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Canada's Elite #19


Canada's Elite #19

Postby Lt Storm » 22 Apr 2011 17:17


Chapter 19

Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Vaughn and Nightingale walk down the country road, just outside of the town. Vaughn dressed in a grey pin striped suit, Nightingale dressed in a dark green skirt suit ensemble with a blonde wig.
“I should have worn a pant suit.” She grumbles.
“This northern breeze is blowing up my skirt; we should have rented or stolen a car.”
“Yes, it is quite cool for early spring here.”
“That’s the beauty of this country for you; at least there isn’t any snow.”
“I believe that is it.” Vaughn says pointing down the road.
Up the road is a quaint county log cabin where Lucy Danvers works in her kitchen giving it a good spring cleaning. Her auburn coloured hair pulled back into a bun, wearing worn jeans and a long sleeve pink sweat shirt. Whenever she’s on leave she loves to come to her home town to get away from it all. Her husband purchased the cabin five years ago; it was a birthday present for her. She dumps her mop in the bucket of water as a knock raps on her door. She rests the handle against the counter and heads through the dining room and into the living room to the front door.
“Yes?” Lucy smiles.
“Are you Mrs. Danvers?” Vaughn inquires to make sure they have the right woman.
“Yes I am.”
“Good.” Nightingale quickly pulls out a pistol equipped with a silencer, pointing it right between her eyes and fires. Blood sprays out from the entry point, some splashing across The Black Major. The back of Lucy’s head splits open spraying chunks of brain, skull and flesh all over her clean floors. Her body drops like a sack of potatoes, lifeless.
“Well, that was quick.”
“We’re here to kill not to torture.” Nightingale kicks Lucy’s body back shutting the door. “Let’s get moving and back to our helicopter, we have more to kill.” There’s almost too much pleasure in her voice. “Did you see that instance of fear in her eyes before I pulled the trigger?”
“No, but a bit of warning would have been nice, I need a new suit now.” Vaughn remarks looking down at the blood on his jacket.
“Sorry about that, I have an itchy trigger finger.” She smiles. As the two head back up the road from where they came a breeze kicks up as large flakes of snow begin to fall.

