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Canada's Elite #16


Canada's Elite #16

Postby Lt Storm » 13 May 2010 19:44


Chapter 16 Red Rain

Red Wolf approaches the Black Major, saluting his leader, who is supervising Red Laser of the opening of the secret room. “The guards have been replaced with our troops and the vehicles and weapons have arrived.”
“Excellent, prep them we will need them ready for our first attack.” The Major turns his attention back to Laser. “Well?”
The Red Shadow sits on the floor with a laptop in front of him that is connected to another device, with several wires and nods that are attached to the wall. “The programs I am running should be sending electronic impulses to the...”
“I care little about how it works, I care only if you are going to be able to open the door.” He has his answer as a series of whirls and clicks are heard. Air escapes the sealed door as it slides open revealing the room. “Is it safe?”
“Yes, I was able to trick the security sensors.”
“Then you won’t mind being the first to go inside?”
Red Laser stands knowing he can’t show any sign of doubt in his work, not that he does anyway. He picks up his laptop and enters the room, pausing for a moment as the lights come on revealing a small computer array.
The Black Major looks inside. “Impressive. You know what to do.”
“Yes Sir.” Red Laser takes a seat at the main console and begins to boot the system, hooking up his own laptop to it.
The Major heads down the hall to another room where Crimson Rayne sits in front of a mirror and table. There are items scattered all across the table that she is currently using.
“Are you ready my dear?”
“Almost.” Rayne finishes her work then turns to face the Major, her appearance completely transformed. He face not her own, instead it is chubbier, pale, with little make-up, and short dark hair. Even her voice sounds different, almost sweet. “How do I look?”
“Like another person.”
Rayne rises also wearing a body suit covered in an olive and tan business suit, making her appear stalky.
“Are you all set?”
“Good, then Artur will take you to the airport.”
“Where is she going?” Dela snorts standing in the doorway.
“To do a little information retrieval.”
“Is that wise, she’s not trained for such a mission.”
“I have given her all the training she needs.” The Major snaps back, not impressed with Dela’s attitude. “I want you to go assist Wolf in prepping the vehicles and weapons.”
Dela huffs and carries on obeying her orders.
“I will not fail you.” Rayne assures him.
“See to it you don’t and bring back something useful.”
Rayne nods and heads out to meet up with Artur who is waiting for her in a limo.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Lt. Storm’s office, where Flint currently sits at Storm’s desk looking out the window. He hears a peculiar beeping sound and turns to the computer moving the mouse to activate the monitor. A small alert message window is displayed on the screen requesting attention. Flint taps the phone connecting to the command room. “Feedback, you better get in here.”
Seconds later the Joe enters the office not knowing what he has been summoned for. “What did you do Sir, delete something?”
“No.” Flint smirks at the joke. “This came up on screen, any idea what it is?”
“No...it looks like some kind of remote activated program.”
“How can you tell?”
“There’s an extra network connected in the task bar that’s not usually there.”
“Is someone trying to connect to this network?”
“No, that’s impossible by an outside source, we have too many firewalls. I would have known before this.” Feedback looks at Flint who quickly gets the hint to vacate the seat so he can sit down. He clicks on the newly active network. “It’s an outside connection, but it seems to be connected to an indirect network.”
“Could it be Lt. Storm trying to access some files on his computer?”
“No, if it was you wouldn’t have been alerted.” Feedback scrolls the mouse over the alert icon on the window noticing it turn into a clickable icon. “There’s a hidden program here.”
“Maybe you shouldn’t...” Before Flint can finish Feedback clicks on the icon. “...click that.” A new window pops up displaying the team logo in 3-D as it swirls about on the screen. “What is this?”
“I don’t know.” Feedback watches as he is prompted for a username and password.
“Oh great, just what we need right now.”
“No wait...Lt. Storm told me of a username and password, he was very specific in telling me it.” Feedback tries it and is granted access. A map displaying a connection hub pops up on screen, the terminal at the base and several other hubs that lead to an active terminal.
“What are all those?”
“Routers, there has to be a dozen of them. There’s an active terminal somewhere, my guess is that it shouldn’t be.”
“Can you locate it?”
“I should be able to but...”
“But what?”
“Whoever is on the other end might realize I’m here.”
“And that could be a bad thing.” Flint says crossing his arms.
“Depends on who it is, if he or she is good I could be up against another hacker. If they are just someone who accidently stumbled onto something they shouldn’t have, they won’t know. And if it is Lt. Storm he’ll quickly acknowledge me and shut me down.”
“What’s your suggestion?”
Feedback opens the desk drawer pulling out the CPU. “See that blue cable on the back of the terminal, be ready to pull it out if I tell you.” He says with a grin. “Oh, and you might want to be ready to scramble a team if need be.”

