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Canada's Elite #14


Canada's Elite #14

Postby Lt Storm » 13 May 2010 19:40


Chapter 14

Lt. Storm brings his CF-18 Hornet in for a short landing using the jets airbrake to stop them slightly nudging one of the police cars barricading off the road, the officers nearby ducking for cover. Storm leaps out rushing towards the base as an officer helps Athena down from the jet. Rebecca comes out from the smoking building, a little worse for wear but alive and well. Flint going back inside to help, so he is not spotted by the Canadian Joe team just yet.
“Oh my god, Storm…” Rebecca gasps.
“Good to see you are alright. I guess that training paid off?”
“Yes, oh god did it ever.” She tosses her arms around him hugging him. “I’m so glad to see you, I have…or well had some information for you. Unfortunately my office is under all that rubble.”
“We can’t worry about that right now, I need to get in contact with the rest of the team now.”
“I think we can get to the underground bunker, there might be some people in there waiting for an all clear.”
“Good, let’s go. Athena with me, you too Archaic, G.I, Hotwire assist Medic anyway you can.”
The Joe’s nod understanding his orders as Rebecca leads the rest into the part of the Headquarters that is still standing. “We should be able to access one of the passage ways through here.” She takes them into the main floor lunch room, Storm quickly heading for the fridge that has already been pulled aside. The three enter the passageway, Storm pulling a flashlight from one of his belt pouches to illuminate the dark tunnel.

Manitoba, the rest of the Joe team arrives at the top secret base that has been shut down and mothballed. Fallout sets the Attack Chopper down looking over at Afterburner who sets down next to him in the other chopper. They all disembark forming up together behind General Singer.
“This place looks like a ghost town.” Target comments.
“Looks can be deceiving. Keep on your toes everyone. Fallout, I want you to take Maniac and Snow Squall, check the surrounding buildings. Chamber, Navy and Feedback head for the communications center. Target and Afterburner you are with me, we’ll scout the rest of the base.”
The three man teams all split off and head in different directions, one taking point while the other two keep a watch out around them. There’s an unsettling feeling to the base, one that doesn’t look like it’s ever been in operation. Whatever went on here never left, if the walls could talk they would have stories to tell.
General Singer, Afterburner and Target make their way down to the lower level of the base finding an elevator shaft sitting all alone at the end of the hall. Target begins to examine it, careful not to touch the key pad or doors. He accesses his GPS looking up at the top of the doors like he’s trying to see inside.
“What is it?” The General asks.
“This elevator doesn’t go up.”
The General walks over to Target looking at the map on his GPS that is using a signal boost being emitted by the unit to give sonar like imaging. “Open it up.”

Ottawa, Canadian National Defence Headquarters, Archaic and Lt. Storm push rubble away from the doors to a communications room. Rebecca tries her access card failing to open the doors.
“Stand aside.” Storm pulls out his dual pistols shooting the mechanism until the doors open on their own.
“Well, nothing like the direct approach.” Rebecca says with a hint of sarcasm.
“Athena, get this system up and get me a signal to Manitoba.”
“To my dad?”
“No, Feedback, he’s the one with all the com gear, if we’ll get in contact with anyone it will be him.”
“So, you going to tell us what’s going on boss?” Archaic asks.
“Nightingale put information into my head, I didn’t know it was there until she said the key words to unlock it.”
“Like a subliminal message?” Rebecca says.
“More like a lost memory.”
“So, what did she tell you?” Archaic asks, pushing for more info.
Storm ignores him and leans over Athena. “You have it yet?”
“Almost, I’m piggy backing off several other signals here to reach the area, not much goes out that way. Wait…we just got a boost…”