Feedback rolls himself across the floor in his seat to the printer, snatching up a sheet of paper. “Here you go sir.” He says spinning around to hand it to Lt Storm, who is standing at the center table talking with General Hawk.
“Good, call the team in, we need to get them each out to these people.”
“The last person on the list, Rebecca had listed as MIA; do you know where she is?”
“Yes...I do. Where’s Flint?”
“Where do you think he is?” Hawk says.
Several levels below are the secure holding cells; they haven’t been used since the Canada’s Elite base was built. Now, they have their first prisoner, Dela Eden of the Red Shadows. She sits in her cramped cell on her thin uncomfortable mattress, dressed in a grey jumpsuit.
Flint stands looking at her with his arms crossed, dressed in his specially designed Canada’s Elite uniform.
“WHAT!” Dela screams at him not getting a response. She leaps up grabbing the cell bars. “You’ve come down here every single day and you just stand there for hours not saying anything!” Still no response. “SAY SOMETHING!” Dela snarls.
“Losing your sanity are you? Good.” Flint turns and walks down the hall towards the security exits.
Flint stops and looks back at here. “Yes we can, the only ones who know we have you are The Red Shadows, and what are they going to do, call the police? Face it Dela, you’re going to rot down here.” He continues on his way through the checkpoints and to the elevator swiping his pass card. The optical scanner verifies his identity before the doors open. “Goodbye Dela.” He says as the doors slide shut.
Up on the main level the team have all assembled in the main briefing room. Feedback hands out printouts to each of them with pictures and addresses of the personnel on Lt Storm’s recruitment list.
“We have reason to believe the Red Shadows have accessed sensitive information. These people are potential targets, each of them are on leave right now with the exception of Max here.” Storm glances over at McNamara who is shocked to hear him mentioned.”
“What kind of list is this?” Fallout inquires.
“Am I on the list?” Steven asks looking over Max’s shoulder.
“No, you’re not.” Storm replies. “Charles Ambers is currently on assignment, Fallout and Hotwire will go retrieve him. I doubt they’d attack a heavily guarded base but just in case, bring him back here.” Storm looks over as Flint enters the room, which Hawk quickly pulls aside. “Afterburner and Chamber, your assignment is Timothy Towers. McNamara and Medic, you have Lucy Danvers. Maniac you’re with me, we’ll cover Harvey Todd. Feedback will be here assisted by General Hawk as our communications hub. G.I., Snow Squall and Flint you will be on standby if we need extra air support. Alright you have your assignments; those who are going out follow me to the hanger bay.”
“Uh Sir, what’s my code name?” Max asks.
“Oh yes, sorry about that, it’s Dust Off.”
Steven stands watching as everyone head out, the only one not to get an assignment. He looks over at Hawk who is waiting for the young man’s question. “He didn’t tell me what to do?”
“What does that tell you?”
“I...don’t know? He doesn’t think I’m ready?”
“Right.” Hawk gives his wheels a push and begins to roll for the command center.
“But why?”
“You’re a greenshirt, a rookie, new to the team and this isn’t boot camp. When he feels you are ready he’ll allow you to join in on a mission.”
“But I proved myself...”
“No, the only thing you did was prove you are impulsive, reckless, and irresponsible.”
Steven stands in the briefing room pondering Hawk’s words, and hangs his head.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Vaughn sits behind the wheel of a Hummer traversing the city streets. He looks over at Nightingale who is studying their next target. “What you did to the man we stole this truck from...”
“What? Just ‘cause you shot him in the chest doesn’t mean he wasn’t still alive.”
“Yes, but to dismember him like you did...”
“Honey, when I do a job I do my job. No survivors, everyone dies.”
“The people on that list are our targets.” Vaughn snaps.
“And so is everyone else we come in contact with, we can’t leave a single person alive to tip off the authorities before our mission is completed.”
The Black Major grimaces keeping his eyes on the road, his admiration for this woman beginning to lessen. She’s fierce and strong, but unbalanced and a loose cannon. “We’re almost there; we’ll have to get past the door with this one.” He remarks referring to Lucy whom she shot at her front door.
“I’ll use my feminine wiles.” Nightingale smiles as she bats her eyelashes.

The John H. Chapman Space Center, Headquarters of the Canadian Space Agency, Logueuil, Quebec, in the borough of Saint-Hubert. People swarm to the windows and parking lot as an Attack Chopper lands swirling up dirt particles from the blacktop. Hotwire slips out the side door and hurries for the building, ignoring the security that is quickly approaching.
“Ma’am, please stop and...” An MP shouts.
“Take it up with the guy in the helicopter, I have more important business!” She shouts.
The man looks displeased and heads up to the helicopter. “Uh sir, this parking lot is not for aircraft.”
Fallout flashes his ID to the man who instantly backs off. “Sorry Sir.” The man turns to the others waving them back. “They’re good.” He pulls out his two-way pressing down the talk button. “There’s an unidentified woman heading in dressed in red and grey, you are to let her pass.”
“Excuse me?” A voice responds.
“You heard me, she’s not a threat, let her pass.”
Hotwire smiles at the guards as she hurries through reaching the receptionist. “Excuse me, where can I find Charles Ambers?”
“Uh he’s...” The receptionist looks Hotwire up and down.
“I’ll take you to him.” A lab technician interrupts leading Hotwire down the hall. “When we saw the military helicopter land outside we figured you were here for him.”
“Really?” Hotwire says a bit confused, not knowing much about the man. She is lead into an employee locker room where she finds a dark haired man changing. “Oh excuse me.” She blushes turning her back to him.
“Dude, I said to bring her here, not bring her in here.”
“Sorry about that Charlie she looked in a hurry.” The man apologises before leaving the room.
“So, who are you?”
“That’s need to know.”
“Well, I’d take it since you’re here to pick me up that I need to know.” Charlie remarks as he pulls on his pants.
“My code name is Hotwire.”
“You have no idea why you are here to pick me up do you?”
“No, I don’t I’m just following orders.”
He laughs quickly buttoning up his shirt and grabbing his leather jacket. “Well, it might have something to do with my specialty in Space Operations, or Computers.”
“It could.” Hotwire glances back at him seeing him fully dressed now and removing a leather case from his locker before shutting it.
“Or it could be my dashing good looks.”
“Then they sent the wrong woman.”
“Oh, hard to get?”
“You could say that, now come on we need to get moving.”
“You seem on edge.”
“If you knew what I did so would you.” Hotwire says as she grabs her radio. “Got him, we’re on our way out.”
“Roger that.” Fallout responds.
“Come on, handsome.” She jokes. “Keep close, and do as I say. If we run into any opposition you are to find the nearest cover and keep your head down, understood?”
“Yes ma’am.” Charlie says with a bit of bravado behind his voice.
They make their way outside to the Attack Chopper climbing aboard and quickly taking off. Below two Red Shadow Troopers sit in a civilian car watching as the chopper ascend. The driver turns to his passenger with a concerned look on his face.
“They are not going to like this.” The passenger says.
“Call it in.”
“I’m driving.”
The Red Shadow flips open his cell phone, his hands shaking as he dials. “Jerk.” He curses under his breath, not wanting to be the bearer of bad news.

