Major. “I have reservations about this mission.”
“Oh, and what are those?” Fear asks as he unzips his shirt.
“Nuclear weapons are extremely risky, if something goes wrong…”
“My dear, do not fear, even if we meet up with opposition neither side will allow anything to happen to the weapons. And that is out trump card.”
Lady D. steps up to the Major placing a hand on his exposed muscled chest. “You are so confident, it exhilarates me.” She brings herself up closer to him feeling the heat from his body.
“Maybe we should continue our conversation in my quarters?”
“I would enjoy that.”
Major Fear takes Lady D. by the hand guiding her down the hall. From around the corner steps Anaconda with a scowled look on her face.

13:35 Hours the next day, Trans Canada Highway.
A transport travels down the highway escorted by Canadian Military and Mounted Police, they slow approaching a construction crew who are tearing up the road with jack hammers and excavators. One of the Mounted Police exits one of the escorts approaching the workers.
“Hey! HEY!” He yells trying to get their attention.
“What?” The jack hammer operator answers.
“What are you doing?”
“Road repair.”
“This road was supposed to be clear of any work.”
“Sorry, didn’t get the memo.”
“Get your crew off the road now.”
“Yeah, yeah.” The worker waves to the other men.
“Thank you.” The Mounty turns back to his vehicle looking in horror as the rear escorts are blown to bits by Cobra Rattlers flying over head. “Clear the area!” He spins around to address the construction crew as the jack hammer operator lunges at him driving the device into his chest.
“We’re under attack!!” The man in the transport screams into his c.b. radio. The back of the transport blows open revealing a H.A.L. manned by Target and mini copters piloted by Fallout and Lt. Storm. They chase after the Rattlers as the construction workers below are revealed as the Serpent Squad and Enemy soldiers.
“It’s an ambush.” Lady D. shouts trying to shake Fallout in her Rattler.
Pebbles and Athena slide along side of the transport laying down some suppressive cover fire, Chamber who was driving the transport blows out the windshield climbing out of it with guns a blazing.
“You’re pretty good with a gun, Athena.”
“I’m not just a desk jockey Pebbles.” She shouts back taking out a few Enemy soldiers. “Oh my god.” Athena gasps noticing the Mounty dead on the ground with the jack hammer pertruding from his chest, covered in blood.
“There is nothing we can do for him, lets just take these guys down.” Chamber grunts taking cover behind one of the military jeeps joining the Canadian soldiers.
Major Fear pulls and invasive maneuver over Lt. Storm glaring down at him.
“I have an I.D, Major Fear is in one of the enemy planes.”
“Copy that Lieutenant, I’ve just spotted Dougherty, looks like your hunch was right, Fear was building his army.”
“Take them down, by any means necessary.”
Chamber lobs a grenade over his shoulder hitting the excavator. The Enemy trooper leaps from the equipment as the grenade explodes sending metal debris flying followed by a large explosion from the diesel fuel tank that engulfs the trooper. He stagers and screams in pain burning alive.
“Okay, seriously I wasn’t even trying.” Chamber comments. “Dougherty!” He shouts. “You have been manipulated by a mad man, come with us and I promise you’ll get fair treatment!”
“Shove your offer! I know where I belong and that is here with the Serpent Squad! My name is Typhoon, you and your governments can burn in hell!”
Chamber looks across to the road side at the large orange and black barriers. “Sh!t…get back!!!” He yells running back towards the transport for cover followed by confused soldiers. Athena and Pebbles back towards the large truck not knowing why until the barriers erupt.
Typhoon laughs pulling out a rocket launcher and blowing up the military escort vehicles. Anaconda watches in amazement, the heat of battle opening up the normally quiet man.
Athena lets out a scream ducking for cover, wheels and metal raining down around them.
“Chamber…Pebbles….come in?” Lt. Storm radio’s distracting him from Major Fear.
“Storm watch your six!!” Fallout warns launching his missiles at Lady D’s Rattler hitting her wings. “Lieutenant!!”
Lt. Storm snaps his head around to see a barrage of missiles speeding towards him. He banks the mini copter leaping from it as it is hit the explosion sending him flying.
Target looks up to see his friend plummeting down. “No.” He swings the H.A.L. to target Major Fear ripping off his Rattlers tail.
Fallout swoops down close enough for Lt. Storm to grab his skids. “You okay?”
“Yeah, thanks, that was quick thinking.”
“No problem.”
Pebbles and Chamber push off debris from them as well as some of the other soldiers. They look around not able to see Athena.
“Pebbles, you take the soldiers, cover me I’m going to find Athena.”
“Roger that, come on lets push these snakes back!”

