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Canada's Elite #17


Canada's Elite #17

Postby Lt Storm » 13 May 2010 19:45


Cover B

Chapter 17 The Best Laid Plans.

“The Red Shadows? This is not good.” Hawk grunts, folding his arms across his chest watching the satellite video. “Is that, Baron Ironblood?”
“Yes, we suspect so.”
“He’s here...this isn’t good. We’ve only heard rumours of his existence, seeing him on North American soil...” Hawk says in awe looking over the stills on the smaller screens.
“Was Crimson Rayne with them?” Storm asks.
“I...uh...no...” Feedback says a bit surprised by his question. “Why?”
Storm sighs walking around the center table. “When Afterburner and I went after her we were attacked by foreign jets. They had the skull and crossbones on them, the Red Shadows insignia.”
“That wasn’t in your report, Sir.”
“I know Feedback; I wasn’t sure what to make of it.”
“Right now we have to focus on finding and rescuing our men and women.” Hawk says giving Storm a stern look.
“We might be able to do that General; I’ve been tracking three helicopters that took off from Downsview.”
“Good, then let’s get prepped and ready to go.” Storm says heading out of the command center.

Ottawa, Canadian Military Headquarters.
Crimson Rayne in her Cathy Marlow disguise walks up the steps checking out the construction workers as she heads inside, her security pass getting her through each check point until she’s safely inside. She checks the white board on the wall where temporary offices have been set up locating Rebecca Ramon’s. She smiles at another woman who passes by her as she heads into the elevator.
Stepping off on the third floor Rayne nearly collides with a young military man who apologizes profusely. “No harm done.”
“I really am sorry ma’am.”
“I should have watched where I was going, I’m Cathy Marlow, and I’m here to see Rebecca Ramon.”
“So was I, or was looking for her. She’s not here right now.”
“Oh.” Rayne looks into his blue eyes, recognizing him. “You’re military?”
“Well, I’ve only been enlisted for a short while, wanted to right some wrongs I’ve done in my life.”
“I’m sure they weren’t that bad.” She looks at his name tag and smiles. “Mr. Soto.”
“Yeah it was, I got in with a real messed up group, but I shouldn’t bore you with that.”
“No, you shouldn’t...I mean that’s personal. Well, I should go wait in her office it was nice to meet you.”
“You too, but you might be waiting for awhile.”
“That’s quite alright I have a lot of patience.” She continues on down the hall, tempted to have snapped the young man’s neck. Rayne reaches Rebecca’s office, which is dark and locked up tight. She looks around and removes a small black pouch from her pocket, setting her brief case down on the floor. Within seconds she’s picked the lock and is now inside the office. “Alright Ramon, lets she what secrets you have hidden around here.”

Rebecca taps on Lt. Storm’s office door as he is changing his grey pull over shirt. “Can I talk to you?”
“Make it quick.”
“There’s something you should know, something I did I don’t think you are really going to like. Back after the Earth Dawn thing...maybe this isn’t a good time.”
“Spit it out Becca, I don’t like playing these games. I don’t have the time for it.” Storm picks up his red vest pulling it on and snapping it up. “Just ask a certain friend of mine, it irritates me.”
“Alright, I went and talked to Major Fear on my own.” She says quickly.
Storm lays a hand on his bullet proof vest, looking directly at her. “You what?”
She can sense the anger in his voice; his stare sends chills up her spin. “I wanted to find out more about him, figure out what drives him.”
“You shouldn’t have done that, he’s psychotic and you’re not a physiatrist.” He slings on his vest fastening the clasps. He picks up his belt looking at the empty holsters; his guns were lost in his battle with Zartan, including his former Commander’s pistol. “We’ll talk more about this later.”
“He knew someone was going to betray you, he knew it would be Athena. He didn’t come right out and say it, he was cryptic, using names and stories. After I thought it over and listened to my interview with him it’s like he knew Athena would turn.”
“Impossible, she was still hospitalized then. He wouldn’t have even known if she was going to be...” Storm stops, not wanting to think about what happened to Athena.
“He just knew, and he knows so much about you, it’s creepy.”
Storm walks up to her, his fists clenched. “We’ll talk more about this later.” He growls then walks past her.