Nightingale walks up to the home of Harvey Todd, an MP and Counter Intelligence Specialist who is on leave. She is dressed in a short skirt and tight top showing off her cleavage, where she’s hiding her gun would be a good question. She raps on his door waiting for him to answer.
Within moments the man answers dressed in green and yellow plaid pyjama bottoms. “Hello.” He smiles at her.
“Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. My car broke down and I’m freezing cold in this outfit. Could I call for a tow truck and maybe warm up?”
“Sure, come on in.” He steps aside taking a good look at her. “The phone is in the kitchen. Help yourself to something to drink while you wait, I was just about to take a shower.”
“Well then, don’t let me stop you.” Nightingale smiles.
“Oh, my names Harvey by the way what’s yours?”
“Anything you want it to be.” She winks as she picks up the phone and pretends to dial.
“Nice.” He smiles back adjusting his pyjama bottoms and heading off to take his shower.
Nightingale slips off her heals and waits until she hears the water turn on then slowly makes her way down the hall. She can hear the water hitting his body, and begins to strip off her clothes as she sneaks into the washroom. The glass shower door is already steamed up and he is inside scrubbing down his body. Slowly Nightingale opens the door and greats Harvey with a smile.
“Wow, you look...just wow.” He grins.
“Thank you.”
“You keep in really good shape.” He says admiring her form.
“So do you.” She says looking down at him then up his body. “I see you’re ready to go.”
“The moment you walked in my door.”
“Oh? Were you planning on taking advantage of me?” She smiles.
“The thought did cross my mind.” He moans feeling her hands on his body.
“Good because this will make it so much easier.” She leans into him kissing him on the lips as he wraps his arms around her. “I like to be rough.” Nightingale whispers in his ear.
“Damn, this is my lucky day.” He grunts.
“You wish.” She gasps pulling a hidden string from her hair and quickly wraps it around his neck. “Sorry honey, but I’m here to kill you, not to fulfill your fantasy as fun as that may have been.”
They both fall to the shower floor, as he fights to loosen her grip.
Nightingale sits on him laughing as he tries to hit her. “Oh don’t give out on me just yet.” She moans leaning down to kiss him, giving him the chance to knock her off of him. “Dammit...”
“What in the...whom the hell are you?” Harvey gasps pulling the wire from his neck.
“Duh, I told you I was here to kill you.”
“Because you’re on a list, a list of people who have to die.”
“Yeah and what if I don’t want to?”
“You don’t have a choice.” Nightingale smiles at him, knowing this is going to be much more fun with someone who wants to fight back. She thinks she should have toyed with Lucy a bit more instead of killing her so quickly.

