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Canada's Elite #15


Canada's Elite #15

Postby Lt Storm » 13 May 2010 19:41

Intro – Family

Somewhere in the United Kingdom, a large mansion sits on a vast property littered with gardens and orchards, miles away from the nearest town. The mansion grounds are now over grown, having been unkempt for the past several years. A glowing flicker is the only light illuminating through the windows up on the third floor west wing. A man sits alone in a wheel chair with a blanket over his lap, and an oxygen tank strapped to the back, his eyes nearly lifeless as he wheezes. His help already gone to their homes, whom at one time lived in the mansion, but no longer, the old man having becoming a recluse in his final years. His nurse leaving only moments ago to make a run to the store for some more candles, the mansion no longer supplied with power. Everything has been cut back as the old man waits for death.
He feels a presence, barely able to turn his head he rolls his eyes towards the intruder. Next to him stands a man dressed all in black with accents of red, behind him a woman in a white fur coat, a man dressed in red and a woman in a black trench coat with a red mask over her face. These four are members of The Red Shadows, The Black Major, also known as Wilder Vaughn, Dela Eden, Red Laser and the newest member of this organization, Crimson Rayne.
“Hello old man.” The Black Major leans down peering into the geezers yellowed eyes. “You knew I was coming didn’t you?” He smiles. “Ah, I can see death in your eyes, clinging on to the last bit of life you have, just for this day.” He looks back at the others. “Search the house, there is money and valuables hidden everywhere.” The Major turns back to the old man taking his hand. “I’m back to take what is rightfully mine. I care not for this house it is yours to die in.” He gets up walking over to the fire picking up the poker and moving around the logs. “You outcast me years ago and now it has come back to bite you in the end.”
Throughout the mansion the rest located the safes in the library, the master bedroom, and the den. They loot all the valuables they can, the woman taking as much jewellery as possible, Red Laser packing up all the money into large duffle bags. The three soon return to the room where the Black Major waits.
“Take everything out to Red Vulture in the van, I will be along shortly.” The Major walks over to the old man with the hot poker admiring the red glow and burning ember stuck to the end. “Goodbye.” He sets the poker down on the old mans blanket blowing on it to arouse its potential.
The Red Shadows wait for the Black Major out at the van seeing him emerge from the large old house. He walks up to the van climbing into the passenger side looking over at Red Vulture, a man dressed in a red suit with black piping up it. “Let’s go.”
“Who was that old man?” Rayne asks whisking back her long black hair.
“Just family.”
The black van passes by the nurse who is returning in her blue sedan slowly gazing at the weirdly dressed people inside. As she pulls up to the house she notices the room where she left the old man engulfed in flames, she screams for help from no one that will hear her. A loud explosion erupts from the room where the old man sat, his oxygen tank finally taken by the flames. All she can do is watch in horror as the home is quickly overtaken, even by the time the fire department arrives it will be out of control. Soon to be nothing but a chard pile of rubble and the last reminder of a family that once stood on its soil.


Chapter 15 Calling all Troops.