General Hawk sits outside Storms office, looking up at him as he exits. “I didn’t want to interrupt.”
“It’s okay, it’s something I’ll have to take care of later.” Storm looks down at Hawk who doesn’t seem ready to go. “You’re not coming?”
“No, I would only get in the way. This is a rescue mission where you’ll be facing off against a threat we know little about.”
“We could use you out there; you can still fly a plane.”
“As much as I would like to go, I don’t think my legs could take it.”
Storm just looks into Hawk’s eyes seeing this isn’t easy for him. “Are you going to be alright?”
“Yes, just go bring them back.” Hawk smiles. “Oh, and you might need these.” He reaches into a pouch that is tucked in next to him, handing Storm a Sig 225m, standard Canadian issue. “Just don’t lose this one.” Hawk hands him a well seasoned hand gun that is not regular Canadian Military issue. “It’s mine, figured it won’t replace General Rowling’s but...”
“No, it’s great, thank you Sir.”
“Now go bring out troops home soldier.”

Lt. Storm marches into the hanger bay where, Hotwire, Medic, G.I, and Feedback wait for him, all standing in front of an Attack Chopper. “We know who our enemy is, they have a face now. The Red Shadows aren’t the Liberators, Cobra or Earth Dawn, they are well seasoned warriors. We’ll probably be walking into a trap, one where the Shadows will be waiting for us. We are few in numbers right now, but we’re going to change that.” Storm looks at the three of his troops who are all eager to get underway. “Let’s go save our teammates and show these Red Shadows they’re messing with the wrong force.”
They all nod following Storm into the Attack Chopper. Storm takes the pilot seat, Feedback and Hotwire sitting behind him, leaving Medic and G.I. in the back to go over their gear. From the doorway Rebecca watches as the ceiling opens and the chopper fires up. Within in moments it lifts into the air tossing her hair around as she watches it rise up.
“Good luck.”
“You seem concerned.” Hawk says sitting in his wheelchair behind her.
“Aren’t you?”
“Yes, but not for the same reasons you are.”

At an old abandoned grain mill the Red Shadows prepare the Canada’s Elite team. Each of them tied up, hanging by their arms from the rafters. Below them a pit when Red Shadow Troopers pour cans of gasoline and dump oily rags.
“So, this is a barbeque, and I forgot my special sauce.” Flint quips.
The Baron looks at him, not amused. He stands on a second floor walkway with Dela and Vaughn on either side of him. “Here you face eminent death and yet you still joke, Joe? One would think you’d pray for a miracle.”
“You’re not going to kill us, if you were we’d be dead already.”
“Then let’s just kill them.” Dela grunts. “As long as I get to gut Flint.”
“No, like he said if I wanted them dead they would be. We wait.”
“For what? For the rest to mount a rescue attempt?” Dela watches as the Baron turns his back on her heading for the room adjacent to them.
“Exactly.” Vaughn answers. “It’s what we want. Why kill them now when their leader can watch them burn to death.” As he says those words two Red Torch Troopers enter the main floor with flamethrowers strapped to them, giving off short bursts to scare the captured Joe’s.
“Lt. Storm will either surrender himself and his team to us.” The Baron says as he enters the dark room and sits in one of the old cracked leather office chairs. “Or die.”
“What I don’t understand is why you sent Red Scream off?” Dela asks.
“She was needed to retrieve Crimson Rayne and bring her back safely.”
“And why isn’t Artur in here with us?”
“He is with the helicopters and a few men to guard them. He’s to remain with them no matter what.”
“Do not question my will Dela.” The Baron snaps. “Or you can join the Joe’s.”