Target jumps back as the elevator doors open up. “Uh, ladies first?” He says to Afterburner who smacks him in the back of the head and enters the elevator that has power to it inside.
“Shall we find where this goes?”
“Yes.” Singer says following her into the elevator followed by Target. “Looks like a palm scanner and retinal scanner. This might take some time.”
The General pushes Target aside placing his palm on the screen and looking into the retinal scanner. The elevator doors shut as it begins to go down.
“What’s going on here?” Afterburner asks. “You shouldn’t have been able to do that…unless you’ve been here before.”
“That I have.” He grunts as the elevator stops and opens to a large computer lab, the lights coming on as they enter.
“Holy crap, what is this place?”
“This Target, is a hub for everything. All data is stored here, every mission, every file on nearly every person who’s ever been born or set foot in this country. Bank codes, phone conversations, internet searches, everything. Even files on your commander, the missions he’s been on, declassified ones.”
Afterburner begins to wander further into the lab noticing data being streamed across the computer screens. “How is this all operational?”
“It has a separate underground facility, it’s all a bit technical for me.”
“You knew where this place was all along?”
“Technically no I didn’t, I was supposed to be the commander of this base until it was shut down. That’s why I was able to access the controls in the elevator. Your boyfriend had something to do with this place being shut down. Now I’ll find out why. Thankfully, Lt. Storm carelessly revealed its location, my bugs picked everything up.”
Afterburner feels her heart skip a beat spinning around to see the General shove a gun into Targets side pulling the trigger. “NO!!!” She screams taking cover behind the computer bays.
Target drops to the floor clutching his side and screaming in pain, blood oozing from his wound.
“Oh my god…” Afterburner gasps fumbling with her gun and scurrying across the floor.
“Come out, come out where ever you are.” The General calls out as he pulls the wires out on Targets weapon that attach to his pack and tossing away any other weapons.
Up a few levels in the communications center Feedback begins to receive a transmission. “What the hell?”
“Feedback, this is Lt. Storm, do you copy, I repeat do you copy?”
“Yes, Sir, I read you loud and clear. How’d you…?”
“Not important right now. Where is General Singer?”
“He took Afterburner and Target to search the rest of the base.”
“You have to get to him NOW!”
“Why, what’s going on?”
“The Liberators attacked the HQ her in Ottawa, General Singer is their leader.”
“What!?!” Chamber and Navy say in unison with Feedback.
“Stop him, he’s after top secret information, he can’t be allowed to leave there with it.”
“I’ll radio Target…”
“NO! That might put them in danger. Who’s there with you right now?”
“Chamber and Navy.”
“Send Chamber after Singer, have Navy get the others and back him up. I’ll tell you how to access the lower level computer lab.”
Feedback looks back at Chamber and Navy who are already on their way out. “Okay, what do I do?”
“First, you’ll have to find a panel on a wall marked with a danger explosive sign and pull off the panel.”
Feedback looks around locating what Storm is talking about. He removes a blade from his boot and pops the cover off. “There’s a key pad, what do I do now?”
“Enter in 1-9-7-5-0-9-1-5-1-9-3-9.”
Feedback does as he is told repeating the numbers back as he enters them. On the opposite wall a doorway opens revealing a small room with a computer sitting on a desk. “It opened a secret room, now what?”
“Get to the computer, open a folder labeled security, there will be a file labeled SGT fifteen, access that. When it prompts you for a password enter in, concept, all lower case.”
Feedback hurries over to the computer doing as he is instructed. The file pops up a live security camera feed of the lower room. “Oh no…”
“What? Feedback respond, tell me what you see?”
“I…see Target on the floor, he’s bleeding, General Singer is searching the lab, I don’t see…wait I see Afterburner, she’s hiding from him. Target is bleeding bad Sir, he’s not moving.”

Lt. Storm slams his fists on the counter, frustrated he can’t see what is going on at the Manitoba base. Athena jumps startled by his anger, Storm shooting her a look. “Tell me what you know?”
“Don’t mess with me Christan, and don’t make me force it out of you.”
“I know nothing I swear to god.” Athena begins to weep. “I didn’t know my dad was behind this, oh god please I swear to you.”
“I believe her.” Rebecca says giving Storm an angry look for his outburst, and placing a hand on Athena’s shoulder.
“Feedback, where’s Chamber, is he there yet?”
“He’s at the elevator shaft, he jumped for the cables.”
“Good, if he tried to use the elevator that would have tipped Singer off. Where’s the rest of the team?”
“They are inside the base, heading down the stairs.”
“Alright, access another file labeled shutdown, it will open a program and ask for a series of numeric codes, I’ll walk you through it. If we have to we’ll seal the room up and flood it with gas.”

At the Manitoba base the rest of the team reach the elevator shaft noticing the roof access open indicating Chamber is inside. Fallout points at Navy and Maniac to follow him, leaving Snow Squall to stay in the hall. One after the other the three leap into the shaft shimmying down the cables.
Inside the room Chamber gets to Target, the General not noticing him. He drags the nearly unconscious young man into the elevator and then heads back into the lab.
“Come on Afterburner, where are you, you little slut. Sleeping with your commander to make your way up the chain of command? In my day you women were used for nothing but sexual release, to be passed around the base for all the men to enjoy.” He taunts.
“You sick bastard.” Afterburner screams popping up from behind a unit of computers shooting at the General, missing him.
“Knew that would get you out.”
“FREEZE!” Fallout shouts with Navy and Chamber at his side.
Maniac still in the shaft with help from the others to get Target out, blood from the young man pouring down his body. “Hang on kid, hang on.” He grunts as Snow Squall reaches for him.
“Ah, the gangs all here I see. Good.” The General ducks down dodging gunfire from Fallout. “Stop shooting you fool, you’ll destroy the databases. You want to get court marshaled?”
Fallout looks over at Navy who shrugs shooting at a few computers near where the General has taken cover.
“FOOLS!” The General pops up firing at them forcing them to separate and scatter. “That’s it, rats in a maze just how I like it. Run and hide, I haven’t had this much fun in years.”
“Why’d you do it General Singer, why’d you destroy those bases and kill all those people?”
“I think you have me confused with someone else Navy, I was with the G.I.Joe team all along until you attacked me.”
“What? You shot Target.”
“Prove it.” He laughs sneaking around the isles. “Who do you think they’ll believe, you or a well decorated General like me? Face it, you’re all sunk, the only thing you can do now is to let me go with the information I came for.”
“No deal, we’ll take whatever is coming to us.” Fallout growls as he reloads his Uzi ready to shoot.

