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Canada's Elite #1


Canada's Elite #1

Postby Lt Storm » 24 Mar 2008 18:22


Chapter 1 Beginnings

Location; Ottawa Ontario Canadian National Defense Headquarters 16:35 Hours.
Sounds of gunfire and explosions fill the air, dust and shell residue land like a dark blanket in the sky. An army advances on the base in black tanks unloading a barrage of missiles as they advance suppressing the army that fights to defend the installation.
“Let’s get those anti-tank launchers up here and where is that f&@%#@ air support?!” An older man shouts amongst explosions. “We can’t let them take this base!”
“Sir!” A younger man ducks down carrying anti-tank SA/LW weapons.
“It’s about time, get that thing loaded, and then unload it. Where’s Reed?”
“He’s helping to dispense the weapons.”
He turns to a man beside him. “Get him on the horn, I want him up here now.”
“Yes sir, General Rowling.”
The young man loads the shoulder mount launcher setting it up, “Firing…” he shouts taking aim firing off a few shots. “Reload me.”
“You heard him!” Rowling shouts at a few other men.
Another barrage of missiles erupts around them fired from their opposition.
“They’re toying with us, sir.”
“Then let’s toy back.” The General looks around. “Where the hell is Reed?”
“Here sir.” A young man answers carrying an advanced laser weapon.
“Get me a target on that lead tank and take out the driver.”
“Got it.” Reed braces his weapon focusing his scope. “Sir…you better see this.”
“What is it, why aren’t you returning fire?”
Reed disconnects the scope on his weapon still aimed as he hands it over to the General.
Rowling looks through it to see what has gotten the young man so razzled. “Son-of-a…”
“Sir?” The man with the anti-tank launcher looks up at his commander. “What’s wrong?”
Rowling hands the scope over looking at the man with the communications equipment. “Radio the base.”
“Good god.” The man looks through the scope focusing on the insignia on the lead tank. “Cobra.”

Inside, a red haired woman hurries the Canadian Prime Minister down the halls surrounded by armed guards.
“What is going on Corporal Bailey?”
“Your guess is as good as mine sir, I’m just to get you to safety.”
“Too bad, I was looking forward to you speaking.”
The Corporal smiles at the Prime Minister, appreciating him trying to make light of the situation. “The safe room is just ahead sir.”
“Thank god.”

Outside the base, the Cobra army continues to advance.
“Press on, we’re weakening their defenses!” A man dressed in black and navy Cobra fatigues shouts to the army he commands. “We take this base and we will take control of this nations military!”
“Sir, the Tele-Viper’s have intercepted a communication with the base, we’ve been identified.” An Enemy Infantryman informs.
“Good, I want the Tele-Viper to keep me posted.”
“Yes sir.”
“Get the EMP loaded and ready to be fired on my command.” He says to another Trooper walking along side of his tank.
“As you command, Major.”
The Major smiles picking up a set of high powered binoculars from his chest. “Ah, I spy with my little eye…”

“sh!t…the man in the lead tank turret has spotted us.”
“Alright, lets move we’ve been made in this location it’s just become hot.”
The communications officer hands the General his radio. “Base is on the wire.”
“This is Rowling, we have a situation here contact the U.S President…I don’t care contact him now that’s an order.”
“Get down!!” Reed shouts as an electrical pulse emanates frying all their electronics.
“What the hell was that?”
“EMP sir, everything electronic is…”
“I know what an EMP does Reed.”
More explosions erupt around them sending debris flying. The soldiers cover their heads as a loud roar coms upon them.
“Crap we have a tank approaching…” Reed panics as he fusses with his weapon.
“Forget that kid, it’s fried. Sergeant what about your launcher?”
“Targeting sensors are fried but I can still launch it, sir.”
“Good then…”
A hail of machine gun fire rains down upon them as they hit the ground taking cover. The Sergeant hits and rolls looking at his General as Rowling’s body is riddled with bullets being bounced around like a marionette. “NO!!”
“SIR!!” Reed shouts watching as the Sergeant runs to the General’s side as his body hits the ground.
“General Rowling…Sir…?”
The bleeding General looks up at his Sergeant. “Leave me…stop them…don’t let them…take the base…” He gags coughing up blood. “Stop them…”
The Sergeant lowers his head laying the General down as all life escapes from his body. The Sergeant looks down at his blood covered hands and fatigues. He pulls a pistol from the General’s holster looking back at the advancing tank. “Cover me.” The Sergeant growls to the few men around him.
“What…oh god…you’re not…are you insane?”
“Just cover me, Reed.” The Sergeant charges in towards the lead tank as the rest of the team covers him.
“Man he’s like a friggin’ storm.” Reed remarks as he picks up an automatic weapon.