Ottawa, Canadian Military Headquarters.
A CH-146 Griffon helicopter sits waiting in the back designated area while construction continues to rebuild. The pilot watches as a man runs towards the helicopter, dressed in a light grey karate jacket with red trim and red dragon printed across it, grey and red camo karate pants and mask, with red gloves, split toed grey and red boots, and black belt. He wears two swords on his back with Sais tucked into his belt and who knows what else hidden on his person.
“Dude, what’s with the fancy pyjamas?” The pilot jokes.
“They’re not pyjama’s, it’s my uniform.”
“You sure about this man, I could get court martial for helping you.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll tell them I held a knife to you.” He says climbing into the helicopter.
“You’re barely out of basic training, what makes you think you’re ready for this?” The pilot questions as he checks over his instruments.
“I know I am but I can do this, I have to prove myself. They are going to need my help.”
“I should have never told you.”
“You were just being a good friend, not your fault you were working air traffic control today. Now let’s get this bird into the air.”
The pilot nods taking them up. “So who made you those togs, you’re mom?”
“Shut up.”
“Dude, seriously?”
“I told her it was for a costume party.”
The pilot laughs at the ninja clad man, taking the helicopter up and heading off in the direction of The Red Shadows.

The Black Major paces across the floor, getting impatient. “I am beginning to agree with Dela, we should just kill the ones we have.”
“No.” Ironblood answers with a calm tone. “We keep with our plan, the rest of it has already gone to the dogs.”
“Lt. Storm will never surrender the team to The Red Shadows.” Dela grunts.
“I will give him that option, we could use them if we want to take over this country. With their military secrets alone...”
“That reminds me, where is Red Laser?” The Major inquires.
“He’s still working on that data we took.” Dela answers.
“Odd, it’s taking quite some time...” Vaughn heads downstairs locating Red Laser. “What have you found?”
“They were able to infect the system with a virus, it completely destroyed the data. It left only this.” He shows the Major the laptop screen that flashes the Canada’s Elite logo on it with the words ‘Better Luck Next Time’ scrolling across it.
“Another failure.”
“You rushed me, it’s not my fault, and the Baron will see it as well.”
“He will see what I allow his eyes to see. He may have your loyalty but he still will not stand for incompetence.”
“Enough.” Ironblood snaps, startling both men. “I will not stand for this in-fighting either. Red Laser may have failed but as you pointed out Vaughn, he is loyal. Maybe you should have allowed him to do it his way instead of rushing him through it?”
“Yes Baron.” Vaughn rolls his eyes towards Red Laser, like daggers stabbing the man in the chest. “I will go check with the Troops and survey the parameter.”
“Very well.” The Baron watches as Vaughn wanders off and shakes his head.

The four remaining Canada’s Elite team approaches their destination in the Attack Chopper.
“We’re getting close, thermal imaging is coming up on screen right now...oh man...” Feedback switches the display to a top down view. “We have several targets around the structure, and my guess is the ones lined up inside are our guys. I’m getting intense readings from two men on either side, small bursts.”
“Why?” Lt. Storm inquires.
“I don’t know...they come and go...”
“Flamethrowers.” Hotwire says.
“You think?”
“I work with torches and heat all the time, if its giving you bursts then I bet my next pay cheque they have flamethrowers.”
“Arm weapons, wide spread on each side of the building and be ready to launch on my command.” Storm switches the Attack Chopper to stealth mode, getting them as close as possible. He shuts down the exterior lights taking the chopper up.

