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Canada's Elite #18


Canada's Elite #18

Postby Lt Storm » 22 Apr 2011 17:14


Chapter 18

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, somewhere in Southern Ontario.
Several levels below ground level, in the holding cells sit Max and Steven, both unaware of what is going to happen to them. Max risked his years in the Canadian Air Force to bring his long time family friend Steven Soto, who calls himself Red Dragon, out to fight along with the Canadian G.I.Joe team. After that they were escorted back to the base, where they have sat for two days. They have only seen one guard who brings them their food. The cell has a bunk bed, table, two chairs, toilet and sink with a half wall around the washroom area.
“Man, if I wasn’t worried before I am now.” Max moans, lying on the lower bunk. “They haven’t even brought us any clean clothes, or clothes period. I’m not partial to sitting in the same boxers for...how long now?”
“A couple days I guess.” Steven responds, sitting in a chair that he’s pulled up to the cell bars.
“And dude, what is with you wearing bikini briefs?”
Steven looks over at Max. “We’ve been here together for two days and now you ask me?”
“Well, I wasn’t sure how to approach it.”
“I wear them because they give me the least restraint.”
“Boxer briefs give the same comfort, and support.” Max jokes.
“Just be glad I don’t go commando.”
“Dude.” Max tosses his pillow at Steven. “Man you’re parents are going to kill me.”
“I doubt that, why do you think I’ve gotten into so much trouble.”
“Yeah, even when you’re trying to do something good trouble follows you.”
“I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever I can to get you out of this.”
“Man, I hold a higher rank than you do and I doubt I can get myself out of this.”
Steven lowers his head. “I’m so sorry.”
“Its okay man, I should have known better. Guess I was looking for some excitement myself. I should have just dropped you off there and left.”
“No, I mean...you’ve always been like a big brother to me.”
Max gets up from the bed walking over to Steven putting a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, don’t worry about it we both got ourselves into this.” He smiles at Steven and pats him on the side of the face. “Man, you barely even have any stubble, how often do you shave?”
Steven perks up looking down the hall. “Someone’s coming.”
Fallout approaches the cell with two base guards dressed in two tone grey camouflage. Fallout holds a key card in his hand. “Alright ladies, time for a shower.” He says swiping the key card and opening up the cell. He directs the two out and further down the hall to a large tiled room. “Okay, off with the shorts boys.”
The two do as they are told, Max looking around the drab light grey tiled room. “I don’t see any taps?” Max remarks.
“That’s because there are none.” Fallout tosses them a couple bars of soap and walks over to a fire hose that hangs on the wall. “This is going to be cold gents.” He turns the water on them hosing them down. “Better scrub up fast, I have things to do.”

Above in his office Lt Storm sits with General Hawk, both discussing their two captives in the holding cells. Storm dressed in his red and grey camouflage pants and grey long sleeved shirt, Hawk in his civilian clothes.
“You have to be kidding me, one is too young and the other aided him which could get him court marshalled.” Storm says.
“Mr McNamara could have left Red Dragon behind, he didn’t. That shows dedication to your fellow soldier.”
“Steven was involved with the Earth Dawn group.”
“Was he not the one who gave you the information you needed to stop the toxin?”
“Yes.” Storm gets up from his seat and looks out the window at the bright blue sky. “Alright, if you think this is the best course of action.”
“I do.” Hawk smiles. “Trust me; having a ninja on the team isn’t as bad as you might think.”
Lt Storm laughs. “Yeah, but yours is a guy no one wants to mess with, Steven is young, brash, and reckless.”
“He might be, but he has a drive and desire to be part of something bigger. You can’t deny that.”
“I guess I can’t.” Storm thinks of his friend Zach, who left the team after being shot by General Singer.