Back up in the secret room Feedback finishes entering in the commands Lt. Storm has relayed to him and waits for the program to respond. “Okay, we have two people in the hall, ones carrying the other, one is going back down the elevator shaft, and the rest are in the room. Program has prompted waiting for me to initiate shutdown and gas.”
Lt. Storm doesn’t respond.
“I’m still here. Can you tell which our guys are?”
“No…everyone is scattered. Should I get them out?”
“No, if you break radio silence it will tip Singer off. Give them some more time, then initiate the program.”
“Yes sir.”

In the lab General Singer notices Maniac drop down in the elevator, a grin on his face. “Maniac, help me, Afterburner’s gone nuts, she shot Target…”
“Don’t listen to him!!” Fallout shouts. “He shot Target, he’s behind the Liberator’s.”
“It’s the G.I.Joe team that’s behind these attacks, it was all a set up from the beginning…I can’t stop them on my own!”
Maniac stands looking around trying to locate anyone, not sure what to do.
“Boy, I’ve known you a long time.” Singer shouts.
“You’ve also known Afterburner a long time, do you think she’d do something like this?” Navy yells.
“Do you think I would!?!” The General adds.
“SHUT UP!!” Maniac screams out.

Ottawa, communications room, Lt. Storm and his team listens in on to what is going on. Rebecca noticing the frustration on his face, and nudges him nodding.
“Feedback, patch me into Maniac, now.”
“Yes Sir, opening com link now.”
“Maniac…this is Lt. Storm, do you read me?”
“Sir…where are you?”
“I’m in Ottawa, the Liberators attacked, you have to capture and restrain General Singer.” Storm takes a deep breath. “…trust me please.”

Maniac pulls his machine gun up looking around the room, watching the shadows, listening to the movements. “You have to trust me, trust yourself, you’re part of this team.” Lt. Storm’s voice rings in his ears, calm, honest, emotional. The blood soaked Joe unloads his weapon blowing up the computer consoles, laying down a spray of gunfire.
“YOU’LL DIE WITH THE OTHERS!!!!” Singer screams leaping up and taking aim at Maniac standing on his blind side.
“NO!” Afterburner comes up on Singer high kicking the gun from his hand as it fires, the bullet hitting the ceiling. She follows through with a punch to his jaw.
“You little bitch.” He spits blood from his mouth along with a few teeth. “You hit hard, Storm must like it rough.”
“That is enough from you!” She thrust her leg up nailing him square in the groin then slams her fists into his back knocking him to the floor. “I suggest you stay down unless you want to continue being beat by a girl.”
“Wow.” Navy says coming out from her cover. “Remind me not to spar with you.”
The General coughs doubled over on the floor. “You won’t get away with this.”
“No, you won’t.” Maniac grunts.
“You don’t understand…I was able to…enter in a lockdown command…this room is set to blow.”
A siren begins to blare, red lights flash, a door at the elevator shaft begins to come down. Fallout darts past the Joe’s trying to brace up the door. “Maniac…” He grunts needing his help. The large Gunner man comes to his aid helping to hold up the door. “Come on ladies we can’t hold this forever.”
“What about him…” Maniac nods at the General.
“We leave him.”
“NO!” Storm snaps over the com. “He stands trial.”
“We can’t…get everyone out…times…”
Snow Squall drops down in the shaft helping the ladies up and rushes into the room pulling the General to his feet and back into the shaft. “Let’s move.” The two Joe’s nod at each other then thrust their weight into the shaft as the door comes down.
“Move, move, move.” Fallout rushes pushing Snow Squall up who carries the General over his shoulder. The two ladies help them up and run for the upper levels. Maniac helps Snow Squall with the General moving as fast as they can.
Feedback meets up with them entering a code into a panel on the wall sealing off the lower level. “We better keep moving.”
“Where’s Target?” Fallout asks.
“By the choppers, I stopped his bleeding best I can bet I’m no medic.” Snow Squall says.
“Who’s our back up medic?” Maniac asks.
“Target.” Navy responds as they make it out of the base.
They can feel the earth rumble as the explosives go off in the lower lab, the base shakes remaining in one piece.
Maniac tosses the General to the ground and looms over him. “If that kid dies I will beat you within an inch of your life…Sir.” He spits.
“Humph, I expected part of the base to collapse.” Fallout comments.
“Nah, Lt. Storm told me it was reinforced, no worries.” Feedback smirks.