Outside the grain mill the Shadow guards watch as a car goes by, what little traffic there is near the mill. One looks at the other as he hears a whistling sound. “You hear that?”
“Hear what?”
“Probably noth....” Missiles hit the ground sending the Red Shadows flying through the air along with the dirt that is sent from its peaceful rest. The building shakes from the force of the explosion alerting everyone inside. The Baron and Dela are nearly knocked from their seats, dust from the untouched surfaces billowing in the air and down from the ceiling.
“They’re here.” Dela announces.
“But where?” The Baron puts on his helmet and rushes out of the office. “Where is the attack coming from?” He shouts to the Black Major who is on the main floor trying to find out the same thing.
“I don’t know...” He braces himself as another set of missiles hit the ground around the outside of the mill.
“They’re creating cover.” The Baron growls. “They must be in the air...” He spins around hearing the low whooping sound of a helicopter as a barrage of gun fire rips through the roof tearing the sheeting off, and hitting a few of the Red Shadow troopers. A spot light comes on illuminating the interior with light. The hanging Joe’s can do nothing but be swung around from the attack.
“The Joe’s!”
“Give up now Baron!” Flint shouts.
“Keep your mouth shut or I’ll rip your lips off.” Dela snaps.
“Come here and try it.”
“Why are they just sitting up there?” The Baron inquires out-loud. “SAY SOMETHING! I AM THE BARON!”
“Surrender.” Lt. Storm’s voice booms from the Attack Chopper’s loud speaker. “Release my teammates and lay down your arms.”
“Never! BLOOD FOR THE BARON!!!” Ironblood shouts to his troops. “BURN THE JOES!”
“I don’t think so.” Flint uses his swinging momentum to bring his legs around knocking one of the Red Torches to the ground as the other is dropped by a gunshot to the head. Afterburner lets out a scream not knowing where it came from, startled by the sudden attack. They’re about to be rescued or slaughtered. Shots fire through the air just as Flint swings out from the pit, the bullets splitting his rope and dropping him to the ground.
“Flint!” Navy shouts as Red Wolf rushes towards him. The Joe braces himself for the charging man grabbing him, raising Wolf up and over him and into the pit.
“WHERE ARE THE JOE’S!?!” The Baron growls becoming angered by the unseen attackers.
“Right here Ironblood.” Lt. Storm says as he rides down the rescue line from the Attach Chopper landing in front of the Baron.
“So we meet face to face. I am impressed by your tactics.”
“I’m not impressed by you. Kidnapping my team and invading our country.”
“I am here for a reason, and to offer you a deal. You’re government can’t be trusted, I can change that.”
“I don’t do deals with terrorists.”
“Very well then, have it your way. Dela.” The Baron steps aside as the woman lunges at Lt. Storm.

Below G.I. lays down some cover fire as Feedback rushes towards the remaining flamethrower. He slices the fuel line before the Red Torch can get to his feet tossing the gun away. Hotwire fights her way towards Red Vulture who is guarding a control box. She fights dirty kicking a few of the Red Shadow Troopers in the groin, hard, keeping her eyes on Vulture.
“Come to me my little pretty, pretty.” He taunts her.
Hotwire grabs the gun from one Trooper using it to take out another then slams the one she stole it from upside the head, breaking the weapon.
“Oh a feisty one.” Vulture continues to guard the control box waiting for her to make the first move.
Above Navy lets out a grunt as a bullet grazes her leg. “We’re sitting ducks here.”
“You okay?” Fallout asks.
“Yeah I’m good, but if we don’t get down someone is going to get it a lot worse.”

Flint fights his way towards the stairs that lead up to the second level, desperately wanting to reach Dela, who is locked in hand to hand combat with Lt. Storm. “Don’t hold back, she’s not a woman, she’s a cold blooded killer!” He shouts. “She’s scum!”
“Still holding a grudge Flint?” Dela mocks as her attention is momentarily diverted from Storm. He takes the open to grab her and toss her towards the stairs.
“Now that was not very nice young man.” The Baron scolds grabbing Lt. Storm by the back of the neck, throwing him against the wall. “Surrender to me, pledge your loyalty to the Red Shadows and I will spare you.”