Loud thundering footsteps echo down the halls of the Downsview Base, quickly approaching Vaughn, The Black Major. He turns to face the Red Shadow guard who huffs and puffs to catch his breath. The Major obviously not amused by his child like behaviour
“This better be good.”
“It...is...Sir...Red Laser...he’s in...” The guard huffs.
Vaughn bolts down the hall to the secret computer room bursting inside. “Show me.”
“That idiot.” Red Laser grunts, not happy with the guard. “I just broke the codes, I’m only at the main menu.”
“Still, you’re in?”
“To a point, yes. I’m pretty sure some of these menu options are dummies, they could trigger a virus or shut down, or worse alert the Canadian Joe team.”
“Is it connected to another database, can we be traced?”
“I checked for external hardware, I found none.”
“Good, but tread carefully.”
Red Laser gets up presenting his seat to the Major. “I haven’t studied Lt. Storm’s files as you have, maybe you should take over.”
Vaughn eyes up Red Laser, a man’s expression he cannot see behind his mask. “Very well then, if it takes a man to do this.”
“I believe each menu option is a code, something even Lt. Storm could navigate had he forgotten which was which.”
The Major looks over each option. “Canada’s Elite Profiles, Canada’s Elite Roster, Canada’s Elite Projects, Canada’s Elite Misc, Canada’s Elite Delta.” He leans back in the chair. “Any of these could be a trap, he was very clever.”
“Maybe the miscellaneous file?”
“No, that is the obvious trap...or is it? GAH!” Vaughn jumps up from the seat in frustration bumping the mouse, which cursors over the C in the second menu option turning it red. “Wait...why would he colour code one letter?” He sits back down moving the cursor over other letters. The C on the miscellaneous file does not change colour. “I guess your guess is correct Red Laser.” Vaughn smiles clicking on the menu and watches as it goes black then returns with the teams maple leaf logo, and 3-D letters ‘Access Allowed’ appearing onscreen.
“We’re in.” Laser says with excitement.
“That we are, take over now I have other things to attend to.” The Major rises allowing Red Laser back the seat at the console. “Get all the information you can on this database, then destroy it.”

“Son-of-a...” Feedback frantically taps across the keyboard as alerts pop up onscreen of unauthorized access.
“What?” Flint inquires. “Feedback talk to me?”
“A file that shouldn’t have been access was accessed.”
“How did they get that far then?”
“Luck. I don’t know, but it’s also given me a location. CFB Downsview...oh no...”
“You have to tell me more soldier.”
Feedback turns to face Flint. “Downsview is where we were stationed while we waited out our fate after the Serpent Squad. Lt. Storm set up a secret lab there just in case we needed it again. He also stored a backup file there with sensitive information. Whoever has accessed this information isn’t Lt. Storm, I set up a specific series of commands that wouldn’t trigger an alert.”
“What can you do?”
“From here, I don’t know but you need to scramble a team there now, whoever is in there shouldn’t be.”
Flint darts for the command center getting on the com system. “This is a base wide alert, all combat personnel report to the hanger bay pronto.” He picks up an ear piece from the console before rushing out. “Feedback do you copy?”
“I read you loud and clear. I’m attempting to initiate the virus program, but if they detect me too soon I’ll have to shut down.”
“A virus program? Why hasn’t it started if the access is unauthorized?”
“To give us time if Storm or I messed up the command string to correct it. It won’t kick in for another five minutes.”
“Then do what you have to.” Flint haul stops passing by Rebecca. “Ramon, glad you’re here.”
“I just got in, what’s going on?”
“Feedback can fill you in, get to the command center.”
“Yes Sir.” She watches as Flint hurries on down the hall towards the hanger bay. Joining him are Fallout and Navy, just ahead of them Chamber and Snow Squall. As they arrive in the hanger bay, Afterburner already has a CC-130J Hercules prepped and ready to go. Hotwire is loading a couple of the OMAT’s and a LAV III in to the aircraft.
G.I. steps up to Flint. “You’ll find weapons in the crates onboard.”
“Good work. I want you and Hotwire to head to the command center, assist Feedback and Ms. Ramon.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Afterburner, we ready to go?”
“Just tell me where.”
“CFB Downsview.”
The team all look at each other surprised by their destination.
“I’ll fill everyone in on the way, okay Joe’s lets go.”
The others watch as the CC-130J taxi’s out of the hanger bay and down the runway taking off into the night sky.
“Why don’t we get to go?” G.I. huffs.
“Cause we’re technically not combat, we’re base specialists. I’m the mechanic, you’re the trainer. Now come on we have our orders, let’s get to the command center.”