The Major watches as the Sergeant rushes towards him, looking down at his men. “Take him out, just like I did to his commander.”
“Yes Sir, Major, Sir.” The Cobra Enemy agents take flank in front of the tank to protect the Major. Each are picked off one by one by Reed and the other’s cover fire.
The Sergeant runs up a heaping mangled smoldering mess of metal that was once a jeep. He fires off a few bullets at the Enemy agents leaping off the end of the heap twisting his body through the air landing down on the tank blasting off a few rounds at point blank range into the cheaply built tank shielding killing the driver. He looks down the barrel of the Major’s machine gun knocking it from the man’s hands pointing one of his self loading pistols at the man’s forehead.
“Surrender now and call off your attack, or I swear I’ll execute you here and now.”
“As you wish.” The Major holds up his arms signaling a surrender. “I guess you have me. You know you could unload that weapon, no one would blame you. Call it self defense.”
The Sergeant pulls back his gun. “No, you will get you’re justice.” He spins his pistol around in his hands clocking it across the Major’s head knocking him out cold. “You’re going to rot in prison.”

Two Days Later, the National Military Cemetery of the Canadian Forces. Beechwood Cemetery established in 1873.
An elderly priest stands giving a eulogy for General Rowling honoring the man and his great service to the country he loved. The General’s teammates stand next to his family keeping their composure. Reed was one of the men who was the closets to General Rowling, the man took the young soldier in being almost like a surrogate father to the orphan. He fights back his emotions not wanting to break or show signs of weakness.
After the funeral has ended Reed and the Sergeant stay behind giving their own private respects to the General’s family. The two hug Rowling’s wife then head off towards the parking lot.
“Any word on the man you brought in?” Reed asks.
“No, but I caught some heavy suits coming in, American ones too.”
“I miss him already, god I can’t believe he’s gone.”
“I know kid, but its war, causalities happen even to good men, and I miss him too.”
“He was like a father to me.”
“Yeah, he talked about you a lot, he was very proud of you.”
Reed looks up at his Sergeant, his eyes blood shot. “Thank-you.”
“Come on kid, let’s go get something to eat.” The Sergeant puts his arm around Reed’s shoulder. The two walk back to the parking lot as an American MP car pulls up, the driver getting out of the car.
“Something tells me they aren’t here to pay their respects.”
“I’ll meet up with you later, I promise. You go get some rest.”
“Yes sir.”
The Sergeant walks over to the driver. “Can I help you?”
“Your presence is requested.”
“Let me guess, a request I don’t have an option to turn down.”
“Sir, if you will.” The driver opens the rear door waiting for him to get in.