Rebecca Ramon heads outside of the Ottawa Canadian National Defence Headquarters to find Lt. Storm, who took off as soon as the team made it out of the base. “Hey!” She shouts noticing him heading for his jet. “Where you going?”
“To meet up with the others.”
“You’re jet is low on fuel, I saw you drop the extra tank. Snow Squall and Navy are taking Target to the closest hospital, the rest are on their way here.”
“Which hospital?”
“I don’t know, Squall said he’d radio us as soon as he found one. Athena is helping him locate one. We need you here right now.”
“No you don’t.”
“If you haven’t noticed we’re still missing a lot of people, this place is a shambles and…the Prime Minister wants to have a word with you.”
“What?” Storm says a bit puzzled.

Aboard the Attack Chopper heading for Ottawa, General Singer sits cuffed to a seat and bound with climbing rope. He eyes up the Joe team like he is reading their thoughts, and looks over at Afterburner giving her a smirk.
“I swear I will break every single one of your fingers.” She snaps. “I doubt any of my teammates would blame me. How could you do this…you believed in what we did at one time?”
“Enough!” Fallout shouts from the pilot seat. “I don’t want anyone talking to him or questioning him until we get to Headquarters in Ottawa.”
The General grins at Afterburner as she turns away from him looking out the window and the land blow, its shadow dancing across farm lands. The sun lighting up the sky in a brilliant orange as it begins to set.
Maniac sits quiet in one of the rear seats in the cockpit behind Fallout, his arms crossed, Target’s dried blood still on him.
“I’m sure we have something here you can wash up with.” Chamber says trying to break his vacant look. “Hey?” He shakes Maniac’s shoulder leaning over to look him in the eyes. “You alright man?”
“Y-yes, I’m fine.”
“You don’t look it.”
“I’m fine.” He says sternly obviously not wanting to talk about the rage that is coursing through him at this moment, on how he wants to squeeze his former General’s head until it pops like a pimple.

Rebecca leads Lt. Storm into a rear courtyard area where a team of security guards, police and military have formed a protective ring around the Prime Minister of Canada, along with the Governor General (Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Forces).
“Mr. Prime Minister, Madame Governor, this is Lieutenant Storm, the Commander of the Canadian G.I.Joe team.”
“It’s an honor to finally meet you Lt. Storm.” The Prime Minister says extending out his hand.
“We’ve heard a lot about you.” The Governor General says, whom Storm salutes. “We have a serious situation here.”
“My team is doing what they can to help, the rest are on their way…”
“Not the attack on the base Lieutenant, General Anthony Singer.” The Prime Minister says. “He’s a well decorated and honored General, accusing him of leading these Liberators is an extreme feet.”
“My men have proof to validate that claim Sir.”
“We don’t doubt that, it’s the sensitivity of the situation. If word were to get out it could cause problems with our allies in other countries.”
“Once your team arrives with him the Prime Minister would like to hold a press conference.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me…Madame Governor…” Storm looks over at Rebecca who’s grabbed his arm. “Is that the safest thing to do?”
“Probably not, but with the joined military and police presence on the base we doubt these Liberators will try anything foolish. Assemble your team Lt. Storm, we expect you to be our first line of defence.”
“As you wish Madame Governor.” Storm grinds his teeth as the two official figures head towards a black limo. “Did you know they were planning this?”
“No.” Rebecca responds. “I’m with you on this but what can we do?” She releases his arm realizing she was still holding it.
“It sounds like a cover-up to me, they want to sweep General Singer under the rug and dissolve him into the system so no one ever finds out.”
“Not like it hasn’t been done before. Come on, I’ll do what I can to help set you guys up with what you need.”

Out in an open field, what’s left of the Liberators gather together, only a few troopers remain, the rest left behind. They all wait for Nightingale to give them their next orders. Everyone remains quiet not quite sure of her current state of mind. She paces back and forth holding a cell phone in her hand, obviously distressed.
“Is there anything you’d like us to do?” Jumper dares to ask.
“Yes, make sure that plane is ready to go.” She snaps.
Brick remains behind watching her pace.
“Something has gone wrong hasn’t it?”
“Oh aren’t you ever the sleuth. Our leader was supposed to have contacted me by now for extraction. The G.I.Joe team must have discovered his plans.”
“I take it that means we are going back to Ottawa?”
“I don’t know, it will be much too risky, the place will be swarming with police and military not to mention the Joe’s. Leave me, I need to think.”
Brick nods and heads off to assist the others.