Nightingale lies in bed with Harvey running her hands over his body, he just stares back at her not moving. She sits up and smiles at him, then slides herself off the bed. “Our ranks could use some filling out.”
“Then it’s a deal, you don’t kill me and I join you?”
“Why do you want to join us, what reason do you have?”
“You don’t know?”
“No, all I know is that you are currently on leave.”
Harvey laughs. “Yeah and there’s more to it than just that. There was an altercation at my base, some anti-war nutcase tried to sneak in, I caught him.”
“Oh?” Nightingale sits back down on the bed, intrigued with how the story will go.
“A few of us guys decided to make an example of him; we stripped him naked, beat the crap out of him and then cuffed him to the main gate.”
“Oh my.” She coos, enthralled with the vision in her head.
“We were sick of these people, I was singled out, the others said I instigated it and they just went along out of fear.”
“Did you?”
“Yes. Of course the guy we beat got off with no charges as long as he keeps his mouth shut. I was put on leave while they decide what to do with me.”
Nightingale climbs up on him, sitting on his stomach. “I’m sure General Singer would love to have you on our team. Gather what you want to take with you; I’ll take care of everything else.” She smiles having a wicked plan forming in her head.

Down the street Vaughn waits for Nightingale to return, figuring she is taking way too long. He finally sees her approaching with the man she was supposed to kill. “What is this?”
“He’s coming with us.”
“We’re to eliminate them all, not recruit them.”
“He’s joining the Liberators, and we need to go, now.” She says as they pile into the vehicle. “And I mean now.” From down the street there is a massive explosion sending a fire ball up into the sky.
“Whoa, that’s what you were doing with all my aerosols?” Harvey asks.
“Yes, stick them in oven and let it warm up, they can create quite the explosion. Now Vaughn darling, would you get us out of here and to our next target?”
The Black Major glares at Nightingale as he puts the vehicle in gear, and tears off for their next destination.

Lynn Lake, Dust Off lands the RHINO Copter down on the country road stirring up dust and dirt, whipping up the fresh dusting of snow and swaying the trees back and forth. Medic jumps out and hurries up towards the house followed closely behind by Dust Off; she raps on the door and rings the bell.
“No one home I guess.” Dust Off says turning his back to leave.
“Wait...” Medic examines something on the porch.
“What is it?”
“I think its blood.”
“Stand back.” Dust Off pulls out his hand gun shooting at the lock, then pushes the door open. “Oh $%@!.”
“Oh my god.” Medic leans down looking over Lucy’s body, and examines the gun shot between the eyes.
Dust Off walks off the porch feeling like he’s going to throw up, having noticed the chunks of her head across the floor. He taps his ear communicator activating his connection to the base. “This is Dust Off reporting in...Medic and I are at Lucy Danvers, we’re too late.”
“What do you mean, too late?” Feedback responds.

General Hawk looks over at Feedback who has a sad look on his face. “What’s wrong?”
“I knew her, not really well; she was a very dedicated soldier and family woman.”
“Let’s check in with the rest.”
Feedback nods focusing on his work. “Base to Lt Storm and Maniac do you copy?”
“Maniac here, target is a no go. Place is sky high with flames, we’re circling now, local authorities are on scene. We’ll be in touch once we have more info, doesn’t look like it’s been burning long.”
“Send Flint and his team to back up Afterburner A.S.A.P.” Storm says.
“Roger that Sir.”
“I’ll take care of that, you radio Afterburner.”
“Thanks Hawk.” Feedback switches radio links to the last of the team. “Base to Afterburner, do you copy?”
“We copy; we’re nearly at our mark.”
“Lt Storm requested to send Flint and the others for backup, one target confirmed dead, the other is unknown at the moment. Be ready for resistance.”