Canadian National Defense Headquarters.
The Sergeant is lead down the halls to one of the conference rooms where he finds his Chief of Defense and two American military men, an older man in a wheelchair very well decorated and holding a high rank, and another slimmer tall brown haired man.
“So you are Sergeant Storm?” The man in the wheelchair says.
“Excuse me, Sir?”
“That is what they are calling the man who brought in this new Cobra operative. They said he was like a storm battling his way through Enemy troopers and single handedly stopped the attack.”
“It was a team effort Sir. Can I ask why two United States military men are here?”
“It was a Cobra attack, that’s our jurisdiction.”
“With all due respect to your obvious rank Sir, something tells me I’m not here just for a thank-you.”
“No, you’re right. This Cobra threat is growing they are setting up units targeting other military factions. Yours was just one of many, and they are several more cells scattered across this country. My unit has already taken some out but things have gotten…more intense since.”
“If I may General, before you go any further I have some business to attend to.” The Canadian Chief of Defense says. “Before General Rowling’s death he had submitted a few names for promotion, and after your display of bravery and apprehension of an unknown threat it has been unanimously decided to promote you to Lieutenant.” The Chief of Defense presents the newly appointed Lieutenant with his stripes and metals.
“That isn’t all.” The American General says. “I’m sure you’ve heard of a top secret American military unit?”
“Well, that is why we are here, the man next to me is known as Sparks, my name is General Hawk, former Chief Commander. The current Chief in Command was unable to make it, he’s busy with other things.”
“And you still are part of the team.” Sparks says.
Hawk just rolls his eyes towards Sparks. “It has been decided to expand the program to battle these new Cobra cells around the world with men and women on their own home soil.”
“The man you apprehended escaped custody shortly after he was brought in.” Sparks turns a lab top that sits on the table towards Lt. Storm, showing him the gruesome video of one man slaughtering his military escorts, then writing his name in their blood across the wall before fleeing. “He left no one alive. He also slaughtered everyone in the command room erasing some files that we are trying to recover.”
“Major Fear.” Storm grunts.
“Yes, that is what he is calling himself. You’re a smart man Lieutenant. We want you to lead this new unit.” Hawk says.
“How can I refuse a chance to protect my own home and take Major Fear down.”
“Good then, from this day on you will be known as Lt. Storm commander of the Canadian G.I.Joe unit. Welcome to the family son, now its time to build your team.”

Hudson Bay, a small yacht just off the coast.
“Glad to see you are still alive sir.” A raven haired woman with red streaks in her hair says with a smile to Major Fear, as he comes below dressed in over sized clothes. Another man sits next to her, younger, black hair as well but obviously not related.
“Was there ever any doubt my dear?” Fear remarks with an air of arrogance in his voice.
“No.” She smiles. “Would you like a change of clothes?”
“Yes, I believe the man I stole these from was a bit larger than I.” He jokes pulling off his shirt, his body toned to that of an Olympic athlete.
“Was your mission a success?” The man asks.
“Yes Julius, it was very successful, I assassinated my target and erased all traces of my existence.”
The woman returns with a change of clothes placing them down on the table as Major Fear continues to undress. “I’ll get you something to eat.”
“Thank you.”
“So what do we do next sir?”
“We expand our ranks, I have three other people I’d like to bring into our little group.” He explains as he heads into the washroom and turns on the shower. “Their dossiers are on the desk, much like us they share a common thread. Betrayal.” The Major steps into the shower letting the warm water run over his body.
Graves walks over to the desk picking up the folders opening them up. “You’ve been keeping tabs on them?”
“Are you sure we can trust them, especially this one, he seems a bit…”
“Do not worry, I’m sure he will not be a problem.”
Graves sits down at the desk reading over the information looking up at Major Fear as he steps out of the shower drying himself off with a nearby towel.
“We leave in an hour.”
“Our lady friend has a few other things to attend to first.” Fear smiles as he picks up his clothes to get dressed.