Fallout tries not to laugh at the two guys who try to wash themselves while not dropping the soap or falling on their asses. He reaches for the tap shutting off the hose. “Okay ladies that’s it.”
“Lieutenant Storm, Sir!” The guards at the holding cell elevator announce both saluting him.
“At ease.”
Max and Steven both notice this and try to stand at attention without slipping on the soapy floor, or shivering from their cold shower.
“Are you finished here Fallout?”
“Yes Sir, the guys are all cleaned up.”
“Good, now give them their towels to dry off.”
“Yes Sir.” Fallout opens a cabinet pulling out two large white bath towels, handing them over to Max and Steven.
“Do you two understand the severity of the situation you are in?” Lt Storm says walking towards a locked room. The two wrap their towels around them and follow him. “Mr McNamara, you revealed top secret information to a recruit with a history of trouble. Mr. Soto, even though you did aid us in stopping the Earth Dawn organization, you too violated protocol and used a friendship for personal gain.” Storm enters an access code that opens the locked door on the room where clothing is housed as well as medical supplies. “After thinking this situation over for a few days and seeking advice I’ve come to a decision.”
Both Max and Steven look at each other, both expecting to be court marshalled.
Lt Storm opens up a locker handing them both a pair of red boxers, grey and red camouflage pants and boots, a white belt, and grey long sleeved shirts with the team logo on the shoulders. “Before you accept these, there’s a catch. You don’t exist, every record about you is wiped clean, and it’ll be as if you dropped off the face of the earth. You’re families cannot know about your new assignment, to them you’re still under your current regiment. Do you accept?”
“Yes Sir.” Steven says whole heartily.
Max sighs. “Yes Sir.” Relieved that his worst fears are over.
“Very well then, welcome to the Canadian G.I.Joe team gentlemen.”

After receiving a communication from General Singer, leader of the Liberators, the Red Shadows flew to a prearranged location and have travelled for the past few days by land. They met up at another prearranged location to be air lifted the rest of the way to a remote location in Manitoba. A location familiar to only a few people, it was a top secret base that General Singer was to command, but before his arrival it was shut down by Lt Storm. For reasons the General does not know but wants to eagerly discover. From the outside the base looks harmless, even the first few levels sit untouched, except for the odd room. It’s the lower levels that have had the most damage; the Joe’s were able to contain the blast that destroyed most of it. They have been reinforced and braced to prevent further degradation.
The Liberators have been working to restore any data they can from the databanks in the room. General Singer believing they hold all the secrets he needs to achieve his objective. Outside the helicopter carrying the Red Shadows comes in for a landing, Nightingale waiting for them on the roof. She salutes Baron Ironblood and shakes his hand. “It’s an honour to meet you.”
“Thank you my dear. Now if you’ll take me to this General Singer, it’s been quite a trip.”
“I hope you did get to enjoy it at least.”
“Yes, your country is very beautiful.”
“That it is. You can bring two more with you; the rest must stay in the upper levels.”
The Baron looks back at the two women, Red Scream and Crimson Rayne. “You will accompany me.”
“What?” Vaughn blurts.
“I have made my decision Black Major.” Ironblood grunts at him.
“Very well.” Nightingale looks back at the Major and smiles, recognizing him as being the Baron’s second in command, and there being some tension there. She leads the three down to the elevator that has been somewhat repaired. “There may be some jerking, but don’t worry its safe.” She says as she presses the button, and just as she said the elevator jerks as it travels downward. Within moments they reach the lower floor as the doors open. The room is a mess of computers and wires with several Inserters working on them as well as Athena.
“What is this?” The Baron inquires.
General Singer rushes up to the Baron offering his hand. “I’m pleased you could make it. Sorry for the state of the lab, there was an incident here. We are trying to restore what we can of the databases.”
“This base was a top secret one, which was going to be my new assignment after I retired. Something happened while a mutual acquaintance of ours was stationed here. Lt Storm had this base shut down and sealed up.”
“He is quite the annoying nat.” Crimson Rayne snorts.
“Who are your companions?”
“The snowy white haired woman is Red Scream, and this red masked woman is Crimson Rayne, who too has had a run in with the Canadian G.I.Joe’s.”
“Ah yes, I remember reading about that in their files.” General Singer referring to her Earth Dawn Organization that tried to unleash a deadly toxin.
“What is it you hope to get out of meeting with me?” The Baron inquires, cutting to the point.
“We both want something I want this base secrets and to control the Canadian Military under one rule, mine. You want to take control of this countries government, I assume because of its access to Alaska and connection to the United States. Our objectives are similar, our goals are similar, and if we join forces we can take over this country and destroy the Canadian G.I.Joe team.”
The Baron walks around the room, thinking over what General Singer proposes. He stops looking at Athena, seeing something unsettling in her eyes. “Who is this?”
“My daughter, Athena, she was once a member of Lt Storm’s team.”
“Hmm, she could be very useful.”
“Yes, so you’d think but she hasn’t spoken since she freed me from their capture. She was the one who put the bullet into the Prime Minister’s head.”
The Baron takes her face into his hand. “Hello my dear.” She smiles at him then continues on with her work. “Is she...of sound mind?”
“I’m afraid not. You see, while she was under Lt Storm’s command she witnessed a man getting his head blown off. That traumatized her greatly.”
“No wonder you want revenge on him.”
“Yes. But enough talk, you must be hungry after your travels. I’ve had my men prepare a meal for you. Nightingale will take you up, I will join you shortly.”
“Very well.” The Baron follows Nightingale back to the elevator, Red Scream and Crimson Rayne joining them. As before the elevator jerks as it goes back up. “You’re Commander has dedication in his eyes.”
“Yes, I would follow him to my death if so needed.” Nightingale responds.
“You are very loyal.” The Baron smiles. “That is an admirable quality.”
“We all are.”