The Black Major pulls up to the home of Timothy Towers in, Cadilac Saskatchewan. “Let’s make this one quick shall we?” He grunts at Nightingale.
“As long as I can make it messy.” She smiles back at him.
“What about him? “ Vaughn nods at Harvey.
“He can keep the car running.”
“No, he can come with me you stay here.” Vaughn says, hatching a plan.
“Fine, whatever.” Nightingale huffs nestling herself back into the seat.
Vaughn motions for Harvey to follow him as they approach the home.
“Hi.” A young boy says peddling his tricycle up the driveway.
“Hello.” Vaughn smiles. “Is your father home?”
“Yep, I’ll get him.”
“Oh no need, my associate here will go talk to him, why don’t you show me how fast you can go on your bike?”
The boy smiles, excited to show off, not noticing the gun The Black Major passes to Harvey. He keeps an eye on the new recruit Nightingale has taken in as he heads up to the house and knocks on the door.
“Yes?” Timothy answers, a dishtowel swung over his broad shoulders, his jet black hair trimmed in a crew cut.
“Hi, I was hoping you could help us, we’re trying to find the hospital. My sister isn’t feeling well and my dad wants to have her looked at.”
Timothy looks over at Vaughn who is watching the boy peddle up and down the driveway. “Yeah sure, I’ll draw you a map, come on in.”
“Thanks so much.” Harvey follows the man inside. “We were just passing through and stopped at a little restaurant to eat.”
“Yeah you gotta watch some of those places.” Tim responds as he picks up a pen and pad of paper off the kitchen counter. “The hospital is really easy to find from here.”
“Good. So...is it just you and the boy?”
“Good.” Harvey pulls the gun out from the back of his pants pointing it at the back of Tim’s head. “Sorry about this.”
Tim quickly moves as the shot is fired, missing him. He spins around grabbing Harvey’s arms. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”
Outside the boy hears the shot, suddenly concerned for what’s going on inside. “Daddy?” He leaps off his bike running for the house as Harvey barrels out the door knocking the kid over, blood on his hands.
“Did you do it?” Vaughn inquires.
“It’s done.” Harvey grunts.

Above Afterburner and Chamber come into view noticing the commotion below. “Looks like we have a situation down there.”
“Buzz them.” Chamber says arming their weapons.
“Hold your fire, there’s a child below, hang on.” Afterburner takes the RHINO Copter down so they can get a better look at the two fleeing men. “Oh my god...” She gasps. “Afterburner to base, we have two suspects fleeing the scene, one is The Black Major.”
“That’s not all; the woman in the Hummer looked like Nightingale.” Chamber adds.
“Son of a...” Feedback’s voice crackles over the line.
The neighbours all come out from their homes to watch the excitement.
“Burner, the boy is on the ground.”
“Base, we have to land, there’s a child on scene.”
“Copy that, Flint and the others are in the vicinity, you should be seeing them soon.”
“Roger, we see the Attack Chopper.” Chamber replies as Afterburner lands the Copter.
Both rush out, Afterburner running for the boy, hearing him crying as she gets closer. “Oh thank god.” She exhales. “Honey are you alright?” She asks kneeling down next to the young boy checking him over as Chamber runs up to the house bursting inside. “It’s okay, you’re safe now.” Afterburner takes the boy into her arms holding him.
Chamber looks around hearing sounds coming from the kitchen. He rushes in then leaps back seeing a gun pointed at him. “Don’t shoot.”
“Who the hell are you?” The man coughs.
“Special Ops...” Chamber notices the pool of blood under Timothy.
“Bugger stabbed me in the back...can’t feel my legs…my boy…”
“He’s safe.” Chamber taps the com device in his ear. “Feedback, I need medical assistance immediately.”
“Already alerted and on their way.”
Chamber gets Tim to roll on his side so he can examine the wound. “This is deep.” He grabs the dish towel that is lying on the floor and balls it up applying pressure. “We have help on the way, hang on.”

Flint pulls the Attack Chopper up just missing some hydro wires that string across the road as they pursue the fleeing vehicle.
“Holy...” G.I. grunts not prepared for the up heave. “Can we open fire yet?”
“No, they are weaving through traffic; we can’t risk injuring any civilians.”
“Feedback to Flint, I have notified the local authorities to keep out of the way.”
“Good, they’ll only get in the way.”
“Chamber and Afterburner identified two of the people as The Black Major, and Nightingale.”
“Who’s Nightingale?”
“She was the woman who kidnapped Lt Storm and tortured him.” Snow Squall informs Flint.
“Great, another whack job.”
G.I watches below as Nightingale weaves in and out of traffic, avoiding collisions but leaving some in her wake. “We need to force them out somewhere away from civilians.”
“Agreed, I’m going to buzz them again, you two grab a couple weapons and see if you can punch some holes in their ride. Just be careful not to hit any bystanders.”
“Gotchya Flint.” G.I says following Snow Squall into the back.
“Hang on.” Flint circles around bringing the Attack Chopper in low frightening people below. “You’ll get one good shot men, make it count, and drive them towards the highway.”
“Roger that!” Snow Squall shouts. “Alright you murderous little twit, let’s see how well you drive when being shot at.” Both Joe’s open fire getting direct hits on the Hummer.