Canadian Military Headquarters, Ottawa, Briefing Room A.
Corporal Bailey sits at a large oak table not knowing why she is still being detained. She looks over as General Hawk wheels into the room, standing to salute him.
“I don’t think that is really necessary Corporal.”
“It’s just respectful sir, no matter what military faction you are with. But may I ask as to why a well decorated United States General is coming in her to see me?”
“I heard you kept your Prime Minister safe during the attack, got him to the safe room and stayed to help guard him.”
“That’s right sir, just doing my duty.”
“Please sit down. I’ve read you’re record very impressive for such a young lady, one of the first females to serve in the E&K Scottish Regiment, CFB Borden, Corps Commissionaires and LFCA Training Center. Not to mention your latest endeavor.”
“Have you come to just compliment me or are you here for other reasons?”
“Am I that obvious?”
“Yes sir.”
“There is someone else I want you to meet, actually you already know him, and once he heard you were here and what you did he told me I should meet you.”
“Hawk, please, its what they call me.”
“They who?”
“You can come in now.” Hawk says towards the door.
“Hello Julie.” Lt. Storm says entering the room. “Its been a long time.”
“Oh my god.” Julie rushes up to hug him. “How have you been? Wait, you’re in the military?”
“Yep, thanks to you.”
“Oh yeah right, what me picking on you in grade nine made you want to join?”
Lt. Storm laughs. “No, you joining the militia while we where in high school inspired me to join up.”
“So, I take it you know this man who calls himself by a code name?”
“Yes I do, well only for a few hours now. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and we’re here to make the same one to you.”
“What kind of offer?”
“Lt. Storm, I’ll let you take it.” Hawk says as he rolls back.
“What, you have a code name too?”
“Yes, and so will you if you want. There is a top secret anti terrorist group that is creating a Canadian faction, I’ve been offered command of the team and I want you to be part of it.”
“This is all still a bit cryptic.”
“I know.”
“If I may?” Hawk interjects. “There is a powerful terrorist organization that is growing at a terrifying rate.”
“The ones who attacked the base?”
“Julie, we want you to be part of the team.”
“Well, how can I say no to an old friend?” She smiles at Lt. Storm.
“So what’s my code name?”
“We’ll let you pick that one.” Hawk says.
“How about Pebbles?”
“It’s a long story sir.” Lt. Storm says.
“It was my nickname.”
“Okay, not that long of one, and one of many nicknames as I recall.”
“Don’t go there.” Julie glares at the Lieutenant. “ So, General what’s this anti terrorist group called?”
Hawk hands her a temporary I.D. card with G.I.Joe printed on it.

Los Angeles Airport, 16:45 Hours.
A private plane approaches the airport coming in for a landing.
Major Fear and Lt. Graves disembark from the plane heading for a black stretch limo. Both dressed in U.S. Military garb.
“Don’t we have to go through security?”
“No, not when money still talks.”
The two climb into the limo, Fear instructs the driver as to their destination.
“Why are we recruiting men from the US?”
“The organization we are working for recruits from around the world.”
“This organ…?”
“You will find out soon enough, once our team is assembled. We do not want to stir up too much attention.”
Graves, looks over the file again committing it to memory, he likes to know everything he can about the people he comes in contact with especially those he works with. “This location…it looks, suspicious.”
“What makes you say that?” Fear asks, knowing what his young apprentice means.
“It is a large building, white, barred windows yet an open lot.” Graves looks through a few more of the layout papers. “It also seems that there is an underground electronic fence around the perimeter, and this building is supposed to be a research facility. Yet the presence of armed military guards says differently. How did you obtain these photos?”
“That is my little secret. What makes you think that those armed guards are military?”
“The weapons, and the guards are not your typical security guards, they seem more like military.”
“You have a very keen eye. All you said is true.”
“Then what is this building”
“It is a top secret United States Psychiatric Hospital, for less then cooperative agents.”
Graves, looks over the dossier again. “Mr. Steve Q. Dougherty, Underwater Demolitions and Heavy Weapons Specialist. Are you sure he is stable?”
“No, but he will be loyal.”
Graves sits quiet his own paranoia setting in as they pass by the guards.

Toronto Ontario, 17:00 Hours.
A young blonde haired well built man answers his apartment door dressed only in a pair of boxers. His one bedroom apartment littered with clothes and fast food containers, obviously single.
“Hello Zachary.” Lt. Storm stands in his green dress uniform.
“Sir.” Zach salutes.
“At ease soldier.”
Zach stands aside letting Storm into his apartment. “Come on in sir.”
The Lieutenant looks around. “Uh, nice place.”
“Sorry about the mess, I’ve only been home a few days. So, how are you?”
“Good. Actually I am here on official business.”
“Oh.” Zach looks down at his barely dressed body.
“Don’t worry about it kid I’ve seen you in less, and you’ll need to dress appropriately.”
“Permission to speak freely sir?”
“Why are you talking so cryptic?”
“Was I? Sorry I didn’t realize it.”
“I can read between the lines sir.”
“Alright then, here it is. Major Fear has escaped, the man who killed General Rowling. A top secret United States Military group is setting up a new division here in our own home land to deal with this new threat. I’ve come here to ask if you want to join.”
“I’m in.”
“Don’t make it personal Zach, I need you to use your head out there. You are a good sniper and an asset on the field and I need that.”
“I can’t help but make it personal, aren’t you?”
“Touché. Alright then grab your gear and lets go, you’ve just joined G.I.Joe, Canada’s Elite Military.”
“G.I.Joe…no way?”
Lt. Storm smiles. “Get a move on soldier, that’s an order.”
“Yes sir.” Zach salutes.
“Oh and you’ll need a code name, I’m sure you will be able to come up with one.”
“Sure can.” Zach shouts back as he quickly gets dressed pulling on a pair of jeans and sweat shirt and grabbing up his unpacked duffle bag. “Target.”