Dela looks up at Flint, who stands over her with that lop sided grin of his. “That was a nasty fall you took there. I should end you like you did Jaye.”
“Do it then, we’ve played this game long enough.”
“No, I will see you back in prison to pay for your crimes.” He slams his fist across her face knocking her out cold. “Witch.”
“DELA!” Vaughn picks up a gun firing at Flint who ducks down behind the stairs for cover. “You will die here Flint, you and the Canadian Joe’s. We are the Red Shadows, we will over through this government, then yours, and soon the world. Those who oppose us will die, the earth will run red, blood for the Baron!” He screams pulling the trigger and wildly firing every bullet left in the gun clip.

Red Wolf pulls himself out of the pit, reeking now of fuel and oil. He growls looking around for the Joe who tossed him in, seeing Flint being pinned down by the Black Major.
“Where do you think you are going?” G.I. says standing before him.
“You can’t beat us, we out number you.”
“We like a challenge.”
“Cocky G.I.Joe.” Wolf gets to his feet circling G.I. “Let’s see you put those words to use.” He growls pulling off his dirty soaked jacket and tossing it aside.

Hotwire works her way around Vulture, her high school gymnastics all coming back to her. She bets if the others knew they’d make jokes about that. She flips over Vulture, keeping in constant motion. Unknown to him, she has been tampering with his jet pack each time she gets behind him.
“You are a squirrely little thing.” Vulture sneers. “I’ll have to cut your legs off.”
“Try it.” She quickly ducks down as he runs at her, Vulture tripping over her and hitting the ground. “Idiot.” Hotwire jumps on his back accessing the control panel on his jet pack firing it up.
“What are you...” Vulture is lurched forward as he pulls his body up to gain some air and control over his flight.
Hotwire runs for the swinging control box using it to move her hanging teammates over, away from the pit. “Hang on, I’ll get you down in a second.”
“You little...” Vulture propels himself at Hotwire slamming into her and wrapping his arms around her, taking her up. “I’ll drop you and splatter you across the ground like a bug on a windshield.”

“Great, now what?” Chamber grunts as all they can do is watch the fight edge in the favour of the Shadows.
“Do you hear that?” Afterburner alerts them to another chopper sound. “That’s not the Attack Chopper, it’s still on autopilot and in stealth mode.”
Without warning glints of steel swirl through the air, the Joe’s dropped from their ropes, hitting the ground.
“Ow, son of a,..” Navy grunts. “Who did that?”
“I don’t know, but at least they are on our side.” Fallout remarks.

Lt. Storm looks up, surprised by the aid as much as the Baron.
“Whoever that is, they cannot help you now.” Ironblood throws a punch at Storm who leans back to avoid it and grabs the Baron’s arm. He swings Ironblood around smacking him into the wall as the Baron did to him. Ironblood's face smashing against the inside of his helmet.
“How do you like it?” Storm grunts pulling the Baron back noticing blood pouring from the man’s black iron mask. “Awe, did I make you bleed.” He smirks.
“Those who have made me bleed have not lived.” Ironblood slams his elbow into Storm’s face knocking the Joe back causing Storm to bleed from his nose as well. The Baron grabs him by the throat taking him to the second floor ledge.
Lt. Storm looks back over the battlefield seeing his team now freed, picking up weapons and joining the fight. Hotwire frees herself from Vulture falling and being caught by Chamber. The Major picking up another weapon, discarding the used one, still keeping Flint pinned down.
“Look at them all. Once I kill you, they will fall.”
“Never, they will keep fighting.”
“We’ll see about that.” Baron Ironblood pulls a hidden knife from his boot, tightening his grip around Storm’s neck. “Bleed for me.”
“LET HIM GO!” A voice booms from behind the Baron.
“Who?” He spins around to see a blur of a foot delivered across his helmet knocking it off, followed by a side kick planted into his back. The Baron stumbles forward as he is heaved into the air and over the railing.
“Who the hell are you?” Storm snaps at his rescuer.
“You can call me Red Dragon.”
“I can see that, but who are you?”