“We’re coming in for our decent, buckle up everyone.” Afterburners voice says over the com unit aboard the CC130J. Flint sits next to her as her co-pilot. “We’ve been given clearance to land by the controllers, they did say there were some new tenants.”
“Probably the ones who we’re going after, I’m heading to the back.” Flint unbuckles his seatbelt and carefully moves to the rear. The team has already strapped themselves into the vehicles ready for drop. “Alright, this is going to get hairy and we only have one shot at it. ‘Bruner is going to bring us in low, with the bay door open. Maniac, I want your group out in the LAV first, Navy and Snow Squall follow in the OMAT’s. Chamber and Fallout you’re the first attack, you see any enemy units open fire with the LAV’s machine guns.”
“Coming in for landing...ready for bay doors.” Afterburner’s voice crackles over the com.
“Sir, what about you?” Fallout inquires.
Flint picks up a JUMP pack strapping it on. “I’m covered.” He smirks hitting the intercom button. “Roger that Afterburner, we’re a go back here.”
“Ten-four.” An alert begins to sound and the lights go red in the back of the aircraft as the bay door begins to slowly open.

“VAUGHN!!” Dela rushes into a back room where the Major sits talking on a cell phone.
“What is Dela, I’m busy here?”
“There’s a Canadian aircraft coming in for a landing, a cargo plane, large. It’s rear bay door is opening.”
The Major flips shut his phone and bolts for the secret room. “You fool, what have you done?”
He pushes Red Laser aside getting down and inspecting the underside of the console. He climbs back out and pulls out the CPU. “Screw driver.” He snaps as Laser hands him a small driver. Vaughn quickly unscrews the cover and tosses it aside. “What is this?”
“It’s a...internal wireless network modem...”
The Major puts his hand out to Dela. “Give me your knife.”
She quickly pulls one out from between her breasts getting a look from Red Laser. “You’re eyes better be in your sockets under that mask.”
Vaughn digs at the wall cutting a chunk out. “No!” He rips a wireless router out from the wall bringing the wires with it. He shoves the router into Red Laser’s chest. “We were being monitored.”

“Feedback to Flint, do you read me?”
“I read you, but it’s getting breezy in here.” Flint responds holding his com device firm to his ear. “What’s up?”
“The line just went dead, you’re about to have runners or company.”
“Roger that. Okay team, whoever’s in there knows where here keep your eyes open.”
“Touching down...” Afterburner announces just as the wheels hit the tarmac, the bay door sparking as it drags across the blacktop.
“Go, go, go!” Flint orders.

Vaughn races to a nearby window watching as the aircraft lands and the LAV exits first. “Dammit, the Joe’s.”
“What do we do?” Dela asks.
“We have no choice, alert the others, we fight.” He glares back at Red Laser. “You I will deal with later.”
Laser swallows hard feeling stupid for not realizing the hidden routing device.
Dela bursts into the room they had set up as an armoury startling some of the Shadow troopers. “We’re under attack!”