Los Angeles, Top Secret Military Psychiatric Hospital, 17:37 Hours.
Major Fear and Lt. Graves walk down the halls dressed in phony United States Military Uniforms joined by one of the doctors.
“I expected tighter security.” Graves whispers.
“This is one place they never expect anyone to ever come to break someone out of.” Major Fear stops abruptly. “Ah, here he is.” He knocks on the door before entering finding the man they are after staring out the window. The doctor standing outside of the room.
“Who are you?” Dougherty asks as if he is spaced out.
“What do you mean by that?” Lt. Graves responds.
“Who are you?” He asks again.
“Are you sure about this?” Graves whispers to the Major.
“Yes.” He snaps back, approaching Dougherty. “How would you like to leave here and come with us?”
“I can not leave this hell.”
“Oh but you can, oh but you must. Pledge your allegiance to me and my cause.”
Major Fear stares Dougherty down.
“You have my allegiance.”
“Excellent.” Fear looks over at his Lieutenant.
“What did you do, how did you get him to…?”
“My secret. Get the good doctor will you?”
Graves nods, asking the doctor to come in.
“Is there something I can help you with?”
“Yes, I’d like to take this man with me.”
“What? I’m sorry sir, I can not allow that.”
“You misunderstand me, I wasn’t asking you, I was telling you.”
Graves slips behind the doctor snapping his neck.
“Follow my lead.” Fear says taking Dougherty by the arm, leading him down the hall towards the exit, being stopped by the guard on duty.
“I’m sorry but no resident is allowed to leave the building.”
“We were just going to take a walk around the grounds.”
“You’ll have to go out through the grounds entrance.”
“Can we talk for a moment.” Fear takes the man into the security room.
Graves looks up at Dougherty feeling unsettled in the man’s presence.
“Let us take our leave.” The Major says returning.
“What about the fence?”
“It doesn’t go across the main entrance.”
The three hurry out of the building being shouted at by a couple of guards as the limo pulls up and they pile inside urging the driver to hurry. The tires of the limo squeal as it tears out of the driveway and down the street.
“They will follow us for sure, and alert the authorities.”
“Have some faith Mr. Graves, our driver won’t let them catch us.” Fear assures as the limo swerves and veers through the traffic.
The sound of a helicopter over head gets louder obviously coming down closer, its shadow over top of the limo. A large thud hits the roof of the car.
“Brace yourself this will get a bit wild.” The Major grins.
The people out on the street all scream and watch in awe as a black helicopter lifts the limo off the street with a large magnet heading out towards the ocean.

Great Britain, the sums of Galloway, 18:00 Hours (Eastern Time).
Lady D walks through the streets dressed in a long black trench coat carrying with her a photo that she shows to a few bums. Finally one points her in the right direction, towards a street corner where a couple of women stand. She heads over to them tapping a red head on the shoulder.
“What the hell you want?” The British woman asks.
“I’m looking for you.”
“I don’t do women, unless the price is right.” She looks Lady D up and down.
“No, I’m here to make you a different kind of offer. Walk with me.”
“It’ll cost you.”
“If you accept my offer you’ll have all you ever wanted and a chance to put your talents to use.”
“Why do I get the feeling you are talking about something other then my current position?”
“You were once in the British Intelligence were you not?”
“How do you know about that?” The red head snaps.
“I know quite a bit about you, my employer makes it a point too. He only wants the best.’
“I walked away from that life.”
“What I want to offer you is a change to get revenge against the one who betrayed you and sold you out.”
“You know more then most do about me, they usually never see daylight again.”
“Tell me, have you ever heard of an organization called Cobra?”
The red head looks at Lady D, intrigue in her eyes.