South-western Ontario, Top Secret location of G.I.Joe: Canada’s Elite Headquarters. It’s been three months since the attack on the National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa, which is still under repair and renovation. The murder of the Prime Minister of Canada by former team member Athena, has plunged the country into panic. Since then the Canada’s Elite team has searched for the Liberators lead by Athena’s father, and retired military General, Anthony Singer. The true reason for his forces attacks on military bases unknown for now, and will remain that way until he is captured and forced to explain his actions.
General Hawk came to visit Lt. Storm a few months after the battle at Ottawa, informing him that they’d be embarking on a mission together and that he’d have to appoint a temporary commander for his team. The Canada’s Elite team discovered the Liberators were using tech that was being developed by the DND. Someone was selling them this stolen technology, and who knows what else.
Out in the obstacle course the team enjoys the beginning of spring having some fun. Up in his office Lt. Storm watches them, holding a picture in his hands.
“Why aren’t you out there with them?”
“What?” He spins around to see a welcome familiar face, setting the picture down on his desk.
“You’re still not pining over those photos are you?”
“Rebecca, it’s good to see you up and around.”
“Hey, it’ll take more then a few bullets to put me down.” She notices the sad look on Storm’s face. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that.”
“I know, its okay. So, does having you here mean you are back to work?”
“You bet I am. I was just setting up in my office down the hall.”
“Having a place for you to work here makes sense.”
“Plus I don’t like my new office in Ottawa, doesn’t feel safe anymore. It is safer here I’ve heard of the upgrades you had made.”
Storm smiles. “Have you looked over the file I sent you yet?”
“Yes, I think this person is a great pick to lead your team.”
“So do I.” Storm walks around his desk looking over a stack of files. “I’ve spent weeks researching others and even the skeletons in their closet. I won’t have a repeat of General Singer.”
“That wasn’t your fault, you didn’t pick him.”
“I know, and problem is I couldn’t bring myself to put my trust in any of these people.” Storm sighs picking a few of the files up and flips through them. “Hawk has been working with me on his end to get the process in gear, he’s eager to get on our mission.”
Rebecca sits down in one of Storm’s office chairs crossing her legs. “Has Medic found anymore hidden commands or messages in your head?”
“No. Hopefully there was the only that one, I don’t like thinking she was able to do that.” (A secret message Nightingale implanted to stop Lt. Storm from pursuing them.)
“Hey even Batman had subliminal messages stuck in his head.”
“Actually he planted that there himself…wait…you read comic books?”
“No, I just researched all of your interests, the whole team that is. You wouldn’t believe who’s into collecting glass figurines.”
“Snow Squall.”
Rebecca sits stunned. “Oh, okay maybe you would.” She laughs. “Do you know who’s been a calendar model?”
“Oh my god, can you believe that?”
“It was for charity.”
“I know but he doesn’t seem the type to do something like that.” She smiles seeing Lt. Storm laugh.
“No problem. Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to say hi to the others then get ready for our arrival.” She rises from her seat saluting Lt. Storm who salutes her back as she exits. Rebecca runs her hand along the hall wall heading for the elevator that takes her down to the main level. She walks down the hall to a small garage that houses grey coloured golf carts.
While outside at the obstacle course, the Joe’s rough house in the mud having some fun for once. Maniac tossing most of them around like pillows, being the strongest of the team. Fallout notices the golf cart approaching carrying it’s blonde headed passenger. “Yo Joe’s Atten-hut!” He shouts getting every ones attention.
Rebecca pulls up laughing at how dirty the unit is. “Okay you guys don’t have to do that for me.” She looks at them as they all still stand at attention. “Alright, at ease.”
The Joe’s all exhale like they’ve been holding their breath, joking around with her.
“Good to see you back.” Afterburner says running up to her followed by the rest of the girls.
“Oh no no no…you are all muddy.” Rebecca says backing the cart up.
“God made dirt so dirt don’t hurt girl.” Hotwire comments.
“It’s good for the skin.” Navy adds with a grin.
“No thank you, I’ll get my mud from a spa thank-you. Though the guys do look good shirtless and covered in mud.”
“Ladies, if you are done your hen clucking…?” Chamber snorts.
“Oh you are so going down.” Hotwire says as she, Afterburner and Navy rush him.
Medic hangs behind walking over to the nearby bench picking up a towel. “Well I’m done this mud wrestling training session.”
“Let me guess, the guys idea?” Rebecca says grinning as Chamber goes down hard into the mud pit.
“Actually no it started when G.I. started competing with Hotwire, she pushed him down in the mud then everyone else just kind of fell into it.” She laughs climbing into the golf cart. “Driver, to the manor please.” She jokes.
“Oh my goodness, what have you all been into? Is there something in that mud?”
“I don’t know, maybe.” Medic shrugs. “Oh Becca please you need to lighten up and have some fun, just let loose. Much like our leader needs to.” She says the latter with a robot like voice.
Rebecca pops the cart into reverse for some more room to turn then pops it into gear heading for the base. “He hasn’t been brooding up in his office for the past three months has he?”
“No, not really, our sessions are going well, I’m thinking we may not even need them anymore on a regular basis. He’s just been really focused lately ever since General Hawk and Flint dropped by, he hasn’t said why though.”
“You know something.” Medic looks at Rebecca with a suspicious eye. “Spill it.”
“I can’t, you know that.”
“I have ways of making you talk.”
“You want to walk back?”
“No.” Medic sits quiet for a few moments then the two begin to laugh.
“I still can’t tell you.” Rebecca remarks. They sit silent for a few moments. “His hair has grown back nicely.”
“Oh yes, that it has.” Medic laughs.