Just as he said, General Singer joins the Red Shadows for dinner, meeting the rest of Iron Bloods team and learning of their confrontation with the Canadian Joe team. The two men share their stories and history before breaking off from the group. They head outside to enjoy the clear night sky.
“I know where the G.I.Joe Headquarters is.” General Singer reveals. “I served there as their acting Commander whiles my people had Lt Storm captured. Athena was also restationed there as well; we could launch a devastating attack on them.”
“Yes, but not before we set a few more plans into motion.”
“Ah an idea’s man, we’ll get along well. So I assume this means you are taking me up on my offer of joining forces?”
The Baron takes in a deep breath of the night air and exhales slowly. “Together we would be nearly unstoppable, with the G.I.Joe team out of the way we could bring about World War Four.”
“Yes your nation and my nation untied together commanding massive armies.”
“And conquering this world under our rule.”
“A partnership then?” General Singer offers out his hand.
“Yes, to world domination and the death of the Canadian G.I.Joe’s.” The Baron takes Singer’s hand sealing the deal with a hand shake that will only bring about death.
*This chapter is dedicated to my Grandmother, she passed away just after midnight June 16/11, she lived a long life and will be forever missed.

G.I. stands in front of the team’s two new recruits, one a long time member of the Air Force, the other still a fresh recruit. Both standing at attention, and are dress in grey t-shirts and red shorts with grey runners. Most of the clothing the core team wears on base is standard issued. G.I. walks up to Red Dragon standing only a foot away. “So, you’re the one who weaseled his way onto the team?”
“Yes Sir.” Steven’s voice cracks.
“I hear you’re also the one to thank for helping us defeat Crimson Rayne?”
“Yes Sir.” Steven says trying to hold back his smile.
“Well, then thanks, and now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m going to work you the hardest.” G.I. turns away hearing Steven swallow hard. “I’ve modified your portion of the course; it will be harder and dirtier. That’s why Medic is sitting at the end of the course, to tend to your wounds.”
“Dude, I warned you.” Max whispers to him.
“You did?” G.I. pivots on his right foot to face the helicopter pilot. “Well, then you can advance up the course, at least you have a good head on your shoulders. Alright boys, let’s begin.”

On the main level of the Manitoba base, Baron Ironblood walks the halls with schematics for the base in his hands. Nightingale appears from a room that she has made her own. She salutes the Red Shadow leader and smiles.
“Good afternoon.” He nods.
“Checking out your new home?”
“Yes, these schematics Jumper supplied me do not make much sense.”
“Oh? We haven’t looked them over too much; the General has been more focused on retrieving information from the lower lab.”
“It seems there is more to this base then what is on paper.”
“I wouldn’t be surprised. Well, if you find anything let me know, I’d be more then interested in investigating with you.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.” The Baron watches as she heads down the hall and around the corner. He slips into her room hitting the light switch, which flickers on and off a few times. The walls are decorated with pictures of Lt Storm and the torture she inflicted on him. “I like this woman.” The Baron grins as he turns off the lights and continues his tour.