Flint is the last to exit the aircraft, he ignites the JUMP and rockets out swirling around the tail wing then banking around to join the rest of the team. “No...” He whispers under his breath as Red Shadows storm out opening fire.
“That’s our queue.” Chamber shouts as he and Fallout return fire.
“Flint to base, we have a situation here.”

“We need to get some heavy support out there.” Vaughn snarls, watching his troops being cut down by the Joe’s. “Wolf, where’s....?” He looks around hearing a roar as a Hyena tank rips through the building. Vaughn ducks covering his head from the flying debris. “You crazy son-of...” He growls. A tarp that was used to cover the tank whips around floating to the ground on top of the Black Major.
Dela hurries to uncover him helping him to his feet. “When did those arrive?”
“That is not of your concern my dear, neither is how I accomplished it. There are Shadowtrak’s in the back as well, get to them now!”
The Hyena barrels down on the lead LAV opening fire on the Joe’s.
“Hard right!” Fallout shouts to Maniac who swerves the vehicle out of the line of fire, the eight tires of the LAV squealing and smoking, the smell of burning rubbing filling the air. “Chamber, load the smoke grenades, give us some cover, Maniac switch to TACNAV (tactical navigation system). “Let’s take that tank out.”

Three Shadowtrak’s rip out from the hole the Hyena made carrying the rest of the Red Shadow’s. Dela and the Black Major in one, the Major manning a heavy machine gun that he opens fire with.
“DELA!!” Flint shouts as he soars overhead firing down on them.
“FLINT!” Dela turns her Shadowtrak around to follow after him.
“What is he doing here? Where is Lt. Storm?” The Major barks.

Snow Squall and Navy take on the two remaining Shadowtrak units carrying Red Laser and Red Vulture. They arm the large single cannon laser mounts firing on the Trak’s. The resulting blasts hit the ground in front of the Red Shadows causing the Trak’s to flip into the air tossing their passengers.
“Yeah, that’s how we do it here.” Squall shouts pumping his fist in the air at Navy.
“Watch your nine!” Navy shouts as Shadow Troopers open fire on Snow Squall.
“Holy crap...glad this thing is well armoured...oh...” Squall leaps from his OMAT as a rocket spirals towards him blowing up his One Man Attack Tank
“Squall!” Navy breaks her OMAT to go retrieve Snow Squall, hoping he’s alright.

Down at the end of the tarmac Afterburner rotates her aircraft noticing the battle ahead. “Dammit.”
“Feedback to Afterburner, come in.”
“I read you Feedback, we have a situation here, enemy...”
“I know, Flint already told me, the Red Shadows.”
“The what?”
“A terrorist cell, Rebecca is punching up the data on them now.”
“Are they Cobra?”
“No, but just as bad, maybe even worse...oh god...”
“You need to find Flint, this isn’t good.”
“What is it?”
“A Red Shadow by the name of Dela Eden killed his wife...if she’s there...”
“He might be out for blood. Copy that Feedback I....” Afterburner looks around out her cockpit hearing a screech and the sound of jets approaching. “AAAHHHHH!!!”

Back at the base the only sound they hear following Afterburner’s screams are sounds of explosions and her com going dead. “Burner? Burner....Julie?”
The rest of the team that were left at the base all wait for a response.
“Feedback, this is Navy...” His voice cracks over the line. “Burner’s plane was just attacked...it was...oh god...we need some kind of air support...”
“Navy, what’s going on?”

A woman in the lead red and black fighter jet watches as the CC-130J below burns, flames dancing around it. Her hair as white as snow, her mouth covered in a red mask, wearing a red and black uniform. She is known as Red Scream, a fierce woman, whose thirst for power rivals that of Vaughn’s, and her appetite for destruction unparallel. She gets her thrill out of seeing her enemy’s burn and beg for mercy.
Below in the wreckage she notices movement, her target looks to have survived. “I’m going in.” She breaks from her unit leaving them to continue the air support as she goes in for a landing. Her jet screeches to a halt near the destroyed CC-130J as Afterburner stumbles out. A little worse for wear but still in once piece.
Red Scream blows her canopy and leaps out screaming as she lunges at Afterburner. “I don’t know how you survived that, but you now give me the pleasure of killing you with my bare hands!” She screams, charging at the Joe.
“Bite me b...” Afterburner spirals as Red Scream hits her across the face. “Alright, no cat fight here... good ‘cause you blew up my plane and now you’re going to pay.”
Red Scream smiles under her mask circling Afterburner. “You have no hope in defeating me, you are injured, and I am not.”
“Not yet.”
The flames from the burning wreckage dance in Red Screams eyes. “I like your fire, this will be fun.”