“Ignorant bastards.” The Major grunts. “Do something about them will you?” He snaps handing Harvey a gun. “And make every bullet count.”
“No problem.” He smirks rolling down the window and leaning out firing at the Copter. “Suck on this Joe’s!”
“See, he’s very useful.” Nightingale gloats.
“Not if we don’t get away from the G.I.Joe’s, they’re trying to force us towards the highway.”
Nightingale laughs. “You worry too much Vaughn.” She pulls a small radio from her pocket placing it into her ear, tapping the button to activate it. “Inserters, operation cover fire.”
“I never go anywhere without back up, I figured the Joe’s might catch up with us so I had a squad waiting in the wings. We just need to hold out a little bit longer.”
“Well, I hope you have some more tricks up your sleeve, cause we’re out of bullets.” Harvey says as he slides back in.
“Hang on to your sacks boys; we’re taking this off road.” Nightingale mounts the curb nearly hitting a few pedestrians. “Damn, missed.” She laughs.
“This vehicle is too big for such a manoeuvre.” Vaughn grunts leaning away from the sides as the vehicles scraps along store fronts, the side mirror breaking off. “Good thing this doesn’t belong to us.”
“I hope the person you stole it from has good insurance.” Harvey gets a look from The Black Major as Nightingale laughs. “What?”
“The person we stole this vehicle from is dead.” Vaughn answers, grabbing onto his seat as they take out a fire hydrant.
“Whoops.” Nightingale swerves back onto the street slamming into the side of a transport truck that quickly loses control.

“She’s crazy.” Snow Squall comments, trying to take aim for the vehicles tires.
“Yeah, we already established that awhile ago.” G.I. remarks. “Flint, we can’t get a clean shot and she’s causing too much havoc, we need a new plan.”
“We need more than that...we have company.” Flint says pulling the Copter up breaking their pursuit as three green and brown camouflage painted fighter jets head their way. “Get your asses back up here and man the weapons.”
“On it.” Snow Squall quickly takes control of the missiles as G.I. takes control of the gun turrets. “Let’s knock these birds down.”
“One problem...” G.I. says tapping his screen. “My targeting navigator is out.”
“Must have been the gun shots the unidentified man hit us with.” Flint says as he brings them about. “Flint to all Joe units, we have three boogies here, forced to break pursuit of enemy vehicle.”
“No, keep on them they won’t risk shooting you down.” Lt Storm responds.
“What!?!” Flint blurts. “You want me to piggy back them?”
“Yes, Maniac and I aren’t far out, we’ll be there soon to cover you.”
“I hope you’re right about this.”
“Trust me.”
Flint brings the Attack Copter down hovering over the speeding Hummer. “Hold on to your pants boys, this is going to get hairy.”

Nightingale swerves the Hummer trying to shake the Attack Copter above them. “That crazy fool, what is he doing?”
“He’s using us as cover. If your Inserters fire on the G.I.Joe helicopter we’ll get caught in the blast.” The Black Major explains. “Only if there was a tunnel or overpass...”
“Hey, where’d all the traffic go?” Harvey says noting the lack of auto’s on the highway.
“The authorities must have routed everyone off.” Vaughn snarls.
“Any bright idea’s boys?” Nightingale asks. “I’m open for suggestions.”
“Hit the breaks...the Joe Copter won’t be expecting that it’ll...” The Black Major is distracted by machine gun fire and missiles over head. He glances out the window behind them. “A smaller helicopter is attacking our air support.”
“This just went from worse to worser.” Harvey grumbles.
“You could always jump out and take your chances with the G.I.Joe’s.” Vaughn snaps.