Toronto Ontario, Airport, 18:45 Hours.
A military jeep takes Lt. Storm across the runway towards a CF-18b fighter jet on a closed runway, the pilot sitting in the cockpit. He is already dressed in a green flight suit.
“You must be someone important for them to close a runway just for you.” The driver says to Storm.
“You’re already asking too many questions Private.”
“Yes sir, sorry sir.” The driver pulls up to the jet dropping his passenger off.
“You ready to go?” A feminine voice asks.
Lt. Storm looks up as the pilot removes her helmet whipping her long brown hair around. “Hi, I’m Tech Sergeant Julie Van Housen.”
“I know who you are sir, and we have a timetable to keep so if you’ll board we can getting going.”
Lt. Storm zips up his flight suit climbing the stairs. “A CF-18b Hornet, can hit speeds up to Mach 1.8.”
“Wow, I am impressed, you know your jets.”
“I’m trained on these beauties.”
“Good to know but you should make sure your belts are tightly fastened, I’ve been told to bring you to your location ASAP.”
Lt. Storm sits into the co-pilot seat putting on his helmet as the canopy closes.
“We’ve already been prepped and cleared.” Julie says as she hits the igniters firing the jets twin engines.

Ottawa Ontario, Canadian National Defense Headquarters 20:10 Hours.
Pebbles waits outside as Target is dropped off at the main gates, she walks up to the young man greeting him. “You must be Zachary.”
“Call me Target now. What’s your C.N?”
“Pebbles, and before you ask, it’s an old nick name of mine which the origin you will never discover.” She smiles at him. “There is someone you should meet, the man that is actually responsible for creating this unit.”
“Awesome, lead the way my lady.” Target grins, bowing.
Pebbles glairs at him. “I could snap you in two.”
“Oooh, feisty, I like that.” Target remarks as she gives him another glair letting him know she wasn’t joking. He swallows hard following her into the base.

Hudson Bay.
Back on the yacht, Major Fear and Lt. Graves are now also joined by a grey haired rough looking man. His personal hygiene is questionable as he chews on some tobacco and scratches his exposed stomach dressed in a ripped red t-shirt and grey pants.
“Are you sure you don’t want a shower?” Graves asks.
The man sniffs his underarms. “Nope.” A hint of New Orleans accent to his speech.
“I haven’t introduced you two yet, Graves, this is Max Shnider he goes by the name of Vee, and he’s been an old friend for a long time. He’s one of the best drivers you’ll find and has been my bodyguard.”
“Pleased to meet you kiddo.” Vee grunts.
“Yes.” Graves responds with a hint of disgust in his voice. “How much longer is Dougherty going to spend in the shower?”
“He’s ex US Navy, he loves the water and this is the first time he’s been on a boat in 2 years.” Major Fear informs his young Lieutenant. “Lady D. should be arriving soon with our last member.”
“Lady…so we have some fresh fish on this squad do we? Nice.” Vee comments.
“They are not here for your pleasure.” Lt. Graves snaps.
“Look here boy, we’ll get along a lot better if you keep your virgin mouth shut.” Vee snaps.
“I am not…”
“Gentlemen, that will be enough.” Major Fear interjects. “I will not have squabbling in my ranks.”
“What do you expect will happen when you get a bunch of men together measuring their manhood.” Lady D. jokes as she enters with her new red headed friend behind her.
“Is this her?”
“Yes it is sir.”
“You can call me Anaconda.” The red head says.
“Excellent, Anaconda I am Major Fear, this grey haired man is Vee, and the young man is Lt. Graves.”
“Oh my, and who is he?”
Fear turns around noticing Dougherty has come into the room, completely naked.
“Call me Typhoon.”
“Graves, could you fetch Typhoon his clothes.”
The young man nods looking at Typhoon having him follow him back into the main bedroom.
“So, when do we all get to find out why you gathered us all here?”
“After dinner my dear Anaconda.” Major Fear smiles.