A few hours later the rest of the team has made it back to the base and have gone their separate ways to the locker rooms. The guys laugh and tease each other as they shower, about who got beat by the girls the most. Mostly ripping on Chamber, who was ganged up on. Unknown to them the ladies have snuck into the locker room trying hard not to start giggling as they scoop up the guys change of clothes.
Afterburner hisses at Navy who has sauntered off to watch the guys shower. She blushes then returns to help carry the guys stuff. “What do you think you’re doing, we don’t want to get caught.” She whispers.
“What, I just wanted a peek.” Navy whispers back carrying the guy’s towels.
“God I’m so glad I’m a…”
Afterburner hushes Hotwire. “Say that word and the guys might hear us, they have ears like hawks when it comes to that.”
“Don’t hawks have holes in their heads instead of actual ears?” Hotwire remarks.
“Cut it out, let’s go.”
The girls sneak back out of the locker room with the guy’s clothes and towels being stopped by Lt. Storm who stands in his full uniform out in the hall. “I saw you all go in on the security cameras. You really didn’t think you’d get away with that did you?”
The girls frown. “Sorry honey we were…” Afterburner begins.
Navy elbows Afterburner making her yelp and nods at the look on the Lieutenants face.
“Uh, sorry I mean Sir.” She blushes. “We were just having some fun.”
“Would you like it if they did that to you?”
“Well…no.” Navy answers.
The girls remain silent.
“Go put them back now.” He points towards the locker room.
“Yes Sir.” The three say heading back in and all let out a scream as all seven of the guys stand there naked with their arms crossed. Their faces turn red with embarrassment as each guy takes back his towel and clothes from them.
“I don’t want any retaliation against the girls either, understood?” Storm says to the guys.
“Yes Sir.” The guys all say.
“I mean it, I find out about any retaliation and you’ll be on bathroom duty permanently. I’m sure the janitorial staff wouldn’t mind.”
“Understood Sir.” The team all say.
“Ladies.” Storm ushers them out of the locker room then heads back to the command center.

In the Vehicle Bay Archaic loads up one of the Jeeps with supplies, not realizing he is no longer alone.
“Where you going?”
“Gahh….” He jumps into the air spinning around flattening himself against the jeep. “Jeez Hotwire you scared me.”
She looks around him trying to see what he is loading. “Are you sneaking something out?”
“What? No, I’m heading out I have a lead on Rattlesnake. It’s what Lt. Storm has kept me on the team for.”
“Need company?”
“You want to come along?” He says somewhat surprised.
“Sounds like fun.”
“Sorry, but this is a solo mission, and I doubt Storm would appreciate me taking his mechanic on a trip across the country.”
“Well, good luck and come back safe.” Hotwire gives him a quick hug.
“Thanks.” He watches her exit the bay and scratches his head. He hasn’t known her that long, yet she acts as if they’ve been friends for years.

“I saw that.” A voice whispers from around the door.
Hotwire jumps giving Medic a dirty look. “Now I know how Archaic felt when I startled him.”
“What was that hug all about?”
“Nothing, I was just wishing him well.”
Medic looks at Hotwire with an eyebrow cocked up.
“Don’t give me that look.”
“What look?”
“That mmm hmm look, it’s none of your business.” She snorts walking away.
“Whoops, stepped into something there.” Medic whispers under her breath.

Feedback taps on Lt. Storm’s door before he enters the team leader’s office carrying a file. “Sir, I have the information you asked for.”
“Thanks.” Storm takes it from him placing it down beside him as he continues to look through the files he has in front of him.
“If you don’t mind me asking Sir, I thought you already decided on your replacement?”
Storm looks up at Feedback. “Temporary, while I go on this mission with General Hawk, and yes I have I’m just doing some more background checks on the others I looked at, just in case.”
“Why not leave Fallout or Afterburner in charge?”
“Do you really think I could decide between the two? Both have equal rank, and besides I was told I had to, there was no choice. The order came from the Governor General, and I think the team will learn from the person I’ve selected.”
“Oh, I didn’t know, I’m sorry Sir. I know it’s none of my business.”
“You’re kidding right? Feedback, everything that goes on in this base is your business that’s why you helm the command center, that’s why I trust you with information that the others do not know about.” Storm smiles.

Over in the weight room G.I. and Maniac spot each other as they workout doing bench presses, both noticing Rebecca as she enters. “Didn’t you two get enough exercise outside?”
“Nope.” G.I. grunts as he lifts the barbell back onto its rungs assisted by Maniac. “What can we do for you?”
“How’d you know I was coming to ask a favour?”
“What, you were just coming to watch us pump some iron?” Maniac says flexing for her.
“No.” She says a bit turned off by his cockiness. “I need some help moving a few heavy items, you two are the best candidates for the job.”
“Sure, we’ll give you a hand won’t we?” G.I. says picking up his towel and snapping it at Maniac who is still flexing. “Cut it out.”
Rebecca rolls her eyes and moans. “Come on follow me…and not one comment.” She says shaking a finger at Maniac who just grins with a phony innocent look on his face.