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, Command Center.
“Does anyone copy? Come in, please respond?” Feedback shouts into his com begging for a response, getting none.
“My god, what’s happening?” Rebecca says, worried about the others.
“We should be on our way there to help.” G.I. snorts.
“Oh, and what good would that do?” Hotwire snaps at him. “There’s no way we can get there in time, unless you have a teleportation device.” She waits for him to respond, her arms crossed. “Yeah I thought so.”
“Cool it you two. Shouldn’t we contact Lt. Storm, let him know what’s going on?” Rebecca suggests.
“We can’t we don’t know where he is.” Feedback taps away at the key board trying to get a satellite image.
“What about contacting the American Joe team?”
“They won’t know where Hawk is either, they went off the grid.”
“For what?” Rebecca walks over to Feedback standing next to him. “What was so important that two high ranking top secret military personnel had to drop off the grid? You have to know something?”
“That’s need to know, you don’t.”
“Uh, yeah I think we do.”
“It doesn’t matter we still have no way of contacting them right now.”
Rebecca looks up at the screens. “What are you doing? You’re hacking into satellites.”
“I’m trying to get us an image of Downsview, now if you’d quit asking so many questions I can concentrate on my job.”
Hotwire places a hand on Rebecca’s shoulder. “Easy girl, come on let’s go down to the mess hall and get something to drink, we’ll go find Medic.” She notices the reluctance in Rebecca’s eyes. “Don’t make me drag you; you need to clear your head.”
“Alright, but keep me informed Feedback.”
“Yes ma’am.” He responds.
G.I. watches the two women leave then leans in towards Feedback. “Wow, you left her in charge?”
“She was appointed by the Governor General, with no ranking officer present she is automatically in charge.”
“But you didn’t answer her questions.”
“Because my orders over rank her questions...oh my god...” Feedback displays an image of the base on screen, the burning CC-130J and several other explosions and gunfire across the battlefield.”

“DELA!” Flint swoops down towards her pulling up so his JUMP thrusters burn towards her. Dela screams overturning the Shadowtrak launching Vaughn from it. Flint comes back around firing at the overturned vehicle un-strapping himself from the JUMP. It takes off crashing into the ground and sputtering out.
Flint climbs up on the Shadowtrak looking down at a bloody Dela who is pinned beneath it. “Enjoy your trip to hell bitch.” He raises his rifle bracing it against him, taking aim at her head. “This one’s for Allison.” He hears a click next to him, the cock of a gun.
“Drop the weapon Flint.” Vaughn orders, holding his gun to Flint’s head. “Or I’ll blow your brains out the side of your head.”
“Go ahead and do it at least I’ll take her with me.”
“I don’t want to do that, you are much more valuable to me alive then dead.”
“You don’t have any other choice.”

Afterburner throws a punch at her white haired advisory missing her. “Who are you?”
“I am known as Red Scream, tactician of the Red Shadows.”
“That’s not what I meant, you move like military.”
“Ah, so you’ve noticed.” Red Scream roundhouses Afterburner knocking the brunette to the ground, and leaps on top of her. “I had hoped this would be more fun, but that blast must have taken more out of you then I thought.”
“You tried to blow me up you twit.” Afterburner struggles under Scream’s grip. “Let me up and I’ll show you a few more moves.”
“You had your chance.” Scream pulls out her pistol spinning it around and clocking Afterburner across the head with the butt of her gun. “Sleep tight.”