The Red Shadows all stop dead in their tracks, watching as their leader hits the ground with a thud. They all look to the Major for what to do next.
“Wolf, grab the Baron!” Vaughn shouts. “Red Shadows, retreat!” He orders picking Dela up.
“No way Vaughn, you don’t leave here, not with her.” Flint snarls holding one of the Red Shadows guns on him.
“Very well then.” The Black Major tosses the semi conscious Dela at Flint knocking the Joe down.
“Vaughn...? Please don’t leave me...” She cries out, disoriented.
“I’m sorry my dear but the tide has turned, sacrifices must be made.” He waits for Wolf who has the Baron slung over his should. Wolf growls at G.I. as he passes by the Joe. The Black Major looks up at Lt. Storm, with Red Dragon standing next to him. “This isn’t over you haven’t seen the last of The Red Shadows.”

“Shouldn’t we go after them?” Red Dragon asks.
“No, we let them go. We’re in no condition to continue this fight, we need to regroup and you have some explaining to do.” Storm glares at the young man as he wipes the blood from his face, then turns his attention to Flint. “Do you need any assistance?”
“Nope, I have her.” He smiles as Navy comes over with a pair of hand cuffs. “Do you always carry a pair on you?”
“Yes, you never know when they could come in handy.”
“I like you.” Flint laughs.
Storm pulls a small radio from his belt. “Medic, this is Storm you can set the Chopper down.”
“Roger that Storm.” The Attack Chopper’s light goes out and switches out from stealth mode as Medic guides it, landing it safely in the adjacent field.
Lt. Storm hurries down the stairs to the rest of his team. “Is everyone alright?”
“We’re in one piece.” Afterburner says throwing her arms around him and hugging Lt. Storm.
“Alright, let’s go home.” Storm smiles. Red Dragon quietly steps back. “Don’t go anywhere Mr. Soto, you have a lot of explaining to do.”
“What the...how’d you know?”
“It was pretty obvious, ninja gear, blonde eyebrows and blue eyes, and you wanted to join us last time we met. Plus I know you enlisted into the military.”
“So, what happens to me now?”
Flint grins at the young man as he forces Dela to walk in front of him. “Wouldn’t you like to know, and she’s wondering the same thing.”

The Red Shadows helicopters remain grouped and un-pursued. Red Laser does his best to tend to Baron Ironblood, the Black Major staring out the window into the black night sky.
“You left Dela?” Laser finally pipes up. “Why?”
“It was a necessary sacrifice. Give them the one of use who’s most wanted and we escape to fight another day.”
“Leave him alone Laser, this would not have been an easy decision for him.” The Baron says.
“Easier then you think.” The Major grunts. “Where are we headed?”
“To a meeting point where Red Scream and Crimson Rayne will join us.”
Vaughn looks at the Baron with his eyes widened. “You planned all of this?” Ironblood does not answer him. “You knew the Joe’s would come launch a rescue mission? This is not what we first planned.”
“Yes, I wanted to witness our opponents first hand in battle. I have learned valuable information and the next time we meet they will not be so lucky.”
“You’re insane, I should have just left you to rot. I must have not been in my right mind to bring you back.”
“You couldn’t come back to North America, you need me more than you think you do.” The Baron growls at Vaughn. “I won’t let you do what you did to me again.”