“Lt Storm to Flint, we’re engaging enemy aircraft break pursuit and assist.” Storm relays as he brings the high speed mini attack helicopter around, having taken out one of the fighter jets. The enemy jet spirals out of control, crashing into the line of trees along the highway.
“Roger that Storm.” Flint responds.
“Sir, we have one coming up on our six.”
“We’ve got you covered.” Afterburner says over the com link as Chamber opens fire with their crafts weapons, lighting a round up the enemy jet thrusters.
“Taking evasive action...hang on...” Storm grunts as he pulls the helicopter up and away from the exploding fighter jet as it rockets past them. “Last one is all yours Flint.”
“Copy that, count this one as toasted.” The American Joe smirks bringing the Attack Copter around as G.I. launches several missiles at it, blowing it into pieces.

“Well...that went poorly.” Nightingale says disappointedly. “We certainly under estimated the preparedness of the Joe’s.”
“We? That was all you my dear.” Vaughn informs her. “And now we have three helicopters after us.”
“That was just a warm up.” She smiles radioing in for more support. “This should even the odds up.” From above four more fighter jets descend, along with a large cargo plane that drops a few ground troops and a tank down on the highway. “Let’s see the Joe’s handle that.”
“You must have been a girl scout when you were younger.” Harvey jokes.
“Those pansies, heck no I’m a woman, I’m always prepared.”

“Suggest we break off and regroup.” Flint says over the com.
“No, she’s not getting away, cover me.” Storm says hitting his thrusters and chasing after the fleeing Hummer.
“Storm no!” Flint shouts trying to dodge missile fire from the enemy jets.
“There’s too many of them.” Afterburner manoeuvres her helicopter to avoid a missile. “That was too close.”
“You’re telling me.” Chamber exhales. “Returning fire.” He launches a few targeted missiles off as they pass over one of the jets hitting it. “Yeah!”
“Sir, we have a bogie on us...closing in fast.” Maniac relays to Storm who ignores him. “Sir...”
“I heard you, lock weapons on the Hummer.”
“Locking weapons...” Maniac thumbs the lunch button waiting for his order and watching the radar as the fighter jet closes in. “Sir...they’re locking weapons on us...within firing range.”
“Just a little closer...”
“They’ve launched missiles!”
Afterburner watches as the missiles chase down Lt Storm’s helicopter. “PULL UP!” She screams.
“STORM!!” Flint shouts watching as the missiles hit their tail wing blowing it apart. The canopy bursts as the rotor brakes free and the passengers are ejected from the burning helicopter. “Afterburner, enemy fighter jets are breaking off attack, keep me covered we’re going in to pick up the crazy bastard.”
“Roger that.”

“You might want to step on it Nightingale.” Vaughn calmly says as Storm’s helicopter comes crashing down behind them.
“Son-of-a...” She floors the accelerator speeding towards the tank ahead and swerves around it using it as shield as the helicopter hits exploding into a massive fireball. “Scratch one tank from our force.” Nightingale laughs as the cargo plane descends to pick them up. “Hang on gentlemen, this will be rough.”

Flint stands out on the highway as Storm and Maniac land releasing their chutes. “That had to be the stupidest nut brained stunt I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them.” He snaps at Lt Storm. “You just risked your life and the life of your teammate for petty revenge!”
“Like you should talk, Flint.” Storm snaps back, referring to his vengeance on Dela Eden. “Flint...I’m...”
“You little...” Flint punches Storm across the face knocking the Canada’s Elite commander to the ground. He charges off to cool down as Afterburner runs past him giving him a dirty look. “He deserved it.”
Maniac helps Storm to his feet, his lip split and bleeding.
“Oh my god, are you okay?”
“I’m fine Afterburner.” Lt Storm says rubbing his jaw. “Let’s help get this mess cleared.” He says as the local authorities and rescue units arrive on the scene. “How’s the fuel in your helicopter?”
“Minimal, should make it to the closest airport for refuelling.”
“Good, you’re in charge here, I’m going to check on Mr. Towers and return to Todd’s residence to see if they have found anything. I’ll see you back at base.”
“Yes Sir.” Afterburner frowns watching as Storm heads for her copter.
“Wow...that was...” Maniac starts.
“Something we won’t talk about right now Maniac. Let’s just do what we’re told and get back to base.”
“Yes ma’am.” Maniac says as Snow Squall and G.I. walk up with fire extinguishers from the Attack Copter, to use until the fire department arrives. “Let’s see if there are any survivors in that tank and take them into custody.” He says looking at the burning wreckage.
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