Chamber, Fallout and Maniac continue to open fire on the rest of the Shadows, quickly running low on ammo. Bullet holes beginning to punch through the armour of their LAV.
“This isn’t good, we’re out numbered and out gunned.” Chamber says.
“Then let’s do something about it.” Maniac guns the LAV cranking it towards the majority of the Red Shadows. “Let’s take as many out as we can.”
Fallout looks over at Chamber. “I like this guy.” He presses the trigger on his mounted machine gun laying down a spray of gunfire.
“Flint...he’s in trouble.” Chamber points out The Black Major holding a gun to their temporary Commander’s head.
“Go, we have this covered.” Fallout orders covering Chamber as he leaps down from the LAV, tucking and rolling as he hits the ground. He jumps up and darts across the battlefield.
“Don’t even think about it Joe!” Red Wolf growls tackling Chamber and knocking his gun from his hands. “You’ve lost.”
“Damn...that is one ugly helmet.” Chamber says pushing Wolf off of him. “You want a fight, bring it.”
“I’d prefer nothing more, but you’re friends are about to get it a lot worse.” He points up towards the Red Shadow jets that come around for a final sweep targeting the LAV.
“FALLOUT!!” Chamber shouts too late as the jets missiles are launched. He watches as they hit the rear of the LAV flipping it high into the air. Everything goes silent for a moment, the ones watching at the base are in awe, the ones on the field pray for their teammates. The armoured vehicle hits the ground hard on its hood, the sound of scrapping metal filling the air. Sparks fly and asphalt breaks free from the runway.

Flint takes his chance swinging his rifle around at the Black Major while he is distracted, knocking the man to the ground. “I’ll deal with you first.”
“No you won’t.” Red Laser says aiming his laser rifle at the Joe.
“Dammit, where the hell are you guys coming from?” Flint grunts.
Vaughn wipes blood from his split lip and smiles. “Valiant effort but futile. Surrender now and I will spare the others, continue this and I order my men to execute them.”
“And I’m supposed to believe you’ll keep your word?”
“Can you not?”
Flint sighs realizing he can’t risk the others lives over his revenge. “Fine, we surrender.” He says dropping his gun and raising his arms into the air.

Across the yard, the few civilians held up in the aeronautics museum that is on the base, watch as their only hope falls. A man dressed in a brown suit looks at his partner who is dressed in a grey suit. “Should we call the cops?”
“I think these guys were the cops, and if they couldn’t beat them I don’t think anyone can.”
“What should we do?”
“Hide and pray they don’t find us.”

On the satellite feed, Feedback and G.I. watch as the Red Shadows take their team into custody, marching them along in single file down the tarmac.
“There’s gotta be something we can do, doesn’t one of those satellites have weapons on them?”
“Even if they do who do you suppose I try to hit?”
“What’s going...on?” Hotwire asks as she, Medic, and Rebecca enter the room. “No...” She gasps seeing the images on the monitors.
“Oh my god.” Rebecca drops her paper cup spilling coffee all over the floor.
“Wait, what’s that?” Hotwire points to background as a black helicopter lands. “Can you zoom us in, get a clearer picture?”
“Can do.” Feedback says, and with a few key strokes and movement of his fingers across a track-pad, he is able to zoom in. They watch as two Red Shadow troopers disembark, followed by a man dressed mainly in white, with accents of black and red, and wearing a black metal mask.
“Who the hell is that?” Rebecca inquires.
“Well, it isn’t Darth Vader, he wears a cape.”
They all look at G.I., his attempt at a joke not lightening the mood.
“I’ll run his image through the recognition software...oh no, this isn’t good.” Feedback punches up the info from the Action Force files on a smaller screen next to the main. “He’s Baron Ironblood, the Cobra Commander of the Red Shadows.”
“He’s their leader?”
“And one bad mother, we need to save our team, pronto.”