Major Fear parachutes down towards Lady D. cutting his cords dropping down next to her. “These men and women are very formative opponents. Time to put them in there place.” Fear pulls out a pistol cocking it. “Let’s put these bullets to the test.”
“Are you sure it was wise not to give them to the rest of the team?”
“Yes, I do not want them wasted nor do I want them to realize what I have until it pierces their hearts.”
“FEAR!!!” Lt. Storm shouts charging at him. “You are mine!”
“This one has fire in him, it’ll be fun to toy with him.”

Chamber pulls away doors and hoods looking for Athena. He finds her in the fetal position shaking. “Hey, Athena it’s alright your okay. Athena?” He places a hand on her turning her to face him. Chamber notices blood all over her, not hers, but the decapitated soldier next to her. “Oh god, Athena, are you alright?” He taps his com device. “Target, I need you over here, now.”
“But Lt. Storm…”
“Can take care of himself and has Fallout for backup. Athena needs your medical attention, she’s in shock.”
“I’m on my way.”

“Lady D. it looks as though the weapons are not here, radio Graves, tell him to blow it, and have Vee come in to pick us up. Leave this soldier to me.”
“Yes sir.” Lady D. runs off.
“Alright soldier boy, lets see what you are made of.”
“The name is Lt. Storm.”
Fear ushers him on circling the Joe, then lunges at him. The two dance around each other with hand-to-hand combat, seemingly evenly matched. “I remember you now, you are the one who captured me after I killed your commander.”
“And you deem to send me to the same place?”
“No, I deem to send you straight to hell.”
Fear laughs. “We’ll see.”

Fallout pulls up over the Cobra Troopers seeing Lt. Graves loading a mortar round into a launcher aimed for the transport. “Joe’s, get out of there now!”
“What?” Targets voice cracks over the com link.
“Get out of there now, their going to blow the transport!”
“Holy...GO…GO…MOVE IT!!” He screams to his teammates as the mortar round soars through the air.
“Where…there’s no cover.” Pebbles panics.
“Just get some cover!

“Looks like your team is done for Lt. Storm.” Fear mocks.
“What?” He looks back as the transport explodes, the force knocking him and the Major to the ground. Pieces of truck tires and the H.A.L drop around them, flaming debris covering the battlefield.
Lt. Storm shakes his head, sitting on his hands and knees on the ground. He taps his com link trying to contact his team, unable to get a response.
“Looks like you loose, again.” Major Fear stands over him holding his gun on him that is loaded with the diamond tipped bullets. “Give my regards to your commander will you.” Storm looks down then in a rage swings his fists up locked together knocking the gun from the Major’s hand. “Still have some fight left in you, good.”

Graves looks up as the mini copter passes over and Fallout drops from it knocking him to the ground. “I’m gonna enjoy beating on you.” He growls pulling Graves up by his shirt and punching him repeatedly in the face. Typhoon charges to pull the Joe off being slammed with a bent piece of rebar by Chamber.
“Not so fast seagull.” He grunts, smoldering and dirty from the explosion.
Anaconda decides to slip away as the remaining Canadian soldiers engage the Cobra Troopers.
“Hey witch, where do you think you are going?” Pebbles says stepping in front of her.
“Oh cute you have your name on your uniform.” She mocks. “Where’s the bone in your hair?”
“At least my red hair is natural and not a bad dye job.”
“Oh you bitch you are so going to pay for that. I am Anaconda and you will feel my grip around your neck, squeezing the life from you.”
“Blah, blah, blah, so far all talk and no action. Bring it.” Pebbles motions her on, the two red heads engaging in hand-to-hand combat.
Target pulls Athena to safety trying to snap her back to reality. “God Christan please come back to us.” He looks into her eyes only seeing a vacant stare back at him.