Across the base in the targeting range is Afterburner, who unloads a clip into a defenceless paper target. She clicks it a few times after the last bullet has fired then places the weapon down hitting the return button. Next to her Snow Squall sets up for some target practice himself. “Hey.” She says acknowledging him.
“Hi Julie, venting some frustration?”
“No, just trying to become better with a weapon. I’ve never been much of an ace shot unless it’s with an aircraft under me. For some reason when I have a weapon in the palm of my hands I…I don’t know how to explain it?”
“You get scared, I understand. It’s different when you are letting loose a missile or firing the Vulcan cannons on the fighter jets. You’re aiming at a lifeless hunk of metal or structure. But when you pick up one of these…” He says eyeing over the Inglis in his hands. “You using a SIG-Sauer?”
“Yes, and no jokes about it being a lady gun.”
“No joke from me, I know some guys who have to use the P-2-2-5.”
“Sorry, I’m just used to people making fun of my small hands.” She smiles taking down her target.
“If you wanted to learn how to shoot a gun you should have just come to me.” Lt. Storm says entering the room. “I’ve trained under some of the best.” He looks over her target. “Not bad, are you using the sight?”
“Uh, no I’m use to a computer guidance system helping me aim.”
“You should try it, take your time, don’t go all gung ho.”
Julie slips out the used clip and reloads a fresh one as Snow Squall puts up a new target for her.
“Here, give it a try.” Storm says putting on some hearing protection and safety goggles. “Relax, settle into your aiming area visualize where you want to hit the target. Find your sight, let the target become blurred.”
“How can I hit it if it’s blurry?”
“Don’t over think it, just listen. Focus on your front site, now start a positive squeeze, consistent, don’t hesitate. The gun is an extension of your arm, picture as if you are trying to reach out and touch the target.
With a loud BLAM the gun goes off surprising Afterburner. “I didn’t know it was going to go off already.” She gasps.
“That’s good though.” Storm hits the return button. “You don’t want to think about when the gun is going to go off, because then you’ll expect it and may interrupt your aim.” He pulls the target down, both him and Snow Squall look at it with surprise.
“What?” Afterburner looks at the target noticing the bullet hole dead center head shot.
“Beginners luck.” Snow Squall jokes.
“Wow…you should teach me how to shoot a gun more often.” Afterburner smiles at Storm.
“Oh I am so out of here.” Snow Squall says taking leave of the firing range. He passes by G.I. and Maniac who look exhausted. “Man, what were you two up too?”
“We were helping Ms. Ramon move some things around.” Maniac answers.
“She worked us hard too I think it was on purpose.” G.I. adds.
“Sounds like you probably deserved it if she did.” Snow Squall jokes.
G.I. scratches his head and grins. “Yeah I think we did.”
“Come on man, let’s hit the showers then grab some grub, I’m starvin’.” Maniac groans.
“I’ll meet you guys in the mess hall.” Snow Squall laughs as he continues on.

Down in the medical end of the base Medic sits in her office reviewing some documents. She quickly shoves them into her desk drawer hearing someone at her door. “Enter.”
“Hey, just came by for a check up.” Lt. Storm says.
“I didn’t have you scheduled till tomorrow.”
“I might be leaving by then, figured we’d get it done now.”
“Well, this should be the last one. You’ve been clean with every test I don’t think the Liberators did anything else to you. Though I am curious about the bite marks from your first examination, the ones on your….”
“That was months ago Medic, you just thought of asking now?” Lt. Storm says as he pulls off his red jersey followed by the grey v-neck shirt underneath.
“I was going to then, but they didn’t puncture the skin and seemed to be human. Is there something Nightingale did to you that you haven’t told me?” Medic asks, snapping on a pair of rubber gloves.
“No.” Storm says kicking off his boots.
“No, you don’t want to tell or…”
“No, I don’t want to talk about it if I did you’d be the first. It was nothing.” He pulls off his camo cargo pants glaring at Medic.
“Well, if you say so I’ll drop it.” Medic smiles wiggling her fingers in the rubber gloves. “Boxers too.”
“You enjoy this too much.”
“I was told to give you a complete physical. And I do not, it brings me no joy to give someone discomfort. Now, turn your head and cough.” She says with a wicked grin.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, at a small boat dock sits a cruising yacht. A tall burly man dressed in a red trench coat, with red tattoo markings on his head approaches the vessel. The first to emerge is Dela Eden, followed by Red Laser, Red Vulture, Crimson Rayne and The Black Major.
“Good Evening sir, good to see you have returned. All went well?” The man asks.
“That it did, Artur, very well indeed.” The Major answers. “We should have enough money to get started now.”
Artur Kulik, born somewhere in Russia, he joined Wilder Vaughn’s Red Shadows nearly taking down both G.I.Joe and Cobra. He is known to be a painter of limited ability and was incarcerated by United Nations Peacekeeping Forces. After Wilder rescued Dela from capture the two set out to free him, and regroup the Red Shadow forces. They have been laying low since, waiting for their chance to re-emerge stronger than ever.
Crimson Rayne was found by the Black Major after her private jet was taken out by the Canadian G.I.Joe forces. She was scared from the crash the Major gave her a mask to wear while her face heals, a red mask with the Red Shadow skull logo on the forehead. She keeps herself close to the Major at all times, owing him her life, as so she sees it, sometimes much to the jealousy of Dela Eden. Who also seems to have some sort of attraction to the Black Major.
The group follows Artur to two waiting limo’s, the Major climbing into one with the two women and the rest into the other. Wilder, looks out the window at the beautiful scenery of Nova Scotia. “Soon this country will be ours.” He looks over at Rayne. “And your foes will pay for what they did to you.”
Dela stares at Rayne then at the Major, wanting to make her voice heard but bites her lip waiting for her moment. She is a smart woman and knows how to manipulate people and situations to her liking. This new woman will be no different. “So where are we headed?”
“To Toronto, there is some property there I want to acquire.”
“Should we not check in with…?”
“Well will check in with him when I so see fit. Our mission has been laid out for us there is no need to check in until it is time. It will only anger our leader.”
Rayne glances at Dela with a smug look under her mask.
“Don’t give me that look I know what you are doing, you’re mask can’t hide the look in your eyes.”
“Dela, enough. I expect the two of you to get along, no bickering.”
“As you wish.” She crosses her arms staring at Rayne. “Why are we worrying about this country anyway?”
“Because my dear, it borders the United States, has natural resources and exports we can utilize to cripple the world and it is the only land route to Alaska. Which then we will be able to overpower and control the Alaskan pipeline. No one will realize what we are up to until it is too late. Then we will destroy this Canadian G.I.Joe team as a warm up to enact our revenge against the original G.I.Joe force.”