Baron Ironblood marches in front of the Canada’s Elite team, who are lined up for him, looking each of them over. He stops at Flint looking him up and down. “You are not one of them.” He speaks with a heavy European accent that has wisdom and age to it.
“This is Flint, Warrant Officer of the American G.I.Joe team.” Vaughn introduces him.
“Ah yes, I remember you telling me about him Black Major, you failed to recruit him.” The Baron’s eyes pierce into Flint’s. “Dela killed your wife that must have been excruciating to watch someone you love die, and be helpless to do anything about it.” He waits for a response. “You are a clever man. I can see the fire in your eyes, right now you want to rip my head off, but you are showing amazing restraint.” Ironblood turns to Vaughn. “No wonder you failed, he would have never turned on his country.”
“What now Baron?” Dela asks.
“This mission has been compromised, but not unsalvageable.” The Baron looks up as two more choppers come in for a landing. “Leave everything, we take the G.I.Joe’s and regroup.”
“Leave everything, but that could lead others to us?”
“We have already been exposed, Major.” Ironblood looks towards the sky like he can see the satellite that has been monitoring the situation. “The others will come for them, we will lead them into a trap then take this pitiful country.”

Back at the base Rebecca recoils back from the monitor. “My god, it’s like he was looking right at us.”
“That was creepy.” Hotwire adds. “What do we know about him?”
“Nothing much, there is like little to no info on Baron Ironblood. His file is a blank slate with just whispers of his existence, any previous data on him was either deleted or corrupted beyond retrievable.” Feedback explains. “This is the first time in a long time he’s even been out in the open like this.”
“Double creepy.” G.I. says. “So, what do we do, they’ll come looking for us next.” Everyone looks at the trainer. “What?”
“You’re right, that’s what.” Feedback answers. “This base isn’t exactly hidden, if they come looking they might find it. We need to bring them to us on our terms.”
“How do we do that? They’ve captured most of the team and Lt. Storm is still not back yet.” Rebecca questions. “I’ll let the higher ups know, we’re in over our heads.”
“No, this is our problem, we solve it.” Hotwire says grabbing Rebecca’s arm.
“We could get help from the American G.I.Joe team, they’ve gone up against the Red Shadows before.”
“And if we do that the Red Shadows might kill them.”
The four stay silent for a few moments trying to come up with some ideas.
“I’ll start a search for Lt. Storm, see if I can locate him. He needs to know.”
“Agreed, and I’ll start prepping our equipment. G.I., if you’ll help me?”
The Joe nods following Hotwire out.
“Alright, we play it this way for now, but if it gets any further out of control I’ll have to call it in.” Rebecca grunts sitting down next to Feedback. “What do you need me to do?”

The Black Major sits next to Baron Ironblood, in one of the black helicopters. The Baron has removed his helmet now, since he is in the company of his Red Shadows, the Joe’s in the other two helicopters. He’s a distinguished looking gentleman with grey hair and a black moustache. Across from them sit Dela Eden and Red Laser, as well as Artur Kulik who sits in the co-pilot seat. They all sit in silence, not having spoken a word since take-off.
“Where is Crimson Rayne?” The Baron inquires.
“She is on a mission, once she has completed her objective she is to call in.” Vaughn explains. “She has a disposable cell phone on her.”
“Excellent, I am eager to meet her.”
“As she is you, Baron.”
“Where are we going?” Dela asks.
“To a property I acquired a few months ago.” The Baron answers her.
“I still don’t understand why we were invading this country, I know it gives us access to Alaska and the United States but why?”
Ironblood smiles at her. “This countries government is always at odds, fighting over majority control. I saw it as an opportunity to move in and take over their government. Albeit a futile attempt now that we have been exposed.” He looks over at Red Laser who has been nervous since the Baron arrived. “I hear you are to blame for that.”
“Yes I am.”
“Your loyalty is the only thing keeping me from having you executed.”
Red Laser lowers his head, he failed and owes the Baron so much. He feels humiliated.

“I have something, air traffic control detected three black helicopters with unidentified markings.” Feedback says out loud. “I told them it’s under control and the situation is being dealt with.”
“You lied?” Rebecca remarks.
“No, just didn’t want them sending the Calvary out and risk our guys.”
“I found some information on the mysterious buyers of Downsview, apparently a man and woman dumped a bunch of cash down in the mayor’s lap.”
Feedback laughs. “Moneys always involved when it comes to politics.”
“Have you been able to contact Lt. Storm yet?”
“No need to.” Storm says wheeling General Hawk in. “What’s going on, where is everyone?”
Feedback and Rebecca look at each other, neither wanting to go first.
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