Setup in the main floor commander center, Rayne and Laser both go over the data she stole from Rebecca’s office.
“This is very interesting.” Rayne remarks. “It appears Ms. Ramon went to see Major Fear on her own. The word for word transcript is intriguing; he would be a great asset.”
Red Laser walks over reading over a few passages. “Sounds like he’s cracked in the head to me, and Cobra is finished.”
“But brilliant, he was able to string her along for quite some time until she realized he was telling a tale. What have you found?”
“Some logs, possible recruitments, and a few prototype vehicle schematics.”
“Those could prove useful.”
“They better.” The Black Major grunts, entering the room. “You might have Ironblood convinced of your loyalty, but your usefulness to me has lessened.”
“I’ve printed it out; you can look at it yourself.” Laser snaps back. “I’d like to see you do any better.”
Vaughn glares at Laser, tempted to hit him but is stopped by Rayne who holds his arm. “He has done something none of us could have.” She says backing Laser up.
“Very well, let’s take a look at what you found.”

Out on the training course Steven sits and curses as Medic tends to the scraps on his back, his shirt shredded from the barbed wire. Bits of the grey material still hang on the barbs. Max already had completed the course and sent back to the base.
“I told you to keep your chest to the ground kid.” G.I. smirks.
“It felt like I was going to sink in the mud.”
“Eh, maybe, if you didn’t move fast enough you might.”
Steven looks up at G.I. unable to tell if he’s serious or not. “Would of I?”
“I dunno, last guy who went through disappeared when he decided to stop part way through. Haven’t seen him since.”
Medic smiles feeling Steven tense up. “He’s joking.” She whispers into Steven’s ear.
“That he is.” Lt Storm says approaching the three. They all stand at attention, Steven letting out a whimper from his sore body. “At ease. Looks like G.I. put you through the ringer.”
“Yeh-no Sir, only was trying to bring me up to the team’s level.” He slowly sits back down feeling the sting of the peroxide Medic is using on his cuts.
“Good answer recruit. G.I., Mr. McNamara is waiting for you in the gym.” Storm says to the team’s trainer.
G.I. nods and heads off back towards the base.
“So Mr Soto, it looks like you’ve had quite the first day. A cold shower after two days of confinement and you’ve already shed some blood on your first day of training. Are you ready to pack it in yet?”
“No Sir, I want to be part of this team Sir.”
“Very well then, I’ll see you once Medic is finished tending to your wounds, meet me at the firing range.”
“Yes Sir.” Steven salutes watching as the team leader heads back to the base. “I don’t think he likes me very much.”
“Ah, he’s just trying to make sure you are up to being on this team. Don’t let him get to you, Storm’s a nice guy, he just...” Medic stops before revealing too much information.
“It’s nothing.” Medic says in a stern tone, not wanting to tell him about Target. “Okay, just a few little bandages on some of those cuts and you’ll be good to go.”
“Should I change before I go?”
Medic looks at Steven and smiles. “Did the Lieutenant give you a time limit?”
“No, he said just to go when you were done.”
“Then we’ll head back to my office and I’ll give you a pair of sweats.”
“Could I get some...you know...shorts?”
She looks at him with a confused expression. “Why, did you soil those?”
“What? Oh no, I mean...” he lowers his voice even though no one is around “...underwear.”
Medic bursts out laughing. “Oh my god, you’re going commando?”
“Well, yeah I was only given one pair of standard issue underwear.” He says a bit embarrassed.
“Oh honey, you didn’t injure that too did you?”
“No...no...” Steven’s face turns beet red.
“Come on let’s get you properly suited up.” Medic says still giggling to herself.

Red Laser walks down the halls of the Manitoba base checking in the different rooms; he carries a couple of papers with him.
“Can I help you?” Brick grunts, his arms crossed.
Laser looks up at the tall man. “Wow, you’re a big guy...uh...I was looking for Baron Ironblood.”
“He’s in the lower lab with General Singer.”
“Thanks.” Laser steps back from Brick taking another look at him and heads off. Thoughts run through his head of not wanting to tick that man off. He looks like he could snap a log in half with two fingers.
“Were you scaring that man?” Nightingale asks slipping out of the shadows.
“I need to entertain myself somehow, and I do not trust these Red Shadows.”
“Neither do I, but then I doubt they trust us completely either.”
A few rooms down Red Scream listens to their conversation, she smiles under her mask then ducks back into the room.