Northwest Territories of Canada, Yellow Knife.
Lt. Storm braces himself in the military jeep that escorts him across the bumpy terrain looking over at his young nervous driver.
“Sorry Sir, these weren’t built for comfort.”
“I’m well aware of that Private, but you could slow it down a bit.”
“I was told to bring you…”
“I know, but I also believe that I am to arrive in one piece as well.”
The young man eases up a bit on the gas as they near the town, the driver snaps his head around looking back at the man they just passed slamming on the brakes. Lt. Storm scowls at the young man.
“Sorry again Sir, but I think that’s the man I am supposed to take you to see.”
Lt. Storm looks back at the man who is carrying a bundle of fish as he approaches. “William Longhorn?”
“That’d be me.”
“I’ve heard good things about you, jump in take a ride with us.”
“Beats walking back, these fish are getting heavy.”
The young driver curls his nose as he puts the jeep in gear.
“So, what brings you my way?”
“I’m assembling a team to deal with a certain threat on our soil, I could use a man of your skills. You’re a well known helicopter pilot and pretty good with heavy weapons.”
“That I am.”
“This is a highly covert operation, off the records kind of stuff.”
“I have been itching to get back into action since my leave. So what’s this outfit you’re putting together suppose to be?”
“You’ll have to accept before I can tell you anymore. It’s not something to take lightly, we technically don’t exist in your typical military fashion.”
“Sounds like fun, I’m yours. It’s not everyday a man is personally visited to join a new military force.”
“Excellent.” Lt. Storm extends his hand.
William wipes his wet hand off and his pant leg taking Storms. “So what’s this outfit called?”

Back at the Canadian Military Headquarters.
“G.I.Joe.” Target says smiling. “How cool is this, we get to become part of a legend.”
“I know, you’ve been saying that for the past few hours.” Pebbles moans.
General Abernathy laughs remembering how it felt to be young and full of life. He looks up as an Administration Officer enters the room, her black hair pulled up into a bun. “Yes?”
“He’s here and waiting in the briefing room.”
“Good.” Hawk looks at Target and Pebbles. “Come with me.”
“Who are we going to see?” Target asks.
“The next member of your team.” Hawk wheels himself down the hall followed by the other two stopping to let Target open the door.
A well built black man with a buzz cut sits quietly at the table looking over his three visitors.
“Denziel Rainer?” Hawk asks.
“Yes Sir.”
“You knew General Rowling.”
“Yes I did Sir. Severed with him for many years, he was a good friend.”
“Sorry for your loss.”
“With all due respect Sir, you’re not Canadian Military. Those two with you are but you’re not, no offense.”
“None taken, you’d be surprised how many times I’ve received that comment. Mr. Rainer, we want to offer you a chance to serve in the memory of your friend.”
“I’m in.”
“What?” Pebbles blurts out.
“Just like that?” Target adds.
“I don’t need to hear anything else.” Rainer responds.
“Are you sure you don’t want to know why we called you here?” Hawk asks.
“I’m an explosives expert and anti-tank weapons expert, not too hard to figure out you are putting together a specialized team.”
“Well then Mr. Rainer, welcome to the elite of Canada’s military.”
“It’s a pleasure Sir.”
“Guess we Canadian’s are a little more patriotic then you American’s give us credit for.” Target boasts.
Hawk looks up at the young man with no expression on his face.
“Sorry Sir, didn’t mean it like that.”
Pebbles reaches over smacking Target in the back of the head.
“Well, all you will need is a code name and your commander should be arriving shortly with the other member of your six member team.”
“Six?” Pebbles looks at Target. “Uh, three of us are here right now and you only mentioned in the singular about who Lt. Storm was bringing back, so who’s the other?”
Hawk smiles. “Yes sorry, I almost forgot you haven’t met her yet. She was working with Sparks before he had to head back. Her name is Christen Singer, she’s an Information and Communications Specialist. Lt. Storm had me bring her in to start working on obtaining information on your new foes.”
“When do we get to meet this chicky?”
“I’d prefer it if you’d call me Athena.” A blonde haired woman comments as she enters the room.
“Like the Greek Goddess of knowledge.”
“Yes, exactly that Pebbles. Lt. Storm has just radioed in, he’s landing right now and wants everyone to meet him in the war room. If you’d follow me.”
Target leans over to Denziel lowering his voice. “With an @$$ like that I’d follow her anywhere.”
“I also have excellent hearing Target.”
Denziel laughs at the embarrassed young man. “Do you ever score with the ladies?”
“Yeah, lots.”
“Could have fooled me.” He jokes getting laughs from Hawk and Pebbles.