Major Fear ducks as a round house kick by Lt. Storm follow through with a punch to the Joe’s stomach. “Face it Lt. Storm, your career is short lived. I do have to admit I like your uniforms, very coordinated.”
“Conceited aren’t you?”
“Thank you.” Fear blocks Storm’s punches. “You are an excellent fighter, so much rage behind you. Maybe you should join the Cobra cause.”
“I’m already part of a team, one that’s been stopping yours for years now.” Storm knees Fear in the gut slamming is fist into the Major’s back then forces him back. “Maybe you’ve heard of them…” He roundhouses Fear kicking him in the face blood spewing from his nose. “G.I.Joe.”
Fear watches his blood drip to the ground, looking around for his pistol.

Anaconda lets out a scream as Pebbles yanks on her hair forcing her face into her knee. “Cheep shot. But maybe you should be more worried about your leader.”
“Did I stutter?”
Pebbles punches Anaconda across the face. “Spill, or your blood will flow.”
“Major Fear has something special for him, not even your fancy armor can stop it.”
Pebbles drops her, feeling gripped by panic tapping her com. “Storm, come in…please…sir…” She looks around seeing him fighting with Major Fear. “Lt Storm, sir come in!!”
“Was the matter, can’t he hear you?”
Pebbles backhands Anaconda running towards her leader, past Chamber and Fallout.
“Hey, where is she going?”
“Got me Chamber.” Fallout smashes his head off of Graves, the kid stagers back. “Do you hear a horn?” He looks down the road as a large navy blue Hummer barrels down the road. “Son of a…he’s not slowing down.”

Major Fear grabs a piece of the H.A.L’s laser canon swinging it at Lt. Storm hitting him across the face. Storm staggers back dropping to the ground, his head ringing, and vision blurred. Fear runs for his pistol retrieving it. “Now, time for you to die.”
Storm shakes his head trying to regain his balance, hearing a voice screaming at him. He looks over to see Pebbles running as fast as her long legs will carry her, then turns his attention back to Major Fear seeing doubles of him.
“All your bravado, all your clever planning is all for not. You may have stopped me from getting the nuclear weapons today, but the war for you will end.” Fear boasts looking over at Pebbles. “Ah, here to watch your leader die, excellent. It’s always good to have witnesses. To bad you’re not faster then a speeding bullet, you’ll never reach me in time.” He turns his attention back to Lt. Storm who slowly is regaining his singular vision, his head still ringing. “Goodbye.” He pulls the trigger, the hammer coming down on the butt of the bullet firing it, spinning it out of its chamber.
“NOOOO!!!!” Pebbles screams. She thumps into Storm, never trying to reach Major Fear but to save her friend.
Storm feels himself falling to the ground as a horn blares in the background, not knowing if its his head or something else seeing Pebbles falling to the ground.
“She sacrificed herself for you, how noble. This battle is over, we will meet again.” Major Fear climbs into the Hummer along with the rest of his team and Lady D.
Storm watches as the Hummer rips through the rest of the burning debris then spots Pebbles laying face down on the ground. “Julie…?” He crawls towards her, still not feeling stable on his legs. “Julie?” He shakes her feeling sad. “Oh god no.” Storm slowly rolls her over as she coughs, blood running from the bullet she took to save him. “No, no…this isn’t…”
“Saved you…stopped him…couldn’t let him take you…” She shudders looking up at his water filled eyes. “I feel cold.”
“Its…okay…I’m here with you.”
“Wouldn’t have it…any other way…” Julie groans. “I hurt…could you hold me…its getting colder. Sorry I picked on you…in high school.”
“It’s okay.” Storm pulls his friend up to him wrapping his arms tightly around her.
“You…you are a good leader…glad a served with you. I’m getting tired, think I’ll close my eyes…get some rest.”
“You do that, you earned it.” He looks down into her eyes as she smiles at him taking his hand, then closes her eyes and takes one last breath. Storm grips her hand as he feels it slipping from his. “No…god…no.” His tears run down his face.
“STORM!” Chamber shouts running towards him followed by Chamber and Target carrying Athena and the remaining Canadian Military Soldiers.
“What’s…?” Fallout drops to his knees next to Storm who is still clutching his high school friend. “Oh no.”
“Is she?”
Lt. Storm looks up at Target noticing Athena trembling and rambling in his arms. “Yeah, she’s gone. Sacrificed herself to save me.”
“The Serpent Squad got away.” Chamber informs.
“It doesn’t matter right now, call in an extraction. What happened to Athena?”
“She saw a guy get decapitated.” Chamber explains. “She’s lost it.”
Lt. Storm slides his arms under Pebbles rising to his feet. “Lets get to the extraction point and go home.”
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