Red Laser steps off the elevator, he turns watching the doors close, not enjoying the ride down at all.
“What do you have?” Ironblood inquires noticing the papers Laser carries.
“I have a list of names.”
“Recruitment names and locations.” Red Laser explains.
This catches General Singer’s attention, who was working with Athena on one of the computer consoles. He rushes over grabbing the list. “Excuse me, but I may know some of these people.”
Vaughn, who has been sitting in the corner of the room watching the others, comes up looking over the General’s shoulder. “Hmm, this could shake up Lt Storm and his two American Joe friends. The Red Shadows targeted members of the G.I.Joe and Cobra forces; we could do the same here.”
The General smiles liking Vaughn’s idea. “Let’s see, Timothy M. Towers; Information Protection Technician, Intelligence and Infantry. Charles B. Ambers, Space Operations, Computer Specialist and Medic, Maxwell N. McNamara; Helicopter Pilot, Radar and Aeronautics, Lucy E. Danvers; Electronic Repair, Infantry and Linguistics, Harvey D. Todd; Military Police, Counter Intelligence and Infantry...” Singer laughs not reading the final name. “The last one you can scratch off the list, she’s already taken care of.”
“Who is that?”
“We call her Nightingale now.”
“A wide range of specialties.” Ironblood comments, taking the sheet from General Singer.
“Yes, or he’s planning something...” Singer looks at the next page that has addresses listed for each. “This is excellent information.” He says to Red Laser.
Red Laser nods in acknowledgement. “It seems this Rebecca Ramon was keeping tabs on them as well, we have current locations up to when the data was copied.”
“We should eliminate each of these people immediately.” Vaughn insists.
“My senses were tingling, did someone mention about killing people?” Nightingale says appearing in the lab.
General Singer smiles; he enjoys his second in commands enthusiasm. “Yes, and I think both you and Black Major should take a couple of Red Shadows, track down each of these people and eliminate them.”
Nightingale grabs Vaughn’s arm. “Sounds like we’re a match made in heaven.”
“Yes.” He grunts glaring down at her. “We should get underway then.”
“Oh, a man of action, I like that.”
Ironblood watches as the two head for the elevator. “She’s an interesting person, Singer.”
“That she is, Nightingale gets pleasure out of torture and mayhem.”
“How did she get in here without us hearing her, she didn’t come down the elevator?”
General Singer laughs. “I ask myself that same question, she is extremely good at what she does, and I know better than to ask her.”

Up on the main level Nightingale gathers up some weapons and supplies while the Black Major watches her. She seems to move with fluid motion, and he swears he can hear her humming as she works. “You take joy in killing?”
Nightingale looks up at him with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. “Yes, of course I do, don’t you?”
“Not in the same way. Watching you is like watching a mother getting her child ready for sleep-away camp.”
She laughs zipping her duffle bag up. “Let’s be on our way, where’s the closest one?”
Vaughn grins. “Ready to get your hands bloody are you? There is one right here in Manitoba, a place called Lynn Lake.”
“I’ve heard of that place, its remote, quiet, very few people, should be an easy kill.” Nightingale motions for one of the two Red Shadow Troopers to pick up her bag. “We have transportation in one of the motor-pools shall we get underway?” She hooks her arm out to Vaughn.
“Yes, gladly.” He takes her arm heading out with her to the rear motor-pool.
Sitting in an adjacent room is Crimson Rayne, jealously raging in her eyes. She looks up at Red Laser as he enters the room.
“Whoa, everything okay?”
“Yes, why?”
“Your eyes...they convey emotion.”
“You’re Oriental aren’t you?”
“Japanese to be exact.”
“I take it they approved of the information?”
“Yes, The Black Major and that Nightingale woman are going to eliminate the names on the list.”
“I don’t like her.”
“Ah, it’s jealousy that’s in your eyes.”
Rayne shoots him another look making Laser back up.
“Okay and those are daggers. Alright, I’ll drop it. Let’s get back to work; I want to figure out what else this base is hiding.”
“Should we not go over the other data?”
“Later, I think there’s something here we should find first.”