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, dusk, up on the roof helicopter landing pad, which is normally reserved for important quests, stands Snow Squall. He watches as the sun lowers over the horizon.
“What are you doing up here?” Navy asks walking up next to him.
“Just watching the sun set, it’s quiet calming.”
Navy watches the sun breathing in deeply. “Wow, it is.” She says as she exhales. “It felt like everything just lifted from my chest.”
“You didn’t need to come up here to make fun of me.”
“I’m serious, I’m not trying to make fun of you. I like a man who can enjoy something so simple.”
“You sound like my wife.”
“Wife? You never mentioned you’re married.”
“Was…she died a few years ago in a car accident. I don’t like talking about it.”
“I’m sorry.” Navy looks up into his blue eyes seeing the setting sun dancing in them.
“It’s okay, I guess it’s something that would come out eventually. But now you have to tell me a secret about you that you haven’t shared with the others.”
Navy takes in a deep breath hanging her head. “I had a twin brother…he…passed away.”
Snow Squall stands stunned not knowing what to say.
“It’s okay though, I’ve made my peace with him and I’ve learned to cope. See, we have something in common.”
“Yeah, I guess we do, we both lost someone we cared about. Hey, you know who else has a twin brother…”
“Oh crap…” Navy says as her watch begins to beep. “I’m sorry to cut and run but I have to meet up with the girls, we’re having a movie night.”
“What movie?”
“Gone With The Wind, classic, and sorry ladies only.” Navy gives Snow Squall a quick hug then hurries off to the roof access.

Down a few levels in Lt. Storm’s office, he and Feedback go over protocols that Storm has set in place. Storm watches over Feedback’s shoulder as he enters the last few codes. “And that should do it?”
“Yes, all fail safes, everything you asked for. No matter what happens you should be able to remotely access the base with these override protocols. As should General Hawk as per your request, though I still don’t understand why?”
“I trust him, he’s been with the G.I.Joe program since the beginning, and if something happens I need him to be able to access my files.”
“And what if something should happen to both of you? You are going on a top secret mission together.” Feedback looks up at Storm with a serious look on his face.
“Don’t worry, if that should happen there’s you. If anyone could hack into my files it would be the man who helped me set up these security measures.” Storm picks up his coat from the rack in his office. “I have something I need to do I’ll be back by morning.”
“Yes sir.” Feedback watches his leader head out and lets out a sigh.