Canadian National Defense Headquarters, War room.
Lt. Storm stands at the podium with Hawk and Athena at his side. The others sit in front of them all eager to get underway. “In conjunction with the United States Military our government has given them permission to extend their Top Secret Anti-Terrorist Task Force Delta program onto Canadian soil. After an attack on this base by a man working for a well known Terrorist cell known as Cobra, it has come to our brass’s attention that there have been several Cobra cells popping up across our nation. Some recruitment camps have been shut down by the American group but the threat is growing, and the need for us to defend our own country has come. That is why, with the help of General Clayton Hawk Abernathy, we have brought you all together. You are some of the best at what you do and that is what this program is all about. Finding the best of the best to protect our freedom. I am your commanding officer, Lt. Storm, I was serving with General Rowling when a man calling himself Major Fear gunned him down. Also next to me is Athena our Information and Communications Expert. You’ve all had a chance to meet, Pebbles our Administrative Procedures expert, Target is our Sniper, and our two latest entries. Gentlemen I hope you have picked out code names for yourself?
William Longhorn stands first. “You can call me Fallout, I’m your Heavy Weapons Expert.”
“And you can call me Chamber, your Explosives Expert.” Rainer says next.
“Good, now on the table behind you, you will find you’re uniforms.”
They all turn looking over the neatly folded and stacked red and grey uniforms, and boots.
“And before you ask Pebbles, yes I designed them.” Lt. Storm smirks.
She smiles knowing her old friend all too well.
“Now I will hand things over to General Hawk.”
“Thank you Lieutenant. I don’t have much more to add, except for the fact that Major Fear is working for an organization that is run by a mad man, calling himself Cobra Commander. To protect our nations freedom Cobra must be stopped and brought to justice. It won’t be an easy fight, sometimes the bad guys win and sometimes lives are lost in victory. Its part of the life we choose.” Hawk says remembering some of his fallen teammates. “I wish you all good luck and success, and be the first to welcome you all to team Delta under the designation, G.I.Joe Canada’s Elite.”

Thunder Bay.
Major Fear gathers his new team on the upper deck under the cover of the night.
“We going to get this under way now?” Vee asks.
“Patience is a virtue my friend.” A small two man helicopter approaches, landing down on the heli pad. “Ah, our guest of honor.”
A man dressed in navy blue, with a hood over his head climbs out of the helicopter stepping down the ladder. He looks over at Major Fear who shakes his hand saluting him. “Sir, I’d like to introduce you to my Serpent Squad.”
“Excellent.” He hisses.
Major Fear addresses his team. “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to our leader, Cobra Commander.”
“Thank-you Major. I am a busy man so I will keep this brief. You are now part of the most powerful terrorist organization on the face of the earth. I expect nothing but excellence from all who serve me and failure is not acceptable. By joining my Cobra organization, you have pledged your lives to me. This is the dawn of a new age, the age of Cobra!”
The Major’s team all look at each other now realizing what they have signed up for. Lt. Graves is the first to hail their commander, the rest all follow.
“Destroy your enemies, bring this country to its knees, then rebuild it in our vision, let no one or nothing stand in your way. I will turn you back over to Major Fear.” The Commander turns to the Major nodding to him and heads back to his copter.
“Tonight we rest, then tomorrow we start our take over of this country.” He turns to watch Cobra Commander take off saluting him. “Hail to Cobra.”
Anaconda leans towards Lt. Graves. “He’s a bit off his rocker in’t he?”
“Yes, he is, and he’s brilliant.”
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