Lt Storm waits in the target range, already wearing his safety glasses and ear protection, leaning against one of the bays. Both his guns sitting on the counter with spent clips next to them. Steven enters the room wearing the grey sweats Medic gave him. “About time.”
“Sorry Sir, I didn’t mean to keep you waiting.”
“I was only kidding, it’s okay. Here.” Storm hands him one of his pistols.
“I...I don’t like guns.”
“Too bad, you’ll need to learn how to use one, I read you training reports. You’re a good shot, prove it.”
Steven grabs himself a pair of safety glasses and ear protection; he picks up one of Storm’s guns checking to make sure it is loaded. He studies the target ahead and positions himself then closes his eyes as he raises the gun and fires. “There.”
“You fired one shot.” Storm grunts with his arms crossed.
“I know.” Steven hits the return button bringing the target back to them letting Storm pull it down.
“A head shot, you are good.” He says quite impressed with the young man.
“And with my eyes closed.” Steven brags.
“How’d you do that?”
“I studied the target, visualized it in my mind and...bang.”
Storm smiles. “That’s all well and good, but how are you with moving targets?”
“Come on time to take you to the course.”

Over in the Gym Max grunts as he does one last rep with the weights, G.I. spotting him, helping him to place the barbell back. “Good job.”
“Thanks.” Max says taking in a deep breath. “I get the feeling I’m getting off easy?”
“Really?” G.I. tosses him a towel as he picks up a bottle of water chugging it back.
“Yeah, well my course was easier, we’re working out, and you’re not grilling me like other Drill Sergeants I’ve had.”
“You have the training, besides I was told not to by Lieutenant Storm.”
“Yep, he figures you will do just fine with regular training. He said something about you being on the list.”
“Yeah, I try not to think to hard about what Storm says, his mind is always going. Why don’t you go hit the showers and get to know the rest of the team. I have to prepare for Soto.”
“Uh oh, let me guess, grease on the bars?” Max jokes. “He’s a good kid, I’ve known him since he was born, been like a little brother to me.”
“Don’t worry, what doesn’t kill him only makes him stronger.”

Ottawa Ontario, Canadian Military Headquarters, the temporary office of Rebecca Ramon. The blonde haired woman leans back in her chair, her hair pulled back in a pony tail, and tapping a pen against her desk edge looking at her computer screen. She’s been working for days trying to find what information was stolen from her computer; unfortunately her files were completely rearranged. Rebecca jumps in her seat startled by the ringing of her cell phone. “Yes?”
“You’ve been absent.”
“Oh, sorry Lieutenant, I’ve been having a hell of a time reorganizing my files.”
“Any luck?”
“Not yet, I have no clue to what she’d want or who it was. What about Steven, he was here?” Rebecca asks running her fingers through her hair and flipping it out.
“Mr. Soto said your computer was turned off, and he locked the door on his way out.”
“Who do you think it was?”
“I don’t know right now, my gut isn’t steering me one way or the other yet.”
Rebecca puts her cell on speaker placing it down on her desk and pulls out a key from her pocket, unlocking a bottom drawer. She takes out the papers and fishes around triggering the false bottom. “Oh no...”
“My flash drive with the information on Major Fear is gone.”
“You mean your unauthorized interview?”
“Yes, thanks for dredging that back up. Wait…there was a disc in here as well.”
“What disc?” Storm asks his voice stern almost as if he knows the answer.
“The one you secretly slipped me of people you wanted me to track.”
“The recruitment list?”
“Yes...” Rebecca begins to search her computer looking for the files on each. “My files were accessed, the current location and assignment ones.”
“Get back here A.S.A.P.”
“Yes sir.” Rebecca ends her call with Storm and pulls out a flash drive transferring the files over. She gathers her belongings along with a mini notebook and hurries out, stopping by the security office on her way out. “I need someone from tech to wipe my hard drive clean, I’ve had a breach.”
“Yes ma’am.” A man nods, leaning back as she heads down the hall watching her from behind. “Damn.” He smirks.

Back at the Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Lt Storm enters the command center where he finds Feedback as usual. “What are you doing right now?”
“Just a security sweep of the base, why?”
“Ms. Ramon’s had a security breach.”
“What kind of breach?”
“Someone stole her files on Major Fear and the recruitment list. They also accessed her tracking files.”
“That’s not good.”
“No it’s not; we need to find them now, before someone else does.”
Hawk clears his throat as he enters the room. “You need to find them as of tomorrow, if the Red Shadows are involved, they’re already dead.”
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