High above the Canadian East Coast a private plane carries the Red Shadows, Red Vulture piloting the plane. The Black Major, Dela and Rayne all sit together going over their plans while the rest take the opportunity to get in some rest. Files of each of the Canada’s Elite team members spread across the dinner tray, including the latest members that were enlisted by General Singer. Even files on the Liberators peak out from under the G.I.Joe dossiers.
The Black Major has done his homework, he has everything he needs at his finger tips and has memorized every bit of information. In front of Dela sits a laptop computer with maps and business listed on it, which right now they seem to be ignoring over favour of reviewing their enemies.
Rayne looks over Lt. Storm’s file running her finger nails over his picture like she is clawing at his face.
“What is on your mind my dear?” The Major inquires.
“It’s this man, he can’t be underestimated. He’s clever, creative, and has the complete faith of his team behind him.”
“Then we’ll have to break that faith and run them into the ground.” Dela comments.
“It’s not that easy, we can’t just kill a few of his team members off. That will only anger him, I’ve seen the drive and passion he has in his eyes.”
“Is that why his team nearly baked your @$$?” Dela quips.
“If you don’t listen to me they will do the same to you.” Rayne stares her down. “My first attempt may have not gone so well but I have learned from my errors. I’ve encountered this special ops force, you haven’t.”
The Black Major takes the file from Rayne flipping it shut. “Do not worry, I have already set events into motion to take him out of the equation for now. And not all of his team members are above approach. We will find the weakest link and break the chain that binds them.”
Dela smiles at the Major warming up to him. “I love it when you talk like that it makes my trigger finger tingle.”
“You will have your chance to kill a few of this Elite force, but patience is a virtue, we must not make a misstep or all will fail.”
“It’s been a long time since I’ve killed G.I.Joe’s.” Dela refers to her infamous murder of Agent Alison Hart-Burrnett-Fairborne, code name Lady Jaye. She ran her through with a shard of metal releasing the blood from her body. Dela watched with delight as Flint held his dying wife in his arms. Scarlett arriving too late to help but in time to take her down and bring her under arrest, that witch will have to pay as well. Even over all the people she has killed over the years this remains as one of her greatest achievements. One she remembers fondly, nothing better than getting the blood of another’s loved one on your hands, especially when the loved one is around to witness it.
Rayne looks out the window feeling the plane beginning to make its decent. “We’re coming into the airport now.” She says with worry in her voice.
“You sound nervous?” Dela smirks. “What are you afraid of?”
“It has been a long time since I’ve been back, last time I tried to destroy this city.”
The Major smiles. “It will eventually be yours to do with what you please. Our shadow is descending across this country and blood will run.”
“That sounds delightful.” Dela laughs.

Beechwood Cemetery Ottawa Ontario, National Military Cemetery of the Canadian Forces. Lt. Storm heads across the grounds, the cool evening wind tossing his gray trench coat about. He spots someone kneeling down at one of the graves in silence. Even as he approaches it seems he is unaware of the Lieutenants presence. Resting against the tomb stone he notices a set of crutches, Storm’s heart skips a beat.
The young man jumps up limping as he scurries for his crutches. Storm quickly grabs him trying to help him. “Let me go.” Zack snaps, code name Target, former Sniper of the Canada’s Elite team.
“I’m sorry, I was…”
“Just trying to help me? Go to hell.”
Storm stands in silence looking down at General Rowling’s grave. Both men served under him until Major Fear assassinated him during their first encounter with the mad man. “How are you doing, I haven’t heard from you?”
“There’s a good reason for that, and how do you think I’m doing?” He leans on his crutches limping forward.
Storm steps in his way. “No, I’m not letting you walk away from me this time.”
“I’m not on your team anymore Sir, I don’t have to listen to you.”
“Yes you do.”
“Bite me.”
Storm kicks the crutches out from under Zack causing the young man to lunge forwards heading for a face plant off a tombstone.
He stops himself and glares up at Storm. “How’d you know?”
“You were kneeling when I came up you wouldn’t need crutches if you could do that, they are just a cover. You were shot in the side three months ago, even if you needed them you wouldn’t need two, and a cane would suffice.”
Zack leans against the tombstone he nearly landed on and sighs.
“Get off that, show some respect.” Storm snaps.
Instinctfully the young man stands at attention. “Dammit.”
“No matter what you say you’re always a soldier and always part of the team. Have a good life Zack, see ya around.” Storm says turning his back on the young man and walks away.
“Damn.” Zack hangs his head down looking at the crutches that lay on the ground.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, in the command center sits Feedback, working away as usual. He’s monitoring all military communications and checking the air traffic looking for any oddities.
“Do you ever sleep?” Afterburner asks watching him work.
“Nope.” He responds not even taking a moment to look back at her. “What are you doing up?”
“I couldn’t sleep.”
“The Lieutenant will be back soon.” Feedback says with a smirk.
“Where did he go?”
“You don’t know?”
“No, he didn’t really say.”
“Yes, he can be like that sometimes, can’t he?” Feedback chuckles as he turns in his chair to face Afterburner. “That’s not what is keeping you up though is it?”
“My god what are you psychic?”
“Nope, I just pick up on things really well.” He smiles.
“I’m worried about him leaving us again, he won’t say what this mission he and General Hawk are going on is all about.”
“Won’t tell me much either. You have no need to worry, just try to get some rest. I hear warm milk or brandy does the trick.” He comments as he goes back to work.
Afterburner just smiles and heads to the mess hall.