Medic patches up Navy’s leg giving her a smile. “You’ll be fine, just don’t go swimming with any sharks.”
“Thanks doc.” Navy pulls her leggings back down over the bandage and sighs. “We were lucky.”
“No we weren’t.” Flint grunts, sitting across from them, with an unconscious Dela sitting next to him, having administered a sedative. “They could have slaughtered us, they didn’t. This was the first time that Baron Ironblood has ever made an appearance on North American soil.” Flint looks upfront at Lt. Storm who is piloting the Attack Chopper, Afterburner and Feedback sitting behind him. “He wanted to witness your leader in battle, meet face to face. There is something bigger planned here, much bigger then we think.”
“How is she?” Medic asks nodding toward Dela, trying to lighten the mood Flint has just set.
“Still out cold, whatever you gave her it’s keeping her quiet.”
“It was enough tranquilizers to keep her out for a few hours.”
The helicopter that delivered Red Dragon follows the Attack Chopper, with Chamber, Hotwire and Snow Squall accompanying them. The pilot looks over at Chamber who sits next to him. “So, what’s going to happen to us?”
“Don’t know.”
“Are we going to...like...disappear?”
Chamber looks over at the pilot trying not to laugh. “What’s your name soldier?”
“Sergeant Max McNamara, Sir.”
“How long have you been serving Sergeant?”
“Fifteen years Sir.”
“Why did you bring Mr. Soto?”
“I was doing a friend a favour Sir, I’ve known his family since I was a kid. He wanted to do something to make up for the trouble he got into. I was working air traffic control, I took in the call and figured it was you guys. I called Steven and told him, I made an error and I’m sorry.”
“Oh, you will be. You do realize we’re part of a top secret military unit, technically we don’t exist.”
“You’re making me nervous Sir, you never answered my question?”
Chamber looks out the window to hide his smirk and keeping silent, still trying to hold in his laughter.

Back at the Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Hawk sits at the main computer looking up Max and Steven’s records. Thanks to the open com link Feedback set up so he could overhear Chamber’s conversation. He glances over at Rebecca as her cell phone rings. “I hope that isn’t traceable?”
“No Sir.” She flips it open keeping her voice low. “Yes?”
“Ms. Ramon?”
“Uh yeah, who else would answer my phone?”
“Just making sure ma’am. This is Officer Hicks, were you expecting a Cathy Marlow today?”
“No, not until tomorrow, why is she there?”
“What do you mean was?”
“She’s gone, but that’s not the main reason for our concern. She was also discovered dead in her apartment about an hour ago.”
“We believe the one who was here to see you was impersonating her. She stopped and talked with a Private who was here to see you as well, Steven Soto.”
Rebecca’s eyes widen. “Mr. Soto is not a concern, I think. What was this Cathy there for?”
“We do not know, we believe she accessed your office, and may have stolen information.”
“I’ll be right there.” Rebecca snaps shut her phone seeing Hawk staring at her. “I have to go.”
“You were told to stay here.”
“I have to go, tell Lt. Storm I will return, there’s something that needs my attention.”
“Very well then, I’ll do what I can for him not to have you chased down and locked up.”
“Th...you’re joking right?” Rebecca asks not getting a response. “I wouldn’t go if it wasn’t important.”
“I know, go and report in as soon as you can with a sitrep.”
Rebecca nods hurrying out of the command center. Hawk waits a few moments to make sure she doesn’t return. “Did you hear all that?”
“Yes.” Lt. Storm answers.

Out in a clearing the Red Shadows wait as a jeep pulls up to them, carrying Red Scream and Crimson Rayne. The Baron walks up to them greeting the women. “All went well?”
“Yes.” Rayne says handing a USB driver over to Ironblood. “There is some interesting information in there. Seems Rebecca Ramon had a date with Major Fear, I also downloaded her logs and diary.”
“This should prove much more useful then what we got from the Toronto base.”
“Baron, we’re receiving a communication.” Red Laser shouts from the helicopter.
“From whom?”
“He’ll only talk to you.”
The Baron grunts stomping off towards the helicopter and snatching up the radio. “This is Baron Ironblood.”
“Well, here I thought you were just a ghost made up to scare people.”
“Who is this, what do you want?”
“I am General Anthony Singer, leader of the Liberators. I think we should meet.”
“I have a little hideaway in Manitoba, great way for you to see the countryside.”

G.I.Joe Canada’s Elite Book 5
Looming Shadows

Up next: The Canada’s Elite team faces off against their greatest challenge yet. Their enemies are conspiring to take them out, can the Joe’s overcome these overwhelming odds or will this be the end? Hawk and Flint continue their guest starring roles be here for the next chapter in Liberation or Blood.
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