Lt. Storm stands out in a clearing as the Attack Chopper comes in for a landing with police and military behind him. The moment they disembark the military take General Singer into custody. They pass by Storm who meets Singers gaze.
“Think you’re little buddy will make it the night?”
Like a blur Storm quickly makes his move slugging Singer across the face. His teammates grab him pulling him back as the police go for their guns. “Get that uniform off of him NOW!”
Singer spits out blood laughing. “You’re girlfriend hits harder.”
“You want to see how hard I can hit keep it up.” Storm struggles in Chamber and Maniac’s arms.
The General is pulled to his feet then dragged off.
Afterburner walks up to Storm standing in front of him as the two men release him. She looks away for a second then slaps him across the face.
“What was that for?”
“You didn’t need to hit him, that’s what he wanted. That’s not like you.”
“I’m sorry…he just…”
“Got under your skin?” Fallout says.
“Mine too, you wouldn’t believe how many times I wanted to dump that piece of crap out of the chopper on the way here.” Fallout is met with the same reception as Lt. Storm received from Afterburner. “Ow, damn you do hit hard.”
“Both of you straighten up and get your heads inline here.”
“She’s right, the Prime Minister and Governor General want to hold a press conference in an hour.” Lt. Storm informs the others.
“What?” Feedback blurts.
“Exactly, I want you to go meet with Athena…”
“Athena? Are you sure she should be here?”
Storm scowls at Fallout. “She says she knew nothing of her fathers plans, I have to believe her right now, we need her help, we need everyone’s help on this.”
“Too bad Target isn’t here, we could use a sharp shooter.”
“I know, so let’s just do our job. Fallout, Chamber, Maniac go find G.I. and Archaic they are setting up a base perimeter around the stage that is being set up for security. Afterburner you are with me, we need to meet up with Hotwire and Medic.”
The team all breaks off to locate the others and carry out their tasks. The courtyard has been transformed over the past few hours with 15 foot high scaffold catwalks set up that reach 20 feet in length in four sections around a smaller platform stage. The workers who set up the scaffold packing their things up and heading out escorted by military guards, Rebecca Ramon conducting them.
Lt. Storm and Afterburner watch on as the Prime Minister is prepped and set up for his live broadcast, Athena and Feedback coming over to give a sitrep.
“Everyone is in position, the area is secure and com is secure. We should have no problems communicating with each other.” Feedback reports.
“Good, Afterburner I want you to stay close to the PM with Feedback…”
“Sir, if I could, I’d like to guard the PM. There is no way I am letting my father get away with this, he’s gone too far.”
“I’m not too sure that’s a good idea.”
“I’ll be more useful roaming the area, I think she should do it.” Afterburner says.
“Alright, keep in touch, the slightest thing that seems out of the ordinary I want us on. We have General Singer in lock up and the Liberators are going to want him back at any cost.”

Several levels below the partially destroyed National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa, General Singer sits in a cell guarded by four men. He sits quietly on the bed unable to hear anything going on above. “Can we get a radio or something in here?”
“No, our orders are not to allow you to hear the Prime Ministers broadcast.” A guard snaps.
“Oh, he’s making a speech is he? Excellent.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing, it’s a good move on his part, to quickly cover up what happened here. What’s he going to use, a gas line break? Training mission gone wrong? General snaps and kills hundreds?”
One of the guards slams his hands on the cell bars. “Shut up you scum bucket! I had friends here that died because of you, my mother worked here.”
The General smiles. “Well I hope you found her body, every last piece.”
The man pulls his rifle off his shoulder.
“NO! Don’t let him get to you.” Another of the soldiers says. “Ignore him.”
The angered man slides his rifle back over his shoulder glaring at the retired General. “I’d keep my mouth shut if I were you from now on.”
“Please, I think you might want to hear what I have to say. I know so many secrets ones that would make you question the country you serve. Canada’s not all so goody goody as people might perceive it. Did you know they had a top secret base that was a hub for information kept on everyone living in this country? Legal or not.”
“He told you to keep your mouth shut, do it.” The guard suggests. “Or we might just walk away and let him beat the crap out of you.”
General Singer smiles and nods, lying back on the cot in the cell.