In another level G.I. and Medic spar in the exercise room, the female Joe teaching her male teammate a few things. G.I. goes in for an attack on her which Medic easily sidesteps grabbing the young man’s left arm. She twists it behind him and with a swift movement of her right foot he is down on the matt face first. Her knee in his back and arm up near the back of his head.
“Uncle.” G.I. shouts.
“Sorry, Auntie.” He laughs.
“Oh come on I’m not hurting you.” Medic says letting him up noticing the red marks on his chest. “Sorry, I guess I did take you down harder than I thought.”
“Nah, it’s okay it only stings a little. Nice moves, you could teach me a few things about self defence. You’ve blocked even my best moves.”
“Yeah…you’re 0 for 5, ready to give up?” She winks.
“No way.”
“Well I am, I have work to do.” Medic picks up her towel from the floor patting her forehead. “You should get some rest as well.”
“I nap between training schedules…and don’t even start with that doctor crap about how sleep is important for your health.”
“A physically fit man like you I don’t think I’d need to.”
“Good day doctor.” G.I. grunts with a smirk watching her as she heads for the women’s locker room. “Think I’ll hit the weight room for a few hours.” He says to himself tossing his towel over his shoulder.

Toronto Ontario, 09:00 Hours, City Hall. Wilder Vaughn and Dela Eden sit in the mayor’s office with a few other business men and the Governor General. Vaughn dressed in a black and grey suit with a red tie, and Eden dressed in a grey suit with a short black haired wig on. The Mayor looks over a few documents that sit before him. “This is quite an offer you are making us Mr. Fairchild.” He directs his statement to Vaughn glancing up at him. “I think it is a bit much for the unoccupied lots on Downsview but…”
“That isn’t for the unoccupied lots Mayor, it is for the entire base.”
The Governor leans forward to look at the proposal. “Oh my...”
The other men in the room, of whom already own property on the lot, and a military representative, also take a look over the Mayors shoulder.
“You want to purchase the entire property?” The Mayor questions.
“Yes, is there a problem? We’d allow the rest of the businesses to operate as is. The company I represent is only interested in helping out the economy.”
“And what does your company do?” One of the business men inquire.
“A little bit of everything, mainly eco friendly products and electronics.”
“Well, this certainly is a generous offer, we’ll need to talk amongst ourselves and consider it.”
“Very well, my associate and I will wait in the waiting room for your decision. We do have many other people to meet with today.” Vaughn says rising from his seat, Dela following him closely behind.
“Do you think they will take it?” She asks as soon as the door shuts behind them.
“Of course, the city could use the extra money, even after splitting it up with the others who occupy the bases property there is still quite a substantial amount left over.”
“I hope you are not planning on offering everyone that much money?”
“No my dear, but this particular property we must obtain, it has sentimental value.” Vaughn smiles taking a seat on the distressed brown leather couch.

Canada’s Elite Headquarters, 10:00 Hours, men’s locker room, G.I. stands with his arms leaning up on the grey and white tile wall, his head propped against them with the water running down his back.
Lt. Storm enters, watching him for a few moments and clears his throat. He gets no reaction from the young man so he clears his throat a little louder, still no reaction. “G.I.!” He finally shouts.
The Joe snorts staggering back nearly slipping on all the water and falling to the hard tile floor. “Ow…Sir…yes Sir!” He groans as he rubs his backside slowly rising to his feet.
“Were you sleeping in the shower?”
G.I. turns red with embarrassment. “Yes Sir, sorry Sir.”
“Yes…well…I think your room might be more suitable next time.”
“I’ll remember that Sir.”
“Get dressed, everyone has gathered in the command center.”
G.I. nods saluting the Lieutenant as he leaves. “sh!t, talk about one of your most embarrassing moments. The team is not going to let me forget this one.” He says turning off the shower.
A few moments later G.I. joins the rest in the command center to uproarious laughter.
“Alright, settle down, it’s not like any of us have ever fallen asleep in odd places.” Storm says quieting everyone down
G.I. turns red again with all the laughter. It’s not easy to embarrass him but this time he was caught off guard. “Okay, okay, fine you all had a good laugh at the tough guy.”
“He’s right, we need to get this underway you can all tease him later.” Storm jokes. “As many of you already know I am taking leave for a short period of time. General Hawk and I are investigating something on our own, and that’s all I’ll say about it. I have thought over for a long time now on who I want to leave in charge of the team while I am gone. This isn’t a decision I wanted to take lightly, not after what happened with General Singer. With some speedy paper work on our neighbour’s side and some boring politics, I won’t bore you with...” Storm watches over the surprised expressions of most of his team and takes a deep breath as he is about to introduce their new acting commander.