Lt. Storm stands up on the scaffold watching the sky with image intensifying binoculars. “Please let my gut be wrong…” He says nearly forgetting the rest can hear him over the com.
“See anything yet, Sir?” Fallout asks
“No, all clear on your end?”
“Yes Sir, it’s almost too quiet.”
“Agreed. Chamber report?”
“All good here.”
Storm lowers his binoculars looking back at the stage where the Prime Minister stands with the Governor General. “Athena how’s everything down there?”
“We’re about to being the broadcast.”
“Good, the sooner this is over the better.”
The Prime Minister walks up to the podium tapping the mic and waits for his queue as the camera men count him down. “Good evening, I’m sure by now many of you have heard about the incident here in Ottawa, and several attacks over the past few weeks on Military bases across the country. I speak to you now to assure you that we are doing everything possible to remedy the situation. With me tonight is the Governor General who will elaborate more on these attacks.”
Storm listens intently to the speech watching the sky again hearing a low whistle. “What the hell…oh no…we’re under attack!!!” He says into his com as a missile comes down upon him launched from above the clouds.
Athena and Fallout look at each other as the Prime Minister steps aside to allowing the Governor General to take the podium.
Storm pumps his legs hard trying to reach the edge of the scaffold as the missile hits blowing the frames apart, sending the aluminum and wood planks into the air.
“Mister Prime Minister!” Athena shouts rushing up to him. “Long live the Liberators!” She says pulling a pistol from the holster on her belt, pointing it at his head and squeezing the trigger. Her words inaudible to the others with the screams around her.
Lt. Storm feels himself soaring through the air blown away by the blast, unable to gain control of his body as he falls. Suddenly a hand grips his arm saving him from a bone breaking hit to the ground. He looks up at the dark haired man soaring through the air with a jet pack strapped to his back.
“Hi, we haven’t officially met yet, the names Flint.”
The Governor General stands stunned with blood sprayed across her face, watching the PM’s body drop to the stage floor. The reporters and camera crews begin to scream and run in all directions as gun fire rains down from above. Feedback grabs the Governor pulling her down and firing at Athena who rushes off stage into the crowd.
Flint safely places Storm on the ground amongst the commotion. “You alright?”
“Yes, thanks.” He taps the com device in his ear. “Feedback, report?”
“Is she alright?”
“She shot the Prime Minister…she put a bullet in his head, he’s dead.”
Storm hears the disbelief from his team buzzing over the com. “FIND HER!!” The rest of the Joe team rush into the area as another pass of gun fire rains down hitting some of the reporters. “Dammit we need air support, now.” A loud explosion erupts from the main street sending a fireball into the air.
“That might have been your jet.” Flint comments watching the sky for their attackers. “They are not making themselves visible.”
Rebecca screams out as a few bullets rip through her body.
“NO!” Flint races to her side.
“Hotwire, G.I., Chamber, get these people to safety, Medic get in here we have injured.” Storm orders as Flint checks on one of the reporters lying on the ground. He looks back at Storm and shakes his head back and forth. “Damn, light up the sky now, everything we have JUST SHOOT!!” He screams into the com at his team.

Below in his cell General Singer sits up listening to the commotion. “Oh, sounds like the first of July out there.” He watches as the guards look at each other not sure what to do. “Why don’t you let me out of here then go help? I mean you can’t leave me here with all that going on up there, this place might come down on me.”
“Not likely, it’s secure, reinforced. Donavan you stay here with him.” One of the other men says, identifying the man earlier who wanted to put a bullet in the General. “If he moves a millimeter shoot him.” He says leaving with the other two men.
“Well isn’t this a treat.” The General says. “Why don’t you come in here and do what you want to do, and beat me within an inch of my life. I know you want to I can tell by the look on your face soldier. Look at me, I’m an old man, there is no way I could hold my own against a young guy like you.” He smirks.
“Fine, it’s your funeral grandpa.” The soldier says pulling his ID badge and swiping it through the electronic lock opening the cell door.

“THERE!” Flint points to the sky as a fighter jet drops down into view.
“They’ve blacked out their lights, no wonder we couldn’t see them.” Storm says.
“Well, we can see them now.” Flint takes off up into the air taking aim at the cockpit and fires. The pilot panics as the bullets ricochet off the bullet proof glass canopy only causing spider marks across it. They do what Flint expects as the pilot spirals out of control crashing into the buildings on the other side of the courtyard.
“Nice, good thing they were unoccupied.” Storm comments as Flint lands. “How much fuel you have left in that thing?”
“Not much, carrying you caused me to use extra fuel.”
Storm heads for the stage where Feedback keeps the Governor safe. “I need a sitrep from everyone now. Madame Governor this man here is Flint, he’ll take you to safety.”
Flint smiles at the woman with that lop sided grin of his taking her by the hand.
“General Singer.” Storm suddenly says darting off for the base.
“Wait…” Feedback sighs. “Feedback to Canada’s Elite, I need a situation report now.”

Within moments Storm has fought his way into the base and down to the lower level where the General was being held. He makes it to the cell to find him lumped on the floor the back of his head covered in blood. “Damn.” Storm kneels down rolling him over face up seeing the young man. “DAMN! This is Lt. Storm, we have a jail break. Both Singers have gone rogue, the General is dressed in standard military garb.”
“No one has located Athena yet.” Feedback reports back. “The air attacks have ceased.”
“That means they’ve gotten what they came for. Every available personnel to the street ASAP!” Storm darts out of the cell running as fast as he can.

Outside General Singer walks up to a Jeep where Athena waits for him. “Where did you get this?”
“From the parking lot, I hotwired it and I already launched a flare to signal the others to retreat.”
“That’s my girl.”
“Quickly daddy, they are onto us and heading this way.”
The General hops into the Jeep as Athena puts it into gear ramming through the traffic and people. Chamber and Hotwire make it to the street firing at the Jeep as it takes off.
“Ceasefire, there are too many people around.” Storm grunts as he reaches the street seeing the jeep speeding away. He spots a man getting onto his motorcycle and rushes over to him knocking him from it. “Sorry I need this.” Storm says jumping on the bike and speeding after the Jeep. “I’ve really gotta stop stealing other peoples bikes.” (see Halloween edition of Canada’s Elite Book 1.)

Lt. Storm races after the Jeep carrying Athena and the General as it swerves and sideswipes other passing vehicles. The father watches the intense look on his daughters face as she mounts the curb taking out a few parking meters. Pedestrians scream and run for safety into alleys or alcoves at store entries.
“Well, those weren’t put in very good.” He comments on the meters. “Where did you learn to drive like this darling?”
“I haven’t, so please daddy be quiet, I’m trying to concentrate.” She says gripping the steering wheel.
The General’s look goes from slightly panicked to extremely panic as he makes sure his seatbelt is securely fastened, and grabs onto the sides of seat.
Behind them Storm has an easier time swerving through traffic, local police joining him in their pursuit. “Feedback…do you still read me?”
“Patch me into the police band.”
“Gotchya…okay go.”
“This is Lieutenant Storm of the Canadian Military, I’m on the motorcycle, if any of you can shoot a straight shot take that Jeep out…it’s carrying Military fugitives.”
“Ten-four Lt Storm, we’ll provide you cover.” An officer responds.
Storm feels his com device pull from his ear as it hits the pavement and smashing into bits. “Damn…” He slams the accelerator pulling away from the police cars trying to close the gap. Shotgun shells whiz by his head fired from the officers. “Jeeze.”
General Singer glances in the side mirror briefly before it is ripped off by a near miss of a street lamp. “We have company, that pesky determined Lt. Storm.”
“He never gives up.”
“And never surrenders.”
“I’ll take care of him daddy, hang on.” Athena swerves out onto the street, off the sidewalks playing chicken with a transport truck.
“Honey…” The General grunts trying not to lose bladder control, as the man in the transport panics cranking his wheel and slamming on his brakes. Athena swerves hard to the left pressing the accelerator down to the floor just making it past the cab of the transport. The man inside watches in awe as they speed past, amazed at her stunt feeling his truck buckle and pull having jackknifed.
“Oh son-of-a…” Storm hits the brakes on the bike as the transport trucks wheels leave the road slamming on its side and screeching across the street taking other nearby vehicles with it. The force of the breaking launches Storm from the bike sending him soaring over the transport.
“Grab hold!” Flint shouts soaring over him and reaching down.
Storm grips Flint’s arms tightly feeling them dip. “I thought you didn’t have much fuel left in that thing?”
“I don’t…so this might hurt.” Flint pulls Storm up twisting them over as his pack gives out. The two slam onto the asphalt road heading straight for a frightened orange Hummer driver. Flint pushes Storm off him rolling him across the street to the side nearly missing a swerving vehicle.
Storm watches as Flint struggles with is pack trying to unlatch it. The pack continues to slide across the street and under the Hummer, Flint sprawled across the street. The woman inside continues right at Flint to scared to hit her brakes.
“STOP!!” Storm shouts running towards the Hummer waving his arms. “HIT THE BRAKES!!!”
The woman suddenly snaps herself back to reality hitting her brakes hard, the tires lock up and squeal burning rubber from them, smoking out.
Flint covers his head taking a deep breath as the Hummer barrels down on him stopping inches away. He lets out a relieved moan slowly getting to his feet and looking at the woman in the vehicle. “Thanks.” He says trying to catch his breath.
“Flint, are you alright?” Storm asks.
“I may need a change of shorts but I think I’m in one piece.” He jokes.
Storm watches as the Jeep speeds out of sight, the police trapped on the other side of the rolled transport. “DAMN!” He hits the Hummer scaring the woman.
“Don’t worry miss, he didn’t mean that to you.” Flint walks around helping her from the vehicle. “Are you alright?”
“Yes.” She squeaks.
“Little woman like you shouldn’t be driving a vehicle like this.”
“It’s my husbands, I hate the damn thing.”
Flint wants to laugh but keeps his amusement to himself. He watches as Lt. Storm seems to walk zombie like up the street. “Come on, we should get back to the others.” He turns back to the woman. “Mind if you give us a lift back?”
“Uh no, not at all, but I’m not driving that thing anymore.”
“You’re going to have to at some point.” Flint remarks. “Storm?” He looks back at the Lieutenant who’s seemed not to hear him. “Lieutenant Storm?”
“Yeah, I hear you Flint.” He heads towards them smiling at the woman. “Thanks for the lift back.”
“You’re welcome.” She sneers at Flint as he opens the door for her, she opts to follow Storm around to the passenger side, who does the same. “Thank you Sir.”
Flint grins shutting the door then climbs into the driver seat. “Think this thing can drive over that transport?” The woman gasps not realizing he’s joking. “Alright, sidewalk it is. If I scratch it just bill the Canadian Military.”
“Hey…” Storm snaps. “You scratch it you pay for it.”
“Aren’t you military?” The woman asks Flint.
“Yes, but the better military, American.”
“We kicked your @$$ when you tried to invade us.” Storm says.
“You guys still won’t let us live that down.” Flint grunts then laughs.