A smirk forms across Lt. Storm’s lips as he begins to speak. “I’d like to introduce you to your acting Commander, Warrant Officer Flint.”
Flint enters the room greeted with salutes from the team. He’s dressed in his original uniform, except in a different colour scheme to match the unit.
“Fancy clothes.” Lt. Storm smirks, noticing the amalgamated red, white, and blue stripes to the Canada’s Elite logo.
“Your liaison gave them to me when I landed. I guess this makes me Canadian, eh?” Flint jokes.
“Not till you’ve had poutine and real maple syrup.” Lt. Storm shakes Flint’s hand. “I am trusting my team to you, they’re all yours.” Storm salutes his team then heads out down the hall, removing a cell phone from his pocket and dials. “Everything’s set, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Flint looks over the Canada’s Elite team. “Some of you are missing, where’s Archaic?”
“He’s on a mission Sir, I can brief you on that later.” Feedback answers.
“Good. Alright listen up, I’m not here to run things differently than Lieutenant Storm, I’m here to make sure you all keep inline. Which I’m sure won’t be a problem.” He grins. “First order of business, training.” Flint looks at G.I. expecting a response.
The Survival Instructor quickly picks up on this. “Yes Sir, I have scheduled appointments with…”
“Reschedule your first two, I want you to take that time and get some sleep.”
G.I. hesitates to argue with Flint. “Yes Sir.” He grudgingly agrees.
“Good, now who were your next two?”
“Maniac and Afterburner.”
Flint turns to the two of them. “Then you two can give me a tour of your base, everyone else to your duties, dismissed.” He watches everyone file out except for the two he’s appointed his tour guides. “Alright, let’s get this party started.”

Over at CFB Downsview, The Red Shadows sweep the rooms that the Canada’s Elite team once used. Major Fear stands watching the troopers as Dela Eden enters followed by Red Vulture in civilian clothes. “What did you find?”
“We checked the log books from the guards, looks like everything was moved out of here once the team was exonerated from all charges.” Vulture explains.
“Yes, that was quite sudden, I want you Dela to investigate that, find out just why and who had a hand in it.” The Major orders.
“Yes sir, and have you found anything yet?”
“No, but I’m sure we will. I’ve read Lieutenant Storm’s profile several times, he is not one to just clear out without having a contingency plan. Had they ever a reason to use this base once again.”
“Maybe there is a secret room somewhere?” Artur suggests.
“Hmm, not entirely impossible. Get some imaging equipment in here, whatever you can scrounge up ASAP and locate such a room.”
“I don’t think you’ll need that, I might have just found it.” Red Laser says motioning for them all to follow. He leads them back to the room that Lt. Storm used as an office and runs his hand over a portion of the west wall. “Here, there’s a hidden door.”
“How do you open it?” Rayne inquires.
“I don’t know that yet, there must be a secret panel somewhere or it is triggered by a remote.”
“This is more than likely in the Lieutenant’s possession.” Vaughn grunts. “Figure it out, I want that open even if you have to break it down.”
“Sir, it’s probably booby trapped.”
Vaughn turns away from Red Laser as he is about to leave the room, he pauses in the doorway and looks back over his shoulder. “Even if you have to break it down.”
Laser swallows hard and nods. “Yes Sir.”

Flint walks with Afterburner by his side, Maniac trailing closely behind. “This is a very impressive base, a lot of high tech state-of-the-art security.”
“Our C.O. can be a bit paranoid.” Maniac jokes, getting a dirty look from Afterburner. “What? I was kidding.”
“Nothing wrong with a little paranoia. Keeps you on your toes.” They round a corner taking Flint to the shooting range. “Ah, now this I like.” He looks around the urban styled range. “Who holds the course record?”
Both just glance at each other.
“What, am I missing something?”
“That would have been Target sir.” Maniac answers.
“Right, the young man who was shot by General Singer.”
“You’ve done your homework.” Afterburner says, impressed with the seasoned Joe.
“That I have, and I also know he’s milking his injury, he could be back to duty, maybe not in the field but his talents could be used on base.”
“He won’t call any of us back, he’s going through his own thing right now.”
“Well, let’s hope he snaps out of it soon, we just might need him.”
Flint pats his stomach. “Call it my gut feeling, but it’s just way too quiet right now. When it is way too quite it means the sh!t is about to his the fan.”
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