Fallout organizes the team back at the Headquarters instructing everyone on their duties. He jumps as a horn blows behind him from Flint honking the Hummer. Lt. Storm gives the American Joe a dirty look as he climbs out of the vehicle.
“You don’t look happy Sir?” Fallout remarks.
“No, Athena and General Singer got away.”
“And your commander here nearly got himself killed.” Flint adds.
“You nearly got squashed by a giant citrus fruit.” Storm responds making a joke about the orange hummer.
“Who are you?” Fallout asks.
“Warrant Officer Flint of the American G.I.Joe team.”
Fallout quickly salutes him showing respect.
“At ease Fallout, give me a report.” Storm says.
Fallout explains that medical staff have already taken the Prime Ministers body and the Governor General has been taken as well to a secure place. The rest of the team helping other injured people and clearing debris from the attacks. Feedback approaches them with a blank look on his face.
“What’s wrong?” Storm asks.
“I just got a communication from Snow Squall and Navy, Sir, it’s about Target.”
Storm feels his stomach turn and his heart jump.

Outside the Capital city of Ottawa, Athena arrives at the previous rendezvous with the rest of the Liberators. Nightingale goes for her weapon as she sets eyes on the woman in her G.I.Joe garb.
“Put it away Nightingale, she’s with us.” The General says stepping out of the badly damaged Jeep. “We need to move now, the cops might be on their way.”
“It’s good to see you alive and well Sir.”
“I appreciate that. Unfortunately the G.I.Joe team prevented me from obtaining the information I wanted. Fortunately though, I remember enough of it for us to act out the next part of my plan.”
“And what is that?”
“First we regroup, it’s too hot right now to try anything. Lt. Storm and his Joe team will be out for blood, we’ve sent our message, or should I say my daughter has. You did excellent work honey sending a nation into a frenzy, they’ll be scared for years to come.”
“What did she do?” Nightingale asks.
“She killed the Prime Minister of Canada on live television. Not part of my original plan but extremely effective none the less.”
Nightingale stands in awe at the mousy blonde. “She did?”
“Yes.” The General laughs. “She had Lt. Storm’s trust and blindsided him, it was perfect. Now, introduce me to these two men.”
“Yes of course, the large hunk of man…”
“Formerly Nightingale.” The General snaps. “Be professional.”
“Sorry Sir, yes Sir. This man is Brick our explosives expert, the other is Jumper our paratrooper and pilot.”
“Welcome to the team, as you may have overheard Athena is my daughter and will be our communications specialist.”
“What do we call you Sir?” Jumper asks.
“That is a good question, I guess I need a new name don’t I?”


Canada’s Elite Headquarters, two months later, the team has spent the last few months trying to find General Singer and his Liberators with no success. For now they have dropped off the face of the earth. The Joe’s also upgraded their tech and security for the base with the help of some of their American G.I.Joe friends.
Lt. Storm sits in his office looking at a picture of Target and him from before they joined the Joe team, a knock raps at his door. “It’s open, you can come in.” He says placing the picture back down. “I knew I’d see you two.”
General Hawk smiles as Flint wheels him in. “How are you Storm? I see your hair has grown back in more.”
Storm smiles give his short hair a brush. “Better, it’s been rough.”
“So I’ve heard. How’s the team holding up?”
“Good actually, everyone is getting along we seem to be working closer as a unit.”
“Loss of a teammate usually brings a unit closer together. I hate to do this at this time but you’ll need to find a new commander for your unit.”
“What?” Storm looks at Hawk completely baffled.
“With the information you’re team obtained on the weapons the Liberators were using and, working with our team we were able to track down who was selling them.” Flint says.
“We’re not one hundred percent positive on that yet.” Hawk looks up at Flint. “We just have pretty good leads that need investigating.”
“So when do we leave?” Storm asks looking at Flint.
“Soon, let us confirm a few things first.” Hawk says. “You’ll have enough time to find someone to put in charge and integrate them into your team. Make it a smoother transition then General Singer.”
“That was a different circumstance and about that, who appointed him in command of my team?”
Hawk frowns. “I backed him, but he offered his services and with his experience I figured he would be a good choice. I’m sorry how that turned out.” Hawk glances down at the photo’s on Storm’s desk which includes one of the Lieutenant with Rebecca Ramon and himself that was taken after their last meeting. As well as one of Pebbles, Afterburner, and the one with Target in it that Storm was looking at just before they came in.
“Well I guess we’ll get to work together again.” Storm says to Flint.
“Me? I just came along to say it was fun teaming up with you.”
“You’ll be teaming with me.” Hawk says. “Just because I’m in this chair doesn’t mean I can’t be useful. This old dog still has a few tricks up his sleeve.”
“That you do Hawk, don’t underestimate this old dog.” Flint jokes.
Hawk glances at Flint who shrugs with a smile. “I’m waiting on some more information on the lab analysis and from a contact. Once I get that we’ll be finding who stole the tech and bring them in.” Hawk says with a bit of old soldier excitement to his voice. “In the mean time get familiar with some rouge Cobra operatives, we might be running into a few old friends of mine.”

G.I.Joe: Canada’s Elite Book Four
Changing of the Guard.

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